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Roleplay - Blood Rose by Blood / the heartless

From the creation of vampires. What is to become of them? Will their numbers grow until they dominate the world? Who knows, but as they grow, so do the number of victims. They are becoming a real nucients to humanity, not only that, some have acquired the taste for vampiric blood, and some just want to kill their own to be the best. Who knows, but as they grow, the thorns begin to show, the blood stands out, and the rose grows.

Roleplay Details

Be liderate, you know how to write, use " and other stuff....ummmm.....Don't be a bitch, oh well go ahead be a bitch. Ya its modern time.....cell phones and guns and shit, don't get me wrong you can still use swords.


the heartless / Serbian: He was just a kid, thirteen, his birthday in a few days. He was sitting outside against a rock. He was reading a book. It was black with a rose on the cover. He looked over expecting to see Rast and sighed in releif when he didn't see his brother. He looked back down to the pages. He sat back against the rock and kept reading. He was quiet and read silently, he kept a small guard up hoping his brother would not show.
Adacia / Crystal Gaze: Crystal walked the streets in search of food. She hadnt eaten in weeks, she had been too occupied fighting. The tips of her fangs showed from under her top lip. Her Crystal Blue eyes scanned the area around her.
It was pitch black apart from a patch of light from a street light every now and again...which she avoided. She had senseitve eyes.
Her hands were deep in her trench coat pockets, her footsteps were silent even though she wore heavy boots, with metal plating on the back and front.
Adacia / Crystal Gaze: she stops a few feet away from a pair of kids fighting. she smiles slightly, it was the most entertainment she had seen for a while.
her eyes glinted when see saw one pull out a knife...
Adacia / Crystal Gaze: she sensed another vamyre but it only lasted for a second.
'hmm..' she looked around now keeping a close eye out, vampyres now a days were starting to turn against each other, she couldnt be too careful.
the heartless / Serbian: The blade stabbed into his arm. He looked at Rast smirking triumphetly, "Remember what Blood said! That your cursed with Xanic's blood, well you know what happens now." He pulled the knife out and put his hand over the wound. Trying to keep the aroma from seeping into the air. His blood would drive blood suckers mad. "Bitch..." He ran at rast and lundged the knife at him only Rast hit his arm away and threw a fist right on his knose sending him back down to the ground. Rast smirked and said "Hope you die." Serbian watched as his older brother walked away laughing.
Adacia / Crystal Gaze: she carried on walking towards where the boys fought. she stopped right next to them and looked down at them. her face was hidden by the shadow of her hat, but her eyes glinted every now and again.
she didnt say a word but just looked at the two boys...
Adacia / Crystal Gaze: She Naaru, she brought out one of her arms and swung it at him hitting him straight in the face.
'back off...i was here first' her voice a whisper but loud enough for him to hear.
she grabbed the boy that was bleeding and looked at his wound.
Adacia / Crystal Gaze: she looked at meg not really sure what she was...she seemed...nice.
she growled softly, she didnt like nice.
she looked back at the boy he held in her hand, the blood had dripped onto her hand.
Adacia / Crystal Gaze: she looked him straight in the eye
'i wouldnt try that trick on me...'
her crystal blue eyes flashed Black for a second, she looked away from him.
Adacia / Crystal Gaze: she looked at the laughing boy.
'you want your brother dead?...now that isnt nice' she smiled slyly at him.
she threw the bleeding boy at Naaru.
'Eat you eager fool' she said with no emotion
She turned her attention back to the other brother.
'your pretty mean to your brother arent you'
Adacia / Crystal Gaze: 'hmm...' that was interesting.
she walked over to the bleeding boy once more and picked him up so he dangled helplessly from her hand.
'Naaru you want him or not' she said looking at him.
Megsrus aka Meg: "I must agree with you there," she said also glancing at the brother. "Well looks like we have a bit of a predicament."
fallen_angl_2 / Sosha: Sosha had watched the events unfold a few stories up on the nearest building. She jumped from her perch landing in the middle of the madness. “Now now why must we fight. Cant we all just…. Get along?” she spoke softly eyeing each being before backing up to the boy. Who had fallen to the ground when she jumped in. She leaned down grabbing him up by his collar. Not letting her gaze drop from the others. When the boy was standing next to her she glanced over to him smiling softly. She could feel the hate as the others watched her every movement. She loved this sort of rush. She gave each a cocky smile and bowing out of respect. “Now we shall be on our way. Say good bye boy.” she spoke pulling him by his arm through the crowed.
the heartless / Serbian: He kicked her in the stomached and dropped and ran towards Rast "Bitch!" Has he ran he stopped relising something. "Oh fuck...." He looked at the cut and relised it opened abit and the cloth he had on it came off. The sent filled the air, making anything that smelt it other than him and Rast go nuts for it. He quickly put his hand on the cut looking back at the others.
Megsrus aka Meg: Meg sighed, "I feel like I'm in some bad sitcom on tv. I swear I wouldn't be surprised to find hidden cameras."
Adacia / Crystal Gaze: she took the blow to the stomach without moving.
she laughed 'fiesty pair arent they...this should be fun, though im not in the mood for fighting my food'
she carried on walking down the street, that had been an odd situation. that young boy...she hadnt seen that before. well you learn something new everyday.
Megsrus aka Meg: (add)
"What a choice figuring out one boy or draining the other. Why do these things always seem to happen to me."
the heartless / Serbian: As everyone talked he was running. He looked back thankfuly seeing no one following him. He wrapped the cut tight and ran down the road. He wanted to get to his friend's house before they went after him. He looked back and tripped. "OH shit.* he skint his arms and legs. He stood up "Today, is not my fuckin day."
Adacia / Crystal Gaze: She pulled a sword from her hip and twirled it around in her hand as she walked. She was going to eat today, had to to keep her strength up...
she looked around not spotting anyone else around apart from the group she had just walked away from.
Megsrus aka Meg: Meg decided to handle this in the best was she knew. She would just have to keep a close eye on these two. Besides there was a party going on down by a creek near by. Lots of teenagers and alchohol not a friendly mixture. She silenty disappeared between the trees.
Adacia / Crystal Gaze: she chuckled as she saw the boy trip.
'nope it certainly is not your day' she kept walking not bothering to go after him even though she could smell the blood.
Megsrus aka Meg: Meg leaned against a large oak tree just above the creek bed. She had been right, there was a fight going on with plenty of blood. She licked her lips at the thought of how easy it had been. "Of course it was," she muttered, "I am after all the best."
fallen_angl_2 / Sosha: “Calm down small one. I will not allow them to harm you.” she spoke kneeling down to him. She saw the other out of the corner of her eyes. She hissed at her as she walked by. Then she turned her attention to the boy. Her harden eyes softened as she looked at the blood seeping through his clothing. ’Now lets take a look at that.” She spoke softly taking his hand away from the cuts. She gave out a sigh sitting up looking the boy in his fearful eyes. Sosha stuck a slender finger in her mouth and whipped the drying blood from his arm. As soon as her fingers touched the wounds the healed instantly with nothing more than scares to remain. “There all better now.” She spoke smiling softly at him. He still looked a bit troubled as he nodded. “I am Sosha by the way. For give me of my rudeness.” she spoke rising to her feet and extending a hand to help him up.
Megsrus aka Meg: A sudden chill crept down Meg's spine.She looked up to see the boy just barely seen between the trees. That woman was with him. Who was she and who was he? Meg had a feeling this was far from over.
the heartless / Serbian: He looked at her..."What the fuck..." He got up and looked at her. "Ya....I'm Serbian...uh thanks." He looked around. He always had his guard up, he had a hint of mind that she was trying to trick him. "So..." He turned around and started walking kinda paranoid.
Adacia / Crystal Gaze: she rolled her eyes as some random woman with the little boy hissed at her.
She was not enjoying this day, she still hadnt eaten and everything kept being interupted she was going to lose her patience soon.
Megsrus aka Meg: "I agree Naaru, but what I wondering about is who the hell is she. I mean she pops up out of nowhere like some guardian angel," she shook her head in disgust.
Adacia / Crystal Gaze: 'never really liked guardian angels myself think they are better than everyone' she too appeared beside meg and Naaru.
'what a day this is turning out to be'
Adacia / Crystal Gaze: she looked at Naaru
'what....if im going to have to fight this thing i want to know what it is...'
this was werid.
Megsrus aka Meg: "Agreed we have a right to know," she said glancing at Naaru. "Besides personally I hate not knowing the going ons around here."
Megsrus aka Meg: "Just what we need killer vamps and killer kids. When will anything good happen to us."
Megsrus aka Meg: "Wait you know how to defeat him..." she left off deep in thought. It was crazy, just crazy enough to work.
Megsrus aka Meg: "Listen the way I see it we got two choices. One we just wait around for him to realize what he is and come after us. Or two we fight back. Personally I'm leaning toward number two."
Megsrus aka Meg: She glanced down and nodded," Be back in a flash." She quickly disappeared into the foliage.
Megsrus aka Meg: Meg ran as fast as she could. There was only one way to get the blood in time and she was going to need something sharp.
Megsrus aka Meg: The construction site suddenly came into view. Meg picked up a sharp piece of glass and quickly ran back.
Megsrus aka Meg: When she reached the place Naaru was going and fast. "Hold on a bit longer," she mumbled.
Megsrus aka Meg: (might be a good place to show some action lol)
Megsrus aka Meg: Meg took out the glass and in one swip cut herself. The blood slowly trickled out as she held up Naaru's head and forced his mouth open. Her blood slowly trickled into his mouth and Meg just had to hope this would work.
Megsrus aka Meg: "Agreed," she said wrapping some cloth around her cut. She put out her hand to help Naaru up.
Megsrus aka Meg: (ok I got to go to. I'll be gone about a week for vacation. Just carry on and don't make me look dumb.:) )
fallen_angl_2 / Sosha: Sosha watched as Serbian ran nervously in the opposite direction. She looked around to see if any other beings were around before turning around. She pulled her dark cloak over her head and jolted off into the darkness of an ally. She found a few beer crates stacked up along the side and took a seat. Sosha then leaned back letting her head rest ageist the wall. Her long lashes closed and she began to chant under her breath. “Master the boy is safe but he is in grave danger. I feel as if a few he encountered today may know of his secret. Do you wish me to follow him or bring him to you?” She spoke up into the darkness. A few seconds went by and a gust of wind blew through the ally. Knocking over a few beer bottles and garbage that lay on the other crates. “FOLLOW THE BOY, PROTECT HIM AT ALL MEANS. REMIMBER YOUR LIFE IS ON THE LINE.” a voice hissed through the wind. She opened her eyes to two glowing red eyes. “As you wish Master.” She spoke as she jumped off the crate and walked out of the ally. Sosha could feel his presents but didn’t want to alarm him anymore than he had been already. “Hey Serbian wait up.” She called as she ran next to him. Her hills making soft tapps as she did. “You know with your luck tonight I don’t thank you need to be running through the ally ways this time of night. Expsh. with your new friends as hungry as they were.” She spoke with a smile.
the heartless / Serbian: "Please, those loosers." He smirked abit "I've been in worse situtations. "Being who I am, this is kinda an ordinery day, unlucky." He laughed abit. He looked around, "So....why are you following me....."
fallen_angl_2 / Sosha: Sosha stopped walking and turned to him. A smile stretched across her face. “Ah you seem as if you could use a hand.” she spoke her voice very low and soft. The look on his face she knew he didn’t quit believe her. She looked up and gave a soft sigh. “And … I have a feeling there is something more to you than what your showing. Something very unique and to loose such a greatness would truly be devastating. Don’t you agree?” she said cocking her head to one side. “SO …. How about it may I help you?” She asked curling one side of her lips into a smile.
the heartless / Serbian: "No." He said it plain simple without any thought and started walking down the sidewalk. He yawned abit and looked at the sky. "Morning is coming soon. Oh well......."
fallen_angl_2 / Sosha: “No?” Sosha spoke still keeping her voice at the same tone while cocking her right brow. She hated hearing that word even more so coming from a…thirteen year old. Her hands folded across her arms for a moment and then she quickly darted in front of him. Making him come to a halt. “As you wish it dearest, but if your in any danger I will only be a step away.” She spoke bowing her head a bit and fading into the darkness.
the heartless / Serbian: "Ya....no thanks lady...." He pushed her aside as he kept walking. He was rebelious in some eyes, yet to him, he just beleived that if he wasn't strong enough to overcome his own problems then he mine as well not even keep going till he can.
Adacia / Crystal Gaze: she stood on a street corner and watched the situation between the boy and the woman, listening to every word.
'what would she want woth him..if she didnt want him dead?' she whispered to herself.
she watched as the boy walked closer to her but she plan attacking him, she was more interested in the woman...that had literally come from nowhere.
fallen_angl_2 / Sosha: Sosha rolled her eyes. “Have it your way.” she called to Serbian. Her silver eyes was picking up a hint of red from the rage that had started to serge through her veins. She felt someone’s presents from behind… someone watching her and the boy. Sosha turned and began to walk towards the woman. Her eyes stayed to the ground as she came up along side of her. Slowly she turned her head and looked into the eyes of the other female. Her eyes flashed glowing a deeper red. “Im sorry is there something you wish to discuses with me dearest?” She spoke keeping her tone soft and calm.
fallen_angl_2: <<<?>>>
the heartless / Serbian: He looked around as he walked. He could hear noises in his head. They kept telling him to go back to her. All the voices weren't the same, yet they were all one voice. He closed his eyes and bit his lip trying to ignore it.
Lord Bane: Naaru watched the boy. The more he listened to Sosha, the more worried he was getting. The legends were coming true. Suddenly he got the feeling she might come for him.
Lord Bane / Edmund: "I'd be careful of the boy if i were you," Naaru said to her. "Well if your a vampire I'd be careful." He smiled.
Lord Bane / Edmund: Naaru smiled. "Then you should be more worried...unlike a vamp, he's not very picky." He smiled, he may be 300 years old, but he still recognised a pretty girl when he saw one.
Lord Bane / Edmund: He smiled. "Oh, that thing...i mean boy, he doesn't need to worry about the sunlight. He thrives on it. I should know, I have some...experience with his kind."
the heartless / Serbian: He sighed and looked at the man. "I won't burn in the light cause of this." He held up a ring that had a black dimond with a spiral of darkness swirling in it. "As for your thoughts of what I am, I am merely a vampire. For now..." He walked passed the two, not caring to get into something that was non of his business. He knew even tho he had that ring, it would only protect him for a few hours in the sun, then it would run outa energy and need to charge of the darkness and shadow again.
the heartless / Fail: As he got up. his vision was blury, his hearing was mixed up and he was weak. After all, he was dead for the passed years. He opened his eyes and saw the flames. "Ugh" He swung his hand and the flames all were sucked into the flame of his hand. He smiled abit, any kind of chemical reaction that produced energy he could suck up like a leach. He looked at Rast. In a wisper tone of voice he said, "Who dares awake the Dark Angel Fail from his death slumber."
Lord Bane: "Candra, if you believe he is only a vampire you are more of a fool then i was three hund...thirty years ago even." said Naaru
fallen_angl_2 / Sosha: Sosha turned from the woman and looked around in shock. “Oh no.” She whispered under her breath. She felt a evil that she hadn’t felt in a long time. “Im sorry dear one this will have to wait for another time.” She spoke as she jumped from the pavement up onto a window ledge. From there to the roof of another building. And then another till she came up on Fail. In his eyes were evil, pain, and announce. “Not this again.” She sighed looking up into the sky. Her hours of darkness was ticking fast and she had to reach a safe place. She followed the being for a while till he came up to the older part of town until the light started to beam through the waking sky. A curse word mumbled from her lips as she pulled the chains off an old cellar door and into the basement of the library.
fallen_angl_2: <<<?>>>
Adacia / Crystal Gaze: she listened to the womans words, she didnt plan on saying anything to her in the first place.
she looked up noticing that the sky was getting lighter.
Though was looked more like a vampyre and she acted alot like one...she was a Deamon mostly, the type of deamon she was never didnt know she didnt know her past, or her parents.
she walked through the streets once more, most of her body covered by clothes or the shadows.
the heartless / Fail: He wasn't a vampire, yet he still had weakness to the sun. When he would pass threw sunlight, he would seem to disappear although he was still there, he was just not in physical form, there for he could not hurt anything. But if he passed threw light and walked into shadow he would return into the physical realm.
He looked around at all the people walking. Some looked at him weird, some laughed and snickered, then someone threw a rock at him. Right at the instence he felt the pain and smiled. "This sweet flavor, returns to my mind. Ahahaha, pain, so sweet, now its time to do what I was made for, this time I won't fail..." He grabbed a pipe and threw it into a window, suddenly an alarm went off, as someone came out the shop with a broom stick, they paused and looked at him. "What the fuck are you!" He smiled and walked towards the man, he grabbed the man by the hair and lifted him up. "I am the one that will kill you." He shoves his claws into the man's stomach and ripped out his intestines then dropped him on the ground and smiled as he feasted off the man's pain. He looked over and saw a few police cars coming. He smirked as the all stopped around him making a border around him with the cars. They all got out and aimed there handguns at him. "Shoot me! Come on, kill me, lets see if you can do it!" They all trembled as one man said "Get on the ground!" Fail just laughed at him.
Adacia / Crystal Gaze: she stopped at the end of a street and had watched the man as he took out the man insides...
'nice' she whispered to herslef.
she watched as the police arrived surronding him and laughed at there fear of him. she walked slowly up to the circle of police men.
she looked at the man standing in the middle laughing.
she lifted her head and her crystal blue eyes caught the beginning of the sunlight, causing her eyes to shine brightly, too brightly for humans.The police screamed covering their eyes.
'such a nusiance the police now a days' she lowered her head again.
'im crystal...' she walked into the now broken circle as all the police were on the floor in pain.
the heartless / Fail: He looked at crystal, and was about to strike for her. But he saw Candra, her fear tasted so sweet to him. He walked over to her. "Your scared." He placed his blood soaked hand on her head and smirked and moved his face close hers, his lips about half an inch from hers. "Your fear taste so sweet, so very sweet." He put his arm around her waist and pressed her against him, the more he did this. The more she feared, which is why he was doing it. "Come on, give me more fear. Its so sweet..."
the heartless / Fail: His white souless eyes widenned as he felt her kiss. He had never experienced such an act. He looked at her wanting to stop and try to relise what happened. But a bullet blew into his side. He turned his head and looked at the cops. He let go of the girl and walked up to center of all the cops, the began firing at him. They unloaded about a clip each of amo on him, and he fell to his knees. He arose and started to laugh menasly. He walked up to one of the cars and laid a hand on it, suddenly the car was sent back and blew up into peices. He looked at the cops and smirked as he saw them all in fear. He looked back at the girl. His eyes locked into hers as hers gazed into his. Like a chain connecting from their eyes and he was the one pulling.
the heartless / Fail: Realy having no care for how she acted he placed his hand on her bottom and brought her up face to face with him. His once broken wings were now full again because of his feeding. He lifted up and onto a building and his wings disapated into feathers leaving his wings broken again. He walked down the fire escape with her still on him only on the other side of the brick wall between the ally way. He wanted to find out more about this girl and why she had done what she did. Having no intrest for anything else.
the heartless / Fail: He had no voice, only air came from his lips. His lips motioned the word, "Why...." He looked at her with his widened white eyes, they had no pupils or anything, completely soulless, yet Fail was no being pyshical but a spirit. He wanted to know why she did what she did back there.
the heartless / Fail: He watched her as she spoke, like a lifeless shell he stood there listening. When she was done he just sighd and leaned forward pressing her to the wall also pressing her to him. His forehead met hers and his eyes right infront of hers.
the heartless: He felt a few bullets inter his back. He fell over towards her. When they came close, everyone thought he was dead. He thrusted his claws back driving them threw the faces of the men. The bullets popped out his back and he smirked. "Foolish mortals, you cannot kill what isn't there." He smilrked wickedly watching them suffer with the gouches in their faces.
the heartless / Fail: He nodded and took her hand and walked over the bodies. As they exited the ally he saw a few police cars heading their way. He ran across the street and arcross the next ally to the next street he turned and started walking down the side walk still holding her hand. He looked back at her, and a hint of red hit on his cheeks as he relised he was bringing her with him. He let her hand go and took a few steps back looking at her.
the heartless / Serbian: As he walked down the street, he felt the wind apon him. He sat in a dark shadey room of an aboned apartment complex. He laid on the floor in the middle of the dusty broken down room. He was reading his black book with the red rose on it. He couldn't realy go to sleep or anything, always on guard against anything.
Megsrus aka Meg: Meg stretched her tall frame on the stack of boxes in the old house. A lot of things had happend tonight and she needed to think about them. And if her gut feeling was right something or someone else had come into play. Meg closed her eyes going into a trance like state allowing her mind to wander....
fallen_angl_2 / Sosha: Sosha woke as the sun began to set. She pulled her self together dusting her cloths and starting her long raven hair. She walked up the steps to the inside of the old library. From there she managed to find a office room with a great view of the action caused by this… thing. But he wasn’t anywhere to be found. She opened the huge window making it screech on the old hinges. Sosha then jumped from the window ledge onto the blood covered street below. Her hills making a soft clink as she did. She surveyed the madness looking at the many black bags and shattered debrief all around. His sent was just barely on the breeze but she had to find the boy to make sure he was alright. His sent was easily found. With in moments she was on her way to find Serbian.
Megsrus aka Meg: Meg's head snapped up as she came back to reality. She wasn't above using her special gift to watch the events over the city. "Well it looks like tomorrow night is going to be busy," Meg murmered to herself.
fallen_angl_2: <<<Sorry Ive been having computer probs and right now I just cant post I'll try to soon.>>>
the heartless / Ryan Stripe: He was in High school, 12th grader, about to graduate in a few months. He was lead singer in his band, The Black Peircings. He walked out on the stage and the drumbs began to beat. He grabbed the mike and his eyes spread out wide and his lips spread abit and he looked across the room at all the people.
"They gunna clean up your looks, using all the lies in the books to make a citizen outa you. Cause they sleep with a gun to keep an eye on you sun. To watch all the things you do. And they will kill to keep clean all the things that you see, they will make sure you turn to be what they want you to be. But. You. Can't. Stop being who you were ment to be. Cause if you do, it means that they have won. So pick up a knife, or even a gun. And lets have some fun. Go crazy for me, go crazy for me. And be who you be, and do what you want." As he sun the people just staired at him. After it was all done, the others walked out and he sat on the end of the stage just rocking his head back and forth. He put his head phones on and walked outside just rocking his head back and forth to the music.
the heartless / Serbian: He got bored and walked up to the window, he opened it silently and stepped off the edge. He hit the ground and rolled and hit a post and just laid there. He yawned and got up. He started walking down the sidewalk in the sun. He looked at the ring and knew he had one more hour until the ring lost power and the sun would take effect on him. He looked back thinking something was behind him and crashed into Ryan. As they both fell back he shook his head and looked up trying to make out was infront of him threw his black hair and saw the boy. He looked somewhat like him. "Uhhhh sorry." Ryan just stood up and brushed himself off and helped Serbian up. And then he replied "No problem man, hay don't I know you?" Ryan asked confused. He justed scratched his head and looked around. "No...I don't think, well. I gotta go." Ryan looked at him confused "Well hay man, I'm Ryan." He extended his arm and Serbian just smiled and slapped his hand and walked by him. Ryan looked back and smiled and kept walking down the street. (No Ryan isn't a vampire, yet)
the heartless / Fail: He looked at Candra while he walked back. His mouth made a discusted yet despressed face while his eyes were wide with grief. He lifted his hand that said love across his fingers. He just stopped walking back and pointed to her with his other hand while showing the other hand that said love on it.
the heartless / Fail: His white blank eyes got big, as they released he looked at her. He wanted just for time to freeze to gather his thoughts over this. He could feel his master beckoning him. As if his chains were being pulled. He sighed knowning if he didn't obey whoever had hold over his chains he would die. Thus the contract of servitude.
the heartless / Fail: His lips spread as he went to speak yet only air came out. He started to move back and started to turn around. He could feel Rast beckoning him. He was basicaly a puppet in his masters hand. He turned around and started walking down the side walk.
Megsrus aka Meg: Meg got up walking through the building. She always had been impatient, not a good quality when you can't stand the sun. Meg decided to remedy this problem her usual way. Risk killing herself and go out. She pulled up her hood so her face was in shadow and stuck her hands in her pockets. She walked out of the building sticking to the shadows.
Megsrus aka Meg: A sound reached her ears. Was that...crying? Yes two figures on a rooftop a block or so ahead of her. They were the ones she had seen. She really shouldn't expose herself but she decided to go against her better judgment and climb up a fire escape. She leapt from roof to roof until she was only one house away from them. She made sure to go in the shadow of a stack of crates. She wasn't hiding at least not from them.
fallen_angl_2 / Sosha: . Sosha came running around the corner feeling the boys presents near. Just then she almost ran right into a female walking the other way. She came to a halt right before the two collided. Her dark eyes looked at the other female before she spoke. “I do apologize I did not see you coming. No harm I hope.” She spoke softly looking around to see if Serbian could be near. She then looked back onto the girls face. “I hate to bother you but you wouldn’t have seen a boy around the age of 13 around would you?” She asked hopping for something.
Megsrus aka Meg: Meg groaned when she spotted a certain person down below. Why did that woman have to keep popping up everywhere? She just had to hope she wouldn't come up here. And thinking that she had a feeling she would.
the heartless / Fail: He sighed and kept walking. What could he do, he had to obey his master. The more he wanted to denie the wishes of Rast, the more his heart felt weaker. The more he denied the holder of his chains, the weaker he would get. He kept walking, he descided just to do as he was told. He just silently kept walking.
Megsrus aka Meg: Impossible! Meg stared as Fail walked away. This was bad, very bad. "Not my day," she muttered as she silently slinked after him.
Megsrus aka Meg: Meg saw what Candra was doing and couldn't help but yell out," You're not helping either of you!" Meg put a hand over her mouth but it was too late she could tell she had heard.
the heartless / Fail: He looked up at Meg and sighed then back at Candra. "He brushed his hand back and forth and his hand went threw the chain. He couldn't touch them, hold them, or anything. He just sighed and heard threw his mind. "You imp, you fool. Who is this pulling your chain against me! Kill them! Kill them now!" At this state Fail didn't have a master because the two beings who had his chains were fighting, the winner would be his master. Rast said threw his mind "Fine you fool, your weak, no use to me, let this mortal scum be your master." Suddenly all the fight stopped and it seemed Candra was his new master. He raised his hand up pointing at her. And with a stuttering week voice he said. "M-m-mas-mas-ssss-ster."
Megsrus aka Meg: Meg walked toward the two after all she couldn't make it worse. She looked at them through through the shadow of her hood," You two seem to need some help. Might I be of assistance?"
the heartless / Serbian: He kept walking till he got to a old busted house. He walked down the drive way and up the to the door. He opened the creeky door. As he walked in he closed the door. He walked up to the stairs and began walking up the squeeky stairs. He got up to the second story and walked down the hall up to a door and walked inside. He took off his jacket, then his shirt, he kicked his shoes off. He wasn't wearing socks. He laid down on the bed, and flipped a switch and the room started to get cold. He put his hands behind his head and stared at the celling. He laid their aimlessly with nothing but his jeans on. "Shit........"
fallen_angl_2: <<<Sorry you guys I havnt posted so much going on and I know Ryan I said I would and Im truely sorry. Im going to bed and I will try first thing when I get up. Love You >>>
fallen_angl_2 / Sosha: Sosha left the woman and ran along the streets. Jumping into a building and next to a bed. His smell was strong in this room. She sat in the corner and waited for him to come in. She watched quietly as Serbian entered the room and slipped into his bed. His deep voice echoed through the room as he had realized she was there. She came from the shadows and sat onto the bed. “Miss me my dear?”
the heartless / Fail: Fail looked at her and sighed. He cut himself then on the pavement he let his blood fall. The blood puddles turned into letters, it said. Your the master of me now, like a contact, you have to uphold your side. Your my master, and I the slave.
the heartless / Serbian: He pulled the sheets up over his chest up to his neck and turn to his side. "Go away....annoyance...." His voice was cold and demanding, with seriousness and anger. He staired at the wall waiting to hear her leave.
Megsrus aka Meg: Meg read the letters as they fell. "Talk about a bad deal," she said looking at him. Meg glanced at Candra," Need any help moving her? I mean the elements can really get to ya when you pass out on a roof." She side-stepped when the sun peeked over the house not too far from them.
Megsrus aka Meg: Meg grimaced as she kneeled next to Candra. She hastily pulled down her hood so her face couldn't be seen clearly. She quickly took out a plastic bag and gave it to her. Then she put it back into her jean pocket
the heartless / Fail: He looked at Meg and nodded. He helped Candra up and looked at her. He heard a car coming, it was a black lemozine. His eyes got wide as he went back in the ally and got close to the wall so the people in the lemo wouldn't see him when they passed.
Megsrus aka Meg: Meg watched as the car slowly drove out of sight. "You can come out now," Meg said just loud enough for Fail to hear. The sun was getting higher she had to be careful. "We need to get her inside," Meg said meaning Candra.
the heartless / Fail: He watched the limo leave and saw Candra. He got over to her quickly and put his around around her quickly to help her keep her balance. He tilted his head to the side and starred at her.
Megsrus aka Meg: Talk about one crazy match," She's right it isn't exactly safe around here. My place is close by. I suggest we head there immediatly."
the heartless / Fail: He picked Candra up and looked at Meg then back at Candra. It was up to her where they would go. While waiting for her to tell him where to go he just wandered why she kept kissing him.
the heartless / Fail: He watched her fall asleep. He picked her up by his arms and carried her away. He came across a house with the lights off, it would seem whoever owned the house wasn't here. He busted the window and took her in, he looked at the shards of glass peircing into his skin with blood gleaming at each slit. He laid her down on a couch and sat on the floor next to her and began picking the shards one by one out of his skin.
Megsrus aka Meg: Meg carefully stepped around the glass and leaned against a wall where no light could reach her. She was surprised at how Fail's blood smelled. She immediatly pinched the bridge of her nose and took slow deliberate breaths. No need to go beserk over a few trickles no matter how tempting.

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