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Roleplay - Eden's Stone by Aido / Anime_Elfling

There is a world filled with magic and strange creatures beyond anyone's wildest dreams. Great cities of fine stone and precious jewels and metals rose up in every part of the world but none was greater than Saber city. Saber city is home to a powerful jewel called the Eden's Stone. There are those who have devoted their lives to protecting it and those who want more than anything to steal it. If this precious weapon falls into the wrong hands, who knows what horrors will cause the peaceful world to change forever...

Roleplay Details

You can be a protector, theif, or someone in the city who doesn't know what side to choose or wishes to stay seperate from the mess. This is a fantasy rp so, of course, anything related to this genre is aloud. You don't have to be super literate but complete sentences are less confusing so I do suggest punctuations! Alright. Let's begin!


Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido walked through Saber city with a small grin. It seemed like such a calm day today and he was optimistic about it. What could go wrong today? He turned his head up towards Saber city's safehold tower where the mysterious Eden's Stone was being gaurded. Master Tang said it was well protected today and there was no need for the young apprentice to hang around. He wasn't the most skilled sorceror out there but he felt it his duty to help watch over the stone. It would help with his training after all. He had promised his parents he would become a strong wielder of magic and he was going to keep that promise. He had to.
Lionheart / Alkadeaus: (Can I join You)
Severian Fayth: Severian Fayth walked briskly through the streets of Saber City, always alert to his surroundings. Even in his tasks for the mage Arthantum he listened to the quite wind blowing through his mask for signs of conversations that could help him in future exploits.
He turned to the side instantaniously as he heard the small crash of a personal colision, remembering what each of his masters had told him 'Put the well being of those around you before menial tasks so long as your presence is known. You can never have to many friends.'
He walked over to the two youths and extended a hand to each. "Need a hand?".
Naga_lightbeing / Naga Lightbeing: << I'm joining too>>> She was one of the few people who did not choose sides. She understood both of them but refused to do anything about. a long time ago she had been asked to learn to protect the stone with the others, but she refused to. she did not want to decided, so she stayed in the city but kept to her self. today however, she was just walking about and talking to various people and greeting them kindly. she saw the two who had fallen and come over. she put out her hand to help them up. " wow, that was a fall. are you too ok??"
Naga_lightbeing / Naga Lightbeing: she saw that all was taken care of here and that everyone was ok, or at least they would be. she wanted to get away though, there was too many people here at once for her. she backed away slowly and started to walk away. " I'm glad you are all ok and that i could help. i hope the rest of the day goes good for you. I'll see you around." with that she turned on her heel and began to walk away. even though she wanted to stay and meet people, it just wasn't like her to do so.
Severian Fayth: "Well then, if you're ok and you need nothing more, I'll be on my way," Fayth said followed by an informal half-bow as he turned his large frame back toward his destination. He paused for an instant and returned himself to face his audience, "Apologies, I did not introduce myself. I am Severian Fayth, son of Kimjura Fayth, aprentice to Alsham the mage, aprentice to Jordan the knight, aprentice to Kimal the rogue, and aprentice to Rikna the cleric of Mask," at the last he extended his hand in a gesture of acknowledgement. Before he could gain a reply from the young mageling, he turned to the woman fast departing their presence, "Wait miss, I did not catch your name, and one can never have too many friends."
Severian Fayth: "Hmm. I don't assume she's comeng back," he mused childishly watching the womans hips sway as she walked quickly down the street. He tore his eyes away from her and turned to the girl who had just introduced herself, "Well anyway, it was nice to meet you Ichie, but I fear I must be off to complete my tasks for the morning. We will find each other again, if the Gods smile on us, and hopefully it will be under less time constraining cercomstances." With that he turned and continued his brisk walk to the mage tower.
Itzunori / Lamila: Lamila reclined futher into the branches she was leaning on. One foot was balanced on the thick brach and the other was on her knee. Her form was well hidden by the numerous leaves adorning the large tree. She chuckled quietly. She was never fond of theivery, still isn't actually. However, she is a naturally dark thinker, so these kinds of thoughts are no suprise. It would be quite a thrill, she knew. She's always been a good sneak, but considering magicians gaurd the precious stone, it would be quite a challenge. She closed her eyes. "Let us see what the future brings before I made my move. I think tonight, I shall examine the area..." she mumbled to herself.
Severian Fayth: -Severian's gate never slowed or quickened. As he walked the cobbled road, his surprisingly soft sound of his heavy boots taping against the stones was a testament to his constant stealth… that or his hurry to appear before his instructor in a timely fashion. With the balance of his apprenticeship duties, if one task went wrong, the punishment would throw make him late for the next and the spiral would continue for several weeks with very little sleep.
-Momentarily, nay, for a fraction of a moment, his footfalls broke pace and his face twitched to one side. No casual observer would notice this or pay it any heed if they did not know him, but any of his close companions, of which he had few, would see this as recognition of a presence hidden from most. This particular twitch was caused by the words of a woman falling almost unheard on his ears... almost.
-"Let us see what the future brings before I made my move. I think tonight, I shall examine the area..."
-Fayth did not stop to search for the girl for his strength was not in finding but noticing and this phrase made her no business of his, but it pulled slightly on his consciousness and something seems amiss...
-To late to contemplate the fact further, he approached the large stone building that stood longer than most others in this nation, held up only by magicks now. The tall round structure as well as the short stone wall surrounding it was nearly completely covered with overgrown foliage. This alone would not seem out of the ordinary, but the vines pulsate and slither under the beat of the sun and give off a peculiar black fruit used in many potions for those who are quick enough to catch them as they maneuver the cracked walls. Add to that fact that the plants fall to the ground dried and brown each night, and rise again as keen as ever each morn, and you have enough to frighten away any common villager.
-Severian stepped through the rusted iron gate, opening it with a wave of his hand and strolled across the yard of it as the vines slithered and moved around his footsteps. He stepped through the now open Gothic wooden doorway and into the great hall of the Mages Council.
-"Master Alsham, I am here and reporting for the morning duties. The horses have been fed and the stables cleaned, as well as the cows grazed as you wished. In the dark of night I will work the fire and light," he said in a booming, authoritative voice. At least the acoustics of the building made him sound as such, but in actuality, he was speaking as he would any other time. Fayth was lucky in that his tasks for his mages apprenticeship and his knight’s apprenticeship rarely differed with the acceptation of practicing skill.
-"Good Severian. I trust you have been practicing your cantrips and low level incantations? I don't want you having to use material components like most mages, you have too much potential for that," this all was said as he floated majestically from the upper sanctums of the tower down through the center of the ceiling above. His flowing white robes contrasted nicely with his extremely short black hair and small goatee. He was a strong man, one could tell by his look and smile, but he was more a man of intelligence than anything.
-"Of course master Alsham, the machinations of my mind are an enigma,” he said in jest, thought he mentor seemed to take him seriously.
-“Indeed. I’ll expect to see results tomorrow. The “Mage Wars” are coming up soon and Rikna and myself were hoping to enter you in the apprentice and acolyte category. Do keep up. I’ll have more instructions for you tomorrow, but for the next while you’ll be only practicing your magicks. Off with you then,” he finished as he glided back up through the ceiling to his studies.
-With that, Severian turned again and stepped out of the large sanctum, through and over the vines in the court yard, and into the streets of Saber City, now being one of his few times to unwind and relax from his apprenticeship duties.
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido was in a state of confusement as the girl ran into him and knocked him over. He sat on the ground in a confused daze. "Wha?" he said slowly standing. Before he could say anything to the girl, she had ran off and collided into someone else. He was so lost in thought, he hadn't been paying attention to anything around him and he had completely ignored everyone. "I'm sorry!" he yelled out to everyone around. He started to blush now feeling completely stupid. "Uhh..." (Ahhh! I had to leave and I missed everything! No!)
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido walked into the tower of Eden's Stone. He let all who were gaurding it know who he was before entering the stone's holding room. Even if the room was free of candles or any other manmade forms of light, it was bright from the light of the stone. Aido sighed. It was such a powerful thing. It almost made him want it. He wasn't much of a sorceror and with that much power, he could do great things... No! He couldn't give into temptation. "I better leave before i do something terrible." he said to himself.
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido watched her curiously before saying,"I'm very sorry to here that." He walked a little closer to the stone. "But, you know..." he said, his eyes roaming over the stone's surface. "This stone holds the fate of the world. Your parents were probably very powerful and they did something brave. My parents were the same way." He pulled his eyes away from the stone to look at her. "I want to devote my life to protecting this stone as well. I believe it will help me. Also..." He trailed away and let his gaze fall to the stone floor. Why else did he want to protect it? Or did it go farther than that? Was he longing to obtain it? Dis he want to harness the stone's energy? What did he really want?
Anime_Elfling / Aido: (hear)
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido sighed deeply. "I must do more than just try." he said clenching his fist. "I need to show my parents that I can accomplish anything! I may not be the best spell caster out there but I can get stronger! I have to!" His eyes were once more filled with wanting for the precious jewel in front of him. What power did it hold? "I wonder..." he started but stopped what he was saying with uncertainty.
Anime_Elfling / Aido: He was suprised when she said this. His eyes looked into hers and he slowly nodded. "You are probably right." he said. "I shouldn't... but..." He pulled away from her. "If anything happened to the stone, I'd... I'd feel like I've let everyone down." He turned back to her quickly. "I'm so sorry!" he said frantically. "Throwing all my troubles on you like that!"
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido stared at her in amazement. "You teach yourself!?" he asked. "Wow! Then you must be really talented!" He scratched his head. "I'd probably never be able to do that. I already have a tough time learning spells from master Tang. He's my teacher. He can be strict at times but he's like a father to me." He smiled as he remembered some of the times him and his master had gone through together. That man had always been there for him.
Anime_Elfling / Aido: "Probably not as bad as me." said Aido with a nervous laugh. "I mix up revival spells with transforming ones." He smiled at her kindly. It was really nice to have someone to talk to right now. It kept his mind off other matters for a while.
Severian Fayth: <<I would like to make a request to all who are Role Playing here. This character of mine, Severian Fayth, is a character in a book series that I am writeing. According to the terms of agreement, all of this is intellectual property of those who post it and I wish to turn this Role Play into one of the books in my series, but I am required to get the permission of everyone involved first so without further adue. Would all parties present be accepting of my useing the posts in this role play, in whole or in part, manipulated or un-, so long as I give adequit recognition to those who's material is in question?>>
Naga_lightbeing / Naga Lightbeing: :she had walked a good way before stopping and turning around. this was very unlike her, but something about that guy who had also come to help striked her. she turned around and headed toward the area he was in, her wings blowing a bit behind her as she ran to catch him. as she got back there, he was gone. she sighed and leaned on a one of the walls.the one time she was actually going to talk to someone and they were gone. she closed her eyes and said some words to herself and started to search the city for where his presence seemed strongest. as she felt him, she opened her eyes once again and saw him coming out of the building. she slowly approached him trying to think of what to say, but nothing came, so when she got there she just stuck out her hand and said whatever came to her mind. "umm...hello...i'm sorry i just walked away, it was rude of me. My name is Naga, or so it is what people call me. i dont really have a name. So if you want to call me something else, go ahead, but i'm known as Naga here." she stood there with her hand stretched out, feeling akward just standing there trying to meet someone. she didn't really know how to do this and if felt like it was more of a challange then anything else she had to do.
Anime_Elfling / Aido: "That's alright." said Aido. "I sometimes laugh at myself too. It's pathetic really but I know I'll get it one day!" He walked over to the bench and sat next to her. "I wonder where master Tang is right now?" he asked more to himself than to Ichie. "I haven't seen him all day and he usually pops up now and again." (hmmm... I'm not sure...)
Anime_Elfling / Aido: (Kidding! Go ahead and I hope all goes well with that series.)
Naga_lightbeing / Naga Lightbeing: << ummm...i dont mind...i guess. im just hoping i'm understanding what you said and i think you said you want to use all of our posts, whether you change them a bit or not., for a story your writing. if that is the case i dont mind...if i'm not right i would appreciate it if you would correct me and tell me more, please and thank you.>>
Anime_Elfling / Aido: (Is Naga talking to Aido?)
Naga_lightbeing / Naga Lightbeing: << no, to the other guy...Severian Fayth. sorry for the mix up..lol>>
Anime_Elfling / Aido: (o.k.)Aido looked at her in disbelief. "M...M...me!?" he stammered. "I...I... I can't be a...a teacher!" He shook his head feverishly. "I'm sorry but I'm really no good! I couldn't possibly teach you! I don't want to sound mean but I really don't think I'm the best choice!"
Severian Fayth: -Severians steps were uncommonly aloof this morn, not noticing where his feet led him. He was generally a very precise lad, but he had quite a while before he had to report to Rikna so he decided to use this well earned down time to explore the town that he had seen so little of since he had taken up his first apprenticeship at nine.
-He was abruptly stopped by the picturesque woman he had seen just a while earlier, he enormous wings folded behind her elegantly. He immediately extended his hand to meet hers and bowed slightly to kiss the back of her wrist. "Hello Naga, my name is Severian Fayth. Most bust my masters call me Fayth, you may do the same if you wish,"
-His expression was cool and unimpressed as well as his smile was, but his inner thoughts we something along the lines of, 'IN THE NAME OF MASK! SHE HAS WINGS! THAT IS SO COOL!' of course he had been taught to be level headed and pristine at all times so none of this escaped his lips.
-"You apologie is well accepted but I am curious, how did you find me?" he said as he replaced his upright stance. In his mind he hastened to notice that she had been blathering slightly, obvously not such a social chamilian as he would have first expected.
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido looked her in the eye. "Are you quite sure about that?" he asked. "I can't promise you anything great but..." He sighed. "If it is what you really want, I can't find it in me to say no." He held out his hand to her. "Well then! You've got yourself a new teacher... uh..." He started to turn slightly pink in the cheeks. "I almost forgot... I don't know your name..."
Severian Fayth: <<You have it mostly correct Naga. I would like to use the posts, yes, and I may change them, yes, but there is not garantee that I will use all of them and there is no garantee that I will use all the characters, in which case I will only give actual credit to those who's posts I am useing, but I will be sure to mention any that I don't use in the Acknowledgements since the story would not progress how it does with less characters than there are. When I'm done, I may not even be able to garantee that the story line will be the same as it is here, since I will need to addapt it to the series.>>
Naga_lightbeing / Naga Lightbeing: she smiled, feeling a little better now. she nodded in respect and giving him a bow. " it was simple. it simple incantation to find your presence. it was rather easy. i have had lots of practice though. its what i mostly do." she smiled to him again not knowing what to say now. " so where are you off to, if you do not mind me asking? i would like to join you if you do not mind. i dont have much to do, but practice more." she gave her wings a little flap, they were getting annoyed with staying folded. " oh and it is nice to meet you Fayth."
Anime_Elfling / Aido: "Nice to meet you, Ichie." said Aido with a smile. "I'm Aido." He made a strange sound before adding, "Uh... can you release my hand? Please?"
Severian Fayth: A small smile spread across his face at her jumbled sentences, "In a while I'll be off to Master Rikna for Clerical training. Until then though, you are free to join me on whatever escapades may ensue!"
-He meant this in jest, but had a sinking feeling in his gut that he would be late to meet master Rikna... if he ever did.
<<BTW, not sure if it's intentional, but you seem to reiterate yourself a lot and your dialogue doesn't seem to flow. Not trying to sound like a sob or anything, just constructive criticism. ^.^>>
Anime_Elfling / Aido: "With master Tang in a small manor on the outskirts of Saber City." he answered turning his gaze to the floor as if it was something that interested him. In reality, he felt as if he was blushing and was trying to prevent her from noticing. "And you?" he asked. "Do you live with anyone?" Now, he was quite concerned if she was alone or not. She did say she taught herself. He couldn't stand being lonely and he didn't like other people being lonely either.
Naga_lightbeing / Naga Lightbeing: << sorry if i do, you see i just got this new hearing aid and now i can actually hear, so sentences are new to me in construction so i apologize for that. i will try my best to get better.>> she nodded to him. he seemed like a nice person, at least for being someone that she just met. " thank you, i appreciate that." she didn't know what to say to someone who was being so kind to her. not many people were, at least not when they found out that she refused to protect the stone. she decided she would keep from talking about the stone. " if you tell me what time you need to meet that person, i will make sure you meet them on time. i do not want you to miss an important meeting."
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido couldn't stop himself from feeling sorry for her. The sad feeling revealed itself on his countenance. "I'm so sorry." he said, his eyes collecting a duller color than usual. At that moment, an idea struck him. "You should come live with master Tang and me! I'm sure he would allow it! After all, that would make it alot easier to teach you! If it's alright with you, of course! How about it?"
Severian Fayth: <<Aww... now I feel like such an ass, haha. It's amazing how the disabled can make anyone feel guilty for being alive, hahaha.>>
-"No, if I did that it would be a violation of my apprenticeship. I am not allowed to have any member of he general populace aid me in memory of tasks. Kind of a stupid rule but it's gotten me into more trouble than most others combined," all this was said while nonchalantly steping past her to continue his walk down the street, "I don't really know much of this town because I spend most of my time on relatively meaningless tasks. Besides the Eden's Stone of that way," he pointed in an arbritrary direction, uninformed of wether that actually was where it lay or not, "I don't know how to get anywhere spacific. Why don't you lead and I'll follow?" he said this without brakeing stride and with a completely selfless tone, though his actual intentions were less than pure. He was only seventeen after all.
Anime_Elfling / Aido: (I gtg but I will be back... tomorrow. see ya later!)
Anime_Elfling / Aido: (One more quickie!) "I am!" he said growing excited. "Really! It's a really nice place and there is plenty of room!" He smiled brightly. "Oh! You will get to meet my teacher! He's the greatest! I know he'll allow it!" He jumped up from the bench. "Come on!"
Naga_lightbeing / Naga Lightbeing: << don't be, i like when people criticize me. it helps me learn more english and become better at it. so if you think im not doing something well, please tell me, i like learning, so dont feel guilty ok.>> She blinked and caught up with him. " ok i guess." she looked about, not knowing where to take him. she then though, well i guess i should take him to the stone, he has never seen it. " just follow me, i'll take you to the stone ok."
Severian Fayth: <<Haha, I'm just messin' with you, if I see something wrong I always point it out. Kudos to you though for not getting offended. I meet alot of people with disabilities who get all pissy when you treat them like you would any other person. It get's tiring.>>
His steps fell in to uniform with hers, "Alright then. Sounds like a fun little jaunt." He smiled as he walked briskly beside her, his long cloak billowing in the light breaze behind them as they passed through the town, his dark hood remaining in place over his hard leather mask.
-After a few moments, the smile faided from his face and some familiat thoughts passed through his mind, "We wont have to protect or steal this thing correct? We are just going to observe it in it's current state? Because I cannot accept any more responsibility in addition to that which I alread have."
Naga_lightbeing / Naga Lightbeing: << thanks... ^_^>> as they got closer she started to feel a bit uncomfortable again. the remembrance of the conversation she had a while back ago was still haunting her to this day. she just pushed it away and kept at her steady pace. the whole time she hadn't noticed that the smile from his face had faded. as the got to the stone, she stopped at the door way and pointed up to it. " go ahead, go up there and look, but beware, do not touch, not one part of it." she looked up to the stone, a grim image on her face. part of her longed to see it again, but her memories forced her to stay away, as far as she could.
Severian Fayth: -Severian made a small move toward the door way then paused. Looking from her to the arch then back again, the question slipped from his mouth without much thought, "Aren't you-"
-Just then, the two magelings from earlier sort of sprung from the doorway into him, seemingly in a hurry. They exchanged reflexive apologies then he turned back to Naga, "Ahem, as I was saying, aren't you coming with me? It seems it would be a waist to come all the way here with such a beauty then see the site without her," his voice was as romantically nonchalant as he could make it, though he had his doubts at his ability to mimic tone when needed.
Naga_lightbeing / Naga Lightbeing: she looked to him, then back to the stone. she had her doubts, but she did not want to disappoint him, so she sighed them again and smiled to him. " i guess it would be a waste. i will come with you, i just had to look at it first and take in its beauty and mystery." she stepped forward standing next to him and getting ready to go up. " go ahead, lead the way."
Naga_lightbeing / Naga Lightbeing: << i think you forgot the post...lol>>
Severian Fayth: <<apologies for posting the blank post>>
He began to assend the stair case at an even pase. His years of apprenticeship had taught him to be warry of any situation where you were forced to preceed, but he made a judgement and assumed he could trust this woman. He exited at the top of the stairs and began to circle the pedistal surrounding the stone. It's power seemed to pull at his core, calling to the magick that he knew, promising to increse it at least 100 fold. The silent but powerful luls of the stone were echoed seemingly unendingly in his mind as he staired at the small gem.
-He silently thought to himself, "I could palm that and no one would notice." He detached a small part of his conciousness to check for wards or burn sigals, "There are some week hexs garding it, but it wouldn't be too difficult to take it... I wonder why there aren't any guardians here with the stone."
-His gaze broke from the Eden Stone and his eyes fell on Naga, "Why is it that there is no guardian force on duty against such a relic as this?"
<<Sorry, you failed to specify the size of the stone so I kind of had to do that for you.>>
Naga_lightbeing / Naga Lightbeing: <<sorry didnt know>> she sighed, she little about why they did not have stronger people guarding it. " to be honest i am really not sure. i think it is because there are so many stronger people in the town, that if it was taken, the people of the town could protect it from leaving." she sighed, deep inside she knew she was the only one that didn't want to protect it. it was not that she did not understand why she needed to, but she choose not to.
Severian Fayth: -Fayth stared at the stone intently, his fist clutching his pomel so fiercely, his knuckless where white. He hands must stay in place if he was to keep his life, the towns men would... then it hit him, if he had the stone, they could do nothing to stop him...
-"We have to leave here, now, or I will attempt to steal the stone and, successful or not, I am sure I would regret it in the near future. If it can corrupt men so quickly, it can only be evil."
-He did not wait for her responce. His cloak swirled behind him as he bound down the stair case, exiting the building still unsure of his intent with the stone. "I am sorry, but I must leave you here. I hope the Gods will smile on us and let us meet again," he said quickly as he ran down the cobbled street and stumbled into an alley behind a butchers shop.
-"I can't do it. I can't do it... but it would be so simple just. NO!" his own mind battled itself for control. There were only three possible explinations. The stone was a natural corruptor and it made all men feal this way, Fayth was naturally suseptable to it's mind games or this was just a coincidences. Only coincidences don't happen, and there was a fourth option... what if he was supposed to have to stone?
<<And that will end my chapter for the day ^.^ I must be off to sleep. Did I leave you with enough suspence over which one he'll chose? I sure as hell hope so cause I'm not even sure yet, haha. g'night.>>
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido didn't answer her right away. He kept his gaze behind him as he walked. He was keeping an eye on the two people they had just bumped into. What were they doing at the stone's chamber? He had seen the man around before a few times and the magical energy about him was strong. Aido pushed the thought into the back of him mind before speaking to Ichie again. "I'm quite positive." he answered giving her a reassuring smile. "He's not as bad as he looks. I promise." He led her to his home. It was pretty old but still large and beautiful. Vines had climbed up the walls a few feet and hung there, adding to the home's aged look. He opened the door for Ichie to enter first then closed it behind him. "Master Tang!" called Aido. "I'm back!" An older man poked his head around the corner. His silvery grey hair was long and tied back in a ponytail and his blue eyes had a slight shine to them. "Welcome back." said Master Tang before taking notice of Ichie. "And who might this be?" "Her name is Ichie, Master." answered Aido. "So you bring a girl back and not the ingredients from the city I asked for, I see." said his master with a small smirk. "Oh no!" exclaimed Aido. "I forgot!" Master Tang just laughed at his fretting apprentice.
Anime_Elfling / Aido: (hola, Ichie.)
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Master Tang walked towards her. "And it is, indeed, a pleasure to meet you as well." he said smiling. "You seem nervous, Aido." he said turning to his apprentice. "So, I'm guessing there is a reason you've brought her." "Yes." said Aido. "I was hoping she could stay here. She has asked me to be her teacher and..." Master Tang couldn't help but laugh a bit. "Teacher?" he asked. "In magic?" He crossed his arms waiting for an explanation and Aido panicked. "No!" said Aido. "I didn't trick her or anything! I just agreed to teach her! I'll pass on all the lessons I've learned to her! I can do this!" "I'm sure you can." said his master and he really meant it. "She can stay if she wishes."
Naga_lightbeing / Naga Lightbeing: she watched him run away. she felt like she had done something so wrong.she sighed and looked back to the stone. even now it was haunting her and keeping her from doing anything now and days. she turned her gaze to the guards feeling their piercing stares. she looked at them calmly not knowing what they really wanted.
-one of the guards stepped forward. he looked her over and snorted. " why did you even come. your a disgrace. everyone here is willing to protect this stone. you live here and you won't even try and protect it. you deserve no respect." he spit at her, hitting her in the face. he then backed away and went back to guarding the stone.
-she sighed and walked away, wiping the spit away. each step was so slow that it seemed she wouldn't make it down that day. she did though, and started toward her home. she didn't look to anyone. her eyes were down on the ground and her wings were started to droop. she sighed once more and opened the door to her house, only taking one look back before going in and leaving her door open and not even caring that she had left it that way.
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido looked at her with a kind smile. "Of course." he said. He turned to his master. "I'll be back as soon as I can, Master Tang." "Hurry back then." said his master returning to his study. "Lead the way." he said to Ichie, opening the front door for her and giving her a courteous bow.
Anime_Elfling: "She did make you live in a basement," said Aido looking curiously at a potion on a shelf. "But hates a strong word. It shouldn't be used lightly." He remained silent for a moment before offering to help Ichie pack.
Anime_Elfling / Aido: (ahh! Wasn't logged in as Aido!)
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido looked sadly at the dress. He didn't like people feeling depressed and Ichie sounded like it. His first instincts kicked in: make Ichie happy. "She isn't really gone." he said stepping forward and laying a hand on her shoulder. "As long as you keep her memory close to your heart, she's always there. You should never stop thinking about her. Her body may be gone but her spirit's still alive. She's watching over you, Ichie and I'm sure she wants you to be happy." He gave her his sweetest smile. "It's never really goodbye."
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido was taking by suprise at Ichie's reaction but soon calmed himself down. He let his arms wrap around her as he hugged her back. "Let's get back to the house." he said softly. "Master Tang is waiting."
Anime_Elfling / Aido: (taken)
Anime_Elfling / Aido: "With Master Tang?" he asked before taking a little time to think before saying,"Well... It's alright. I've been living with him since I was eleven." He turned his face towards the sky and smiled. "He's been really kind. To other sorcerors, I was hopeless and he came and took me in to teach me. He was the only one to give me a chance. So, I've enjoyed living with him because, no matter what, he'll never give up on me. It doesn't bother me that he can be strict sometimes because he's doing it so I can be the best that I can. He's always looking out for people like that." Aido's brown eyes looked towards Ichie. "You are really going to like living at the manor." Aido knew he did. Master Tang was his best friend... No... He was much more than that. He was like Aido's father.
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Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido looked at her and nodded. Without thinking, he took hold of her hand. When he realized what he had just did, he quickly let go and his face became shaded with a dark pink. "Sorry..." he muttered, feeling a little embarrassed.
Anime_Elfling / Aido: "This way." he said starting up the large staircase. "Follow me." He let the way up and then turned left into a large hallway that had portraits and other things on the walls surrounding. As they walked, they past a large portrait that held in it the faces of a man and woman who looked similar to Aido. Aido did not dare to look at it as he past by. He opened a door a little ways down from the picture. "Here you are." he said using a smile to cover the ashamed look he held when they past the two painted faces.
Anime_Elfling / Aido: "Could you possibly?" he asked venomously before he could stop himself. Aido had realized what kind of words he let slip out and began to apologize. "I... I'm sorry." he said pulling from her embrace. "I didn't mean that. It's just..." He couldn't find what words he should say without making this situation any worse than it already was.
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Feeling like he had got himself into a really bad situation, Aido turned to leave. He felt guilty about what he had said to Ichie. How could he say such harsh words like that to her? "Sorry." he muttered again before leaving the room. He walked past his parents' portrait in haste. 'I should check on the stone.' he thought, of course using the precious artifact as an excuse to escape anything about his parents. He opened the front door but looked about him first. Where was Master Tang? Did he go out? Aido brushed these thoughts aside and left the house. 'Master Tang can take care of himself.' was the thought that replaced the worried ones as Aido headed into Saber City.
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido heard a noise from some nearby bushes but paid it no mind. He was halfway to the stone's tower but could not continue on. Not only had he left Ichie alone at the house, he had left after saying those horrible words to her. "Why am I so persistent to escape the thought of them?" Aido asked himself. Was it not only minutes ago that he was telling Ichie it was better and less painful to talk of and remember your parents instead of to stay miserable and avoid them. He sighed before turning back towards the house.
Anime_Elfling / Aido: The moment Aido entered the house, he heard Ichie screaming his name. He raced up the staircase and down the hall towards her bedroom. He threw the door open and said, "Ichie! What's wrong!?" His heart was pounding madly. "Are you alright?"
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: "I heard you yelling out my name." he answered almost breathless. "What else was I to do? I thought you were in some kind of trouble." He took a moment to catch his breath before asking, "Why did you cry out so?"
Anime_Elfling / Aido: (Oops. Wrong character... definitely...)
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido let out a sigh. "I won't argue then." he said before smiling. "You just worried me a second ago. Are you sure everything's o.k?" he asked again, ready to turn and leave.
Anime_Elfling / Aido: "What?" asked Aido turning back to her. He was hoping this wasn't going to be another talk about parents. but, he couldn't keep running from these situations. It just made things worse. He remained silent with his gaze on the carpeted floor.
Anime_Elfling / Aido: "It looks fine." he answered returning the smile. However, it wasn't as bright as his smiles usually were and he knew it. He shifted his feet uncomfortably. "I'm sorry..." he said. "About earlier. I shouldn't have snapped at you like that. It wasn't like me at all. So... it's o.k. if you are mad at me..."
Anime_Elfling / Aido: "Oh! Sorry!" he said leaving the room and closing the door behind him. There was his heart again, racing like mad. He was guessing his face wasn't its normal color anymore either. He looked down the hall towards the portrait he feared the most. Perhaps, he shouldn't be afraid to talk about them...
Anime_Elfling / Aido: "Hello, Ichie." he said with a smile and, obviously, a little blush in his cheeks. Aido looked down at his feet. "Ichie..."he said softly. "I've been avoiding this question for so long... You've told me so much about your past and I've revealed almost nothing at all about mine... I..."
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido stood frozen where he was when Ichie's lips touched his cheek. She got up and left and Aido still sat there as if he was forbidden to leave that spot. After a while, he got up and descended the stairs. The front door of the manor swung open and in walked a very frustrated looking Master Tang. "Master?" asked Aido. "Nothing. Nothing." replied Master Tang entering his study and shutting the door.
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido breathed in the delicious smell. He poked his head through the kitchen door. "Wow." he said. "That smells really good!" He really appreciated Ichie for doing this. She didn't have to. After all, he had invited her to live here and it should be him doing this. Of course, he was no cook and he was sure Ichie's meal could beat Master Tang's mysterious cooking any day. (bye now. I'll be back on sometime soon.)
Megsrus aka Meg: Meg silenty gazed up at the tower. She had to have that stone one way or another. She sighed and suddenly there was a fox where she had been standing. The fox glanced at the tower and then walked slowly down the street.
Anime_Elfling / Aido: "Too long." said Aido with a little laugh. "Neither of us are good in the kitchen. Master Tang is much better with potions than food. Potions aren't supposed to be all that enjoyable." He let his gaze turn behind him for a moment to stare at the closed door of Master Tang's study. "I bet there have been attempts at the stone..." said Aido to himself.
Anime_Elfling / Aido: He kept his gaze on the door as he replied, "Not me, Master... Did you just call me dear?" He looked slightly confused now. Not even his mother ever called him anything like that.
Anime_Elfling / Aido: "Yes, please." he said taking the bowl from her and walking out of the kitchen. He walked over to the study door and knocked. "Master?" he asked. "Ichie has made soup for supper. Master Tang?" Aido raised his fist to knock again but the door swung open. "I suspect someone might steal the stone, Aido." said Master Tand urgently. "Come. You and Ichie! I just want to make sure everything's fine and all enchantments are at their best." Aido nodded. "Yes, Master." He returned to the kitchen and placed the bowl on the table. "Ichie. Will you come with us to check on the stone?" He knew Master Tang's words were an order that had no choice but it just seemed more polite for Aido to ask if she wanted to come along.
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Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido nodded. "Then let's get going." said Master Tang motioning to them to get moving. He led the way out of the house. "Something's really bugging him." whispered Aido to Ichie. "Something must be wrong." Master Tang led them down the street that led to the tower where the stone was held. Aido suddenly felt a little more alert. He felt sure something was up. "This path has been recently used." said Aido to his master. "Not by our own." added Master Tang.
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido could feel he was blushing. He turned his face in front of him trying to hide its redness but it was obvious that Ichie already saw. They were coming closer to the tower now. "Don't be frightened." said Aido trying to comfort her. "The truth is, I'm a little scared myself. Who knows what kind of person this thief is going to be."
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido looked at her quickly. "Ichie?" he asked. "What is it?" He looked her in the eye. "What about them?"
Anime_Elfling / Aido: (Ahhh! The chills!) Aido called after her. "Ichie!" Her turned to Master Tang who nodded before continuing on his way to the stone. Aido ran after her. "Ichie! What's wrong!?" he yelled after her. When he got closer to her, Aido reached out and grabbed her arm, pulling her to a stop. "Ichie. What's the matter? What is it?" He was worried now. What did she mean about his parents? What was all this about? He wiped a tear off her cheek. "Ichie... Tell me..."
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido looked around after the smoke had cleared. Ichie was gone from sight. He didn't understand. Why had she called him a murderer. "What was she..." He stopped what he was saying. His mother's voice was in his mind now. She was saying something from long ago... when he was younger and she was still alive. Why were the words so jumbled and why was the past so blurry. He tried hard to remember. The words were becoming clear. "Keep your eyes shut and cover your ears, Aido. Don't make a sound." That's what she said. It all came rushing back to him. Those words were the ones his mother whispered to him before both his parents advanced on two other spell casters and a little girl... Ichie! It was her. He remembered well, now, how he had disobeyed his mother's orders and opened his eyes; his big brown eyes stared into the young girl's. Yes... It was what Master tang tried hard to keep from others as well as Aido himself. He wanted to keep him from remembering how his parents decieved everyone and tried to steal the stone for themselves. Ichie's parents tried to stop his. They were skilled in the ways of dark magic. Is that why they called their son weak? Aido fell to his knees. "Is that why I crave the stone as well?" he asked himself. He had to find Ichie. There was one other place he knew she might go. He started to stand up and race off towards the rice fields.
Anime_Elfling / Aido: "Ichie!" called Aido looking around the fields. "Ichie!" He decided to check inside the shed and there she was. Aido approached her, not sure of what to say. "Ichie?"
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido avoided her gaze. Where should he begin? "My parents fooled everyone around them by protecting the stone as long as they did. There true intentions I knew nothing of until that day when your parents fell at the hands of mine. But trust me, Ichie! I had nothing to do with it. It's been hard to remember because my parents used many charms on me to keep me from revealing their horrid deed. Even after they were found out and driven from Saber City and eventually killed, Master tang didn't want any of that ruining my future." He paused for a moment before continuing. "My parents were possessed by the stone's power and by the dark arts. I... I remember being there. I remember seeing them die... seeing you cry... but don't blame me! I was only about five years old, Ichie!"
Anime_Elfling / Aido: He wrapped his arms around her. "It's alright." he said softly. "It may not have been my fault but I will say sorry... for them. Even if just saying this isn't enough to take the dreaded memory away and it won't change the fact that they did it, I just hope this won't destroy our friendship... a second time."
Anime_Elfling / Aido: "Yes." said Aido stepping towards the shed door. "He's probably at the stone's chamber by now." He held out his hand to her. "Let's go, Ichie." He gave her one of his bright smiles.
Anime_Elfling / Aido: For once, he wasn't at all nervous to be holding Ichie's hand. He wasn't hot in the face or pink cheeked. He actually enjoyed being near her. He couldn't find anytime that he was happier than right now. For once, he felt completely at peace.
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido laughed. "Very nice." he said before approaching Master Tang. "Is everything well?" asked Aido. "I saw a fox on my way here." said Master Tang, his eyes glued to the stone. "It was very, very aware of its surroundings unlike a normal creature. It watched me pass with almost mischievious looking eyes." Aido looked at the stone as well. "A shapeshifter?" asked Aido. "Maybe." said Master Tang. "Stay here. I'll be back." Master Tang exited the chamber. Aido's eyes took in the sight of the stone. He stared at it with a strange wanting. It held power one can only imagine. It was a wonderful thing. Why was its power being wasted? If he could just touch it for a moment... His hand was slowly starting to reach out to touch the stone.
Anime_Elfling / Aido: "Ow!" said Aido pulling his hand away. He stepped back as Ichie put up a barrier around the stone. He rubbed the hand she slapped without anger. She had snapped him out of his trance and that was good. But... why didn't the people gaurding use the stone on those who plan to steal it? If its energy could be harnessed to aid the ones who sought to keep peace and order... He cocked his head to one side. What could happen if the stone was used for good? Nothing bad, right, with good intentions? "Ichie..." he said without thinking.
Anime_Elfling / Aido: He realized he had just said her name. Well, no harm can come from telling her what he was thinking. "Ichie." he began. "Please. Remove the barrier for just a minute. I just want to see... to see something." He looked at her, his brown eyes pleading. "Just for a quick second."
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido looked at Ichie, shocked by her words. Suddenly, something unlike him swelled up inside his body; inside his very soul. It was anger. He looked down at the floor than back at Ichie. "Remove the barrier." he demanded trying to suppress the factor that was not of him that was forcing its way through. "Please." He said this last word through gritted teeth. His gentle side was beginning to melt away.
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: Aido struggled against the spell but he could not move a muscle. Why was Ichie keeping him away from the stone? He just wanted to do something right for once! Why couldn't she see that!? In his mind, he began chanting something awful. A spell of his father's. A spell he had heard his father chant long ago when he killed Ichie's father. It was a dark binding spell. Aido opened his mouth and said the chant aloud. His mind was in too much of a jumble to think of what he was now doing. Black vines of dark energy emerged from him to wrap themsleves around Ichie just as they had bound Ichie's father long ago to hold him still so the sharp blade of his father's sword could pierce the other's heart.
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Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido focused his mind on the vines, causing them to become tighter around her. He broke free of her spell and started to come closer to her; the same hatred and twisted look on his face that his father held the day of the murder. Suddenly, he felt faint. Another energy source was binding his own. He fell to the ground feeling weakened. Master Tang walked from the doorway and released Ichie. Aido snapped back to his gentler side. "What did I..." he whispered, breathless.
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Master Tang turned to his apprentice after relieving Ichie of the vines. He lifted Aido up by the back of his shirt. "What were you thinking!?" hissed his teacher and Aido looked towards the stone. "It corrupts even you." said master Tang with a sigh. "It is about time to have it destroyed." Just the word destroy made Aido's heart pound faster. Destroy the stone!? He couldn't allow it. Aido pushed Master Tang away from him with such force that the old sorceror fell and hit his head against the stone ground and was knocked unconscious. Aido's mind quickly processed what had just been done. Aido backed against the wall, shaking fiercely. What was he doing?
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido looked at Ichie. He stepped forward, ready to help her then... the stone caught his eye. He turned his face towards it. The barrier was already starting to weaken. Just a few more minutes and it would be free for the taking. No... there were other enchantments about it but he knew a few spells that could make them harmless for a minute or two. That would be enough time to steal the stone. Yes... All he had to do now was wait.
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido was ready to throw Ichie away from him until something in her hand that was reflecting the stone's light caught his attention. It was a dagger. "I'll kill myself if you don't snap out of it!" Aido looked at her. Was she really going to do that. He looked at the stone then back at her. "Don't do that!" he scolded. He reached for the dagger to take it away from her.
Anime_Elfling / Aido: He tried to avoid her gaze but found his eyes beginning to look into hers. "Be reasonable." said Aido. "Nothing will come from you killing yourself." He kept his eyes on her, away from the stone. "I'd be upset if you did that."
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido was taken by surprise by the kiss. He looked at her and all that was in his mind at that moment was her. "I love you." Those words drifted through his mind, driving out the thoughts of power. He wasn't happy about what he was doing either. "Ichie..." he whispered feeling tears creeping into his eyes. "And I..." He didn't want to hurt her anymore. He didn't want to let to stone corrupt him further. "I feel the same for you." He did. He cared for her greatly.
Anime_Elfling / Aido: "I really don't know." he said standing up. "If... who I was before was the normal me." He sighed deeply. "please drop the dagger, Ichie." he said walking over to Master Tang and kneeling by him. "What if this is the true me? You said before: It's in my blood. Maybe my destiny is to be a thief and a twisted deciever. And, what if my fate is..." He was thinking death but he couldn't say it.
Anime_Elfling / Aido: "Innocent?" he asked. He stood and put his hands on Ichie's shoulders. "I hurt you and Master Tang. I had plans of stealing Eden's stone. I am less than innocent!"
Anime_Elfling / Aido: "No!" he yelled. "You can't do that!" He walked towards her, reaching for the stone. He gave her a smile. "Not here, anyways. And... not alone either."
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Anime_Elfling / Aido: (Basically, right now Aido and Ichie, a sorceror and a witch, are in the tower where eden's stone is being held. The stone corrupts and Aido was being corrupted but Ichie helped him and broke the trance. now, they are going to destroy it so no one can steal it or be harmed by it.)
Anime_Elfling / Aido: "You are keeping one piece?" asked Aido. "That can still be dangerous." He avoided offering to keep it himself for fear he might become too "overjoyed" being in possession of it. He couldn't help but feel a little dissapointed at the stone's destruction.
kairne / xyphers: "now what do we have here i cam to steal the stone but i see two others have beaten me to it" *you heard a voice behind you he souande barely older then 15 and when you look you saw he had his sword in his left hand and a mini crossbow tied to his right wrist and it was pointed at them* "who are you guys"
Anime_Elfling / Aido: He smiled at her. She really was devoted. Master Tang started to recover. "Are you alright?" asked Aido with an apologetic look. "Are you back to your old self?" asked his teacher groggily. Aido nodded. "Thanks to Ichie."
kairne / xyphers: " i said who are you" *you noticed his sword in his left arm tremble when you saw that he was covering up a sword holde in his gut that was tied up and the crossbow arm lowered but was still pointed at them*
Anime_Elfling / Aido: (add) Aido turned when he heard the voice of a boy. "We are the protectors of the stone!" he yelled out. He gave the stranger a mean glare.
kairne / xyphers: "well aren't we a ungh.. rude one pro..tectors you say" * the young boy started to tremble as the wrap became soaked with blood*
Anime_Elfling / Aido: "No!" said Aido to Ichie. "Look!" He pointed to the wrap the stranger wore. It was becoming bloostained. "He's wounded." Aido approached him cautiously.
Anime_Elfling / Aido: (bloodstained)
kairne / xyphers: *all of a sudden the kid buckled from pain and loss of blood his sword dropped as the bandages broke and hhe landed on the crossbow wich broke he wailed in pain then blacked out*
kairne / xyphers: (add) "i'm... he..here for...th..the life..of someone..who is..precious..to..me"
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido ran towards the fallen youth. "We must help him." he searched his mind for any healing spells. Gah! Why hadn't he paid attention to Master Tang that day!? His teacher was still not quite himself yet. He was still dizzy, unable of casting any spells yet. "Healing spells... healing spells..."
Anime_Elfling / Aido: "Someone precious?" asked Aido. Who was he here for? "Well, you're in no condition to look right now!" said Aido sternly.
kairne / xyphers: *he wispered* " please don't hurt me i never meant to hurt anyone i was just trying to help..." *he stumbled up defiantly blood gushed from his wound his eyes turned to a silver color his skin tinted silver he yelled in defiance "I WILL NOT FAIL WHEN I HAVE SO FAR WERE IS THE SOTNE!"
Anime_Elfling / Aido: "you mustn't stand!" yelled Aido at him. "you're severely wounded!" He felt strangely intimidated by this person. He didn't look in his right mind to Aido. "You must rest now so your wounds can heal! Forget the stone! It is nothing but trouble!"
Anime_Elfling / Aido: (Aw... poor jealous Aido...)
kairne / xyphers: <<sorry not ichie>> "i'm not looking for anyone im here to get the stone to save him but it's destoryed who destroyed it!" his hair had turned silver his skin has tinted a darker silver and the wound dripped red and silver blood
kairne / xyphers: * more blood gushed from his wond he must have lost nearly a couple gallons but he did not waver his eyes quickly darting around his sword steadily in his hand his eyes are now slilver along with his hair and skin the blood gushed from it but it was silver*
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido stepped in front of Ichie protectively. "That is not your concern!" said Aido preparing himself for anything the boy might do. "Let us help you! I do not wish to harm you."
kairne / xyphers: *the boy was grabbeed with fury his mind was blank nothing was on his mind except for killing ichie for revenge by what they had done by destroying the orb his last hope to save her her last hope for life he rushed at them hitting aido with a silver tendril knocking him to the side* "RaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaH"
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido felt a surge of pain rush through him as the boy knocked him into the stone wall of the chamber. He ached miserably now but he had to protect Ichie. "Stay away from her!" he yelled.
kairne / xyphers: * he roared with fury he did not understand why he wanted her so dead* he roared and charged at her wrapping her in silver tendrils and pinning aido to the wall with a cage of metal
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido grabbed the bag and obeyed her order. He began to mix the three colored liquids together in a bowl that he had also pulled out of the bag. He worked quickly but was careful not to spill any of the contents.
Anime_Elfling / Aido: (add) Aido was pulled away from the bowl and pinned, tight, to the wall. He struggled but to no prevail. "What is this magic!?" he asked himself in fear.
kairne / xyphers: * he graabed the bowl with his left arm wich had turned into a long metal tentacle and poured it's contents on the floor then focused on the girl he slowly crushed her he then heard a voice his voice "what am i doing why am i killing her it is not her faughlt i was too weak to save my friend" the creature stop stunned and dazed stareing blankly
kairne / xyphers: * the creature roared as the boy's form came back and he landed on the ground but the pill was spit up and his shirt wich had been broken shoiwed the cut perfectly healed with a silver lining along with the leg he said " im sorry" and ran over to her and hugged her starting to cry*
Anime_Elfling / Aido: (sorry. I got pinned while stirring the contents in the bowl so I couldn't ignore that either.)
kairne / xyphers: * he ened up falling asleep crying and whispering to himself the sword had vanished except for the hil wich he was holding the she noticed his bangs were tipped with silver*
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido was freed and he stood slowly. What the heck just happened!? He walked over to Ichie and the boy. He couldn't help but to feel a little irked as the person that tried to kill her was now hugging her.
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Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido looked out the window. Why was he getting so worked up? He shook his head a little before looking over at Ichie again. "Now what shall we do with him?" asked Aido.
Anime_Elfling / Aido: (bye.)
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Master Tang, now fully recovered, stood. "We will take him back to the manor then." he said. "There, he can rest." Aido couldn't stop himself from twitching at Master Tang's decision but he couldn't argue. Master Tang picked up the youth and carried him from the tower and towards the manor. Aido followed. (I'm off too.bye.)
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kairne / xyphers: (anyone back yet)?
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido spent the passing three days studying and training with Master Tang. He kept his mind focused on that since ichie wasn't really paying attention to him anyways. She spent most of her time with that... newcomer. He walked past the room where the boy stayed and peeked in. Ichie was sitting by the boy's bedside again. Why was Aido feeling so irritated about it? Master Tang had stated a reason but Aido just laugh. He couldn't possibly be jealous... could he?
Anime_Elfling / Aido: (laughed)
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido slowly opened Ichie's door. "Hi, Ichie." he said forcing a smile to spread on his face. "Just saying hi." He gave a nervous laugh. "How's our guest?" he asked. "Have you found out anything about him yet?"
kairne / xyphers: *the kid bolted up yelling* "crystal where are you are you okay!" *he busted out in cold sweat and looked around this was not the place he called room then he rembered what happened*
kairne / xyphers: (u guys still there?)
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido went to go sit next to her, but froze where he was when he heard yelling. Was that kid okay? Aido had to admit, that scared him a little bit. "I think he's awake." said Aido with a sigh.
Anime_Elfling / Aido: (I am here.)
kairne / xyphers: *the kid looked around and ravnously ate the bowl of soup without saying a word then slowly got up he winced and the pain of the wound though it had healed it had not gone away he stumbled a bit then stood up he said* "i'm going out for a walk"
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido followed, taking slow steps. He stopped at the doorway and leaned against the door's frame. He had to ask the question he had been yearning to ask for the past three days. "Why were you after the stone?" asked Aido cooly to the boy.
kairne / xyphers: *the boy looked around a bit then obliviously stalling said* "um..well" *a tear began to form by his eye he looked away* " the stone can heal people right well my best friend the only person i have left is infected with a curse and is supposed to die at the end of the day i'm going to see her for the last time and it's all my fault for not being quick enough"
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido looked at the floor. Did she have to yell at him? "It was only a simple question..." he muttered under his breath. He just really wanted to know. This guy had to be the strangest person Aido had ever met.
kairne / xyphers: * he pushed ichie away* " my name is xyphers and yours is ichie and his is aido right"
kairne / xyphers: ( um i answered anyways)
Anime_Elfling / Aido: (add) When the boy told Aido his plans of the stone, he couldn't help but feel sorry for him. "I see," he said looking up at the cieling. "It was for someone you cared for deeply."
kairne / xyphers: "no one can save her now not even the god for it is the gods who cursed her" *he said with a taint of spite and stared her down*
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido pushed himself off of the door's frame. "Don't doubt the stone's power." he said. "Even if it is in shattered fragments. It still has unimaginable power."
kairne / xyphers: "ill for now but by the end of the day she will be knocking at death's door" *he said with sadness in his voice and then bolted out the door and down the hall leaving a few drops of silver blood and tears the wound has begun to open
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido had stepped back as the boy ran past. He looked down at the trail of silver blood. "He's going to kill himself like this!" hissed aido before sprinting after him. Even if he wasn't too fond of this guy, he couldn't let him push himself like this. It isn't goodbye played like a record in Aido's head. It was something he always said if a dear one left. This guy had to understand that too.
kairne / xyphers: *he tried to be as careful as he could but in the hallway he felt a tear and heard a rrrriiiiip he fell to the ground and puked the blood the wound had opened up and was pouring out blood*
kairne / xyphers: ( um in one post i did tell you my name)
Anime_Elfling / Aido: (sorry) Aido slowed to a stop near the fallen boy. "See what happens when you're reckless." scolded Aido kneeling by Ichie to help. He knew one thing about this stranger, he was persistent and caring. Ignorant, maybe. But persistent and caring.
kairne / xyphers: * he pushed aido away and also ichie he tried standing and said* "i will not leave her a...alone" * with that he fell blacked out from loss of blood*
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido sighed. He really would kill himself for the one he cared about. But then again... His brown eyes looked towards Ichie. He would probably do the same.
Anime_Elfling / Aido: (add) Aido slowly stood to his feet. He didn't want to obey Ichie and leave but... he could tell he wasn't helping much.
Anime_Elfling / Aido: (forget the last post.) Aido nodded to Ichie before picking up Xyphers and hauling him all the way back up stairs.
kairne / xyphers: *HIS eyes opened and his breathing slowed* "aido...aido ic..ichie im sorry i caused y..you guys so much troub..le bu.. i do..don't have the ..strength to unhh..move" *he grinned the looked at aido and said* "right now i'm weak to weak to protect crystal but your strong enough to protect ichie i envy you i trully..unh do someday i will be strong enough to protect those i care about someday i will challenge you and win" *with that he fell asleep*
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido was suprised by Xyphers' words. He would challenge him? Aido couldn't help but smirk as he put the lad back in bed. "Really?" he said curiously. The smirk faded. What was he thinking and saying? This person really loved someone and was willing to die for them. "I... I don't think I could ever be as tough as you." said Aido as he walked towards the door. He would do anything for Ichie... but could he do as much as Xypher did?
kairne / xyphers: (pst ichie crystal and xyphers are orphans and crystal is hidden in the forest inside a great tree she is alone and very sickly)
kairne / xyphers: *xyphers slowly awoke and noticed his wounds had healed and were bandaged he got up slowly and looked for aido*
kairne / xyphers: *crystal weakly said* "xyphers is that you have you brought the stone?" * ichie found her she was lying in a bed of leaves she was so sick you could see her bones and her eyes were sukken into the sockets her lips yellow and hair almost all fell out*
Anime_Elfling / Aido: "Feeling better?" asked Aido who had taken a seat in an old, overstuffed armchair in the corner of the room. "Ichie went to look for Crystal." he hoped that would make Xyphers feel a little bit better.
kairne / xyphers: " a little bit do you have a library and can i borrow the stone pieces" * he looked away at the mention of crystal and then said* "i want to try something"
Anime_Elfling / Aido: "There is a library here." said Aido remaining seated. "However, Ichie has the last remaining shard of the stone and, as I have said before, she is not here at the moment." He smiled a small, not completely friendly, smile. "Sorry."
kairne / xyphers: *crystal did not drink it but said* "your not xyphers did he send you to bring the stone to heal me?"
kairne / xyphers: *xyphers walked out the door to the library and checked out the most advanced spell book and found an empty room and began looking through it*
kairne / xyphers: *crystal spoke a little bit deeper* " so you didn't bring the stone" *she said standing up her skin turned pitch black and her body shadowy and misty then *ichie noticed that crystals body was hiding in brush but she was dead the shade attacked ichie and said "bahh i knew that boy was too weak even when i took the form of his friend who had died months ago i played with him toyed with him like a marionett"
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido folowed Xyphers into the library and sat down in a chair that was at a long wooden table. He rested his elbows on the table and let his chin sit upon his hands. "What did you mean earlier?" he asked. He really was curious. "You said you would challenge me because I cared about Ichie so much and you couldn't do the same for Crystal. What you were doing... risking your life for hers... I think that was a greater deed than I could ever accomplish.
kairne / xyphers: *xyphers stopped reading and said* "you and ichie have great friendship you would protect her with your life and she would do the same you both would probably succed but whenever i tried i just ended up failing i've lost 6 people i've cared about and crystal wont br the seventh!" * he held out his hand and started reciting wordds from the book aido could feel the magic tension in the air and the realtiy ripple but xyphers kept on chanting aido was knocked back by the pressure*
Anime_Elfling / Aido: "Ichie?" Aido stood quickly. "We are in the library!" he called. His heart was racing. Ichie sounded frantic. What was the matter?
kairne / xyphers: *aido suddenly felt heavy and ichie could feel the power the second she stepped into the building the tips of xyphers fingers were being turned into particles the light shown from the book the building shook and a beam shot out into the sky*
Anime_Elfling / Aido: (ack! I'm too slow! Forget last post.) Aido winced after being knocked back by the energy's force. he quickly jumped up when he heard Aido screaming their names. "Enough!" snapped Aido. "Something's wrong!"
kairne / xyphers: * the magic fought against ichies counter spell and won with increased vigor it created more and more pressure xyphers sleeve was being particalized along with his eyebrow and tips of the fingers* ichie was knocked to the ground
Anime_Elfling / Aido: There was no way to stop him. Aido felt completely useless... until a spell came into his mind. He hoped he wouldn't have to use it again but what other choice did he have? He began to chant the words of his father's binding spell. The black, snakelike vines slithered from Aido towards Xyphers, ready to wrap about him and bind him.
kairne / xyphers: * the book turned to ash the spell stopped and the beam of light turned red then faded just at that moment crystal walked in and said " xyphers xyphers" *he ran over to her and said* "whats wrong" "this evil girl *pointing to ichie* tried to poisen me said something about you being a burden and a pain" *xypher looked at ichei fury deep set in his eyes he cahrged at her yelling* " I THOUGHT YOU WERE MY FRIEND!!!!!!!"
kairne / xyphers: (hehe sry i'll stop just got caught up in the story lol)
kairne / xyphers: * forget my last post except for the part about crystal comeing i nand saying that*
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido pulled his energy from the spell and the vines ceased to be as Ichie screamed his name. A girl ran in, accusing Ichie of posioning her and Aido was angered. "What!?" Ichie wouldn't. Xyphers seemed to believe it though. Aido ran in front of Ichie to protect her.
kairne / xyphers: *xyphers looked at aido with dark eyes and said* " why do you protect her" *he said backing up then lauched a metal tendril at the cieling wich became a pool of metal stuck on the cieling and he melted through the tendril and appeared were the puddle was and fell to the ground getting ready to hit aido angered he left his defences wide open only careing for doing damage
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido had enough of this. "Ichie would never do that!" he yelled standing his ground. That girl must be Crystal. Why was the energy around her so... strange? It was almost dark and shadowy. It made Aido shiver.
kairne / xyphers: *xyphers flinched at aido's determintation and missed he hurt his leg badly the impact had stunned him*
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido saw his chance. He chanted a spell that made him move a little quicker and ran towards Xyphers and Crystal. He leaped over the injured Xyphers and pinned Crystal to a wall. "Who are you!?" he hissed. The aura around her was too dark to be anything good.
kairne / xyphers: *crystal smiled and him and wispered " a marionette * then she said* help this brute has a hold of me help cyphers" xyphers was jarred back to his senses and jumped at aido
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido had to release her to defend himself against Xyphers. "No!" yelled Aido. "You are being decieved! This is not Crystal! listen!" He leapt to one side to avoid Xyphers' attacks but he didn't escape without recieving a nice gash to his shoulder.
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido ran over to Ichie and held her in his arms. He ran off with her towards the library door. He had to get her out of her. He was too rushed to notice that he had just saved Ichie from deadly toxins.
Anime_Elfling / Aido: (out of here)
kairne / xyphers: crystal raised he right arm to block xyphers if his attack would have missed aido xyphers walked over to crystal and hugged her then aido saw a sudden surprise on crystals face then he saw that xyphers had stabbed her xyphers said remorsless"do not toy with me!" *with that he slice her in half*
kairne / xyphers: (eh me 2 cya tommorow)
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido walked back into the library. "She was not Crystal." he said simply. "It seems she has taken that form for several months." He felt sorry for Xyphers.
Anime_Elfling / Aido: (Okey dokey. Night and bye.)
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido turned his gaze away from Ichie and Xyphers. He now felt a strange feeling in the pit of his stomach. Jealousy? No... It couldn't be that. A feeling of pain brought his attention back to his shoulder. It wasn't cut too bad but it still drew blood. Aido just sighed and turned towards the library door.
kairne / xyphers: *does not fall asleep but keeps staring blankly into space thinking he talked to himself* "grr i've been fighting for a specter my true friend is dead and i won't be able to save her i might've died or hurt ichie and aido protecting the memory of my dead friend held by a specter" *with that word he fell asleep*
Anime_Elfling: Aido lay on the bed in his room with a spellbook in hand. He nibbled at the end of his quill a bit before jotting something down under a sleeping charm. It helped to write down notes when you were learning spells. Aido continued to nibble at the feathered end of his quill. Yesterday's events were not gone from his mind. He was still wondering about all that now as he read one page of the book then turned it. What would happen now?
Anime_Elfling / Aido: (not again.)
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido continued to jot down notes in the book. He didn't let the delicious smell of Ichie's soup pull him away. He turned another page and a piece of parchment was there, hidden amongst the pages. Aido unfolded it and read through it. Counter spells for the ones in the book. "Thank you, Master Tang." said Aido putting the parchment back where it was after reading over the counters several times.
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido was scared half to death when Ichie knocked. He closed the spellbook and placed it on the nightstand near his bed. He jumped up and walked over to the door, not really hungry at all but it would be rude to stay locked up in his room all day while ignoring the others in the house. As he walked past Xyphers' room, he heard a heavenly sound. He stopped and peeked in. Ichie was singing. He stayed where he was, frozen in awe as he continued to listen to Ichie sing.
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido was even more amazed when the words presented themselves as caster words; a spell. She had made a spell into a song. "Can I help you?" Aido looked at her. "Oh... uh..." He couldn't find anything to say even if there was so much he wanted to say. "nothing..." he muttered.
kairne / xyphers: *xyphers opened his eyes not feeling like talking just laid there and listened the song was a heavenly song as he fealt his wounds dissappear he smiled*
kairne / xyphers: * he looked dreamily out the window reliving all the good times he had with cryystal and then holding out his hand a bang dissapeared and in his hand he held a picture frame he took out a picture he had of crystal in his pocket and put it in the frame then set it on the windowsill*
kairne / xyphers: "no it's alright i'm fine" *he slowly got up carefull not to strain himself*
kairne / xyphers: * he looked at her then said* "jjust one thing how did u meet aido?" (brb gatta help dad)
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido descended the stairs and heading for the kitchen but just sat at the kitchen table. He looked up at the cieling. 'I wonder why he is like that.' thought Aido curiously. It almost seemed like Xyphers had two different personalities. One moment he was calm and the next... he had completely changed.
kairne / xyphers: * he looked at the clothes and told her to leave that he was going to change and then grabed a pice of parchment then made his ouwn metal quill pen from a part of his bang and then wrote on the piece of paper when she was gone he did that then opened then he opened the window and thoght i have caused them nothing but grief i have decided to leave now then he melted into metal and slid tdown the wall and reformed he ran into a nearby forest* (brb switching computers)
kairne / xyphers: * the note reads i'm sorry to have caused you so much trouble,grief, and injury i am leaving this place for i see even here i cannot defend people i just end up hurting them or cause destruction and grief i am sorry to leave without saying goodbye but i could not do it goodbye ichie and aido*
kairne / xyphers: (u htere?)
Anime_Elfling / Aido: "really?" said Aido. It sounded more relieved than upset. He didn't want it to sound exactly the way he was feeling but it did anyway. He watched her ascend the staircase. She seemed depressed about it. Aido sighed.
kairne / xyphers: *xyphers laid downb and the grass and thoguht well i've had a terrible life first orphaned then everyone i came into contact with died and i had a chance to save them all but i couldn't i hope that ichie and aido don't come looking for me well at least not before i'm dead damn this curse why out of 4 siblings i'm the odd one out the one who has the curse my parents were the first to go then my sisters then my brother next crystal and soon finally me the curse will finally claim it's last victim...me well now i just wait here for the mark to appear* " well since i'm going to die i also hear when people get the mark before they get sick they have unimaginable strength well better get started soon so i can slow down anyone if they try to come into contact with me" *at that his bangs started dissapearing as he layed a metal foundation then got to work with the almost liquid like metal*
kairne / xyphers: *also by the window outside on the ground there is a leather bound booklet with a lock on it on the front in italic letters it says the legend of the setn'ri*
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido sighed again. Ichie's sadness was making him upset. He stood and grabbed his coat from the coat rack before leaving the house. He'd better go find xyphers. Outside, by the window at the side of the manor, lay a leather bound booklet. Aido walked over to it, wondering what is was. He read the title. "What?" he said before using a spell on the lock. Click! It unlocked and fell to the ground. cautiously, Aido opened the book.
kairne / xyphers: *the book had a coin fall out of it and also a page marked*
kairne / xyphers: (bump)
kairne / xyphers: (bump guys hurry up and get back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido reached down at picked up the coin. He looked it over, rubbing his fingers over its surface. It seemed to be such an ordinary thing. What purpose did it have being in such a mysterious looking book. Maybe it was left there by accident? His eyes drifted down to the marked page. He started to read it, first skimming over it then starting again to examine each and every word.
Anime_Elfling / Aido: (and picked up)
kairne / xyphers (demon realeased): *the book looked like a normal recipe book but some words were highlighted and a list of the first few highlighted in order*
kairne / xyphers: *wrong account lol plz b still here*
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido read over it multiple times. It had to mean something. He had to think of how he, himself, would do things like this. It was similar to his own note taking and memorization patterns. Well... just a little bit. "These highlighted words must be of some importance." he said to himself. He closed the book, put it under his arm and continued his search for Xyphers. If this was Xyphers' book, surely he'd be able to ask him what this was. If, of course, he was willing to answer.
kairne: (yay!)
kairne / xyphers: (grr keep using wron g account) *aido saw a gleaming metal castle sparkle in the sunlight in the middle of a forest*
kairne / xyphers: *aido notice something strange swords and metal started flying toward the castle and getting absorbed into the wall and each time the castle got bigger*
kairne / xyphers: (err karisa? r u ichie)
kairne / xyphers: *ichie saw the small picture frame xyphers made with the picture of crystal still in it the frame twitched then metled and slid across the ground to the castle leaving the picture behind*
kairne / xyphers: (is aido here) the picture had coin fall out it was warm to touch and glowed blued
kairne / xyphers: *it flashed blue and she was blinded by the light then she found herself in an ghostlike world everything was transparent she saw xyphers he was tending 2 older people he said "mom dad i'm sorry for killing you if only i could find out how to cure this curse rest in peace" it showed the same scene 6 times over each with younger people then finally crystal when she had been murdered every scene was oblivios to her and then the room darkened and showed him finding a small leatherbound booklet name the legend of setn'ri you saw what was inside a bunch of recipes he then began highliting certain words righting them down on a piece of paper in order then being inturrupted by something it rippled then it was a scene with him putting a coin in the book then in the picture and strapping on the crossbow then holding the sword the next instant it showed him getting stabbed by a specter who he killed then it played through him meeting ichioe and aido then all the way up to him finishing the castle drawing in metal making it bigger and better then in a flash it was gone in the real world only a couple of seconds passed*
kairne / xyphers: (u there aido u there?)
kairne / xyphers: *a chunk of the ground came up no bigger then a fist it sparkled and gleamed and slowly rolled in the direction of the castle and rolled right passed ichie*
kairne / xyphers: *the castle door opened and from the door formed xyphers who said ichie go away i don't want you or aido to die he then slide back through the door and went into the castle*
kairne / xyphers: *xyphers formed from the door and said* "i'm sorry but i'm marked and i don't want you to dieim sorry tell aido that i guess i wont be able to challenge him after all" *he hugged her then formed back into the door wich rippled and was still like a pool of water but was starting to harden a leaf fell and floated through the doorway*
Anime_Elfling / Aido: (Oh dear.) Aido looked at the castle in awe. As he got closer, he saw Ichie banging on the castle doors. he ran towards her and pulled her back. "Ichie. Don't." he said. He didn't like the look or feel of this place. "It could be dangerous." He almost dropped the book but secured it under his arm again.
kairne / xyphers: (add) *before going into the door he told aido* "aido take the highlighted words and read them in order it tells you how the curse works and then you will understand why i'm isolating himself" *he then formed into the door
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido stared at the door. All this seemed too impossible to be reality. Coming back to his senses, he looked at the booklet that he now held in his trembling hands. He slowly opened it and focused on the highlighted words. He started to read just those words, his heart beating faster with every word read.
Anime_Elfling / Aido: (And what does the mystery booklet say?)
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido looked down at Ichie. She really didn't want Xyphers to go. It made Aido feel a little left out and a bit bothered but he pushed these emotions away. It wasn't right to feel that way.
"Please calm down Ichie and look here." he said before turning his attention back to the book.
kairne / xyphers: * the book read the mark of setn'ri is one of the most dangerous curses it is mor elike a disease then a curse the marked one has the ability to control metal and instead of bleading red blood he bleads pure silver anyone he comes into contact with dies starting with the oldest first then with the family and finally the friends when there are no mor ethe marked one slowly dies he gains extreme power and then dies and the the cycle begins again setn'ri marks anopther person for tragedy the only way to revoke this curse is that the user when he uses his powers creates a coin for the person who is dying it will glow red if the person is still alive blue if there dead the eden stone combined with the coin will reverse the negative effects of the curse and will save the marked*
kairne / xyphers: (add) they see a red glow in the highest spire and a glint of gold
kairne / xyphers: a sword flew past them and absorbed into the door it became liquid metal but was still standing up then a chunck of metal hit aido's hand into the door wich he felt go into the other side
Anime_Elfling / Aido: He read through the last bit over and over. The Eden's stone. "Ichie!" He showed her the last part. "You can save him!" He pulled the coin out of his pocket where he had put it for the time being. He gave it to Ichie. "Can you do this?" he asked seriously.
Anime_Elfling / Aido: (add) The impact of the metal caused Aido's hand to sting but when he saw that his hand went through, he worried less about the pain. There was a way to enter. "Hurry, Ichie!"
kairne / xyphers: ( grr gtg can u guys try getting on earlier so my cursed bedtime won't get in the way like say 6:oo central) *but when aido held the coin it felt cold and it glowed blue it falshed and he saw what ichie saw when the other one flashed he then noticed a red glow comin from the highest tower*
kairne / xyphers: (um did you read the part about the description of the coin in book cya)
Anime_Elfling / Aido: (I'll try.) Aido saw the flash of red. They had to hurry and fast. He tried to keep his mind clear but all this was happening so fast. He almost had his doubts.
Anime_Elfling / Aido: (and yes.)
Anime_Elfling / Aido: (i'm going to go too. It's late.)
kairne / xyphers: (bump :D)
Anime_Elfling / Aido: This whole day was a cornucopia of suprises. Aido pulled away from Ichie. "No." he said pushing his own doubts from mind. "No one's going to die!" He had seen way too many deaths already and today would not be the reaper's field day. He grabbed the stone and the two coins from Ichie. There had to be a way for all three of them to escape disaster. All three or none at all! Without any second thoughts, Aido ran into the door. He felt a strange sensation as the liquified metal rippled with his entry. He found himself inside the castle in a matter of minutes. All that was left now was to find Xyphers.
kairne / xyphers: (heya)
Anime_Elfling / Aido: (hola.)
kairne / xyphers: *aido heard a sound like metal hitting metal then three monsters formed from the wall blocking his way*
kairne / xyphers: *xyphers formed from the cieling of the hallway and looked down and said* "aido get out of here" *he pointed to the door witch dissolved then he reformed as the monsters attacked him*
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido stepped back when the monsters formed. They were three great beasts composed of metal who didn't look pleased with his arrival. They stood in his path, forbidding him to go any further. Aido gritted his teeth. He wasn't going to let them stand in his way. He was irritated enough already. He began to chant, furiously, and the first beast was thrown mercilessly to the ground, shattering into many fragments of metal. Aido turned his attention to the last two. "Why did there have to be THREE monsters?" he complained to himself.
kairne / xyphers: *the fragments melted into the other two and they got bigger and stronger they started getting color but only hues and tints*
Anime_Elfling / Aido: (add) He wasn't going to listen to Xyphers. "I'm not leaving without you!" he yelled before chanting another charm to bring down the second monster. these spells were really draining him though and the second attack was weaker than his first.
kairne / xyphers: *the fragments absorbed into the last one he had full color and was much bigger and stronger then the others he held out his hand and chains came out of his hands and started to try to pull him into his hand*
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido was starting to let out short, forced breaths. This wasn't helping at all. The monsters just drew in the metal of the fallen to increase their size and power. Aido wasn't prepared for the beast's next move. Chains uncoiled from its hands and snaked towards him. They grabbed him in a restricting grip and he could feel his body being dragged towards the metal monstrosity. He wasn't sure what he should do now. He looked about him frantically, searching for something that might aide him.
kairne / xyphers (demon realeased): (same guy just full demon k aido) *a sword and some other weapons flew through the opened door with the sign that said armory one of the highest quiality sword got hit by a hammer and fell by aido* (this is still xyphers k)
Anime_Elfling / Aido: "I see my luck's changing." he forced out. He stretched out his hand, fingers touched the swords hilt. Closer, closer. He pulled against the force of his enemy. His hand closed around the sword's hilt and he pulled it towards him. Holding the mighty weapon over his head, he brought it down on the beast's chains that were binding him. Aido was no swordsman and only hoped that his meager skills with a blade were good enough.
kairne / xyphers (demon realeased): *the chains became liquid the part that was wrapped around him absorbed into his sword and armor they became better the rest absorbed back into the beast he was slightly smallerhe roared and charged at aido*
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido smiled at his success. Being metal, the sword was able to absorb the metal from the monster. It was brilliant! The beast readied in a charging stance then ran, full speed, at Aido. He readied himself, the sword gripped tightly in his hands. The beast drew nearer until... Slash! Aido delivered a powerful blow upon the creature. He was aiming for its head but his aim wasn't very good and he made contact with the beast's arm instead. At least, he still hit it.
kairne / xyphers (demon realeased): *the monster roared then got absorbed into the sword and then made a full set of armor and shield for him the shield boots and helm were half formed and the armor was half upgraded so was the sword*
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido looked down at himself with a smile. It seemed the wizard who usually stayed a fair distant away from such confrontations had become the soldier who battled danger head on. He took in a deep breath before continuing through the castle to find Xyphers.
kairne / xyphers (demon realeased): *xyphers formed in front of him a metal wing formed out of his back his pupils have become red slits he punched aido the formed into the ground and then aido heard a clicking noise and fragments of metal shard as blades started flying towards him*
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido was knocked down by the force of the punch. He was too shocked to stand back up right away. Was that Xyphers!? It was... Aido didn't have anymore time to think about it because blades were being flung in his direction. He hopped to his feet and knocked them away using his sword. He missed one with zoomed past and grazed his already wounded shoulder. "Why is always that shoulder!?" raged Aido knocking away the last sword and letting his eyes scan the ground for any disturbance that meant Xyphers would attack again.
kairne / xyphers (demon realeased): *he heard a clicking noise and then a row of metal spikes erupted from the floor and it kept erupting and lowrin randomly in a recatangle area around aido one hit and knocked hit sword away it slowly started absorbing into the castle8*
Anime_Elfling / Aido: "Oh..." Aido's last immature word was drowned out by the sound of the spikes springing up from the floor. He dodged and swung at them the best he could but they got the upper hand. One shot up right in front of Aido and knocked his sword from his hands. The finely crafted blade became one with the castle. "No!" he yelled back to relying on his magic that wasn't quite itself yet.
kairne / xyphers (demon realeased): (it's only partially absorbed into the castle) *a spike erupted and hit the sword knocking it into the air the spikes started getting closer and the area became smaller and more accurate*
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido muttered a simple charm quickly, keeping his eye on the weapon that was sent flying above. He moved as a spike sprung at him, not avoiding a wound to the leg, then leapt up at the weapon using the combined energy of his spell to get him there. he came back down right in the small area that was free of spikes at the moment and slashed at them fiercely. He wasn't going to give up easily.
kairne / xyphers (demon realeased): *the clicking ceased and the spikes stopped at the end of the hallway a three doors opened up the one in the middle said ambidextrious the right said right the left said left (hint:the right one is the one that represents wich hand or hands xyphers uses) *one of the two coins started glowing but did no flash the other was dorment*
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido walked over to the doors. He looked at each one closely. He read what was written one each one carefully. He enjoyed a good puzzle now and then but this was more than a game. He guessed almost instantly that the doors represented which hand, or both, someone used and this being Xyphers' twisted castle of metal, it meant Xyphers. Aido stared at each door in turn. He tried to ignore Xyphers the whole time he stayed at the manor and that didn't help at all. Where was Ichie? She spent the most time around him and surely she noticed if he used the right, the left or both. Aido now felt sorry for himself. Why was he so jealous in the first palce? He had to take a chance though. Which one? Which one? He started to walk closer to the middle one labeled ambidextrious.
Anime_Elfling / Aido: (not entering door just examining)
kairne / xyphers: *he looked down the hall it looked to go on forever and looked exactly the same as the other two*(just pretend im in demon form im just rping two rps at the same time lol)
Anime_Elfling / Aido: (o.k) Aido walked over to the right one then the left. They were completely identical. He looked at the coins. What if they could be used as a hint. One was glowing in one hand and the other lay dormant in other. If so, it meant he clearly was not ambidextrious. He was either left or right? He tried switching the coins into different hands. he laid the glowing one in the right and the dormant in the left.
kairne / xyphers: *the left one stayed dormant as the right one stayed glowing xyphers formed behind him and said* "quit a predicament eh" *he was fully demon as he was in the other picture*
kairne / xyphers: *the left one stayed dormant as the right one stayed glowing xyphers formed behind him and said* "quit a predicament eh" *he was fully demon as he was in the other picture*
kairne / xyphers: *the left one stayed dormant as the right one stayed glowing xyphers formed behind him and said* "quit a predicament eh" *he was fully demon as he was in the other picture*
kairne / xyphers: (u there?)
Anime_Elfling / Aido: (yes.)
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido spun around to face Xyphers. He was in a complete demon form. Aido backed up towards the right door. "Indeed." he said trying not to sound frightened but he did. His voice came out shaky and a little high-pitched.
kairne / xyphers: *he pulled out a glowing coin hiding wich hand he used and threw it down the middle one it flashed then he formed into the floor*
Anime_Elfling / Aido: (oh goodie. more glowing coins.)Aido looked down the middle passageway. What did this mean? It could be trick. Xyphers could be thinking that Aido would go that way or this could be the right way and Aido would be foolishly thinking it was a trick and he would continue down the right. Aido's head was beginning to hurt. This was becoming a puzzle unlike those Aido had encountered before.
kairne / xyphers: (lol ask me if u need a hint ) *suddenly a resonating clang was heard and the walls slowly started to converge towards him from behind*
Anime_Elfling / Aido: "That helps." said Aido sarcastically as the walls began to get closer and closer. He had to decide quick or else. He looked at the coins in his hands then the one in the middle passage. what should he do? What should he do? (please and thank you)
kairne / xyphers: (try throwing a coin down one of the halls)
Anime_Elfling / Aido: (Oh! Duh!) Aido could only think of one thing to do. He gripped the coin in his right hand and tossed it into the right passageway then he threw the one on his left hand down the left. He waited for what might or might not happen. The only sound now was the sound of the walls creeping ever closer.
kairne / xyphers: *the right one flashed red the left one falshed green* (hint hint think of the colors associated with correct or incorrect on like game shows and such)
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido watched as both coins flashed a different color. Well, to his knowledge red meant stop and green meant go. What if green meant you're right!? He didn't have any time left to think so he went with the best guess he had: Run to the left. He ran down the left passageway just as the walls were ready to destroy him.
kairne / xyphers: *he got to the end of the hallway and there was a door that said do not enter he then started hearing clicking it kept clicking and did not stop*
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido stared at the door for a long while. He couldn't go back. The only way was to disobey the door's warning and enter. The clicking sounds made Aido feel even more afraid of his choice. He only waited a few seconds more before touching the handle and opening the door to the room that should not be entered.
kairne / xyphers: *he saw a round circular room with a chain in the middle of it the clicking got more rapid*
Anime_Elfling / Aido: The clicking sound wasn't helping Aido's nerves. He shivered a little as he entered the room. It had a dark feeling about it. He slowly approached the chain in the center of the room. Where was he now? He bent down next to the chain, his hand reaching down to touch it.
kairne / xyphers: *he suddenly heard a loud shing like a thousand swords being unsheathed spikes erupted from the outer part of the room and slowly started move in towards him just an inch before skewering him they dissapeared into the floor he looked out the door and saw the loud noise was the entire hllway filled with spikes xyphers formed with a bloodlustin his eye that unerved him then he said "time to die" the chain started raising them like an elevator then 5 small beasts formed from metal and started attacking*
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido stared at the monsters fearfully. There was no end to it. He readied himself with his weapon gripped in his hands. "Xyphers!" he yelled. "Snap out of it! We are just trying to help you!" He swung at a monster that tried charge him. "Please stop!"
Anime_Elfling / Aido: (I'll be back sometime later.bye.)
Anime_Elfling / Aido: (I believe so.)
kairne / xyphers: (sry aido we lost power cuz of a stupid storm and dint get it back till my bed time and ichie if you touch the door you will just be teleported to were aido is)
kairne / xyphers: (bump)
Anime_Elfling / Aido: (That's fine. I was wondering what happened to you.)
kairne / xyphers: *xyphers formed in front of aido and his face changed to ichie's* "what are you going to do now aido well!" *he pushed aido a bit as if taunting him* "are going to cry and wish for ichie to come and save you she is already dead my monsters killed her"
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido's heart was pounding. It couldn't be possible. ichie couldn't be dead. He had promised her no one would die. No one was going to die! "You're lying!" yelled Aido feeling the anger building up inside him. He swung his blade at Xyphers with great force.
kairne / xyphers: *xyphers put his arm out and absorbed his sword and then laughed aS A beast walked foward and dropped ichie's dead body at his feet*
kairne / xyphers: (lol not rly ichie u can just walk throug hthe door and appear in the same room)
Anime_Elfling / Aido: At that moment, Aido's countenance turned pale. He stared down in horror at Ichie's body. It couldn't be. It just couldn't be. "I...Ichie..." was all he could force out. The sight caused him to fall to his knees. The sword dropped with a clatter to the floor next to him. Ichie couldn't be... gone...
Anime_Elfling / Aido: (oops. forget about the sword falling with a clatter.)
kairne / xyphers: "her last words wer aido why did you leave me beind untill i killed her" *he then started laughing and kicked aido to the ground then a monster picked ichie's body up and threw it aside the sword absorbed into the floor as the last beast put hios foot on him
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido winced as the beast brought its foot hard on his chest. Now lying on his back, Aido glared at Xyphers. Suddenly, Ichie appeared and a sudden joy filled him. He was about to yell out her name but what she did next made the words stick in his throat. His heart shattered in two as she kissed Xyphers. He could feel hot tears trailing down his face. What was happening? Why?
kairne / xyphers: *xyphers looked at her in full demon form then a tendril hit her and pinned her to the wall of the chamber aido looked up to see the roof was getting closer and there was a door a inch below it*
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido brushed this aside as he noticed how close they were getting to the ceiling. His brown eyes looked towards the door. He gathered up some of his magical energy and used it to knock the beast aside. He then focused what was left to make a temporary weapon of concentrated blue energy which he used to cut Xypher's tendril. He then grabbed Ichie and leapt up to the door. The way Ichie was flailing told Aido she was obviously drunk. Thank goodness.
kairne / xyphers: *he smelled alchohol on her breath and laughed* "a wealking and a drunk how terrifieing and you haven't figure out yet that this is not xyphers you morons this is setn'ri xyphers is just a mediem for my demonic spells" *he picked up the book and looked through it* "hmm he hasn't found the true key *he held up his hand metal covered over the letters and read the last vers* the last one to die will become possesed by setn'ri who will destroy the world and will control the world with an iron fist* (pun definetly intended)
Anime_Elfling / Aido: (lol.) Aido quickly jumped off her, blushing intensely. "We have to stop him." hissed Aido sitting in the grass next to Ichie. He felt so exhausted. He had completely drained his magical energy and it needed time to rebuild itself up again. While he was recharging, the world was completely doomed. He pulled the stone from his pocket. He still had this small shard with him. "If it is so powerful..." said Aido. "Why can I find any confidence that it can help?" But it had to. This was the legendary Eden's stone that many have died for. Even its creator died for it.
Anime_Elfling / Aido: (add) He jumped back when Ichie transformed into an Inu. That took him completely by surprise. But, then again, what hadn't surprised him yet today.
kairne / xyphers (demon realeased): *he looked at the wolf* "an inu baah" *he summoned up a cage around the inu and then threw a pike at aido pinning him to the ground threw his hand*
kairne / xyphers (demon realeased): *ignore my last post the sword struck squarly hitting xyphers threw the heart he turne into his human form and looked at ichie* "i..ich..ichie" * he then fell over dead*
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido gritted his teeth in pain. He was certainly not having a good day. He looked over at the caged Ichie then back at the demon. "Monster!" he spat out before he could stop himself.
Anime_Elfling / Aido: (then ignore my post as well.)
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido looked down at the dead Xyphers. He felt like he had let evryone down. He had promised that they would all make it out of this alive but there lay Xyphers. Death had claimed him and there was no bargaining with him. Aido looked over to Ichie wondering what she would do.
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido sighed. "We should give him a proper burial." said Aido in a depressed tone. "It's the least we could do." Aido was feeling more like a failure now than when his own parents had muttered the words. He couldn't save Xyphers from this. It only proved that he was weak. His parents were right then. "I'm a nothing." he whispered to himself.
kairne / xyphers (demon realeased): *he reformed behind aido and held a sword to his neck and said* "ichie come out of inu form and aido will not die both of you serve me or both will your choice"
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido held his breath when he felt the sword's point on his neck. He tried not to show fear but he could feel he was trembling. Dying didn't sound too bad at this moment though.
kairne / xyphers (demon realeased): (um sry but 2 things wrong wit that the demon was just a copy of metal and u need the red coin) *the door becomes in reaching distance as xyphers forms into the ground to run into the room*
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido gave a sigh of relief, glad that this was over at last. He approached Ichie and Xyphers. With all the excitement over, aido's leg screamed to be noticed again. He had forgotten all about his wounds and now they were making themselves known again. Aido looked at Ichie. "I guess you don't need a teacher after all." he said forcing a smile.
Anime_Elfling / Aido: (forget my post.)
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido sighed in frustration. Was there no end to this? "We need to try everything we can." he said to Ichie. His leg was beginning to throb but he ignored it. There were more important things to worry about.
Anime_Elfling / Aido: (bye now.)
kairne / xyphers (demon realeased): (ill be afk for a bit)
kairne / xyphers (demon realeased): (bump) *the elevator stopped at the door the red coin glowed on a pedastool in the middle of the room they both saw xyphers in human form screaming and pulling metal off of him as it tried to cover him* "ichie!,aido! get out of here it is too late for me! aaaah! tell...everyone...get ready...for the...thir...third coming...of setn'ri!!!!!" "foolhardy boy just give in your family left you your friend left you and now your friends c an't save you just give in or i will have to use the power of the red moon" *a dark voice said metaliccly the metal slithered over xyphers body he ruturned into full demon form* "ahhhh finally the inu almost made me lose my grip on this foolhardy boy risking his life for worthless things such as friends i enjoyed toying with his life just when he'd get settle i would strike killing off another just like humans to be stubborn inu you must relate how about it joining me getting away from these filthy stubborn only good for labor hahaha there morals are weak and shaky their security gone at the pull of a string heroes weak and frail only strengthened by the armor and weapon they wear but that will all be gone the second they see me how about you human do you also have dillusions of granger like this weak minded kid i bet your weak will breaks under simple pressure in the right spots your lucky this boy *had* small controll over me or else you would've died in that hallway and you inu the drunk just like humans weakening there bodies and minds with drinks no matter how much you study it can all be lost at one final moment...your death the only thing that everything shares in common is life and death the key difference is time humans rarely live older then 80 i'm already 258 years old young for my power i just get stronger with age humans get stronger in middle years then just decline at there peak and they also are selfdestrucable just a push here a shove there and BAM a war killing manys us demons do not draw others into fights debatess are settled with words and if it does not work a one on one duel untill one gives or is dead humans are ignorant,stupid, and weak"
Anime_Elfling / Aido: "Shut up!" snapped Aido. He wasn't one of those people who gave up easily. He would risk his life for anyone at anytime. He had crossed death's path too many times to be afraid of it. "We will save Xyphers and we will defeat you! The only thing that makes a person weak is foolish, evil ambitions! Villains like you always hold flaws in which they cannot see and that is their doom!" Aido clenched his fist and his muscles tightened. "I will not be frightened by you! You will not have your way, you despicable monster! You underestimate us greatly, beast!" Aido couldn't stop from raging at the demon. He didn't think about what consequences might befall him because of his loud mouth. He was foolish but brave.
kairne / xyphers (demon realeased): (hiyas) "well now aren't you a fiesty one RED MOON CURSE SEAL!!!!"*the backround fades from aidos eyes and a red moon apears behind xyphers then he awakes seeing ichie staring at him* "well hello finally your awake"
Anime_Elfling / Aido: (hi.) "What?" said Aido rubbing his head. "I... I fell asleep?" He jumped to his feet now remembering that he was supposed to be rescuing Xyphers. He looked around. Where was Xyphers and... more importantly where was he!?
kairne / xyphers (demon realeased): *ichie looked down at him and put a wet towel on his forhead* "wow guess your memories very messy right now well i will explain you got poisened by an ecrutal tree it knocks you out then replaces and twists your memories except for the person who you love the most is not fabricated"
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido sighed. So... everything was just a dream. A sudden pain in his leg gave him different thoughts though. "If so..." he said growing suspicious. "How did I come across this?" There was no mistake. How could he dream he was injured there and wake up with the exact wound. He looked Ichie in the eye. Something wasn't right.
kairne / xyphers (demon realeased): *ichie looked at him then said* "wow you really did get messed up well you got injured in the fight against that tyranical leader xyphers remebber we are the three rebelling against him you me and master tang our trainer" *master tang walked out of the bushes and said* "well ichie is young aido awake" "yes master tang" *she said while healing his wounds with magic* "good because our final strike is today xyphers will be transported by a caravan of elite guards and we'll have to kill him in the valley perfect for an ambush"
Anime_Elfling / Aido: "Kill Xyphers?" asked Aido. Sent'ri had taken control of Xyphers' body but was there anyway to help by not killing Xyphers. Aido wasn't even sure if they could stop Sent'ri.
kairne / xyphers (demon realeased): "yes kill that little tyrant brat" *he teleported them all to a valley wich overlooked a caravan stopped and a royal carriage in the middle surrounded by royal guards and 2 mages*
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido looked down at the carraige, very unsure about this. "Must we, master?" asked Aido to master Tang. He felt like he was asking too many questions but he really wanted to know. This couldn't be the only way?
kairne / xyphers (demon realeased): *master tang hit him on the head with his staff* "of course boy don't you remeber xyphers killing yours and ichie's parents now go!" *ichie and tang slid down the slope and started to attack them*
kairne / xyphers: (um sry ichie it is a mind thing your in real life aido is just stunned and standing like a zombie almost so is xyphers)
kairne / xyphers: (still in the room but aido and xyphers r stunned and r out of it the pedastool that has the coin is high up)
kairne / xyphers: (weelll you have like 3 options attack ichie to try and break his seal on aido try to wake up aido or try and get the coin that is rising by the second)
kairne / xyphers: *suddenly a loud klang noise was heard and 20 metal beast came out from the ground onne knocked her down and absorbed the coin then all formed together to make one huge beast with a red glow*
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido rubbed his head. Whatever master Tang said had to be... Wait a minute. Aido stood where he was watching Ichie and Master Tang fight. Ichie's parents... His parents had killed ichie's parents. Hadn't Master Tang known that? He was starting to feel really confused but soon ran after Ichie and Master Tang. He raised his sword to attack but... he had a strange feeling in his gut. Why did this all seem so wrong?
kairne / xyphers: *the beast roared and repaired his leg from a part of the castle and then shot chains at ichie and started to pull her in*
kairne / xyphers: *they had killed all the way down to the 2 mages wich shielded themselves then captured tang and ichie she yelled* "kill xyphers now!!!" *xyphers walked out and looked at aido aido saw fear in his eyes in norm human form "wh..who are ..you?"
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido looked at Ichie and Master Tang then his gaze shifted to Xyphers. He looked afraid. Those eyes... He had seen eyes like that before. He raised the sword but couldn't bring it down to strike Xyphers. "No..." he said lowering his weapon slowly. "I can't kill him. He doesn't... he doesn't deserve that." Those fearful eyes were the same as Ichie's so long ago. "Don't you think too many have died already!?" he yelled to Master Tang. "No... Master Tang would never ask this of me! He wouldn't..." Aido looked to the ground. What was going on?
kairne / xyphers: "kill him!now" *xyphers looked down AT AIDO* "wh..who are..you peasent!"
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido backed away from Xyphers. His head was pounding. He couldn't hurt Xyphers. Even if Master Tang said he had to, he couldn't. "You know me, Xyphers!" he yelled out. "Don't you remember me at all?"
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido suddenly heard Ichie's voice. It called out to him from nowhere. He knew now that this Ichie here was not the real one. But... where was she? Suddenly, the scene in front of his went black and a new one started to take its place. There was metal all around and... Ichie! The real one. He was back. All that was left now was to save Xyphers.
Anime_Elfling / Aido: "I know." said Aido. "But how can we?" He sighed. "This demon keeps taunting us."
kairne / xyphers (demon realeased): *he snapped out of the trance* "ahh i see now well well the only strong human virtue...love" *he reformed onto the giant beast who is about 10 ft tall he raised his arm and it turned into a ballista and started raining arrows on them(btw aido u can do something to get a whole lot stronger think of your metal gloves and the castle)*
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: (oh ya. Can't metal absorb metal from the castle?)Aido dodged the arrows. He had to think of something. Suddenly, he remembered with the demon earlier. His armor and sword had taken the metal from the beast and it made his sword and armor stronger. Perhaps... it might work with the castle as well. Aido touched his metal gloves to the wall. He hoped this would work.
Anime_Elfling / Aido: (wrong character.)
kairne / xyphers (demon realeased): *the glove melted and absorbed into aido the metal armor became part of him and it fused with him he gained alot of power almost 2 fold*
kairne / xyphers (demon realeased): *he looked at iache and formed in front of her and handed her a sword* "stab me now right here in the heart" *he said making an x across his chest
kairne / xyphers (demon realeased): "FOOL" *He punched her and metal started cocooning her(hiyas) he looked at aido* "aido protect her or is xyphers wrong you wont give your live to save her you hear that ichie aido hates you"
Hikoru: "xyphers!!! That demon may have your body, but he is just to weak to have is own. You can over power him....please....try...." She said trying to get the metal off of her feet.
kairne / xyphers (demon realeased): "you do not think i have my own body xyphers IS my body pathetic weakling" *the coin formed in his hands and he then threw it up in the air as a metal sphere encased it when it fell he kicked it and it hit aido in the chest and fell to the ground the beast roared and picked up ichie in her half formed cocoon and tried to crush her*
kairne / xyphers (demon realeased): *the d emon looked around at his falling castle he hit the ground hard half o the metal covering xyphers had been destroyed the coin fell on top of ichie's head xyphers stumbled around half of hi face was not covered his eyes looked so sad and were tearing up "you..you ha..have..to..t..to ..take the...me..ta..tal o..aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" *the metal started covering him back up a sword appeared in his hand he attacked the air in a circle formation* "red moon world!!!" *chains shot out from it and started grabbing everyliving thing and pulling it in including trees the metal then formed off of him and started slithering away the cains grabbed xyphers he waqs very weak from fighting setn'ri for control and he fell to his knees trying to brace himself on the ground as more chain started wrapping around him*
kairne / xyphers (demon realeased): (hiyas)
kairne / xyphers (demon realeased): *xyphers started getting dragged into the portal as mor chains grabbed ichie and aidoas the coin flew past him he grabbed it and put it safely in his teeth he tried crawling towards ichie as he held out his hand and his over hand shot metal foward and anchored himself to the ground*
Anime_Elfling / Aido: (I missed alot! Drat!) Aido put his new strength to use. He broke the chains binding him and the ones around Ichie. He balled his meatal covered hand into a tight fist and sent it slamming into the ground. The quake effect rattled the metal holding Xyphers and it quickly shattered. "Come on, Xyphers!" he yelled out attacking anymore chains that tried to capture the trio.
Anime_Elfling / Aido: (*metal)
kairne / xyphers: *he smiled at aido* "than.." *his eyes went wide with shock as a chain started choking him then they started to grab at ichie and aido*
kairne / xyphers: *so did xyphers he then fell asleep on her from exhaustion as the portal dissapated the chains broke like glass as the coin fell out of xyphers hand he still had the mark on his head as the metal tried slithering onto him to change again*
kairne / xyphers: *the coin started to glow from red to blue it only has a tint of red left the shard of the eden stone started glowing (if u feel xyphers pulse he is almost dead and is dying)*
kairne / xyphers: "th...the..
.coin..r..re..remeber..the..pro..phocy..the..w..way..to..rever.. it..re..member.."
kairne / xyphers: (lol i furgot u werent here during the prophecy lol the prophocy says that you need to take the red coin and the stone and fuse them togethere and the curse will be gon um sry but i gtg)
kairne / xyphers: (back) the coin glowed bright red again he was still sleeping but he was ok
Anime_Elfling / Aido: (I guess Aido was standing idle in the background...lol)Aido stepped forward towards the two before collapsing next to Ichie. He was exhausted. "Is it... over?" he asked. "Is all this completely done?" He hoped so. But... something else was bothering him. Even more than it had when Xyphers first appeared. Aido glanced over at Ichie then looked up. At least this nightmare had ended.
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Master Tang finally appeared and used magic to wisk them all back to the manor and into their rooms. He had his reasons for not helping them even though he could have at any time. They would probably ask him why he hadn't come but, like he said before, he had his reasons for doing many things.
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido opened his eyes slowly. He was in his room in the manor. "Master Tang must have..." He stopped midsentence. "I wonder why he came after we were done getting the crud beat out of us?" Aido got out of bed and walked down the hall, stopping by Xyphers' room. Just as he expected, Ichie was there. He took his usual position and leaned against the door's frame.
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido pushed himself off the door's frame and helped Ichie into the chair. She shouldn't use her powers until her energy rebuilt itself. It wasn't good to overuse your magic. Aido hoped Ichie would just rest for now. He sat on the floor next to the chair.
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido nodded and stood. He helped her to her room, sitting her down on the bed when they arrived. "You should relax for a while." said Aido turning to leave. "It'd be best to remain from using your powers until you feel better. I'm going to see if Master Tang is here." He started to walk towards the door.
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido stopped and looked at her. "I don't hate you, Ichie." he said before turning his face away from her again. "Don't even think something like that."
kairne / xyphers: (o.O wow i got left behind where am i and what page was i left at???o.O)
kairne / xyphers: *xyphers stood up and cringed at his half healed wounds he guessed ichie tried to heal him but something stopped her halfway one of his bangs melted and formed around his wounds and patched them up leaveing a silver scab he looked out the window and sighed he was afraid to use anything but his most loyal metal but he had to try he touched a metal vase he had in his room it made his skin burn and smoke* "OWW!!!" *he screamed holding his finger in his hand he figured as much most metal had somewhat of a soul and it all hated him because of setn'ri only his metal would not hate him he sighed and walked out into the wall he started walking down to ichie's room he then fainted halfway and fell to the ground*
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido heard a loud thump from outside the room, he peeked out the door and saw Xyphers had collapsed in the hallway. Aido sighed before walking over and taking him back to his room. These two weren't going to settle down at all. Aido was also feeling drained and weak. All three of them were worn out from the previous event. Aido was just glad it was all over.
kairne / xyphers: *he opened his eyes and asked aido* "why are you jealous of me?"
Anime_Elfling / Aido: "I'm not..." Aido began to say but he had to stop. He kept trying to convince himself that he wasn't but could he possibly be jealous of Xyphers. He helped Xyphers sit on the bed before taking a seat in the chair Ichie always sat in. "I guess I really don't know why..." he said but sighed. "No... I do know why but I shouldn't be like that." He kept silent for a moment. "I guess because things are happening so fast. I'm being attacked by several different emotions at once. It isn't your fault at all." Aido smiled at Xyphers. "I guess because you are everything I wish I could be and I'm practically nothing." Those were his parents own words. He was just a nothing. He believed it more and more each day.
kairne / xyphers: *he started laughing* "aido i have no parents no family my only friends are you two and i've tried to and almost did kill you the rest i did kill i've caused so much sorrow with you at least you have master tang ichie the residents here your strength brains and heart in fact i have to admit i am jelous of you"
Anime_Elfling / Aido: "Of me?" said Aido pointing to himself. They had been both jealous of eachother the whole time. Aido couldn't help but laugh. "I... I'm sorry." he said in between laughter. "It just that... this whole time..." He let out a sigh after he was done laughing. Xyphers wasn't as bad as he thought he was before.
kairne / xyphers: *xyphers held out his hand in a fist* "come on lets vow to be rivals and to protect ichie"
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido smiled. "Alright." he said curling his own hand into a fist and giving Xyphers' a tap. "I'll sacrifice my life for her!"
kairne / xyphers: "me too! aaaah" *he bolted up holding his stomach*
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido jumped. "What is it, Xyphers!?"
kairne / xyphers: *he looked up* "Im hungry"
Anime_Elfling / Aido: "Well then," said Aido wondering when he had become so worried about Xyphers. "Let's go down to the kitchen and get something to eat."
kairne / xyphers: *he got up and then said* "aido you should rest i'll take care of you and ichie"
Anime_Elfling / Aido: "Are you sure?" he asked. Seeing that Xyphers was serious, he nodded. "Thank you." he said before walking to his room and collapsing on his bed. Time to rest.
kairne / xyphers: *he walked into the kitchen and looked around he was new to cooking* "well time to get to work" *he knew how to make only one dish steak and vegetable soup he got to work and when he got done he walked into aidos room and gave his part to him and then went to ichies room and gave her's to her then he started walking outside and laid on the courtyard looking at the clouds and hhad his hand held up into the sky*
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido was awakened by the smell of food. He sat up. He would have to thank Xyphers again later. They may have been rivals but Xyphers did do this without being asked and Aido was sure Xyphers would stoop so low as to poison it. He ate a spoonful. It certainly was tasty.
Anime_Elfling / Aido: (*wouldn't)
kairne / xyphers: (lol wtf its poisen aaaaahhhh jk) *he started trying to gain control of his power only his origonal hair was left the rest had formed a large ball the size of a human he started practicing with different attackks and abilities*
Anime_Elfling / Aido: (lol. He poisoned it but I'm going eat it anyway!) Soon, Aido had finished the soup. He took his bowl to the kitchen, checking on Ichie along the way, before walking into the library. Master Tang had it looking like its old self again. "Good old, Master Tang."
kairne / xyphers: *then aido saw a small metal fox pounce around his legs then started walking to the courtyard*
Anime_Elfling / Aido: "What?" said Aido following the fox into the courtyard. He saw Xyphers laying in the grass manipulating metal. Aido stayed his distance at the moment, just watching.
kairne / xyphers: *the fox jumped onto xyphers stomach he bolted up and said* "kin calm down soon i'll make you some friends to play with" *he held his hand up as a small metal dragon came out of the bubble wich was about the size of a basketball* "your name is dosu"
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido watched as Xyphers created creatures on of the metal. They were alive too. Aido could probably never do anything compared to that.
kairne / xyphers: *then kin emitted a screaching noise xyphers covered his ears and screamed* "KIN!!!!! CALM DOWN I'LL GET YOU FOOD WHEN WERE DONE" *kin walked over to him and opened her mouth and shot metal darts at his face* "OW!!!! STOP THAT!!!!" *he started pulling them out as dosu started playing a tag game with kin*
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido covered his ears as well when Kin screamed. These creatures were very much alive. He watched the two play a game of tag, keeping himself out of sight.
kairne / xyphers: *he then held out his hand and slowly a form started pulling out of the globe and then it slowly came out and the form that came out was a ferret and it joined the game with kin and dosu he then said "welcome zaku" *he then stood up and pulled out a box of vial differently colored he called them each over as he mixed the vials into 3 containors and fed one to each animal they slowly gained color*
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido stared at Ichie for a while then shook himself out of it. He watched her walk towards the town before letting his brown eyes fall on Xyphers. They had both vowed to protect Ichie and be rivals for that sole purpose. He had to smile. Their meeting each other was only the first step. Aido could tell that something even bigger was going to begin. (I was thinking about making another roleplay set after this whole thing. Same characters and all just later on. Maybe Eden's Soul or something so more people can jump in. Since Eden's stone was created by an evil dude... What do you guys think?)
kairne / xyphers: (sounds good but wha happen to all teh other ppl that was here? i checked first post and a couple others there was like 5 ppl other then us rping but sounds good aido i gots to go at around 4 and might not b back till 7 or 6ish SO post here if u decide to make it k)
kairne / xyphers: (but we need to do a closing thing) *xyphers looked at ichie then walked over to aido the animals were still playing now fully colored* "what's with her? but anyway aido the metal still hates me and i know a way to fix it i need to seek out the only other person to survive the curse and train with him to regain control"
Anime_Elfling / Aido: (I don't know where they went. They may not return because of how far back they are. I will as soon as we get Ichie's answer.) "But we don't even know who that person is." said Aido looking towards the path Ichie had just taken. "He may be far, far away or even right under our noses. It may take a long time and even then, we might not find him." A smile appeared on Aido's face. "But I can't help thinking that it's going to be some fun." Aido usually never thought much about dangerous quests like this one but Ichie and Xyphers had really changed him. He knew there would be obstacles and mysteries that would reveal themselves along the way. The only thing that really mattered was that they were all together. Aido didn't care what might happen along the way just as long as they remained together. The stone of Eden was only the first leap. One journey always led into another and Aido was ready for it. "Well, Xyphers," said Aido turning back to the manor. "When Ichie returns we should prepare for our Quest. Yes. Our quest. We would never let you go alone." He walked back towards the manor. He felt like they would find this mystery person and it was a very, very strong feeling. (What would it be called...hmmm...)
Megsrus aka Meg: A lone fox watched the two boys. She had been keeping track of the going ons and they deserved close watching. Meg slowly walked toward them. She knew what she had to do. Suddenly she sprinted up to them and jumped onto one of the boy's back. H efell to the ground.
kairne / xyphers: *xyphers started laughing* "if you want it your way but who said he was a guy she is a she" *he was a bit confused by what he said but* "besides were do you think i got the book from i..er stole it from her i just hope she didn't see me" (or we could do one were it is like 3 or so years into the future and i go on the adventure alone or like someone stays back or sometin like that)
kairne / xyphers: *xyphers screamed as something jumped on his back* "kin...stop i...HEY YOUR NOT KIN WHO ARE YOUR???" *he said in surprise as he looked at her*
Megsrus aka Meg: The fox's eyes shone bright green as it landed in front of them. It just looked at them in a way no one could ever forget. It blood red from head to tail. And where it was white it was as white as newfallen snow.
Megsrus aka Meg: It was*
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido was startled when the fox leapt onto Xyphers back. There was something strange about it and he didn't quite like that look it was giving them. "What do you think it wants?" asked Aido looking down at the creature with a curious look. (That sounds pretty good. I think i might post it tomorrow. I still have to think of a name as well.)
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido looked away from the fox and looked at Ichie. "Uh... yes." he said a little confused when she called him sir. It made him feel slightly uncomfortable but he just smiled. "What is it?"
Anime_Elfling / Aido: Aido walked a little closer so he could see it better. "It's nice." he said before noticing the stone. "It sure does make Eden's stone look inferior though. I wonder how old the stone actually is?"
kairne / xyphers: (cough cough whatd i miss?)
kairne / xyphers: "get off me!!!!" *he said bolting up as kin and zaku jumped on him as well he looked at ichie wierdly he then pulled on her cat ears feeling them* "it's these isen't it these ears make you act goofy right saying sir and such???>"
kairne / xyphers: * he looked at aido* "it is isen't it ICHIE SNAP OUT OF IT" *he said snapping a finger in front of her face then telling her what he had told aido about seeking out the only other person to survive setn'ri's curse as kin shot more metal darts at his face he jumped on her and started wrestling with the little fox*
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: "Why do you keep saying sir, Ichie?" asked Aido with a confused look. he didn't like be called that. It was just... too formal for him.
Anime_Elfling / Aido: (I don't think that was Aido. oops...)
Anime_Elfling / Aido: (He didn't like *to be called)
kairne / xyphers: (AHA SO IT IS YOU THE PERSON FROM OUTCASTS!!!!) *he then got up and held kin by the nape of her neck* "so ichie and aido i'm sorry but you two can't come with me it will be too dangerous and you aido make sure you protect ichie if she gets even a scractch i'll kill you*He laughed* and for you ichie and please stop calling me sir it's annoying" *he formed a beutifil rose for he and handed it to her he then formed a sword for aido* "and for you i'll see you guys in about a year* (what about eden'sfering??)
kairne / xyphers: (LOL SO VERY SEXAY lol jk) *he started crying and said* "come on kin dosu zaku let's go" *he pushed ichie away not sure of what to say and started walking again*
Anime_Elfling / Aido: (hmmm... o.k. Sounds good. It will be posted tomorrow. yay!) Aido looked at the sword then back at Xyphers. He was really going to go alone? Aido sighed before stepping forward and pulling Ichie off Xyphers. "Go then but you better be back soon." he said with a serious face. "I mean it! And don't worry about Ichie. She's in good hands."
kairne / xyphers: (umm but what r we going to do till tommorow???) *xyphers kept walking with just a trail of tears he created a flute and played the healing song that ichie had played for him once he was done he raised his hand and said* "well this is goodbye for now and you better hope so aido and ichie...goodbye i...love..you" *then with a big sniff he kept walking as the blob became bangs again and kin dosu and zaku followed him*
Anime_Elfling / Aido: (Should I make it right now?) Aido sighed and entered the house. Xyphers would be his rival for a long time.
kairne / xyphers: *he blushed and closed his eyes kissing back when it was over he said* "it's not that i want to it's that i have to setn'ris pysichal form is still out there i need to know how to beat him and if he attacks me on the way i can't risk you two your too precous if i die well thats one less street rat i won't be leaving home because home is wherever you happen to be at the time" *he smiled still crying then hugged ichie and started walking* (AGAIN LOL)
kairne / xyphers: (sure y not aido just make sure it's set three years later k)
Anime_Elfling / Aido: (Okey dokey!)
kairne / xyphers: (name will be eden's suffering right)
kairne / xyphers: (ichie can u post here when u find it and tell me the name ok)
kairne / xyphers: (who tis this karisa of wich u speak lol)
kairne / xyphers: (yawn so um ichie how long do ya thing it'll take for aido to make it??? btw hiyas karisa)
Anime_Elfling / Aido: (I'm done! Stop the timer!)
kairne / xyphers: ya know we should put sometin as the last post it should b good for a gr8 ending of the rp it was a gewd one
Anime_Elfling / Aido: (oops... The name is... messed up and... cruddy...)
kairne / xyphers: lol aido sry but u mispelled it
kairne / xyphers: just copy and paste the big part and remake it
Anime_Elfling / Aido: (I remade it!)

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