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Roleplay - Swope Middle School-Going into Ring H.S. by Nikojur / Hikoru

Its 2 weeks before school is out, Boy likes Girl but she dosnt see that he is confessing his love for her because there such good friends. Girl dosnt understand his love for her because the friendship is getting in the way and another boy is too.

Roleplay Details

Boy 1, Boy 2, eeryone eles.


Fatedblue1 / Night: Night sat away from the two gosiping girls. He chuckled at them. He liked how Karisa was so imature and Yuki was so serious all the time. He sat far off in the back, distraicted with watching the anticts of the girls. It was the last class, and he was already done.
Fatedblue1 / Night: Night smiled at Yuki. He liked how she didn't waste any time with the stupid stuff in life, and how well she could put up with people. She was nice and calm. He walked closer to her and nuddged her shoulder and smiled. "Hey, you alright there?" he asked and then waved back to Karisa.
Fatedblue1 / Night: Night sighed and then leaned right next to her. He looked her in the eyes and then laughed a little and started to walk out. "Your too fun Yuki. You act tough but inside..." he pushed up his glasses before turning around and smileing at her. "Your just a little softie."
Fatedblue1 / Night: "What do you mean? He is right here!" He laughed again at her and pushed her back. He had liked that about himself for once, he wasn't afraid to fight back, even if it was a girl he was fighting. It was amuseing in his eyes, and the only other thing in his eyes right now was Yuki.
Fatedblue1 / Night: (I wanted to be the friend too...-_-)
Fatedblue1 / Night: (But i wanted to be the friend!)
Fatedblue1 / Night: (Or...i could be boy1, but you and Yuki need to see who gets me...Jk i am not that mean. Alright i will be boy1)
Fatedblue1 / Night: Night blushed a little and then smiled at Yuki. "What? You jelous?" he asked her and laughed. "Well, i might, but i would rather chill out. Later Yuki." He waved to her and then went off to his next class. (I need to go to sleep now, you too Mimi since its your computer we are on, lol, night everyone)
Fatedblue1 / Night: Night smiled at Karrisa's enthuisam. He smiled this time at Yuki and gave her a playful nudge. "So, you going to go or sit at your house and complain?" He said with a cheeky smile and then laughed.
Fatedblue1 / Night: "Yuki..." He lowered his head slightly, so his eyes where slanted when he looked at her. He smiled and then pushed up his glasses. "Well, i look forward to it. Expeicaly seeing you in a swimsuit." He grined.
Fatedblue1 / Night: Night mearly laughed and gave her a strong hug, resting her head on his shoulder and smiled. "Why are you so protctive over yourself?" He asked her softly and then nuzzled her head.
Fatedblue1 / Night: Night frowend for once and chased after her. "Hey...i am sorry Yuki. I didn't mean to scare you or anything." He said softly and went in front of her. He poked her forehead with his pointer fingure, making her stop and look up to him. He smiled down at her face.
Fatedblue1 / Night: (yeah) Night stoped and frowned. He hated when Yuki acted so stuck up, he touched the place where she had brushed and manged a smile. He liked it when she was near her, when he got to look at her. There was just something about her that seemed so, pretty. He liked that about her. He hated girls who acted like they owned everyone and constelty attacked them. Maybe thats why he liked Yuki so much.
Fatedblue1 / Night: (I geuss so. Look, i will expian it better. *glares at Mimi* Its normal, and Karissa, or whatever the hell her name is, is off somewhere. Yuki hates school so she is outside. I am sitting the in the class room.*
Fatedblue1 / Night: (YES MA'AM! Alright, any cetrin people you need?) Night sighed at Yuki. She could be a brat at times though. He ran outside to try and find her.
Fatedblue1 / Night: Night sighed and then looked at Setukina sitting on the beanch. "Hey, Setukina. You little nerd come here and help me get Yuki out of her emo phase!" He called out to her and waved. (lol its fine)
Fatedblue1 / Linit: Night sighed again and then walked up to Yuki and sat beside her. he put his arm around her and pulled her into a tight hug and then smiled. "Hey, lets go find the others ok? We can go out later. Like for coffe or something?"
Fatedblue1 / Night: (ME )
Fatedblue1 / Night: Night smiled and stood up as well and nuzzled her neck. "I dont hear a no..." He tanted her as he heard her cell phone ringing and picked it up. "Hello?" He said and put his arm around Yuki again so she wouldn't escape.
Fatedblue1 / Night: (Maybe...-_- I dont know. He wants to make sure she isn't hurt or anything)
Fatedblue1 / Night: "Yeah...we are at school. She is having one of her 'emo' phases again." he let go of her quickly and then stood behind the tree out of Yuki's sight. "Do you thinks its her parents again?" he asked in a low wisper.
Fatedblue1 / Night: Night smiled down at her and then looked back at Yuki again. "So, are we all going over to your house for swimming or what?" he said happily.
Fatedblue1 / Night: Night stuck out his tounge at her and then laughed. "Alright!" he griped the two ladies hands and then yanked them up with force. He grinned cheekly and begain to lead them to Karisa's house.
Hikoru: Karisa wraped her arm around Nights neck. She laughed as Yuki tolded a joke. This was the greatest moment any friendship could see.
Fatedblue1 / Night: Night smiled at Karisa and then turned to Yuki again. He poked her shoulder becuase he loved to bug her. He gave her a quick hug and then let go. "try to cheer up ok? You are with your friends!"
Fatedblue1 / Night: Night just laughed. "nah, i will wear something else." He just sighed and then smiled again. "Like...my boxers! I can just wear those!" he said with a laugh.
Fatedblue1 / Linit: Night walked out in his skull boxers. He felt a little bit stupid walking out in boxers. But just laughed it off. He stoped and looked at the two. He smiled when he saw Karisa and then his eyes shifted to Yuki. She did not look happy. His eyes flashed with a evil plot and he picked her up and carried her over to the water and canoanballed them in, sokeing Karisa.
Fatedblue1 / Night: Night gasped for air and then grabed Yuki again. He tied his arms around her wasit and then pulled her to the deep end with him. "If you take me you are taking her too!" he taunted.
Fatedblue1 / Night: "AH!" Night growled and then let go of Yuki a bit. He pulled them both into the shallow end and draped Karisa around his shoulders and Yuki in his arms. "Now who is the boss!?" he screamed at both of them. He was supriselingly buff with a 8-pack.
Fatedblue1 / Night: Night dunked his head under water, letting go of them both. He swam over to the deep end of the pool and came up. He smiled back at the two and stuck out his tounge.
Fatedblue1 / Linit: Night smiled. he pulled out of the pool and dunked his feet in the water. He looked at Yuki worried. He hated to see her so depressed. It made him feel sad. he took a quick sip of his soda and sighed.
Fatedblue1 / Night: He smiled and texted back, 'sure, but dont let your mom know i am here. she might freak out.' he put his phone down and then looked off into the sky, he forgot to take off his glasses, but really didn't care.
Fatedblue1 / Night: Night nodded and grabed Yuki. He draped her arm around him. He didn't want her to feel left out at all. "We will help you." he told her with a small smile and grabed Karisa's hand and put that around him too.
Fatedblue1 / Night: Night smiled at her and nodded again. He gave Yuki a small kiss on the head and a hug. "Cheer up ok? You love pizza." he smiled at the both of them.
Fatedblue1 / Night: Night sat down in the middle of the two girls and looked the movies over. He shruged. "I dont know, you two deiced." he told them and laid back a little.
Fatedblue1 / Night: Night yawned. He pulled Yuki into a hug and rested his head on her shoulder. He was tired, truely tired. For some odd reason. He griped Karisa's hand and then let go as he feel alsleep.
Fatedblue1 / Night: "what?" he said blankly and stood up and then walked into the shower. He yawned and slinked back onto the shower door. He stoped there and leaned back, sleeping a little. He was feeling some strange things tonight, they were new and unfamilr to him. But he loved it.
Fatedblue1 / Night: Night yawned and sat up. "What? Oh yeah!" he ploped back down betwen them and then leaned on Yuki. "You are my pillow...and Karisa can be my breakfast maker..."
Fatedblue1 / Night: Night yawned again. "So what Yuki? How about some coffe tommorow? Karisa can come too." he told her and then sighed again. "Your so soft...like a big pillow or something..." he said with a slight smile.
Fatedblue1 / Night: Night just gave her another tight hug and sighed. "Well, thats becuase i like you. A lot. And i want to break open that shell that you call a heart." he snuggled in deeper to her and smiled a little.
Fatedblue1 / Night: Night rolled over on the couch he snuggled into the pillow further and started to mummble a little bit in his sleep. "Yuki...?" He groaned and then opened his eyes.
Fatedblue1 / Night: "coffe?" he thought about it for a while and then shoke his head. "Nope, i am good!" he said while stiffleing a yawn.
Fatedblue1 / Night: He looked at Karisa and then growled at her. "What the hell?" He grabed the paper and stoped. He sighed and then went to go find Karisa. "Karisa...we need to talk."
Fatedblue1 / Night: "God...what do i do now..." he followed her into the street and grabed her wrist. "I knew you loved me, but i cant love you back....becuase i love Yuki." He said quitely.
Fatedblue1 / Night: Night looked at Yuki. He sighed and then pulled her into a hug. "Dont ever change..." was all he said and then looked down at her. He really did like her. She was so calm, not like any other girl.
Fatedblue1 / Night: Night sighed again and took her hands. He placed them gently in his and rubbed them softly. "I will show you, but try not to upset her even more ok?" He told her and then started to lead her to the park, glanceing back at her. As soon as they got there he let go.
Fatedblue1 / Night: Night sighed. "I know you all must hate me right now but, i love Yuki. Karisa...you are one of my best friends. And i want to keep it that way." he stood next to Yuki and pulled her up.

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