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Roleplay - Black Magic by Melissa / heyhey77

Deep in the woods melissa is just looking for a friend to keep her company and may be to teach them how to do black magic with out her powers going out

Roleplay Details

1. no one liners
2. no killing off characters
3. any thing goes
4. have fun with it


Adacia / Crystal Gaze: she walked through the woods alone, not really knowing where she was going.
Her heavy boots made light thudding noises on the hard forest floor.
black_soul / jikza: hearing the foot steps jikza heads toward the sound.
As he a got closer he saw the girl and decided to talk to her. "hello there why are you walking around the forest alone who nos what might appear"
heyhey77 / Melissa : melissa was walking around her cabin and then she decided to co for a walk
black_soul / jikza: u still on?
heyhey77 / Melissa : ya sry i got caught up in my web search>> " oh im just looking for someone to hang out with today"
black_soul / jikza: <<ok>>
"ill hang out with you if u want?"
heyhey77 / Melissa : ok" she starts to run and said come on follow me and she runs to her cabin and walks in and says come on in
black_soul / jikza: *runs and follows her back to the cabin*
he enters cautiously. as he steps in side looks at melissa
black_soul / jikza: is this where u live?
heyhey77 / Melissa : no this is just my get away place when i want think about something and when my mind needs to be cleared my accual home is in the citys " she explains to him
black_soul / jikza: "agh nice place thou.
i live in the forest alone my parents died when i was younger and they left without teaching me so i had to learn how to survive myself"
*looks down and tears gather in the corner of his eyes
heyhey77 / Melissa : she looks at him and says " im so sry " she goes and hugs him
black_soul / jikza: "its ok i have had to get used to been alone"
*sobs and hugs melissa tightly
heyhey77 / Melissa : kisses the top of his head and then she said" you can come live with me in the cities
black_soul / jikza: " i cant, i will never be able to pay you for your kindness i have no skills i will not beable to work."
*falls to the floor crying living in the cities was his dream*
heyhey77 / Melissa : my father can teach you he lives down the street" she said and she was crouching down to him and then she layed her hand on his hand
black_soul / jikza: *grips her hand*
"your father can teach me?
what does your father do?"
heyhey77 / Melissa : he is a wizard and he is good at all kinds of stuff like fixing cars, and he works in the law firm business
black_soul / jikza: "a wizard"*he stands up wipes away tears and hugs her* "thank you i promise i will not let you down and i will be your slave untill i can repay you"
heyhey77 / Melissa : no you don't have to repay me at all
black_soul / jikza: *kisses her cheek* thank you, thank you,
i will still be you slave i will be my way of showing how much this means to me."
heyhey77 / Melissa : mkay if you want to " she says blushing and said when do you want to go to my house in the cities
black_soul / jikza: " i dont mind it is up to miss"
heyhey77 / Melissa : ok lets go now and you can meet my father, do you need to get anything from ur cabin?" she asked him
black_soul / jikza: "no all i have in my cabin is a daggar i dont own anything because i have no money"
*goes quiet*
black_soul / jikza: <<is romance allowed in this rp?>>
heyhey77 / Melissa : well we will go shopping for some new clothes for you, its ok my mother died and she was a witch and i was devistated. she said to him and kissed him on the cheek
black_soul / jikza: "thank you malissa and i am sorry to hear about your mother. she will be looking down on you and smiling for taking me in."
*puts arm around her and kisses her head*
heyhey77 / Melissa : << ya it is>>
heyhey77 / Melissa : I hope you parents are looking down on you to" she says to him
black_soul / jikza: "yes they will be i feel them all the time"
"i can feel the presence of dead people
heyhey77 / Melissa : she smiles at him and helps in up and then takes his hand and walkes him out the door
black_soul / jikza: *holds melissa's hand and follows her*
heyhey77 / Melissa : she leads him to her crotch rocket then she said " are you scared of crotch rockets im just wandering?"
Adacia: <im sorry i didnt reply before ma dad had to use the pc =s is there any chance i can still take part?>
black_soul / jikza: << crotch rocket a motorbike?>>
<<if they are i own one myself hehe>>
"i have never been on one b4 but they look fun"
*smiles at malissa*
heyhey77 / Melissa : << i don't kno you so no>>
Adacia: <i was like the first one to rp in here but fine...>
heyhey77 / Melissa : << sweet so do i>>
" they are very fun" she gets on the crotch rocket and says while puting on her helmet and then says to him " get on " she smiles at him and motions to him to get in
black_soul / jikza: "he jumped on the back of the crotch rocket and held melissa's waist "
*he began to get feelings for melissa. he cudnt understand what was happening he had never been in this situation b4.*
<<wot bike you got>>
heyhey77 / Melissa : << like what do you mean like what kind or what brand?>>
melissa smiled and then she slowly took off and then reached up to her normal speed 60
black_soul / jikza: <<i have a aprilia rs 50. what do you have??>>
"this is good does it go faster??"
*griping her sides he started to laugh*
heyhey77 / Melissa : " ya it goes up to 110" she starts to go faster and she smiles
<< i have a Kawasaki 4 ZXR and a Ducati Sport 1000 s>>
black_soul / jikza: "go faster"*smiles and holds tighter*
<<omg asif u got two im olny 16 thou so im only alowed a 50cc bike:(>>
heyhey77 / Melissa : she went faster to 100 and then she started to slow down.
<< well my aunt bought me one and my then i saved up my money and bought the ducati.>>
black_soul / jikza: <<hoe old are you then?>>
"that is fast melissa. i love these things hehe."
heyhey77 / Melissa : my profile says 13 but im acually 16, my friend made the account and she din't want it any more and so she gave it to me>>
" i kno well we are about to pull up to the mall so get ready" she said
black_soul / jikza: <<omg asif u can ride a 1000cc bike>>
"ok so are we goin to the mall first?"
heyhey77 / Melissa : she parks the bike and takes her helmet of and smiles at him.
<< yea i can>>
heyhey77 / Melissa : << r u here ????????>>
black_soul / jikza: "that was fast"
*hand the helmet back to her and smiled*
"i have never been here b4 were do we have to go?"
black_soul / jikza: <<soz took so long dad robbed his pc back>>
black_soul / jikza: <<u there still>>
heyhey77 / Melissa : << its ok>>
" we have to go to the mens section first 2 get u som new clothes" she said while smileing at him
black_soul / jikza: "ok then" he said lookin into her eyes
*he held out his and for her to hold*
heyhey77 / Melissa : she took it and started to blush
black_soul / jikza: " come on then take me to the clothes so u can chose me sum new clothes"
*he saw her blush and smiled*
heyhey77 / Melissa : " more than friends" she said
She walked him to the mall and in to ambrocrombie and started to look for jeans and then shirts. she saw a couple that she like but not too many
black_soul / jikza: " ok then more than friends"
*he watched her chose his new clothes and smiled*
"u want me try these on to c if they fit?"
heyhey77 / Melissa : " ya " she said
black_soul / jikza: "ok then u cumin to c wot i look like with them on"
*smiled at her*
he headed for the chaning room and found an empty cubical
heyhey77 / Melissa : she walked with him and stood out side the changing room
black_soul / jikza: "u ready to see me?"
*he had got changed into the first pair of jeans and shirt*
he walked out the changing room and did a little spin.
"i think im goin need a belt thou"
*pulls him jeans up and stops them fallin down agen*
heyhey77 / Melissa : " u look hot" she goes and pickes out a belt and then hands it to him
black_soul / jikza: "thanks"
*smiles and takes the belt off her*
he starts to feed the belt through the jeans and trys to fasten it.
"i cant do it melissa can u help fasten it plz?"
heyhey77 / Melissa : " sure" she smiles at him and helps fasten it when she is done she smiles at him
black_soul / jikza: " thanks"
*he smiles at her and lifts her head up to his*
he ponders wether or not to kiss her.
he stares into her eyes and moves closer to he.
heyhey77 / Melissa : she kisses him and then she takes her lips away and then she blushes
black_soul / jikza: *his eyes still closed he moves his hand to the back of her head and pulls her head closer to him.
he kisses her and slides his hand down her back and stops on her mid back
heyhey77 / Melissa : her back arches pushing her boobs agianst him and she becomes more passionate with the kiss
black_soul / jikza: he kisses back passionatly
he feels her back arch and puts his hand on her hips
heyhey77 / Melissa : she puts her arms around his neck and moves her tounge in his mouth
black_soul / jikza: he puts his tongue into her mouth and moves it around.
he holds her closer now
heyhey77 / Melissa : she smiles and then moves her hands down his body
black_soul / jikza: he gazes into her eyes and smiles.
"wow! that was a shock"
heyhey77 / Melissa : she departs from his lips and looked away and said " i can't belive i just did that"
black_soul / jikza: "i cant believe i jst kissed u either. that was nice thou."
*smiles at her and hold her hands close to his chest*
heyhey77 / Melissa : she smiles at him and said" i guess it was destiany for us to be together" she said to him
black_soul / jikza: " i agree with you. wont you father be expecting us back soon?"
*he looks at the clock on the wall in the mall*
heyhey77 / Melissa : " ya ur right and we still have a lot of shopping to do " she said agreeing with him
black_soul / jikza: "ok then we best get a move on.
so are we goin to get these?
wot else will i need?"
heyhey77 / Melissa : " ya we will get these, and we will just need clothes for a few days because we can go shopping later to " she said
black_soul / jikza: "ok then "
*they chose a few more clothes and payed for them. they then head back out of the mall toward the bike.*
heyhey77 / Melissa : she put her helmet on and got on the bike and then she held the bags while he got on and then she handed him the bag and started the bike and was on her way to her fathers house
black_soul / jikza: he held the bags and held her with 1 hand
heyhey77 / Melissa : she tingled all over making her way to her dads house
black_soul / jikza: *he smiled and kept thinking about wot jst happened *
heyhey77 / Melissa : she started to think that one of her spells had backfired on her and made her love him instead of her friend loving a footballer.
black_soul / jikza: "wot will ur father say about me cumin to live with you?" he shouted
heyhey77 / Melissa : " i don't think he would care about it." she yells back
black_soul / jikza: "ok how far is it?"
black_soul / jikza: <<u there still>>
heyhey77 / Melissa : not that far" she yells
<< yea im here>>
black_soul / jikza: held her tightly around her waist
*he was getin nervous bout meeting her father*
"do you live withyour father?"
heyhey77 / Melissa : " no i don't i live only 3 blocks from him though" she said feeling him tighten his grip around her waist
black_soul / jikza: "where will i be staying from now on then?" he shouted
*he wrapped both arms around her and put both hands on her stomach*
heyhey77 / Melissa : " your goin to be stayin at my house i have a guest room" she felt her stoumach clench
black_soul / jikza: "ok "
*rests head on her back and tightens his grip
heyhey77 / Melissa : she continued to drive then she started to slow down and then she turned off the crotch rocket.
black_soul / jikza: "are we here now?"
*stepping off the crotch rocket and placing the helmet back on the seat*
heyhey77 / Melissa : " yea we are " she smiles and takes of her helmet and fixes her hair
black_soul / jikza: *he smiled back and leaned towards her and kisses her*
"thank ypu for this"
heyhey77 / Melissa : your welcome" she smiles
black_soul / jikza: *follows her to the door of her fathers home*
heyhey77 / Melissa : she knocks on the door and then enters the house and says " dad im here"
heyhey77 / Melissa : << u there?>>
heyhey77 / Melissa : << Hey dude R u there??>>
black_soul / jikza: <<sorry i fell asleep. im here now>>
*he followed her into the house*
black_soul / jikza: <<sorry but i have to go now gotta go school and have an exa be back on in about 7 hours>>
black_soul / jikza: <<hi am back>>
heyhey77 / Melissa : hi me too>>
she walked in to her fathers room and said " hi daddy" when she huged him
black_soul / jikza: *watched to two in there embrase*
he stood quietly and said nothing
heyhey77 / Melissa : " oh i forgot daddy this is jikza he is the guy that is goin to be staying with me in my house."
the dad smiles at him and says" hi jikza nice to meet you" and puts his hand out to shake
black_soul / jikza: "hi there nice to meet you"
*put hand out and grips the mans hand and sahacks firmly*
heyhey77 / Melissa : she said " ill leave u two to get acuanted " she left the room
black_soul / jikza: *he watched her leave and turn to her father*
"your daughter tells me youa wizard
heyhey77 / Melissa : " yes i am " he says
heyhey77 / Melissa : <<hey r u there>>
black_soul / jikza: <<sorry laptop froze>>
"i have no skills my parents died when i was young so i have only learnt how to survive e forest"
heyhey77 / Melissa : " and im guessing my daughter said i would teach you' he said
black_soul / jikza: "yeah she did. is that ok for you to teach me your ways?"
*he looks at the door to see if melissa had returned*
heyhey77 / Melissa : " yes i will teach you but not today, you need to get ur rest for tomarrow" he said to him
melissa walks in and says " hey you guys did you guys have a nice chat?"
black_soul / jikza: "thank kind sir i will rest up well tonight and i will always be in your debt"
*turns to see melissa*
"hi yep we did"
heyhey77 / Melissa : " ok you guys go ahead and have your fun but not to much fun" her father said
melissa smiled then walked up to her father and said " thanks dad for teaching him ill talk to you later."
black_soul / jikza: *he stood up and held out his hand*
"thank you sir i will see you tomorow"
heyhey77 / Melissa : "your welcome" and shakes jikzas hand.
" well lets go we want to leave father to his business"melissa said leaving the room " by dad" she said leaving to room
black_soul / jikza: *follows melissa out of the room*
"goodbye kind sir"
"where are we going now melissa?"
heyhey77 / Melissa : " to my house so we can get u settled in ur room" she said
black_soul / jikza: " ok then. so how far is your house from here?"
*he walked over to the bike and picked up the helmet*
heyhey77 / Melissa : " its only tree blocks from here" she said as she put the helmet on and got on the bike
black_soul / jikza: *he got on the bike and held her waist tighly*
"ok then lets go"
heyhey77 / Melissa : she started the bike and took off an about 15 min later she turned off the bike and took her helmet off.
black_soul / jikza: "this your house?"
*he said as he turned around to place the helmet back on the seat of the bike*
heyhey77 / Melissa : " ya " she said " this is home sweet home" she said pointing to her house " it has 3 bathrooms 5 bedrooms a kitchen and 2 living rooms" she said decribing her house to him
black_soul / jikza: "it is so big"
*his face was shocked* he follows her tio the front door
heyhey77 / Melissa : ' yea it is " she opens the door with the key and walkes in to the front room
black_soul / jikza: *he followed and was amazed by the size of the house when he enterd
heyhey77 / Melissa : she walked in and says " follow me and ill show your room"
black_soul / jikza: " ok. dont you get lost in here been alone?"
*he followed her and held her hand*
heyhey77 / Melissa : " no i don't i usually have my butler or maid get me something if i want then to " she said trying not to sounded spoiled
black_soul / jikza: "you have a butler? are they here now?"
heyhey77 / Melissa : yea they are in the kitchen preparing dinner" she said
black_soul / jikza: " ok so like how cum you life here on your own?"
heyhey77 / Melissa : " becuase my father wants me to live alone and im just trying to find the right man to settle down with and have like a couple of kids" she said
black_soul / jikza: "ok that seems like a good plan.
so what sorta guy u looking for?"
heyhey77 / Melissa : " someone who is great with kids and who would be a great husban." she said to him continue to walk to his room
black_soul / jikza: "oo ok so have you found any one yet?"
heyhey77 / Melissa : " ya but i dont kno if he would like me" she said
black_soul / jikza: "why dont you ask him then"
he said cautiously
heyhey77 / Melissa : " because i dont kno what he would say" she said to him entering his room
black_soul / jikza: " well if you dont ask youll never find out"
*he enterd the room and stopped*
"this is my room?"
heyhey77 / Melissa : " yea there is a bathroom through that door" she pointed to the door nearest to the window
black_soul / jikza: "thank you"
*walks around the room and looks out of the window*
"so were is your room from here ? and wot is this guys name melissa?"
*he sat on the bed and patted it next to him suggestivly*
heyhey77 / Melissa : " my room is down the hall and to the left and his name is jikza
black_soul / jikza: *blushes*
"u like me ?"
heyhey77 / Melissa : " well ya coulden't u tell when i kept smiling and blushing?" she said sitting on the bed
black_soul / jikza: "i just thought u like me but i never new how much.
i like you too"
*he kissed her cheek *
heyhey77 / Melissa : she blushed and kissed him and let turned away
black_soul / jikza: *he kissed her lips softly*
heyhey77 / Melissa : she got up and said" ill be in my room if you need any thing" she said smiling
black_soul / jikza: "ok melissa"*he smiled back and began unpacking his new cloths
heyhey77 / Melissa : she leaves his room and walkes down to her room
black_soul / jikza: "cya in a bit"he shouted
*after finishing unpacking he dicided to go to melissa room*
heyhey77 / Melissa : she was getting in to her pjs she heard someone knock at the door and she went to answer it
black_soul / jikza: "hi agen wow nice pjs."
*he looks up and down her*
heyhey77 / Melissa : " thanks " she said smiling and then she said " come on in " she sat on her bed and then patted by her for him to sit
black_soul / jikza: he walked in her room and sat beside her
"nice room and the bed is so soft"
*he lay back and looked at the roof*
heyhey77 / Melissa : " thanks " she said smiling and then she said " come on in " she sat on her bed and then patted by her for him to sit
heyhey77 / Melissa : Thanks it is a pillow top" she said laying beside him
black_soul / jikza: *he turned over and kisses the top of he head*
"thanks for taking me in"
heyhey77 / Melissa : she smiled at him and said" when you first saw me what did you think of me?"
black_soul / jikza: "i thought u where very pretty and kind for taking me in"
heyhey77 / Melissa : " oh well what do you want to do " she asked him
black_soul / jikza: "i dont mind melissa ill leave it to you"he said as he kissed her
heyhey77 / Melissa : she kisses him back and says what ever you want to do im up to it.
black_soul / jikza: "i dont no thou melissa its your house so i insist u decide"
*he lays down and stares into her eyes*
heyhey77 / Melissa : well i don't kno if you want to do this but i think you kno what im sayin." she said
black_soul / jikza: "its ok i feel the same"
heyhey77 / Melissa : *blushes*
" so how should we start?"
black_soul / jikza: "i dont mind melissa"
*he kissed her and placed his hand around her waist*
heyhey77 / Melissa : she kissed him back and then put her arms around his neck
black_soul / jikza: his kiss became more pasonate
heyhey77 / Melissa : she started to move her arms down to the edge of his shirt
black_soul / jikza: *he felt her hand grip the shirt and start to move it up his body*
he lifted his arms above his head while kissin her
heyhey77 / Melissa : she pulled his shirt up and smiled at him while kissin him
black_soul / jikza: *he smiled back*
" so this is what you had in mind"
heyhey77 / Melissa : " ya i did" she said as she smiled at him
black_soul / jikza: *he moved up the bed and put his head on the pillows and looked down at her and smiled*
"are you ok?"
heyhey77 / Melissa : " ya perfectly fine" she said smiling at him then she moved up to the pillow
black_soul / jikza: "what about me do u like so much"
*he was curious she could clearly do better than him*
heyhey77 / Melissa : " ur kindness and ur hot and sweet" she said smiling at him
black_soul / jikza: "thank you."
* he move in to kiss her again*
heyhey77 / Melissa : she kissed him and took her shirt off and said " so what has been on ur mind ?"
heyhey77 / Melissa : <<hey sry but i have to go my mom wants to use the computer.>>
black_soul / jikza: "ive been thinkig about u and having fun living with u"
heyhey77 / Melissa : " youved only lived with me for what like 30 mins." she said
black_soul / jikza: <<ok speak later>>
heyhey77 / Melissa : << hey im here my mom just had to check her email>>
black_soul / jikza: <<its ok im here to>>
i no but the future you described is what i what
heyhey77 / Melissa : " ya it will be great later on" she said
black_soul / jikza: "how what you thinking of doin?"
heyhey77 / Melissa : " nothin just thinking of haveing kids." she said
black_soul / jikza: "kids? how many u want?"
heyhey77 / Melissa : "2" she said to hom feeling embarassed
black_soul / jikza: "sounds gd "*smiles and kisses her cheek*
heyhey77 / Melissa : " ya it dose " she kisses him
black_soul / jikza: *his hand move to her waist and his lips touch hers*
heyhey77 / Melissa : she smiles at him and says " are you serious about doin this?"
black_soul / jikza: " if you want to"
*he looked at her and waited for he response b4 continuing *
heyhey77 / Melissa : " yea i want to but we only known eachother for like a day" she said
black_soul / jikza: "does it bother you?
i dont mind"
heyhey77 / Melissa : " no i dosen't bother me i just think we should learn more about each other." she said trying not to hurt his feelings
black_soul / jikza: " its ok if you want to get to know each other first"
heyhey77 / Melissa : " but then there is another part of me that is telling me me to go for it. and i don't know what part to trust" she said sounding confused
black_soul / jikza: "its ok its up to you melissa we can do what ever you want to."
heyhey77 / Melissa : " omg this is so confusing idk you will have to give me like just tonight to think about it, please" she said
black_soul / jikza: "its ok melissa we can do this when ever you want to. so what do you want to do?"
heyhey77 / Melissa : " lets just do it" she said not caring
black_soul / jikza: "are you sure?"
heyhey77 / Melissa : " yes im sure" she said
black_soul / jikza: " ok then we will go slowly at your pace"
heyhey77 / Melissa : " ok" she said looking at him and she cuped one o her hands on his face and lightly kissed him
black_soul / jikza: *he kissed her pasonatly and puthis hand on he hip and moved his body closer to hers
heyhey77 / Melissa : she moved both of his hands on to her hips she put her hands around his neck
black_soul / jikza: <<hi are you ok>>
*his kiss got more pasonate and he rolled on to is back and moving melissa on top of him
heyhey77 / Melissa : << ya i fine why would you ask that?>>
she started moving more sexy
black_soul / jikza: <<jst wunderd thats all>>
" what you wanna do now?"
heyhey77 / Melissa : she sat up and took her top off and then she she layed back down on him and started to kiss down his chest.
<< ok>>
black_soul / jikza: *his eyes close as he enjoys the feel of her lips on his chest*
"you have a nice body."
black_soul / jikza: <<u there still >>
heyhey77 / Melissa : "thanks i kno i work out 3 times a week." she said
<< ya im here how about you?>>
black_soul: <<im here now>>
"u can tell"
*he said as he looked at her body*
heyhey77 / Melissa : she smiled at him and kissed hi chest and then came up and kissed him
black_soul / jikza: *he kissed her back and held her hips*
heyhey77 / Melissa : she got up and said " wait shoulden't we be safe since we did just meet?"
black_soul / jikza: "yeah."
heyhey77 / Melissa : * she went to her bathroom and got a condom * she said " here "
black_soul / jikza: "ok" *he said while moving to her to kiss her
heyhey77 / Melissa : she kissed him back
black_soul / jikza: *he arched his back so their stomachs touched*
*his kiss became more passonate*
heyhey77 / Melissa : she giggled and kissed him back
black_soul / jikza: "why you giggle"
heyhey77 / Melissa : " that tickled when u arched ur back" she said laughing lightly
black_soul / jikza: " ok "
*he arched his back more and kissed her neck*
heyhey77 / Melissa : * giggles* " stop it she said giggiling
black_soul / jikza: "ok" he said smiling at her
heyhey77 / Melissa : she smiles back and then kisses him
black_soul / jikza: * he sat up to kiss her*
*he move melissain to a more comfortable position on his lap*
heyhey77 / Melissa : she sat on his lap and kissed him and moved her arms around his chest
black_soul / jikza: *his hand on her hips and held her close*
*he began to iss her neck*
heyhey77 / Melissa : she moaned and moved her hands down to his pants
black_soul / jikza: *he felt herhands move to his pants.
he kissed her neck again then move around to her chest and began kissing it*
heyhey77 / Melissa : she smiles and moves her hands down his pants then she moans
black_soul / jikza: he moaned and feel back on to the bed
heyhey77 / Melissa : she started to unbutton his pants
black_soul / jikza: " so we realy going to do this?"
*he looked down at her while she was undoing his pants*
heyhey77 / Melissa : " yep unless you just want to sleep with me because you do have get up pretty early tomarrow." she said
heyhey77 / Melissa : " yep unless you just want to sleep with me because you do have get up pretty early tomarrow." she said
black_soul / jikza: "i dont mind melissa ts up to you.
heyhey77 / Melissa : " well i don't want you to be tired for your first day of training" she said
black_soul / jikza: " i dont sleep much any way so its up to you "
heyhey77 / Melissa : " this is my final decision, and, we are goin to do it but we are goin to be protected." she said with caution
heyhey77 / Melissa : << hey are you there?>>>
heyhey77 / tasha333: <<<<HEY R U THERE?>>>
black_soul / jikza: <<im bac sorry dad needed me>>
"ok then melissa" he agreed with her cautiousness
black_soul / jikza: <<u there>>
heyhey77 / Melissa : <, ya im here my mom need to use to computer>>
she continued with what she was doing
black_soul / jikza: *he lay back and let her continue*
heyhey77 / Melissa : she layed on top of him feeling he was getting stiff
and then said" well well ur little friend came out to play."
black_soul / jikza: "can u blame him"
*he blushed*
heyhey77 / Melissa : she giggles and said " ill be right back just a sec"
black_soul / jikza: " ok then"
*he lay here patantly waiting for her to return
heyhey77 / Melissa : * she puts her robe on and runs out of the room and in to the kitchen to get two glasses of water and she picks up the phone and calls up to her room waiting for him to pick the phone up*
black_soul / jikza: *he turns and looks at the ringing fone*
heyhey77 / Melissa : " hey its me this is important don't for get to put the condom on k just reminding you" she said
black_soul / jikza: " hi erm ill let u do it for me"
*he smiled*
heyhey77 / Melissa : " ok just to tell you im goin to be up ther in like 4 mins so you better be ready for me" she said
black_soul / jikza: " i will. why are you going to be so long what are you doing?"
heyhey77 / Melissa : " im talking to the chef about tomarrows breakfast." she said
black_soul / jikza: " ok "
*he puts the fone down and lays on the bed gazing at the roof*
heyhey77 / Melissa : * 4 mins later Melissa walks in * " hey " she says
black_soul / jikza: " hey" he says
*while under the dovet*
heyhey77 / Melissa : she removed her robe and climbed in the bed nad kissed him
black_soul / jikza: * he watched her remove the robe and stared at her body*
" hi agen"
heyhey77 / Melissa : " hi" she said looking confused then she looked at his eyes the she saw what he was looking at she looked at him
black_soul / jikza: "u have a realy nice body u no."
*he leaned up and kissed her*
heyhey77 / Melissa : " ya you told me already." she said kissing him
black_soul / jikza: *his kiss became more passionate andhe put his hands around her back and pulles her body close to his*
heyhey77 / Melissa : she takes off her underwear and takes his off to
heyhey77 / Melissa : {{ are you there??}}
black_soul / jikza: * his skin touches hers and sparks his feelings.
he kisses her neck and bite it*
heyhey77 / Melissa : she moans and smiles and moves her hands around his body
black_soul / jikza: *his hand move down her back and then picks her up and lays on his back so she is on top of him*
heyhey77 / Melissa : she moves her hands all around his body then she reached for the condom and opened it
black_soul / jikza: * he kisses her stomach and the bite her body up to her neck. he kisses her breasts and grips her waist*
heyhey77 / tasha333: she moans when he kisses her breast she said " your good"
heyhey77 / Melissa : she moans when he kisses her breast she said " your good"
<< sry i forgot to switch my charcter.>>
black_soul / jikza: "thanks"
*he bites her breasts and pulles he body close to is*
heyhey77 / Melissa : she smiles at him and moans
black_soul / jikza: * he smiled at her and said * " i guess tha you like that"
heyhey77 / Melissa : " very much" she said moaning
black_soul / jikza: *he started to bite and suck her breats*
heyhey77 / Melissa : she moans and feels something poke her gina
black_soul / jikza: "u had best use that condom jst incase"
heyhey77 / Melissa : {{ hey i have to go my mom wants to use the computer}}
black_soul / jikza: << ok will u be back later>>
heyhey77 / Melissa : { im here r u ?}
black_soul / jikza: im here
black_soul / jikza: im here
heyhey77 / Melissa : { k k k k}
black_soul / jikza: <<u still there?>>
heyhey77 / Melissa : {{ ya ya ya i am}
black_soul / jikza: <<ok u still doin this rp?>>
heyhey77 / Melissa : { ya why woulden't i be?}
black_soul / jikza: << cuz u aint started to reply in the rp>>
heyhey77 / Melissa : {oh sry}
she takes the condom and puts it on the tip of the of his cock and she puts her mouth and puts the condom on him
black_soul / jikza: * he moans and looks down and watches her*
heyhey77 / Melissa : * she comes back up and kisses him then smiles*
black_soul / jikza: * he kissed he back * "so we're safe now"
heyhey77 / Melissa : " yep i guess we are" she said kissing him
black_soul / jikza: *he kissed her neck and pull her body close to his so that she layed flat on top of him*
heyhey77 / Melissa : she smiles and her kisses become more passionate
black_soul / jikza: *his grip became tighter and he cud feel the warmth of her body on his. he felt her tongue in his mouth and pationatly kissed her back
heyhey77 / Melissa : she grabed his hands and put them on her butt
black_soul / jikza: *he firmly gripped her butt and pulled her body up his and kissed her again*
heyhey77 / Melissa : she moved her body up and down
black_soul / jikza: *he could feel her moving up and down on him and he began to moan*
heyhey77 / Melissa : she moved her hands down his body
black_soul / jikza: *as she felt her hands move don his body he arched his back and kissed her neck*
heyhey77 / Melissa : she put her hands on his cock and started to massage it
black_soul / jikza: *his eyes closed and back arched. he moand and began to massage her brests
heyhey77 / Melissa : she moved down to his cock and started to suck it
black_soul / jikza: * he arched his back further and moaned loudly he placed his hand on her head so he could controllled her pace*
" your good at that"
heyhey77 / Melissa : * she lifts up her head and says " thanks"
black_soul / jikza: *he felt his cock hit the back of her throat and he felt his climax build up*
heyhey77 / Melissa : she smiles
black_soul / jikza: *he looks down at her and smiles*
heyhey77 / Melissa : * continues sucking
{ hey i gotta go ill be on later though}
heyhey77 / Melissa : { hey r u there?{
black_soul / jikza: <<yep im here>>
he moan has he became even closer to his climax
heyhey77 / Melissa : she sucks harder and harder
black_soul / jikza: * he aches his back and moans as he climaxes
heyhey77 / Melissa : she starts to move her hands around his balls
black_soul / jikza: *helooked down at her and smiled. his breathing was fast and his heart was racing*
heyhey77 / Melissa : she sucks harder and harder
black_soul / jikza: he feels his climax build again qwiker than b4
heyhey77 / Melissa : she continues to suck harder
black_soul / jikza: <<im going now >>
heyhey77 / Melissa : { ok bye ttyl}
black_soul / jikza: <<bac>>
his climax reach maximum
black_soul / jikza: <<this is turnin into cyberin>>
heyhey77 / Melissa : { ya it is im here }
she lifts up her head and crawls back up to his head and kisses him
black_soul / jikza: <<sorry i aint cyberin>>
heyhey77 / Melissa : {wtf do you mean? u anit cyberin}
heyhey77 / Melissa : { hey are you there and what the hell do you mean you aint cyberin???]
heyhey77 / Melissa : { hey are you there and what the hell do you mean you aint cyberin???]
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