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Roleplay - Fantasy: Medieval by Waren / Waren

Dragons, slayers, vampires, werewolves.
Chaos has been threatening the not so modern world of Duroth, where magic and mythical creatures rule. Those who are not on their best guard are guarenteed death, for survival is tough. But, a prophecy has come into rule.
When the third night of December falls upon the world, Bringers of Peace shall be born, lost in the world to find the others and destroy the chaos...

Roleplay Details

No power playing, ect.
Be polite please ^^ everyone enjoys roleplaying with nice people.
Don't argue... its just dumb
Enjoy yourself! Be creative!
There are no specific characters! All welcome! ((Just don't go overboard on it))


Doom_Hammer / Dimsin: ((hey you make the setting ill join ya))
Waren: ((Okay, let me jsut introduce the rest of it here! ))
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: [ill join!]
Doom_Hammer / Dimsin: ((oks go for it))
Waren: A silence filled the darkening forest, most creatures sleeping peacefully now that the sun was nearly set. Without warning, a large white light cracked into the sky, sounding much like lightning as it struck the eerie trees. Smoke erupted from where the bolt had hit, a figure curled into a ball in the middle of it. It slowly moved, weakly pushing itself to its feet. A flimsy dress swayed around her tanned knees, ripped and torn in several places. Her long cherry hair covered her deep blue eyes, which looked around with panic. She shook her head, unable to remember how she got here and much less who she was.
Doom_Hammer / Dimsin: He sat hidden by the trees till the light hit. He looked with wonder and began to get up pulling his sword as he began to walk toward the smoke.
Doom_Hammer / Dimsin: He sat hidden by the trees till the light hit. He looked with wonder and began to get up pulling his sword as he began to walk toward the smoke.
Waren: Waren gasped quietly as a sharp pain finally awoken most of her senses, a clean cut on her shoulder, dully bleeding. She swore under her breath, covering the wound with her hand and looking around. She looked around nervously, slipping in the shadow away from the small smoking dent she left in the earth.
Doom_Hammer / Dimsin: He stood behind a tree as he looked around at the crater. He then walked out sword in hand and walked into the center.
Waren: She froze on the spot, now noticing the man with the sword. Her free hand twitched, slowly reaching for a sword at her side. As she clasp her fingers around the handle, she realised how much of an advantage the man had. He was much stronger than she, and his sword wasn't twice the age of him. At least, it didn't look it. She thought over her chances, deciding that hiding would be the best thing to do now, ducking behind a tree.
Doom_Hammer / Dimsin: He knelt down and took some of the dust in his hand and sniffed it slightly not smelling dragon or wolf. He then got up and sheathed his sword. Looking around with his keen night eyes he tried to see if anyone was watching him.
Waren / Raish: Waren begin to step back, only to find herself tripping over a large log and landing with a loud scream. She covered her mouth far too later, her head spinning as she lay in the dirt. 'Perfect, just perfect. Way to hide, screaming and tripping, real sneaky!' She thought to herself, hurrying up to her feet and starring at the man.
Waren: ((Woops, thats should've been Waren :P my bad))
Doom_Hammer / Dimsin: He walked up to her looking her over seeing her sword. He held out his gloved hand to her to help her up.
Waren: She stared at him for a couple seconds, then at his hand. Cautiously, she took it, using his support to pull herself up and hastily letting go. "Thanks..." She mumbled quickly, brushing dirt away from her wounded shoulder and looking at the ground.
Doom_Hammer / Dimsin: He nodded to her and then pointed at her wounded shoulder and moved his finger in a small pattern. She felt a light sting but her shoulder began to heal.
Waren: Her mouth gaped open, her eyes shimmering with interest. "How... how did you do that?" She demanded suddenly, getting rather stern. For a cherry headed girl, her sudden temper was rather amusing, though she payed it no mind.
Doom_Hammer / Dimsin: He looked at her not paying attention to her tone. "simple survival spell."
Waren: Waren stared at him, then shrugged her shoulder some, teasting it to see if the spell had really worked. "Why are you out here?" She suddenly asked, looking at him rather curiously, folding her arms.
Doom_Hammer / Dimsin: "well i was over there" He pointed the direction he came. "then i guess i seen you.. land here" He looked at her curiously.
Waren: "Right... I landed..." She mumbled, sounding rather thoughtful as she looked towards the ground. "Eh... what else do you know about me? I kinda... I guess... forgot" She mumbled quietly.
Doom_Hammer / Dimsin: "only that for a maiden with a sword you really dont look like the kind to be caring one" He looked her over.
Waren: She didn't move, frowning slightly. "Whats that supposed to mean? Well... yeah, I may not be in my top physical condition, but I'm quick..." She hissed.
Doom_Hammer / Dimsin: He pulled on the shoulder of her shirt "no armor at all and your legs are not even covered."
Waren: She didn't answer, looking back to the dirt. "Yeah, yeah, I know... well, don't know, but I'm sure i'll remember sooner or later. Shouldn't I?" She asked, sounding concerned
Doom_Hammer / Dimsin: "how would i know I'm only a shade I'm no alchemist" He shrugged.
Waren: She snorted in disagreement. "I wouldn't need an alchemist. Oh well! Is there some kind of town nearby or something? I could do with a meal... and maybe even some new clothes. These aren't working too well for me. But the sword stays." She mumbled, mainly to herself. Her eyes looked at her old sword with admiration.
Doom_Hammer / Demen: He shrugged again "i guess there is one at the end of the road i was resting near" He began to walk in the direction of the road.
Waren: Waren quickly followed behind him, taking quick footsteps to keep up. She looked arund carefully, then turned to the man. "Whats your name again? I don't think you mentioned it." She said softly, smiling lightly.
Doom_Hammer / Dimsin: ((op that was my vamp from another rp lol and this is my last post for afue hours im headin out))
He walked along at a normal speed to him but it may have been fast to her. "My name is Dimsin and if you remember your name feel free to share it"
Waren: Waren stopped for a couple seconds, then ran to catch up. "I think... Its something like... Warn... or... Worn... or... WAREN! Thats the one! Ha, see, I remember some things!" She said, smiling proudly and beaming with joy.
Doom_Hammer / Dimsin: He smiled at her pride in remembering her name because he knew after amnesia that that was a big thing. "well lady Waren its a pleasure"
Waren: Witha slight smile, Waren bowed her head a bit. "And a pleasure to you too, Sir Dimsin." She got quiet, glancing around. "Where do you live?" She suddenly blurted curiously, her eyes wide with wonder.
Doom_Hammer / Dimsin: He shrugged "don't really live anywhere in particular"
Waren: Waren frowned once more, looking up at him and staring before her expression lightened to an enthuisastic smile. "I think near some kind of water would be nice. Or maybe mountains! Oh, simply peaceful I'd imagine... with lots of flowers..." She giggled, shyly looking at her feet and kicking up some dirt.
kairne: hello.. would you perhaps require a half human and half scarlet being> (WOuld like to join your rp)
Waren: ((go ahead and join :) if you need to be filled in let us know!))
Doom_Hammer / Dimsin: "we can easily make a place anywhere if you want" He looked at her.
Waren: She looked up at hime hopefully, but her eyes sank again. "No, no, I'd imagine this world is as curropt as ever. I mean, what isn't these days? Plus, creatures can be dangerous out there..." She said with a nod, yet a gleam of hope still stuck with her.
Doom_Hammer / Dimsin: "well what do you think we should do then?" He walked along still looking at her she could see a tree pass right threw his shoulder.
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Waren: Wonder filled her eyes as she noticed the tree, starring with admiration at him. Without warning she stumbled over a rock, catching herself anf blushing a color almost identical to her hair. "Well, we could... I dunno... maybe some place in the forests, lovely places those are..." She mumbled quietly, nodding.
kairne: you could stay at my place... it is in the forest and quite roomy and homely
Doom_Hammer / Dimsin: He turned and was about to catch her when she got back to her feet then he herd a voice and pulled his sword pointing it at the stranger.
Waren: Waren squeaked in surprise, swiftly unsheathing her sword and holding the rusty thing infront of her. "Need to polish this..." She mumbled to herself, looking around for the source of the voice.
Doom_Hammer / Dimsin: "its right there" he said with his sword still in front of him.
Waren: Waren looked up at Dimsin, suddenly feeling rather small and mumbling something under her breath. "How can we trust him?" She asked softly, glancing up again at Dimsin
Doom_Hammer / Dimsin: "never know to trust anyone" He looked at the man not moving watching carefully.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Sorn walked down the road out of town. It felt strange to be on the open road again, since it had been almost a year since he had last gone on any long journey. The streets were his home, not the forests. He was raised on the streets, taught how to steal himself a living. That was where he belonged, not doing meaningless errands. With each step, his light armor clanked ever so softly. It was clear that he was meant for speed and stealth rather than brute strength. His armor was light weight, didn't cover much of his body and the parts that touched other pieces were lines with cloth to dull the noise. Over all, he was a most peculiar looking knight.
Waren: Waren opened her mouth, the paused, clamping it shut and looking around warily. "Sh... do you hear that?" She whispered to Dimsin, cupping one hand to her ear so she could listen better. It sounded much like something hitting armor... but it was so silent, that she couldn't be sure.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Sorn rested his hand upon the handle of his sword as he noticed people in the distance. His sword was large, nearly a great sword, but the metal was lightweight. The lighter metal, however, made his blade weaker than most. Adjusting his vison slightly, he tried to make out who the figures where. None of them looked familiar, so he would have to proceed with caution.
Doom_Hammer / Dimsin: ((ill assume the other guy left so lets forget him))"yes i hear it and its getting closer, i suggest we get into the open so there are no surprises he said walking into the open road seeing the knight. he seen the blade his was still in his hand.
Waren: Waren quickly ran after him, stumbling a bit from random objects on the ground. She got onto the road, her old sword resting by her side as she looked at the knight. She didn't move, looking at him with a curious expression.
Danae / Demmai: ((Hello! ^__^ Is there a way I could slip into this RP? And what's going on right now? Please and thank you!))
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Sorn considered drawing his sword, but thought the better of it. The people he faced didn't appear to have any malintent towards him. They didn't give off the vibe of bandits in disguise either. He had met quite of few of them so he could spot them relatively easily. "Hail." He announced once he was within comfortable speaking distance. It was what the knights used before entering other peoples camps or simply to inform others that they were there.
Danae / Demmai: ((Oh, wait. Never mind that last question-I read over the RP. Excellent so far, I must say.))
Demmai sat in the forest, clutching her balled up cloak against her side to create a makeshift compress. Despite how thickly the cloak had been folded, already the deep crimson of her blood had begun to seep through the dark green cloth. She winced and pressed it to her side a bit harder, sensing that the bleeding was beginning to slow.
Her eyes surveyed the area around where the thieves had attacked her. She tensed up when she spotted three auras about twenty feet away. They appeared human in shape, movement and color, but one could never be sure.
She subconsiously pressed the compress even harder against the wound as her heart sped up with fear. The sudden pressure on her side made her cry out in pain before she realized that she did, and she became even more nervous. She certainly wasn't in fighting condition, and if she were attacked in her current state she could be sure that she would die. She cursed herself inwardly for screaming as she tried to figure out a way to defend herself should it become necessary.
Doom_Hammer / Dimsin: He looked at the night and sheathed his sword "good evening knight" He herd a scream and his hand went to his sword again but slowly moved away from it. This was a rather odd night for him having run into so many people.
Danae / Demmai: She sensed that one of the beings had noticed her and looked about more frantically. A sword...a dagger... even a big stick would do! Just something to wield as a weapon to protect herself.
Danae / Demmai: She was relieved to find that she could reach her sword. She pulled it close to her and used it as a crutch to stand. She winced as her injured side protested her abrupt movement, but continued to rise. She hoped that she might be able to bluff her way into seeming perfectly fine to scare them off.
Doom_Hammer / Dimsin: He looked in the direction he had herd the scream.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: A coppery scent touched Sorn's nose and made it wrinkle. The familiar scent of blood was in the air. His hand traced the out line of his swords handle as he stared off towards the scream. If someone had been slain, then the killer was near by. 'Come on then. Find the killer and kill them back. It's only just. They're blood will wash over you.' Sorn shook his head to try and silence the voice he heard. Looking around, he knew none of the others would have heard it. It was his burden to bear. Aware once more of the possible threat, he took a step closer and in his best and most authoritative voice commanded, "Show yourself now if you are not an enemy."
Danae / Demmai: Demmai studied the aura from which the voice had come for a moment, making sure that whoever it was did not plan to attack her. She then hobbled toward the figures. Despite her obvious injury, she walked in a manner of complete independence and confidence.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: "Identify yourself." Sorn's voice was deep and commanding, though even he felt strange hearing it. He had grown up a theif, raised by another thief who had hated the royals more than anything. That man had kicked him out when he returned to his home city a knight. Now, standing there, giving orders like the knight he now was, was almost enough to make him physically ill. Instead, he stood in silence and bore it.
Doom_Hammer: He vanished from site and Demmai could feel a light point to her back. Dimsin was right over her sword to her back "we are waiting" He picked her out to be a bandit by her cloaks.
Doom_Hammer / Dimsin: ((that was me))
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Sorn gripped the handle of his sword, not drawing it, but showing that he was ready to. "Stand down. The woman has not yet spoken. Give her a chance to speak freely before she is persecuted." Sorn had been in a similar position once, so he understood how hard it was when you didn't have enough money to look like more than a bandit. Even though he may have been one in a life that had since passed, he still had been accused of it up until he became a knight.
Waren: Waren, still not sheathing her sword, suddenly dropped it and looked at Dimsin with a stubborn look in her eyes. "Don't hurt her! Please! Can't you see she is wounded? I mean, I literaly fell out of the sky and you didn't get so fiesty!" She said harshly, looking apoligetic to the girl. Maybe it was because of another woman's presence that she found the need to defend her so much.
Doom_Hammer / Dimsin: He looked at her then sheathed his sword "answer now" He began to walk back to the road.
Danae / Demmai: She spoke in a smooth, strong voice. "My name is Demmai Caster. I was attacked by thieves on my way to town. I fear they managed to get to me before I was able to be rid of them, though." She nodded to her side, which had finally stopped bleeding. "Now, would you kindly stop treating me like a mortal threat? I couldn't harm you even if I wanted to in my current state."
Doom_Hammer / Dimsin: "then i guess your coming with us" He looked at all of them.
Danae / Demmai: She looked at him, and her eyes displayed mild anger and annoyance. She was always on the defensive around strangers, and now was no exception. "Excuse me? If I'm not mistaken, I know not your names nor your destination nor anything ELSE about you. I believe it is MY decision as to who I travel with, and so perhaps you would care to enlighten me before you start telling me what to do." She smirked and leaned on her sword.
Doom_Hammer / Dimsin: "dimsin what you do now is up to you where i am going i don't know"
Danae / Demmai: Her smirked widened as her eyes scanned the group, studying each person and their accompanying aura. "Are the rest of you wandering around aimlessly as well?"
Danae / Demmai: ((I'll be gone for 45 min or so. If any of you get on, please don't go too far without me!!!))
Doom_Hammer / Dimsin: ((well i have to go to work soon so c ya latter then))
Danae / Demmai: ((back! ^__^))
Waren: Waren gaze Demmai an odd look, shrugging. "My name is Waren, and I can't tell you much more than that, because thats pretty much all I know... anyways, we were heading to town to get some supplies. Other than that, I'm not sure what to do." She said, sounding older than she actually was. She stared at the girl before her eyes moved down to the cut on her side, making a grossed out face. "With that, I say we continue?" She said, swinging her sword onto her shoulder and pointing for the town ahead. "At least, I'm going on..." She mumbled to herself, starting foward at a slow walk.
((Baha, just like her picture X-x))
Waren: ((That was my post by the way O-o forgot to choose a character))
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: "I am part of no 'us'." Sorn began to walk away from the party, down the road that lead away from town. "I have nothing to gain from helping such a band that travels with no purpose or reason. I still have things that need to be accomplished before I die and I don't plan on getting distracted from them." It had been a year since he had killed the man that had destroyed his village, but personal matters still weren't settled. There was more the situation than he had known at the time. Now, he planned on finding it all out. Helping others wouldn't get him closer to the knowledge that he was short on time to learn.
Waren: Waren watched Sorn, suddenly turning around and calling out toh im. "W-wait! We might need your help..." She said suddenly, feeling that letting someone go after seeing the strange group was dangerous... she couldn't quite explain it. "I mean, I don't know the city... and... one of us may be of great importance to you." She blurted mindlessly, confusing herself with the sudden outbursts she just had. She still held her sword over her shoulder, looking ready for just about anything.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Sorn turned to face Waren, staring at her for a long time before speaking. "I doubt any of you will prove useful in my search, but I do not doubt your inabilities to survive within the city. I will accompany you as a knight through the city, but once you are ready to move on, we will part ways." Everything he said sounded very offical. It was beginning to sicken him. His speech had to be watched to make sure he didn't slip back into the street slang that he had grown up with. It would destory his entire guise of a good knight.
Danae / Demmai: "I suppose I'll come with you as well. Seeing as buisness is slow and all and I have nothing else to do." She stood straight and the others realized that she was actually quite tall, probably about 6 feet or so. "Besides, I need to have this damn wound tended to."
Waren: Waren's face lit up with a smile at the other two, and she nodded gratefully. "Well then, let's get going. That cut doesn't look like it'll heal itself soon and I doubt my hunger will go away on its own." She starte to walk again, then hesitated. "Do... do any of you have money?" She mumbled, sounding embaressed to be asking.
Danae / Demmai: "I do. But not enough for a meal, that's for sure. I'll be lucky if I can afford some bandages." She shrugged, gesturing to a small coin purse at her hip.
Waren: Waren moved her hair from her face, frowning slightly at the coin purse and looking up at Demmai. She suddenly smiled, laughing lightly. "We could just try and convince someone we're some important people, like some kind of super powerful creature." She said, laughing some. Of course... she didn't seem to know that such people had come into existance.
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Danae / Demmai: "And how do you suggest we do that?" The smartass quality in her voice had returned as if it had never gone.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: "The city is a lot more dangerous than you seem to think." Sorn thought of various people he knew from the city. They were just as ruthless as all of the other thieves. Well, the ones who were still willing to speak with him were. Those who would not were the ones he wished would look upon him once more with admiration and love. Stifling the thoughts as much as possible, he put a hand on his hip. "The people of the city are far more cunning than you give them credit."
Danae / Demmai: "Oh, I know how dangerous the city is. I can't speak for the others, though." She glanced at them, then back at Sorn. "Who are you, anyway? A knight? A guard, perhaps?"
kairne / xyphers (demon realeased): (can someone fill me in on wat happened?)
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Sorn took his hand away from his hip and placed it against his breast plate. "I am a royal knight. My name is of no consequence for the time being. We won't be together long enough for it to matter. If you must call me something, simply refer to me as Sir." What he really wanted to be called was Scorn, but that name had long since passed. His brothers would no longer call him that. He preferred not to think on the names they called him.
Doom_Hammer / Dimsin: ((hay whats going on right now?))
Waren: Waren made a strange face towards the knight in front of her, shrugging slightly and turning to look at the group. "Well, if I must say it again, can we PLEASE go? I don't think my stomach will hold on much longer..." She groaned, putting a skinny hand upon her stomach and turning her feet, walking in the direction of the city without letting them answer. The only reason she really longed to go was to see if she could find out something about herself... having fallen from the sky, she was rather curious to learn if she was somehow something special. Plus, her clothes were torn and thin, not the best travel wear.
((Uuhhhm, they all kinda introduced, and I guess now they're all going to the city with Sorn as an escort or something like that... eh, somewhere along those lines ^-^))
Doom_Hammer / Dimsin: "as you wish" He followed her not really caring if the others followed or not and the "knight" seemed like he was just going to leave anyway.
Danae / Demmai: She followed Waren as best and as quickly as she could without reopening her wound. Every now and then she came very close to stumbling, but managed to rebalance herself with the aid of her sword.
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Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Sorn looked over at Demmai while they walked. Her wound must have been bad, judging by how often she stumbled and her pace. Though, she seemed almost use to it, something that didn't sit well with him. He had known people who were use to such wounds, but they weren't the best sort to travel with. The woman, however, seemed of a different sort. Either way, Sorn shrugged it off and kept walking. The chore of keeping them safe was sure to be troublesome, but not unmanigable. He still had his fair share of contacts within the city.
Danae / Demmai: Demmai studied the others as she half stumbled, half walked along the path. The knight seemed fairly confident, although his aura told her that he was actually rather unsure of himself. The girl, Waren, seemed confused and lost for some reason. Dimsin's aura was hard for her to read for some reason, and she eventually gave up. The entire group was a strange one, especially when put together. She noticed the knight looking at her, and she tried to stumble less-she hated appearing vulnerable.
Doom_Hammer / Licna: He didn't really care to size up the others he was going to the town to get some food and rum and mend his stomach guard that had a large gash that was hidden under the rest of his cloak. He walked rather carelessly and even when something was in his way he didn't step over it he just let it pass threw his feet. The cloak however stopped them from seeing this.
Doom_Hammer / Dimsin: ((crap that was me))
Roseyness / Kiriana : Kiriana was on her own way towards the city; she'd heard big things happened there. Phenomenly big things.
She noticed a group of people already making their way into, what seemed, the same direction. Sneakily she crept up behind them.
Doom_Hammer / Licna: His hand brushed his sword handle as he slowed down feeling the presence of another humanoid soul.
Doom_Hammer / Dimsin: ((once again that was me))
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: 'Kill the intruder. They are sneaking. Those who are innocent have no reason to sneak about like a thief.' Sorn halted, turning on his heel with his hand already on his sword. He hadn't time to deal with common road bandits. In his opinion, they were the worst kind. Roaming streets with no alligiance's. "Show yourself."
Doom_Hammer / Dimsin: He stopped and turned around. looking at the knight that must have herd something from what was following.
Waren: Waren stopped in her tracks, looking behind them cautiously. 'More people?' She thought to herself, her mind buzzing. 'This is begining to get very strange... I don't know much, but so many joining into this group...?' She whispered in her mind, looking towards the others. She had already come to trust Dimsin, therefore she stayed near him. Demmai was another girl, so she felt more comfort towards her. Plus, she was injured, so she couldn't be too much of a threat. The knight was proper, yes, but it seemed almost like an act to her. He wasn't quite himself, this she understood.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Sorn turned back around, waving his hand dissmisively to the side. "It was nothing. Let's keep going. I don't have time to waste on these things." Without waiting for the others, he began to walk on ahead. There was still so much he had to do that the little excurision he was aiding in was only going to slow down. Rubbing his eyes, he let out a sigh. Things weren't going as he had planned.
Doom_Hammer / Dimsin: He walked along with them again he was not really worried about the person behind them. He walked along at his own pace his sword moving only slightly under the coat.
Waren: Waren hurried along, looking up at Sorn and looking him over, sighing some. "You, Sir." She said, stilll having not learned his name. "Is the city big?" She asked, her eyes widening wiht curiosity and her expression changing all around. She looked more like a little kid than the stern woman they had seen moments before. She was a strange girl, at that...
Lionheart / Takuya Kawagashi: can i join u guys
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: 'You've been waiting for justification! Kill the filthy Sith'un!' Sorn shook his head. He was aware of the bandit before he wanted to be. Without wanting to, his hand reached for his blade. Street bandits were seen as lowly by those who operated within the city. Realizing he was about to give away a possible advantage, Sorn adjusted his blade, moving slightly so it looked like he was putting it into a more comfortable position. "Yes, the city is big. It's also a very dangerous place. You should all stay close once we enter the city. While we're on the road though, there isn't much need to worry. Bandits are normally very disorganized and unskilled." In case the Bandit were to over hear him, he would probably be angered into a less advantages position. It wasn't much, but Sorn couldn't resist. People made more mistakes when they were angry.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Sorn took a step back, faltering. It had been so long since he last heard that name. Staring down at his gloved hands, he looked over the ring he wore. It was a silver band with the emblem of a stags head with a pentacle in between it's horns. Most just thought it ornamental, but it was much more than that. Gripping tightly, he let his hands fall away. "I'm not like you, Venith! I'm no bandit! We're a different breed. Besides, I've gotten out of that." He seemed to lose his fury as he went on. It was so strange to not think of himself as a theif anymore. Why was he angry that a bandit had called him the same as him? He was a knight now, not a theif. Those quarrels were done with. Clearing his throught audably, he looked up at Venith. "I accept your terms." The sound of metal against leather could be heard as he drew his large bastard sword. "On your mark, Venith."
((*Squee* You have no idea how happy I am that your character called mine Scorn. I'm so glad you read up.))
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: "I will never yeild to a Sith'un." A series of buckles began to give way until finaly Sorn's breastplate fell off. The metal shoulder went with it. Underneath his tight shirt, there were the faint lines of daggers. He lifted up his shirt, revealing the daggers before drawing them. When he lifted up his shirt, a large scar in the shape of an 'X' could be seen over his heart. "If you want to be treated like a thief, than that is how I will fight you."
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: 'Let me bask in his blood! He's just a Sith'un. He's no feeling of his own. You wish to see him tortured for his words. I can help!' Sorn stifled his thoughts as he did his best to concentrate. His oppenent wasn't an amature, even if he was a sith'un. "I already told you, I'm no bandit. How dare you sully my name." Sorn's grip on his blade's was tightening. Inside, however, he fought even harder for control.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Sorn stared at him for a moment before taking a step forward. "Don't you think I know that!?" Sorn faltered again, thinking on the past. "There's more to this than you know. I couldn't expect a Sith'un to understand." There was nothing left for him to change. Everything was set in the past, but his future was his own. He planned on finding those who had wronged him and bringing them down. A tick wasn't going to get into his way.
Doom_Hammer / Dimsin: He began to walk not really caring about the knights affairs. He watched them carefully as he passed.
Danae / Demmai: Demmai was very surprised to find herself somehow protective of the knight. She fought with a powerful urge to jump into the fight, despite the terms and despite her wound. However, she held back. 'What made you feel that way? What's wrong with you?' That was her voice. But another voice, the voice of the Old Demmai, answered. <You know perfectly well why. He reminds you of Izak.> Demmai cringed as she thought his name. Luckily the man who called himself Venus dissapeared shortly afterward. She stepped up to Sorn, unable to suppress the note of compassion that had crept into her voice. "Sor-..." She remembered how he had reacted to that name, and quickly corrected herself. "Sir? Will you be able to get to the city now? Your back..."
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Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Sorn turned away from her, rubbing his shoulder briskly after having sheathed both daggers. "I'll be fine. He was just some simple Sith'un. It'll take more than him to bring me down. Once we get to the city, I'll have an old friend deal with this. Let us make haste. I wish to get to the city as soon as possible. There still may be more Sith'un lieing in wait. I don't plan on finding out about them." Sorn began to walk again, not wishing to talk further on the matter. Something was bothering him though, Demmai, she had almost used his name. They were getting closer to him, showing him compasion. He must not get attached, however. He would only have to leave them.
Waren: ((-twitcheth-
Waren, watching the whole battle in front of them with fearful eyes, was now trembling for some odd reason. It wasn't the battle... it was something else, which she kept her mouth shut about. She looked sternly to the others again, hiding her fear behind a tough outer shell. "Let's jsut keep moving." She growled, passing by Dimsin with a tense form, keeping a quickened pace. Despite her quick cover up, though, it was obvious that she was trembling, something she couldn't stop so easily.
Doom_Hammer / Dimsin: "indeed its nun of our affairs" He began to walk past the fight and down the road.
Waren: Waren sighed and nodded, pulling ahead of the group and walking with her head down, looking rather strange. She was thinking, hard at that, about something that had happened... She had seen something during the fight, of her past. And it made absolutely no sense to her as to what had happened. She glanced back, noticing she was going rather fast and slowing down quickly.
Danae / Demmai: Demmai raised an eyebrow, curious about Waren's odd behavior. However she said not a word. She didn't wish to disturb her, as she was obviously deep in thought.
She found her gaze slipping back to Sorn every now and then. 'STOP! Stop looking at him! What's your problem?' <There isn't a problem, and you know it. He's not only cute, but he reminds you of Iz-...> She bit her tongue, stopping the thought by focusing on the pain. But a blush had already sprung onto her pale cheeks.
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Demmai and Sorn, sitting in a tree!
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Sorn noticed the familiar feeling of eyes on him. Once, he looked back at Demmai, but looked away quickly. Once more, he found himself beginning to wonder about the group he was in. That was no good. He would just go to the safe house, get his wound treated, and escort them through the city. Once that was done, they would part. The city was in view now, large buildings of clay becoming visable. There was no surrounding walls for the city, meaning that it had less protection than others. After all, it was the thieves city, so a lack of imperial protection was to be expected. A royal knight would be a strange site in a city such as the one they now faced. Not faltering, Sorn continued ahead.
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Waren: Waren bit her tongue as she walked, glancing over to Dimsin and shuffling over by him, glancing towards the others before looking back up at him. "Dimsin?" She said quietly, smiling a bit. "Earlier, when we were walking... your shoulder went through a tree branch." She whispered, smiling a little bit bigger. "How do you do that?" She finally finished, looking very curious indeed.
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Doom_Hammer / Dimsin: He looks back "easy i died" He watches for a moment "come on lets get out of here" He starts to walk.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: As they entered the city boundaries, there was no fan fare to greet them. People hardly gave them a passing glance. The city was known for recieving a number of strange travellers. A group such as themselves went almost unnoticed. Sorn enjoyed the feeling of not being watched. It was a familiar feeling that was far more comfortable than the attention he normaly got as a knight.
Danae / Demmai: Demmai looked around the city. She hadn't been here in a long time, and she seemed to have completely forgotten her way around. She turned to Sorn. "Do you know where a good yet fairly inexpensive doctor can be found around here? We both need one, it would seem."
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Sorn nodded, looking down one of the crowded streets. "I know a good healer that will treat us both for free, but I warn you, we're going to recieve a lot of hostility where I'm taking us. Just keep your head's down and your neb's clean." Down the street, he could see an average sized building with and old wheather worn sign over the door. The wooden sign depicted a stags head with a pentacle between it's horns. That was where his healer was.
Sarah Black / sarah black: <<kk is there a bridge?>>
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: ((You can say there is. The city hasn't really been that well described yet, just that the buildings are made of clay and it doesn't have a surrounding wall.))
Danae / Demmai: Demmai smiled faintly and nodded. "Thank you, Sir."
Sarah Black / sarah black: << kk thanks>> sarah sat on the bridge looking down on the town her silver eyes shining in the moon light. She shakes her head and gave a small smile at how much this reminded her of him, her fangs caught on the faint light the moon gave off. A light breeze blew her hair, she sat and watched everyone walk right n past none noticing her on teh bridge
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Sorn approached the door, a heavy wooden structure with a number of gashes in it's surface. Sorn's gloved hand rapped several times upon the hard surface until a small slit opened at eye level. Without waiting for the call, Sorn put his hand up to the slit, making sure his ring was visable. The slit closed a moment before the door swung open. A tall man stood there, his clothes a deep green. The most prominent feature about him were his long, pointed ears. The man took Sorn into an embrace before looking over the others. "Everyone, this is Trayt. Trayt, is Athen in? One of the people traveling with me and myself need to be treated." Trayt laughed, before calling behind him. "Athen! You've got customers!"
Danae / Demmai: Demmai looked about, wondering what kind of place this was. The people were certainly interesting enough, that was for sure.
Sarah Black / sarah black: Sarah had only one mark to show where she came from and what she had been throuht and that was acar on her right shoulder in the shape of a crescent moon. she stood up looking at her refelction in the water below. she tehn jumped like she had ne fear but caught the edge of the bridge and hoisted herself up deciding to go explore the town
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Around the room, there were various people seated. Some of them didn't bother to look up, but those who did shot the group dirty looks, the majority of which were directed at Sorn. This was why he was reluctant to go to the building, but he hadn't much of a choice. A woman began to come down the stairs, her hair a deep brown and cut short. "Who is it, Trayt? I swear, if it's that damn Chass again, I'm going to-Scorn!" The moment she looked at the group, she came running. Sorn felt weird, with so many mized feelings in the room. "Me and my friend need treating, do you think you can help?" The woman smiled warmly, touching Sorn's cheek. "Of course I can, Hun. Who ever needs to be healed, follow me." With that, she walked off into a room not to far away. "Come on Demmai" Sorn said, following Athen.
Sarah Black / sarah black: sarah threw a cloak around her shoulders leaving the hood down. she got looks from people as she walked throught the town she walked past a little shop wiht a weather worn sign, there was some comotion she caught sight of some people but kept walking
Danae / Demmai: She nodded and followed, noticing the looks directed at Sorn and feeling a bit uneasy herself. However this women, Athen, seemed kind enough.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: The room they entered was small, though very well lit. Atehn removed her tunic, revealing a simple black slip underneath. "Get onto the table, both of you." Sorn gave her a small smile. He didn't want to offend her hospitality by being difficult. Not to mention, she wouldn't allow him to. She had known him for far to long and had done too much with him to allow such behavior.
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Danae / Demmai: ((fair enough))
Danae / Demmai: She sat on the table, wincing at the pain that sprung into her side as she did so.
Doom_Hammer / Dimsin: He walked along not bothering to look at anything he knew there was nothing of high worth in this market and began to let his eyes wander. He seen a girl in a cloak.
Sarah Black / sarah black: I walk down the street looking over my shoulder as i continue down the street <<sorry i was gone so long>>
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Waren, having not said a word for quite some time, looked up towards Dimsin, gently tugging at his cloak. "I know you probably won't know the answer, but do you think there is someone in this town who can help me?" She said, biting her lip. "I mean, I can't remember anything." She added, smiling a bit and tugging at her hair. She felt much like a little kid, being a little shorter and helpless than the rest of the group.
Sarah Black / sarah black: sarah turns down an alley and lets the cloak fall lightly form her shoulders
Danae / Demmai: Demmai saw the dead girl, but didn't do so much as feel sorrow. She had seen death so many times that it no longer affected her, no matter the age of the victim.
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Doom_Hammer / Dimsin: He looked at her "maybe the healer can help you but im not really sher" He looked about.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Athen turned her back on the fallen girl. "Never again." She gripped her side tightly while speaking, a single tear running down her side. Sorn immedietly leaped from his seat on the table and turned to Venus. "Get out of here! Now!" The building was divided, people began to argue who was in the right, when a young man, only a few years older than Sorn, made his way down the main stair case. His hair was long, braided down his back and the color of dirty hay. The eye that he looked upon everyone with were of the deepest blue. Everyone fell silent at appearence. The way the man moved held an air of importance about him. There was another man with him, despite being older by a considerable amount, was aloof and seemed almost playful. "You and your friends are to leave here the moment you are healed." Came the blonde mans voice with the sound of finality. The other man seemed as if about to speak, but dared not. As the blonde man dissapeared back upstairs, the other man came over to where Sorn was. "Sorry about that, Whelp. Drake still hasn't gotten over your career choice. He barely accepts mine." Denrial, with his shaggy brown hair and mischevious smile was almost eight years older than Sorn, and yet he acted the youngest out of them all.
Danae / Demmai: Demmai spoke to Venus in a clear, cold voice. "And what makes you qualified to speak to Sorn as though you are so much better than him? In you I see a former bandit, resigning out of pity for a stranger deceased. That is quite pathetic."
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Sorn didn't even spare a glance at Venus. The man was crazy, speaking of such acts in the place he was. Dark Hart was the name of all of those who bore the stag and pentacle crest. They were a gang of thieves, bound together by a common sense of honor. Their leader by choice was Drake. In such a building, talk of robbing another thief was one of the lowest possible. Ignoring the Venus, Sorn put a comforting hand on Demmai's shoulder. "It's alright. This isn't the place for such things. We've only come here to be healed." Athen, who was currently being nuzzled by her husband, Denrial, took that as her cue to come back to them. "Well, if you are quite done, little boy, I'd like to treat your wounds." She spoke to Sorn as if she were his mother or older sister. The terms she used for him got under his skin, but he wouldn't speak of such things to her. She would simply punch him and tell him to be a man. "Back on the table with the both of 'ya!" She commanded. Sorn did as he was told.
Danae / Demmai: Demmai did the same as Sorn after a last glare at Venus.
Waren: Waren looked at Venus as he directed his attention to her, and though she couldn't stand being called anything dealing with her hair, her eyes lit up suddenly. "W-What? When!? Where?" She asked quickly, stuttering some. She moved foward a couple steps to hear him better, staring at him.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Athen set to work treating their wounds. While she toiled, her hands emitted a slight blue glow. She was a healing mage, even though she sided with the thieves. When she was done, both of them had only the faintest mark and even that would dissappeare before long. "Thank you Athen. We'll be leaving now." Rising to his feet, he got dressed and armed up before beginning to leave. Before he left, however, he looked back at Venus. "I thought you were done with us? Waren is with me, so you must be done with her as well."
Waren: Waren blinked unmoving from her spot, though her eyes darted between Venus and Sorn. She bit her lip, shaking her head. "I... no... I mean, I woke up in a forest..." She said, looking rather confused. She rubbed her head, looking at Sorn and the others, than at Venus. "I'm going with them... but, before I do, did you really know me before?" She asked, looking rather hopeful.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Sorn walked up behind Waren, still fastening on the sheath for his bastard sword. "Don't pay any mind to the Sith'un Waren. He'll only try to suck you dry." It was a reference that the others wouldn't understand. Sith'un was a foreign word. It was the name of a small tick like creature that fed off of rats. It had been adapted to also referre to those who stole from thieves. That was the biggest foul when it came to thieves honor. "Well, we should leave soon. We have a long road ahead of us, we ought to stock up on supplies before we leave."
Waren: Waren stared speechlessly at Venus's hand, slowly letting her eyes venture to Sorn, and with a weak voice, she managed to speak. "Which direction are you heading?" She looked like she had just slapped someone, her eyes sparkling slightly. "Which direction? I can get a horse and catch up... b-but, I want to... I mean, I know nothing." She said, glancing at Venus. "I can catch up with you all, but I promise that I will. I don't want to just leave you guys forever." She said quietly, looking towards Sorn, Demmai, and Dimsin. "So... what direction?" She asked softly, smiling kindly at Venus.
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Danae / Demmai: Demmai looked a bit uneasy. "Waren, this man is not one to be trusted. I advise you continue with us."
Waren: Waren nodded, looking towards Demmai. "I know you probably don't trust him, and I know I might be able to find out something with you guys, but I beleive I could possibly find out more with him. Plus, even if it is a trap..." She trailed off, moving her hand onto the handle of her katana and smiling wickedly. "I'm not just a frail girl, I know how to defend myself." She said, smiling and removing her hand from the sword, placing it instead in Venus's hand. "Where to?" She asked him, raising an eyebrow.
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Waren: Waren looked back to where Sorn, Dimsin and Demmai were, winking and waving to them, smiling brightly as Venus led her on. "So you really know about me?" She asked excitedly, her eyes shining with interest. "How much? I mean, I don't know anything so... well, except..." She trailed off, looking as though she were watching some kind of memory play out before her eyes.
Waren: Waren looked a little taken back, blinking a couple times. "Whats wrong?" She asked gently, feeling a great deal of sympathy for him. Of course, this was strange because she had no memory of who he was or how he knew her. "And where is my homeland?" She asked quietly, looking both excited and a great deal of nervous. Someone had found her that knew her, and from the sounds of it, well, too.
Waren: Waren looked over all their packing supplies, nodding a bit before opening her mouth to speak. "Why do we have to go back to my homeland? I mean, do we really have to? Can we not discuss stuff here?" She asked, shifting her head to the side and looking very childish. She twirled some hair around her finger, noticing its bright color and deciding she could do better off without it being so... pink. She sighed quietly, ignoring the bright tangle of hair.
Waren: Waren stared at him, her mouth wide open, shaking her head and quickly catching up. "Wait, you MUST be wrong. I can't be, no, no, no!" She argued, refusing to believe it. "You want to know what I remember? I remembered when you and Sorn were fighting! I saw war, I saw death, I saw tears and tragedy. I saw chaos and fear, everywhere. Thats all that the world knows, isn't it? There must be a way to stop it, right?" She asked in one breath, her face slightly red. "I can't be a Princess, no, I'm just pink haired and I have a thick shell around me. Plus, all I can remember is war!" She said, her eyes brimming with tears. "There... there has to be a way to stop it, right?" She said quietly, her hands curled into fists.
Waren: Waren sighed, following after Venus with a stubborn expression on her face. She didn't say anything, seeing as the only things she had to say were questions. She glanced at the ground, watching her feet and noticing, once again, her pink hair. 'Need to fix that...' She thought to herself, kicking up some dirt.
Waren: Waren stared at the food, laughing slightly and shaking her head, much like a little kid would. "No, but I could learn... I mean, it can't be that hard. Hold some food in a pan or something over a fire." She said, nodding slightly and sitting down scooting closer to where the fire was and yawning a bit, a bit bored. "Whats this place like, anyways? Where we are going... I'm curious." She said, still a bit hesitant to accept what he had said.
Waren: Waren sighed, moving some hair from her face. "Sorry I blew up at you earlier. I'm just kinda... well, I don't know, thats the thing. I don't know who is lying or not..." She said, nodding boldly. "But, I do have a feeling that whatever I went through, I'll never really remember. I'm pretty sure Dimsin said I fell out of the sky... or something among that sort. Which, I guess, is a pretty amazing thing to survive." She said, laughing.
Waren: Waren laughed, getting the coffee ready to go, blushing slightly. "Haha, my bad." She said, smiling a bit. She thought about all the stuff he had been saying, feeling slightly overwhelmed. She finished the coffee, handing some to Venus. "There you go!" She said, starting to eat the food before her, looking around quietly.
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Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Sorn moved quickly under the cover of dark. Demmai and Dimsin were near by. Now, Sorn had changed his close. He wore no visible armor, nor did he bare the symbol of the kingdom. Instead, he bore the crest of a blue dragon. It was his own personal crest. For what he was doing, he wouldn't drag the kings name into it. The job was one for a bandit, not a knight. He had also gotten a glamour from Denrial that had changed his hair to a stark white. His usual glamour had also fallen away, revealing his crimson left eye. It made tracking far easier. In front of them he could see a fire. Waren was there along with the bandit. It would be quick and painless. One more death on Sorn's record was hardly anything.
Waren: ((-gasps- Sorry for the long absence! I'm on vacation and I swore I said I would be gone, buut... I guess I didn't O-o eh, sorry about that guys! And Dimsin... well, Waren left with Venus because he said he knew about her past, and I guess Sorn followed... ^-^ yay interesting posts.))
Waren laughed, blushing a bit. The hug had thrown her off, yes, but she didn't mind that much. It was nice to have someone who recalled her past more than she did. "Thank you! I mean, its my first time making it... maybe. Well, I can't truthfully say that." She said, smiling shyly and moving her hair from her face, adjusting her shirt some. "Huh... I'm in need of new clothes..." She mumbled, mainly to herself.
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