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Roleplay - Battle of music (may contain R material) by Licna / Doom_Hammer

An international record company has set out to form a new style of music combining the best of the best.
They want something that sounds like nothing ever dun before. This new form of music will be made after the band is formed.

Roleplay Details

Second guitarist
only rule is be active and don't leave anyone behind if they are involved at the time.


Doom_Hammer / Licna: He was in L.A. when he got the call on his cell "Hello Licna here.... yes Devoria broke up... yes I'd love to get a new record deal... your going to what?.. im in L.A. right now... ok I'll be about an hour.. thank you sir." He walked to the street and got on his bike starting it and driving to the Studio. He got there and it was allot bigger then he remembered it. He walked in the door his boots knocking on the ground as he walked. He got in the elevator that brought him to the floor where the president and others were waiting. "hello sir" "please take a seat in the next room the others shall be here shortly we hope" He walked into the next room and laid back putting his feet up.
DustedRelection / Will: Will tried to keep a steady breathing pattern as she walked into the room indicated by the staff. She fixed a hollow smile upon her face as she entered, feeling eyes on her. She was used to the fake smile by this point, not due to the stage but for hiding herself within it. It was always with her, wether genuine or false, for the world would not understand the real her. She tried to keep clear of the center of the room, and walk around to the other side, turning her head quickly as she glanced at the stranger. Questioning to herself if their purpose for coming was the same, she stood in an empty corner, folding her arms across her chest, keeping a clear view of the door, mind lost in thought.
Doom_Hammer / Licna: He looked at her questioningly as she walked into the room and sat away form him not seeming like she wanted to be here. "hey what you play?"
DustedRelection / Will: Will looked at him, giving a small smile. "My voice. I can also play drums if need be. You?" To her it seemed as if he was asking morely to avoid an awkward silence then of actual interest, but she may be wrong. He looked as if he wasn't the type to ask questions, but she didn't question further.
Hikoru: Hikoru sat there with her song book in her lab and her guitar on the floor. She wanted to practice her voice but she would just interupt all thesse people's convosations. She tapped her high heels nervously.
DustedRelection / Will: Will heard a clicking echo throughout the room, and looked at a newcomer's feet tapping repeatedly. She then noticed the guitar case beside the girl. So then they were here for the same reason...As the clicking continued, so absent-mindedly began her own rythm as a harmony to her high-heels.
Hikoru: Hikoru looked up not stopping her clicking. "Hey do you guys mind if I practice?" She pointed to her guitar.
DustedRelection / Will: Will, noticing her rythmic habit, stopped abrubtly. "I have no problem with it. By all means." She gave her a warm, friendly smile. Of course she did. Always have. Always will, she couldn't help thinking as she obseverved her companions in the room. She was a little suprised at herself, she expected that she would have said something awkward by now. Her outward apperance of a bubbily personality would always drive to make a strange statement at any givin point. She clearly remembered, as she entered the current building, how she so cheerfully exclaimed, "You have such a beautiful home! How many bedrooms are there?" She shook her head as she recalled the moment. Why? Why did she always make a fool of herself? To guard people from the truth, she thought grimly. Feeling eyes on her once more, she turned a slight red, smiled, and turned her head towards the wall.
Hikoru: Hikoru took out her guitar and started playing a beautiful meledy. She sang as well. "The earth pushes us away......the ocean kicks us to the ground....but you baby--will always be there to turn my frown upside down." The song went with her shoe beat. Hikoru just made that up right there on the spot.
DustedRelection / Will: Will listened as the girl played. It wasn't bad. She clapped whole-heartedly. "Bravo! Bravisimo!" and gave a small laugh, though mainly at herself. Inside, she was cursing herself. Why won't she learn? She looked at the guy in the room, wondering why he would not speak. She supposed she wouldn't either, in his position. If it was a duet the girl was after, Will could contribute. However, she would rather not add in without an offer, which she would neither accept, nor decline. Instead, she turned an ever darker shade of crimson, after the commenet she had made, and focased on the ceiling of the room, which in her opinion was growing increasingly warm.
Hikoru: Hikoru laughed and started singing some other songs she wrote a long time ago. She stared at the boy. Who was he? Shes seen him before but where?
DustedRelection / Will: Will continued to stare off into the distance. She was glad to get away from there. But how long will she stand here, in this room which grows warm to the boiling point? She watched the girl as she happily sang her heart. Surely they would not notice if she just walked out? She really needed to get a little air. Of course they wouldn't, she concluded, and as if that solved everything, Will got away from the wall from which she was leaning on, and began to walk around behind the singing girl was playing contently. The room was getting really hot now, and it was making her slightly light-headed, Will walked to the door, quietly as she tried not to draw attention.
Doom_Hammer / Licna: <<sorry i passed out lol>>
The other girl began to play he wished he didn't leave his place so abruptly leaving his behind. so far there were 3 of them and he had never played with girls before. He looked at the girl about to leave. "if your going be sher to look for the other 3" He didn't get up or look at her.
Hikoru: Hikoru stopped playing. "I think this is all of us..."
Doom_Hammer / Licna: He shook his head "cant have a band with 3 people"
DustedRelection / Will: Will turned around abrubtly, facing the two that were speaking. "We could play with only the three of us," She casually backed away further towards the door. "It seems to me that the two of you are guitarists, if I am not mistaken. I myself am a vocalist, though I can play drums rather well. So much fun to hit stuff!" Well, that wasn't too abnormal... "It would be better to have a few more people however," She concluded, wrapping her hand around the oval doorknob.
Roseyness / Atryak: <<Is anyone else allowed to join in?>>
DustedRelection / Will: <<I would think so, but it is not my call. I would ask Licna. But I just saw you ask to join the other I am in. I need someone in The Faded Aura. Go check that one out?>>
Roseyness / Kiriana : <<I want to but I can't find it.lol. Link me?>>
Doom_Hammer / Licna: ((yes please join there is only 3 of us))
Doom_Hammer / Licna: "well ill go get my guitar I'm sher there is a drum set somewhere in the studio and we can try something as we wight for the other members" He got up and walked to the door "back in a second i know i have one in this studio from my last band" He left and about 5 minutes came back. "I got it" He held up a black Washburn flying-V with gold hardware and a studded strap.
Doom_Hammer / Licna: ((bassist, drummer, keyboardist. pick ^_^))
He looked up as he began to tune his guitar. "they catch you at a bad time to?"
Hikoru: Hikoru laughed a little. She put her guitar away and started writing down everything.
Doom_Hammer / Licna: He was finally tuned up and began to play. He looked at the other girl who just put her guitar down. He thought for a moment then began to play faster and faster till he had a full out solo going.
Hikoru: Hikrou looked up in surpries. "Wow...Your good." She said and giggled at her own satisfactory skills.
Doom_Hammer / Licna: He smiled and his tune soon changed to a Celtic melody "after 13 years you tend to get use to it"
Doom_Hammer / Licna: He looked at the other guy wondering his taste in music. He looked at the girl "care to play along?" He was hopping to see what these other members could do.
Hikoru: <<Wrong Character>>
Doom_Hammer / Licna: He smiled as she played and began to sing. He played tried to make sher she could keep up. He listened to her singing and tried to think if he knew the song.
Hikoru: Hikoru stooped playing because she knew where she heard the song. It was he fathers song. He died when she was 1 and was a great musician.
Doom_Hammer / Licna: He looked at her and stopped playing "whats wrong?"
Hikoru: "Its---nothing..." Hikoru quickly stood up and went into the coffee room. She got some water and slowly sipped on it thinking of her father. She has listend to his cd at least 60 times. But there was no conection between them. There couldnt be if he died when she was 1.
Doom_Hammer / Licna: He looked at her for a moment then thought it better not to ask again. He looked around at the other 2 'ok what does that guy even play?' He thought to himself.
Hikoru: Hikoru put some of the water on her face and walked back. "Sorry about that..." She loked at the door that led into the recording studio. They called them all in just then. "Ready?"
DustedRelection / Will: <<Sorry, I had some viruses detected on my computer.>>
Will was enchanted by the music colaberated by the other members, and for the time being, forgot the reason she was standing at the door. She finally snapped back to reality, and turned away from the others. They are so good, she thought, and was gaining doubt at her own abilities. She was always a little self-concious when it came to her voice, and was now growing less comfortable being in the room. They were still just strangers, she thought. So why does it bother me what they think of my voice? Because they are listeners, said a voice in the back of her mind. Fellings of shyness came to her from nowhere, which felt strange, as it was not her nature. The air around her spinning, Will turned the handle and took a step out of the room, which seemed to fill her head with music.
Hikoru: Hikrou saw the guy starting to leave. "Wait why are you leaving?"
Doom_Hammer / Licna: He got up and looked at all of them one seemed to not want to be there, one seemed frightened, the other seemed calm though. He got up and walked over to the men and one lead him onto the next room.
DustedRelection / Will: Will knew the others were to go into the next room, but did not proceed with them. She continued down to the doors leading outside, only to realize she was not the only one walking towards the parking lot. She dared not question him, but continued to walk outside. She stopped abrublty however, as she was still growing increasingly dizzy. Will then decided upon sitting down where she was, which happened to be in the clear middle of the pavement. She was becoming weary, and rest her head on the warm asphalt.
Doom_Hammer / Licna: He shook his head as he seen 2 of them leave "you said we would have a record deal meaning there would be a band. i see only 2 of us now" He looked at the head president that they were sent to.
Doom_Hammer / Licna: ((provided but i would think you would have your own that you are use to for later))
Hikoru: <<Provided>> Hikoru Walked in with her guitar and sat on the stool waiting for everyone eles to come in.
Doom_Hammer / Licna: His guitar was hanging off his back as he looked at the president "the 4 of you are the only ones available to start right now. please give them time" He nodded and looked at the other girl.
Hikoru: Hikoru stared playing a easy melody so they could make up a song on the spot. Just them two. She stopped. "Hey can we play the song we were in the lobby?"
Doom_Hammer / Licna: "if you like" He pulled his guitar up front and started to play like he was before. The other men in the room just took there seats.
Hikoru: It was just them two, like her mom and dad. She played along with him. Hikoru started to sing, putting feeling into it, putting every inch she had into it.
Doom_Hammer / Licna: He was surprised at her being so serious. He thought he better start putting more effort into making his end sound better. He listened to the words.
DustedRelection / Will: Will was feeling rather strange as she lay on the ground. She heard a faint voice, and looked but saw no one. Raising her head, she turned to see one of the guys from the room. She nodded, and attempted to stand, but it was in vain. What was wrong with her? She felt rather weak, but somehow manmaged to utter to the stranger. "I-I will be fine" she claimed, and battled herself as she rose to her feet.
Doom_Hammer / Licna: As he played he wondered what was about to happen. He knew one of them was able to play the other current 2 he questioned.
Doom_Hammer / Licna: ((anyone here please say when you leave))
Hikoru: Hikoru finished the song. Forgetting she was at a recording studio until she opend her eyes. She flashed a smiled at the boy next to her.
Doom_Hammer / Licna: He smiled back as the last note still rang on the guitar. "not bad not bad good voice to"
Hikoru: Hikoru blushed. She looked over to the presidents approval. They told them to go wait again. She walked out to the lobby. "I hope we get chossen."
Doom_Hammer / Licna: "he already has chosen" He walked with her "im just wondering why" His guitar was again behind his back.
DustedRelection / Will: Will walked back into the room with the others. With the feeling she had just missed something, she casually made her way back to the corner where she had been previously. She was rather hoping no one would question where she gone, for she was still attempting to figure out what happened. Trying to keep her mind off of it, she looked at her surroundings and caught her eye on the guy still in the room, wondering what each of the other musicians were thinking.
Hikoru: "He did?" She said surprised. "Who?? And by the way my name is Hikoru." Hiko stuck her hand out for him to shake.
Doom_Hammer / Licna: He sat down guitar on lap he seen the other girl come back. "damn its been so long since i played this guitar i hardly remembered how nice it is" He began to play again it sounded very old fashioned like something from a medevil festival. He started to sing mostly to himself an old song he use to play on the guitar. his voice also sounded very Celtic as he sang. He had no plans on being the singer and he would only sing if a male voice was needed to make the song sound better.
Doom_Hammer / Licna: ((before the other post)) "Licna" He shook her hand "the present over there he has already chosen us"
DustedRelection / Will: Will looked at the guy, Licna, in suprise. "So you two went in then?" She had not expected them to wait for her, but she was morely concerned of how they reacted. These guys were good, she had no doubt, and now that she knew names, she was growing a little more accustomed to the overall feel of the atmosphere.
Doom_Hammer / Licna: "ya but he wanted you 2 to be with us also before he said anything so we were sent back in here" He looked at her "and your name is?"
Hikoru: "yeah...."
DustedRelection / Will: Will looked at the door, where the staff were sure to be waiting. "Will," she said, and slid downward until she was sitting on the floor. "But you may call me any name you so choose, I have had many." She looked at the guy in response. He had a phenominal voice, Hikoru as well, but something about the two of them made her feel strange. Shrugging off this effect for the time being, she attentive herself with the fine architecture of the duel guitars.
Doom_Hammer / Licna: He looked at the other girl that seemed to have gotten very quiet after knowing his name.
Hikoru: Hiko put her guitar away and went to finish her drawing but instead she listend to her dad on her i-pod.
Doom_Hammer / Licna: "your our singer. care to let us hear? He smiled at her.
Doom_Hammer / Licna: He started to play his guitar again trying to ease her to sing.
Hikoru: Hiko ignored them.
DustedRelection / Will: Will was shocked to hear such a proposal. She loved to sing, but knowing they were listening threw her off. It was different in a performance, there were a lot of people, but she knew they were not all paying attention to her in particular. She attempted to stray off of the subject. "I can play the drums rather well, but where is the other guy?" She felt her face go slightly pink.
Doom_Hammer / Licna: "im not going to bite" He said not planing on replying to her. his playing was soft and light.
DustedRelection / Will: "It isn't YOU who I am afraid will," Will couldn't help but say, as she listened to Licna play, plucking the strings ever so softly.She had a great urge to sing, but something inside her held her back. Instead, she nevously clicked her tounge, which she did whenever nervous or upset. There was something odd about the girl in the room, and Licna...the name was so familiar. She knew she had never heard the name in her life, but still.....She continued clicking her tounge as she listened, his voice as a bard ringing delightfully in her ears.
Doom_Hammer / Licna: He wondered if they figured out who he was yet his old band was quite famous. "she can't hear you or me" He knew because he could hear her music from her Ipod. He played and started to sing again trying to get her to join him.
DustedRelection / Will: Will looked over at Hikoru, as if that would confirm wether or not she could them. She could hear the notes playing through her headphones, and turned back to Licna. She would sing, but something still unsettled her. Unsure of what it was, she turned to another topic. "Any ideas of what the name of our group is yet?" She asked, ceasing the click coming from her mouth.
Doom_Hammer / Licna: he shook his head and began to sing right to her. He knew it was hard to just start in front of strangers but she had to learn to.
DustedRelection / Will: Will flushed a deep red in the face as Licna began to sing. She had no problem in front of crowds, but with him paying such attention to her was strange, and was uncomfortable as he stared. If only she knew what he was thinking!It wouldn't matter as much, but if they were to be part of the same band, she had to know the opinions they had of her. She sighed as she looked at him. "I am truely sorry, but it's just...I know you all have probably come from such famous groups, though I know not of either of you. I am not. I do not come from anywhere. I did not even have a band I belonged to. I'm just...just afraid I will let all of you down." She concluded, and looked down at her feet. Will felt her face go warm. Oh, what was he thinking now?
Doom_Hammer / Licna: A man came to the door and licna nodded to him "i know these guys and if they brought you here to be part of this band then i have confidence in you." He got up and walked to the man who directed him to the main office again. the man looked at the 2 girls. "he said to just move along and let the others catch up when they arrive.
DustedRelection / Will: Will nodded, and stood up, feeling her leg, as it had fallen asleep. "Are you sure there are others? This may be all we have." She was relieved the man had come to interrupt Licna's attept for her to sing, but what lay in store now? Nervous as she was, she followed to stand by Licna, and waited for further information.
Doom_Hammer / Licna: ((my last post for tonight))
The president stood and looked at the 3 of them "perhaps you are all wondering why i have called you all her to be in this band and the reason is. you are all different and i bet that the 6 of you chosen will be the greatest band the world has ever seen. Licna since you are the most experienced in a band after Devoria im leaving you with the hard parts of the band and you already know what they are. now this is where i tell you all to get into performance gear and come back to the next room everything you could need is in the rooms that you are now going to before we all meat." Licna jest nodded and went to the room he was told to go to. He picked up a 12 string V guitar then looked at the cloths. He grabbed his chains and his vest along with baggy jeans and a spiked belt. (vest and chains as seen in pick) He walked out and into the next room that was a set up stage with 1 sided glass around it meaning people could see you but you could not see them he knew what was going on now. this was where they all proved themselves to there fellow band members that they are meant to be here. with the one way glass its like your playing in your own room its very easy. He walked up and opened the door walking in and closing it behind him. He looked at the mirrors with a grin as he walked over and plugged in to the amp setting the mixer and starting to play anyway.
DustedRelection / Will: <<Okay then, See you on later.>>
Will was slightly nervous now that this point had come. At the moment she wished she were there with her usual crowd, not these people, who she was sure would judge her, not just on performance. It was so much harder to perform for those you knew, or even those you had just met. She began clicking her tonge once again, and her feet started to tap with the rythm. Sure that no one could here her, she very softly began to chime in with his notes and chords. He did play wonderfully. Her voice was so quiet, she was quite certain it was unheard due to the volume of the amp of which he played. Will lost herself completely, as she sang to his music.
Doom_Hammer / Licna: One of the men standing with them walked over and talked into a microphone. it was time to show more then his Celtic side. He nodded knowing they could all see him. He raised the guitar over his head his vest was open and his bear chest shined slightly in the light. He brought the guitar straight up and down running his finger down the cord making a moaning screech. The music then became heavy metal and his voice became distorted. he began to sing in a different language all together this is what his old band was known for and what has made him known far more for being the old singer. He began to get into his stage mood and began to run around the stage stand on amps and pull guitar tricks till the guy told him he could stop and come out. He tuned off the amp and pulled the cord from his guitar. He walked out with a bit of a sweat on him.
Doom_Hammer / Licna: ((there is only bass and drums left)) He looked her over he looked like a mess after the performance. "no its ok don't worry i wasn't looking.. The rest of the band is here so there is only one missing" He lead her to the rest of the band and the recording studio president.
DustedRelection / Will: Will heard that Licna had finished his performance, and ceased her voice, though she was sure it had carried on through the open silence. She had just went over to congradulate him on how well he did, only to notice that there was yet another addition. It was a girl, to no suprise to Will. Won't they feel lucky, to have three girls to be with all the time. Let's just hope nothing goes to their heads, she thought, and went to introduce herself. For all of our sanity, I do wish for everyone to keep a level mind concept, to both genders alike, she added, and waved at the newcomer in greetings. "Licna, that was amazing! I didn't know you had that much power in that quiet mind set of yours. I had never heard of the piece before, but it sounded as if you had played so many times. And what is it that you play?" She asked, turning to girl, who in her opinion looked about as nervous as Will felt.
Doom_Hammer / Licna: He bowed lightly do her his guitar in his outstretched arm. "Thank you very much" He smiled. "it was a song from my old band though so i didn't really jest think of it now" He looked at the new girl with the same question. since he never figured out what the other guy played she could be keyboardist bassist or drummer. of course the other guy was keyboards but he didn't know that yet.
DustedRelection / Will: Will couldn't help but give a small laugh as Licna gave a bow. "I had never heard the song before," she said, now looking at him. "Though as I said, I had never heard of you, or any band you might have been in." She noticed the beads of sweat now, put paid no great attention to them. "I am sure you were great though." She added, not wanting him to think she hadn't heard of him due to poor taste in music. He really was good, and she liked the style of which he played, but was it really her fault she had never heard of such a stranger? She pondered over what he may have thought of her lack of knowledge to modern music, and broke the contact of him and her eyes.
Doom_Hammer / Licna: "i had allot of great people playing with me but if you didn't listen to anything in other languages then you probably never got the chance to hear of us" He didn't really care if she herd of him or not everyone has herd of some bands and not others and as he said Ancient Summarian (the language he sang in during his heavy rift) was another language all together thus only some music stations played there music.
DustedRelection / Will: Will was indifferent at the suggestion of other language music. "Oh, you were in other languages? I rarely listen to those of the same language, and thought I had never heard of you." She was growing more comfortable with her new aquaintances, but still kept her eyes alert for bad situations. "I still do not believe I have heard of you, though I always listen to that of different tounge, and sing some of it myself." She continued, and looked at Licna once more. As comfortable as she was, Will was suprisingly wanting to carry on the conversation to that other than music, but said nothing else, and leaned against the wall behind her.
Doom_Hammer / Licna: "oh well" He shrugged "no one knows everyone" He looked at the president that was walking up to them "any volunteers to go next?" he asked. Licna looked at him "can it hold on till i get cleaned up a little?" The president nodded and licna then turned and ran off back to the room he was assigned to. He turned on the water and took his vest off sticking his head into the water he whipped his face off with a wet cloth and fixed his hair before putting on a black shirt and walking back to the others.
DustedRelection / Will: Will grew nervous once again as she looked at the president. She had already sang once today, it shouldn't be that hard to do it again. But she didn't think anyone was listening then. No one was, to her knowledge. She hoped to have someone come up from nowhere and volunteer, but she doubted she would have such luck. She wouldn't volunteer herself, though she supposed she would have no choice if they chose her for next. Will was throbbing with nerves and anticipation, wanting to sing, but battling herself against it. She secretly thank herself for being the actress she was, for she would hate for someone to know the real thoughts she had. Will closed her eyes, and hoped for someone to offer.
Doom_Hammer / Licna: He looked at her "your not feeling so good are you?"
Laz: ((Whoa what i miss??))
Doom_Hammer / Licna: ((we are just in the studio the president wants us to show off a little))
Laz: ((may I?? lol))
Doom_Hammer / Licna: ((it would make will happy if you do :P ))
Doom_Hammer / Demen: He watched and smiled "well thats good no problems at all from him he just picks right up with our tunes" He leaned next to will.
Doom_Hammer / Licna: ((that was me sorry))
Laz / Damien Lazurus: Marcus packed his keyboard up and walked out once they said he was finished. He stopped close to linca "Thanks for the inspirational music, but next time dont be so forceful, thats what fucked up your last band" without another word marcus walked completely out. Stopping just outside his room marcus lit another smoke and searched for the key.
Doom_Hammer / Licna: He looked at him "i know full well why my last band split up and i wont make that mistake twice"
Doom_Hammer / Licna: he was a man of music but he never let it control his emotions. he listened "now that doesn't sound very happy at all"
Doom_Hammer / Licna: ((care to fill me in?))
Doom_Hammer / Demen: ((then ill see you after you make it and we will let the others catch up to us))
DustedRelection / Will: <<Sorry, my computer has viruses, and I just now got it to work again!>>
Doom_Hammer / Licna: ((its ok he went before you and is in his room))
DustedRelection / Will: <<Oh and Licna, how do you pronounce it? Lick-na, or Lis-na? Lick-na right?>>
Doom_Hammer / Licna: ((it is the s sound))
DustedRelection / Will: <<Oh, then I have been calling you by the wrong name this entire time. My apologize.>>
Doom_Hammer / Licna: ((hehe its ok it all spelled the same lol))
DustedRelection / Will: Will was intrigued by the power at which they were all playing. Her main fear now was trying to live up to their high performance standards. She gave a deep breath and was begining to lose hope of avoiding her turn. Time was growing short, she thought, and began frantically thinking of a song of which to perform. She supposed she would just sing what came out, she thought, and turned to face the others. Her main fear was of course, Licna, he of which was determined to get her to sing earlier. She was afraid that her wait would have cause him to think she wanted to save the best for last, which in her opinion was not going to happen. Will avoided their gaze, and began to nervously click her tounge once more.
DustedRelection / Will: <<Good to hear. By the way, I do like the name.>>
Doom_Hammer / Licna: ((what one?))
"you have nothing to be nervous about" He by now caught on to what her clicking meant. He looked at her for a moment.
DustedRelection / Will: <<Licna, I like that name>>
Will noticed that Licna was watching her, and shyly looked away. She stopped clicking her tonge abrubtly. "Where ever did Hikoru get to?" she questioned, hoping that no one would notice her quick change of topic. She was begining to wonder about each of the other musicians. Who exactly were they? She knew them by music reasons, but not by person. She hoped that she would be able to get to know them personally, even if she wouldn't let them know her. But who knows? Maybe there is someone among these people of which she can trust. Will doubted it, and scanned them all, waiting for one of them to answer.
Doom_Hammer / Licna: ((thank you ^_^))
He looked at her "you don't need to be so shy you are here because you were chosen you can obviously sing you just need to give yourself the chance"
DustedRelection / Will: Will avoided his eyes as she replied. "Actually, I am not sure if I truely WAS chosen," she sighed, and sat down where she was. "I was working that night," she began, in somewhat of a hushed tone. "A messenger came and said he was looking for a 'Will'. As you may remember, I introduced myself as Will, but claimed I have had many names. My name is not truely Will, but I have had aquired the name so long ago, I had claimed it as my own. I said that it was me, and got the message that had sent me here. I'm not completely sure I am really supposed to be here." she concluded, and put her head in her hands, now that they all knew that she wasn't who she said she was. There went her chance at this band, she thought, and Will refused to look back up at the sure to be appaled faces.
Doom_Hammer / Licna: He looked at her "come here quick" He motioned to the president to give them a minute. He took her hand and brought her back to a room. He looked at her with kind eyes. "ok no pressure just lets hear you once"
DustedRelection / Will: Will was shocked as Licna led her into another room. She was quite startled as he inquired her to sing. "Uh...we-" she had given up. He had won. She had to face the music at some point. She took a deep breath, and began. It was rather quiet to begin with, but after all, she was very nervous. Once she began, she lost herself completely. The room no longer seemed to exist, as she sang a song of the spot, never sung before. She thought nothing of the fact that he was there, listening to her as she brought out each of the individual notes, and at the same time, brougt them together as one. She became quite a bit louder, then concluded her song and was rather red in the face, out of embarrassment more than anything else. That was the first time she had sung anything so freely, but she was still afraid it was not enough. Will was still such a color, as she waited tensely for her one-person audience to respond.
Doom_Hammer / Licna: His face was stern. he slowly reached up and caressed her cheek. He then smiled and nodded. "no he did chose you"
DustedRelection / Will: Will looked up to him and gave a small smile. She was so ecstatic at the moment she couldn't help but give a smile. "That means so much," she said, but then looked away. "But are you sure you are not angry that I would risk the band just because I would not tell you my real name?" She feared the answer. She could have cost the entire band a huge record deal, just because of her. Will would not look at him directly, but kept her smile, as music ment so much to her.
Doom_Hammer / Licna: "there is no risk" He got up and looked at her. "come on" He began to walk toward the others.
DustedRelection / Will: Will was a little worried as he had gestured her to follow. She was somewhat afraid at the others' reaction, but said nothing. How could he be so calm? Oh! She was always so irritaed when she could not tell what people were thinking. Of course, she never let them know, but that was beside the point. Will decided to keep silent, as once again she joined the others
DustedRelection / Will: <<YES!!!!! I finally got a picture up there! Not the one I wanted, but I don't want to take the chance of changing it now. Yay! ^_^ Sorry, but I had to say it.>>
Doom_Hammer / Licna: He walked with her back to the others the president looked at him and he nodded. Licna walked over and said some things to the president. then walked back to a chair.
Doom_Hammer / Licna: ((hehe thats cool ^_^ but i have to go i need sleep night night))
DustedRelection / Will: Will was quite nervous at how quiet Licna was now being. She was now concerned. Why was he quiet? Did he tell the president that I was some sort of fraud? Of course not, she reassured herself, and started breathing normally once more. Nothing seemed to be happening, so she took her place again against the wall. Still wishing she could figure out the thoughts that Licna must be going through, Will quietly sat down, and waited to find out what she was to do.
DustedRelection / Will: <<Okay, me too, I have to go to a guy's house tomorrow, so I do not know what time I will be back. I am sure I will be back at this time though. Night night ^_^>>
Hikoru: Hikoru Smiled at Licna. She sat there silent and smiling. Not worried at all about what they might say.
Doom_Hammer / Licna: The president walked up to the 3 remaining girls "any volunteers?" He asked as he opened the door. "you must show the others how good you are or they may not fully involve you when you are all sent to our writing center in Florida" He smiled hoping this would motivate them to get this part over with.
Hikoru: <<Wait so I have to make a song right now and sing it?>>
Doom_Hammer / Licna: ((nop your still in the room and only one other person has performed... and Hikoru you dont need to sing at all your one of the guitarists))
Hikoru: <<Cooilo>>
Doom_Hammer / Licna: ((only 2 places left bass or drums. it took me a bit to get a hold of you to join so singer got taken really quick))
Doom_Hammer / Licna: ((go right ahead ^_^))
Doom_Hammer / Licna: The president looked at them "anyone?"
Doom_Hammer / Licna: ((there is a stage set up and each of you have your own rooms of stage cloths and such things along with provided instruments. the stage is surrounded by 1 way glass so there is no distractions and you can't see the rest of the band on the out side watching. basically you just go in a rock out :P))
Doom_Hammer / Licna: ((yup im here))
DustedRelection / Will: <<I'm back! Actually, things got cancelled, but then the computer kind of got messed up an- Wow...I missed a lot...>>
Doom_Hammer / Licna: The president smiled "excellent work now please go clean up"
Licna nodded seen her fingers He got up and walked over handing her a red cloth. "that will stop happening after a concert or two."
Doom_Hammer / Licna: ((not really lot of what you were left behind on was explanation and sorting out so just go from where you left off and your good.))
Doom_Hammer / Licna: ((we still need a drummer -_-))
The president looked at them. "only 2 left" He looked at the last 2 girls.
Licna shrugged "so anyone going next?"
DustedRelection / Will: <<I said earlier that I can play the drums too. It would be better to have someone else, but you know.>>
Doom_Hammer / Licna: He looked at her then looked at the president "if they don't want to there is no need to make them"
The president nodded "well the one has still not arrived. we can save the last 3 till then i guess. go and get yourselves something to eat or your real equipment if you want to"
Doom_Hammer / Licna: ((if you want to be go for it))
DustedRelection / Will: Will was trying to remain as silent as possible as she was not as enthusiastic as the others to prove herself. Of course she realized that as soon as the president would tell her, she would have to perform, or else he would be entitled to find another. Her skin was finally back to it's original color after she had sung for Licna, which she as well can't believe she had done. Still, it was over, and they were bound to hear her at some point. Still worried at what Licna had talk about with the president, Will closed her eyes, and began to click her tounge.
DustedRelection / Will: <<Alright I guess...but I can just be a temp. Until someone better comes>>
Doom_Hammer / Licna: "i think your room is over here" He began to lead her to her room.
Doom_Hammer / Licna: ((oks)) The president looked at Will "we will take a hour break and you can start off when we get back ok?"
Doom_Hammer / Licna: "most welcome it is a big place" He looked at the door then at her "you were given the key when you got here right?"
DustedRelection / Will: Will stood. She really was unsure where to go, but she did not want them all to know that. So instead, she went to the only other place that she knew the location of. That was where she had performed for her one-man audience. She looked around, thinking no one would notice, and walked down the hallway alone. At the end of the hall, she opened the door, and softly stepped inside, observing around her. Will sighed, and sat in the middle of the floor, and closed her eyes once again.
Doom_Hammer / Licna: "no each room was set up for the person that they are for at the time" He looked at her. "well im going to go put this old relic back and go pick up my axe from home. ill see you in the hour" He began to walk away.
Doom_Hammer / Licna: "most welcome" He walked down the halls and returned his guitar to where it had been since his old band. He then ran down to the parking lot and got on his bike and quickly went home and got his new guitar. He then drove all they way back and walked into the building.
Doom_Hammer / Licna: The president nodded "we will be starting again in about 10 minutes"
Licna came up the stares his guitar case in one hand and a peddle in the other "hope im not late"
The president looked at him "no we will be getting the others in here soon."
Doom_Hammer / Licna: "hey" He smiled. "have a nice break?"
DustedRelection / Will: Will heard much noise behind behind the closed door, She supposed she was to get back around this point. She stood to leave the lifeless room. But as she reached the door, her hand on the handle, she paused. She really did not want to go back. Not because she did not want to perform, but she just did not feel as if she had belonged. She knew the others would realize if she did not come back at all. She had already caused so much trouble today. Her name, the dizziness, the latter of which she still had no idea of which it was. Will weighed everything to herself, her hand still on the handle of the only physical thing that held her back.
Doom_Hammer / Licna: "it happens" he smiled. "so what you think so far this is going to be really interesting when we get to Florida to wright"
Doom_Hammer / Licna: He nodded "so far we really don't play the same kind of music so this should be good"
Doom_Hammer / Licna: He nodded. "and we are in Florida im so going surfing" He smiled.
The president smiled as he went to get the others.
Doom_Hammer / Licna: He nodded "lets hope this intro stuff is over soon"
DustedRelection / Will: Will took her hand of the handle. How childish she must be acting. So what if she wasn't happy? She had a job to do.She looked about the empty room once more. She had no idea why, but for an odd reason it saddened her. She walked back over into the middle of the room, and closed her eyes, gathering her thoughts.
Doom_Hammer / Licna: "hopefully we all manage to get along"
Doom_Hammer / Licna: The president knocked on the door "will we are starting now"
Doom_Hammer / Licna: "well thats good"
DustedRelection / Will: Will jumped as she heard a voice on the other door. To her luck, it was the president. She replied, and opened her eyes. She did not cry, but her eyes were slightly bloodshot. She sighed, and opened the door. Walking slowly down the hallway, she took her time as she joined the others.
Doom_Hammer / Licna: "me to it will be great to get back on the road" He seen Will. "you have nothing to worry about just have fun"
DustedRelection / Will: Will smiled as Licna addressed her. Why did he always have to be the nice guy? "Why? Do I look nervous?" she asked, though not looking at him.
Doom_Hammer / Licna: The president opened the door and walked over to where he was going to be watching from. licna smiled at her and walked over to the chairs.
DustedRelection / Will: Will took a deep breath. Well, here it goes. She closed her eyes, and walked in to the door, actually, literally, she walked into the door. She turned rather red in the cheeks, opened her eyes, and gave a small laugh. Only she would do something like walk into the door. She closed it behind her, and was alone. She stepped up onto the platform, and picked up the stand which held the microphone. she closed her eyes once more, and began. It was like everything had gone again, just as before. She began soft, then got louder and louder. It was actually quite a sad song. Still singing, she walked over to the drum set. She began to beat to the rythm of the song. It began to get faster and faster, as did her voice. She lost herself, and soon was singing as if the world had gone. Her voice was growing increasingly louder and faster, and the mood of the music picked up. Soon it became a song that made you want to jump and scream and dance, and dance she did. She stopped playing, but continued singing as she exited the door. She walked into the door that the rest of the band was watching. She urged them to follow, and seeing as none of them would, took the hand of the one closest to the door. While singing, she led Licna back into the room, and sang even louder. Will ended the song, and became quiet once more, red in the face and looking exausted, as she turned to Licna.
Doom_Hammer / Licna: "i told you not to worry it was great" He smiled at her.
DustedRelection / Will: She smiled back at him. "I needed some moral support," she said, and appologized for pulling him.
Doom_Hammer / Licna: "thats ok but why did you pull me over here?" He looked at her.
DustedRelection / Will: Will closed her eyes. "For moral support," she said, and looked back at him. "I may have seemed really confident, but I was really nervous." At this, she gave Licna a hug. "Thanks," she said softly, and turned red again. "You helped me when I was afraid." She looked away from him, shyly.
Doom_Hammer / Licna: He hugged her back "your welcome." he smiled "but you know you will have to be able to sing on stage"
DustedRelection / Will: Will's face turned back to it's normal color. "I know, I am not as nervous with strangers, strangers, strangely, but I think I will be okay," she replied, and sat down on the floor beside the drum set. "But you will be there, so I will be okay." She looked away from him once again.
Doom_Hammer / Licna: "of course i will be" He looked at her for a moment. "only one left i think we can jest go. the drummer can catch up to us in Florida"
DustedRelection / Will: <<Wait, aren't I the drummer?>>
Will turned to him again. "I...I didn't know we were going to Florida?" She was suprised, and looked back at the drumset, thinking of the sunshine.
Doom_Hammer / Licna: ((ops ya nvm that part))
Doom_Hammer / Licna: "there sending us there as soon as this is all over to wright"
DustedRelection / Will: <<It's forgotten, I was just a little confused ^_^;;>>
DustedRelection / Will: Will was now a liitle confused. "Write? I love to write, songs especially, is that what we are writing?" She brushed the hair out of her eyes.
Doom_Hammer / Licna: He smiled "what else is a band to wright?"
DustedRelection / Will: Will went slightly pink. "Maybe it was a grocery list..." she joked, and smiled at him.
Doom_Hammer / Licna: "hehe all the way there for that.. fair enough hehe"
DustedRelection / Will: Will laughed as well. "Well, it is very famous for oranges. I only have one problem," she said, and absent-mindedly began feeling the texture of the drum of which they were sitting near. "If we go to the beach.....I can't swim" she turned an even darker shade at that. "I have always wanted to learn to surf, but it can be difficult when you cannot swim." she was slightly shy as she said this.
DustedRelection / Will: <<I had to say it. I really cant swim either.>>
Doom_Hammer / Licna: "ill teach ya" He said with a care free tone
DustedRelection / Will: Will smiled and looked at him. She couldn't help but wonder why someone would be so nice to her. Of course, she would not ask, for it did not seem to be much of a deal to Licna. She kept silent, and took her hand off of the drum.
Doom_Hammer / Licna: "never worry. worrying waists time. just have fun and be yourself because lying also waists time" He looked at her. "and don't be afraid to ask because if you don't you never learn."
DustedRelection / Will: Will's eyes widened. It was as if he knew everything she was thinking. She was in awe, but again said nothing. What he said was true, she had heard this advice many times before, but she never listned. How would they understand? They never did. She grew slightly nervous, as she believed that he possibly knew what she was thinking now, and quickly tried to turn her thoughts away from Licna.
Doom_Hammer / Licna: "shall we get back to the others?" He looked at her.
DustedRelection / Will: Will's mind came back into focus. "Hm? Oh, yes...we shall." she made no motion to get up yet, but at least she was looking at him again.
Doom_Hammer / Licna: He smiled at her "only one person left then we get to go"
DustedRelection / Will: Will smiled back at him. He always seemed to be so positive, but how? I supposed he has had a much better life, she thought, and she made her wasy to her feet. Of course, he's famous, she added, and looked at him again.
Doom_Hammer / Licna: ((ummmmm ok so we need Hikoru))
He took a seat and looked at her.
The president looked at them "only one left"
Laz: ((what i miss))
DustedRelection / Will: <<Yeah, it seems that we have been the only two for about three pages...>>
Doom_Hammer / Licna: ((Will performed thats about it we only need Hikoru now before we go to Florida :P))
Laz: ((o.k.. didn't she perform wit u in the room when i was gettin my keyboard and smokin??))
DustedRelection / Will: <<Sorry, I had a temporary computer crash! O.O>>
Doom_Hammer / Licna: ((no she just did now so you can come back from your smoke))
Doom_Hammer / Licna: He sat quietly watching everyone. He really wanted to get going.
Laz: Marcus smiled back at lacie then finally sighed "anyone else comin, cause standin here sucks"
Hikoru: <<im back....sorry>>
Doom_Hammer / Licna: ((good your turn to perform lol))
DustedRelection / Will: Will sighed and looked around. She had performed, so she really had no other reason to stand here. Eager to be on the road, she looked at the others. They all looked as anxious as her. Wanting to do something other than stand still, she walked away from the others, exploring the building. She knew the others had probably been there before, she herself had not. Humming to herself, she casually strolled down the deserted hall.
Doom_Hammer / Licna: He looked at the president "i already played with her and most of us have herd so i think we can go"
The president nodded "alright the buses are in the garage"
"great" He ran down and grabbed his guitar and peddle.
DustedRelection / Will: Will had heard something going on back in the room, and rushed back, fearing they would leave her. She was running down the hall, hair flying behind her, and ran back, joining the others.
Doom_Hammer / Licna: He walked down and seen them "let me guess 3 and 2 right" He rolls his eyes "oh well he opens the door and climbs on.
DustedRelection / Will: Will rushed back just in time to see them entering the door of their transportation. Smoothing down her hair, she climbed on, and looked around their new temporary home.
Hikoru: Hikoru enterd the bus being quiet. She looked inside and it was huge. "Wow...this tour bus is amazing!!" Hikoru had one in her backyard, it was her dad's, but it didnt mesure up to this monster.
DustedRelection / Will: Will was in awe as she looked about her. It was almost unbelievable that they all had thie opprotunity to live in such a vehicle. She had never seen anything this extravagant. Observing every detail, Will went about the bus, containing her excitement.
Hikoru: "This is gonna be the best band ever.." Hiko said happily popping her butt on the couch. She took off her jacket to revel a tube top. "idnt think it would impress the judges." She laughed. Hiko pulled her feet up next to her and layed her head on the said stating at everyone.
The Unknown: ((Hey. Do You guys need a bassist?))
DustedRelection / Will: Will laughed as Hikoru said this. The top really flattered her. She wished she was cofortable enough to wear such things. She sat beside her, looking around her. "What is the first thing you are going to do once we are there?" she asked, to anyone really, and focused on each of them.
DustedRelection / Will: <<You know, I am not entirely sure...I think we do though. Ask Licna. >>
The Unknown: ((Ok. Thank you.))
DustedRelection / Will: <<Of course, anytime. If you need anything else, look in -Awkward Silence- kk?>>
The Unknown: ((Alright. Well if you guys need a Bassist I'm here.I'll just create a character though.))
The Unknown: ((Oh no it's fine I can find another instrument.))
The Unknown: ((I won't take anyones spot...but is anyone a/the drummer?))
Hikoru: <<Sorry we got one of thosse.>> "I don't know. Mabey write some songs first. I know we get 3 days to ourselfs in the begging but I cant just drop music like that. Music is my life, my passion, music is....me." Hiko said turing around so she was hugging her knees.
The Unknown / Drakul: ((Ok...Is anyone the second guitarist?))
DustedRelection / Will: <<Yes, we have enough guitarists...But I am both the lead singer and the drummer, so if you want, I can give up one of those>>
Hikoru: <<There are already two guitarist....how about the manager!!!>>
DustedRelection / Will: <<That would work I guess. Licna is kinda doubling as the president>>
DustedRelection / Will: <<I don't know...but it seems not many people are posting anymore...>>
Doom_Hammer / Licna: <<well i was trying to get by the dull stuff quick and kinda started jumping forward lacie we are in the bus's about to go to Florida ^_^ the unknown i think it you should take drums since i have never known a drummer that can say a word after a good drum round.>>
He put his stuff under his bed "this is pretty much the biggest storage places in the bus's so pretty much the only place a guitar will safely fit." He looked about. "now we just need to go around and grab everything else we need from our places"
DustedRelection / Will: Will looked at Licna. "I have everything I would need," she took out some paper and a rather dull pencil. She loved to write songs, but at some points, there were no words of which she could use. When this time came, she would express her thoughts through drawing, her other passion. Music and drawing were who she was...who she is. Will picked up the pencil, and looked out the window, waiting for inspiration.
Doom_Hammer / Licna: "well i have allot to get still" He gets off the bus and he goes over to his bike and drives it over to the side of the bus. he opens a side plate and puts the bike in the large storage hull under the bus floor. He looked about and found the keys on the wall. "haha" i look about "everyone on?"
DustedRelection / Will: Will's eyes widened. She was not sure why, but she felt uneasy with him driving the bus. She looked away again, and down to her paper, having found a subject of which to draw. She could not believe they were actually leaving! It seemed unreal, like a dream, and yet she had never felt more alive. She was wondering if the others were as excited as she was, and erased a line on her paper. She nodded to Licna, showing that she was ready.
Doom_Hammer / Licna: ((if someone comes on that was not here we can just tell them we are on the bus))
"they gave us the bus... but i don't think they will pay anyone to drive us..." he got back on and pushed the button for the garage. he then started the bus.
DustedRelection / Will: Will felt her heart jump. She gave a smile, then looked back to her drawing. She began erasing hard. He moved. She was drawing the band, all in the bus, but she had started with Licna, as she thought of him as the main 'leader', but he would not remain still.She watched him as he drove, careful he would not see her. The last thing she needed was for him to think things. She began an attempt to sketch him once more, focusing hard on the driver.
Doom_Hammer / Licna: He drove to down some streets and to his place it was not the largest but it was pretty big. He tuned off the bus and ran inside some time after he came back with a very large suitcase and guitar cases He put the one suitcase below deck and put all the guitars under his bed.
DustedRelection / Will: Will scowled as he rentered the bus. She figured she would not have to erase much though, considering he was just driving. She brushed away some unwanted eraser shavings, and continued to scribble away at the papr, adding much more depth as she went. After all, the band was deep, she just needed to be able to show it through the lines. She moved closer to Licna, as she was not at the best angle behind him. She was beginning to work on the hair, which was always rather hard. Eager to get it right, her eyes darted back and forth from the paper to be sure the lines were all correct. Will leaned in closer, as to get all the lines and curves perfect.
DustedRelection / Will: <<Yeah, we are all on the bus heading towards Florida ^_^, Licna is driving, the others are just hanging out for now. Will is drawing.>>
DustedRelection / Will: <<I think I have almost every Dragonforce song alive on my computer...>>
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: <<they are amazing>>
DustedRelection / Will: <<No one I know has heard of them. My best friend listens to country. (EEEWWWWWWWW!!!!!) And everyone else I know only listens to HelloGoodbye and such.>>
DustedRelection / Will: <<Of course! I like pretty much everything, EXCEPT country, NO country, and I am only partial to rap, not a big fan. My favorites are pretty much all Japanese though.>>
DustedRelection / Will: <<He said something about school...which I don't get, It's June...>>
DustedRelection / Will: <<Really? I have been out for two weeks now...how much longer are you in for?>>
DustedRelection / Will: <<Oh really, you are a senior? What is Licna? Where exactly do you go to school, America?>>
DustedRelection / Will: <<You are so lucky!>>
DustedRelection / Will: <<Yeah, sorry about that.>>
DustedRelection / Will: <<Wait, what? Sorry, I am an uneducated American child. You finish scholl at 15?>>
DustedRelection / Will: <<School*>>
DustedRelection / Will: <<See? That is why I do not like living in America. -sticks out tounge- >>
<<Whoot! 300th post!>>
DustedRelection / Will: <<Yes, but you must admit that it is better than America, ANYWHERE is. I don't think I even know anyone else from America on ES...>>
<<And someone needs to log on, because no rps are moving...>>
DustedRelection / Will: <<You know I have been on for about ten hours now? I have grown so bored, I have been tying cherry stems into knots with my tounge...and I do not even eats cherries... O.o>>
Doom_Hammer / Licna: ((damn sorry everyone i was out till now)) He started the bus again "anywhere else we need to go?" He looked back.
Laz / Corren Lightbrand: Marcus kinda snapped out of his thoughts "where we goin,or at"
Doom_Hammer / Licna: "to get anything anyone needs.. cloths, equipment, tooth brush, anything"
Laz / Damien Lazurus: "Heh yeah umm, Atlas apartment complex building c" Marcus told him with a grin.
Doom_Hammer / Licna: "wow i know where that is" I put the bus in gear and start to drive watching the roads till we get to Marcus's place. i open the door "alright get everything you need"
Laz / Damien Lazurus: Marcus dipped into his apartment intent on two things, A carton of ciggaretts and a foot and a half flower pot, that had no markings on it except oft a hole about midway down.
DustedRelection / Will: Will was curious as she saw Marcus return with a vase. She made a mental note to discover the reason for this. She had ceased drawing for the moment, as people were getting on and off the bus. She had nothing in particular that she owned and needed, so she was attepted to remain silent for the meantime. Will examined the flower pot, then turned back to the paper, determined to create her greatest work yet.
Doom_Hammer / Demen: "haha keep that window down I'm driving" i start the bus. "Where to next?"
DustedRelection / Will: Will had turned just to see the answer about the vase. She said mothing, but turned around. She was not finished drawing Licna, but she was quite sure he did not want her drawing him at that moment. Looking back at the driver, Will continued to scetch him in great detail. It always took such time to get the lines just right, and with all the distrations a bus provides, it may even take longer. She was done roughly outlining his hair, and was beginning to go back over it again. As she worked, Will wondered if being on the bus for so long would provoke conflict.
Doom_Hammer / Demen: ( i really dont feel like changing accts)
He looked at them "anywhere?"
DustedRelection / Will: <<That's fine.>>
Laz / Damien Lazurus: "Im good) marcus kinda blinked one eyelid at a time as he said this.
Doom_Hammer / Licna: "ok if theres nothing else to get we are off" He started to drive again. heading the the direction of the interstate.
DustedRelection / Will: << Is this still going? >>
Arimna / Kiryin: (need an extra person?)
TheHellWithin / Jeremaiya: <<ill play the drums if this is still active>>
XxXxAmayaxXxX / Kurumi: ((Can I join?))
TheHellWithin / Jeremaiya: Jeremaiya just sits there playing cast down the heretic by nile

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