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Roleplay - Venge-full Tears © 2007 to Roseyness™ by Kiriana / Roseyness

In the middle of a Forest in the Aztec area. Set in a Medieval mansion, the owners are on holiday, Infact I don't even know where they are.

Roleplay Details

Kiriana: One of my faves of all time.
Please feel free to join in!
No actual rules. But please no stealing


Roseyness / Kiriana : Kiriana was kneeling beside the old fashioned bookcase. Dust rattled off the ancient shelf as she sat there; she was pulling at the books layed on the shelf, tring to find a particular one.
For some reason she'd always presumed that old houses, like this dingy old mansion, had a secret entrance to some lair. She spent about five extra minutes on that idea, untill she caught eye on a book entitled: "Vampire's mystery™ "
She was about to open the cover when she heard a loud noise. It sounded a lot like people.
She moved slowly towards the slomen door. For a muinute she thought it was the owners returning from where ever they were.
She was wrong.
But there was definelty someone there. She could just sense it.
Luckily it was night time so she had no fear of leaving the room , so she crept across the fourth floor and stood beside the banister, there was defilnetly voices to be heard. And footsteps, it sounded like an argument was taking place.
Roseyness / Kiriana : Kiriana thought that maybe they were servants of some kind, and slowly crept down the stairs and into the garden. The garden was blissfully peave full. Especially at ngiht .
Roseyness / Kiriana : Kiriana crept around the mansion. She was sure she could hear a voice- from outside the mansion.
[sorry, what species are you Darla? i hope this makes sense]
When she saw the girl she almost stopped in her tracks.
"hello?" She whispered without even meaning to.
Roseyness / Kiriana : <<Is that you Fran? Lol. And it's Alirght. Why won't my picture upload properly? >>
"Oh you poor thing, come here sweety." kiriana said offering her a hug.
"I doubt that i should be here really. I'm not normal, i mean human anymore. I'm well, My name is Kiriana. Pleased to meet you." She said, desperatly trying to hide her fangs.
Narcissa / Honey: "So? Are you gonna apologize?!" The short blonde demanded, her temper already having been tested. She was not having a good day, that's for sure. She scowled at the one who has knocked her over when she turned a corner.
She figured it was no use, though, people usually didn't take her seriously because of her child-like appearance. She didn't even know why she bothered to argue, and by how loud she was being had probably woken up the whole mansion. "Well??"
(I have no clue who I'm talking to...I guess it's the argument you heard, Kiriana >.> someone could join as the person or maybe it's just a servant.)
Roseyness: Kiriana could hear the raised voices again. Turning away from the fae person, she looked back towards the mansion.
"just wait here," She whispeered tot eh fae.
She edged back through the door she'd left and followed the voices. she could see them then; a man and [what are you? lol] woman [?] , what a appeared to be a girl arguing.
She tip-toed down teh hall, and still in hiding she heard what they were saying. It obviously made no sense, but she listened anyway. She could tell teh girl was distraught about something. She wanted to help, but couldn't risk her cover incase, tehy were in teh league of those that turned her.
.Faded. / Kayori: "Apologize for what?" she asked calmly, supressing a grin. "Hey, it's not my fault that you were too busy dazing off and didn't see my foot right there," she said as she pointed to the ground. Kayori walked over towards the girl and sighed," You know what? I'm not going to waste my time arguing about some little thing." She turned back around and headed towards the kitchen.
Roseyness / Kiriana : Noticing that the other girl had left the argument she went up to the girl.
"Hey," She put on a fake profile, adn tried her best to hide her fangs.
"I'm a little lost and I have an allergy where I can't go outside into the sun," she [hoped to have] believingly lied.
"I came across this house,and I took shelter in it a while ago, I have a friend with me also. We were both lost." She was refering to the Fae girl, hoping that the woman she was talking to now would see through her lies. She was creating a story for the girl, so that they'd both be un harmed.
"Do you know where we are?" She finally asked.
Narcissa / Honey: (She's really a sparrow...who can appear as a human girl. It's explained in her profile...but she's definiately female! Oh, and what do you mean by un-harmed?)
"Little THING!?" Honey's eye twitched as she repeated the words. She, on bird instinct, puffed out her chest and growled somewhere deep in her throat. "Why you..! Don't walk away from me!" She spat, taking a stiff step forwards. She was stopped mid-step by another woman, although she seemed to keep to the shade.
Honey looked up, air blowing from her nose, but she calmed herself as she explained.
After their explanation, she glanced up, then back to her. "Um...a house..." She cocked her head to the side. Humans were strange sometimes.
As an animal, she never found a reason to learn the names people gave places. A house was a house and a tree was a tree to her.
Roseyness: "Okay..." Kiriana sighed,
"Any idea what part of the world, you know-country we're in?"
She asked.
She shifted a little, going back to the shade, despite the fact it was still night, and therefore dark.
"Who lives here?" she asked finally
<<Well Kiriana is on the run from Vampires of her own clan, so for all she knows you could be one of them, I'm not saying you are. Lol. =] >>
Roseyness / Kiriana : Come on people, reply...
Roseyness / Kiriana : Come on people, reply...

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