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Roleplay - Who are you? by Alexis / DarkDreamer09

Katsuo got into a car accident when he was racing with some group of friends. When he came to in the hospital his best friend was next to the bed and Katsuo didn't know he was. Katsuo had amnesia and only could remember his name. Will he remember his his best friend?

Roleplay Details

Best Friend


DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: She sat alone in the corner of the classroom. She always did every Friday morning, just to avoid the rush of people being hyper on a Friday because the weekend was coming up next.
Her brown hair fell infront of her hand which rested on her chin. She smiled as she finished her drawing.
She revereted her blue eyes over to the board at the front of the room. They glistened as she saw that it was that date of yesterday. She walked over to the board and changed the date to Frida 25th July.
d1gn17y: She looked up at who had just entered the room. She smiled as she saw who it was.
Alexis smiled at his mannerisms and started to walk back over to the seat she was sat it five miutes ago.
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: Alexis smiled. He seemed so strong.
*Stop fantasising Alexis...you have no chance!* She thought to herself. She looked to see that the whole class had managed to fing its way to their lesson and the teacher had already began to teach Ancient History.
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: "The Question? Do you mean answer?" She asked making her attention direct to Dori
Doom_Hammer / Dimsin: He had his pen righting as he only glanced at the paper. He really didn't like this class very much. The kid behind him didn't seem so amused ether. He rolled up a peace of paper and threw it in Learin's hair. He pulled it out and looked back. 'leave me alone' He said quiet enough so the teacher could not hear him.
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: Quickly Alexis laughed at the little show performed by Learin and then looked back at Dori.
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: "Well...Especially King Tutankamun was like 14 when he bcame king and he died shortly after his start of being Phoreo."
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: "It just really interestes me!" She smiled and her amazment.
((Just got to go to work for a while! I will be back on later tonight!))
d1gn17y: Alexis finally finished her assingment and handed it to the teacher and sat back down.
*Only five minutes left she thought*
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: "You will don't worry. It's not that hard when you know how!"
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: "Learin...are you ok?" She asked.
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: "If you ever need any help. The exam is next week"
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: "It's ok... both of you know where I live..." She smiled.
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: Alexis laughed at her ...
"Arcade sounds good but me ex works there I don't want to see him...I never really trust guys after him"
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: "That's besides the point if he does see me; and with you; he'll get jealous, he still hasn't forgiven me for choosing your friendship over him. He thinks there's something going on between us."
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: *If only he knew how I wished there was something between us.* She thought and nodded to him.
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: Alexis laughed and shook her head from her fantasies
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: Alexis loved it whenever Learin kissed her on the cheek. One day she hoped that it would mean more.
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: Alexis laughed.
"Erm...I think I am going to head home guys.!"
((If I stop replying I have gone to bed))
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: Alexis nodded "Alright but I am not out tonight."
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: She half smiled and then joined his embrace.
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: "Catch you later!" She smiled.
*I love you* Did she really?
d1gn17y: Alexis finally came out onto the yard and saw Learin, Dori and some random chick that she has never met before.
Maybe if she avoided them she wouldn't have to spend anymore agonizing time with Learin.
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: ((Ignore my last past, I missed a page.))
Alexis walked down Dori's street. She had to to get home. She wanted to go out with the guys but she didn't think she could spend more agnosing time with Learin not even noticing her. Well in the way she wanted him to.
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: She wondered whether to knock on Dori's door.
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: Alexis knocked on her door after a long think.
((welcome back Dori))
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: "Hi...erm...are you ok?"
d1gn17y: Alexis blushed at Learin and laughed at Dori. "Wanna grab some clothes at my place?" She asked as she looked at her volleyball outfit.
"We can't go out in that."
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: "I guess not." She smiled.
"I changed but you look fine." She smiled. "I went home early" She giggled. "Feeling a lot better now"
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: "Erm...only if both of you don't mind?" She asked mainly referring to Learin.
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: Alexis smiled. "Ok then!"
**Great now I have to cope with spending more 'friend' time with him** she thought.
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: "I do. Passed my test last year!"
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: "Alrighty then! Unless you want me to meet you guys there?"
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: "Ok looks like I'm driving."
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: Alexis laughed. Her car was only down the road. "Well...lets go then Who's in the fron with me? I feel like having the roof down" She laughed giddily as she climbed into the car.
"And Dori girly chat in the bathroom when we get there ok?"
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: She started the car and started down the road.
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: Alexis pulled into the car park at the cinema and got out of the car. Half jumping.
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: Alexis laughed and ran to the counter to get three tickets. "Come on Dori toilets!"
((thats sucks :(:( but see ya))
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: "I know this is stupid and I shouldn't but I think I am like...in love with Learin...you think I am crazy right?"
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: "Oh...Damn...you like him too don't you.?"
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: "I don't know...You just looked...upset"
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: "Dori, talk to me... please we're best friends, if you like him I'll back off..."
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: "Dori...I know you...Just please...forget I said anything" She left the toilets and smiled and Learin. "Let's go"
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: Alexis headed towards where the film was beign played still having a jump in her stride.
She then started to skip.
((shall we wait for Learin to come back??))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: excuse me can I be in your rp please?
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: alright!!!
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: so is this a romance rp?
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: Okay...hi Im Takuya whats your name?
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: Say umm...I don't mean to be butting in but is everything alright?
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: wait hold on just a sec what is this Learin?
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: oh..soo where do I come in?
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: how about hmmm we met before...somewhere in the past and Im a new student here.Is that a good start?
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: Takuya taps Dori on the shoulder "hi...longtime no see".
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: Alexis turned around to see a guy with Dori.
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: Takuya smiles "hi Im Takuya...what's your name"?
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: "Hi I thought you wouldn't remember me for a sec".
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: Alexis hugged Dori. "Hey there...you...Learin is waiting for us."
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: "Learin? Is he a friend of yours"?
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: "Alright then..." She smiled and walked off to fins Learin.
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: "Okay cya Dori"Takuya looks at Alexis,"well what now"?
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: Takuya thinks to himself,"I gotta find directions to a park".
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: Takuya looks at Dori,"well do you wanna catch up on things".
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: "Any park really"? I just wanna go somewhere and have a little fun that's all,but it doesn't have to be a park.
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: oops sorry I gotta redo too
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: "Well like what have you been up to these pass few years."
Lionheart / Hayato: (lol)"That seems interesting me neither."
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: "Well I was kinda hoping you would know because I just moved back and I don't remember anything."
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: "It doesn't matter to me,I'll do just about anything jus to have fun."
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: "I guess we could go to the movies."
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: Dori you still there?
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: "I don't know...surprise me."
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: "Okay but lets do something to stall time."
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: "Well when does Learin get off from work?"
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: (We have the same time so that means you must live lose to where I live.)
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: ((he needs to get back soon...we miss him))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: (In Gary,Indiana,USA.)
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: (lol)(Its still a ways from here,but I think I have some family members who live there.)
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: (hehe,is alexis still on?I don't wanna leave her out?)
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: okay cya later
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: "Alexis you there?"
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: ((ye I am here go to Jarre Manor and we can rp while we wait for these too))
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: ((I'm here. just waiting for Learin))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: "You back Dori?"
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: (no worries we were just rp in Alexis's jarred manor.)
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: (you wanna join us?)
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: ((me and you are watching the film and Dori went off with a friend))
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: Alexis smiled, trying not to return his flirting.
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: "Ye why?"
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: Shw sighed. She was going to tell him.
"Alright the deal is, I like you...alot but Dori likes you too so I said I'd back off!"
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: ((oh ye we had a girly chat in the bathroom and we both like you but dori met a friend i think they decided to wathc a film))
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: ((ahh cool and ur friend is??))
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: ((go for it))
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: "Oh...I thought you left?"
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: Alexis stood up to leave.
"He's all yours" She said with a smile then left.
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: Alexis stopped.
"What's up Dori?"
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: "It's like I said, You like him; I'm backing off!"
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: "No but you want him. and I don't mind.!"
((its 1:15am))
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: "No I don't!" She started to walk back to the movie
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: Alexis took a detour to the bathroom and when she came back out she was greeted by her ex.
"Here with Learin are you?" He asked and she shook her head.
He rasied his fist and striked her. She fell to the floor and he stood over her.
"Liar!" With that he walked off and left a bruise on her cheek.
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: Alexis also returned to the movie; trying her hardest to cover her newly bruised face
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: "I just fell ok...everything is fine now lets enjoy the movie"
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: Alexis knew that the lack of lights didn't show the bruise as as bad as it was.
She was glad she got away with the lie though.
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: "I told you...I fell!" She looked at Learin and Dori.
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: "What's wrong Learin?"
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: "Alright then! You want the truth?"
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: "Alright then! You want the truth?"
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: "The truth is I can't do it anymore! I can't hang around with you guys and act as if nothing's happening? Wanna know how I got this bruise? Wanna know why I don't ever go to the arcade anymore. Derren, my ex...That's the truth. He hits me ok...last week...he..." She cut off and burst in to tears.
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: "There are you both happy?" She asked as she walked out of the cinema.
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: Alexis went outside into the alleyway. Big mistake.
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: "So you think you can lie to me bitch? You said you weren't with him." A figure came out of the shadows.
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: "No-one can have her. She belongs to me." He said
Alexis pulled on Learin's arm. "This isn't your fight leave it."
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: (hey guys Im back when can I join in.)
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: "She's nothing special. Trash deserves her...but she's mine!"
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: ((join wenever you can even walk to the alleyway and see Dori))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: Takuya walks to the allyway and sees Dori,"hey Dori hows it goin?"
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: "Who me? Wait a sec whats goin on?"
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: Derren turned to Takuya.
"How sweet...little Dori's boyfriend. Well do yourself a favour, get Dori and this clown out of here. There's nothing to see."
Alexis tugged on Learin's arm. "Come on I'm not worth this."
Derren smirked. "At least she knows what shes talking about!"
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: "Derren?Who is this Darren guy?"
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: Takuya clinches his fist and his face changes from a smile to furious."Soo you're the one who hit my friend,"Takuya spits to the side.
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: Derren lay on the floor wrigling in pain.
Alexis stared blankly at Learin. "Why did you do that!"
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: "Should I take it from here Learin?
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: "What's that look for?!"
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: Derren managed to say. "You've only made it worse...for her." With that Alexis ran out of the alleyway.
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: Derren managed to say. "You've only made it worse...for her." With that Alexis ran out of the alleyway.
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: "So whats the deal with that loser?"
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: Alexis was half was down the street by now.
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: Takuya ran after her,"Alexis! Wait up."
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: "Alexis wait...talk to me...please."
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: Her walk turned into a run as she tried to get away from it all. She hate violence.
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: "I've got nothing to say!" She shouted back to Takuya
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: "Takuya finally caught up and grasped Alexi's arm,"don't run away from your problems...cause believe I know how it feels..."
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: Takuya finally caught up and grasped Alexi's arm,"don't run away from your problems...cause believe I know how it feels..."
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: ( waita sec guys I don't mean to ruin things but who is in love with who?
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: ( waita sec guys I don't mean to ruin things but who is in love with who?)
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: "I am sick of taking it. SICK OF IT. I haven't told the others 'cause I am too embarassed to say...but last week his forced himself on me...that's the kind of man he is...are you telling me to just take it? 'Cause my only option now is to leave.!"
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: Takuya closes his eyes and sighs,"Im not aying take it in...but to release your pain...you can do it...because had to and you're stronger than ou think...SO C'MON YOU CAN DO IT ALEXIS!!! I believe in you."
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: "I'm going home...and packing." She ran faster now and headed for her car.
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: Takuya hops in the car,"lets go,we have to get there fast."
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: Alexis took a shortcut and within 10 minutes she was home.
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: Alexis took a shortcut and within 10 minutes she was home.
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: ((Takuya asked who was in love with who, now i;m confused who is on love with who))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: "What! In the morning! We can't just let her go all night crying and depressed."
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: ( I know who is in love with who because confused?)
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: "Well I know in cases like this sometimes its better but this time she needs her friends."
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: Alexis got a bag and began to pack all the essentials. Perhaps it would all be alright in the end...she'd find somewhere...some day she might even find someone.
((I know that I am in love with Learin but that's all i know maybe everyone should post who they;re in love with or got a crush on or w/e or you could just ignore me lol))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: (lol)who loves who start posting guys.)
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: Alexis threw the bag over her shoulder and started out of the house and down tthe road. Trying her hardest to avoid being seen.
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: Takuya sighs ,"I guess you guys are right...she needs her rest,"Takuya thinks to himself,"we shouldn't leave her but maybe its the best thing for her now."
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: "So you change your mind...alright!Lets go get our friend."Takuya thinks to himself,"man Im such an awesome friend...this is beautiful."Takuya sniffs.
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: The night air bit at her skin. It was chilly and she didn't pick up a jacket. No matter...It wouldn't do her any harm. He head began to pound but she kept walking...stree was overtaking...any minute she would collapse.
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: The night air bit at her skin. It was chilly and she didn't pick up a jacket. No matter...It wouldn't do her any harm. Her head began to pound but she kept walking...stree was overtaking...any minute she would collapse.
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: "Sure,its 923-0538."
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: ((That should have siad stress))
Her feet gave way and she fell to the floor. She hit her head hard. By the time she collapsed she was in a feild.
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: "Wait I have a strange feelin,"Takuya dashes toward the direction of Alexis's house.Takuya thinks to himself,"please be okay."
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: ((I think we should do it so it goes dori, learin, Takyua then me))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: (okay) Dori's turn.)
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: (She has a point there.)
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: (( okay now hes got a point.))
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: Alexis lay unconscious in the middle of a field.
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: ((okay should we continue from when I ran after Alexis's house?))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: ((lol))
"I have a strange feeling that Alexis is in trouble."Takuya hops a gate of neighbor's house.
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: ((lol))
"I have a strange feeling that Alexis is in trouble."Takuya hops a gate of a neighbor's house.
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: ((Well I won't post il she is found not alot an unconscious perosn can do))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: Takuya finally makes it to Alexis's house."Alexis where are you?"Takuya then bangs on the door but there was no answer...so he runs to the back and sees Alexis lying on the ground."Alexis are you alright?"Takuya then picks her up in his arms.
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: ((oops sorry but I thought I go after Learin.))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: Takuya carries Alexis toward her house door and pushes it open while trying hold Alexis."I have to get you to a couch."
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: Alexis was barely breathing; she hit her head pretty hard when she fell and it bled badly.
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: "Let me find a phone so I can call an ambulence"
Doom_Hammer / Licna: He put her down and looked in her eyes "if you need me ill stay that other guy seems to want to take care of her and i can always call him"
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: ((Hey whats goin on.))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: (( Who was that message to Dori?))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: Takuya comes back to the couch where Alexis lies and place a towel over her head,"the ambulence is on it's way just hold on okay."
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: "Alexis I need you to speak to me...how are you feeling?"
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: "Alexis please say something."A tear falls from Takuya's cheek and lands on Alexis's forehead.
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: Takuya sighs,"whats taking them so long?"Takuya began to get angry.
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: Takuya picks up his phone and flips it open."Hello..."
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: "Shes hurt pretty badly...it seem that she collapsed and hit her head.I called the ambulance but they're taking to long."
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: "Alright...oh and tell Dori not to worry...cya."Takuya hangs up the phone.
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: "C'mon Alexis we can get through this be strong."
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: The ambulance finally pulls up and Takuya feels relieved."They're here Alexis...sorry I couldn't be there for you...this would have never happened."
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: (( Hey guys is Alexis still on?))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: (( well do you guys wanna join me in romance fighting high school?))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: (( A dark age rp...what do you mean? ))
Doom_Hammer / Licna: ((medevil times))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: (( Is Licna your other character? ))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: (( What about you Dori...wanna join the romance fighting high shool rp? ))
Doom_Hammer / Licna: ((yup i didn't change since we were just talking))
Doom_Hammer / Licna: <<hey im out for tonight ill be on after school and hopefully ill be going to the movies so there will be those times that im not here Night night *hugs and kissis dori* :P>>
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: ((oh cool ))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: (( good night ))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: (( you still on Dori? ))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: (lol)why don't you come and see me and Keya spar)
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: (( okay when will you be on tomorrow ?))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: (( yep ))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: (( okays ))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: (( I thought you were back on Dori. ))
d1gn17y: Alexis woke up in a hospital bed. She was all confused. People were walking around her. She couldn't deal with that. "What happened?" She asked herself. The doctor came over to her.
"Hey Alexis...How are you doing?"
"Who are you? Who am I? What happened?"
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: The doctor looked at the nurse next to him.
"She suffering from amnesia. It was a pretty hard fall."
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: Alexis shook her head. "Can someone please tell me whats going on!"
The nurse said that her parents were on holiday and couldn't contact them.
*I have no-one then* she thought.
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: Alexis looked at the doctor.
"What happened?"
"You fell and hit your head pretty hard" he said simply.
"And you are suffering from long term amnesia...but I don't know whether it is perminant or temporary, only time will tell."
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: (( Hey guys ^__^ sorry it took me so long to get omline but Im back so...when do I jump in? ))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: (( Sorry but I knida forgot about yesterday can you fill me in ^__^'?))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: (( sorry again guys but g2g again I know its stupid but for just a few min...10 min. ))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: (( okay im back. ))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: (( so do I continue now? ))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: (( where am I first? ))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: (( until who get back? ))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: (( Is Alexis new in the RP?))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: ((Oh...well nice to meet you Alex ^__^ ))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: ((oh (lol)no prob...but where is Alexis and Learin?))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: (( What I mean is online.))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: ((so what do we do now?))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: ((I guess you are right...what time is it in Texas?))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: (( wow here too...wait don't you have school in the morning?))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: (( youdon't have to answer but how old are you?))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: ((Im 17 and you are out of school already...shit you are lucky.))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: ((nope not until June 15(sighs)thats to long...I can't wait to get out.))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: (( I've already had mines hehe.))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: (( apple and some chicken with a snicker and juice.))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: ((lol)Heeyyy I want some noodles aw man now you're lucky.))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: (( hold on a sec I have to do laundry so I'll be back in a min.))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: ((okay Im back.))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: ((Is everybody on yet?))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: ((Oh no Dori left too(sigh)Im all alone now.))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: ((scratch that last comment.))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: ((when do you think Alexis and Learin get back?))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: ((lets jus chat on one rp while we wait...your choice.))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: ((When do you think Keya,Alexis,and Learin come back?))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: ((lol)áre they younger than you?))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: ((oh...well just forget about it and chillax...as I always say.))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: ((I wanna continue the rp don't you?))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: ((okay we tried so lets just go but I won't be back on till I get out of school around 6:00 I'll be on.))
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: ((hiya guys))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: hey Alexis
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: ((hows it goin?))
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: ((good what did i miss?)) shall we start an new rp for us
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: ((sure.))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: ((what will it be about Alexis?))
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: ((Anything but you'll have to start it cuz i just gotta get dresses...gotta go revision))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: ((revision?)
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: ((I got my GCSE's this year))
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: ((I guessed you'd call it studying right?))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: ((Wait a sec...Im new I can't start an RP.))
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: ((that's alright I'll do it...what shall we do it about?))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: ((Ooooh...sooo you will think of one and create it...gotcha.))
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: ((any ideas??))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: ((ummm I don't know because its hard to do one with two people.))
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: ((I do it all the time...www.rplive.phpbbstar.com if you read them there are some examples))
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: ((I quite like doing spy or witch rps lol cuz i am lame))
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: ((We can start with us too and then I am sure later on more poeple will join))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: ((no you're not you're pretty cool.))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: ((okay but how?))
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: ((awww thanks :D right just give me a type of rp and I will start it))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: ((heh I haven't got a clue you're the experienced
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: ((will it be a romance,a adventure,thriller...not the dance,fighting...well...I dunno.))
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: ((I will just do a random one...I just made a new character too)) :D
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: ((Who is she?))
d1gn17y / Sachiko: I am logged in as her now...check her out
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: ((Cool...shes hot(lol))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: ((think of any yet?))
d1gn17y / Sachiko: ((dun it))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: ((whats it called.))
d1gn17y / Sachiko: ((a whole new life))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: ((okay cya there.))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: ((just checkiing in from school to see if anybody is on.))
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: ((I miss Dori, Takuya and Learin))
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: ((Don't worry about it! just waiting for Learin and Takuya))
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: <<totally>>
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: <<totally>>
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: <<Is learin not on?)>>
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: (( hey everybody.))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: ((where are you guys?))
d1gn17y: <<is anyone on>>
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: Hye Dori wanna carry on with spotlight and the underground?
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: ((Okay I see that everyone was on but I was sleep but Im back now...gettin ready for school.))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: ((is anybody on yet?))
Doom_Hammer / Licna: ((anyone here))
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: <<I am>>
Doom_Hammer / Licna: ((so whats going on?))
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: <<nothing's happened since you asked Dori to come to the hospotal with you can I ask you to join "The Trash of Punk">>
Doom_Hammer / Dimsin: ((oks well ill post when she comes on and ya ill join that one))
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: <<Aww thanks>>
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: hiya guys sorry for being gone a longtime.
Doom_Hammer / Licna: well if anyone wants to start it again

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