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Roleplay - The black flame. by Dimsin / Doom_Hammer

in a world of constant war there has to be someone to balance the world and save the people. A group of Assassins, mages, healers, cooks, bandits, and hunters called the black flame. They are the people that fight on all sides to help the people.

Roleplay Details

no god mode
any race any side
all is fair in love and war


Doom_Hammer / Dimsin: He rode along the path on his forest horse, his sword swinging in its sheath at his side. He looked at the moon above him. it was a calm night not a sound other then the mice in the woods. He could see his destination in the distance the town was called Lockdren and the king was of a very war tarn nature.
FailureXX / Analise: Analise leaned her body against a large red brick wall in the town of lockdren. The air was misty and foggy as she scanned the night. Her long red hair fell in sheets down her shoulders and over her breasts. She sighed softly and pulled her cloak tighter around her slender body.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet laid her head on a tree on the edge of the forest. Her silver hair whipped in the breezes that came and she clung herself together with her arms. "S-stupid cold.." she muttered to herself. She closed her eyes so she could go off into a half dream of her old family.
Doom_Hammer / Dimsin: He road silently only the sound of the horse disturbed the silence. He was now riding along the town wall. He looked at the walls that were made of red stone witch was rather new to him. He rode in threw the main gates. no one was awake at this time to trade or buy food. He looked around for a place that would not be over run in the morning.
Kimishi / Souel: Souel walked the enpty stone streets of Lockdren. He enjoyed the quiet of the night, it was clam and the breeze chilled him to the bone. It made him feel alive.
Strand of amiss hair fell into his face, he didn't mind it much and let it hang there. He looked up to the sky, it was as dark as an endless cave, but sparkles with crystals that lined its walls.
Doom_Hammer / Dimsin: He got off the horse and found a water troff that had not been emptied and lead it over to drink. He pulled out a small blade and checked his reflection in the water. he used the blade to shave since he had been traveling for 2 days it seemed he needed to.
shilala / Shuliana_: Juliet stood from next to the tree and walked into the little town of lockdren. She found herself practically blind and felt her way along the brick walls.
Doom_Hammer / Dimsin: The night made every sound. He herd thing move along the out side wall. he guessed it was not trying to be silent instead it was probably tying to find its way. He checked his reflection and put the blade away he felt his face to make sher he didn't miss a spot.
Kimishi / Souel: Ksou walked to the outskirts od Lockdren, no one seemed to be about, and it made him confortable. He glanced up to movement, seeing a girl tredding against the wall, a bit curiouse but not interested enough he ignored the girl and continued to walk.
FailureXX / Analise: Analise began to walk away from the wall. Take slow careful steps as she proceeded into the heart of town. Nothing was open and not many people were out. Though she did spy one other person she had never seen before. A man , with silvery black hair , slimmer than most men in lockdren. She smiled at the change, he wasnt like most men here. She kept walking , changing her pace to a much more casual walk.
Kimishi / Souel: Souel closed his eyes, he knew the pathway he walked well and barley felt the need to look. He walked slow, keeping his pace calm. He listened to the sounds around him, it kept him content, and for once he was a bit happy. The unusually feeling made him a bit uneasy, but he knew he should get used to it. Then again, it wasn't something he had allot so why be used to happiness.
FailureXX / Analise: Analise sped up a bit close to Souel , but still behind him. He seemed so content with himself, so unusually happy. she wondered why she couldnt feel the same way. Everythign around her seemed to pass in a blur as she walked. The heels of her shoes hitting the paved walkway between the forest and town. The smile of pine filled her chest.
FailureXX / Analise: smell*
Kimishi / Souel: Souel turned to the girl following him, he coudl hear her heals click on the ground of the road. He stopped and turned only slightly to her, angered from her ruining his good mood. He knew all the people in the village of Lackdren were the same. Judgeing everything you did. Souel being what he was took unfriendly to most everyone. Knowing he himself was being judged.
Doom_Hammer / Dimsin: He herd something behind him some men stepped out of the bar and were rather drunk. "hey fella that sher is a perdy sword" The men began to form around him and his horse 'when the war comes I'll be sher to leave these sodomites behind.' he thought to himself "how about you give us that sword there and we wont make you eat your horses crap?" He terned to them and pulled his sword "you want it? you got it" He did a quick turn and swing and jabbed the man threw the heart "do you like it it looks good with crimson" He then pulled threw and around to the next mans neck then took two more steps and swings to take out the last two men in the same motion. "i hope that hurt" He swung the blood off the blade and sheathed it.
Doom_Hammer / Dimsin: He looked around and walked back over to his horse.
Rain_wolf_girl / Nakueba: Nakueba walked by and saw the scene playing out. He touched his own sword only briefly before he stopped and watched. He was curious, but careful not to get too close.

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