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Roleplay - Romance fighting school rp by Keya / fledgedbeauty

modern day japan the school name is Tokogawa High

Roleplay Details

-Have fun-
(there is fighting classes after school in the gym)


fledgedbeauty / Keya: (Hello All please join =])
fledgedbeauty / Keya: walks up next to Dori opening her locker putting all her books away "Well you look nice and tired"
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: Alexis walked over to the two conversing girls.
"Hey, what's up?"
fledgedbeauty / Keya: laughs "well you better get yourself together especially if you are going to fighting class after school..yeah are you two going?" glancing at both of them
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: "Only if the lads are there, I wanna kick some ass! What else are they there for?"
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: "Hey, be carful you'll hurt yourself!" ((You stillon Silverburn High Dori?))
fledgedbeauty / Keya: looks over to Alexis"you know your absolutely right." looks over to Dori "all you need is a little rest and you'll be fine"
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: Alexis put her arm on Dori's shoulder.
"Just breath...everything will bo ok...I promise, I'm here for you!"
fledgedbeauty / Keya: "Yup...besides I heard its not that hard anyways"
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: ((Dori I am on silverburn too))!"Hey guys I better split. Gotta go to science!" She pouted. "I hate science."
fledgedbeauty / Keya: "okay" giving her a quick wave
fledgedbeauty / Keya: "no fair now im left to go to math"stomping angrily to the class
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: She walked of to science being bored as normal!"
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: Alexis went to science and was greeted by an empty class. Her brows turned into a frown.
"What the hell is going on here?"
fledgedbeauty / Keya: Keya sits in class continously tossing paper balls in the trash can
fledgedbeauty / Keya: (yeah we do lol)
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: ((is anyone even on?))
Alexis walked further into the classroom; not one person.
fledgedbeauty / Keya: gets up walking out of the class room roaming the halls (dunno)
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: "Something strange is going on"
fledgedbeauty / Keya: Keya walks to the gym see what the arena would look like "wow this is... huge!"
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: Alexis strolled out of the classroom and walked towards where Dori was playing Volleyball.
fledgedbeauty / Keya: standing over top of Dori "I don't know am I Keya...no just kidding I am what happened to you?" giving Dori a hand to help her out
silentblade / Arashi Taizen: [Welcome to Eliteskills, both of you. If you want people to join, be sure to post in the chat RP 'Is anyone even on?' and you'll attract some attention. Only post once, though. If you want me to join this, drop me a note in my profile.]
fledgedbeauty / Keya: "awww girl calm down atleast you dont have anything wrong with your brain from it"
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: "No-One is in science!" She said as she walked through the door.
fledgedbeauty / Keya: "Well...I dont just a guess but you are standing up atleast"
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: "What happened here? And science was completely empty."
fledgedbeauty / Keya: "well Dori here got hit with a volleyball" laughing
fledgedbeauty / Keya: laughs even harder "well I was bored so I left math class and I wanted to check out the arena for after school"
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: "And my story is that no-one is IN my class"
fledgedbeauty / Keya: "did you ever think that you may have went to the wrong class?"
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: "I go to the same class everyday, I think I'd know if I went to the wrong class."
fledgedbeauty / Keya: "well I was only saying no need to get all snappy about it"
d1gn17y: "I am sorry but my SATs are coming up and I can't even find my class!"
fledgedbeauty / Keya: walks out of the gym roaming the halls agian "Well...back to being bored again"
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: "I hate myself right now!"
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: Alexis put her arm around her.
fledgedbeauty / Keya: looks down at her hand and notices that her ring is gone Keya runs back to the gym "Hey you guys have you seen my ring?!"
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: Alexis frowned. "What is with today. Nothing is going right! I am sorry I haven't seen it."
Elfie / Rauel: ((Can I join?))
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: ((yes you can)) :D
fledgedbeauty / Keya: digs in her pocket "Oh here it is!" giggling "oops"
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: Alexis laughed
"I got to go in a sec"
Elfie / Rauel: ((Sweet))
Rauel roamed the halls, late as usaual. Smiling he turned and looked into the gym. {Ring?} he thought pushing open the door. quietly he picked up something shiny. "Are you looking for this?" He asked holding out his hand
Elfie / Rauel: ((NVM Ignore that last post))
Rauel stood in the hallway watching as people rushed to their classes. Shaking his head he grinned.
fledgedbeauty / Keya: Keya walked back to math peeking in the room to see what was going on then slipped back out wondering in the halls again
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: Alexis smiled as she turned to the guy.
"That's mine...omg! That's two people who lost a ring!"
Elfie / Rauel: (( I AM SOO DUMB!!! OK so I gave you the ring kk?))
Rauel handed her the ring and smiled.
"I'm Rauel."
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: "I'm Alexis"
fledgedbeauty / Keya: looks at her watch "yes last period of the day!" yelling loudly through out the halls throwing her books in her locker then wondering around some more for the last few minutes of class
Elfie / Rauel: He grinned and said quietly.
"Alexis? I like that name."
He was aware of a Vollyball game going on.
"Who's playing?"
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: She laughed "no-one now"
fledgedbeauty / Keya: runs to the gym seeing everyone there "Hey guys school is over!!!!"
fledgedbeauty / Keya: runs to the gym seeing everyone there "Hey guys school is over!!!!"
Elfie / Rauel: He looked the girls up and down and shook his head.
"Damn. My ma sent me here to keep my mind on school work but..." He grinned. "Don't think it helped."
fledgedbeauty / Keya: "Well Dori you do your best I can't wait til after your game I wanna fight so bad!!" she said punching the air
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: Alexis smiled. She liked this guy.
"Well. I can't stay for the game, revision and all." She gazed at Rauel and smiled mysteriously.
Elfie / Rauel: Bunching his eyebrows together he looked at the othe girl.
"holy shit." He looked at the ceiling. "Are there any guys here?"
He looked at them all. "There aren't really fighting games are there?"
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: "Yes there are fighting games. Erm...I best be going got to carry all those bloody books home now!" She pouted. "I hate it!"
fledgedbeauty / Keya: looks at Alexis with a funny smiling nudging her arm
Elfie / Rauel: Rauel grinned.
"I could give you a ride home."
He looked at her and laughed.
"Not much for fighting."
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: "What? he's gorgeous. There's something different about him. I like him!" She whispered.
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: "Rauel that's really nice of you...are you sure? You don't even know me?"
fledgedbeauty / Keya: "She'll go!"
Elfie / Rauel: "You go to this school don't you?"
He smirked raising an eyebrow.
"Unless, I scare you. I am a stranger. I would understand."
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: "Keya!"
fledgedbeauty / Keya: "Alexis!"
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: "Good luck Dori...and now you don't scare me Rauel." She smiled. "Thanks"
Elfie / Rauel: "Nice meeting you and good luck!" He called after her and turned to Alexis. "Yes or no?"
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: "Yes."
fledgedbeauty / Keya: "She will take the ride!"
Kimishi / Souel: <ok ill join, whats happened so far?>
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: "Keya...I can speak!"
fledgedbeauty / Keya: "okay im sorry just helping out"
Elfie / Rauel: "Ok." He crooked his arm so she could put hers in the crease of his elbow.
"Shall we?"
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: Alexis smiled and took his arm. She began to walk out adn she looked back at Keya and winked.
fledgedbeauty / Keya: goes into the gym sitting in the bleachers watching the game "bye Alexis and Rauel!"
Elfie / Rauel: Grinning he led her out the back into the parking lot and to a shiny black and red convertable.
Opening her door he ushered her in and slid into the drivers seat.
Kimishi / Ksou: <ok i guess...ill jsut be a exchange student or somthing...lol>
Ksou walked out of the school, he had wlaked all the way there and been so late he only got a small tour of the school grounds. He let a small sigh out, he had been kicked out of his old school, or more of decided to leave.
Kimishi / Ksou: Ksou watched a ball fly through the air, he flinched as it hit someone in the head. He wlaked over to her.
"Are you ok...?"
fledgedbeauty / Keya: Keya shook her head "not again"
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: "Tnaks for this by the way Rauel"
Elfie / Rauel: He started the car and shook his head. "Not a problem Which way?" He asked pulling out of the parking lot.
Kimishi / Ksou: Ksou stepped backa bit when she screamed, but was realieved she didn't run away. He picked up teh ball and handed itr to her, then turned away and waved at her.
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: "Erm...turn left it's on May Place. If you know it...so today's your first day."
fledgedbeauty / Keya: yells out to Dori "Come Dori Shake it off!" clapping cheering her on
Elfie / Rauel: "Yeah it's my first day." He guided the car expertly towards May Place. It sounded familier. "So who was that in the gym?"
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: "Oh erm...Dori and Keya...why which one do you fancy?" She asked smiling.
Elfie / Rauel: He turned down a busy street. "Fancy?" He laughed slightly and looked at her. "You all are very very pretty." He looked back at the road. Stopping at a stop light he looked at her again. "You fancy anyone?"
fledgedbeauty / Keya: keeps cheering Dori on
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: "I have never really thought about it. I always thought guys were all up their own arses." She smiled. "Until now."
Elfie / Rauel: He pulled into a drive and said. "Thanks, I think and tell me which one."
fledgedbeauty / Keya: standing up "Thats was good keep it up girl!!"
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: "Tell you which one?" She asked confusidely.
Elfie / Rauel: "House." He said quietly. "You know like where you live?"
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: "Oh ye erm...number 6." She laughed. "Way to go Alexis" she whispered.
fledgedbeauty / Keya: laughs sits down continues to watch the game
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: ((I am lame lol))
fledgedbeauty / Keya: (lol)
Elfie / Rauel: He shook his head and chuckled.
"How old is everyone Alex?"
He asked pulling into her driveway.
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: "Erm...I am Keya is 16, Dori is 15 and I am 18. And you are lets see....18-19?"
fledgedbeauty / Keya: Keya nods her head smiling at Dori coming down from out of the bleachers
Kimishi / Ksou: Ksou peeked into teh gym, he decided to watch, seeing as it was crawded and seemed to be a bit exciting. He saw the girl from before and watched her spike a ball.
'She's really good...' he thought to himself. He leaned against teh door frame and watched the game.
Elfie / Rauel: He grins. "I wish. I'm 17." He got out of the car and opened her door. "It was very nice meeting you Alexis."
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: "Oh believe me it was my pleasure." She smiled sweetly and she couldn't seem to take her eyes off him.
Kimishi / Ksou: Ksou glanced over the team, his school seemed to win. He didn't really follow the game the whole way through but he tooka guess.
He stepped away from teh doorway and decided to head out of teh school.
Elfie / Rauel: He smiled lightly and helped her out of the car.
"I bet." I'll see you at school tomorrow?"
fledgedbeauty / Keya: laughing "Yeah we did we should celebrate!"
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: "Maybe if I don't end up killing myself with stress. I live on my own, I have my SATs coming up and I need to go to work later."
Kimishi / Ksou: Ksou turned to teh familier voice. He smiled a bit at the girl klnowing she was already friendly.
"No problem, you played that game really good. Congratualtions."
Elfie / Rauel: He smiled and nodded. "Hope you sleep well..."
He didn't know quite what to say
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: "I'll try! Thanks!" She smiled and kissed him on the cheek and then blushed.
*Damn, what did you do that for?"
Kimishi / Ksou: "I am, I was...uh transfered." He shrugged a bit. Although he was new to teh school he was also new to teh whole area, he figured he woudl leave soon to get a head start on, getting lost.
fledgedbeauty / Keya: Keya peeked her head out of the gym trying to listen on there little conversation they were having "seems like a little more than thanks to me" she said giggling
Elfie / Rauel: He smiled and watched her face turn red.
"Hitting on the younger boys."
He mockingly tsked at her laughing a little.
"See ya tomorrow Alexis."
He got into his car and drove off.
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: "You STUPID STUPID STUPID girl." She walked into the house and started to revise until it was time for her to leave for work.
Kimishi / Ksou: Ksou tilted his hed up thinking for a minute.
"Osaka, It's a way's awya from here but...this is a much calmer place to be." He had enjoyed the surounding very much, even though Osaka itself was nice.
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: ((can we skip to the next day soon?))
fledgedbeauty / Keya: walks out of the gym to where Dori was "Dori Talk to you later im leaving!" running out the building and down the street and around the corner to her house
Kimishi / Ksou: Ksou's eyes slit in half.
"N-no, I think I can find my way home." He didn't want to trouble the girl, so he decided to head off to were he thought was the right way. He moved back a bit and waved, tehn turned around and began to walk away.
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: ((Rauel you still here?))
Elfie / Rauel: Rauel Pulled into his own driveway and ran upstairs, past his mom and dad and locked himself in the bathroom. Showering her pulled on some shorts and climbed into bed.
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: NEXT DAY!!
Alexis was really tired. She yawned as she went to her locker and put all her books in it. She hit her head with her locker; she was that tired.
fledgedbeauty / Keya: Runs to her locker cheerful and happy singing looks over at Alexis "Hey sleepy head whats wrong with you did have a godo time with you know who?!"
Elfie / Rauel: Walking through the halls the first person he saw was Alexis.
Walking up behind her he whispered, "Thought I told you to sleep."
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: "I screwed up! I am tired too! And now I have a bruise on my eye!"
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: Alexis jumped as he heard his voice. "I tried. I did"
fledgedbeauty / Keya: laughs "aww what a shame poor Lexis"
Elfie / Rauel: Grinning at the two other girls he nodded.
"Good morning. How was the game?"
He shook his head at Alexis. "You need to learn to live a little."
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: Alexis pouted.
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: Alexis closed her locker and in her hands were 6 books. "I best be getting back to class."
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: "Yo Dori!" She shouted.
Elfie / Rauel: Shrugging he nodded "same." He turned and walked slowly to class.
fledgedbeauty / Keya: "The game was awesome we won!!" glancing over at Alexis and Dori "whats wrong with everyone its like they got the life sucked out of them or something"
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: "Gotta dash." She ran after Rauel...
"Hey! Again thanks for last night and erm...sorry too"
fledgedbeauty / Keya: stares at Dori poking her forehead "Dori...Dori?
Elfie / Rauel: Looking at her he quirked an eyebrow.
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: "You know, kissing you."
fledgedbeauty / Keya: "What do you mean what time is it?!...Its time for class now get up!!!" trying to pull her off the floor
Elfie / Rauel: He looked at her like she was insane. "Kissing..." He grinned and laughed. "That wasn't a kiss. If you want to be sorry be sorry that I'm gonna get in trouble for this." He leaned down and kissed her gently on the lips in front of the office. Grinning he bowed an took off running to class.
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: Alexis stood there with her eyes closed.
"Wow" was all she could say before walking slowly for her next lesson.
fledgedbeauty / Keya: looks at her with a sneaky smile "Oh now you wanna get up cuz he's around?!..we need to bring him around more often."
Elfie / Rauel: Sliding into his seat Rauel groaned when he was called down to the office. A lecture along with detention was given and he was sent back to class. The bell rang signaling 2nd hour and he took off hoping he would see Alexis.
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: Alexis couldn't concentrate in her lesson. All she thought about was Rauel's kiss. When the bell went for lunch that afternoon. It was the first time she was glad lessons were over.
Kimishi / Souel: Ksou walked in through the school double doors. He rubbed his eyes, having been up most of the night trying to find his way to hsi apartment.
Kimishi / Ksou: <sry>
Elfie / Rauel: Making his way to the lunch room he found Alexis, alone for once.
Running up to her he hugged her from behind. "I got detention."
fledgedbeauty / Keya: "So...Dori whats going on with you and the new guy" winking at her
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: She smiled as he came up behind her.
"Why what for?"
She smiled. "I need to put these books back in my locker. Are you coming?"
Elfie / Rauel: Letting her waist go he grinned, "I wonder too." He nodded. "Yeah I'll come."
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: "Well. I have a free afternoon. Not that it will be free more revision; exam in the morning." She put her books in her locker and sighed.
Kimishi / Ksou: Ksou glanced around the room, he then looked to a piece of paper in his hand.
"Locker...." He glanced again, he spotted the girl form yesterday and decided to greet her.
"Hey..." he waved a bit, then looked to teh girl next to her. Although the girl from eysterday seemed a bit nervouse he didn't mind. Maybe it was his cloth's they were a bit disheveld and so was his hair.
Elfie / Rauel: He shook his head grinning. "hahaha don't think so." He grabbed her arm and spun her around "You are taking a break to go live a little."
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: She pouted. "Ye but what am I supposed to do?"
Kimishi / Ksou: Ksou gave her the slip of paper.
"...can't find my locker..." his voice was as monotone as ever, but held a calm coolness that made it soothing in a way. He tried to fix his hair a bit, not relaly having time to get ready before he tried to figure out how to reach the school the morning of.
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: "Rauel I can't just 'live a little' by myself...that's no fun."
Elfie / Rauel: He grinned bigger
"You are coming with me."
Kimishi / Ksou: Ksou looked at the locker compination on the paper and tried it, it worked.
He placed his stuff inside and closed the lcoker again turnign to Dori.
"I forget your name...what was it?" He wasn't too sure if he had even asked, but decided it best not to start calling her "you" or "girl".
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: "What? Now?"
Elfie / Rauel: "Yes." he tapped her forehead.
"Come on."
He grabbed her waist and lifted her over his shoulder so she couldn't resist. Running swiftly out the door he ran to his car and tossed her gently iin.
"Buckle up."
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: "Where are we going?"
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: "Will you please tell me where we are going?"
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: ((had everyone left?))
Kimishi / Ksou: "Ksou...and it's ok don't worry about it..." He looked up to teh bell ringing, pulling the schedual out from hsi pocket, a confused look on his face.
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: ((I think Rauel left))
fledgedbeauty / Keya: ((Im still here))
Kimishi / Ksou: Ksou held the paper schedual out to her, although his expression was calm it was obviouse the frustatration showed through.
"C-coudl you...tell me were theses vlasses are..."
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: ((Here I am along in a care wondering where thehell I am going))
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: ((I'm sad now))
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: ((Alexis is bored))
Elfie / Rauel: ((Sooo sorry my stupid PC crashed))
Rauel grinned and pulled out of the lot. "Of course not why would I?"
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: "Well this could be classed as kidknapp. And I will!!" She said laughing
Elfie / Rauel: He shook his head and turned onto the highway
"You wouln't."
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: "Well what makes you think that I won't?"
Elfie / Rauel: He grinned and sped up.
"I just know."
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: Alexis pouted and slid down in the seat
"This had better not take long mister."
((I have to go soon...It's getting late))
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: ((Rauel what country do you live in? Will you be online tomorrow))
Elfie / Rauel: ((mmk))
He grinned and exited the highway swerving in and out of traffic.
"you can't rush fun Alexis."
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: "What kind of fun" sje asked intriguied.
(gotta go)
Elfie / Rauel: ((Bye))
"You'll just have to find out."
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: Alexis sat quietly in the car until they reached their destination.
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: ((You on here Rauel?))
Elfie / Rauel: ((Sorry was up REALLY late last night....just woke up bout an hour ago))
Rauel pulled into a cafe` buildings parking lot and parked, turning the car off. "You ready?"
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: "Ye I am ready..."
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: She got out of the car.
"So...what do you do for fun here?"
Elfie / Rauel: He grinned and got out, pulling her out with him. Taking her hand he walked slowly to the door. It was bolted shut, large and metal, standing out from the rest of the decorative building. A bouncer held out his hand and when Rauel raised one eyebrow the bouncer grinnned. "Long time no see Ra." His voice was deep and scary. Rauel nodded and walked in. The lights were Blacklights, making Rauel's white shirt glow. He grinned and pulled Alexis past the dancers dressed in plaid, chains and leather. He plopped down on a couch and pulled her with him leaning close and so she could hear him. "Nothing like relaxing right?" The grin on his face was huge.
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: Alexis felt his breath on the back of her neck. She shivered.
"How can you relax in a place like this?"
fingerz / faye: faye walks in late to her class "sorry im late igot lost in school"(fayes a new girl from america)
Elfie / Rauel: He grinned and leaned closer. "Very, very easily."
fingerz / faye: faye later goes out on her bike and sees a couple of people from school that are in her class
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: Alexis smiled at his closeness.
"Oh really? Prove it!"
fingerz / faye: (walks over) hey its alexis isn't it
fingerz / faye: <is anyone even in here>
Elfie / Rauel: He kissed the back of her neck then pulled her closer to him and grinned. "Close your eyes, let the beat flow through your body and breath." He was doing just that when he heard a very loud shriek of "RAJA!!!!"
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: Alexis shook her head. "I can't do it!"
Elfie / Kaitlyn : ((I'm Rauel's Sister.))
After Shrieking "Raja." Kaitlyn ran over to him and the girl sitting on his lap. She stood in front of him and rocked back in forth on her heels. She looked about 15.
fingerz / faye: sits on a couch near Rauel drinks from a bottle of bud
Elfie / Rauel: ((Sorry she wanted to join ;;))
Rauel looked at Kaitlyn and shook his head. "Alexis this is my baby sis, Kaitlyn." He whispered in her ear. "Now that she's here,I can't either."
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: Alexis looked at the two new people.
"Omg...this is how you 'relax'?"
fingerz / faye: as the band starts playing the lead singer comes up to faye and hands her a bass guitar and tells her to get on stage
fingerz / faye: faye pushes the guy away and says shell start when shesn finished her drink
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: Alexis looked at Rauel.
"Do we have to be here?" She asked whispering in his ear.
fingerz / faye: the singer pushes the guitar onto faye harshly and punches her so she gets up on stage
fingerz / faye: starts playing a slightly mosher tune a group in front of the stage start moshing and so do some of the band
fingerz / faye: faye towards the end picks up her guitar and smashes ovr the leads head
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: She looked at Rauel and widened her eyes.
"This is supposed to be fun?"
fingerz / faye: faye walks back to her drink "hey ra hows you"
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: ((Youn there Rauel))
fledgedbeauty / Keya: ((dunno but its funny watching them though lol))
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: ((ye sorry I think you were at schoo with Ksuo...we left school thats all))
fledgedbeauty / Keya: ((i was at school too))
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: "I lost Rauel too"
fledgedbeauty / Keya: ((lol))
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: ((I have to go lol))
fledgedbeauty / Keya: ((are we still in the school?))
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: ((either Rauel's comp has crashed or hes bored of me))
fledgedbeauty / Keya: ((im pretty sure its just his comp ^_^;))
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: ((I miss him now))
fledgedbeauty / Keya: ((awww isnt that nice))
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: (((Bring back, bring back, bring my Rauel to me to me))
fledgedbeauty / Keya: ((He will come back))
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: ((Best do!)) lol
fledgedbeauty / Keya: ((lol))
Kimishi / Ksou: <that's not weird at all...>
fledgedbeauty / Keya: ((?))
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: I filed a missing person's report
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: ((hope you come back soon Rauel))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: ((hey umm whos this Rauel guy?))
fledgedbeauty / Keya: ((A guy Alexis was rping with))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: ((well what happened to him?))
fledgedbeauty / Keya: ((dunno he just left all of a sudden))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: ((Bummer...well Im new here,so I could help in anyway possible.))
fledgedbeauty / Keya: ((Well okay then thanx))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: (( okay then how do I make an appearance in this rp?))
fledgedbeauty / Keya: ((well you can just enter through the school im standing at my locker right now))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: ((okay))
Takuya walks in the school and sees a blonde hair girl standing at a locker."Hi Im Takuya Kawagashi,Im new here so can you show to the gym?"
fledgedbeauty / Keya: "Hi im Keya..sure right this way"...leading him down the hall to the left "well here we are we usually supposed to have fighting classes but i never seen anyone trainging for though..so Where you come from?"
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: "I came from Kyoto,Japan...and I was being home schooled for most of my high school years...well actually this is my first time being in a real school."
fledgedbeauty / Keya: "wow that sounds cool is it fun being home schooled?" looks at him with amazement
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: "Well not actually...you tend to day-dream of what its like to have friends..its kinda lonely,so what I do is train and do chores."
fledgedbeauty / Keya: "Wow it does sound really boring well im here to be your friend...and what kind of training do you do is that why you came to the gym?" as she said all that she gave him a friendly smile
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: "Yeah...my father told me never stop training or I will become soft and thats when enemies will overcome me,but in the mean time I could stay with you if you'd like."
fledgedbeauty / Keya: "oh yeah you can!" She grabbed his hand leading over to the huge arena in the middle of the gym stepping on into the middle of it "I wanna test your skills out i've been waiting for this moment for to long and dont go easy on me either just because im a girl!"
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: Takuya gulps."I've never hit a girl before."
fledgedbeauty / Keya: "Come on to me your being too soft i'll be fine besides im not that easy to lose"
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: "Okay."Takuya readys himself in his stance.
fledgedbeauty / Keya: "okay time to get serious" Keya strikes at his face tempting to punch him in his jaw if that didnt work she would simply trip onto the mat then jumping on top of him punching downward on his stomach"
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: Takuya dodges Keya's punch by doing a backwards flip handspring and lands on his feet.Takuya takes his stance once again.
fledgedbeauty / Keya: "heh...whats wrong Takuya why dont you fight back its would be alot more fun" charging towards him jumping in mid-air spin kicking him in his head "lets see you dodge that!"
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: Takuya slips out of his jacket.Keya hits the jacket instead.Takuya then grabs her leg and toss her in the air."Sorry I didn't mean to do that Keya."
fledgedbeauty / Keya: Keya shift her body so that she would land on her feet "Hey good move that was the first I seen someone dodge my attack like that come on show me what you got" she stood there in her fighting stance "and...never apologize to me"
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: Takuya blushes and thinks to himself,"shes good."Takuya smiles and changes to an offensive stance.
fledgedbeauty / Keya: Keya stands there smirking waving her fingers telling him to come "Im ready when you are"
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: "I'll move this time then."Takuya charges at Keya and jumps high above her.
fledgedbeauty / Keya: looks up at him showing no emotion throughout her whole body just waiting like a cheetah for its prey
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: Takuya now attacks Keya with an axe kick to the left shoulder.
fledgedbeauty / Keya: Keya grabs his foot with both hands swinging him down to the mat
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: Takuya places both hands on the mat and shifts his body to the left to get out of Keya's hold and attacks with a spining kick to the back of her head.
fledgedbeauty / Keya: Keya blocks the attack with her arms then kicking him in his back"heh...is that all you got?!"
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: Takuya regains his position."Heh not bad for a girl."
fledgedbeauty / Keya: she gets very flushed and angry "Excuse me...what do you mean not bad for a girl?!...oh that it!" Keya comes full throttle with her attacks she got more quicker launching kicks and punches left and right
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: Takuya smirks,"Im glad I met you Keya."
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: "Wait you mustn't get furious in a fight you'll lose total concentration and I didn't mean it like that."Takuya takes defensive stance.
fledgedbeauty / Keya: "Well yeah dont think your gonna catch me off guard...because your not!" still attacking him trying to make her final punch a good one towards his chest
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: Takuya dodges to the right and grabs her arm,next he pulls her close and holds her."If you get mad...the fight won't be for fun anymore so please calm down."Takuya smiles at Keya.
fledgedbeauty / Keya: stood there for a minute "ggrr...im not mad!" she pushed into him knocking him off of her "well this is for fun right?" she said smiling at him
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: "Hehe yeah,"Takuya catches his balance and smiles back.
fledgedbeauty / Keya: Keya walks up to him "..Go ahead i'll give you a head start for you to try and beat me okay?
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: "No way ladies first."
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: (( well um its up to Keya? ))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: (( hey Dori ^__^ ))
fledgedbeauty / Keya: ((Well me and Takuya are in the gym in the arena fighting so I guess you can fit in anywhere really and yeah you can join)) "Oh..no please I insist it wouldnt matter to me anyways you'll be a swore loser in my book" laughs at him
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: "Looks like we have more people now."
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: "What now Keya?"
fledgedbeauty / Keya: "Mhm" Keya thinks to herself "maybe I can catch him off gaurd hehe..." she aims for his stomach again mustering all of her strength together to make this punch really good
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: Keya hits Takuya in the stomach but he doesn't stagger one bit."Nice one...that would have worked on an original person."Takuya smiles trying to look tough.
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: (( anybody else gonna jump in? ))
fledgedbeauty / Keya: Keya was shocked that the attack did not work "Huh..how did you do that..that was so impossible?! no way you had to atleast feel some kind of affect from it" looks at him with suspicion "are you even human?" she waved her hand in front of his face
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: "Yeah hehe Im human its just that I can't show no no sign of pain to a girl or she'll think Im weak but yeah it stung a little hehe."
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: "I could've swore Dori and someone else joined us."
fledgedbeauty / Keya: "whats wrong with boys these days not every girl will think your weak because you show a little sign of pain especially not me I really wouldnt care about that what so ever"
fledgedbeauty / Keya: ((i really dunno i thought the same thing too))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: "Oh...sooo shall we continue?"
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: Takuya looked over and saw someone at the gym door."Hey you whats your name?"
fledgedbeauty / Keya: "Yeah we should after all those moves i made i think its your turn..man that sounds ackward"
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: "Hows it goin Dori,whatcha been up to?"
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: "That did seem kinda ackward Keya hehe."
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: "HEY STOP THAT YOU FREAKIN PERVE MANIAC!!!Takuya clinches his fist.
fledgedbeauty / Keya: "yeah" walks over to Dori giving her a big hug "Hey buddy how ya been?!"
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: "Wait a sec...whats that up there?"Takuya points his finger in the air and tricks Keya.He then dashes toward Keya and tickles her.
fledgedbeauty / Keya: Keya looks at Dori with surprise "umm..wow Dori never knew you could be so violent"
fledgedbeauty / Keya: "hey come on..stop that it tickles" Keya wiggled all around tears coming down her face from to much laughing"
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: "Haha looks like I win."Takuya smiles.
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: "Im not kiddin Sven cut it out."
fledgedbeauty / Keya: "Takuya but you cheated!" wiped the tears away from her eyes giving him a softly smack on his shoulder
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: "You let your guard down,so its your falt."
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: "Just say the word Dori and I'll take care of him."
fledgedbeauty / Keya: "Yeah whatever...but you still cheated"
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: "Hey umm we may have to kick some butt...you up for it Keya?"
fledgedbeauty / Keya: "You know it!"
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: "Let her go! NOW!"Takuya charges Sven and mid air kick to Sven's chest."I told you to stop."
fledgedbeauty / Keya: "Let her go now!" walking over to him hands balled up into tight fists
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: "Are you okay Dori?"
fledgedbeauty / Keya: Keya ran behind Sven punching him in the back of his head
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: Takuya flips back to his feet and dust himself off."You call that an attack...oh and I'm 17 you bum."
fledgedbeauty / Keya: Keya was hit directly in the stomach it was a total knockout everything started to blurr as she fell to the floor
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: "YOU BASTERED!!!"Takuya becomes furious and takes off his jacket and bookbag."You won't get away with that."Takuya throws his bookbag into Sven's arm and appears behind him then kicks Sven's head.
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: "KEYA NOOOO!!!GRRR!!!"
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: Takuya stops himself from hitting the ground by placing his hands on the floor and shifting his body to the left and kicks Sven in his side.
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: Takuya wipes the blood off his nose and smirks.
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: "Wow that really hurted heh...I don't stand a chance at this rate...but I really don't want ascend.Dori can you check Keya for me."
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: "Get up Keya!We have to stop him."
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: "Keya try and get up."
fledgedbeauty / Keya: Keya heard a faint voice call to her she slowly starts to wake coughing to catch her breath "What the... hell happened?"
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: Takuya sighs and spits on the ground."Heh looks like I have to ascend."Takuya's hair and color changes."Get ready Sven."
fledgedbeauty / Keya: "Yeah i think i am my stomach still hurts though he hit me pretty hard" she struggled to stand up while holding her stomach
fledgedbeauty / Keya: "I freakin hate him Takuya kick...his..ass!!"
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: "Its go time!"
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: "Fisrt let me check Keya."Takuya walks over to Keya."Are alright Keya?"
fledgedbeauty / Keya: "Dori..i cant i have to keep moving on dont worry so much i'll be fine"
fledgedbeauty / Keya: "yeah"
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: "Good now its ass kicking time...are you ready Sven?"
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: (( G2G guys cya tomorrow.))
fledgedbeauty / Keya: ((okie dokie bye))
d1gn17y: ((wow you filled some pages...can I ask for a fill in?~))
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: ((laughs at dori...I went to sleep at 5:00am its now 9:00am))
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: ((se ya))
fledgedbeauty / Keya: ((just letting you peoples know that i am back on))
fledgedbeauty / Keya: ((okay))
fledgedbeauty / Keya: ((I dunno i hope soon though in like...5 seconds O.O;))
fledgedbeauty / Keya: ((Hurry guys come back!!! -.-))
fledgedbeauty / Keya: ((*cries with Dori* Yes!!!))
fledgedbeauty / Keya: ((lalalalalalala so bored and lonely -.-'))
fledgedbeauty / Keya: ((yeah..going to sleep does seem like a good idea but to lazy to do it though hmmm....))
fledgedbeauty / Keya: ((well i have 3:30 where im at))
fledgedbeauty / Keya: ((I live in Delaware))
fledgedbeauty / Keya: ((lol yupperz!! me in delaware...wait no fair Delaware cant make any kind of sounds darn i wanna yee-haw too!))
fledgedbeauty / Keya: ((a hick whats that heard of it but never understood the meaning?))
d1gn17y: ((Hi wat are the chances of Rauel being on then?))
fledgedbeauty / Keya: ((oh right forgot about that well here where just called retarded or dumbasses and other weird stuff))
fledgedbeauty / Keya: ((hehehehehehhe))
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: ((hiya guys))
fledgedbeauty / Keya: ((hey Alexis))
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: ((I hope Rauel's on tonight so we can continue this rp))
fledgedbeauty / Keya: ((Well we can all hope together i wish Takuya will hurry up and get on))
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: ((Fingers crossed they are both on))
fledgedbeauty / Keya: ((fingers legs and eyes crossed!! this is for better luck lol ^_^))
fledgedbeauty / Keya: ((yeah basically everyone oh i forgot to cross my elbows *crosses elbows* rofl))
fledgedbeauty / Keya: ((come on come on come on come on come on come on come on come on come on come on!!))
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: ((I know!))
fledgedbeauty / Keya: ((I hope they come within the next hour or so xp))
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: ((me 2 :D))
fledgedbeauty / Keya: ((yeah))
fledgedbeauty / Keya: ((row row row your boat gently down the stream marrily marrily marrily life is but a dream))
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: ((YOU MADE ME LAUGH))
fledgedbeauty / Keya: ((GOOD!!! ^.^ im glad i did cause im bored))
fledgedbeauty / Keya: ((yeah i know its kinda weird but aye im a waiting girl Xp))
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: ((gotta go night))
fledgedbeauty / Keya: ((nighty night let the bed bugs bite))
fledgedbeauty / Keya: ((humpty dumpty sat on the wall humpty dumpty had a great fall.....))
fledgedbeauty / Keya: ((let the bed bugs bite))
fledgedbeauty / Keya: ((I believe it started at page 43 O.O))
fledgedbeauty / Keya: ((one of these kind of pages still not used to the system yet.))
fledgedbeauty / Keya: ((lol you said holy i just caught on to what you said ))
fledgedbeauty / Keya: ((row row row your boat gently down the stream merrily merrily merrily life is but a dream))
fledgedbeauty / Keya: ((me either))
fledgedbeauty / Keya: ((you said holy shit))
fledgedbeauty / Keya: ((lol....Why do i sense Takuya's presence?))
fledgedbeauty / Keya: ((did you say WAFFLES?!!!! O.o))
fledgedbeauty / Keya: ((lmao im sorry about your waffles and pancakes and french toast and fanta))
fledgedbeauty / Keya: ((*pats Dori's back* its okay atleast you can have your waffles and pancakes and french toast and fanta back again))
fledgedbeauty / Keya: ((But you will get your waffles and pancakes and french toast and fanta you just gotta have faith in yourself
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: (( Hey guys Im back on.Sorry I had to leave last night...sooo when do I jump in ^__^? ))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: (( so what are you guys? doin is Sven on? ))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: ((okay... so what now?))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: ((hey peoples Im back ^__^))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: (( I did and it led me here.))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: ((lol)you two were crying?))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: ((hehe but Im on now and...where is everyone))
((If you are on please say something?))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: ((aw man...soo Sven what time is it where you live?))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: ((wait a sec I thought Keya was on too.))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: (( you live in Texas with Dori...soo how old are you?))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: ((haha Im older bt a year.))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: ((I guess Im the oldest...wait how old is Keya?))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: (( Darn looks like I have some competition.))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: (( you out of school too Sven?))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: ((hurry up and get back online Keya.))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: ((WHAT!!!We get out in June and go back in August.))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: (( hold on a sec I have to do laundry so I'll be back in a min.))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: ((okay Im back and whats wrong Dori?))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: ((Is everyone back yet?))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: ((why?))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: ((Sven you still on?))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: ((Oh that bad huh(sigh)I know what ya mean soo just stay calm and chillax.))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: ((When do you think Keya,Alexis,and Learin come back?))
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: ((did i miss anything?))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: ((just checkiing in from school to see if anybody is on.))
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: ((me I am))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: (( hi im in school right now where are you?))
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: ((at home))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: ((you 're not at school?))
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: ((Half term))
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: ((Half term))
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: ((I miss Rauel and Takuya))
Kimishi / Ksou: <Ah lion I luv angel's feather! Where are we right now?>
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: <<nothing much has happened tbh all these pages are flled with chat...will you reply in incomplete union please?))
fledgedbeauty / Keya: ((Im baaack!!))
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: <<hiya me and dori and u...again>>
fledgedbeauty / Keya: ((Hey!..really no one else is one?))
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: <<nah>>
Kimishi / Ksou: <..wah?>
fledgedbeauty / Keya: ((what i meant was on* but yeah i might sing row row row your boat again ^_^))
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: <<gently down the stream>>
fledgedbeauty / Keya: ((merrily merrily merrily merrily life is but a dream!!))
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: <<we must be really bored.>>
fledgedbeauty / Keya: ((lol yeah we are))
fledgedbeauty / Keya: ((I love that song!!!))
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: ((me 2))
fledgedbeauty / Keya: ((lol))
Lionheart: ((hi my beautiful people ^__^ ))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: (( sorry I logged in with a different file.))
fledgedbeauty / Keya: ((lol its kool))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: (( sooo what I miss?))
fledgedbeauty / Keya: ((nothing we was waiting for you so we just talked))
fledgedbeauty / Keya: ((yupperz))
fledgedbeauty / Keya: ((Well..are we continuing or what?))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: ((OOh(lol)sooo everyone is here?)
fledgedbeauty / Keya: ((I think so))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: ((where do we continue?))
fledgedbeauty / Keya: ((you were fighting sven and your nose started bleeding))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: ((I know this is random but how old are you Alexis and Keya because I know Sven and Dori's?))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: ((Do you guys think we should start another chapter instead?))
fledgedbeauty / Keya: ((im 16 and i think Alexis is 15))
fledgedbeauty / Keya: ((i dont care we can))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: ((so I am the oldest...yyeeessss haha.))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: ((what do you think Dori?))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: ((okay...so...where do we start -_-' ?))
fledgedbeauty / Keya: ((uumm..i dunno i guess at school or outside of school it could be the weekend or something))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: ((coool but Im not experienced enough sooo someone has to make it cause Im still considered a newbie.))
fledgedbeauty / Keya: ((well your certainly not by yourself -_-;))
fledgedbeauty / Keya: ((Dori you wanna make the room?))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: ((hey youre right Im not.))
fledgedbeauty / Keya: ((Crap...I will make it then just tell me what you want it to be about cause i dont know ^_^))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: ((whoa 5 rps...I haven't made any yet.))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: (( Im just waiting but I think it can be mixed with your fav types of story lines.))
fledgedbeauty / Keya: ((okay do you want it to be a highschool and romantic?))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: (( no prob here.))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: (( what about you Dori?))
fledgedbeauty / Keya: ((Dori-chan what do you think?^_^))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: ((you still there Dori?))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: ((okay lets get it goin then hehe.))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: ((do we need new characters?))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: (( sorry girls but I have to go but I'll be back in 30 min cya later.))
fledgedbeauty / Keya: ((okay the room is made and do anyone wanna use new characters? yeah i know Takuyas gone for now))
fledgedbeauty / Keya: ((okay its the one called the wonders of highschool love))
fledgedbeauty / Keya: ((*rocks back and forth* lala lala lala...))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: (( is anybody on?))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: ((heellloooo...))
fledgedbeauty / Keya: ((yeah is anybody there now?))
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: hey everybody
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: ((WHERE IS EVERYBODY?))
fledgedbeauty / Keya: ((no one is here))
d1gn17y / Sachiko: <<I am but i think this has lost itself now.>>
fledgedbeauty / Keya: ((I agree v_v))
saika / saika sairena: <hey everyone i'm here>
Drayelya: hm...... can I join if its still open?>
Drayelya: it is just slightly empty..
Drayelya: (May I join you?)
rinsatsuke / rin satsuke: hey! im new to this sit can i join?

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