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Roleplay - Blood Aesthetic by DiamondTears / DiamondTears

Modern, City. A group of vampires have been living in this big city for years, but now that the diversity of vampires have grown, some have betrayed the others, forming The verraders or the traiders. Not only do they feed on fellow vampires, they murder and assasinate them. These vampires want to become the elite, and deminish the rest of the vampire race, then move on to the humans. The rest of the vampire community is trying to fight back, or hide from the verraders keeping close to highly powerful vampires. ((zara))

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Zara / Svenka Song Yvette: IT was as Ashlynn and her band played that a blonde haired, dark eyed girl of seemingly 19 walked in. Her long blonde hair fell about her as her pale skin reflected every light that fell upon her. Svenka was actually several hundred years old, but had not aged since she was 19, since the day she became what she is. A vampire, pur and simple. She was one of the Blood Aesthetic. The lovely, but dangerous.
Svenka walked over to a table and sat, her eyes studdying all about her. These were dangerous times for vampires and humans alike. With the Verraders around, one must always be on their gaurd.
((It 'tis eye, Zara. It told you 'bout Svenka, right?))
Zara / Svenka Song Yvette: Svenka was rather pleased with herself and feeling rather full. She had only fed moments ago, and so she felt at her most powerful. Svenka didn't drink, as it was her strict belief that it dulled senses that must remain ever sharp in these times. Svenka had enjoyed the band and was almost sad to see them getting off the stage, but Svenka hardly ever showed emotion.
Her blonde hair was loose tonight, just as it had been on that fateful day. She wondered if any of the verraders were in the club tonight, and if they were, how long would they remain concealed?
((*sigh* Must go to bed now... Continue tomorrow?))
Zara / Svenka Song Yvette: Svenka stood quickly, a hiss growing in her throat, but she new she had better get out of there. If one verrader was there, then there would be more shortly..... The young looking Russian girl, whose truth was that she was a Vampire, hundred of years in age, turned and fled, however, she looked to be in no hurry, nor did anyone seem to even glimpse her as she walked, her long blonde hair flowwing down her back, her eyes glinting as she thought. Her pale skin reflected even the mild light of the night.
Doom_Hammer / Demen: ((may i join?))
Doom_Hammer / Demen: ((oks cool but i guess ill just post when someone comes back on))
Zara / Svenka Song Yvette: ((Back...))
Doom_Hammer / Demen: ((where abouts are we here?))
Zara / Svenka Song Yvette: ((Svenka is just getting out the door...
Zara / Svenka Song Yvette: Svenka lookedaround and attempted to find Ashlynn, the vampire who had attacked the verrader. She would have to speak with her and find out how much about the verraders she knew.
Svenka caught a glimpse of her as she entered her appartment. Svenka was never shy, and so, she charged right up to the door and pounded on it, her dark eyes shimmering with determination.
Zara / Svenka Song Yvette: ((Sorry, must go for the night....))
Zara / Svenka Song Yvette: "I am Svenka, a Russian vampire of many years, who just so happened to see you defeat that verrader. For your own safety, I have come to ask what you know. Those verraders are a bane to all those of vampiric blood!" Svenka said, getting everything out, not entirely caring what this other vampire thought. "I am not a verrader. In fact, I hate them and wish them all great torment. However, I only wish to help those such as yourself and to seek help so that we may at least make a stand!" Svenka had made this offer before and been turned down every time. No one seemed to want to fight back.
Zara / Svenka Song Yvette: Svenka walked in her eyes looking around with interest and suspiscion. "I don't normally work with others either," she said, "but the verraders have made me make an exception that I HIGHLY dislike." Svenka was truly not one to get along with others, and even now she was wary around those of her own kind. She also was wary of humans, but for a much different reason. A human with a stake was just as dangerous as a verrader if they could get close to you.
Zara / Svenka Song Yvette: "No," she said clearly, catching the coke as it began its decent. "But the information that we have might help. I'm not so good at this leader thing.... but I think it may help get the others up to fighting..." Svenka said, breaking of to take a drink of the Coke that she swiftly opened. "However, it could take some time to get anything done...." she said, words turning into a sigh.
Zara / Svenka Song Yvette: Svenka shrugged. Personally, she had demolished most of her bloodline, since most were power hungry, coniving, ingrates and pigs. They could have been a good bloodline, but hey, that was their choice! They ruined it. "I'm not the last of my bloodline, but a lot of them joined the verraders, though I'm probably the strongest left..." she said, "I wish the werned such PIGS!" she said in annoyance. "Power this, Power that! When I had first become a vampire, several centuries ago, that's when I learned about it all!" Svenka grumbled some more and took some forceful drinks of her coke.

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