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Roleplay - Frozen earth by Dimsin / Doom_Hammer

The earth has frozen over in a thick layer of ice. many have died and many die every day. The once flourishing land now is only visible in the caves that some have dug to get out of the cold. but even wood is rare. Many have begun to hunt the ice land for food and firs. many have resorted to being canables.

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dark ages
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Doom_Hammer / Dimsin: He stood on a iced rig that stood high above the main ice plane. as far as the eyes could see there was ice and snow. the sun reflected off every surface and was almost blinding he moved his hood to cover the light and began to make his way down the rig. He stopped for a moment and began to heat the ice with his glove to melt it into drinking water.
Doom_Hammer / Dimsin: He drank from the water he had melted then let go of the ice dropping into deep snow. he got up and brushed off and could see someone in the distance. He began to walk towards it. the light was still to strong for his eyes so he closed them moving off the sound of the snow.
Doom_Hammer / Dimsin: ((any one can join at any time just try and be active and this can be a great RP))
He seen the figure drop the the ground and he raced forward his strong legs hardly feeling the snow. He ran right up and knelt down to help her "are you ok?"
Doom_Hammer / Dimsin: "you wont remember my name if i tell you it now" He leaned her back and dripped a potion in her lips. it was one of his magic potions used to cure all types of illness. he could not afored to be sick so he always had plenty on him. Then a were beast tackled him and dug its teeth into his shoulder. He let out a bellow of pain as he pulled his large sword and swung for the beasts neck.
Doom_Hammer / Dimsin: He looked at the beast glad for his shoulder armer his arm was not ripped off. "i don't plan on going anywhere but back to my fox hole" That was what he called the ice caves people made. "there is a nice saber fang waiting to be cooked." He pointed the blade at the were. ((shit i have to work ill be back about 11 its 5 here now))
Doom_Hammer / Dimsin: He looked at them each in turn. "if food is what you seek then i see no reason to spill any more blood" He put his sword away and pulled on the strap of his shoulder plate to slow the bleeding. He walked over to the were girl and reached out and tied her shirt over her wound to slow here bleeding then looked at the other girl. "can you walk?"
Doom_Hammer / Dimsin: "same thing as everyone alive these days, just try and survive and look for the end of the ice." He moved his shoulder and it stung quite a bit.
Doom_Hammer / Dimsin: ((if the other does not post tomorrow we move on with the story))
"Dimsin is my name and you are?" He looked down at her.
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Doom_Hammer / Dimsin: He nodded "its best we get moving no telling what is watching us right now" He put his sword under his coat and looked at them to see if they were coming with him. His "fox hole" was not that far away he always stayed where he could quickly get to the highest ground.
Doom_Hammer / Dimsin: "good evening" he didn't draw his sword.
Doom_Hammer / Dimsin: "no harm dun." He looked down his fox hole "food is at the bottom" He jumped and they herd a faint "poofff" as he landed in the snow below and the click of his boots on rock as he got up.
Doom_Hammer / Dimsin: He dragged the rest of the meat out "im hopping this will last at least 3 days" He cut a peace and started to eat "but somehow i don't think it will"

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