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Roleplay - The Recall of Geadine's Children by SincerWritinAsh / SincerWritinAsh

The continent has been ravaged by plague and thrust into disorder at the fall of past empires. Mere tribal kingdoms working with in the basic feudal system exist. The continent has two drastically different cultures lying to the North and the South seperated by west-east flowing river named Geadine. These regions are in turmoils themselves, famine and order do not exist except in the form of religion. The only cultural aspect that resembles each other in these two regions is religion yet one simple contraversy makes all the difference. In the North, known as Enid a priestes of Hyma has recruited a large army in conquest for converts, her aim is the Southern region of Dega who must hurry and defend their borders and their Goddess Amyh.

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Religion Schysm:
Alright,in the beginning the river Geadine gave birth to two children. A son, Hyma. A sturdy, sharp and logical young man he grew to be. A daughter Amyh who became a cunning, sensitive, and wise woman. The children were nursed and raised on the Banks of Geadine together. As siblings they played and their wise mother Geadine praised and encouraged their differences and always reminded them of their kinship. Than one day the Continent, the children's father rumbled, originally Geadine banks had been very close together and her waters shallow and safe, until her Husband Continent's rumbling. Hyma had been building a small sand building on the northern bank and Amyh was sunbathing on the southern bank. Continent's anger was that due to his wife paying more mind to her children's needs rather than her husband's. Her response was an icy distancing of herself, she would give him a long deep silence that would last until modern times. Continent rumbles a bit fro time to time but has found his effort worthless so he too quiets. The two children parted, seeing each other as mere specks soon focus only on their side of Geadine. Hyma builds a prosperous and orderly society which long after his death remember even in disorder and famine the stability he had brought the inhabitants of Enid.
Amyh turns and teaches the people of Dega of love and art and selflessness. She married the tyrant Gourde their and eased the people's suffering's by teaching the tyrant compassion. The people remember her selflessness and sacrifice for them in their prayers at the end of their miserable days before going to bed.
Overall the main concept is the religion. i was watching dark ages on history channel. think the crusades. dark age midievil is wanted. nothing too shiny.
well you may represent either Enid or Dega, serve either Hyma or Amyh. military, civilians, politicians...all must not be monarchs here.
well you may represent either Enid or Dega, serve either Hyma or Amyh. military, civilians, politicians...all must not be monarchs here.
No GodModding
No single sentencing.
All post must be your best effort.
I'm not asking for you to post books, but decent detail is expected.
post unselfishly. think of the plot and how your post will interact with others for both the betterment of the rp and in relation to the continuance of the rp.
yes this is a remake. but i hope that it will fare better on es than it has before.


SincerWritinAsh / Meshil: Meshil brushed a strrand of dark hair from her face, looking out over the thatch temporary huts the forces were encamped in she nodded to herself. Ten thousand soldiers lay resting or standing alert at the river Geadine's side all in the name of saving a hundred thousand souls. She raised her arms in the dark night and cloSed her eyes, sending her praises to Hyma and the will of his campaign.
Kimishi / Souel: <what ednin and degna?>
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Vrael held his sword close as he watched the night sky. Stars had appeared, and he couldn't remember the last time he had seen such a beautiful night like this. For a quick moment, he thought he was dreaming.
He tried counting the endless bright stars as he leaned against his war tent. The army was preparing its men for battle, yet Vrael acted like he was eager for it. Most of his life he had been fighting, small battles, bandits, heretics, anything. He was used to it, and still he appeared calm before each battle. It was like war and death was a part of him. A part he hated, yet others admired.
Hyma was his leader, and he swore to put his life before him as one of his best fighters. Everyone had heard of Vrael Lythren, but his name meant nothing to him. Only what lied beyond death intrigued him. He was practically waiting for the one who would give him a good challenge.
Kimishi / Souel: Souel watched the soldiers, thousands covered the shores of Geadine. He let a small sigh escape his throat. Souel sat upon a small stone wall lining the shore, he had no concern for the battle, and thought it to be a bit pointless. There goddess Hyma, would she really want something like this to be happening?
Souel layed back staring up into the sky, the sky filled with stars as usual.
Jacoby / Tobias Jacoby: Taking a moment’s peace to gather his thoughts, Tobias reached a hand into his armour and lifted out a necklace. A scuffed silver pendant rested in his palm. It measured no more than two inches long and was in the image of a slim woman in flowing robes, an urn of water balanced atop her head. He pressed the cool metal against his lips and murmured, “In Amyh, I trust. Blessed be her name.” He rested the silver icon against his forehead for a moment before slipping the necklace safely back inside his armour. Before him, his sword's tip lay embedded in the soft earth. He pulled it free and resheathed it at his hip.
He turned and walked back into camp, his fellow warriors already settling down to eat and rest. He began walking amongst them and each man bowed his head in respect to Tobias as he stopped by each one and drew an invisible symbol above their heads.
It would take Tobias more than an hour to bless every member of his contingent in preparation for battle, but the fatigue that weighed him down meant nothing when compared to the service he provided of his Lady Amyh.
SincerWritinAsh / Meshil: Meshil turned away from her lofty balcony and entered her Spartan chamber. You might think that she as the high priestess of Hyma would have lavish furnishings and royal treatment yet even if suggested Meshil would have refused. A devout worshipper and sincere woman in general she found such things distracting and the saving of souls far more urgent then wine. She knelt down beside the low plank table where a pitcher of water and a slim crust of bread sat. She turned her eyes away form it despite the immense hunger she felt, she had not ate for two days due to her personal fast. She stood up ignoring the temptation to have a drink of the cool water and walked outside the front entrance door. She continued along the encampment, the torch lights highlighting the sand path.
SincerWritinAsh: (i know. ive been slightly busy lately...i have no clue where the others are)
Jacoby / Tobias Jacoby: Finished with his duties, Tobias walked a little away from camp, needing to be alone. Exhaustion weighed heavily upon him, yet he knew he wouldn’t be able to rest just yet – his brain was too active. He thought of the countless lives that would be lost in the oncoming battles, the useless bloodshed and violence for nothing more than a religious ideal. He believed wholeheartedly in his cause, and had an unshakeable faith in his own beliefs, but warfare and killing would never sit right with him.
He walked toward the quietly lapping water of the river Geadine, hoping that maybe it would settle his thoughts and calm him a little. Reaching the bank, he glanced to his left and saw a woman sitting quietly, her pale hair clearly visible in the moonlight.

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