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Roleplay - do you see...? by bitter rain / amanda99737

a dungeon and a new prisoner has just arrived...

Roleplay Details

Annie is the first prisoner, no gods and try to make it a darker type of story


amanda99737 / Annie: the room dark and rank she is afraid of who the next prisoner is....
Lord Bane: "You look new," said a voice from the darkness.
amanda99737 / Annie: "stay away from me" she declared what am i going to do, he might try to kill me she thought
Lord Bane: "Ha," he laughed. "If i wanted you dead, you wouldn't have lived long enough to know you have company."
amanda99737 / Annie: "i-i can stand up for myself and who are you anyway?" he's toying with me, well we'll both be dead if we don't get out of here she thought
Lord Bane: "What are you here for?" he asked, still staying just out of sight.
Lord Bane: "You first." He said
amanda99737 / Annie: he's smarter than he looks but will he under estimate me? "im Annie" "and you are?.."
amanda99737 / Annie: "im here because of me" im guessing your in for something worse
Lord Bane: "My name doesn't matter. I made an enemy of the wrong person...and paid the price."
amanda99737 / Annie: "what ever, got an escape plan?" im not spending the rest of my life here she thought maybe with 2 people i can get out of here...
Lord Bane: "Don't bother, I know what happens if you try to escape here....believe me."
amanda99737 / Annie: "so we just sit here till someone executes us, great plan" "think Annie" "what could happen if we tried this escaping route...."
Lord Bane: "Try it if you want," he stepped out of the shadow. "I paid the price last time." Where his left eye should have been there was....nothing
amanda99737 / Annie: "i can see you've been ruffed up quite a bit, but i have sleeping powder, the guard is coming!" the guard came and opened the door she pulled him in and covered him in the sleeping powder and still had some left she looked at him "well are you coming?"
Lord Bane: He thought about it for a second. "I'll probably live to regret this...but fine. I might need a bit of help though." He started limping towards the door.
amanda99737 / Annie: she helped him out to the hall way she looked both ways and dragged him out "come on their going to find us" they got to the exit only one guard she threw the powder "direct hit lets move" she got them out "look over there trees and a pond, i think we will be safe there, hurry"
Lord Bane: "I'm trying my best," he said, wincing as he tried to keep up with her.
amanda99737 / Annie: "we made it" she sat him down on a rock "now im going to go look around try to find food water, but we can't make a fire they would find us in an instant, OK? ill be right back stay put" she walked away wondering if she should have left him there by himself
Lord Bane: He called after her: "Sure, cos I'm in a fit state to go wondering round the woods."
amanda99737 / Annie: she laughed, when she got to the pond she just stared at her reflection "how did i get myself into this" she said quietly she had some string in her pocket and tied it to a stick "fishing rode" she said laughing she sat on a rock waiting for somthing to bite nothing did it was getting late she picked some berries and got some water from a nearby stream, she was walking back and almost screamed from the sudden sound of an owl im to jumpy she thought
Lord Bane: He had fallen asleep, he hadn't had a good rest in a long time.
amanda99737 / Annie: when she got back he was asleep she pulled up some moss for a bed and blanket and slept
Lord Bane: He was restless, he was having a bad dream. By the sounds of it a very bad dream...
amanda99737 / Annie: she heard some weird sound that woke her he was having a nightmare she went over and woke him "are you alright?"
Lord Bane: He looked at her. "I'm sorry, my memories of what they did to me are still quite fresh."
amanda99737 / Annie: "it's alright" "try to sleep more we have to get moving in the morning" she walked away back to her moss bed and curled up in a odd way as if the entire world was going to collapse
Lord Bane: He watched her curl up, and sat there eating. He had learnt that you were easier to catch if you slept.
amanda99737 / Annie: she woke up with a terrible headache she drank some water and ate some berries "are you ready to get moving?, i don't like it here not safe"
Lord Bane: "I was wondering when you might say that," he said, smiling.
amanda99737 / Annie: "OK lets go" "here" she handed him a large stick to help him walk "i found it last night" "which direction?" "where are we going anyway?"
Lord Bane: "Your guess is as good as mine. I haven't been free for....well a long time."
amanda99737 / Annie: "ok, um..." she and turned to look around and stopped "that way" she said "if we follow the road we will get to another forest we'll make camp there"
Lord Bane: "Ok, lead the way."
amanda99737 / Annie: they traveled down the road. she felt odd traveling in the open space. "so what is your name?" she asked
Lord Bane: "Huh, oh Edmund," he said. "Where are we going?"
amanda99737 / Annie: "somewhere safe at least i hope it still is" they got to the forest "this way" she said leading him up a hill the trees were getting thicker by the minuet
Lord Bane: He was quite glad he was in enough pain that he could ignore the scratches as they climbed the hill.
amanda99737 / Annie: the trees got bigger as they went then they reached one that was big enough to live in "we'r here" she said "this is my home we can get supplies here and then i don't know, i want to keep moving" maybe we will wind up at the ocean that would be wonderful she thought she opend the door and went in
Lord Bane: As they entered, she finally saw the extent of his scars. Whatever they had done to him, he had barely escaped with his life.
amanda99737 / Annie: "can i ask what happened to you?"
Lord Bane: "The man who ran the prison....he told me to kill someone. When I refused, he had his men torture me....and this is what is left of me."
amanda99737 / Annie: "im sorry that happend to you..."
Lord Bane: "I was there for ten years...you were the first living thing I saw since...."
Lord Bane: <g2g, cya later>
amanda99737 / Annie: "would you like somthing to eat" where should we go after here?" she thought to her self i was only in that place for 2 months
amanda99737 / Annie: (bye ttyl)
Lord Bane: "Yeah, sounds like a good idea. I am a bit peckish," he said.
amanda99737 / ahdreta (ah-dree-tah): "i only have soup but it's very filling" she started baking bread and looked out the branch hidden window to see the stars
amanda99737 / ahdreta (ah-dree-tah): >opps loged in worng lol srry<
Lord Bane: <lol, ure the angel of nightmares too?> "That's better than nothing."
amanda99737 / Annie: >i have to many ppl to keep track of lol i did the same thing to one of my other stories and had to turn that person into a character of the story that one is getting confusing lol<
Lord Bane: <just posted in it though lol.>
Lord Bane: He watched her, still wincing at the pain left from his experiences.
amanda99737 / Annie: she got him somthing to eat. her heart felt like it was being squished "I'll be right back" she said and went back in one of the rooms. she crawled out of a window and grabbed a large branch. she pulled herself up and watched the stars wile she ran her fingers over the letters carved into the tree...
Lord Bane: He looked out at the forest. He couldn't believe he was free again....He felt dizzy, and the next thing he knew, he had fainted.
amanda99737 / Annie: she heard a loud thud and climbed back into the house. she saw him on the floor. she walked over and pulled him upright. "i don't understand no wounds" she said. she propped him up on some pillows. she went to get him some water.

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