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Roleplay - dark city by siren / siren

the city of darkness where all social outcasts go to escape .not only humans go there vampires demons ans other species of lackies can be found .but the question is how long can you survive in the original sin city

Roleplay Details

just have fun ^-^


siren: siren jezabel chaos sat on a stool at the bar the atmosphere was smokey and smelled of sex cigarette smoke and beer.she sighed as she watched people stammar around drunk and some old guy singing along to the juke box.she brushed her black hair back out of her eyes and lit up a cigarette
"isnt anything interesting going to happen around here?"
Seraphim X: A once powerful angel steps into the bar. Appearing in dark robes carrying his sword at his side sits at an unoccupied table in the corner. A sword used many times against darkness now appears to be darkned. With unclear intentions, his very presence causes a rise in the bars already edgy tension.
Seraphim X: The dark angel didnt budge from all the commotion. instead he ordered and received his drink and drank it with apathy and indifference to the girls situation. But does glare at her with some concern before drinking some more.
Luna de Hartog / Luna de Hartog: Luna sat at one end of the bar. "A bloody marry please. Hold the marry." Luna said as she spun on the swivel chair. "Arn't you a bit younge?" The waiter said surprised. Agitated, Luna stared at the man with her peircing eyes. In one gracefull move she flicked her wrist so he could see the moon shaped scar. "Coming right up." He stutered
Seraphim X: 2,000 said the dark one. "take it or leave it i doubt youll get better for that piece of thilth."
Seraphim X: He then untied her and said "go now, your free. I have no use for you"
Seraphim X: "I dont need any help from a human. The very thought insults me. Now leave me be" he said before enjoying another sip.
Seraphim X: "Then what are you, any other creature would be able to fight off your previous owner with little trouble" appearing for a split second confused.
Seraphim X: "Sounds really fascinating" he said sarcastically "but i have better things to do than to carry you around" he then stood up ready to leave.
Seraphim X: "Trust me you were better of staying as a slave compared to my troubles" he said stairingly directly at her with his crimson eyes and dark hair. He started walking towards the door.
Seraphim X: He sighed greatly with much annoyance. He yelled "bartender i'll give you a hundred gold pieces if you take this girl as one of your waitresses" the partender turned and smiled eagerly at the thought of gold and bowed as a sign of agreement. "There youll have something to do instead of bothering me"
Seraphim X: "Alright, just dont get in my way" he then took out his sword and held it close to her neck, "and if you do this sword will cut more than your rope".
Luna de Hartog / Luna de Hartog: (Join as female vampire?)
Seraphim X: The moon rises illuminating the streets of the forsaken city.
Seraphim X: Few walk the streets at this hour, but those that do are ones you shouldnt bump into.
siren: siren walked the streets thougtfully her dark hair falling into her dark eyes
Seraphim X: "Quite a night isnt it, shouldnt you be inside, safe from unknown dangers" he said from and unknown place.
Seraphim X: A dark figure sits on top of an abandoned church looking upon the vast decay, a common site in a godless city. The day seems no diffrent than night in the endless grey and shadow.
Seraphim X: "Call me X" he said to her while walking through the streets with no special focus.
Seraphim X: The two walked for sometime until they reached an an old abandoned building that gave an evil aura around it.
Seraphim X: "no, im just taking care of some business. If you want to stay out here you can, ill only be a moment" he said as a certain dark energy started to emanate from himself.
Seraphim X: "There are many secrets in this city, i doubt you hold one thats worth anything. As for me i must do some work. Are you coming Ashe or do you wish to stay with him" he said with his body foward and his head slightly turned towards them. "Decide"
Seraphim X: They both walked into the abandoned building. The air was stiff and cold with a strong chill from an unknown origin. X walked a bit further foward from ashe as he then started chanting. Gathering huge amounts of dark energy in a single area.
Seraphim X: The energy gathered into a crimson ball that then with Xs final word moved around in a search pattern till it struck something where there seemed to be nothing. A human like creature then appeared before X. "Finaly caught me" the creature said. "Shouldnt expect nothing less form one of the VanGaurds. Guess its time" X then replied with a nod and took out his sword ready to strike the creature.
Seraphim X: "Im surprised youve never heard of them" said the creature. "They are" X then struck him with the sword which caused the creatures blood to spill rapidly and then die. X said what sounded like a prayer end then moved his hand towards the creature that then completly evaporated.
Seraphim X: "They the few elite angels allowed to exist in the human world. However this creature was mistaken, i am not a member of the Van Gaurds" he said and then moved towards the door with the dark aura now gone.
Seraphim X: X then proceded towards a part of the city that only the strongest could survive. "I have to pick up something in the abyss market. You will be safe so long as you do not move away from me, understand" he said with a very serious tone.
Seraphim X: X and Ashe were soon in the abyss market. Like an abyss there was nothing but darkness in all its forms. Stores and carts selling many delights to the wicked. A fight seemenly happned every five minutes over price or other simple disagrements. X just walked with no concern as Ashe was very close behind him.
Seraphim X: The man then looked at X and suddenly had a very nervous look . X then turned and pointed to a store a little further down the road that had red demon symbols "I will only be a moment at that shop" X then started walking down the street.
Seraphim X: "Surely a big man like you wouldnt be affected by such a little thing. Or do you only look like a tough guy" X said with his back to the man and Ashe
Seraphim X: "no one important, but if your going to threaten my property i suggest you be prepared to compensate for any damages" he said as he turned around to look at the man with his own simple grin.
Seraphim X: "I only kill when im contracted to, but if you insist on knowing my name, i am called X"
Seraphim X: "Interesting" X said as his hand rehealed as if nothing happned to it.
Seraphim X: X then proceeded into the shop with demon letters in red in the front. "Welcome X, i see youve finished your assignment" said the shopkeeper who was a old women. "Oh, you have company, youve never had anyone with you that wasnt trouble, getting soft i see. Whats your name girl"
Seraphim X: "Ashe huh, a nice name, hopefully you wont become ash itself which you may if you spend to much time with this one" she then pointed to X. "Well then X i suppose youve come to collect for the bounty on that trickster demons head". "Yes i have but of course i need a ressuply". "Ah of course, you must be out by now" said the oldwoman.
Seraphim X: "Here you go X, 50 gold pieces. And heres your serum. You know i should charge you more, its hard finding the right blood to make that stuff you know" said the old woman. X then looked at Ashe and noticed her reading "do you want that book".
Seraphim X: X looked at the symbol and then looked at Ashe "good eye, okay old woman heres 10 gold for the serum and 5 for the book. Do you still have that amulet i saw last time?" "Of course, your practicaly the only customer i have". "Very well, then another 30 gold for the amulet" said X. X then took the amulet the lady gave him and handed it to Ashe. It was a dark red crystal rapped in silver strings.
Seraphim X: "Its an ancient shield amulet, meant to gaurd its possesor from darkness and its magic. If your going to be around me youll need some protection and if your going to work for me ill need you alive" said X. "Take heart what he says girl, that amulet can defend you against any darkness except the fallen." said the old woman.
Seraphim X: "The symbol stands for a very powerful source of magic" said X. "The only reason i let the book go so cheap is because very few can even read the ancient language" said the old woman. X then looked at the amulet and Ashe "it looks good on you" X said with no emotion.
Seraphim X: (sp okay)"Very good" said the old woman. "The fact that you recognize the symbol itself proves that you have the abilities to be a great weilder of magic. Careful though, the reason why its lost to most is because the power was so great that most of those who practiced it perished" said X. X then proceded outside with the old woman saying "Fair journey Angel of Death, and good luck Ashe, youll need it" she said with a smile.
Seraphim X: X then walked with Ashe out of the market till they reached a graveyard and a little church.
Seraphim X: "This is my home" Said X. X then walked a bit further until all of the sudden he dropped to his knees and grabed his chest with his right hand. His body started to shrivel up.
Seraphim X: X then took out the serum he had and drank a small drop. he then whent reversed with his veins actualy bulging up until they supsided. he stood up looked at Ashe and said "Its nothing"
Seraphim X: "I just needed a drink" said X. He said as little blood stain appeared on his lips.
Seraphim X: "Well then i guess we better get inside" X showed her way in to the little church. it seemed to be small with no furnishing. Until he opened a basement door with many stairs. They went down and then she saw what seemed to be an anceint complex full of books like a library. Along with many weapons and symbols on the perimeter walls.
Seraphim X: "The man in the market spoke of a man named Val. Who is he?" said X
Seraphim X: "how unfortunate" said X as he then put his hands on her shoulders. "the spells on you are powerful but can be broken as anything made by the imperfect, but the strength required to break them must come from you. but remember this, the path to greater power will eventualy lead to self destruction if not reflected in the mirror of humility." said X. X then looked down making it unable to see his eyes "trust me, arrogance can have consequences far worst than death". X then took his hands of her shoulders and said "I apologize". (its all good ive been busy the past few days myself)
Seraphim X: X turned his back to her and said "for touching you and loosing my contro. Any way you can look around as long as you want, there should be some rooms somewhere. The only room i demand that you do not enter is that one with the red eye, understood" said X as he then headed towards that same door.
Seraphim X: X then went into the room that was off limits. "no matter what you hear dont enter the room" X then shut the door behind him.
Seraphim X: Suddenly a loud noise came from the door that X went into. Then the door began to shake as if something terrible was on the other side.
Seraphim X: The door then burst open, X came out but X was diffrent. His eyes were glowing red and his hands were like sharp claws and his teeth were like a beasts fangs. He turned and saw Ashe and then charged foward.
Seraphim X: "Its been a long time since ive had fresh blood" X then through away whatever she held and then graped her with his fangs about to pierce her flesh.
Seraphim X: X then stepped back and then roared like an untamed beast, but then the roar diminished into a scream as he came back to his original form. He was on his kness and with what breath he had left he whispered "Im sorry" and then fell on the floor faced foward. The ground itself broke with his impact and was then unconcious.
Seraphim X: X then twitched as if in a dream. X then rose up yelling "Stop Me!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Seraphim X: X then lied back down breathing heavily, but then he grabed her hand and through it to the side "stay away from me" X then got up "Ill be fine" and he then started walking towards another door.
Seraphim X: (Sure, the more the better), X then stopped and sensed a presense, "Its been a long time since you snucked into my home" X said with a grin.
Seraphim X: "No i didnt, i was just admiring the times of peace i had since your last visit. Forgive me Ashe this is just a lowly vampire with no reason to exist. However she does have one uniqe personality." X then moved away from her. "If you would please introduce yourself to the girl"
Seraphim X: "Shes my apprentice Maqina, so fangs off if yo please." (i got to go do stuff, sorry see ya later)
Seraphim X: "You may more powerful than most of your kind, but im not your kind. I may have similar habits but there are vast diffrences between you and me. Enough to make you think twice before challenging me."
Seraphim X: "The serum controls my thirst well.I did not ask for your help, remember that. Besides if it comes that she will be the one fitting to end my existence."
Seraphim X: "That incident was only because of my other endeavors which caused such a surge in my thirst. I was actually on the serum when i lost control. Plus you know i prefer vampire blood more than human blood. Thats one major diffrence between your kind and me. I can live off of vampire blood and that wouldnt be a trajedy at all." X said with his fangs close to Miqinas neck. X then looked at Ashe "Is ther something wrong?"
Seraphim X: "Good, Well i must retire in order to let my soul cool down. Dont get too comfortable Miqina. If i find her dead then ill make sure that you see the light and Ashe, dont cross this ones path cause like her kind she has no heart for anything." X then walked away back into the room were he emerged from in his beastly form and then shut the door.
Seraphim X: <<I think so, it was a good run for my first rp but ive gotten to busy on my end to keep doing this. I love it of course but like addictions they take control of other life function. Anyway i enjoyed this one and i hope when i have the time that i will rp with you again. :)>>

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