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Roleplay - Kraethan, city of the doomed by Talkia / Ceasing End

Modern times, possibly slightly futuristic, but in a different Universe. Technology is at its boom. Everyone has a shaded past, whether or not it was in their lifetimes or that of their precedessors. Nobody is innocent. Innocence is but a myth in Kraethan. It lies between two tetonic plates, currently pulling away at each other. This means volcanic eruptions are not uncommon, as are earthquakes and landslides. Travellers flock to the place, and it welcomes them in by the thousands. Refugees seeking shelter, criminals in hiding, murderers lying low... It's like living in hell here. Even the most well-off places have their cons. Every race seeks their fortune here, every race does well. Not every member of that race does so, though. Children of the poverty-stricken are left out to starve. They have to resort to thieving. The average family of four in lower working class in Kraekan earns about 4 shillings weekly. Considering 4 shillings is roughly 28 cents, this isn't much, especially as the most basic, cheap food is eighty of them. Trouble lurks around every corner, a thief in every alley... The main problem is that if the busy tetonic plates move too suddenly, Kraekan is to be swallowed up into the molten core of the planet, along with the doomed residents, whose numbers reach over 9 million.

Roleplay Details

Every race is allowed. The main classes, where they are positioned and ratio of adults to children, are as follows:
- Class: Tramps, travellers, scavenging children, wanderers. Position: Gutters. Ratio: (Adults:children) 2:7
- Class: Lower working class. Position: Slum area. Ratio: 7:3
- Class: Middle working class. Position: Flats towards outer edge. Ratio: 2:1
- Class: Upper working class. Position: Towards the middle. Ratio: 3:2
- Class: Well-off non working. Position: Center. Ratio: 4:1
- Class: Presidential and related. Position: Just off center, in large landmark mansion. Ratio: 5:3
Okay, sorry if the class descriptions are too long... but this is my first city rp and I have no clue how to go about it! Okay, basic rules apply like no godmodding, no one-liners - at least seven sentences please... You should know by now anyway...


Ceasing End / Talkia: The moon rose, along with the nocturnal night workers. It was not quite full, and Talkia was grateful for it. Her black wings were folded against her back as she watched the pale yellow orb float gradually into the velvet black sky. The grogginess of daylight had evaporated. In replacement there came the alertness of night. Her wolf ears pinned against her head as someone shuffled down past the gutters where she, and a pack of starving children, slept. Her mist-white tail curled around her thighs, and her hands clasped together. She watched the form amble onwards. It appeared wounded. Talkia watched it go, then got up herself. Her worn black boot turned into fur as she transformed into her winged wolf form. She followed the stranger closely, her silky white hair reflecting the moon's rays. She raised her snout, sniffing this way and that. She'd lost him. Turning around, she found she'd also lost herself. She returned to her 'human' form, ears swivelling, channeling in every sound. The city silence was deafening.
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: Rin walked cautiously through the worse part of Kraethan. What started out as a little harmless exploration outside of the safety of center part of the city turned into a fearful search for a place that looked familiar. She hated to admit it but she was lost. What was worse, she had not completed her study of the transportation spell she was supposed to learn and was probably to panicked to use it. The black feline trotting along side her looked up at her, ready to her the words, "O.k. Haku. Turn to your gaurdian form and look for home." But Rin didn't want her parents to know she had left into the most dangerous parts of the city just because she was bored. "I can find my way alone, Haku." she told her gaurdian. "So just keep an eye out for danger and that's it. That's an order." A sigh escaped the lips of the cat. He had no choice but to obey. He was bound to this stubborn child.
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: (ready to "hear" the words)
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: Haku froze and began to hiss softly. Rin stopped and looked at him. "What's wrong, Haku?" she asked as his black fur prickled up on his back and his tail hung lower than usual. Rin glanced about her. She couldn't see what was causing him to act this way. "Stay close." hissed Haku. He had felt the presence of not just a vampire but another creature as well. Even if the center of the city had its share of strange people as well, Haku found he should trust this place less.
Narcissa: Violet tresses stuck to the side of a small girl's face. Her breaths were in pants and eyes were half lidded in exhaustion. How long has she been walking??
Narcissa's steps seemed tired and slow as her laced boots clacked along the dirty sidewalk. The girl held a pink doll to her chest, its mouth permanently gaped open. Few could tell that this doll was enchanted and could very well engage in conversation, which Narcissa was thankful for even if her friend wasn't the best personality-wise. He was one of the most powerful spells she had ever cast.
"Oki...maybe I...shouldn't have listened..." She slowed to a stop, wiping a black sleeve along her forehead before bending to rest on her knees.
Oki shifted his frozen face upwards. "You think?" The sarcasm was evident in his voice.
She was told there was an ancient amulet at the very center of the city, where the most earthquakes were, that could make even the weakest of witches into a full fledged sorceress...of course it was a certain classmate of hers who told her such a rumor, so it was more than likely a lie.
"Maybe if you weren't so naive, Nari, you would have known there's nothing in this city worth the dirt you're walking on...and put me down, already, I can walk!"
"Naive?" She repeated sadly, before widening her eyes. "But...you'll get dirty!" She pointed out, as if it were the most horrible thing she could do to her companion.
"You are hopeless." He grumbled.
Narcissa clenched him closer to her chest, suddenly feeling a close, powerful aura which sent a shiver up and down her spine and froze her to the spot.
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: "Hello there. Can you tell me the time?" Rin looked towards the person who had asked her the question. Before Rin could speak, Haku snarled something foul at the girl. "Haku!" scolded Rin. "I'm sorry! He's just a little jumpy, that's all." "Rin!" hissed Haku. "If you could just focus on the energy around this person, you'd realize she isn't human." Rin looked down at Haku. "I know she isn't." she said. "But You are here and I have nothing to worry about!" She glanced at the watch on her wrist before telling Senka the time. Haku kept his shining orbs on the vampire, wishing Rin would listen to him for once.
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: "I'm Rin." said Rin ignoring the low hissing that was continuing to flow from Haku's mouth. "I was just bored sitting at home so I decided to explore the city but..." She looked down at her shoes. "I'm lost..." In a quick moment, she put on a huge grin. "But finding my way back will be a fun challenge and I'm not bored anymore!" Haku stopped his hissing to let out a sigh. Hadn't this child's parents ever tell her not to talk to strangers? "More importantly, you're not supposed to tell everything about your self..." purred Haku to himself. "So... What are you doing around here?" asked Rin curiously.
Ceasing End / Talkia: Talkia sensed there were others. She went into wolf mode, desperate not to be found. But the scent of these people... They weren't from here, from the scummy areas. She was safe. For now. Remaining in wolf form as a caution, she approached the couple. She heard a cat hissing. This got louder as she got nearer. Her amber eyes narrowed. Scenting again, she knew these weren't ordinary people. Growing up in the gutters had its advantages. Most people weren't normal and you knew at once. A vampire... That was obvious... But the girl with the cat... The cat was not a proper cat. To check so, she let out one long, shrill howl which echoed and stirred fear in everyone's heart who didn't know her. Back at 'camp' in the gutters, one small child, another wolf morpher, woke up. She yawned, turned round, and went back to sleep. Talkia was always up and restless nowadays.
Talkia paused. Another bloodcurdling howl ran out through the streets. She was scared. There was something wrong... The leylines were much too active today, tonight. If this continued, she wouldn't live to see the next full moon. And nobody else would, either. They'd all be sizzled.
Talkia opened her jaws wide again. Another long, shrill howl came, but this time it was filled with urgency, that nobody could mistake. There was trouble.
Ceasing End / Talkia: The couple looked around frantically. Talkia stepped out of the shadows, her lean, strong form glinting in the dusky light. She snarled slightly, baring snow-white fangs. Haku hissed. Maybe he didn't think much of her, or maybe he didn't see her for what she was, but he lept onto her face, digging in his claws. She yelped, rearing up on her hinds and tossing her head frantically. Her wings spread, beating and trying to prise the black cat off her face. She finally succeeded. Growling menacingly at Haku, she turned human. Her wings folded up neatly behind her back and her fur vanished. In place, there was a pretty 16 year old girl, with moon white hair and amber eyes. She wore a simple, scruffy white dress and black Doctor Marten boots, which were scuffed and dirty but comfy. Her tail remained, as did her ears.
"Hello... Sorry to have disturbed you, but I had to go out tonight..."
Her words were whispered hoarsely. In the silence, every word was audible. Her eyes glowed. (( Got to go now, bye ))
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: Three loud howls nearby caused Rin to let out a small squeal. It had scared her and she reached for Haku. He wasn't where he was before. Black fur streaked past the vampire, not bothering to give her a little nip in the ankle as he past to remind her not to touch Rin, and leapt at the newcomer, hissing and snarling. he let his claws dig into the wolf's maw before leaping back again. "Haku!" shrieked Rin as haku began to lower on his haunches again, preparing for another strike. The wolf morphed into a more human like form. "Hello... Sorry to have disturbed you, but I had to go out tonight..." What the shifter had said made Rin let out a sigh of relief. "I'm sorry about Haku." apologized Rin. "We aren't really from around here." Haku shifted out of his pounce position. "I'm finding home now Rin!" he hissed as he began to walk back towards the girl. "But Haku!" whined Rin. She always whined. It was something she was good at.
Ceasing End / Talkia: Talkia looked at the cat, apparently named Haku, to the vampire, to Rin. Watching Haku carefully, she stepped forward extending a clawed slightly dirt-covered hand. Looking at the pair, she lowered it again.
"What brought you here?" she asked the pair. They definately wouldn't have come from the area. Rin's words just confirmed it. Her ears twitched, picking up the slightest sounds. She could sense pain and fear. Nowadays it was regular. She could hear Rin talking in the background, but she wasn't listening. She had a faraway look in her eyes. It may even be tommorrow, the full moon, she thought. That would be a catastrophe. Or maybe the clousds have been concealing the fullness and any minute now, I'm going to go werewolf. This was confirmed as the smog cleared and the full yellow moon was revealed.
"Run... Quickly!" she rasped. Fur was already sprouting along her back, up on her face, on her arms, her legs... Her dress stretched slightly and a moon-white, fully fledged werewolf stood before the pair.
"I... said... run! Quickly!" she growled.
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: Rin didn't know what to do. The wolf girl told her to run but she found that her legs wouldn't move. She was frozen in shocking horror to the spot. Haku hurried over to her in leaping steps. The first leap, paw touched firm ground. The second leap, black heavy boots thudded noisily against the cold floor. Haku, now in his other form, wrapped his arms around Rin. "She said move!" he hissed, a catlike air was still about him. His newly formed black wings spread out to their full wing span. Haku hated to grab Senka as well but he couldn't just leave her to be mauled by a werewolf. Sure, vampires can heal but it is still painful enough. He flapped his wings and rose into the air with both girls in his arms. Rin was clinging to his neck. "Too tight, Rin..." he gasped.
Ceasing End / Talkia: Talkia watched them go. The last of her self-control snapped like an elastic band. They, or one of them, would become her prey.
She ran into an alleyway, her mind no longer thinking, just acting upon instinct. She leapt at one one, propelling herself upwards and towards the other. She jumped like this up to the top, her long sharp claws holding onto the ledges. She growled. They might have got away. She clambered up over the edge, bounding in long strides to where they were standing before the moon had revealed itself as full. There they were. She supposed that with the vampire as well, Haku must have been held down a bit because of extra weight. She smelt them close. Looking down, she saw them slowly ascnding. They didn't know she was up here, waiting for them. And then, her patience snapped. Leaping off the edge, she almost landed on them. As fate may have it, she missed them by a foot, and then she fell, with nothing to parachute her fall. She landed fine, straight legged, then bending them into a crouch to lessen the impact on her knees. Then the clouds covered the moon. She slowly turned into something humaniod, fur fading until she lay there on the floor, unconcious. Becoming a werewolf was painful, but turning back took it all out of you. It was so painful, hair withdrawing back into skin, fangs lessening slightly, body shrinking... It was a nightmare being a werewolf, never mind not being able to wear silver.
Her wings finally sprouted from her back, and the wolf child who had woken earlier scuttled out towards her.
"Talkia... Talkia, it was full moon again, wasn't it? Wake up!" she demanded, now being by her side. Talkia grumbled, holding a hand to her head.
"Yes, it was full moon alright. God help me, next full moon is a blue one..." she muttered. Sitting up, she looked up to where she assumed the trio were. She got up, carrying the little one with her.
"Back to bed for you, miss," she chortled, having got over her short-lived headache. When the child was put to sleep, she sprang upwards. She flew almost effortlessly up the buildings. Landing where the trio now sat, talking, she humbled herself.
"I am sorry about that... I can't help what happens at the full moon... Thank your lucky stars it wasn't a blue one," she remarked. Her wings folded up, and she lowered her head in acknowlagement of an upper class. Mind you, she thought, I have to acknowlage everyone's class... 'Coz I'm at the bottom. She said nothing else.
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: "You mean..." said Rin shocked by Talkia's words. "You live here!? In this disgusting..." "Rin!" hissed Haku. This was no time for her to be rude. "It is alright." continued Haku. "We should not have been in your territory in the first place." He started to feel uneasy. He had a question he needed to ask. "I was watching from afar." said Haku glancing down at Rin to see if she would allow him to go on. She nodded. "That child... Does it live with you? In the gutters?" He was growing to pity this place more than fear it. Rin stayed sitting. She stared up at Talkia, feeling sad for the little one as well.
Ceasing End / Talkia: "Yes. There are many I take care of," she replied, "And I don't mind you being rude about this place. I used to have a high class... Then all this race discrimination takes place and I run away. It's instinct that made me take care of children. I suppose I felt pitied for them..."
Pausing, she looked at the pair. Pity was something she had felt, but it had never been felt for her. She glanced at the hazy shadow of the moon. Judging by the clouds, she wouldn't have to worry about becoming werewolf again until blue moon. She sat herself down.
"Do you mind if I sit here?" she asked tentatively, remembering what happened last time she sat without permission. Her claws had started shrinking. They were almost always the last to change back, but the first to lengthen.
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: Haku looked down at Rin for it was not him to decide. "We don't mind." she said quickly. "You can sit down." Haku took his seat between Senka and Rin. He was still very suspicious and he would not allow the vampire to get any closer to Rin.
"How many children live with you?" asked Rin. She could not imagine any child having to deal with cold and hunger. She had never experienced it herself so it never came to mind that there were children starving in the city and the world.
Haku, on the other hand, could imagine it. He had experienced many things before his gaurdianship to Rin and he had lived through terrible times. He liked to keep such memories buried deep in his mind. He sighed deeply before flesh became fur once more.
Ceasing End / Talkia: "Eight," she replied, monotonously. ((I think that's a word)) She gazed upward. There wasn't much to see but smog and cloud, and occasionally a faint hint of the moon. She pulled her gaze from the sky and settled it on Rin.
"Why did you come here...? Is this place interesting or something?" she asked, unable to keep a hint of hidden rage out her voice. She studied a shortened claw, waiting an answer. ((Have to go now, bye))
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: (later.) Rin felt a little frightened as she heard the hint of rage in Talkia's question. "Well..." She wasn't sure what to say. She did think this place fascinating and she was looking for a bit of fun. Haku had warned her that people wouldn't find this place as amusing as she did. "Well..." she said again but could say no more.
Haku watched her as she tried to explain. He waited for her to glance in his direction. Her eyes turned to him, begging him to explain. "We meant no harm in coming." said Haku. "We just wanted to look around since this part of the city is a mystery to us." Truthfully, it was all a mystery to Rin and it was her who wished to look about since she grew bored very, very easily.
Ceasing End / Talkia: Talkia's eyes softened slightly, for a mere half moment, then hardened again. She turned into a wolf, her sensative nose picking up trails that the werewolf had missed. It would either be tonight, or tomorrow. Her eyes ajusted, seeing what she suspected only she could see. Auras of personality, creature, mood... She could read an aura like a book. To her, it left out all the information she needed. She could only see auras at full moon, in wolf shape, but had still mastered it by hiding in dark alleys. She looked at the vampire. She hadn't known she was vampiric, but... now she knew. And there was something else... A malicious hint to a sugar-sweet mask.
Then she looked at Rin. Tilting her head slightly, she registered the information. And then Haku. She kept it all to herself. To the others, all Talkia was doing was looking at them thoroughly.
She morphed back, shaking her head to remove a moon-white strand. A loud cry startled her.
"I have to go. I think that's one of the cubs in trouble," she told them, before leaping off the edge toward the noise. She spread her wings to cushion her fall. She returned with the little girl in her arms.
"Talkia... Will they be back?" the small child asked. Talkia soothed her, growling soft words in Canine so that only they could understand.
She sat herself back down with the trio, and sat the girl on her lap.
"Sorry, there was a raid..." she explained. Seeing Rin's confusion, she added, "Where packs of hungry cubs try to steal another's food."
The small girl curled up. She too had moon white hair and amber eyes, wolfish ears and a white bushy tail.
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: Rin and Haku both looked down at the small child. Rin's eyes were filled with disbelief while Haku's held sorrow and understanding. Haku looked up at the older wolf. "What is your name?" he asked, knowing Rin would like to know as well.
Haku took a moment to glance about them. He was starting to accept this place more now. It reminded him of when he, himself, was young. There was a familiar feeling about this place that was fluttering around him even if this wasn't the exact place where he was raised. It was only... similar in some ways. He slowly returned to looking up at Talkia. Haku and Rin were anxious to learn more about her.
Ceasing End / Talkia: "I am Talkia, and this is Sialo," she replied. The child stirred, turning into a white winged wolf and curling up further. A sullen breeze lifted Talkia's hair playfully. She ignored it. Feeling Rin's and Haku's silent questioning, she added, "It wasn't on purpose. It just... happened."
She turned to Haku.
"You seem to be familiar with areas like this... I don't know how or why, but I can sense it. You know how it is down there."
Sialo sat up, itching her ear. When she had finished, she transformed back to her human form.
"Konnichiwa, watashi wa Sialo desu," she announced. Then, seeing Talkia's face, she translated.
"Hello, I am Sialo."
Then she snuggled into Talkia and closed her eyes.
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: Rin smiled softly at the little one. "Nice to meet you." she said watching the little curl up again.
Haku nodded slowly to Talkia. "I grew up in a place like this." When he had said this, Rin's eyes grew wide with wonder. "You never told me that!?" she said crossing her arms. "I like to keep it to myself." said Haku before turning his attention back to Talkia. "You must be very kind to watch over so many."
Rin stared at Haku. She never thought his life was similar to the ones who lived here in this... dump. He always seemed so well bred and royal to her. He didn't start off as a gaurdian, yes, but... Haku looked down at the ground. Rin wondered what he was thinking now.
Ceasing End / Talkia: Talkia watched the pair. When they met her gaze, they couldn't seem to hold it for long. When she spoke, it was about an unrelated subject.
"The ley lines... They're too busy. I have a feeling that the Big One is coming either today or tomorrow, depending on what time it is. I just thank the metaphorical anthropomorphic personificated being up there that here's way out the center," she sighed. A distant rumble shook all the weariness out of her.
"Sialo, wake up! We're going to get the others!" she barked urgently. The child woke up immediately, transforming and spreading her wings. There were more persistent shakings.
"Quickly, flee! The slum areas won't be too bad - nothing I haven't endured before! Now! Go!" she shouted at Rin and Haku.
She didn't look back as she leapt off the building toward the eight or so other children, all of whom were either winged cats or wolves. She barked out a warning in Canine, which all of them understood because she had taught them the language. They ran off, darting betwenn fleeing screaming people, toward the outer skirts.
Talkia ran to the camp. She quickly stuffed all their belongings in a scruffy, worn haversack and skidded off to where her secret supplies were hidden. A strong, but not at all bad compared to the ones to come, quake shook the ground beneath her. She failed to keep her grip and slipped. Getting up, she cursed, and ran off in a direction she knew would take her to her supplies quicker. She would fly back out with Rin, Haku and the children. She cmae to the large skip, and rummaged around in its smelly contents. She finally found it; a large plastic bag. She shouldered the haversack and the bag, and burst up into the sky. Another quake shook the buildings around her. She found Rin, Haku and the children all huddled up in a make-shift shelter.
"Here'll do. For now. It'll get worse, but at least we'll be relatively safe," she commented.
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: Rin was shaking in fear. It seemed like these quakes would keep getting worse and worse. She huddled close to Haku who was once again in his gaurdian form. Rin closed her eyes wondering how her mother and father were.
Haku looked at Talkia. "Are you sure we are safe for now?" he asked concerned about Rin's safety.
Ceasing End / Talkia: "For now, yes. I'll know when we need to move on," she replied. She checked all the cubs were there, counting and recounting. Then she opened the haversack and produced their belongings. They smiled, not scared at all.
"It'll be okay," one of the older ones told a concerned-looking five-year old. Talkia got up, stepping out of the shelter.
"Stay," she growled lowly. A more violent shake tripped her up, but she stood up, legs slightly apart to keep balanced. She glanced at the sky, checked the wind, smelt the air.
"We'll be safe for about half an hour," she remarked, haveing moved back into the shelter. She kept the plastic bag away from the children's sight, watching them carefully.
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: Rin squished closer into Haku's side. She was frightened but worried even more. She looked over at Talkia with fear in her eyes. "Talkia?" she said in a small voice. "Do... do you think everyone towards the center of the city is alright?" She had to know. She couldn't stand not to know. She waited for Talkia to answer and Haku looked down at the little children. He may have not been their gaurdian but he felt as if he had to keep an eye on them and make sure that they got out of this alright. They were very young, after all.
Ceasing End / Talkia: "They'll be ok if they know how to get out of the area quick enough," she told Rin. Sialo squealed as rain suddenly poured down. A lightning bolt flashed across the sky. The children watched it with awed silence. Thunder sounded almost immediately after. They curled up, using each other for warmth.
"It's coming quicker than I expected. We must move on," she warned. Sialo led the children further away from the center.
"Rin, Haku, go with them. I need to check if we're being tailed," she told them. She transformed into a wolf, leaping in swift agile bounds into the open. Human children who had made it this far screamed in fear. She growled. A man, armed with a radio-active-shot gun, aimed directly at her. She took a step forward, spreading out her wings. The people flinched, stepping back into the other people who had just arrived. The man fired. Talkia leapt up so she took the full blast of it. She fell to the floor, her body having an unearthly glow.
She got up. Now she was angry. The clouds parted slightly. Not caring that over a hundred people were watching, she jumped fiercely at the man, tearing at his neck with her teeth. Her claws scrabbled on armour. It wasn't that strong; her fangs pierced it. She beat him around, swinging him like a rag doll from her mouth. She eventually dropped him. Looking at the crowd with a meaningful glance, she howled once. Then she ran off to Rin and Haku and the rest, limping.
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: Rin shook terribly when she heard a gun shot break through the noises of thunder and screaming. Her feet were unable to move for a moment but Haku nudged her gently forward and she began to walk again. Rin was relieved to see Talkia but she then noticed she was limping slightly. "Talkia!" she yelled out running to her side. "Are you alright?"
Haku, who had been keeping on eye on the children as they walked, glanced over at Talkia. He tried to calm down the young ones who were worrying about her. Haku guessed that Talkia may have been where the gunshot originated. What happened!?" cried Rin and it only made the little ones worry more. "Will you be alright?" asked Haku. "If it is a burden to walk, I will carry you."
Thadrius Vonall / Major Thadrius VonAllen: Thadrius VonAllen, dubbed 'Colonel' by his men, was the commanding officer of a fanatic group of humans calling themselves "The Crusaders." They loathed anything and everything non-human, and terrorized certain areas of the city often. He often led these raids, brutally beating and sometimes killing non-humans they find. As far as they're concerned, the only thing worse than a non-human is a human who consorts with them. More often than not, people even suspected of acting with or around non-humans were so severely beaten they were unrecognizable. The Crusaders are a wide-spanning organization, with the underlying support of many City Councilmen, and thus easily avoid the little law enforcement there is in the city.
At the sound of the nearby shotgun blast, Colonel VonAllen turned abruptly, causing the five Crusaders behind him to hesitate as well. The Colonel tightened his grip on his Vibrosword, his preferred weapon, as his men readied their rifles and Vibroswords as well. He moved swiftly, showing his agility as he dodged down city streets, towards where he'd heard the sound. As he rounded a corner, he saw the man who'd been attacked, his blood pooling in the street, and the Colonel knew he was close.
"Flank sides, two right, two left, the rest with me." He said in his cold, emotionless voice, shoving a small peasant woman out of his way as he moved forward and his men began to split up.
Anime_Elfling: Haku's wings unfolded then refolded. He felt something was wrong. There was an uneasy feeling fluttering around the city now. He felt the presence of danger. He glanced around cautiously. There was nothing threatening around... yet. He kept his eyes open for anything that might cause harm to Rin or Talkia or even the children around him. He looked back at Talkia wondering if she would accept his offer.
Rin noticed Haku's wings folding and unfolding. It was always a sign that something was bothering. She looked around herself but couldn't see anything that would cause Haku to act in such a way. Maybe the threat was still some ways off? She pushed the thought out of her mind and focused on Talkia once more.
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: (oops. forgot to log in as Rin and Haku.)
Ceasing End / Talkia: Talkia transformed. Blood trickled down her left thigh but she ignored it. Her wings beat, but she went nowhere.
"Gonna have to run," she muttered to herself. She barked to the children. They too transformed and ran with her, bounding into the air and flying at the last moment. Another tremor shook her off-balance.
"Rin, Haku, either run or fly! It's coming soon!" she yelled desperately. She turned a corner, and found herself back where she had come. A squad of angry-looking official people confronted her. She limped off, her wings heavy. Then the wisp of cloud that was shielding the moon was blown away. She became a werewolf. Seeing as the nearest living creatures were the squad, she turned her wrath on them. Leaping at one, she snarled. She aimed for the neck, the weakest part of a human she knew. But it was armoured. She tore at his face with her claws. It made no difference. Possibly thwarted, she turned tail. But a male voice called something, and the person she had attacked, plus more, ran forward with blades in their hands. She howled in pain as one thwacked against her injured thigh. She attempted to run, her leg stained red in blood. She took strength from the sight of the children, all as miniature werewolves, charging toward her. They barked in Canine. She didn't understand. She was drowsy... So very drowsy... And she slept.
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: Haku couldn't leave Talkia or the young ones to face the danger alone. He set Rin down in a place that was well away from the danger and possibly safe. She looked into the girl's fearful eyes and she nodded in understanding. "You are protected me even if you are away from my sight." she whispered. Those simple words gave him permission to leave her for the time being and to come to Talkia's aide. He flew down next to her and pulled her up over his shoulder. "Young ones!" he called hoping they would listen to him. As werewolves he knew it would be hard for him to lead them out of harm's way without getting attacked himself. He also found that he could not take Talkia, even if she was out cold, to where Rin was. If Talkia awoke with the moon still visible... Haku was afraid to even think of it. While he was lost at a crossroad, the men seemed to be advancing on the young ones. Setting Talkia back down, he drew his spear and pointed it towards the squad. He decided it would be best to help the young ones while staying out of their way. What else could he do at this time?
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: (*He looked into the girl's fearful eyes)
Ceasing End / Talkia: Talkia stirred, her werewolf form turning back wolf. She put a white paw to her face, groaning. She knew that if she stayed like this, her destructivity wouldn't kick in. Her wounds had congealed but they were sore. She got up wearily, shaking herself and limping off towards younger ones. Sialo was visible biting somebody's arm. Good girl, she thought. Then she made herself transform into a werewolf, keeping her sanity with her. She ran on all fours to the squad. She wasn't happy.
Leaping at the nearest person, she bit hard, crushing his wrist. She gave him a glancing blow to the head with her paws. Now she had no instincts, she was more controlled. She growled, lunging forward to the neck. She bit and ground at his neck, trying to deter him from attacking them. She jumped and darted around the squad, tripping as a more powerful tremor thundered and shook the ground. She growled again, getting up. She barked a command in Canine, running off with the children, who had now transformed into wolves or cats. They ran, wheeling around uncertainly. U til the moon was again covered by cloud, they were unsafe.
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: Haku gave one last jab at a nearby soldier before heading into the skies. He had to return to Rin now and make sure she was safe. Talkia and the young were doing fine without his help and he couldn't keep Rin waiting forever.
Rin sat where Haku had left her. "What's taking him so long?" she asked herself. She wondered if Talkia was alright and out of harm's way. She also wished Haku would return soon. Being alone right now was frightening for a young thirteen year old girl. She gathered her legs up to her chest and laid her chin on her knees.
Haku pulled into sight and Rin was happy that he had returned at last. He landed by her. "Where are the others?" she asked. "In werewolf form." said Haku. "They are trying to steer clear of hurting anyone." Rin stood slowly, wondering if this would end in a good or bad way.
Ceasing End / Talkia: Finally, the storm clouds shrouded the yellow orb, which was quickly falling. Already, along the horizon there was a faint yellow glow. The day was beginning. She'd missed howling at the moon with the little ones, but they'd have more worrying thinks to think about. She tranformed, her white hair swirling around her as she did so. The children followed her example. Then came the problem of finding them all again. An enormous tremor shook the streets. Buildings started to collapse. Roads cracked. Dust got into everyone's lungs. Spluttering and swearing, she emerged from the dust clouds, alone. Alone. She hated the word. It hung in the grimy atmosphere like a knife stuck in the fabrics of a thickened time.
The children - what had happened to them? The ground still shook, but not as violently. She howled once. No reply. Again. Nothing. One last try. A faint wail could be heard. She ran off towards them, her wings shielding her face from the dust which tore at her. She barked. Muffled replies came. She was getting closer. She barked again, loudly. Locating them wasn't too hard once the dust clouds had cleared. One girl, one of the older ones, had been trapped under falling lumps of concrete. The others were fine. After twenty minutes of shunting, the girl was free. She was unconscious and barely breathing. Now would be a good time to find Rin and Haku.
She howled loudly, the others joining in. The conscious ones followed her as she carried the crushed girl to where she thought Rin and Haku may be.
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: The tremor had thrown them balance. Buildings were started to crumble as the tremors were too strong for them. Haku had shielded Rin from the falling rubble but was now covered in a variety of cuts. At least Rin was safe.
Howling some ways away told Haku that Talkia and the others were looking for them. He picked up Rin and flew off in the direction he had heard the howling. When he came to where they were, he slowly descended. "Are you all fine?" he asked letting Rin climb out of his arms.
Ceasing End / Talkia: "All fine apart from Lurenithi. She might make it, but I doubt it. That concrete was heavy. Took all of us to lift it..." she muttered. She then lowered the girl to the floor and wiped the smear of blood from her face. She checked for a pulse, checked the breathing. When she looked up, her eyes were glazed with tears.
"Gone," she said, her voice choked. The children sat, accepting it all. What they didn't understand was beyond them. They knew not to grieve. She had taught them that.
She picked up the body. Leaping into the air, her previously paralyzed wings spread out, shooting her up into the sky. When she had come back down, there was nothing. The child's atoms had been demolished. And then she let them cry. They all sat, faces up to the sky. They howled. If somebody had been watching them, then they would have said it sounded like the wailing lament of a coyote who had lost their cubs to a freak accident.
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: Rin and Haku both stared up at the sky. The poor little creature couldn't make it. Rin now wanted to get out of this place. There was so much happening that she had never before experienced and it frightened her greatly. She clung onto Haku who shifted his gaze on the sad pack of wolves before him. Death was nothing new to him. "We should get moving." he said looking directly at Talkia. "It is not safe to linger about here."
Ceasing End / Talkia: "You're right," she replied. Having shed her tears, she was determined not to let any of the others down. She got up, helping up the other seven children. She looked at Rin, then at Haku.
"Maybe it should be your decision as to where to go next. All my ways seem to have beckfired," she said simply. Her wings folded, and she glanced up to the horizon. She could make out the sun... Any minute now...
The sun rose, setting golden streams through the torn city. But the worst was yet to come.
Ceasing End / Talkia: (( Backfired*))
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: "If I had the choice, I'd say we should leave the city." said Haku crossing his arms and Rin looked up at him. "But Mother and Father!" she cried. "I'm sure they will be alright." Haku assured her. "What do you propose we do?" Rin looked away from Haku and towards the children. It might be hard to leave after all this. There would probably be rock everywhere. She looked back at Haku. "If it would be safe." Haku nodded. "How about it, Talkia?" asked Haku turning to the wolf. "Do you think we could make it out of Kraethan?"
Ceasing End / Talkia: "I hope so. All our suffering seems to originate from here," she said sincerely. She seemed to be recovering quickly from her younger sister's death. The plastic bag and the haversack had reappeared. She looked a lot stronger now, due to the coming of the day.
"I think we'll make it. That big earthquake isn't due for a small while. I think it's safe enough to say we can get out alive, at least into the slum areas."
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: "Alright." said Haku. "Then that will be our plan." Rin looked towards the center of the city. She was thinking of everyone in that area. Haku noticed her look and gave her a smile. "It will all be fine." he said. "Trust me." He started to walk away from the center, towards the edges of the city and possibly the exit. "We should go now." Rin followed closely behind Haku. She was glad he was there with her.
Ceasing End / Talkia: Dawn had cracked. They'd been walking for about half an hour, but already the children were complaining.
"Talkia, why are we going?" a smaller one commented. She ignored them. It was difficult to do but she felt one of her headaches coming on. Sialo noticed her frown and padded along silently beside her.
"Ma, I know you have a headache but you must answer their questions," she told Talkia quietly.
"I know, I know, but there's a long way to go and I need them to see we have no choice. They can see what's happening all around them," came a sullen reply. Her Docter Martens thumped hollowly on the dusty cracked ground, becoming even more scuffed and worn. They were all covered in dirt and cuts and bruises. Their clothes were torn and grimy. They carried on going. By the time they stopped for a rest, the air was slightly cleaner. There were more houses, but less C02 emissions due to lack of cars, fires and general electricity. It smelt, but it was better for your lungs than carbon.
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: Rin's feet hurt and she was exhausted. She didn't like this at all but complaining would probably make matters worse. She could tell that the children felt the same way as her. She reached out her hand and tugged on Haku's wing a bit. He looked at her. "How much longer?" she asked as they stopped for a rest. "Until we are out of this god forsaken place." was his answer.
Rin sighed. She was still worried about her parents and her friends. She wasn't used to going this long without seeing their faces. She also wasn't used to looking or feeling the way she did right now. Her clothes were dirty and torn, Her face was covered in scratches, and, more importantly, her stomach growled from hunger.
Haku didn't even look much like a gaurdian anymore. His clothes were just as torn as hers. Rin just hoped that they could make it out of this safe.
Ceasing End / Talkia: Talkia transformed. She was tired, but wolf form conserved more energy for some odd reason. She sniffed the air. It reeked. She put a paw over her nose, then thought better of it. She faced the awful scent. Beneath it, she could sense something else. Whatever it was, it left traces in the air. She lifted her nose again, sniffing at a butterfly, which looked bedraggled and lost. It seemed to say to her, 'Eat me. Go on, there's a good doggy.'
She blew at it indignantly. She barked, then followed Rin and Haku. She could tell they were tired. Everyone was. But they had to keep on going, no matter what happened. If she lost another pack member, which she now doubted, then so be it. But this was important. A weak trembling shook them slightly. A few miles towards the center, cars were driven off-course. She suddenly ran past them, managing to hurtle into a ditch. She whined pitifully. It hadn't been too smelly, but she now stank even more.
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: Haku ran forward and pulled her gently from the ditch. "Are you alright?" asked Haku setting her upright. "You aren't hurt are you?"
Rin stayed with the children. Another small shake made her look back towards the center of the city. She slowly let her eyes drift back to Haku and Talkia.
"Why did you dart?" asked Rin curiously. She wondered if the tremble had frightened her but that couldn't have been possible.
Ceasing End / Talkia: Talkia tilted her head.
"I'm fine," she replied, surprised at the human voice that was emitting from her wolfish vocal chords.
"I suppose I just... Panicked. The big one is coming in less than an hour. I can feel it."
She wiped a smear of mud off her snout using a patch of sorry-looking grass, then got up. Shaking herself off, she added, "We'd better get going."
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: Haku nodded. "That is wise." he said before walking forward again. He looked back only to make sure the others followed but he looked back for nothing more.
Rin ran up beside him and wrapped her arms around his arm. She didn't like the smell of this place. She felt like she was leaving a piece of her behind the farther she moved away from her home in the city's center.
Ceasing End / Talkia: She trotted on behind the pair. Rin didn't look happy. The children were grumbling. She fell back a bit.
"I'm sorry children. There is no time to rest. But perhaps you can take it in turns to ride? That way you will all get a short period of rest for your feet," she suggested. Sialo trotted alongside her, also in wolf form. Together, between them, they carried the pack in either cat form or wolf pup form. She was tired, and so was Sialo, but they managed to keep going on. She panted heavily. They hadn't drunk for about three hours. They ought to be okay, if only some place had it.
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: Rin looked behind her. "We should rest, Haku." she said to her gaurdian. "There is no time to." he said continued on. Rin looked back at him. His eyes looked tired. "But everyone is exhausted." she whined tugging at his arm. "Better that than worse." he said before adding, "You wouldn't want us to stop if it put us in danger, would you?" Rin shook her head. That was the end of the argument. There was no stopping and it would probably be for the best.
Ceasing End / Talkia: They continued for about twenty minutes before the thick housing started to thicken. Children even filthier than Talkia's pack raomed the streets. Packets of food lay trodden on, ruined. An open sewer ran through the streets. Talkia went over to sniff the contents. She wrinkled her nose. Not clean - at all.
"We are mostly safe now. Unless the Big One is bigger than estimated, which I daresay it is, we can rest. It would wreak havoc even here, in one of the poorest areas," she told them. Her lean muscular body was tiring, but she didn't want to show it. She carried on regardless.
"It's okay if you're tired, Rin. We can stop sometime soon. Hopefully by clean water," she added.
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: Rin nodded. She was very tired and was eager to stop and rest.
They moved along a little further until they stopped to rest. Haku had looked around but he didn't see any fresh water around. Rin had already collapsed where she stood so there was no way they would be able to continue moving anytime soon. He was worn out as well and a good rest sounded good.
Ceasing End / Talkia: Talkia transformed again, using what little energy she had to open the plastic bag. In there was a bottle of water. It was clearer than even tap water.
"I didn't want to use this," she muttered quietly. But she dranka gulp, then let the younger ones have no more than a mouthful themselves. She closed her eyes, resting peacefully. A horrific tremor woke her up half an hour later.
"It's coming," she said.
(( Have to go now, will be back tomorrow ))
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: Rin had fallen asleep with Haku curled up near her in cat form. The jolt of the ground caused him to leap to his feet and assume his gaurdian form. He looked at Talkia. "Is it a great one?" he asked. "Will we have to continue on?"
Rin was a bit frightened by the tremor that woke her. She hoped they would not have to start moving again. She was still a little tired. She stood up and looked at Talkia, wondering if they would be safe her or not.
Ceasing End / Talkia: "We must keep going - it's stronger than I thought - we'll be crushed otherwise -" Talkia shouted. The noise was deafening. People were screaming even here. She had to pause to catch her breath. She picked up three of the smaller ones. The other four stood up. She looked around. They wouldn't be able to step in this havoc, let alone run.
"We may have to fly!" she yelled, above the immense volume of sheer terror. She propelled herself into the air, wings beating heavily. The air currents were heavy and so she could not glide effortlessly like she normally would do. She'd have to flap continuously to keep aflight. That didn't bother her now. All that mattered was keeping alive and getting out of this place alive.
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: Haku scooped up Rin and held her in his arms. She wrapped her arms around his neck as he flapped his wings to rise up into the air. He made sure all the little ones were in the air then he turned his gaze towards Talkia. Rin was hugging his neck tightly but she wasn't choking him so he was fine with it. All that mattered to him was getting her to safety and hanging here in the air wasn't the best idea. He started to fly towards the city's border with Talkia and the young ones. The wind currents weren't making it easy for him but it wasn't too hard. He was determined to get Rin out of this city and a little wind wasn't going to stop him.
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: (I won't be on from this friday to thursday. Just so you know.)
Ceasing End / Talkia: The smallest children were small cats or wolves, clinging onto Talkia for dear life. One slipped, and she'd had to swerve and dive down to retrieve him. Then there was the trick of getting back up to height. Eventually, she managed it. The earthquake, the Big One, was beginning. It was terrible. Talkia just wanted to close her ears and sleep, oblivious to what was happening.
"We're - getting - there..." she yelled to the children, trying to keep their morales up. To be honest, she hadn't a clue.
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: Haku didn't want to look back. He could already hear the damage the massive quake was causing. He did not want to lay his eyes upon the destruction that was taking place. Rin kept her face buried in Haku's shoulder and the gaurdian knew that she did not want to look at the disaster behind them either. It was only good to keep looking forward. It was best to keep on heading towards safety and to leave the disastrious city behind them. He glanced over at Talkia who had the smaller children among her. "If you need help carrying them, just say the word." he said looking straight ahead once more.
Ceasing End / Talkia: Talkia braced herself against sudden winds. She called the children up behind her, so they wouldn't get so much of it. She pushed forwards with her wings, beating them so she could get somewhere.
"I'll be okay!" she replied to Haku. She started to use her reserve energy up, in an attempt to speed up. It succeeded, but she found herself out of breath. She carried on regardless. Screaming terrorised her ear drums. Even though they were a good twelve miles from the center, it was still extreme. The winds were giving way, now, and Talkia silently thanked the wind goddess for it.
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: Rin couldn't help but feel fearful about those in the center of the city. Her eyes were closed and she squished herself extremely close to Haku but she could picture the destruction in her mind along with a group of horrible thoughts. "Everything's fine. Everything's fine." she muttered continuously to herself. The truth was, she was doubting her own words.
Haku was happy that the winds had decided to decrease their fierceness. The flying had become easier but that didn't stop him from feeling exhausted. He was very tired and he was sure that everyone else felt the same way.
Ceasing End / Talkia: Talkia spotted the horizon change. Instead of smelly slum, trees... and grass! Having had to live in alleys and gutters all their lives, the children would be ecstatic to see plants. She soldiered on. She flew slightly closer to Rin and Haku.
"Look out to the horizon," she muttered, keeping a watchful eye on the cubs in case they flew too far down. She swooped tactfully to retrieve one who had, then brought her back up and let her loose again. The grass... it was getting slowly closer. Far below, the screams worsened as the plates became even more active. Cracks split the surface, swallowing up people, houses, animals... Talkia couldn't bear to listen. She just wanted to get down there and save as many of them as possible. But that motherly ache inside her was to be ignored, especially in a crisis like this.
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: Haku looked out and he saw it. The beautiful trees and the green grass. The air started to smell fresh; better than it had been in the city. He let out a sigh of relief. They were going to make it.
He tried to keep his mind on what was ahead and away from the dying ones below. It was a little bit easier to do, being a gaurdian. Even if he still ached to hear them scream, he knew he was there for mainly one person. If she was fine, that was all that mattered at the moment.
Rin could feel tears creep into her eyes and race down her cheeks. The screams seemed to be growing louder and louder in her ears. They were all terrified and dying while she was getting away safe. And what of her parents in the center? What had happened to them? "Haku..."said Rin with a shaky voice. "Please...turn back..."
Haku was shocked when he heard those words. "We can't Rin!" he said. "It is dangerous back there and I can't put you back into it!" The tears fell down her cheeks faster. She couldn't command him to go against the gaurdian code.
Ceasing End / Talkia: Talkia could sense Rin's pain. She herself had no love of her parents, probably due to the fact they had tried to kill her off before she was born. Thankfully, to her, the attempt failed, and although she was tainted and treated badly, she survived.
"Rin... It'll all be okay. I don't know how I know, but I just do..." she confided as quietly as possible. The ground split further. The cubs were daring each other to fly down as close as possible to the fissure. She scolded them thoroughly, having dived down to them, and warned them of the dangers. The grass was getting closer... Talkia could almost taste the fresher air.
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: Rin didn't know if she should believe that or not. How could everything be alright if the ground was splitting and people were running around in fear!? She did relax just a little bit though.
Haku kept his eyes on the grass ahead. They were getting so close now. He could feel Rin relax a bit. "It seems we are almost to safety." said Haku to Talkia.
Ceasing End / Talkia: "Yes... There will be obstacles, but the city is so large, the shockwaves... They will be felt all over the world, probabaly. It seems harsh not to worry... But they will be okay," she replied. She glanced back, to check on the two stragglers. A sudden collapse of the tall silhouttes that used to be the world's tallest buildings told her they ought to get a move on.
"I don't mean to worry you... but the center's collapsing..." she added onto her previous remark.

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