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Roleplay - the girl by ahdreta (ah-dree-tah) / amanda99737

coffee house and a girl sits alone with tears in her eyes just wishing for someone to save her

Roleplay Details

no gods that's all have fun oh and remember the girl is very emotional and sad


Lord Bane / Edmund: "Are you ok?" Edmund said approaching the girl.
amanda99737 / ahdreta (ah-dree-tah): she looked up with tears going down her face and wisperd "im going to die please help me"
Lord Bane / Edmund: "I'll do what I can. What's wrong with you?" He looked at her, unsure of what to do.
amanda99737 / ahdreta (ah-dree-tah): "i killed it's companion now it's going to kill everyone"
Lord Bane / Edmund: "What do you mean...who's companion..." he looked at her, something seemed...different about her. He didn't know what though.
amanda99737 / ahdreta (ah-dree-tah): "the only way to stop it is if i die" the tears stopped and she just stared at him
Lord Bane / Edmund: "I don't understand...." he trailed off. "Why do you have to die...I won't let you..."
amanda99737 / ahdreta (ah-dree-tah): "i killed the owner and it's angry, i should have killed it too when i had the chance!"
Lord Bane / Edmund: "What do you mean? I'll help you, but I have to know what you mean." He looked at her, why were all the beautiful girls always so difficult to understand?
amanda99737 / ahdreta (ah-dree-tah): "im the angel of nightmares, thats the only way i know who to kill it, is if i kill myself"
Lord Bane / Edmund: He looked at her. "An angel....but...." he stopped talking. He was suddenly lost for words.
amanda99737 / ahdreta (ah-dree-tah): "do you know of anyway to kill a nightmare with out altering ones mind, it's almost impossible" she looked him straight in the eyes this ones different she thought to herself
Lord Bane / Edmund: He watched her. He didn't know what to say. "I don't know," he said quietly. He remembered what had happened...it was still fresh in the memory...
amanda99737 / ahdreta (ah-dree-tah): before she would let him say anymore, she ran from the coffee house afraid this new acquaintance would get hurt if she stayed to long,she knew it wouldn't give up till she were dead
Lord Bane / Edmund: He ran after her. All logic told him he should stay away, but he got the feeling he had to help. "Wait," he called.
amanda99737 / ahdreta (ah-dree-tah): she stopped and turned to face him was he a friend? she did'nt under stand afraid of love life and death. she stood still not knowing what to do run and hide?, let this person help? she was confused and on the brink
Lord Bane / Edmund: It had found him. Before she could warn him it attacked. He collapsed to the floor.
Lord Bane / Edmund: "Help me...." he said....it was happening again.
amanda99737 / ahdreta (ah-dree-tah): she screamed out raged that that creature would kill her only friend, her fists began to glow it was enough to scare the creature away but she knew in the back of her mind the creature would come back ten times more powerful, she ran to him "are you all right?, please answer me"
Lord Bane / Edmund: He shook his head, moving his hand to reveal the wound in his chest. "It's just like before...."
amanda99737 / ahdreta (ah-dree-tah): "what like before?!" "oh god someone help me please!" she cried no one came, she hate using her magic in front of other people but she had to he was diying.
Lord Bane / Edmund: "He killed her," he said, fighting desperately to stay conscious. "He killed her cos I couldn't stay with her all the time...."
amanda99737 / ahdreta (ah-dree-tah): "who killed who?" "stay conscious please!" "im going to try and heal you" everything was bright and then only darkness
Lord Bane / Edmund: "That thing...he killed her....an angel like you...I couldn't save her..." he was slipping away.
amanda99737 / ahdreta (ah-dree-tah): she woke up him next to her he was better than before but she was still weak from the battle. the creature would be back soon she had to move him out of the ally, she drove her car up and struggled to get him in the back, she took him to her home she thought that maybe he would be safe there.
Lord Bane / Edmund: He looked at her. "I knew you were an angel. My....friend was one, that thing killed her."
amanda99737 / ahdreta (ah-dree-tah): "here drink this" she handed him some tea "and try to sleep more "i have to think of somthing to get rid of that thing"
Lord Bane / Edmund: "I may have something." He reached into his shirt pocket. "Before she died, this angel gave me this, she said it was a poison designed to kill that thing....it found her before she could use it though...."He started crying.
amanda99737 / ahdreta (ah-dree-tah): she looked at him puzzled "i don't know what to say except im sorry that thing should have never been released in the first place",
"you loved her did'nt you?..." she took the poison and set it on the table and left the room "im sorry" she said as she walked away more tears in her eyes
Lord Bane / Edmund: "I did," he said. "I never got the chance to tell her. She told me I'd find someone who knew what to do with it...."
amanda99737 / ahdreta (ah-dree-tah): "i loved someone once too" "and i know now i will never love again" "ill put the poison on arrows that should kill that horrible thing" she once again disappeared into some room of her house only this time it was different she started sobbing on her way and did'nt come back for 2hrs, god i look more terrible than i did before she thought to her self tears rose again, i can't she sobbed in her room i can't and she fell asleep
Lord Bane / Edmund: He sat there, thinking about her. He had to help...besides he hadn't cared this much about anyone since...
amanda99737 / ahdreta (ah-dree-tah): she woke up with a start late at night 4am, she wondered into the kitchen and look over to see him sleeping good she thought he's getting rest she pored a glass of water for her self took a sip and set it on the counter and stared out into the window and slowly he knees gave out and she was on the floor crying, she heard him move and covered her moth with her hands and ran to her room trying not to wake him up
Lord Bane / Edmund: He watched her go upstairs. "Why won't you let me help you?" he said quietly.
amanda99737 / ahdreta (ah-dree-tah): it was late morning "would you like eggs and toast?", "we better get moving to lot of stuff to do"
Lord Bane / Edmund: "Sure," he said. "Why were you crying last night?"
amanda99737 / ahdreta (ah-dree-tah): "it's complecated and i'd reather forget, scrambled or over easy?" she was bagining to panic, no she thoguht no...
amanda99737 / ahdreta (ah-dree-tah): "and im sorry i did'nt mean to wake you"
Lord Bane / Edmund: "Don't mind. You think your life's complicated, try living mine for a day."
amanda99737 / ahdreta (ah-dree-tah): "i imagine finding a girl who's constantly crying and now your in a mess with a creature after us"
Lord Bane / Edmund: "Try being the only person your kid sister has left in the world....and trying to juggle work and love life at the same time....THAT's complicated. A pretty girl like you makes a nice change from the norm." He blushed.
amanda99737 / ahdreta (ah-dree-tah): "complements are always appreciated" she blushed "is you sister alright if your not there?"
Lord Bane / Edmund: "She'll be fine, it's just if she has a problem I'm the only one she has left since....and I meant that compliment."
amanda99737 / ahdreta (ah-dree-tah): "then i must do my best to protect you" why did i have to involve someone else i don't even know if ill survive she thought
Lord Bane / Edmund: "Oh, I dont need much protecting." He revealed the glittering sword hidden under his cloak.
amanda99737 / ahdreta (ah-dree-tah): "nice, i have to start getting the arrows ready" i don't ever know how im going to find that thing she thought
Lord Bane / Edmund: He stared at the sword. It was close....the sword only did that if the creature was nearby. He pondered whether to tell her or not.
amanda99737 / ahdreta (ah-dree-tah): she came back into the room "should we pack anything like food and water, and honestly i don't know how to find that creature anyway, any ideas?"
Lord Bane / Edmund: He looked at the sword, it was glowing brighter....which tended to be a bad sign. "Huh...yeah might be an idea to pack some things," he said distractedly.
amanda99737 / ahdreta (ah-dree-tah): she quickly made 2 sandwiches and filled 2 bottles of water and she noticed somthing was up "is everything all right?"
Lord Bane / Edmund: "Erm...this sword. It was designed to warn if that thing was nearby....the brighter it glows, the closer the creature is..."
amanda99737 / ahdreta (ah-dree-tah): "well how close is it?!?!" "can we make it to the car?!"
Lord Bane / Edmund: "I don't know how close, I suspect getting to the car is a VERY good idea." The sword was getting brighter by the second...this wasn't a good sign, he thought. "Go, I'll distract him."
amanda99737 / ahdreta (ah-dree-tah): "NO we both go, he'll kill you instantly now get to the car!!!!" "HURRY!!!!"
Lord Bane / Edmund: "If I carry this sword I can protect my self....it can't protect both of us. Besides....I survived him twice before already."
amanda99737 / ahdreta (ah-dree-tah): "YEA WITH ME THERE!!! get in the car we can both take him not alone he's planning this, he's not as dumb as you think, get to the car!!!"
Lord Bane / Edmund: "No, I've faced him before I met you....by rights when he killed the angel I loved I should have died too....I took this sword from her and somehow....it saved me..."
amanda99737 / ahdreta (ah-dree-tah): "god don't you understand i can't leave you here!! look he won't kill me instantly but he will with you please don't do this!"
Lord Bane / Edmund: "I have to do this....she died because I let her fight him alone, you have the poison. You don't need me...just go." He looked at the blade, the creature was almost on top of them....she had to go now.
amanda99737 / ahdreta (ah-dree-tah): "fine" ill go" she said she walked out of the house and stood there and she called "Adam! you can't do this any more, stop! please i loved you once but things change, i can't forgive you for what you did!" "please stop" tears blurred her vision she had the bow and arrow and him in her sights "please don't make me do this!"...
Lord Bane / Edmund: "Face me," Edmund said. "It's me you want, not her." A voice laughed. "Of course I do, but I should have my fun with her first..." "No, we have old scores to settle, Adam." Edmund said.
amanda99737 / ahdreta (ah-dree-tah): the creature lunged at her and tore her shoulder open then he viciously attacked her wings after he was done she had lost so much blood, she was fading "kill him" was all she could say darkness came
amanda99737 / ahdreta (ah-dree-tah): (hey i have to go can we finish the story tomarow i have to get so sleep night night)
Lord Bane: "This is for both of them," he lunged at the creature. Before the creature could vanish he wounded it badly. Once the creature had gone he crawled over to her. "It's not gonna end like this," he said. "I'm gonna save you."
Lord Bane: <u still here?>
amanda99737 / ahdreta (ah-dree-tah): she drifted in and out of consciousness everything was blurry and her pain was so immense she couldn't feel anything words came from his mouth she couldn't understand them. she got paler and paler
Lord Bane: He did the only thing he knew would work. He kissed her, transferring some of his own life force to her...but in saving her it weakened him. He collapsed next to her.
Lord Bane: "I saved her....at last," his eyes closed.
amanda99737 / ahdreta (ah-dree-tah): she bolted upright it was all a nightmare she took in a sharp deep breath after she looked around everything from the dream was there the same guy was next to her a tear slid from her eye is he dead she thought did he save me? "im sorry" she said "im so sorry" he moved he's not dead! she propped his head up on her knee and waited
Lord Bane: "I'm sorry," he said. "I couldn't save you without risking my own life in the process...I'm not sure if i can survive that..."
amanda99737 / ahdreta (ah-dree-tah): "no" she whispered "stay" she said more tears fell "stay" she whispered once again tears fell she kissed him and hugged him so tightly "don't go" she yelled
Lord Bane: "He's wounded, you can kill him yourself....I'm not sure I can survive....I love you...." he was fading quickly...healing her had been too risky.
Lord Bane: "You have to stop him...."
amanda99737 / ahdreta (ah-dree-tah): "wait...i love you" "you shouldn't have done what you did, if i died it would have to" "love you" she whispered she kissed him once more and "you don't have to die you can still live but you have to choose to"
Lord Bane: "It's not my choice....I was sent to help you....Now you can destroy him...."
amanda99737 / ahdreta (ah-dree-tah): "i can stop him, but i need you"
Lord Bane: "Take the sword....it has a spell on it....that's how it wounded him....Your parents wanted me to give it to you...."
amanda99737 / ahdreta (ah-dree-tah): she took the sword with a puzzled look how does he know my parents?, "here" she handed him her necklace "it's for you" she leaned in kissed him and with horrible sobs she walked away when she got out of his sight she started running
amanda99737 / ahdreta (ah-dree-tah): she got to a clearing "Adam" she demanded "come here so i can kill you" she yelled her sadness gone only furry remained, he appeared, "you were dead to me when you changed, you will die by this sword" she declared, he chuckled "i will die but i will take you with me" she began to tremble
Lord Bane: "You have to save him," said a voice. "He is meant to help you...he just doesn't know that yet..."
amanda99737 / ahdreta (ah-dree-tah): Adam lunged at her aiming for he throat she raised the sword and pierced Adam though the chest he landed dead, his body turned to ash and all that was left was a a vial on a chain she took it and ran "i have to hurry, or he will die"
amanda99737 / ahdreta (ah-dree-tah): she ran and ran, back to him, his breath was rasping fighting for air he chest struggling, she took the vial opened it and poured it contents into his mouth his eyes shut his breath stopped "im to late!" she exclaimed this time her tears stung her eyes. she put her arms over his chest and cried...
Lord Bane: "I've won," Adam's faint voice laughed. "You killed me, but you couldn't save him." It vanished.
amanda99737 / ahdreta (ah-dree-tah): that's it he was really dead she thought she took the same bloody sword and put it the her neck no words were in her mind...
Lord Bane: "Wait," he said, croakily.
amanda99737 / ahdreta (ah-dree-tah): sword at her throat she stopped and looked at him "your alive?" she felt this wasn't real she backed away terrified and trembling "are you really alive?" she crossed her arms in a protective way
Lord Bane: "Just about, I got the afterlife, and they told me to go back. Apparentely its not my time yet," he smiled.
amanda99737 / ahdreta (ah-dree-tah): she smiled so big, somthing she hadn't done it a long time "are you in pain?, are you alright? what can i do to help?" she was asking stupid questions and she knew it, all she wanted to do was be in his arms
Lord Bane: "I'm in a bit of pain...I might have survived but my wounds haven't healed yet..."
amanda99737 / ahdreta (ah-dree-tah): she came closer to him now and sat down beside him "im glad your still here" she got up and walked away, she came back with odd shaped leaves and put them on his wounds "that should make those cuts better" she sat down next to him again, she rested her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes...
Lord Bane: "Are you ok now?" he asked her.
amanda99737 / ahdreta (ah-dree-tah): >should we end the story here?<
Lord Bane: <er....i dunno hehe>
amanda99737 / ahdreta (ah-dree-tah): >lol i guess if we ever what to keep going with it we can, but i have to ask hows my writting?<
Lord Bane: <huh? on this you mean?>
amanda99737 / ahdreta (ah-dree-tah): >yea im just curious like wording n such i really want to know im normally bad at writing, school papers aren't so great lol<
Lord Bane: <seemed good. besides school papers aren't the end of the world.>
amanda99737 / ahdreta (ah-dree-tah): >lol i know, that's the first time Ive ever let a character go like that, with constant tears and emotion ill let ya in on a secret if those event's happened i would most likely act like that lol im wondering if i can get the same kind of wording in my papers, oh yea you should probably know im only 13<
Lord Bane: <lol, I'm 21 and I still have endless exams seemingly :)>
amanda99737 / ahdreta (ah-dree-tah): >college, sweet!<
Lord Bane: <I'm off to university in the autumn (hopefully) with someone from ES lol>
amanda99737 / ahdreta (ah-dree-tah): >cool im aiming to major in marine biology u?,
Lord Bane: <this'll make you laugh: English and Creative Writing >
amanda99737 / ahdreta (ah-dree-tah): >lol you fit right in, good chices<
amanda99737 / ahdreta (ah-dree-tah): >choices* lol<
Lord Bane: <wilted_flower is going there too, that's how i met her and got introduced to ES lol>
amanda99737 / ahdreta (ah-dree-tah): >cool<
amanda99737 / ahdreta (ah-dree-tah): >g2g i got 5hrs of sleep last night and im mad tierd lol, ttyl<
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