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Roleplay - About Highschool Rps... by Chikage / AutumnChild

This is my rant on this, altough I'm new to this site...
I'm not gonna be mad at anyone for creating so many highschool rps, no. HOWEVER, I'm starting to realise that maybe if people start caring about how others could possibly reply to their own posts, such excess in rps would not suffice.
That way, the storylines in rps will be more interesting, more interactive. And at the time same, our perspective on rps would not drop down like 'Meh, another high school rp.'
All I'm saying is, maybe we should consider how our posts may affect e other party, for sometimes its just a dead end for them n thn the rp is over.
~End Of Rant.~

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SincerWritinAsh: I agree fully. It's not the ubject or topic of the roleplay which is the matter. Or the various number of similar rps that is the problem. The problem is roleplayers are not working hard on their posts and considering its affect on other post creating the story. Selfish posting and lack of enthusiasm are killing the greatness of roleplaying here.
High school roleplays are a great escape from reality and a fun way to spend time. Plus they are a great way for new roleplayers to learn and imply increase their skill. Senior roleplayers usually dont mind being part of a high school rp and tolerate newbs easier in that more relaxed setting unlike they would in a more serious future minded rp.
Please stop with feble ranting and look at your own posting past. Are you considering the rp as a hwole or just a selfish post that doesnt contribute to the plot?
poppi / Aiden: i totally agree, i think the only way to stop this though is to be selective about the rps joined and ignore the suckie ones. Also wqe could revolt, and always try to make your posts detailed. I've had many conversations like this though before, from the perspective of a new rper and someone who has been here for a little while. a real writter is always open to critiqe and iswilling to compromise, if your in an rp with most of the people like that it will probublly work out, if not it probubly will suck
SincerWritinAsh: understood fully. a decent rper will limit their selection in rps so not to be overwhelmed. I usually managed three more demanding rps and an h.s. one for fun. More detailed posts are great and should be expected, yet many times people think that is too much and it kills me. If it is outlined in the rules and expectations and the rper doesnt do as expected, well perhaps that person should simply be ignored inside the rp.
AutumnChild / Chikage: I'm saying they are TOTALLY FINE, and sometimes there IS a reason for hs rps (like being free from stress of other high-demanded rps), pls get my point.
Red rose high, is that it? I'll go look it up. How about any other hs rps that were GREAT like Red rose high? That's what I'm thinking. Not many rps made it that far. Creating more in more attempts without meaning won't guarantee anything like Red Rose High. Ya see my point? o.O
AutumnChild / Chikage: And like you've said, its e people who affect the rp. But its not only that, they are the ones who shape and mould the storyline too. I just saw how many posts there were in Red Rose High, and I must say it was awesome (I've yet to read everything though) .
It all boils down to the people. Maybe the few batch of people in there were precarious in their posts? And the later batch of people post as though its like a chore, or to purposely try to impress, flirt?
Was there some downfall here before? Someone answer me truthfully.
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: Me and a friend have been doing
Highschool rp for a while now
and me and another friend did
Boys comprehensive and boys comprenhensive 2, highschool rp and boys comp 2 are still going, it depends on the rpers.
Adden Lee: STOP CREATING MORE AND JOIN ONE ALREADY THERE!!! thats the bigger issues is that ppl r making so many of them rather than joining others.

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