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Roleplay - Choose by Aurora / Danae

The entire world was taken over by a vicious race-vampires. Not all were evil, but most of them were. At least, enough to conquer all other races.
Every princess in that world was captured to be sold, since they were beautiful and young. Some rebel vampires and other races (other races still exist, they are just under vampire rule) plan to save the princesses, hoping that they can help them to restore their world to it's former state.

Roleplay Details

•Don't immediately save the princesses.
•You can be a rebel (vamp or other races), one of the vamps buying a princess, a non-rebel vampire or a princess.
•This is a romance RP. Sex is allowed, but please don't do it ALL the time, okay?
•Don't ask to join-jump right in.


Danae / Aurora: Aurora had no clue as to what was going on. She was in a cage, chained inside. Other girls (who appeared to be royalty as well) surrounded her in similiar situations. Her face displayed only mild confusion, but inside she was terrified.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: Kane smiled as he walked. Inspecting the princesses. "Hmmm..I see none worthy enough to empty my purse" He scowled, he saw many, but wanted perfect, and only perfect
Doom_Hammer / Demen: He was chained in the cage aria and had just came to. "well that hur.. oh great this is just wonderful" He pulled on the chains. "try to save someone end up needing to be saved how shameful."
Doom_Hammer / Demen: "hey chap care to help a fellow?"
Doom_Hammer / Demen: "lady please help a man down from these chains" He tried to get anyone to let him down.
Danae / Aurora: Aurora tried to sink into the shadows of the cage, but her white dress, light blonde hair and pale skin made that difficult. She watched as the men walked among the cages, glancing at the other girls like so many goods in a general store.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: He looked at demen.
"Why hello..You must be one of the rebel vampires?" He leaned closer. "How could I not help a fellow rebel.. May I ask.. Any of these ladies seem powerfull enough for me to buy?"
Mena_Broken_Ang / Lunetta: Lunetta waited outside wondering why she was here even if a princess she hated being one from the beginning. Sighs and looks at the scene infront of her eyes.
Doom_Hammer / Demen: "buy.. for rood purposes.. no nun of them leave them be" He pulled on his chains as he seen the one he was trying to save when he was struck in the head.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "like i said, im a rebel... i want to free those who are going o change this world quicker than thse who wont..." He turned to the manager. "Release this man, or let me in the cage, i would like to havve a chat without the bars"
Mena_Broken_Ang / Lunetta: Velina was being touched infront of her eyes and really hated seeing or being in the situtation. "Velina..." She whispers to her.
Doom_Hammer / Demen: his expression changed as he looked at the manager hoping he was going to let him go.
Danae / Aurora: She watched in fear as one of the princesses was removed from her cage and tossed into the arms of a vampire. She suddenly realized where she was and why, and became truly frightened.
One of the vampires stopped in front of her cage. He smiled and reached out for Aurora. She panicked and kicked him in the face. His nose seemed to explode, blood spraying only centimeters away from Aurora. He turned about and called, "Guards! This little bitch just kicked me! Restrain her!" They quickly placed shackles on her ankles, making it so she could no longer kick any men who came to her. Luckily, none did. So far, that is.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: the manager released demen and let kane in the cage. "I have enough money to but 3.. and only three people, you bieng in the first slot.. choose two princesses please"
Doom_Hammer / Demen: His eyes turned angry as he seen her restrained. He had battled hard to keep her free he was one under her fathers rule and had known the plans of the other vampires he had tried to keep her safe.
Doom_Hammer / Demen: He was delighted when he was let free and his instantly pointed to Aurora when he herd that he was going to set them free he wanted his majesty to be free. He seen the rest and didn't know who to pick.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "Ah..The feisty one." He walked to the caged door andspoke words with the manager, she was handed to him on a lead. he rolled his eyes. "I am not going to touch you, once out of hear... You are not my toy, nor my slave." Demen was also handed to him,a colar in each hand. "One more..."
Doom_Hammer / Demen: "bring me to the cage" He knew he could not get there on his own thanks to the lead and he didn't want to do anything that will get him back on the wall.
Danae / Aurora: Aurora's voice was smooth and soft, but it was also strong. She spoke to Kane. "Then what do you plan to do to me? I demand to know." Although she appeared perfectly under control, her eyes were filled with fear.
Doom_Hammer / Demen: He looked at his princes not sher if she even knew his name he stayed silent waiting to be brought over to the cage to see if he knew any others.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "I plan, my lady, to free every single princess from these places. My name is Kanermatus Tskoki, the third vampire ever. I am not like those, pitiful excuses for our kind that insist on spoiling our species name. I plan to make sure, you are never placed in this condition again, and that is what i play for the boy here" he obliged t demens request and bowed slightly. "I am but a servent of higher notions"
Doom_Hammer / Demen: He was the sun of 2 vampires and has lost track of how long he has been alive he spent most if his time amongst humans after his parents were killed. He looked into the cage to see if anyone would come to him not recognizing any of them.
Danae / Aurora: Aurora was surprised by Kane's reply. "You are a rebel?" She spoke so softly that she practically mouthed the words. The fear in her eyes dimmed, replaced by hope...and accompanied by a flicker of doubt. She raised one eyebrow. "How do I know that I can believe you?"
Doom_Hammer / Demen: "because i served you" He said to her so no one but the other 2 could hear him.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "Why would I free a rebel if i were not one myself.. I am the kin of Lebran Lestat, one of the reasons behind this, I despise that man, he destroyed everything ever known to me, lovers, family, lovers clans, life. Everything, I will do, whatever it takes to piss that monster off.. Plus.. Causing a little ruckus in society is someting i would not miss out on"
Danae / Aurora: She looked from one man to the other, seeming to think over their responses. After a moment she gave a brisk nod. "Alright, I believe you. And I thank you for saving me." She curtsied as best she could with the shackles. "My name is Aurora."
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "It is a great pleasure to meet you princess" He turned to demen. "I f you cannot see anyone, we shall be going"
Doom_Hammer / Demen: He hung his head he wanted to save them all but without knowing them he did not know what ones could take it longer then the others. "yes sir we can go"
ellesmera / kane_vampire: he walked to his mansion, a few miles away, onc they were out of the city, he unrestrained them
ellesmera / kane_vampire: (scratch my post)
Doom_Hammer / Demen: ((apparently its not going to be that easy))
ellesmera / kane_vampire: he watched the girl and headed to the door.
Doom_Hammer / Demen: He followed close behind wishing he had his cane that stood in a rack at the front of the shop he would have used it to stop the door.
Danae / Aurora: Aurora was nervous, but followed Kane and Demen, hiding beneath her usual indifferent expression.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "May I enquire as to wat you are doing miss" He asked, cocking his head to one side, his long, floor length hair slipped fro its restraints, he would use his magyk if neccassary.
Danae / Aurora: Her breath caught in her throat. Apparently, this would not be so simple.
Doom_Hammer / Demen: He stayed quiet as long as there was hope of getting out without hurting anyone he would stay quiet.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: ill b bak tomorrow.. plz dont leave me behind or ill cry)
Doom_Hammer / Demen: ((na i don't leave people behind less they only post once and don't show up for days))
Danae / Aurora: ((Yes, we will wait. ^__^))
Doom_Hammer: He ran to her and took her hands "free the others please and follow as soon as you can" He then ran for his stuff and began to change into his own cloths not caring who seen he was not going to look like a bagger. He took up his cane and he looked quite nice if it was not for the lead still on his neck but kane had the key and they would need him to walk out safely. He walked back over and handed him the rope. "lets take the lady's advice and go"
Doom_Hammer / Demen: ((that was me))
Danae / Aurora: Aurora nodded. "I concur. Leaving would be quite a wise decision." She stopped briefly in front of Velina. "Thank you ever so much." Her eyes and voice were full of gratitude. She then ran out the door, holding up her skirts a bit to keep from tripping.
((Just so ya know, she's wearing what's in her pic))
Doom_Hammer / Demen: ((and now we wait till he gets back))
kairne / xyphers: (can someone fill me in)
Doom_Hammer / Demen: ((well the princesses are captured by the vampires and kane just set me and Aurora free with the help of Velina. we are about to escape but Kane went to bed))
ellesmera: He looked to velina. "Come with us. I hate to see such a noble woman in a position such as yours. You will be safe" If the man awoke before she made her decision, he would use his vampiric magy, which had long since run dry in the newest form of vamires, in fact, only the first 18 vampires even had the magyk.
Doom_Hammer / Demen: "come on" He was partly down the road with Aurora "i hope no one finds this suspicious" He looked at kane "hurry we have to leave"
ellesmera: "Please come my lady" he bowed and left, following them
Doom_Hammer / Demen: He tried to hide his lead as he stood there waiting.
ellesmera: he removed the collar from demen. "come on"
Doom_Hammer / Demen: "thank you sir" He followed kane with hast.
Danae / Aurora: Aurora felt a blossom of fear bloom inside her head as some of the guards realized that something was amiss. She turned to Demen and Kane. "We must hurry!"
Doom_Hammer / Demen: "no fear ill protect you m'lady" He pulled the sword from his cane and it began to glow with back magic. They did indeed attack and he fended them off with stile and ease like they had no power at all. His vampire blood burned into its magic state.
Danae / Aurora: Aurora opened her mouth to thank him when she saw that more were coming-a LOT more. "Please, we cannot fight all of them! We must take leave!"
Doom_Hammer / Demen: He seen the rest coming and began to take his true form. "go please ill be right behind you jest run" He fended them off still
Danae / Aurora: Aurora was tempted to convince him to run with her, but knew that there was no time. She ran up the path, hiding in the forest. As she leaned against a tree to catch her breath, she wondered where Kane was. She didn't remember seeing him with Demen, so perhaps he was here? "Sir Tskoki?..." She called him in a voice just a few notches above a whisper.
Doom_Hammer / Demen: He was swarmed in seconds they all seemed to be after him as the other 2 escaped. His wings spread and he used the claws on the wings to help him fend off the on-comers. "how crood of a fight" He killed one accidentally. "sorry chap" He seen the others were well out of sight and then jumped into the air and took flight. "sorry to slay and run but.. well i don't need to explane myself to you" He flue in the direction they ran.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: Kane stepped past him.
"I cannot allow them to see my home, take her through the forest til you see am# mansu#ion that seems to be made from water, and the next second fire.." He closed his eyes and his left hip glowed as he broke one of the seals. His eyes snapped open and they were eneloped in a green light. His fangs came out and bat like wings from his back, hed opened the 3rd chamber of power, he gripped a belt from his leather pants and it coiled and writhed as it became a huge beast that resembed a dragon. It was linked to him, the men were parylysed with fear. "Go!" He yelled to demen. though it was the dragon that spoke and moed
Doom_Hammer / Demen: ((i already held them off and am flying after you))

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