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Roleplay - Broken Black Rose Inn by Sarah Black / Sarah Black

your walking through a forest and it's hard to see because there is a dense fog. all of the sudden the fog breaks and you see this cave. you enter the cave and walk down a long passage. at the end of the passage it opens into a room with a bar and couches and a grand staircase leading up to rooms. it is dimly lit you turn to look around your breath taken away by the beauty. you turn to marvle when a voice comes out of no where "may i help you?"....

Roleplay Details

sarah black- age 19 her parents are both dead and she inherited the black rose from her parents. she has black hair and stunning silver eyes, she has a german sheperd pupy who sitts in the lobby and guards it.(played by me)


Sarah Black / sarah black: <<here we go!!!>> sarah walked down the staircase her silver eyes catching on the dim light. her husky who never left her side, safire. she walked behind the bar as she got herself a drink, her favorite mix, blood and velvet. she leaned against the counter and looked around. this place had been passed down by her parents who had died, no one had been here in a long time she sighed agian and sipped her drink as safire found a comfy place on the couch. she wondered about the stables it had been a few days sence she had been outside.
Max Million / Vladimir Maxamillion: Vladimir walked in, catching glimpse of a young girl. He clicked his heels together and bowed slightly. "My dear, I was drawn to this place. May I ask what it is?" (i Comfortable, I like it).
Sarah Black / sarah black: she smiled her guard was up as she set her drink down. safire perked his head up and watched carefully form his spot on the couch " this is the broken black rose inn" she said her voice soft <<I am getting my picture from when this first started lol>>
Max Million / Vladimir Maxamillion: <<I may change mine as well, not to the original, but to something a bit clearer.>>
"An inn?" He crossed both of his arms and nodded. "Are there any rooms left my dear?" He looked around. Nice place, strange that it's sitting her.
Sarah Black / sarah black: she smiled at him,showing some teeth but not all, she wasn't sure about him yet. he looked trustful but she couldn't be sure yet. she looked at the mask he wore "actually there is no one else here, hasn't been for a while" she turned and grabbed a key from the wall behind her next to the mirror. she turned setting it on the desk "would you like a drink?" she asked him. safire gave a soft bark and sarah meet eyes with him 'it's ok' she looked back at the man " that is safire, and I am sarah" she said
Max Million / Vladimir Maxamillion: "Vladimir Maxamillion, head of Legion." He nodded and grabbed the key, pocketing it. "Red wine please."
Sarah Black / sarah black: she nodded as she turned pouring his drink and then set it on the counter infront of him "there you are" she said "nice to meet you" safire had relaxed but still watched him with curiosity
Sarah Black / sarah black: <<hey what do you think of this picture? lol I will be on for a few hours and then tonight I am going to a party but I will be on late so yea>>
Max Million / Vladimir Maxamillion: <<Very...creepy.>>
Vlad nodded and took the glass, opening up a small area in his mask and sipping it before closing it once more. "So, why is this place so out of the way my dear?"
Sarah Black / sarah black: she refilled her glass and leaned against the counter sipping her drink " it was along time ago, when this place came to be what it is way back in this cave deep in the forest, but I have not a clue on why it was made here" she said she knew there were alot of things that lived in this forest, probly the things that killed her parents "so what brings you so far into these woods?" she asked sipping her dirnk her blue eyes soft in the dim light
Sarah Black / Anabella: <<hey I am here and I will kind of me on and off so yea>>
Stacy Black: <<ok so can someone bring me up to speed on here?>>
Sarah Black / sarah black: <<we started all over. you can be my sister if you want senc eyou were before, you don't have to but I am down at the bar talking to max, who I just meet so yea, glad your back>>
Max Million / Vladimir Maxamillion: <<Yep, just running around like a chicken with my head cut off...>>
Sarah Black / sarah black: << haha funny, well post when you can I will let stacy know your on.>>
Max Million / Vladimir Maxamillion: "Business..." He let his gloved hand trace around the rim pf the glass. "It's a nice place really...I've seen few like it in my time."
Sarah Black / sarah black: <<sorry if my typing is all messed up my room is really cold and my hands are freezing *hugs* how have you been?>> she smiled as she finished her glass and turned around setting it on the counter behind her "interesting" she said. he was the first person to come here in a while. she liked having the company. she heard a soft rumbling sound and looked toward the door. starfire perked his ears up. "sounds like there's a storm coming, please make yourself at home" she said " I have to go check the horses " she said as she pulled up her hood and step out from behind the counter. she had on dark jeans and a dagger on her belt. her eyes shone in the dim light her hair framming her face she nodded at starfire and he gave a little whine but didn't get up. she smiled at him as she turned toward the door.
Max Million / Vladimir Maxamillion: Vlad nodded and looked around, taking the sights in. It wasn't exactly home, Fortress Maximus was warm, but inviting to only a select few. This place, was inviting to all.
Sarah Black / sarah black: safire shook his tail and tilted his head giving a slight woof at vlad
anabella walked out and the sky was farily dark as she walked over to the stables her black stallion nodding his head as she walked over "hey boy, lets do a check on the place and then back" she said as she unlached the door and he took off she grabbed his mane softly and hoisted herself up. her hood fell back and her hair flew behind her. a smile on her lips. the dashed into the forest and looked around listening wich wasn't hard with her distinct hearing.
Sarah Black / sarah black: <<gonna go eat be back in a bit, how long will you be on tonight?>>
Max Million / Vladimir Maxamillion: <<Until around 9 or so.>>Vlad stood up and walked to the fireplace, rubbing his gloved hands and holding them to the heat. (i Very inviting indeed old boy.) He smirked at the familiar voice.
Sarah Black / sarah black: safire got up and walked to the door then walked over and layed on the rug quietly watching him. he seemed nice and calm. but he knew sarah wanted someone watching over the inn. there was a loud crash of thunder and safire jumped.
sarah saw the lightning up above her. she sighed. the wind had picked up and the sky had grown dark. small raindrops were begining to fall "back to the stables flame" she called as he turned and headed back. she laughed slightly as the a few raindrops hit her face a full smile spread across her face. her teeth white and sharp. her eyes were exited her hair blew back in the wind as they raced for the inn
Max Million / Vladimir Maxamillion: Vlad turned his head a bit at the crash of thunder and chuckled a bit, then he started counting until a small flash of light appeared beneath the door. "Twenty seven, twenty seven miles away."
Sarah Black / sarah black: sarah laughed as she returned to the stables. her eyes were bright as another clash of thunder sounded. she leadflame back into his stable and gave him some food. she said hello to angle and her dads old horse master. she feed them all as another clash sounded she kissed master and then locked the stables and walked back toward the inn. there was a smile on her lips her teeth showing as she walked in. her hair windblown and her eyes shinning "would you like a refill?" she asked her voice soft as she walked into the in and safire gave a bark and bounded over to her it almost looked like he was smiling. she was completely relaxed none of her guards up
Sarah Black / sarah black: <<hey I am going to a haunted house tonight but will be on for a few hours. if your here so yea>>
Sarah Black / Anabella: <<im back it was the best haunted house in the world. but now my brother has to load something on my computer so I won't be on till later
Stacy Black: Stacy walked down the stairs not knowing why she had slept so long. She went to the bar and poured herself a drink and drained it. She had a killer headache and she was sore all over. She went around the bar and sat on a bar stool and put her head on the bar.
Sarah Black / sarah black: <<good morning hun, how are you? not sure if max is on but yea>> sarah had just come in from a run with flame it had just started raining safire got up and walked over to stacy and nuzzled her hand. sarah laughed "morning sleepy" she said as she shook her head slightly letting the water fall out of her hair another loud thunder shook the bar
Sarah Black / sarah black: <<hey I am gonna go make some lunch will be back soon like 10 minutes max will probly be here soon so yea>>
Stacy Black: Stacy groaned and mumbled something that sounded like, "Sure." She lifted her head just enough to take a drink out of her glass. "My head is killing me."
Sarah Black: she laughed " what were you doing?" she asked as she sipped her drink. she leaned closer to her sister as another sound of thunder crashed "we also have a guest" she said quietly as she leaned against the counter
Stacy Black: Stacy looked at her sister and answered, "I was outside last night on a walk and I went further than I thought. I ran all the way back after seeing a large group of werewolves. It was a long run." She thought about telling her sister that they should go after them because they were a little close to her comfort but she decided to let it slide till something happened.
Sarah Black / sarah black: this made Sarah nervous. "we might need to check it out" she said as she refilled her sisters drink. "until then stay inside and if you go out take one of the horses.I know were fast but" she said. "and the guest doesn't know about us, at least I don't think so be careful." she said "other then that how are you?{" she asked as safire nuzzled her hand and she reached down and petted the. << my hardrive in my laptop crashed so I am on another computer but I am here.so how are you?>>
Stacy Black: <<good how are you? and who is the person that might not know about us? i think im still a little behind lol>> She took the refilled glass and mumbled a thanks. "I will try to remember that. Why do these people keep finding this place and not know that there are people like us here? It is baffling." Stacy got up and got some chips from behind the bar and sat back down and started munching on them.
Sarah Black / sarah black: <<max he hasn't been on for a few days but he will probly post again soon. pretty good my hardrive crashed on my laptop there sending me a new one and I just got home.and my favorite show is on tonight and it hasn't been on for a long time because of the world series>> she shrugged "don't ask me, I don't tell them right out because I don't want to scare them off" she said as she sipped her drink "and were not all that normal or common"she said as she grabbed a chip.
Alegra / Oliva: <<Can I join>>
Sarah Black / sarah black: <<yes you may>>
Dalex_Raven / Spirit and his Keyara: hey
Sarah Black / sarah black: <<hey, so what have you been up to?>>
Dalex_Raven / Spirit and his Keyara: nada
Sarah Black / sarah black: <<awsome so have you been in many roleplays latly. this one has been dead for a while, I havn't seen max on in a long time or karloz. so if you want to join and post go ahead>>
Dalex_Raven / Spirit and his Keyara: well Max floats in and out and Kar was just on today XD and naw i dont wanna join
Sarah Black / sarah black: <<alright, well hey tell them I say hi. me and karloz are in one that has been going for a long time. but its just me and him and its been his post forever but I think that he pretty much quite but that is ok. so yea>>
Dalex_Raven / Spirit and his Keyara: (XD Kar dosent really rp on here ne more)
Sarah Black / sarah black: <<yea it would be nice to hear from him once and a while but yea. so we were in a vampire roleplay weren't we? it was good one too
Dalex_Raven / Spirit and his Keyara: (idr XD one of the ones i made)
Sarah Black / sarah black: <<yea it was so long ago. so have you been in any recently?>>
Sarah Black / sarah black: << I think this place is dead>>

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