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Roleplay - the soldier by bitter rain / amanda99737

the forest

Roleplay Details

he has to save a girl that's it have fun :)


amanda99737 / bitter rain: "there i am just walking though the forest an then i hear it.."
amanda99737 / bitter rain: i go down the path and see a young woman sobbing on the ground, i watched her for some time, she pulled a dagger from her bag and just looked at it, then she surprised me by putting it to her throat i couldn't let her kill herself i had to intervene...
Adacia / Ivy Taylor: she closed her eyes feeling the metal of the dagger against her throat. a tear rolled down her face....this was the only way....she couldnt take it anymore...
Roseyness / Kiriana : Kiriana stepped through the thick moss of trees. She had had enough. She was sick of living her life in terror, that was what she told her self anyway. But she was still running.
running just as the wind blows. It was almost natural to her now, she'd been running all her life.
she stepped into a clearing un aware of the others around her. Then one jumped on her and grabbed her from behind.
She was forced to slow down and fall into their grasp. She blinked the dust out of her eyes, and looked up- almost sunrise, she became frightened.
Then the others came
Her creators, other vampires just like her, but without a care in the world, came towards her. They were calling a million words at once; her name; her specieces; pleads to join them. It was almost like a chant. Infact make that a curse, adn she was falling fast. She could barely see 'cause dust from the cry muddy ground was clogging her view.
Still, they came closer and closer. Not stopping for one second. She lay hopeless in the hands of her assasinator.
amanda99737 / bitter rain: he swiftly snatched the dagger from the girl "what are you thinking" "does it really seem necessary?"
Adacia / Ivy Taylor: she looked up at him scared. she stood up quickly and backed away
'who and what are you' she stuttered.
she jumped when she heard a commotion behind her she looked as a group of vampires were surronding a girl on the floor.
her eyes widened... she had seen that girl before but she couldnt remeber where.
she turned to the guy that had just snatched the dagger from her.
'if i cant use it, use it on them and help me save that girl...ok?' she looked him straight in the eye. her ivy green eyes sparkled slightly.
amanda99737 / bitter rain: breathing a bit heavy he said "OK" then he moved quickly. with precision he killed them all, the girl was free...
Adacia / Ivy Taylor: she smiled slightly 'show off' she whispered laughing slightly once he had stopped killing them. she walked up to the girl and helped her up
'you ok?' she asked
crazyrabbit / Spartan: is there only to people in here?

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