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Roleplay - The Faded Aura by Will / DustedRelection

A small local tavern (known as The Faded Aura) where most come to just get away. Someone must be there as somewhat of an "entertainer". It's just her and her guitar as she playes with her heart on the strings, as if it will make it all disappear...

Roleplay Details

This goes without saying in a way, but it is still an excellent rule: NO Godmoding! No single posts! Any species is welcome, however, do not go overboard with it. Lets face it, what is the fun of a Vampire-werewolf-wizard-etc., who is invincible with no flaws? We may need a bartender, and some locals would be apperciated. Preferably a guy somewhere. Be creative, and try to keep the rp moving. Any questions about anything, feel free to ask.


DustedRelection / Will: Will had just concluded her song, to a faint murmer of drunken applause. She stood up from the stool, and with her guitar, walked behind the serving counter. Placing the instrument on the floor out of view, she grabbed the spare apron from the rusty hook on the wall behind her. She ran back to the platform at which she had been playing, picking up the stool and positioning it once again in line with the others in front of the counter. Tying the apron more securely about her waist, she fumbled around, mazing in and out of tables, to deliver the drinks so desired by the men and women in the dimly lit pub. Only a little longer, she thought to herself, no more small performances for The Faded Aura. I'll get there. She continued to conversate mentally, as she frantically danced about quencing the thirst of weary travelers. There was always so many tables around this hour.
Kyrie_Rose / Tyran: It was then that a tall, 20 year old Neko. His face was hidden by shadows, but his brown hair, that flopped over his face, was reflecting the odd light from overhead. His brown eyes couldn't be seen by all, but they were visiable to those close by. He wore a black trench cloak. He would look like a normal human this way, but for one thing, his ears. This Neko, this wanderer, and come to the tavern to get something to eat, drink and, hopefully, a find a place to stay.
DustedRelection / Will: Will noticed that a newcomer had entered. She walked over to him, ajusting her apron, and looked at him. "Is there anything I may get for you?" She asked, and attempted a smile.
Kyrie_Rose / Tyran: "Have you anything good to eat," came a smooth, silky, but deep voice from the new comer, "And might you know of a place to stay the night?" Tyran never asked to spend the night in the same place he was at, but he was still going to ask in a round about way. He looked at her, his features still cast in shadows. He wondered what she would say. The Neko pricked his ears as he heard something in the background and the directiong he looked in changed.
DustedRelection / Will: Will saw a pair of ears on the top of his head move, but said nothing. She looked at him. "Yes, we have plenty to eat, no matter what preference. And as for a place," she brushed the hair out of her face. "As for a place, I have heard that many in the area have no vacancies, though we have room upstairs." She gestured to the stairs to her right.
Kyrie_Rose / Tyran: "Alright," he said, "How much for a room and some food? I'll take just about anything your serving." Tyran's ears flicked back and forth, and his brown eyes were watching to men who had drunk just a bit to much start to argue. He didn't like this. These drunken brawls normally got bad fast. No one seemed to notice them, though, but then, they weren't quite yelling just yet, but talking loudly. It was getting louder though, but even across the room he heard each of them breathe from where he was and could even smell what they had been drinking, but then there were others drinking the same as well...
DustedRelection / Will: Will nodded, and left to fill the request. As she had returned, she had heard the men growing increasingly louder. She had just place the dish on the table, as the men stood up. All she had time to yell was "DUCK!" and threw the guy to the floor, as a glass came crashing past the scene. It was getting rather tense at the moment, and Will looked at the traveler to be sure he was unharmed.
Kyrie_Rose / Tyran: Tyran wasn't stunned and had been on his way down as Will had pushed him, and at the same time had tried to pull her out of the way, so they were an awkward tumble on the ground. "Are you alright?" he asked. His brown eyes and the features of his face could finally be seen as he looked at her. He turned towards the guys and started to stand, sliding his jacket off and handing it to Will. "Hey, take it outside!" he told them forcefully, his cat like tail also visable in the light.
DustedRelection / Will: There was somewhat of an awkward moment as they both lay on the ground breifly. Will looked in his his brown eyes, as she was able to see them now, as he got up, and she took his jacket. She was about to protest, but was silenced as the two men looked in their direction. One looked as if he could not even see them due to his haze, but the other was not the least bit happy. He took a step forward, which made Will take a tiny step back herself, and the man bent down to look at the still nameless guy at a better view.
Kyrie_Rose / Tyran: Tyran was on his feet in moments, cat like agility giving him an unheard of speed. "You boys, get outta here before you cause a seen!" he told them. Tyran was actually a couple heads taller than the tallest of them. He was also a Neko, a creature known for its grace, strength, and speed.... but then again, very few people remembered the Nekos any longer. Tyran smirked at them and showed cat - like canines that were hidden by his lips. He wasn't afraid of them, and besides that he, was armed with sharp, dangerous claws... His reasoning was simply, "Why should I be afraid of a couple drunks who can't think straight and wouldn't be able to keep up even in they weren't?"
DustedRelection / Will: Will was begining to feel slightly afraid of the stranger herself, though he had in a way, saved her. The two men were slightly dumbfounded breifly, the shorter (and much more intoxicated) of the two attempted to throw a punch, missing Will by inches, and plummeted to fall to the floorboards below. The other, seeing his comrade, and enemy, unconcious, toss a few coins on the table at which he was sitting, and made his way out the door, looking rather surly. Will, who did not flinch at the fist that came near her, backed away at this point, and refused to say anything.
Kyrie_Rose / Tyran: Tyran reached down and picked the other man up with ease. "You go outside, mangy animal," he said, his voice hard. He didn't think much of those who got drunk and started fights, nor those who nearly harmed a lady. "I'm Tyran, by the way," he said turning back to Will and gently reclaiming his coat from her. "Thanks for holding this." Tyran sighed, well so much for staying here. He had better get going. Tyran turned to walk out the door. He didn't want to scare anyone too badly....
DustedRelection / Will: Will stared at him trying to leave. "Wait!" she called. Afterall, she just did a great thing for the innocent (well...half-innocent) people of the bar. "Anyone who survives a tavern disput of which he was not in, in order to help the good people in jeoprody should stay," she said, hoping he would change his mind. "Free of charge," she added, she felt it would get him to come back. "By the way," she said as an afternote, "My name is...Will." She was slightly fearful of the obvious power he posessed, but yet, Will was intrigued, and looked at the back of Tyran facing her.
Kyrie_Rose / Tyran: Tyran turned around slowly and blinked in surprise. Most people wanted him gone after seeing that he was a Neko, for few understoon their nature. "Umm..." was the sound that came out of his mouth, since he was too shocked to reply, then words were forced through his lips, "...I would still want to pay..." he said, voice soft, eyes showing his confusion at the way she was treating him even after seeing him that way...
DustedRelection / Will: Will couldn't help but smile at the nobility of pay after being offered to be boarded for free. She slowly made her way over to him. "Here..." was all she said as she took his coat.She turned around and walked towards the stairs, signaling for him to follow her.
Kyrie_Rose / Tyran: Tyran followed Will up the stairs, his step's light despite his size. He still wondered what made her want him to stick around... was it something he had said? Something he had done? Probably the latter of those two, but even then, she had seen what he was, what power he held, and yet she didn't turn him away. Tyran felt very confused by this lovely girl...
DustedRelection / Will: Will sensed the silence between them, but said nothing until they had gotten up the stairs. As they reached the top platfrm, she turned to look at him. "Um...this may be slightly uncomfortable, but I am in the room as well." she said sofly. "Will it be a problem?" she asked, going slightly pink in the cheeks.
Kyrie_Rose / Tyran: "No, just so long as I have a cot or somewhere to curl up on the floor. You probably won't notice me," he said to her, smiling in a friendly way. "Besides, even if you don't I can well..." he started, then shook his head and turned into his cat form instantaneously, then turned back. "Do that...." he said, hoping he hadn't scared her.
DustedRelection / Will: Will had barely moved as she saw him change form. In fact, she smiled. "No, that would not be necessary," she gave a short laugh, and stroked his soft fur. "Besides," she added, "Tyran is a much better name for a Neko, than merely a cat." She couldn't but give another laugh, as she scratched casually behind his pointed ear.
Kyrie_Rose / Tyran: Tyran laughed as well, even as he resumed Neko form. "Thanks," he said, smiling warmly. He enjoyed being scratched behind the ears, even in his Neko form, that was the truth of it. "Alright... I really hope you don't mind sharing your room, though," he said sincerely.
DustedRelection / Will: Will looked at him, he was so kind, for just about to go ruthlessly attack someone, but still...it was for a good reason. "Oh...here," she gestured towards her bed, and lightly fluffed to lumpy pillow. "I will be right back," she said, and headed towards the door. "Make yourself completely comfortable. And," she opened the door. "No more nobility. If you do not look comfortable when I have returned, I WILL make you pay." she joked, and walked out the door. "Full price!" she added, and had gone down the stairs, with a small smile.
Kyrie_Rose / Tyran: Tyran laughed audiably as he sat down on her bed and then layed back, head on the pillow, arms beneath his head. She was really nice. He thought about everything that had happened and marveled that she hadn't asked him to leave. His brown eyes were shining as he thought about it all.
DustedRelection / Will: Will had returned smiling, of course you could not even see her face behind the enormous plates of which she carrying. There was at least five of them, and she even balanced one atop her head as she closed the door behind her. "There, I'm glad to see pride did not get in the way of relaxation," she said, as she placed the many plates of edibles on the single bed. "I had remembered you hadn't eaten, and thought you could go for some hot food." She got up once more to light a candle on the farther side of the room.
Kyrie_Rose / Tyran: Tyran sat up and smiled at her, "Thanks. I haven't eaten since.... hm... dinner two days ago," he said, thinking hard. At that moment, his stomach embarrassed him by growling, making a blush light his cheeks. "Sorry 'bout that," he said, lookind down at the floor.
DustedRelection / Will: Will gave a small laugh. His shyness made her smile a lot more than was usual for her. "It is quite alright," she said, as she lit the candle. "Oh." Something had occured to her. She was supposed to make one more performance before she could leave for the night. She did not want to say anything to her new guest, for she was always quite shy when she played. She excused herself once more, without explanation, and hurried down the stairs. She hadn't noticed she was still decorated with an apron, and tore it off, and jumped up the stool placed back on the platform as before. Automatically, she picked up her guiar and began to play, somewhat quiet and with a slow tempo. Will had lost herself in it, and was completely phased by the notes that fell off of her fingertips.
Kyrie_Rose / Tyran: Tyran ate hungrily and finished what Will had brought. Even after drinking a couple glasses of water, he was still thirsty and wandered downstairs, but that wasn't the whole reason. The rest of it was that his keen cat hearing had picked up the music that was playing. As he looked towards the stage and saw Will, he was shocked and stopped right in his tracks, but realizing she probably didn't want him gawking at her, he continued to the bar tender to ask for more water.
DustedRelection / Will: Will had concluded her final piece of the night, again to mumbled applause. She took a slight bow, and wandered back to the bar to return her apron. Unaware that Tyran was there, she hummed softly to herself, as she hung the cloth on the hook. Behind the counter, she had taken the coins offered by the woman at the bar, and hid them in the apron. Finishing her job for this evening, Will replaced the stool, and made her way back up the stairs.
Kyrie_Rose / Tyran: Tyran tensed, realizing she would return to find he wasn't there. Acting fast, he changed into cat form and raced past her, a deep brown streak zooming into the room as she cracked it. He sat on the bed looking as though he never left. He wanted to say she was very good, but he couldn't not without her finding out. Instead he would go for a different aproach once she reached the room.
DustedRelection / Will: Will had felt a slight breeze as she reached the bottom of the stairs, but thougt nothing of it and continued onward. She had gotten back into the room, but the air was slightly tense. Seeing that he had completed his dinner, she cleared away Tyran's empty dishes and set them near the door for later. A crash could be heard from downstairs, but figuring it was just the crowd clearing she thought nothing of it. Turning back around, she stood in the center of the room and looked at her new "house-guest".
Kyrie_Rose / Tyran: Tyran watched will for a moment and then spoke carefully. "The singer here is really good," he said twitching his ears. "She has a very lovely voice." Tyran had twitched his ears so she would know that he could hear her al the way up the stairs. He wanted to make it seem as though he didn't know who was singing, but in reality, he did.
Kyrie_Rose / Tyran: ((I have to go for the night. See you in the moring *waves sadly*))
DustedRelection / Will: <<Okay -tear- I will see you again -wave->>
DustedRelection / Will: "Huh?" She looked at him in confusion. Had he followed her? Then upon seeing him twitch his ears, she smile again. "Oh, yes, I thought so too, I saw her at a close distance." She said, but did not look at him directly. "It really is sad that you could only hear her one night. If I am correct that you are leaving tomorrow?" she looked at him questioningly. She would not mind him staying again, but she would need to be careful he did not see her perform. As dark as it now was, she brought the candle over from where it still aws across the room. Will remained silent for a time, as she focused on the wax that slowly dripped from the burning candle. No, she wouldn't mind him. Not at all.
Kyrie_Rose / Tyran: Tyran looked at her and seemed to think. "I might be, but it will all depend, I'm afraid, on what comes this way...." he said, not looking at her, but at the floor. "I wander for a reason..." he added, his eyes looking down at the floor. He didn't want to say to much. He wandered for several reasons, most personal. "I'd like to stick around, though..." he added in a softer voice.
DustedRelection / Will: Will was very curious as to why he traveled, but asked nothing. She knew very well of the darkness of one's past. She blushed slightly at the proposal of another stay, though she was unsure why. She really hoped the candle light did not give her face away, though she supposed that as a neko, he must have a great eyesight, as well as hearing. "Well," she said, and without thinking backed away from the light of the flame. "As long as you can deal with one such as me," she looked away as she said this. "You are welcome to stay as long as you wish." She said softly, after pausing briefly as she heard footsteps. She wasn't really allowed to have another in her room, as she worked there, and therefore, the boarding was her pay. The footsteps died away, and Will had relaxed, and turned back to Tyran, waiting for his reply.
Kyrie_Rose / Tyran: "Put up with you?" he asked, appalled. "I have enjoyed your company and still am! How could it be 'put up with you?!" He blinked at her in utter surprise. Tyran cocked his head, ears perked. He had heard the footsteps adn seen her tense, but he had not known why, but he would not ask either. He would have to be careful, however if his being there would get her into trouble.
Kyrie_Rose / Tyran: ((I need to tell you that I may randomly dissapear... sorry if that happens *grimace*))
DustedRelection / Will: <<Disappear?>>
Will gave a small laugh. "Well, I am not the easiest person to get along with, I am just not perfect." she smiled at him. No where near it, she added to herself. She turned an even darker shade at the compliment of her company. She did not exactly know why someone would enjoy talking to her, especially upon meeting her at her work. Of course, she did not inquire this to Tyran, for it might appear rude. Coming back into the glow of the tiny light, she could not help but grow more fond of the polite neko that lay before her.
Kyrie_Rose / Tyran: Tyran smiled at her. "No ones perfect. I certainly am not," he remarked, his voice sincere. He was happy that she had not asked about his past. "I hope that it isn't a problem for you that I'm staying here..." he said, his eyes searching her face. Tyran sat himself up on his elbow and then so that his feet dangled over the edge of the bed.
<<As in, have to get off.... I don't know if I'll be back either...))
DustedRelection / Will: <<Okay...-tear- possibly me too, my computer is having virus problems, and it is getting really bad...>>
Will watched him changed positions, and then stared at his feet as they dangled over the bed. "Why would it be a problem?" she questioned as she stood up. He was definitly the nicest that had stayed at The Faded Aura in a long while. How could he brings problems? She walked over to the other end of the room, where there was covers folded neatly in a corner. She picked them up easily, and divided them in half. Once she was at the bed again, she handed him one pile, keeping hold of the other. "In case it gets colder later tonight," she said, and began to unfold those she still had. She was making a small bed on the floor for herself, as she had offered her bed to Tyran. Will didn't mind at all, of course, and looked at him as she continued to unfold the blankets.
Kyrie_Rose / Tyran: "You tensed when they past," he said simply, excepting the blankets. He leaned against the wall as he continued. "And a lot of company I attract isn't always the best... Mainly because of family... issues," he said softly, looking rather sad. "Migumi, my sister... well she hates me for no real reason, and it makes things difficult..." he said with a heavy sigh, still leaning back, his eyes focused on the ceiling for the time being.
((Sorry, comp. problems and then near grounding *sighs* My mom limits my time constantly...))
DustedRelection / Will: <<You do NOT want to get me started on my mom. And it took me 7 tries to get my computer to turn on, accursed viruses! I'm glad you are still here though! -glomp->>
Will looked at him. "I'm sorry about your sister..." she said as began to lay the blankets on the floor. "I was an only child, but I do know the feeling of family problems..." she did not continue, as she smoothed out the cover on the floor. Tyran intrigued her, and she wanted to find out more about him, but she did not question him, as she feared it would appear rude. She mainly wanted to know why he would be so kind, for to see a stranger enter a tavern, then be one of the kindest people did not seem to add up. Wondering exactly what he thought of her, Will tripped upon the upturned corner of the blanket, and fell on the cover awkardly.
Kyrie_Rose / Tyran: Tyran sprang off the bed and to her side, gently sliding a hand under her head and the other to her face, looking at her with concern. "Are you alright?" he asked, changing the position of his arms so that he could cradle her and place hr on the bed. "You weren't hurt in any way?" he asked, his face full of concern as he studied hr face.
<<Short.... I won't get you started...>>
DustedRelection / Will: Will turned a bright colored red as he attended her. "I-I'm alright." she stuttered, as she was placed on the bed. Her ankle was actually tuirned oddly, and she was in mild pain, but showed no signed of it as she looked at him. How? How could act like this? A sweet mannered person in a tavern, jumping to his feet at the first sign of possible pain. She was confused. Will said nothing else, and smiled at him, wondering all these things.
DustedRelection / Will: <<So, if I may ask, why did you almost get grounded?>>
Kyrie_Rose / Tyran: Will looked down at her ankle, but looked back at her with a half smile as he moved his fingers over the joint and gently began to examine it. It looked bad to him and felt just about as bad, but he wasn't certain. He put a bit of pressure on it and turned to her, speaking with a soft voice, "Does this hurt in anyway?" His eyes searched her's as he probed her ankle.
<<I went an 1hr 30mins over my time limit and then snuck on at around 10:00....))
SlanderousLust / Alchest Raeuzen: << I'd like to join if that's alright :) >>
DustedRelection / Will: <<Oh...sorry about that...You can't get on after 10? Did you sneak on now?>>
Will winced slightly as he touched her ankle. She shook her head at the question, she was not used to people worrying about her. Besides, ankle or not, she still had to work tomorrow. Will really did not want him to worry, and was determined that he know that she would be lright.
Kyrie_Rose / Tyran: <<Yeah, but mom's in bed.... I don't think she'll care... My bro and sis won't tell...>>
"It hurts," he said looking at her with gentle eyes. "But it only seems to be a bad sprain. If we wrap it and you exercise it, it should be as good as new shortly. You might want some ice as well..." Tyran said, already pulling a roll of bandages from the pocket of his trench coat. "I know it's weird, but, hey, you never know when you might need them," he said rather cheerily as he began to wrap her ankle tightly. "Now about ice..." he said, voice serious once more.
DustedRelection / Will: <<Oh, ok, are your bro and sis older or younger?>>
<<And unless Tyran has any objections, I would okay if you joined. Tyran?>>
Kyrie_Rose / Tyran: <<No objections here >>
<<My bro is about 4 years younger and my sis is about 5 years younger....>>
DustedRelection / Will: Will smiled as he pulled out the bandages. "There is sure to be ice downstairs." She whispered, though she did not know why. She made to get up. She really did not want to burden him more, after all, he was a guest here. She walked to the door, limply slightly. She straightened up as she walked, for she did not want him to worry about her. Not knowing why he was in the first place, Will took her time as she made her way to the door.
Kyrie_Rose / Tyran: Tyran quickly moved forward and scooped her up once more and place her on the bed. "Not until 'I' get the ice for the swelling," he said, emphasis on the I. "No wait here," he said, walking out the door and down the stairs to get some ice. He didn't realy have to deal with anyone when he got it.
<<I'd like to join with another charrie, a female, if that's alright... By the By, you can call me Zara>>
SlanderousLust / Alchest Raeuzen: // would you mind giving me an idea of the tavern's condition? like, is it day/night is the placed closed? //
Zara / Ryhan: <<*blinks* I'm still here if anyone else is....>>
DustedRelection / Will: <<Sorry people, my computer is being weird again, I have been trying to post for awhile now, so bare with me!>>
<<Alchest: Okay you're in, it is night, the tavern is closed. But it is somewhat of an inn as well, so if you knocked, Will would answer. Welcome to The Faded Aura!>>
<<Zara: Feel free to make more charries. You are the oldest?!?! ENVY!>>
Zara / Ryhan: <<Comps can be evil sometimes....>>
<<Thanks, but I have to babysit my sibs most of the time. HECK! I practicly have to raise them lately so my mom and dad can both work!>>
DustedRelection / Will: Will glowed pink as he scooped her up, and watched as he exited the door. Why must he be nice? She could of handled it. She was going to hate work tomorrow. Cleaning the tavern, serving the tables...Will winced slightly as she attempted to move her leg. She would be okay, if she rested awhile. She tensed again as she heard footsteps. Please, PLEASE do not walk in! They paused by her door. Scarsely breathing, she waited until the footsteps were gone. Giving a deep sigh, Will closed her eyes as she waited for Tyran's return.
Zara / Ryhan: Ryhan walked up to the door of the inn. She was tired and hungry after a long day and she needed a place to stay. This seemed like the best... She looked at the sign that read "The Faded Aura." She then knocked, softly at first and then a bit harder. She hoped someone would here her. The gentle looking girl was actually quite fierce and a powerful warrior when she needed to be. She had never been one to show herself to others or be around them for that matter, but she would have to in order to survive the night and stay in any inn, but that didn't mean she would have to speak with them. Her crystal blue eyes took in her surrounding quickly as she strapped her weaopn to her back. (Weapon in pick) She hoped they wouldn't mind it...
DustedRelection / Will: <<Well, that I would hate. But My parents are divorced, and I am the youngest of 6! Admittedly, 3 are halves, but still. The closet one to my age is 3 years older, and the only one I currently live with.>>
Kyrie_Rose / Tyran: Tyran returned soon, ice in one hand, towel in the other, and a glass of water balanced between his ears which were perked up straight. "Alright, now, let's get some ice on that," he said moving to sit on the edge of the bed. He handed her the glass of water after placing the towel on the bed. He didn't spill a drop. Then he wrapped some of the ice in the towel and tied it, then placed it on her ankle, helping her hold it there.
Kyrie_Rose / Tyran: <<That stinks.... My parents are still together and have been nearly 30 years. My mom was 18 when they were married and my dad was 20....))
DustedRelection / Will: Will opened her eyes as she heard a tapping from below. She was quite sure it was someone at the door. She sttod up, though awkwardly, and walked towards the door. She hoped she would not see Tyran on the way, as he may order her back to the room. She opened the door, which creaked slightly, and softly headed down the stairs. It was rather dark, but being there so long, she was well aquainted with the setup. She went through smoothly, though once hurting her ankle on a misplaced chair. She winced at this, and finally made her way to the door.
DustedRelection / Will: <<That would make your mom 38 and your dad 50...So would I be correct in guessing that you are.....18?>>
DustedRelection / Will: <<I will try an join if my computer holds up...>>
Kyrie_Rose / Tyran: <<Have the last post be after you get back...>>
DustedRelection / Will: <<Yeah, sorry about that. I have dial-up...-grimace->>
Kyrie_Rose / Tyran: <<No. I'm 15. My mom is 36 and my dad is 38... I don't remember the exact years nor the exact agest they were married, sorry if it sound that way....>>
Zara / Ryhan: Ryhan still stood where she was, her ice colored eyes on the door as it opened. When it was open, she peered inside and tried to spot the person that opened the door. "Hello, I'm looking for a room. I can pay...." she said plainly, obviously unsure if anyone would give her a room.
Zara / Ryhan: <<I also had dial - up...>>
DustedRelection / Will: <<No, no it didn't, I am just horrible at math, even if I did get the highest score...I hate math. -sticks out tounge- But it is good that you are 15.>>
<<By the way, am I upstairs or downstairs?...and Karisa...the door was locked...but oh well.>>
Hikoru: "Get in line..." She said with a half laugh. "Iv'e been waiting here for about 20 minutes..." She said trying to put cover-up on her bruises.
Zara / Ryhan: <<I think you are downstairs at the main door now... At least that's the impression I got >>
<<Thanks... I think... I'm glad I'm 15 too...>>
Hikoru: <<Sorry didn't see that part of the post.>>
Zara / Ryhan: <<'tis okay...>>
DustedRelection / Will: Will looked at who was on the other side of the door. "Um, you are fine, come in." she was actually unsure if there were any rooms available, that was one of the main reasons she did not give Tyran his own. But there was not a lot of people staying, so she was sure she would find some-. She stopped in mid-thought. There was a woman sitting in a chair by the front desk. How did she get in? Will wondered as she took a step closer. She tapped the woman's shoulder, as she signaled for the one she had let in to wait for her temporarily.
Hikoru: "Oh, sorry...it was raining outside and
Hikoru: I kinnda picked the lock. Im soooooo sorry!!" She got dont on all knees. "Please dont hurt me!!"
Hikoru: I kinnda picked the lock. Im soooooo sorry!!" She got dont on all knees. "Please dont hurt me!!"
DustedRelection / Will: <<Hold on, confused...So, I think I am downstairs, and I had just let her in. The other is at the front desk, (Though I am not sure how she got in) I am with both of them, and Tyran is.....I don't know where.>>
Zara / Ryhan: Ryhan stepped through the door and waited, her eyes looking everything over, catalogueing everything from escape routes to possible ways of dispatching assailents. Even when she had no one to fight, she could not relax and she ALWAYS did this.... it was something she was trained to do, and as such, she did it well...
Zara / Ryhan: <<We'll say he is still getting ice... Las I posted him, he was wrapping your leg, but you didn't get to read it first, so I was going to make him wait until you could return.... We need more workers here... Hmmm...>>
Hikoru: "Im so sorry!!! Please dont call the cops!" She begged.
Zara / Nyrrina: <<If you so wish, Nyrrina could be a worker here to help Will out.... she seems a bit....TOO busy...>>
DustedRelection / Will: "Oh..." Will was shocked that she was so vulnerable. "Of course, you are fine. Come, come." She signaled for both of the ladies to follow her up the stairs. She got to the top, and turned left towards the quarters. She opened one door, fortunately empty, and bekoned for one of the ladies to go inside.
DustedRelection / Will: <<That would actuall be GREAT. She is all over the place...If you awnt, she could be the owner...>>
Zara / Ryhan: Ryhan looked at the other woman before slowly stepping inside and looking things over. She wasn't overly pleased by the room, but when was she ever overly pleased with something? Ryhan nodded her thanks and stepped inside, putting down her white souriers beg. She was quite happy to have a place to rest.
Hikoru: "Thank you..." Karisa walked in and set her stuff down on the bed. She took a look around, it was homey. Karisa loved it. She took off all her clothes becuase they were wet and snuggled up into her blanket. Karisa quickly feel asleep.
Hikoru: <<I walked into the second room>>
DustedRelection / Will: <<Um...I was going to give you seperate rooms.....>>
DustedRelection / Will: <<Oh, okay then. ^_^>>
Zara / Nyrrina: <<Alright, but only if you so wish. I don't want to....intrude....>>
<<*sighs* Just say that Ryhan is in a different room.... Difficulties!>>
Nyrrina bustled in, her eyes darting this way and that. "Alright," she said looking around the tavern. There was much that needed doing. Glasses that needed to be cleared and what not. She grabbed one plate and began to stack others on top of it. She looked around to see if the guests were cared for and found that they were. Will was a good, hard worker.
Zara / Nyrrina: <<Okay... *sighs again* Wow, I'm starting to get lost....>>
Zara / Nyrrina: "Hello?" Nyrrina said, appaering from behind the counter, her head popping up as her steely strawberry blonde hair shimmered in the soft light. "Can I help you?" she asked, her reddish brown eyes looking towards Karisa, though she was bent over the counter, scrubbing hard.
DustedRelection / Will: <<Intrude? I laugh at the thought. I am grateful for another worker.>>
Will heard someone else below. Sneaking down the stairs, she realized it was Nyrrina and gave a sigh of relief. She was glad there was someone else to tend to things for the time being. She quietly returned to her own room, to see Tyran sitting there waiting for her. "I hope I did not keep you waiting here for me..." she whispered shyly, and closed the door behind her. She was more afraid he would be angered by her leaving, for she had seen what he could do. Limping back to her pallet on the floor, Will dropped somewhat roughly upon it, and caressed her injured leg.
DustedRelection / Will: <<Hold on. Isn't it still night?!>>
Kyrie_Rose / Tyran: <<It's still night... but there would be moonlight....>>
DustedRelection / Will: <<Oh, sorry, I thought she ment it was morning...This is starting to get really confusing...@_@>>
Kyrie_Rose / Tyran: "No, you didn't, but you MUST be more careful with that leg," he said, his voice sounding worried and gentle. He then handed her the cold water and placed the towel next to her, placing ice on it and then tieing the edges of the towels together to create a cold pack. He placed it on her leg.
Zara / Nyrrina: Nyrrina studdied her for a minute. She looked really beaten up... "Yes, but it's black coffee and it will have to be warmed up again..." Nyrrina said, standing up straight. "Are you well?" she asked pleasantly, but at the same time worriedly. "I'll get the coffee," she said, already going back to warm it. "Sorry, we don't make anything fresh until morning..."
DustedRelection / Will: Will winced again as the cold was placed on her leg, but she was glad he was gentle. Now why could he possibly be wandering to get away from things? If anything, she wouldn't be suprised if he was being followed by worshipers who stalked him, there was no way someone was after him...She ajusted the pack on her ankle. "Wh-why are you being so kind to me?" she asked finally, as she had been wondering all night. There could be a real reason someone would be so saintly towards her. She looked away from him, as she awaited the answer.
DustedRelection / Will: <<Zara, you okay handling so many charries?>>
Zara / Nyrrina: <<Yep... though I can probably handle 2 more, I don't wish to try...>>
DustedRelection / Will: <<I probably wouldn't, we wouldn't want our most valued person to explode from overload, now would we?>>
Kyrie_Rose / Tyran: Tyran stared at her for a moment, stunned that she would ask such a thing. "I'm kind to you because you were kind to me and because you are a human being, a person, just as I am a person. Because you have feelings and you deserve to be treated right! And because I care about what happens to you, Will," he said, his voice gentle as he reached down and tilted her chin up so she would look at him.
Kyrie_Rose / Tyran: <<*feels loved* Thanks >>
Lord Bane: <can i join?>
Zara / Nyrrina: "It's alright," Nyrrina said pleasantly, removing the coffee that had been heated quite thoroughly. She added some sugar into the mug and then handed it to Karisa. "Now, go back upstairs and get some rest...." she said, able to tell she wasn't quite fine.
DustedRelection / Will: Will felt her face burn furiously as he lifted her chin. She did not see why he would care of someone such as her. She closed her eyes, so as not to look at his. "I-I just don't understand. I did nothing but give you somewhere to stay. I am sure if it was not me, someone else surely would have. No o-" she choked slightly as she said this. "No one has ever been as nice to me as you have been in your short stay." Will turned away from him and looked towards the floor. She felt so vulnerable.
Zara / Nyrrina: Nyrrina immediately jumped around the counter and looked the woman over. "Someone!" she shouted, though she knew no one would be able to hear her. Her voice was just too soft right now... she had been sick and could still not raise her voice enough to atract attention...
DustedRelection / Will: <<Lord Bane: If no one else objects, I would be okay with it.>>
Lord Bane: <Id need to know how/where to join in though>
Kyrie_Rose / Tyran: <<No objection here.>>
DustedRelection / Will: <<Well, you could be an employee, or a guest, or anything else you could think of. We need a bartender, which I am for the moment. It is nighttime, so you can come in as you see fit. Any other questions, I am right here. Or ask in -Awkward Silence- If you are more comfortable.>>
Kyrie_Rose / Tyran: "That's sad... Everyone deserves to have someone be kind to them. I want to be your friend, Will," he said, looking at her and sitting down on the floor, manuvering to again be looking into her face. "You are beautiful and you are kind, you deserve to have kindness directed at you. You shouldn't let anyone tell youd different." He felt something had happened to her or she had not had close friends. He wondered what she was thinking of him even at this moment...
DustedRelection / Will: <<Congrats! You were both post 100 and 123! ...Don't ask...>>
Lord Bane: The door opened and a cloaked figure walked in. Seeing the scene in front of him he stopped. "Is this a bad time?" he asked.
Kyrie_Rose / Tyran: <<*blinks* Zara must go to bed now...she is barely keeping her eyes open...*yawns*>>
DustedRelection / Will: Will keep avoiding her gaze. She always believed you could hear and understand a person through their eyes, and she was always quite careful of what people knew about her. She closed her eyes again. "I don't know, maybe I am just naive," she whispered. "But you are just so kind to me for no reason. I am not interesting, or talented, oror attractive in any way," she hadn't noticed the pack slide off her foot. "Those are the traits that deserve attention. I am just...Will." she ended, in a voice barely audible. She could not believe this was all her voice. She had never been so open, and yet, she trusted him so deeply.
DustedRelection / Will: <<Tara should drink coffee -pout- Night night Zara>>
DustedRelection / Will: <<Oh, His* gaze. Sorry.>>
Lord Bane: He gripped the sword at his belt...something was wrong, the pub was never this quiet. "Hello," he called. "Is there anyone here?"
DustedRelection / Will: <<Um...Our person that was down there left...The person that was Tyran was also Nyrrina so...>>
DustedRelection / Will: <<I just realized that Bane, you are in almost every rp I am...>>
Lord Bane: He found the girl. Rushing over he realised she was unconscious. Searching through the herb bag on his belt he found what he needed. "Come on, wake up, please."
Lord Bane: "Your safe," the stranger said. Suddenly he remembered his hood was still up. He removed his hood to reveal a young man, who had a large scar on his face.
Lord Bane: "Who...." he looked confused. He winced, suddenly remembering why he had come here in the first place. "Probably a bad time to ask for a bit of medical attention I guess."
Lord Bane: "Its ok..." he winced again. Suddenly she noticed the gash on his right arm which was still bleeding badly.
DustedRelection / Will: <<I was looking back, and I made the 100 post! ^_____^! Sorry, I had to say it though.>>
Kyrie_Rose / Tyran: "Will," he said, his voice sincere and gentle at the same time, "You are beautiful, talented, and interesting! You must realize that. Oh Will.... what has made you think like this?" he asked, though the last part was to himself. He carefully pulled her into an embrace as he placed the ice pack back on her ankle. "You deserve kindness and you deserve love, you should know that," he said to her, voice gentle. He didn't want to scare her, but he didn't want her to think so little of herself either.
DustedRelection / Will: <<YOU ARE BACK!!!!! -GGLLOOMMPP- Sorry, but I have been really bored...^_^; >>
Zara / Nyrrina: <<It's okay :D I'm used to it. We do this kinda thing at RMW all the time *tacklehuggle* I'm glad to be back :)>>
Zara / Nyrrina: It was then that Nyrrina returned with a glass of ice water and a large towel to find a man she did not recognize with Karisa. She could see the blood that flowed from his arm in the faint light of the moon and immediately jumped to help him, her fingers flying to unfold the towel. Once she had she pressed it to the gash and dipped the end of another towel she had brought into the cold water. She then removed the towel and slowly moved this around the gash, cleaning it before replacing the larger one.
Zara / Nyrrina: <<I don't have objections if Will doesn't>>
DustedRelection / Will: <<I know, but no one at all has been on. I get carried way with things...aren't I adorkable? >>Will turned a dark, deep red, and returned the embrace. She couldn't help but give a soft smile. She had never had such a compliment, and did not know how to respond. She truely did not deserve the attention, and would protest, but instead she looked down to her leg. It felt much better, though she still felt a muffled throb from somwhere below the skin. She turned her head away from him, and closed her eyes. There must be some sort of hidden attachment, for she knew no one this gentle. Will thought of this, as her face remained a clear scarlet.
DustedRelection / Will: <<Why would I object? You have a Link pic! Sorry, but he is so great. Yes, Welcome to The Faded Aura.>>
Kyrie_Rose / Tyran: Tyran held her in a gentle embrace. He hummed softly, which didn't sound bad, but more or less soothing. With one hand he stroked her hair. His eyes were closed as he sat there, holding Will, still wondering what had happened to her to make her think and feel this way.
DustedRelection / Will: <<Sorry about that, computer problems...evil blasted thing.>>
Will did nothing as she listened to the smooth melody that hummed through the room.She had never felt this close to anyone, and yet, she felt far away. Her eyes still closed, she began to drift into a calm doze. She did not want to sleep, but to sit there, conversting with Tyran for forever. She leaned her head against him, her skin tone back to normal, and smiled as she heard and felt.
Kyrie_Rose / Tyran: <<'tis okay>>
Tyran smiled. She didn't seem to be close to anyone, but he wanted to be close to her. He continued to hum and gently stoke her hair, his fingers gentle. His eyes were still closed as his ears stood to catch the sounds around him; they wer contantly swiveling around, trying to catch every sound of the tavern around them. He wondered why she thought what she did though... he found it a bit odd...
DustedRelection / Will: Will opened her eyes, and smiled at him. So much had happened, it was hard to keep up. There was that fight between the two men - which to Will was no suprise, they argued every chance possible - then her performance. Will smiled even broader, he had liked her voice. Maybe at one point she will tell him who it was. She lightly scratched the back of his feline ear, and set her head down once again. She wondered exactly what he thought of her. Will pondered this, and closed her eyes once more.
Kyrie_Rose / Tyran: Tyran stopped humming as she scratched his ears, instead gving what sounded like a pur. He still rubbed her hair and held her against him. "Will, you are a great person. You are gentle and kind," he said softly to her, wanting her to know what he perceived of her and what he felt she was. "You are beautiful. You are hard working. Those are all traits that deserve praise and kindness," he said to her, the pur still coming through in his voice.
Kyrie_Rose / Tyran: <<We are in the rooms upstairs.... Nyrrina is downstairs and Ryhan is in her room. (I play 3 of the characters here...)>>
DustedRelection / Will: <<Yes, It is at night, but if you knock, Nyrrina will probably hear you. Though it seems there may be an emergency somewhere down there...blood. But come in, if you wish.>>
DustedRelection / Will: Will turned pink at this. Tyran seemed to have that effect on her. "No...I am just...who I am. Nothing to look at twice." she smiled as she heard him purr. "I have gone my entire life this way," she spoke softly. "My life is The Faded Aura. Just people coming and leaving. Only entering if they need a request to be granted." she paused. She had never in her life spoken about her life. Any simple question must be avoided for her to carry on. Will looked up at him. "Afterall, that is why you had come," she whispered, and looked up at him, his large brown eyes reflected through the candle light, still burning.
Lord Bane: <im back. can someone update me?>
DustedRelection / Will: << Alo Bane. You are bleeding on the ground floor. Pub area. Woman is afraid of you because she thought you were her husband. New arriver has come.>>
Lord Bane / Edmund: <I think I might need rescuing lol. specially since the girl's not online right now>
Kyrie_Rose / Tyran: "You're more than that," he said sincerely, his eyes flashing with determination to make her see this, but at the same time gentleness and something... different. "It is true that I came to find a place to stay at first, but I almost left. It was because of you that I didn't leave. I stayed because of YOU Will, not just your offer, not just because I absolutely NEEDED a place to stay," he said seriously, but lightly. "Will you make me feel so..." he started, but could not come up with an accurate word. His eyes shimmered though with this emotion. It was love and if not that, something so close that you couldn't tell the difference.
Lord Bane / Edmund: <Im the mysterious stranger who's just turned up in the pub badly hurt>
Kyrie_Rose / Tyran: <<And Nyrrina has appeared and is trying to treat your wound with what she has on hand....>>
Zara / Nyrrina: Nyrrina looked around her. "I'm here, but I'm a little busy. If you wouldn't mind waiting..." she said, her voice still to soft as she contended with the stranger's wounds. "What happened?" she asked him anxiously.
DustedRelection / Will: Will looked away from him, and ceased scratching his ear. Her face was such a color, it could almost be misinterpreted for blood as it flowed through her cheeks. Her face felt so warm, as she remained silent. What was she to say? No words could describe the feelings in her now. "I would never have made you leave," she replied finally, regaining her voice. She was quite speachless, but she had to say something. She focused again on the candle illuminating the room. Will watched as the wax dripped down, slowly running from top to bottom, wondering what Tyran would say.
Lord Bane / Edmund: "I got attacked....unfortunately the creature I was trying to help clearly didn't want me to, and decided to take a chunk out of my arm....ok, I could do with sitting down, I'm not feeling so great."
Kyrie_Rose / Tyran: "I never thought you would," he said softly. He wanted her to look at him, but he wouldn't make her. He wondered what she thought. Obviously she felt something, but she didn't wish him to know.... He gently rubbed her cheek with his thumb.
Zara / Nyrrina: Nyrrina nodded and pressed harder with the towel. "Come on, then," she said, moving so that she was supporting him under his other arm. "We'll get you to the room down here. It's my room, but you can use it. I don't think we should try the stairs yet," she said, helping him. "You can lie down there, it'll be better..."
Lord Bane / Edmund: He was struggling to stay conscious. "Oh great, I think it had poison in its claw..." He collapsed.
DustedRelection / Will: Will smiled and looked back towards him. She did not want him to see what she felt in her eyes. Or at least, until he knew herself. He looked at her with such concern it hurt. She took his hand in hers as he carressed her face, and smiled at him.
Zara / Nyrrina: Nyrrina layed him down right there and ran around the counter and into her room. She returned with a medi kit and began to look for something to treat posion. However, she wasn't a healer, so she didn't know what she could do.... She looked at him with worry. What if she couldn't help him?
Lord Bane / Edmund: "My herb bag...." he said weakly. "There may be something in there...." He was far too warm for her liking.
Kyrie_Rose / Tyran: <<it's okay >>
Tyran smiled at her still. "Will..." he said softly to her, squeezing her hand softly. He hummed softly again, his eyes shimmering as he looked at her. He hoped she wasn't upset by him in anyway and he truly hoped that she would feel better about herself and that she would realize how much he really did care for her.
DustedRelection / Will: Will looked at him, determined not to look away. She saw herself reflected in his eyes. Why did she seem so afraid? She turned her head quickly as she saw this. If she saw her own fear, then he saw it as well, for she would never admit her fear to herself. But why? Why was she afraid? The fact that she looked afraid frightened her, so in a way, she was.Sartled by this, Will closed her eyes, gathering the thoughts that had flown past her.
Zara / Nyrrina: Nyrrina rumaged around for something and found a herb used for treating poison. She quickly went behind the counter again and prepared it. She returned with what looked like green water but thicker. "Drink this!" she said urgently. In another bowl there was a little more that she put into the cut to get rid of anymore....
Lord Bane / Edmund: He got slightly better, but he was still very varm. "That's the last time I try to help a wounded animal, I think I ended up in a worse state," he smiled. The wound was still bleeding slightly.
Kyrie_Rose / Tyran: Tyran saw her fear, but he said nothing, instead he pulled her head against his chest and stroked her hair again. "You're a great person Will, it doesn't matter what other people think. Never think less of yourself," he said to her, agian speaking of what had brought everything out in the first place. He wanted very much for her to tell him about her life, for her to tell him how she felt, but he wouldn't ask, he wouldn't make her. He wanted her to feel comfortable, and so he would let her speak freely as she saw fit.
Zara / Nyrrina: Nyrrina still looked worried as she pressed part of the towel that was not soaked and was still clean to the wound. "Will you be alright now?" she asked him softly, reaching out to feel his forehead. She didn't like how warm he was still...
Lord Bane / Edmund: "I'm not a doctor, but even I know I'm far too warm....I...."
DustedRelection / Will: Will eased herself against his chest, relaxing more. She wanted to tell him things, but she just........couldn't. It would be nothing towards him, nor anyone else, it was just...she didn't know. Will was growing weary of all of the hard things that went on. All of the confusion, and hurt. She wanted it to end. It would never end, she thought, and closed her eyes. She soothed herself with the beat of his heart, which beat more rapidily than most, being neko and all. Will gave a deep sigh, unsure of what to do.
Zara / Nyrrina: Nyrrina looked around. What else could she do..... she was really worried. "I'm not a doctor, but I have medical training..." she said softly. "I don't have anything else to treat you with..." she said, looking around. She went behind the coutner again and reappeared with antoher towel and a bowl of water with ice and water. She dipped the towel in it and placed it on his forehead.
Lord Bane / Edmund: "Is there no-one here who can help you? I'm in no state to protect you if someone tried to attack you."
Kyrie_Rose / Tyran: "Sshh... relax, Will," he said softly, holding her against him, humming softly again. His ears still swiveled about to listen for anyone coming close to the room. His tail was wrapped around him slightly. He would just comfort her as much as possible. He would not make her talk, but he would hope and gently prod her, hopefully wihtout hurting her in anyway.
Zara / Nyrrina: "There may be someone around... Ryhan, a warrior I have heard of, is staying here... and I have heard a neko may be here as well..." she said, thinking. "I don't know... though..."
Lord Bane / Edmund: "Ouch," his arm was still sore. "I think you should check....someone was following me, and I'm fairly sure they weren't friendly."
DustedRelection / Will: Will was feeling more comfortable with him at every moment. She breathed deeply and looked up at him. "Are you sure you would not like to rest? Bathe? Are you still hungry?" She had grown slightly agitated at herself for forgetting he was still her guest. She stood up to smooth out the blankets on her bed, of which he would be resting. Will was not technically allowed to have him in her quarters, but she would be punished severly if he was unsatisfied with his stay.
Kyrie_Rose / Tyran: "I'm just fine," he said, sitting where he was on the floor, "but someone downstairs is not..." he said, finally picking up on the faint voices from the lower level of the tavern. He stood and looked around him and held his tail up while his ears swiveled this way and that.
Zara / Nyrrina: Nyrrina didn't move. "I'm not going to leave you," she said softly, her eyes flashing with determination. She looked down at him again. She looked around her again and hoped that someone would come down...
<<I don't know if it's okay, so I haven't yet, but she was origianally supposed to be a mage... don't know if that's allowed, so I have her as a normal human here....>>
Lord Bane / Edmund: "I'm sorry, this is probably the last thing you needed right now."
Zara / Nyrrina: "It's fine," she said softly, her eyes searching his face, looking to see how much pain he was in.
DustedRelection / Will: Will stopped. "Downstairs..."she instinctively looked towardsthe door. Her ankle was still slightly painful, but she made her way to the door. "It will only be a brief moment." She Opened the door. She could not really hear anything, but it was the stillness that worried her. She opened the door wider, and silently made her way to the top of the stairs. Her leg was throbbing now.
<<I will be back temporarily, I need to restart my computer.>>
Lord Bane / Edmund: He was still clearly badly hurt, but was at least conscious, which was an improvement.
DustedRelection / Will: <<All is welcome at The Faded Aura.>>
Kyrie_Rose / Tyran: Tyran came out after her and scooped her up. "No, you aren't walking down stairs right now," he said, shaking his head. "I'll come with you," he started to walk down the stairs, Will in his arms. He hoped that nothing serious was wrong....
<<Short... sorry....>>
Lord Bane / Edmund: He could hear somebody coming. "Hello?"
Zara / Nyrrina: <<So, she can be herself then? Not just a normal human? *blinks*>>
Nyrrina gently ran a hand over his brow as she removed the towel and soaked it again in ice water. She then replaced it on his brow. "You'll be alright," she mumbled, more to herself than anyone else.
<<Will, you have the 200th post!>>
Lord Bane / Edmund: "I wish I shared your confidence....I've been attacked before, but nothing as bad as this..."
Zara / Nyrrina: She smiled weakly at him. "You will," she said again, moving to look at his face more clearly. "You will be okay, it'll just take time," she said to him, her voice soft.
Lord Bane / Edmund: "If only they paid me more to do....wait a second they dont actually pay me ANYTHING for my job." He laughed.
Zara / Nyrrina: Nyrrina smiled and laughed. Her laugh was a light tinkling, bell like sound that would warm the hearts of those who heard it. She found this mand funny. She then realized she knew not what his name was and so, she asked, "Excuse me, but I don't even know your name...."
Lord Bane / Edmund: "Edmund, I'm a forest ranger....of sorts. It's just the only thanks I get is....well I don't actually get any."
Zara / Nyrrina: "It is good to meet you, Edmund. I am Nyrrina, a mage..." Nyrrina replied, though the bit about herself was spoken very softly, especially about being a mage. "If I could, I would heal you now, but that is something I can't do... not now anyways... It is not something I specialize in..."
Lord Bane / Edmund: "Well my herb bag USUALLY has something which can heal me, but I couldn't find anything this time."
Zara / Nyrrina: "I could help, but without the right herbs... I just don't have all that much healing magic... I suppose I could try to flush out some of the poison, but it has already mostly been neutrelized in the wound..."
Lord Bane / Edmund: "Don't worry about it, I'm not sure it's the poison causing the problem."
Zara / Nyrrina: Nyrrina looked at him, obviously worried. "What else could it be?" she asked her voice full of concern.
Lord Bane / Edmund: "Well, among other things I've lost a rather nasty amount of blood....that probably didn't help."
Zara / Nyrrina: "No, it wouldn't.." she said, just now remembering this fact. She looked at him worriedly again and then around the room. She had to be alright and someone had to come down here soon!
DustedRelection / Will: <<Guess who's back! Sorry about that. Yes, feel free to use magic. I made the 200th post?! I feel special! >>
DustedRelection / Will: Will blushed as he scooped her up. She would have rather have walked down herself, but she did not object. "What about when Nyrrina sees you? Somewhat strange for an ordinary traveler to carry a waitress down the stairs..." she looked at him. He was quite strong to be carrying her. Will hugged him around the neck as thanks for helping her down.
Kyrie_Rose / Tyran: "We'll deal with that as it comes," he said softly, still walking. "If something is wrong, I want you to be safe, Will," he said seriously. "You have to be ready to run or hide. If something else that you can help with is going on, then do what you can," he spoke this part with enthusiasm, but great gravity. His footsteps were light and absolutely quiet, even as his ears searched out any noise. His tail flicked this way and that. It was too quiet... even though he could here voices.
Lord Bane / Edmund: "Somebody's coming," Edmund said.
Zara / Nyrrina: Nyrrina nodded and stood. She didn't think they were a threat, though she heard nothing. "I don't think they are a threat...." she said softly, looking around her.
Zara / Nyrrina: <<I have to go... sorry, bed...>>
Lord Bane / Edmund: <k, cya later>
DustedRelection / Will: <<Boo Zara! You need to learn to drink coffee. -wink- Bye!>>
Kyrie_Rose / Tyran: (('ello?))
Zara: ((Hello? Zara has been grounded but she has returned!))
Lord Bane / Bane: <I'm here, dunno where the rest are>
Zara / Usaqi Nariko: I don't know either... I really hope at least a couple of the return...
Zara / Usaqi Nariko: ((Oops! My "(())" Didn't show...))
Lord Bane: <what do we do for now then?>
Zara / Usaqi Nariko: <<I suppose we could continue with Nyrrina and Edmund and just kind of ignore the others for now...>>
Lord Bane: <ok. where shall we start from?>
Zara / Usaqi Nariko: <<Hmmm... I forgot where we left off... I'm willing to pick up where ever you like... Sorry for not posting in awhile, by the by, I was sick....>>
Lord Bane: <I was lying in the hallway bleeding....that's all I can remember>
Zara / Sebbella: <<Let's say that Nyrrina is helping him. It's just the two of them... We can trow in something else as we go...>>
DustedRelection / Will: << I'M BAAACCCKKK!!!!! Long story short, my computer crashed. Reformatting still in progress...<_< What did I miss? >>
DustedRelection / Will: << Sorry, my computer is super slow. Snow? Do you mean in...what was it called...the skii lodge?>>
DustedRelection / Will: <<Sure, but I have a lot of others I need to get to. Since my computer is still "sick" I can only have two windows up at a time -grimace- and it is going slow...It may take a second, but I will. Apologies once again. ^_^;; >>
DustedRelection / Will: << Well, as you know, I posted there. But here. I am a little foggy about what has happened, even though I just read over everything. But I guess as soon as Zara comes back, I can continue here. >>
DustedRelection / Will: << Zara, where did you go? We miss you! And nothing can continue without you!!! >>
Zara / Usaqi Nariko: <<I'm here.... sorry 'bout not being here... I have been busy and I can't be on during the day.... nor past a certain time at night....>>
DustedRelection / Will: -Gasp- You Live! -glomp- I haven't seen you in a long while! In case you didn't know, my computer went into a coma, so I haven't been on in nearly a month.
Lord Bane: <might need to give will a recap nyrrina....when you're next on lol>
DustedRelection / Will: << Oh, add the << >> around that last statement ^_^' >>
Zara: <<Alright... er... let me think...>>
DustedRelection / Will: << I think Tyran's still carrying me... His arms are probably getting tired... >>
Zara / Sebbella: <<That's right... They were nearly down the stairs!>>
DustedRelection / Will: << Yeah...Oh yeah! I remember! I was telling him it may be weird if my boss saw him carry me up the stairs! He's not suppose to be in my room! >>
Zara / Sebbella: <<Oh yeah!>>
DustedRelection / Will: << Yeah, so.....what now? >>
Zara / Sebbella: <<Do you want to post? I can reply... If you really want, I can go find my last post...>>
DustedRelection / Will: << Well, let's see who had the last post. I'll see if I can find it... >>
Zara / Sebbella: <<Alright...>>
DustedRelection / Will: << Well, Tyran was the last to say anything that I can hear, but the others continued a little. Ed is bleeding in the Pub area, and the other girl is still there that was afraid of him. It's on page three, I think. >>
Zara / Sebbella: <<Yeah... I had Nyrrina stand up to defend him... Tyran and Will were coming down the stairs...>>
DustedRelection / Will: << Yeah, so that's where we left off, I think... >>
Zara / Sebbella: <<I believe so... do you want to start or do you want me to?>>
DustedRelection / Will: << Nekos first :) >>
Zara / Sebbella: <<Alright, let me log in as Tyran...>>
Kyrie_Rose / Tyran: <<Here we go!>>
"We'll deal with that as it comes," he said softly, still walking. "If something is wrong, I want you to be safe, Will," he said seriously. "You have to be ready to run or hide. If something else that you can help with is going on, then do what you can," he spoke this part with enthusiasm, but great gravity. His footsteps were light and absolutely quiet, even as his ears searched out any noise. His tail flicked this way and that. It was too quiet... even though he could here voices.
DustedRelection / Will: << Kk. >>
DustedRelection / Will: << That's the exact same one from before! >>
Will smiled at him. "Don't worry, I'm not completely helpless," she looked at him. At her angle, his brown hair was covering his eyes, so she was unsure what he was thinking. Her leg hurt, but the pain was lessening, and she felt she could walk on it. Will gave another hug around his neck as a sign of thanks, as they reached the bottom of the stairs.
<< Sorry, short. >>
Kyrie_Rose / Tyran: <<*blinks* Really? *blinkblink* >>
Tyran smiled. "I know, but..." he started, not finishing as his ears twitched. "Someone is coming from behind use now..." he said, moving more quickly with perfect balance that was common to a Neko. They were nearly at the bottom of the stairs as the footsteps grew louder.
<<Mine was short too...>>
Zara / Nyrrina: Nyrrina nodded and stood. She didn't think they were a threat, though she heard nothing. "I don't think they are a threat...." she said softly, looking around her.
Lord Bane: He winced, his arm still aching. "I hope so, I'm in no state to fight."
Zara / Nyrrina: "I agree with that asumption!" she said, sitting down beside him lightly and mopping his forehead. "Just rest..."
Lord Bane: "Damn, wish I could do something," he said, looking into her eyes.
Zara / Nyrrina: "You have to rest," she said softly to him. "If you don't, something worse could happen to you." She looked down into his face, searching is expressoin, trying to see what he was thinking and how much pain he was in.
DustedRelection / Will: Will had reached the bottom of the stairs, still being supported by Tyran. It was still dark outside, and the lights were out. She thought she had heard the voice of her boss in the distance, but she was unsure. Will really hoped that they weren't in any danger, but she didn't exactly know why there would be. There was always someone who came in the middle of the night, travelers usually; The Faded Aura was open at most hours. And when it wasn't, Will was always around, even if her boss did not live there. Will clearded her throat, and looked on into the awaiting shadows.
DustedRelection / Will: Will looked at Tyran. "How do you know Nyrrina? She was working when you got here," she pointed out. She arrived as Will was performing. Could he have been watching her? Will turned to the other two, her eyes adjusting to the darkness. She now saw the seen before her, but she thought she would remain with Tyran at the moment, to observe her surroundings. Will looked back at Tyran, awaiting his answer.
DustedRelection / Will: Will searched Tyran for some deeper meaning, but his brown hair still covering his face, it was in vain. She did not remember anyone mentioning the name of her boss. Then again, we she performed, she went into a sort of trance. She was unsure of whether or not to pursue the topic. She did not want him to feel as if she did not trust him. Will gave a sigh, as she remained silent.
Zara / Sebbella: Tyran shook the hair from his eyes and looked at her worriedly. "Are you sure you're alright?" he asked, his gaze searching. He didn't have the look of someone who had just lied, but that was becuase he was good at controlling himself.
DustedRelection / Will: Will stared back in suprise. "Do I not look alright?" It wasn't the best answer. He looked as if he was distressed, though she was unsure why. In reality, she did not feel her best, but she gave a simple, "I'm fine," along with a nod. She turned her eyes away from him, and pretended to be interested in the banister of the stairs, which were of a light wood. She felt her heart beat inside her. Why was it so fast? Surely it wasn't of her reply? Will closed her eyes, blocking her mind from the internal metronome.
Zara / Sebbella: Tyran shook his head and turned back to what was ahead of them. He wouldn't pressur her, though he knew it hurt more than she was letting on... "Well, what do you wish to do?" he asked her, voice gentle.
DustedRelection / Will: Will opened her eyes, "I...don't know," she started. "Do they need us there? Now that we know who it is..." she trailed off. It wasn't that she didn't want to be downstairs, but she wasn't sure that Nyrrina would approve if she knew that Tyran was staying without pay. Will didn't want to lose her job; she enjoyed it here. Nyrrina was also bound to ask why he was carrying her down the stairs. This wasn't the best situation.
Zara / Sebbella: "I don't think they need our help... maybe we should leave it be for now?" he said softly, knowing the whole thing was a bit awkward. He didn't want Will to loose her job, and he believed Nyrrina to be her boss...
DustedRelection / Will: Will agreed, but gave a silent breath of relief. She then turned her gaze to Tyran. She wasn't afraid for herself but for him. Being here without pay, isn't the brightest plan. At this moment, for a strange reason Will remembered the plates upstairs, from Tyran's meal. Will made a mental note to return those later, as well as something for herself, seeing as she hadn't eaten in a while either. Will shook her head abrubtly, now noticing that her eyes had lingered on Tyran. They hadn't said much.....so why was Will's chest still betraying the silence?
DustedRelection / Will: Will looked into Tyran eyes, unable to break the gaze. Can he hear it beating? Why won't it stop? Will continued to look back at him. It was as if they were having a staring contest, with mind and emotion; she was afraid to blink. What did this all mean?
<< Sorry, mine too. >>
Zara / Nyrrina: Tyran couldn't take his eyes away from her even as he felt that he shouldn't be staring like this. He just couldn't break his gaze to her.
Lord Bane: <lol, am I still in the same place?>
DustedRelection / Will: << Yeah, sorry Ed, lol. >>
DustedRelection / Will: Will stared back at him without blinking. They were still at the foot of the stairs. There was a strange silence in the building. Will couldn't bring herself to look away. Many thoughts all at once had paraded through her mind, some seeing to be pointless. The minutes were moving by, but still Will looked at him. Tyran seemed to be thinking of something, but what? Why was he staring at her? More importantly, why was she staring back?
Zara / Sebbella: Tyran still couldn't break his gaze away from hers... what was going on here? He felt that they should get a move on... something wasn't right, that was certain. His muscles were imobile, oblivious to need, even as he felt time pushing by them and on into eternity...
Zara / Sebbella: <<Sorry... AGAIN... I was grounded... AGAIN...>>
DustedRelection / Will: << Sigh. This Roleplay was interesting. I was my computer hadn't crashed..... >>
Lord Bane / Lion El Jonson: <I'm here lol>
DustedRelection / Will: << Bane, is that you? -Glomp- I missed you. >>
Lord Bane / Lion El Jonson: <hmm....what's happening with this RP?>
DustedRelection / Will: << It sort of died four months ago, I think... I wish it hadn't. But I'm not sure where Tyran is. >>
Lord Bane / Lion El Jonson: <you wanna start a new RP?>
DustedRelection / Will: << I have one in the process. Would you like one set in a theatre? >>
Lord Bane / Lion El Jonson: <sure, that'd be cool >
DustedRelection / Will: << I still need to create it, but I need a name... >>
Lord Bane / Lion El Jonson: <hmmm....I dunno, what'll the plot be?>
DustedRelection / Will: << The audience files in to watch the performance, but what they don't know, is that the actors are watching them, as part of a study for human research...
It's just a though. That may, it has a wider variety of viewers... >>
Lord Bane / Lion El Jonson: <sounds good....watching the watchers maybe?>
DustedRelection / Will: << Yes, in a way. Have an idea for a title?
There's a massive debate... I accidently started it... >< >>
Lord Bane / Lion El Jonson: <watching the watchers was my suggestion lol>
DustedRelection / Will: << Oh. It's not bad... I was hoping I could fit something like the theme in the title... Like, "Your entire world is a stage." >>
Lord Bane / Lion El Jonson: <hehe, its up to you its your RP ultimately haha>
DustedRelection / Will: << Grr, I'm not good at making decisions! >< >>
Lord Bane / Lion El Jonson: <I'd call it Watching the Watchers lol>
Miles / Remulus: How about "Tables Turned" ??? Just a suggestion, and being nosy
DustedRelection / Will: << I suppose that should be the last thing to worry about anyway. >>
DustedRelection / Will: << Tables Turned isn't bad either. And I don't mind if you're nosy. >>
Lord Bane / Lion El Jonson: <haha, anything :P>
Miles / Remulus: I had just noticed earlier that you two were planning to create another Rp and I was waiting for an idea to pop up and see if I might have been interested in joining.
DustedRelection / Will: << Well, does this idea interest you? >>
Miles / Remulus: Indeed, it seems more modern-ish though which would be a great change. I have a few modern characters that I just haven't the chance to use much. So, if you guys can get this thing up I would be more than glad to join.
DustedRelection / Will: << That's great to hear. It's not so modern which is what I like. And it fits in many genres: Sci-fi, Comedy, Romance. Really the performers can play with that. >>
Miles / Remulus: I really like the idea of human research and they way that they are doing it, but I think there should be some sort of a twist to it or something shocking, get the gist?
Miles / Remulus: the way*
DustedRelection / Will: << What are you thinking of? What sort of twist?
I could think of some, but they are more of the romance side of the spectrum. >>
Lord Bane / Lion El Jonson: <lol, at least I'm not responsible for the twist>
DustedRelection / Will: << You probably will be Ed. You always seem to get pushed into the relationship. I can't even count how many times your character and mine were together. >>
Lord Bane / Lion El Jonson: <haha, give me the shady character with a dark secret, they're much better>
DustedRelection / Will: << I call her. >>
Miles / Remulus: Possibly... the researchers (after finished with their subjects) have a means of disposing them (so anyone who comes and sees the show ends up dead after the performance) and someone who is doing the research finds that a fellow friend (or someone they are in a relationship with) ends up in the crowd? I dunno kinda dumb... but its something. Might spark another idea or something.
DustedRelection / Will: << That isn't a bad idea at all. It's just that I was going for that sort of effect. I didn't want the audience to die. >.< >>
DustedRelection: << Okay, the new roleplay is almost up and running. Except for the title.....
What about "Unwanted Auditions"? >>
Lord Bane / The Precursor: <sounds cool to me hehe>
DustedRelection: << I bet I could've said just about anything there, couldn't I? <.< >>
Lord Bane / The Precursor: <haha, no, I'm not bothered by the name hah>
DustedRelection: << Okay, then. I have to eat first, but that won't take long. I'll post it within the hour most likely. >>
Lord Bane / The Precursor: <coolie lol>
DustedRelection / Will: << Revive! Revive! Zara, are you there? >>
Zara / Nyrrina: <<I am for the moment! *tackles* Let's bring this RP back to life! ^-^ I'll have to post tommorrow 'cause I'm drop dead tired... but I will! Promise! ))
DustedRelection / Will: << Yeah, tomorrow is good. -glomps Zara- Sleep well. >>
Zara / Linaria: <<Sorry a thousand times for seeming to dissapear... Life just got kinda crazy this week... I'll catch up ASAP!>> ((The same post was easier... heh... ^-^'))
DustedRelection / Will: << Not to worry Zara. It's completely forgivable. -glomp- So how has your week been? >>
Zara / Svenka Song Yvette: <<Okay... back again! Sorry, sorry, and sorry.... I don't know if I'll actually be able to post much... I'm really hoping I can... I have homework, but I'm not home to do it right now.>>
DustedRelection / Will: << Yeah, I don't really know if this will work, this reviving idea... I want it to... It just seems you aren't on very much. But don't worry, we'll think of something. >>
Zara / Svenka Song Yvette: <<That we will... Sorry... I would be on more but there was standardized testing and then some major projects, which I still have to do two of...>>
Zara / Svenka Song Yvette: <<Woah.... what the heck... I guess someone else made a Tyran after I deleted him.... but that doesn't explain why the pic shows up with the old Tyran... *blinks*>>
Aion Kiori / Saito Hurasama: ((hey, no worries, I could help out with the reviving the rp Will-chan, and hello Svenka. I could help out, not a problem at all))
Zara / Svenka Song Yvette: << Heya Saito!>>
Zara / Mei - Zhen: <<Oh, and Will... I have yet another character that I think I could use... but I may think about creating another Neko to bring in if you'd like.... Sorry about deleting Tyran... After I dissapeared I didn't think anyone would really be interested in RPing with him when I returned....>>
Aion Kiori / Saito Hurasama: (Hello))
Zara / Svenka Song Yvette: <<Hello... Mei and Svenka are all played by Zara... And I be Zara. ^-^' heh.... I have 17 characters that I actively play...>>
DustedRelection / Will: << Well, that's fine that Tyran got deleted. Though he was great. But we can work around that. Unless of course, you don't want to. Then of course that will be just fine. And hello Saito, nice to meet you. >>
Zara: <<I don't mind... I have his basic info and original pic still, though... His name would have to be changed, however, as it has been taken... ^-^'
Heh... (I be at school... but it hasn't started yet....)>>
DustedRelection / Will: << I just got home, so I'm good for a bit. Oh, and I said 'Nice to meet you' I didn't realize that it was you Brandon. But nice to re-meet you anyway. >>

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