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Roleplay - needed by ahdreta (ah-dree-tah) / amanda99737

i need someone for a rp a male charicter for juggla to countinue a love story with a 16 or 17 year old girl please post if you would like to be in the story

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Hikoru: I can rp in here! I'll be the girl....
amanda99737 / ahdreta (ah-dree-tah): ok go ahead but i want to be one of the girls too so now we need like 2 or 3 more guys
Hikoru: ok....GUYS!!! WE NEED YOU!!!
amanda99737 / ahdreta (ah-dree-tah): yea come on we're damsels in distress here!!
XScarringLifeX / Tymes: ((Hey, I'll rp in here and come to save ya all!
Lord Bane: I'll help. Got at least two chars you can choose from.
amanda99737 / ahdreta (ah-dree-tah): OK why don't the guys come up with a situation, im pretty zapped for ideas today
NoraNay / Zero: <<I'll start...let's make it a college.>>
Zero sat outside on a bench on the school grounds...reading a book. He felt a light breeze against his hair.
NoraNay / Zero: <<got to go now...bibii>>
amanda99737 / ahdreta (ah-dree-tah): she sat drinking her ice tea reading her physics text book getting ready for the exam. she looked up her head hurt from constant studying all day.
Lord Bane: Edmund sat reading yet another textbook. It was times like these he wished he could go round the world like his brother was, rather than sit at school being bored.
NoraNay / Zero: Zero stood up and walked into the small cafe in the school where he saw another girl sitting and studying. "Hello..is this seat taken?" he asked, a slight smile on his face.
Lord Bane: Edmund saw Lizzey crying. "Are you ok?" he asked.
Lord Bane: Edmund sat down next to her. "I'm sorry, I didn't know. If he's stupid enough to dump you then he's not worth getting upset about."
Lord Bane: "Don't worry, I broke up with my girlfriend last week. Apparentely she thought I wouldn't care she was seeing me and my best mate at the same time." He looked a bit down.
Lord Bane: "Honestly? Not sure really, feeling a bit lonely. My ex-girlfriend and the guy she's with now were my only friends here so now..."
amanda99737 / ahdreta (ah-dree-tah): she looked over to see the boy and girl talking, the girl was crying, she laughed darkly 'breaking up with your boyfriend of 5yrs, to be so needy to clutch on a person for 5yrs!, disgusting' 'no one could tame me' she thought "i belong to myself" she mumbled. she looked down at her arms to see her scars, she smiled to herself. she went back to her dorm and slept, she woke up at 3am she put on her running shoes and went outside. it was dark the sun wouldn't rise for hours, she had all the time in the world....
amanda99737: the sun rose and she walked back to her dorm

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