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Roleplay - First Love by Lunetta / Mena_Broken_Ang

Lunetta is a shy, introspective girl. She has hip length blue hair, and wears glasses. She has never had a boyfriend, and doesn’t know much about love. However all of that is about to change. It begins one morning on the train on the way to school. She is minding her own business, looking at a book of photographs, when she catches the eye of a group of boys from the local boy’s high school. One boy in particular has interested her. He has a camera, and looks at her through the viewfinder. All his friends joke about cute girls in sailor school uniforms. They laugh even more when they see the girl has glasses too. But the boy, approaches Lunetta, and notices the books she’s reading. He asks if she likes the book. Lunetta is not happy with his attentions. But then the train comes to a sudden halt, causing Lunetta to lurch forward, and she drops her book. When the boy tries to return it to her, there is an awfully embarrassing scene, and Lunetta flees without getting the book back.

Roleplay Details

The boy
Boys' Friends
Lunetta's Sister(Come in later when she gets to school)
2 Friends of Lunetta


Lord Bane: The boy desperately searched for the girl who's book he had. She had run without waiting for him.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Lunetta: Lunetta stands reading her book studying the photographs intently. She had always liked looking at book like this because of how these give expression and feel to the person looking making the person wonder what was so interesting about the scene infront of them. 'This picture is most beautiful.' She thought when she saw a picture of the moon over rose garden with red and white roses.
Lord Bane: He stopped when he saw her. He found he couldn't move, no matter how hard he tried.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Lunetta: She looked up fro her book to see a group of boys talking about girls in sailor suits but one boy caught her interest. She ignored her surrounding by going back to look at the pictures still waiting for her train to come and take her to school.
Lord Bane: He walked over, and stood still unable to say a word to her.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Lunetta: She doesnt notice him there but continues looking at her book and reads the name of all the pictures.
Lord Bane: "I think this is yours he said," he said. He could hear the crowd sniggering. He gave it to her and ran off.
Lord Bane: <oops, too many he saids in that post lol>
Mena_Broken_Ang / Lunetta: She looks at her book that was just given to her. It was the book she had drops moments ago when the boy startled her watching the boy as he ran off.
Lord Bane: One of the boys laughed. "Typical Ed, hopeless as ever. No wonder no girl will go within a mile of him."
Mena_Broken_Ang / Lunetta: She got on her train sitting at the end ready to get to school and get to the choir class. Lately she hasnt been going because she had to go the photography for new assignments.[I gotta go Ill be on later like around 6pm]
Lord Bane: <prob won't be on then. cya soon>
Mena_Broken_Ang / Lunetta: [back]
Lord Bane: He got on the train. He wondered if he would ever see the girl again.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Lunetta: She walks past him but doesnt notice and keeps walking to the back.
Lord Bane: He watches her go past. He thinks to himself: "Why on earth would she ever be interested in me?"
Mena_Broken_Ang / Lunetta: It takes 20 minutes till the bus arrives at the school. Once the bus stopped she got out and started walking towards the garden in the back of the school.
Lord Bane: He follows her, staying far enough behind that she doesn't think he's stalking her.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Lunetta: Sitting under the tree in the garden she takes a deep breath and goes back to reading her book again.
Lord Bane: He intentionally sits so she can see him out of the corner of her eyes, and starts reading his book.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Lunetta: She blushes and gets up from her spot about to walk inside.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Lunetta: She blushes and gets up from her spot about to walk inside.
Lord Bane: "Wait," he called out. He suddenly froze, his face going bright red. He was going to regret that, he suddenly thought.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Lunetta: Lunetta stops and looks at him still blushing. "Yes?" She was not the one to really like this sorta thing and was really uncomfortable with the situation
Lord Bane: "Erm...." he stared, his mind had gone completely blank. "I...." He ran away, hiding his tears.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Lunetta: She looked down at the ground till the bell rang for first period and it being a new year she was kinda hoping it would be a great one.
Lord Bane: His heart sank. They had the same class. He decided he would try and avoid her, he had just made a fool of himself in front of her after all.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Lunetta: She sits in seat next to but doesnt know its him with her head down thinking about alot of things
Lord Bane: "Hey," said the nastiest girl in the class to her. "Why do you want to sit by him. He's a weirdo."
Mena_Broken_Ang / Lunetta: "I dont mind Im a weirdo too." She says back
Lord Bane: "Yeah, well that weirdo fancies you. He's just so idiotic he can't tell you." He started crying and ran out of the classroom. "See what I mean?" she said.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Lunetta: "Yea he wouldnt have done that if you didnt shut up." She gets up to go look for him.
Lord Bane: He was sat under the tree, tears pouring down his face.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Lunetta: When she found him she sat next to him and hugged him. "Are you alright?"
Lord Bane: He shook his head. "She's right about me...they all are....no-one wants to be my mate, never mind...." tears were still streaming down his face.
Lord Bane: He shook his head. "She's right about me...they all are....no-one wants to be my mate, never mind...." tears were still streaming down his face.
Lord Bane: <soz, dodgy PC caused double post>
Mena_Broken_Ang / Lunetta: [Its ok] She makes him look into her eyes and she kisses him on the cheek.
Lord Bane: He blushed bright red. He didn't know where to look.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Lunetta: Wiping the tears away from his eyes she smiles at him. "Do you want to tell me something?"
Lord Bane: "I really like you...." he suddenly went quiet again. His face just kept getting redder and redder.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Lunetta: "I do too." After saying that she kissed him softly then pulled away smiling at him and gives him a hug.
Lord Bane: He kissed her. Suddenly he stopped blushing, and relaxed a bit.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Lunetta: "Do you want to go back to class?" She askes as she plays with his hair.
Lord Bane: "Up to you, I'm happy out here," he said, looking into her eyes.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Lunetta: "Your choice not mine. So I guess were staying out here." She leans her head on his shoulder.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Lunetta: Falling asleep she begins to dream.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Lunetta: She cuddles into him while asleep
Mena_Broken_Ang / Lunetta: Smiling from her dreams, she kisses him not knowing what she was doing.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Lunetta: She wraps her arms around his neck pulling him closer
Mena_Broken_Ang / Lunetta: She pulls away
Mena_Broken_Ang / Lunetta: "Nothing why?"
Mena_Broken_Ang / Lunetta: She nods
Mena_Broken_Ang / Lunetta: "A person and myself."
Mena_Broken_Ang / Lunetta: "Dont look so down I mean who else could I be talking about other then you?"
Mena_Broken_Ang / Lunetta: She giggles at his reaction and kisses his cheek. "You look so cute blushing."
Lord Bane / Edmund: "You're the first girlfriend I've had," he said. "What's your name?"
Mena_Broken_Ang / Lunetta: "Youll be my first boyfriend. Lunetta is my name and what is yours?"
Lord Bane / Edmund: "Edmund. I can't be your first, your so....pretty...." he blushed again.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Lunetta: "Im too shy around guys."
Lord Bane / Edmund: He kissed her again, partly because he enjoyed it and partly to hide how red his face had gone.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Lunetta: She kisses back while giggling.
Lord Bane / Edmund: "Why are you giggling?" He was barely holding back the giggles himself.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Lunetta: "Your silly"
Lord Bane: He kissed her again, even though he knew they would have to go back inside at some point.
Lord Bane: "I dunno....I get the feeling we'll have to go back in eventually...." He looked a bit down at the thought.
Lord Bane: "Stay out here with you," he said, blushing.
Lord Bane: He rubbed her back with his hand, as he found himself starting to doze off.
Lord Bane: "The park, watch a movie, go for a bite to eat....back to my house or yours."
Lord Bane: "Don't mind, could go..." Suddenly one of the lads came rushing out and punched him. "That's for stealing the cute girl, you freak." He ran away, leaving Edmund on the ground, with a nose bleed.
Lord Bane: The boy was long gone. "I always get that, that's why girls never go out with me. They don't want to annoy the lads in school." He started crying.
Lord Bane: "Look at me, I'm a mess now cos of that." He was right, there was blood and tears all over his face.
Lord Bane: He smiles. "Erm....dont you wanna look away while I change?"
Lord Bane: "Erm....yeah of course its only the shirt." He blushes.
Lord Bane: He changes shirts, trying to hide the fact he had nothing on underneath. "I'm done, he says.
Lord Bane: He kisses her back, unsure where to put his hands without upsetting her.
Lord Bane: "I dunno where to put my hands. Haven't got much experience of this," he says blushing.
Lord Bane: He nods. As they start kissing again, his hands move down her back.
Lord Bane: As his hands stop on her bum, he whispers: "I love you." Then kisses her again.
Lord Bane: "Do you mind where my hands are?" he asks, stopping kissing her to try and get rid of the giggles.
Lord Bane: He kisses her again, giving her bum a gentle pinch and hoping she didn't notice.
Lord Bane: "What are we gonna do then," he asks. He risks another pinch.
Lord Bane: "What do you mean?"
Lord Bane: "Oh, i see. Didnt mean to be so cheeky." He smiled and kissed her again.
Lord Bane: "You look even prettier than usual," he says. As he kisses her, his tongue starts to go exploring.
Lord Bane: "Ok," they head off in the direction of the park.
Lord Bane: He sits down next to her. "Not as beautiful as you."
Lord Bane: "Not to me it isn't," he says. He hugs her close to him, wincing slightly as she gets a bit close to his old rib injury.
Lord Bane: "Just a rib injury I picked up a while ago. Forgot it was there and hugged you a bit too close to it."
Lord Bane: "Playing sports, landed rather badly when I jumped for something. Spent three days in hospital. Not much fun."
Lord Bane: "If you want," he said, giving her a long lingering kiss.
Lord Bane: He smiled, he was quite enjoying this. He closed his eyes.
Lord Bane: "Definitely," he said sleepily.
Lord Bane: "It's making me relax, that's all. First time I've been stress free in a while."
Lord Bane: Feeling more confident, his tongue goes exploring again as he kisses her.
Lord Bane: Caught a little by surprise, he falls backwards onto the grass, giggling uncontrollably.
Lord Bane: He shakes his head, unable to say a word because of the giggling fit.
Lord Bane: He gets up. "Oh, you want to be a naughty girl eh? Just wait till I find you."
Lord Bane: "Oh, but you didn't warn me. I'd call that very naughty."
Lord Bane: "Oh, i like naughty girls. It's just they need to be punished." He was still hiding somewhere.
Lord Bane: He snuck up behind her and gave her bum a cheeky slap. "That's what it is," he said smiling.
Lord Bane: "Yes," he said, blushing. "Was that too cheeky?"
Lord Bane: "Well, I did promise to punish you."
Lord Bane: "What are we gonna see? I'm not fussed myself."
Lord Bane: "Up to you....you'll have to find me first though." He had vanished, just as she had a moment before.
Lord Bane: "I'm just being naughty like you," he said. He was panicking, he didn't know the park as well as she did and was getting lost.
Lord Bane: "That's not much of a punishment," he said, trying to wriggle free.
Lord Bane: He smiled. "Pity, I was looking forward to it. Shall we head to my house?"
Lord Bane: "What's that?" He looked slightly nervous.
Lord Bane: He kissed her again, holding her close to him.
Lord Bane: "Yeah, not too nasty I hope."
Lord Bane: "Don't mind," he said smiling at her.
Lord Bane: "Could do what I did to you."
Lord Bane: "Well, I wouldn't complain," he said, blushing.
Lord Bane: "Are you going to then?"
Lord Bane: He blushed, waiting for what was about to happen.
Lord Bane: "Just a bit north of here." <I'm confused lol, has it already happened?>
Lord Bane: <lol, well i meant to decide hehe. thought he'd chosen :)> "Ok, it should take bout 5 minutes."
Lord Bane: "What i did to you." He blushed.
Lord Bane: "No, the other one."
Lord Bane: "After you hid i mean."
Lord Bane: "Hehe, i meant punish me the same way."
Lord Bane: "Are you going to then?"
Lord Bane: "Oh," he looked a bit down.
Lord Bane: "Ooh," he said. He blushed.
Lord Bane: "Yeah." They set off, his face still bright red.
Lord Bane: They approached his house, a little house off to one side.
Lord Bane: <g2g, talk to you tomoz>
Lord Bane: He blushed. "It's nothing special, no fancy luxuries or anything like that."
Lord Bane: He smiled. "You'll be glad to know we have the house to ourselves...well for another hour or so we do."
Lord Bane: He waits for her to finish, as his tabby cat walks over to say hello.
Lord Bane: <guess will cya soon>
Lord Bane: "Is everything ok?" he asked, looking worried.
Lord Bane: "My mum has a great theory. If Tazzle likes any prospective girlfriends or boyfriends, the everyone else will. I get the feeling she's already taken a shine to you."
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: "Really? Im just good with animal..." She kisses the cat on the forehead and sets her down. "Ok Im ready."
Lord Bane: "Oh believe me, my sister discovered what we call "The Tazzle Effect" the last time she brought a guy home," he said as he opened the door. "Tazzle hated him, turned out she could smell the cat of the girl he was cheating on her with all over him." He laughed.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: "Weird... but kool." She giggles
Lord Bane: "What shall we do then?" he asked, checking the answering machine.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: "I dont know its really your house."
Lord Bane: "There's some dvd's around, or could play a board game....or just continue where we left off," he said, kissing her.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: She kisses him back "You just did that on purpose." She smiles
Lord Bane: "No, this I did on purpose," he said, slapping her bum. "That kiss....oh, no your right. That was on purpose too."
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: "Crazy." she pulls him closer and kisses him more
Lord Bane: He kissed her back. "Shall we find somewhere comfortable to sit?"
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: "Sure. Oh Id like to watch a movie."
Lord Bane: "Well...I have some really trashy rom-coms we could watch....most of the rest are all sci-fi."
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: "You choose"
Lord Bane: "Rom-com I think. Besides, if we hate the film, we don't have to watch it. Plenty of romance here." He kissed her.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: "Really?? Where?" She looks at him pretending to be confused by what he meant
Lord Bane: He gave her a long, lingering kiss. "Is that enough of a clue?"
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: "Nope"
Lord Bane: He kissed her again, this time lifting her up in his arms at the same time. "Could go upstairs to my room to watch it if you want."
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: "Fine." SHe wraps he arms around his neck and hugs him
Lord Bane: He carries her upstairs and into his small, snug room. "Sorry I don't have much space in here." He put her down on the bed and went to put the dvd on.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: "I love small rooms."
Lord Bane: He snuggled up to her. "So do I." He kissed her again, his arms wrapped round her.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: "So whats the movie?" She askes as she lean he head on his shoulder
Lord Bane: "Oh, I forget the name. One of those "Boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, they spend whole film avoiding each other then figure out at the end they were meant to be together" things." He giggled.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: "So I was avoiding you? You were avoiding me."
Lord Bane: "You're right, the film does sound a lot like us two," he blushed. "Think I was the one avoiding you, dunno what you were doing."
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: Laughing she kisses him softly. "I was slightly avoiding you."
Lord Bane: He kissed her back. "Well thank goodness we stopped avoiding each other. Wouldn't have been able to tell you I love you otherwise." He kissed her, lingering for a long time.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: "Im pretty sure you would have sometime. Tell me why did those guys hit you?"
Lord Bane: "They see me as a geek. As far as they're concerned geeks don't get to go out with cute girls like you."
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: "Im normal not cute. Plus to me geeks are to the best boyfriends." She smiles and kisses him adding tongue.
Lord Bane: He let his tongue join in, as they sat oblivious to the film in the background.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: The door to his room opens to show his mom.
Lord Bane: "Hey you two, just came in to say dinner will be ready in 35 minutes." After she had vanished they sat there giggling.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: "Your mom is nice."
Lord Bane: "Of course she is, where do you think I get it from?" He kissed her again.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: "Ummmm...I dont know. Your dad?" She kisses back and leans against him.
Lord Bane: He fell flat on the bed and kept kissing her.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: Getting up she goes down to help his mom.
Lord Bane: She smiled at Lunetta. "I'm glad to see he's found a nice girl at last."
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: "Oh its nothing I just like being there for him." Lunetta begins to cut afew vegetables
Lord Bane: "Well, I haven't seen him that happy for a fair while. Plus, if he's taken you to his room that means Tazzle likes you obviously." She smiled at her.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: "All I did was really just pet her. I mean its nothing really."
Lord Bane: "Oh, believe me. Tazzle has a sixth sense when it comes to people's love lives. There's no other way to explain it." She laughed.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: "Well Im glad I passed her test." She giggles
Lord Bane: "Well you passed my test too. If I didn't like you I'd have thrown you out of the house instantly. My son has clearly taken more than a bit of a shine to you."
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: "What do you mean?"
Lord Bane: "It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see he loves you, call it mother's intuition."
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: "Oh that..." She blushes
Lord Bane: "Don't worry about it, he's needed a nice young lady to look after him for a long time...and from what I can tell, you two look perfect for each other."
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: "Thank you but I dont think my family is going to be the same. My family is...well in a....ummmm..trading company owners and its very different..." She sighs lying about what her family does because her father is actually a leader of the Italian Mafia and her mother the leader of the female Japan Mafia. SO she always has to lie about her family being completely different
Lord Bane: She stared at her. "Let me tell you a secret, that few people outside of this family know. My husband isn't Edmund's real dad..." she paused.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: "What do you mean by not his real father?"
Lord Bane: "His real father died in a car accident when I was pregnant with him. Tom, my husband, took on the duties of a father. No-one ever asked questions....not even Edmund knows the truth." Tears appeared in her eyes.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: "But dont you think he should know? I mean Im pretty sure he would understand."
Lord Bane: "I can't....Tom is his hero, if I told him Tom and I had lied to him all this time....."
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: "But I mean Tom is not his real father and it would be better for him to know. Tom is still going to be his father whether his real one or not. Edmund would understand why and he would not even care about because Tom was always there for him." Looking down she stops and drops everything on the counter. 'I feel weird...' she slowly begins to fall back unable to stand anymore she collaspes.
Lord Bane: "Edmund, call an ambulance now!" She laid her on the sofa.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: Her pulse begins to get weaker at every second and her breathing ceasing at the same rate.
Lord Bane: The next thing she remembers is waking in hospital, with Edmund sat next to her, teary-eyed.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: Lunetta wakes up after 3 hours. Outside of her room Lunettas mother and father go up to Edmund mother asking what happened.
Lord Bane: "Are you ok Lunetta?" Edmund asked, he looked like he had been crying.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: She sits up in her bed and looks up at him holding his hand. "Yea Im fine just the normal ofr me to be here."
Lord Bane: "You had my mum worried....you had ME worried back there...." A tear rolled down his cheek.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: "Im sorry I didnt tell you at first. I have heart problems..." She pulls him alittle closer towards her and hugs him.
Lord Bane: He smiled. "Don't worry, everyone in my family has a problem of some description. My mum is allergic to nuts, Tom is allergic to dog hair - hence us having a cat - my sister has asthma and I'm short-sighted in one eye. I just see it as normal." He hugged her back.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: "So whos here?" She smiled at him.
Lord Bane: "Oh, just my mum - she refused to leave here till she was sure you were fine - and your parents."
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: Her parents walk in and sit next to her. "You know if this keeps up your father and I are gonna have to be home more often." her mother says. She shakes her head and looks at them both smiling. "Mom...Dad...I know how important the family businesses are so you dont have to worry about me plus you have Agosto at home if this kinda thing happens." She kisses both her parents and gets out of bed. Her mother stays with her as her father goes to check her out. She walks up to Edmund holding his hand and kisses him.
Lord Bane: Edmund blushes, suddenly going very shy around her parents. After all, he had never had to meet a girlfriends parents before.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: She pulls Edmund over to her parents and says "Mom. Dad. This is Edmund, my boyfriend." Her mother smiles and shakes his hand. Her father begins to speak in Italian and Lunetta says "He said its nice to meet you and..." she stops for a second "And have you ever killed anyone before. Its alittle joke of my dads." She laughs nervously from her father asking that.
Lord Bane: He smiles. "Not intentionally...." he stops. "I mean, never." Lunetta notices that he looks very awkward at being asked that.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: Lunetta pulls out the room and away from everyone. "Whats wrong?"
Lord Bane: "If I tell you this, you can't tell anyone. Especially not my mum. You have to swear."
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: She nods and leans against the wall
Lord Bane: "Two years ago I was on a school trip. Me and a mate, Luke, were on a sailing boat. For some reason neither of us were wearing life jackets....there was an accident, we fell in the water....Luke couldn't swim, he was begging for help but I froze....when help reached us Luke was dead....and it was all my fault." He started crying.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: She pulls him close to her putting his head on her shoulder. "Its ok. It wasnt your fault you didnt know what to do..." She kisses his cheek and rubs his back trying to make him feel better.
Lord Bane: "I've had nightmares about it ever since, but if my mum asks I just come up with an excuse....I couldn't face telling her...."
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: "Im sorry...do you wanna stay at my house for the time being till you feel better?"
Lord Bane: "If your parents and my mum don't mind, sure." He tried wiping the tears away.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: "They wont mind. Come on lets go somewhere." She takes his hand and pulls out the hospital heading to a rich living area. After walking acouple of blocks down it, they stand at the gate of a huge Victorian house. "This is where I live..."
Lord Bane: "Wow," he said, admiring the house. "That's a BIT bigger than mine." He giggled.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: She laughs and kisses him.
Lord Bane: He kisses her back, his arms wrapped round her.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: "I hope we last a long time."
Lord Bane: "So do I. I don't think I've ever been this happy." He blushed.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: "Me either." She takes him inside and up to her room.
Lord Bane: "Nice room," he said. "It's a lot tidier than mine," he laughed.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: "Thats because theres nothing to mess with." She pouts and lays on her bed.
Lord Bane: He lies down next to her. "What shall we do then?" he asks, kissing her.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: "I dont know." She says before kissing him back. "You decide on something I see if we have it."
Lord Bane: "I dunno, dvd, board game....sit here kissing for the rest of the time."
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: She giggles and thinks 'He wants me to choose the last option.' Kissing him, she pulls him ontop of her.
Lord Bane: He smiles, and kisses her back.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: "Now what?" She smiles
Lord Bane: "Don't know. Haven't found myself lying on top of a girl too often," he said, blushing.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: She blushes at the comment. "Im sorry"
Lord Bane: He kissed her again, his tongue finding its way into her mouth.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: Her tongue plays with his, while her arms wrap around his neck.
Lord Bane: He smiles. He's never been this close to a girl's body before. His hands wrap around her neck as they continue playing with each other's tongues.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: She blushes a deep red, knowing that this is new to her
Lord Bane: He is blushing too. "What shall we do now then?" he asks. "I get the feeling this is meant to lead somewhere, but I dont know where."
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: "I dont know... I never had a boyfriend and I wouldnt know what to do." She says
Lord Bane: He kisses her again, his hands going under her top...still unsure whether it was a good idea to do that.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: She gets alittle nervous but lets it go.
Lord Bane: "You sure you're ok with that," he said nervously. "I have no idea what I'm doing." He blushed.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: "Im fine just nervous."
Lord Bane: "I love you," he said, kissing her again. He was still unsure what to do with his hands, and felt a bit silly.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: "I love you too." She giggles from the hands
Lord Bane: His hands wanted to take her top off, but he was so scared he just kept kissing her.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: She went down to his neck and begin kissing it.
Lord Bane: "This'll either make you blush or giggle...I've never seen a girl naked," he blushed.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: She blush "Well Ive never seen a guy naked either. Why did you say that?"
Lord Bane: "I dunno," he said blushing. "You're beautiful, really beautiful."
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: "But your really handsome."
Lord Bane: He tried to take her top off then stopped, he still wasn't sure it was a good idea.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: Blushing she says "I trust you..."
Lord Bane: He took her top off, leaving only a bra there, and went back to kissing her.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: She kisses back as she takes off his shirt.
Lord Bane: He smiles at her. "Are you sure you want to do this?"
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: "Do what?" she looks up at him
Lord Bane: "Oh....actually I dunno. I'm not sure where we go from here." He blushed.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: [gotta go bye]
Lord Bane: <oh, ok. cya later>
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: [back]
Lord Bane: <lol, ok> "What are we gonna do?"
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: "What do you mean?"
Lord Bane: "Well, are we gonna just sit here topless and kissing or are we gonna do something else?"
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: "I dont know what else to do. I dont know anything about you know."
Lord Bane: "I dont know what to do either," he said giggling. "We're hopeless at this aren't we." He blushed.
Lord Bane: "I dont know what to do either," he said giggling. "We're hopeless at this aren't we." He blushed.
Lord Bane: <stupid PC, didnt mean to post twice lol>
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: "No as long as we have each other thats not hopeless." She kisses with passion
Lord Bane: His hands start moving down as they kiss.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: She kisses him more while running her hands down his back
Lord Bane: His hands stop on her bum, thinking better than to try anything with the clothes on her bottom half.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: There comes a knock on the door and she puts her shirt back on. Then Agosto walks in. Agosto says "Lunetta che il vostro padre ha denominato per dirvi che ci sia stasera un partito e per portare il vostro boyfriend." She nods
Lord Bane: "Huh?" Edmund asks.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: She laughs "There is a party tonight my dad called to say that and I can invite you."
Lord Bane: "Oh, ok. Pity your brother walked in, I was enjoying that." He kissed her.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: She kisses back. "Thats not my brother thats my bodyguard."
Lord Bane: "Oh, ok. Still, pity he interrupted."
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: "Perchè è che un pity?" she askes
Lord Bane: "Huh?" He looked confused.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: Giggling she says "Why is that a pity?"
Lord Bane: "I was enjoying that....and your..." he blushed.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: "My what?" She smiles at him.
Lord Bane: He whispered in her ear: "You have very nice boobs." His face turned bright red.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: She whispers back at him to have alittle fun. "Is that why your hard?"
Lord Bane: "It depends what you mean."
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: "Significo che il vostri rubinetto ed io vorrei avervi sesso con. Guess what that means because Im not telling you." She smiles and nibbles on his ear.
Lord Bane: "Did you mean something in my jeans?"
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: "Maledicalo. Why do you have to be smart?" She giggles
Lord Bane: "What if I told you that was why it was hard?"
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: "Then I wouldnt mind."
Lord Bane: "Well its very hard, believe me." <logging for supper, cya later
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: [alright bye]
Lord Bane: <back again>
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: [ok] "Why are you telling me that?"
Lord Bane: "Well, you did ask." He blushed.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: "So..." she smiles and kisses him
Lord Bane: "Well....you do what you want with that information." He kissed her back.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: "yes"
Lord Bane: "What are you gonna do with it?" His hands went under her top again as they kissed.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: "Sto andando metterlo in me in moda da forse poterli sposarsi dopo questo ed avere noi una famiglia." She kisses him
Lord Bane: "Huh?"
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: "Im not telling."
Lord Bane: As he kissed her, he took her top off again.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: She smiles and her hands begin to travel down to his pants.
Lord Bane: He smiled at her and let her hands go down there.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: "Ti amo." she says unbuttoning his pants while kissing him
Lord Bane: He kisses her back, helping her with the buttons.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: "I want you to take me before the party tonight."
Lord Bane: "If that's what you want, I'd love to."
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: "You will?" She blushed
Lord Bane: He nodded, kissing her again.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: Kissing back she blushes and pulls away. "Edmund but what if something happens? I mean I do want you to take me but..."
Lord Bane: "I seriously doubt it....besides we'll deal with that IF it happens."
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: "What about our parents?"
Lord Bane: "Well, i suspect they'll just put it down to us being teenagers. Besides, I think my mum would rather I did it somewhere safe if I had to."
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: "Somewhere safe?"
Lord Bane: "As in, at my house or at my girlfriend's house, so that if something did go wrong there was someone we could trust nearby."
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: "Oh.."
Lord Bane: "Do you definetely want to do this?" He kissed her.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: During them kissing she nods
Lord Bane: His hands travel down to her skirt, and he starts to pull it down.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: She pulls his pants down kissing him
Lord Bane: He takes her knickers off and they lie there naked for a moment.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: "So now..." SHe looks at him
Lord Bane: "Now this," he said, and took her without saying another word. He kissed her.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: She feels bpain at the beginning and kissed back
Lord Bane: When its over, they are lying in bed next to each other.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: She cuddles into him as she sleeps
Lord Bane: "Did you like that?" he asked.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: She nods and falls into a deep sleep.
Lord Bane: He drifts off too, holding her close to him.
Lord Bane: He drifts off too, holding her close to him.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: She wakes to the sounds of crashes. Getting up out of bed, she puts a robe on and walks out her room
Lord Bane: He is still asleep, but something is wrong....
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: "Agosto è male là qualcosa?" she asked. Agosto only understood Italian and she began to get worried since he didnt answer. Going back to the she tries to wake up Edmund.
Lord Bane: He doesn't stir, and he feels very hot all of a sudden.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: "Why is he hot all of a sudden?" She goes into her bathroom and gets a glass of very cold water pouring it slowly onto his face.
Lord Bane: He doesn't stir...she realises its not just him sleeping, something's wrong.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: "Edmund.... Edmund! Wake up!" She begins to cry as he doesnt wake till her mouth is covered by a cloth with a chemical on it making her fall asleep again.
Lord Bane: He still doesn't wake up, his condition is worsening.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: The people leave with Lunetta, Lunetta's mother comes in her room to see that Edmund is there and not well. She called an ambulance and Edmund was taken straight to the hospital. Lunetta's mother called his mother telling her what happened and if she had seen Lunetta.
Lord Bane: He is in a coma...whatever they dosed him with he reacted badly to....and Lunetta doesnt know.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: Lunetta was surrounded by a group people as they continued to ask about her father. She wouldnt answer.
Lord Bane: Someone appears. "Sir, there's a problem....the boy, he reacted to what we gave him....he's in a coma sir."
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: "Lunetta is missing and Agosto was beaten by what looks like a group of people have done... Al what are we to do about our child? Her boyfriend is in coma...What?! I will not use to bring him of his coma...Fine..." Lunettas mother said over the phone and went up to Edmunds mother. "May I try and get your son outof the coma?"
Lord Bane: "He's in no state to," she said. "Whatever he reacted to nearly killed him. If you wake him up, he may die."
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: "Trust me. Lunetta was in the exact same state before."
Lord Bane: "No, you don't understand. His real father had a rare condition that Edmund doesn't know about....the doctor told me if he's brought out of that coma too soon he WILL die. How would you explain that to Lunetta?"
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: "My child has the exact same thing and I have done this to her everytime it has happened so that I am able to see my child for the rest of my life."
Lord Bane: "Listen to me....I lost the love of my life to one of your feuds....I am not risking my kid's life, even if it might save the girl he loves....I can't go through that again...." She started crying.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: "Feuds? What do you mean feuds?"
Lord Bane: "Edmund's dad went to visit his sister when she was ill....somebody, who the police think was the mafia, had tampered with the car....I got a phone call two hours later saying his car had ploughed into a tree and that he was dead....I'm not losing my son to the mafia too...." Tears were pouring out of her eyes.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: "How did you know about us? And how are you going to lose your son to the mafia now?"
Lord Bane: "I had another ex who was involved in the mafia....the minute the doctor told me what he had reacted to I put two and two together....I'd heard him talking about it enough. I may lose him if you try and wake him up....I want Lunetta back as much as you do, but I'm not risking his life to do it."
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: "Our child could be dead now. I have lost 4 children to these same people who have Lunetta and I am not gonna lose her because she is the first one to make to be teenage..." Lunetta's mother begins to cry
Lord Bane: "There has to be another way. What do you think Lunetta would say if she came back alive but Edmund had died to save her?"
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: "If she come back alive...." She cries more
Lord Bane: Tom appeared. "I know how to get her back." She stared at him. "No Tom, there's no guarantee Skyler will bring her back in one piece." He looked at her. "If you've got a better idea, tell me."
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: "Skyler?"
Lord Bane: Tom answered. "Skyler is an old friend of mine. Ex-Mafia, ex-army, about the toughest guy you can meet. There's a good chance that, if your daughter is still alive, he could rescue her." "Yeah, but there's as good a chance she might die while he's trying to get her out of there."
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: "My child has heart condition and I saw she didnt take her medicine. My child could die now."
Lord Bane: "Tom, call Skyler. Tell him what he needs to know, he'll be able to do the rest." Tom nodded and started heading outside. "One last thing Tom, tell him to bring her back ALIVE."
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: Lunetta notices alot of guys talking about something. Its a good thing she was good at faking heart failures so she began to fake.
Lord Bane: Suddnely most of the guys had vanished, aside from a tall scarred man she had never seen before. "Are you Lunetta?" he asked.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Lunetta: Since was faking heart failure she didnt speak, move, or even given off any sign she was alive.
Lord Bane: "That old trick, you'd think they'd learn by now," he said. "Guess I'll have to carry you back to your parents then if your too ill to walk." He went to pick her up.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Lunetta: Even if she was faking the real one began to come right after. She jumped to the surprise of it and started to kick and scream in pain.
Lord Bane: He picked her up. "Don't worry, you'll be in hospital soon." He got out the back entrance before the kidnappers returned, and phoned Tom urgently to tell him they were on their way. Tom found Lunetta mother. "Skyler's got her, but she's having another attack. He's getting her here as quickly as possible."
Mena_Broken_Ang / Lunetta: "Please lord..." She prayed. "Il mio amore. Che cosa sta accendendo finora con Edmund ed il mio bambino Lunetta?" Luneetta's father said behind her mother. Her mother hugs him and said "Marito stanno portandola all'ospedale perché sta ottenendo un altro guasto di cuore e sono impaurito di perdere il nostro quinto bambino."
Lord Bane: Skyler appeared. "She's in the room just down the hall. Alive and very awake." Tom smiled at him. "Thanks Skyler, you should go and say hi, she owes her life to you." Skyler blushed, which was something he almost never did. "Yeah, well...family first...."
Mena_Broken_Ang / Lunetta: She was sitting in her bed after her parent came and saw, looking out the window worried about Edmund. She wanted to thank the guy who helped her but she was still in her condition at the time so she couldnt say anything to him.
Lord Bane: Skyler came in, still blushing. "Hey Lunetta. How are you? I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Skyler, a friend of Edmund's parents."
Mena_Broken_Ang / Lunetta: She smiles at him and says "Ciao. Nizza per venirla a contatto Skyler." She notices him blushing. "Why are you blushing?"
Lord Bane: "I don't usually get asked to deal with situations where I'm rescuing people alive....having the person I saved thanking me is very rare," he laughed. "I think Ed's mum only suggested they call me cos they'd run out of other ideas."
Mena_Broken_Ang / Lunetta: "Oh..how old are you? You look pretty young but you talk like an adult. Sorry Im a curious person, its none of my business."
Lord Bane: "I'm not as young as I look," he said. "I'm actually 35," he whispered into her ear.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Lunetta: She laughs "Bugia alla vostra propria età."
Lord Bane: He smiled. Edmund's mum poked her head round the door. "How is she?" Skyler smiled. "Compared to how she was when I rescued her much better....that's not why you're here is it?" He could see she looked worried.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Lunetta: "Hey wheres Edmund?" She smiled excited to see Edmund if he came to her room
Lord Bane: Skyler looked at Lunetta's mum and dad. "I think we should give these two some space." They nodded and headed out of the room. Edmund's mum sat next to Lunetta. She could see she'd been crying.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Lunetta: "Whats wrong???" She started to get worried about Edmund
Lord Bane: "Your kidnappers gave him something to knock him out....but he had an allergic reaction to it....he's in a room not far from here in a coma....I'm sorry." She started crying again.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Lunetta: "Ma abbiamo avvertito appena insieme la nostra prima volta ed ho scoperto che questa mattina sono incinto." She said crying
Lord Bane: "You can come and see him if you want...." She hugged her.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Lunetta: 'What am I to tell our parents about last night and what I found out this morning....' She hugged back and got out of bed.
Lord Bane: "What do you mean?" she asked as they walked towards his room.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Lunetta: "I said that out louder...oops..." She whispered to herself
Lord Bane: "You can tell me," she said. "I won't be angry with you or Edmund."
Mena_Broken_Ang / Lunetta: "We had our first time last night and I found out this morning Im.... you know..." She said embarrassed and blushing.
Lord Bane: She smiled. "Don't worry about it. Don't tell your parents unless you want to. And I don't mind about you two, I knew it would happen one day. Go and see him." He was lying on the bed, tubes attaching him to a range of machines.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Lunetta: She walks in and sits next to him. She grabbed his hand, holding it tightly into hers. "I hope you live and are able to be with me..." she says and cries.
Lord Bane: He twitched, as if reacting to her voice....the feel of her hand.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Lunetta: "Edmund...I have something to tell you..." She smiled while crying "Ready to have a child..."
Lord Bane: "If its with you, sure..." he said. He was still feeling incredibly groggy from the effects of the tranquiliser he had been given.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Lunetta: She hugs him and cries on his shoulder
Lord Bane: "Hey, like I said, we can handle this. I love you, I'm not about to run away cos your pregnant."
Mena_Broken_Ang / Lunetta: "I love you too... I hope it turns out like you."
Lord Bane: He kissed her. "Did you enjoy last night?"
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: Kisses back "Yes I did."
Lord Bane: "Well I definitely did. I'm glad we did that, just wish could do it again." He kissed her again.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: "Shhh...Get rest ok." She kisses him again
Lord Bane: "Well I'm not likely to start getting up and walking around anytime soon am I?" he joked.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: She laughed
Lord Bane: He kissed her again, lingering for a while.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: [gotta go bye bye]
Lord Bane: <k, i need to go anyway. cya later>
Lord Bane: <you back yet?>
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: [yea]
Lord Bane: "Have you told your parents about...." he asked.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: She nods
Lord Bane / Edmund: "How did they react? They weren't too angry were they?" He kissed her.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: Kisses back "No they were ok with it."
Lord Bane / Edmund: "What happened to you? I have a memory of feeling very faint, the next thing I know I wake up with you telling me your pregnant....what happened?"
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: "Nothing..." Smiling to hide what happened earlier
Lord Bane / Edmund: "I saw Skyler hanging around just now, I know my Mum wouldn't call him in unless something was wrong....but you don't have to tell me if you don't want to." He kissed her again.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: "Thanks..." Kissing back she smiles into the kiss and hugs him
Lord Bane / Edmund: He hugs her back, kissing her more passionately.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: "What to do?"
Lord Bane / Edmund: "I don't know," he said. Skyler appeared in the doorway. "Ed, nice to see you're awake. Do you mind if I borrow Lunetta for a moment?" Ed smiled at him. "Up to her."
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: "Ok. Ill be right back." kissing me one last time she walks out to see Skyler. "Yes?"
Lord Bane / Edmund: "You haven't told him the truth have you?" Skyler asked. "You do know he nearly died thanks to your kidnappers....and from what his mum told me, if they didn't have me to call on, your mum might well have risked his life to find out where you were....doesn't he deserve the truth?"
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: "The kidnappers had nothing to do with him coma and plus if anyone is to blame its me."
Lord Bane / Edmund: "Well someone knocked him out to make sure he didn't see what happened to you....and its not your fault. All I'm saying is that Edmund won't hate you if you tell him the truth."
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: "No one knocked him out ok..."
Lord Bane / Edmund: "Then what on earth did he have an allergic reaction too? He's never tested as being allergic to anything...."
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: "How do I know I was put to sleep."
Lord Bane / Edmund: "I'm sorry," Skyler said. "I don't mean to sound harsh. All I mean is, you should tell him. If he'd been awake while all that was going on he'd have been worried sick. He really loves you."
Lord Bane / Edmund: "Look its up to you. I think he's probably wondering where you are by now."
Lord Bane / Edmund: <are you still there?>
Lord Bane: <are you online?>
Lord Bane / Edmund: <is this still going?>
Lord Bane / Edmund: <shall we continue this then>
Lord Bane: Edmund called out. "Where are you Lunetta?"
Lord Bane / Edmund: <Are you there Lunetta?>
Lord Bane: <has this ended?>
Lord Bane / Edmund: <Lunetta, has this gone?>
Lord Bane: <k, the last thing that had happened was that Ed was ill in hospital after the kidnapping, and Lunetta had just found out she was pregnant>
Lord Bane: <she was talking to Skyler about what had happened, Ed just called her to come back in....you wanna post walking back in?>
Lord Bane: "Are you alright?" Ed asked. "I was worried."
Lord Bane: "I'll be ok....have you told your parents about...." He held her hand.
Lord Bane: "The fact you're pregnant," he said. <forgot to say, he does know lol>
Lord Bane: "They're gonna find out eventually you know," he said. "You're not ashamed are you?"
Lord Bane: "Go to the bathroom if you're feeling sick. Its just morning sickness," he kissed her.
Lord Bane: "What are we gonna do when I get out of here?"
Lord Bane: "My mum would love to have you around, and so would I."
Lord Bane: "What about your parents though?" He kissed her back.
Lord Bane: "Oh, ok. I like the sound of you moving in," he smiled.
Lord Bane: "Oh, they said I'd need one more night and I'd be fine."
Lord Bane: He sighed. "Ok, I'll see you then."
Lord Bane: He laughed. "Sorry." He kissed her deeply.
Lord Bane: "You're beautiful, why wouldn't I?" he laughed.
Lord Bane: He snuggled up, falling asleep as well.
Lord Bane: Skyler came in a bit later. "Are you two ok?"
Lord Bane: He helped her up. "What's that on the floor?"
Lord Bane: He smiled. "Well, give it to him when he's slightly more....awake," he laughed.
Lord Bane: "Sure," he nodded, and took her to the car. <time skip?>
Lord Bane: <lol, prob won't see ya till tomoz, I'm off to see a movie too >
Lord Bane: <you there?>
Lord Bane: <are you here?>

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