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Roleplay - Dark Spire by Alice Marrow Blake / Ahriman

It is said, that within the realm of Mayu, there are no woods darker than the Forest of Kyrsptian. It's dark mist spreads a foul spirit which corrupts all that lives within. Yet, travelers still journey through it's perilous trails and brush in search of Mayu's greatest treasure. Inside the Dark Spiral Tower that rests at the forest's center, rests the Heart of King Yamis. The wish of whoever posses this item will be granted...

Roleplay Details

Demons, Elves, Wizards, Adventurers of all shapes and sizes are welcome. Be as imaginative as you wish in your characters' creation. Though conflicts are welcome, please try to be respectful of one another.


Doom_Hammer / Dimsin: ((you start an ill join if you want))
Ahriman / Alice Marrow Blake: "Humanities last outpost eh?" An overly exaggerated sigh escaped her lips. "Why do I get the feeling that I passed that up a town or two back..." With her chair tilted back far enough that it touched the tavern's wall, she crossed her slender legs on top of the table. Boredom was something that went along with any undertaking, she was experienced enough to realize this. However, she hoped it wouldn't be to long before she was able to select a few adventurous people to accompany her on what she was sure would be a dangerous expedition.
Doom_Hammer / Dimsin: He walked in to the tavern and looked about then ordered a bottle of rum. He sat down his sword hit the ground and sunk in slightly. He put his hood down and took the bottle of rum.
Cheated_dreams / Bennet: Bennet sat in the far corner alone. His eyes reflected nothing but pure silence. He took a quick sip of his drink and put it down hastily and without a sound. His hair flashed a eerie white and his eyes remind the same, staring at everyone in the tavern, watching and waiting for the perfect time to strike.
Ahriman / Alice Marrow Blake: She had closed her eyes with the intention of trying to drift off into a light nap. It was the sound of a sword hitting the ground that snapped her out of it. Her crimson eyes opened and darted around until they came to rest on this new traveler. "Hey, you wouldn't be interested in earning some money would you?" She called out in a loud voice towards him
Doom_Hammer / Dimsin: The bartender spent no more time near Dimsin then absolutely necessary. He didn't look at anyone even the drunks that were trying to pick fights.
Doom_Hammer / Dimsin: He looked over his shoulder "money sher who you want dead?"
Cheated_dreams / Bennet: Bennet glared at the new person. He closed his eyes tightly for a quick second and sighed. Those fools, did all they care about was money? What about more important things? He was sure they only cared about money and power, that’s all anyone seemed to care for now a days. Another light sigh escaped his lips and he leaned back, drumming his figures on the counter.
Ahriman / Alice Marrow Blake: She took her legs down and stood up so that she could walk over towards him. Along the way she nodded her head towards the other new comer who was staying mostly to himself, though he didn't look that friendly. "Well I've no need for anyone to die just yet, more like I might have need soon."
Doom_Hammer / Dimsin: "if you need protection m'lady just ask" He turned in his chair to face her.
Ahriman / Alice Marrow Blake: "Ah, a gentlemen, don't see many of those these days." She sat down without asking, she had a tendency of doing such things. "Yes, I'm going to be taking a dangerous trip into the forest beyond this tavern. It's said to be very dangerous so I could use a body guard."
Doom_Hammer / Dimsin: "Dangerous is in the eyes of the traveler, I'll assist you in going where every you desire" He looked at her his face showed no worries at all.
Ahriman / Alice Marrow Blake: "That's so kind of you. Well then consider yourself hired." She crossed her legs again, resting her hands on her knee. "I'll give you half of your payment tomorrow when we leave and the other half when we safely return"
Doom_Hammer / Dimsin: "money is no good without a safe return keep it till then" He put one arm on the bar and looked at her with wonder at what she was planing on going after.
Ahriman / Alice Marrow Blake: She flashed him a smile, showing a hint her pearly white fangs. "So then its settled. As for what I'm after, its the Heart of King Yamis. It's said that it was riped out of the old King while he was still breathing. Even if it can't grant wishes it should still fetch a pretty penny at the auctions."
Doom_Hammer / Dimsin: He had herd of this and it seemed rather interesting "that sounds rather interesting. count me in"
Doom_Hammer / Dimsin: <<me out to bed night night>>
Ahriman / Alice Marrow Blake: <<Me too, goodnight everyone>>
Doom_Hammer / Dimsin: "i will not turn you away however i must show you that i have other ways then brutality" He put his hand on the bar table and then pushed it right threw the table with not even a scratch.
sheliewolf / shelie: this looked good

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