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Roleplay - The new naruto by ellesmera / ellesmera

naruto world lallala im sorry everyone eversince i saw the naruto ending im just in love with it and i decided to start a whole new chapter to it and Narutos hokage Lee and Sakura get married <<he looks decent>>Kkakashi gets a new team Hinata is almost the strongest ninja in the village and it's time for another set of chunin exams and theres alot of new villages and a certain someone is back can you guess who. You dont have to it's Orochimaru and I forced Sasuke to be evil in this one so deal fucking with it.

Roleplay Details

Need three on Kakashis team, need three sand members and some sound as well ^^
I get first post and plz give it a fair try


ellesmera / Rayne Tskoki: Rayne was training, hard. He was by a tree, summoning a ball of wind and making blades of wind spike from the ball, slicing it in to a tree. It didnt seem to do much damage, and he was almost out of chakra. He leaned against the tree, panting. His long hair swirling about him
Rune Murasaki: (My introductory posts are usually longer than my regular ones...)
Rune Murasaki watched from behind a thick tree trunk as the young man man ahead of her try to make quick work of a tree. He didn't appear to be having much luck. She tilted her head to the side slightly, watching him as he collapsed against the tree, breathing heavily. He appeared to be absolutely exhausted. Silently she emerged from the shadows and approached him from the side, hoping that her footsteps were quiet enough so she wouldn't startle him. There was a slight wind, and the crimson-colored fabric of her kimono swayed with the breeze, as her long, jet black hair did the same. Once there, Rune leaned against the tree the young man was sitting against and spoke up.
"Perhaps you're training to hard?" Rune suggested.
YuriZaraki / Ai Uchiha: - join ??-
sk8ordie / Tani of the sand: -join!-
wolf demon: (can i join)
diewithyou / .:Gaara of the Sand:.: <<hey may I join as Gaara?>>
CalebCross / Caleb-Cross: -JOIN?-
MegumiMitoko / Megumi Mitoko: -Can I join as one of Kakashi's team?-

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