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Roleplay - Battleground of the worlds by Zaiaku / ZaiakuSin

The field:If you can think of a type of battleground or field then its here...Swamp, mountion, plains, forest, volcano, water of all types, space, time, Nothingness, and more.
Time:Any time range...better yet...All time ranges
MODs:(Players that cannot be killed, attacked, Etc.) Dragon, Glenn, Luna, Tsubaki, Amaya

Roleplay Details

Cheacters:Furry's(Prefered but not mandatory...If you dont kow what a furry is look it up), Humans, Vieras, Bangga, Moogle, Nu mow, Etc.
Classes:Any except Gods, Unkillables, Plasma beasts, Or anything that may break the rules.
1.No godmoding
2.No attacking my MODs
3.If the MOD says that you are being a noob...Then stop and think about yoru last post, dont argue unless you think you can make a point.
4.No instant hits(That pisses everyone off)
5.No destroying the fields
6.No asking to be a MOD
7.No flaming other players
8.No mocking other players for being diffrent in eather cheacter type or class
Note:Have fun and for the love of RPing, Dont eb a prick.


ZaiakuSin / Zaiaku: A black fox smerged from the swamp area, looking around hopeing to finally find a challange.
RevolutionAngel / Sophia Bannon: -sits in a tree. the wind gently blowing her hair. she sits with her eyes closed, listening to the sounds that are being carried by the wind-
ZaiakuSin / Zaiaku: ((Mod to the rules:...A cheacter is/Can/Will/And will most lickly be killed..Thoe they are brought back in their own field strength so dont even think about being imortal and 2.Please for all that is good, know yoru elements adn magic, no switching in battle....))
ZaiakuSin / Zaiaku: He walked across the field and into the area where all worlds met, Standing on the edge of the swamp portion"...Bloody hell..."
RevolutionAngel / Sophia Bannon: -Continues to listen to the wind and hears something strange- Well, that was weird... -She hops down from her tree and starts to walk towards the sound-
ZaiakuSin / Zaiaku: He walked the rope bridge to a large floating platform in the center of the chaos, looking around at everything, taking it all in, figuring combat strategies as he scanned the area"Hum....Well...My element is the swamp...The mountains and volcano are a close second...."
RevolutionAngel / Sophia Bannon: Turns on her music player as she walks. The wind blows a little harder. Soph does up her jacket, trying to keep to wind out. She looks up at the sky. It's darkener, being sunset and all. "This better be interesting." she muttered, snuggling her chin into her coat collar.
ZaiakuSin / Zaiaku: He noticed the drop in temperature as the wind picked up. He knelt slightly and chanted slightly, a small fire appearing beside him, followed by another and another until he was incased by flame."Interesting place...."
RevolutionAngel: She continued walking until she notices something at the end of the road. "What's that?"
She walked towards it, he pace quickening. When she gets close enough, she the swirling vortex. "Well, now, I wonder where this leads?" she asked herself as she steped into it.
RevolutionAngel / Sophia Bannon: ((sorry bout that...^.^;))
ZaiakuSin / Zaiaku: He yawned slightly, looking around and then to the sky where the usual vortex was still sitting, the only entrance to this hellish land of elements and war"Hum...Wonder if anyone will come threw today...."He looked to the moon which was rising in the west
RevolutionAngel / Sophia Bannon: She looks around after falling out of the vortex. "Well, that was interesting." she said, dusting off her pant legs. She looked up at the sky. "The stars are diferent. I wonder what strange world I fell into this time."
ZaiakuSin / Zaiaku: He watched the girl fall from the vortex, his body shrouded in flame as he looked at her"...Bingo..."
Roseyness / Atryak: <Can I join? Please? My character isn't that unbelievable, lol>>
ZaiakuSin / Zaiaku: ((Sure, jump right in...We might be able to get a big brawl hitting off here))
RevolutionAngel / Sophia Bannon: She walked through some trees, the wind picking up in force. "One thing's for sure, no matter where you go, the wind always feels the same." She snuggled deeper into her jacket. She walked a little more before she heard a noice. "What was that?"
ZaiakuSin / Zaiaku: He turned slightly to the forest area of his world, hearing something also, unable to determine what was making the sound. "Thats new..."
ZaiakuSin / Dragon: (Creature mod)
A loud thumping sound is heard from the trees. The cracking, demolition of the forest from something simply walking towards the scent of flesh. stepping through a grove of trees a cyclops glares down at Sophia, club in hand and its one massive eye glowing a searing red.
ZaiakuSin / _Luna_: ((Weather MOD))
Lightning cracked over head as the wind blew stronger, the trees swaying with each gust, a sudden lightning strike hits near the cyclopes, sending small sparks flying threw the air. The ground is damp so it dose not catch fire.
RevolutionAngel / Sophia Bannon: She looks up into the eye of the cyclope. Her own eyes widened, not from fear, but out of shock. 'How did he manage to get behind me?! I've already looked around and nobody was there!' she thought to herself. She then noticed the club in his hand. She blinked. She then gave a big, nervous smile. "Hehe... sorry to intrude on ya, big guy." She waved her hands at him, hoping he wasn't going to attack her. God only knows what kind of strange magic is used here.
ZaiakuSin / Dragon: ((Creature mod))
The cyclopes glared at her(Not a pretty thing to see), the red eye growing redder by the second almost as if charging up for something. The monster rose its massive club and brought it down towards the girl, its aim off due to depth perception. However it was still very accurate concidering.
RevolutionAngel / Sophia Bannon: She managed to dodge it by jumping out of the way. "That was close..." she sighed. But she had the feeling that the creature standing in front of her was not done yet. She kept her guard up, ready for the next attack... she just had to if she excepted to survive this world.
ZaiakuSin / Zaiaku: Hearing the crash of a cyclopes club, he stands, the fire around him vanishing."Sounds like theirs someone new...Time for some fun..."He looked to the forest before walking towards the fight underway.
ZaiakuSin / Dragon: ((Creature mod))
The cyclopes groaned as it lifted it massive club from the ground. It rode its club in the air for another attack.
RevolutionAngel: She grinded her teeth, perparing for the next swing. 'What did I get myself into?' was all she could think about. 'Let it to me to volunteerly walk into some strange, spinning vortex and end up getting attacked when I land. I'll never learn...' She held her hands out as if holding a sword. 'It's time to get real.' she thought as a sword formed in her hands and two large daggers appeared on her hip-holsters.
RevolutionAngel / Sophia Bannon: She sighed. Then she looked up at the creature standing before her. "Bring it on, big boy."
RevolutionAngel / Sophia Bannon: She sighed. Then she looked up at the creature standing before her with a smile. "Bring it on, big boy."
ZaiakuSin / Zaiaku: By now Zaiaku was sitting atop a tree watching the new girl and the cyclopes fight, wanting to find out the winner and just how much the new girl knew.
ZaiakuSin / Dragon: ((Creature MOD))
The Cyclopes Snarled but didn't bring the club down, instead it opened its eye wide as a large red beam of energy shot from the glowing iris, directly at the new girl.
RevolutionAngel / Sophia Bannon: Soph looked shocked by the fact there was a beam coming towards her. She tried to dodge it but the beam managed to graze her arm, ripping the sleeve of her jacket. Soph grinded her teeth in pain, covering it with her spare hand. She felt a ooze coming out of it and looked at her hand. It shined with crimson blood. She looked at the cyclopes and growl. 'Damnit! Damnit! Damnit!' she swore to herself. She had to get away... somehow...
ZaiakuSin / Zaiaku: It was painfully clear who would win this match. Zaiaku ran across the trees, jumping onto the Cyclops's arm, running up it and taking a seat on its head, looking down at Soph."..."
ZaiakuSin / Dragon: (Creature mod))
The cyclopes looked at Zaiaku as he ran up the arm. The Cyclopes swatted at Zaiaku on its head madly trying to get Zaiaku off. The cyclopes got a wild idea, taking its club in both hands and aiming it at Zaiaku on its head then brought it down hard towards Zaiaku.
RevolutionAngel / Sophia Bannon: Soph looked at the strange boy sitting atop the cyclopes's head. He was saving her for some reason, but Soph wasn't complaining. She wasn't prepare will enough for this world, thus, the cyclopes could've finished her off easily. This was her chance to get away. She turned and started to run into the forest that surrounded them. "Good luck to you..." she muttered. She stopped and looked at the boy. She sighed as she came back.
ZaiakuSin / Zaiaku: Seconds before the club hit, Zaiaku moved out of the way, leaping off the cyclopes' head to a nearby tree, taking hold of the top and watching the monster, then turning his gaze to the girl.
ZaiakuSin / Dragon: ((Creature Mod))
The Cyclopes' club slammed into its forehead with a loud boom. The monster looked dumbfounded, tilting, then falling to the ground on its back, knocked clean out by its own blow. The monster growled in its sleep in anger and whimpered in pain from a strange headache.
RevolutionAngel / Sophia Bannon: Soph chuckled as the cyclopes hit him. She looked at the strange boy who had saved her and noticed that he was staring at her. "Don't you realize it's rude to stare." she said, her voice monotoned.
ZaiakuSin / Zaiaku: He jumped down from the tree and walked up to her, his gaze harsh, bloodthirsty but he didn't attack her. "I'm going to make this very quick and clear... Find a weapon... In this world everyone is an enemy... Even me...Next time... I'll let that big idiot kill you... Theirs a healer in the forest somewhere that will help you... But only to heal you and to sell weapons to you... Other then that...Everyone else will try to kill you... You have about 4 hours... The best I can do is point you towards the healer.." At that, he pointed directly west and started to walk north but looked back. "Next time I see you I will try to kill you...."He didn't wait for an answer but kept walking, vanishing under the canopy of the trees and shadows, the last remaining image of his tail flicking before vanishing as well.
RevolutionAngel / Sophia Bannon: "Well, that was rude." Soph commented as the strange boy walked away. She sighed and turned to the direction he pointed in. "Guess I should go to this 'healer'."
Soph walked a nice bit and decided to take a break. "What a drag. This place is so big." she complained lazily to herself. Soph pulled out a random bottle and started to drink from it. She sat and started to think. "So, everyone's my enemy here, huh? Sounds a lot like home. But still, there's gotta be one nice person here who could be an ally..." She paused and thought about what she said and the boy. "Hn, who the hell am I kidding? There's nothing here that could be an ally." She took a heavy swig of her drink. She looked around and sighed before standing up. She put her bottle away and stuffed her hands in her pocket. "Weapons... he really thinks I came here unprepare? Ha Baka! I'll show him." She walks a little more before she melts into the shadows.
RevolutionAngel / Sophia Bannon: Soph walked a little more before noticing the sun set. She was now carrying her bottle in her hand, taking swigs from it every now and then. She stopped and leaned against a tree, taking anothe swig of her drink. Some of the discolored liquid had escaped from her mouth and was running down her chin. She removed the bottle from her lips and wiped her mouth. 'Damnit, Mina. It's your fault I'm such a heavy drinker...' she thought. Her cheeks were flushed, but she pushed pass it has she continued on her way.
ZaiakuSin / Zaiaku: Zaiaku walked back to his hideing place in the middle of a swamp, off in the middle of fast sinking muck that anything could get stuck in forever, much like the consistency of tar and just as dangerous as quicksand. Here he could do anything without being noticed or attacked. Nothing dared venture to close to his home because it was surrounded by man eating Parana plants that were as black as night so they were hard to see. He entered his house without any bother from the plant guards outside because they were trained to attack everyone but him, This in itself not an easy task. He thought about the girl as he sat on a sofa he found in the swamp one day. "Something dosen't seem right here....No weapons....She didn't dress like a fighter eather...Wonder what her style is......Oh well...If she survives, I shall soon find out..."He kicked back and relaxed for a momment as night fell.
ZaiakuSin / Dragon: ((Creature mod))
The parana plants turned to Zaiaku as he entered the house but dared not snap at him for their own safety. The monsters around Zaiaku's house chased him towards the lake of quick swamp and skidded to a halt just before falling into the swamp. These monsters were native to the swamp. They were giant spiders, giant leaches, bats and even whispers, specters and demons from the near-by graveyard. They all gathered everything when Zaiaku arrived just to see if eather of them could catch him off guard to finish him off. The ghosts and whispers could easily float over and attack Zaiaku in his home if not for the curse etched in the outside walls of the house that made ghosts and spirits mortal and therefor eatable by the massive Parana plants.
A single wolf emerged close to Soph, looking for food and a mean for its pack. The second it spotted Soph it howled loudly and hunched its back snarling at her. Eager for its next meal...Her.
ZaiakuSin / _Luna_: ((weather mod))
The sky was clear over The forest where Soph was. However a heavy storm was approaching fast and was now just passing over the swamp. Heavy rain poured down over the swamp, lighting streaked across the sky as a heavy fog leveled off at ground level, just knee high. The water level in the swamp rose slightly with the rain.
RevolutionAngel / Sophia Bannon: Soph walked in the rain, not even bothering to pull up her hood. Rain ran down her face like teardrops, her hair plastered to her face. 'I should prepare myself for battle....' Soph thought to herself. She closed her eyes. A moment later, a light blue light surrounded her waist. The light shattered, revealing a belt with three blades attached to it; two daggers and a sword. She glanced to her right and noticed a river. 'Perfect. Now I can clean my wound, and prepare some potions. Never know what you'll need in a place like this.' Soph walked towards the river and sat. Putting her arm in the water, Soph cleaned the graze mark on her arm. She pulled her arm out of the water and slapped her hands together. A blue essence formed in her hand, which she rubbed over her wound. When she removed her hand, Soph's wound was completely heal. She tensed as she felt someone's presence from somewhere close by. 'Someone's near.' She stood and looked around the surrounding area. "Come out, come out, wherever you are." she taunted silently.
RevolutionAngel / Sophia Bannon: Soph heard the howling of the wolf. She turned in the direction in which it came. "There you are." she said, pulling out her two daggers. She stood there, waiting for the beast to attack.
ZaiakuSin / Dragon: ((Creature Mod)))
The wolf hesitated for a moment before taking a step forward, snarling. It stopped suddenly when another howl Shattered the sound of the rain. The wolf quickly lunged at Soph with incredible speed, weaving left and right to avoid any Attack the girl might throw at him on his approach.
ZaiakuSin / Zaiaku: Zaiaku opened the front door to his home and looked around for a moment, taking in all the creatures around his little speck of non sinking land. "Hum....Target practice..."He Turned and went back into his house. He reappeared On top of his house, holding a strange black Bow and a rather large quiver of arrows. He picked one Arrow And readied his bow, aiming it at the nearest target. It was still more then 10 yards away. HE suddenly pointed the bow up ad released the arrow watching it fly directly towards the creature.
RevolutionAngel / Sophia Bannon: Soph saw the beast coming at her. She smirked, seeing how it was trying to avoid getting hit. She waited until the beast was close enough before setting her attack.
ZaiakuSin / Dragon: ((Creature mod))
The Wolf seamed to smirk as he lunged towards Soph. Th wolf's jaws snaping at Soph as it raced closer. Another howl broke the rain but the wolf didn't stop this time. It only picked up the pace.
The arrow that Zaiaku shot hit a large spider right square in its eye, causing it to die instantly. The rest of the creatures snarled and backed away into the cover of the trees. One of the larger creatures hissed and one of the ghosts flew high into the air and schreached loudly. At that momment a huge swarm of giant wasps rose from the treetops.
ZaiakuSin / Zaiaku: Zaiaku looked around at the wasps that rose from the trees and nearly fainted. "Oh SHIT..."He dove back into his house , taking his Bow and Arrows with him. Once inside he gathered a few things from a hidden closet. He grabbed his two blades and hooked his bow over his shoulder. "If its a fight they want then a fight they shall have..."He walked to the roof and glared at the impending wasps.
RevolutionAngel / Sophia Bannon: Soph waited for the wolf to lunge for the killing blow. He jumped, his aim on her face. Gracefully, Soph step out of the way of the wolf's attack, and, with one swift movement, stabbed both of her daggers into the wolf's ribs, puncturing both of the wolf's lungs. He crashed to the ground, blood flowing heavily. The wolf whimpered loudly from the pain and the slow coming of his death. Soph bent down and grabbed the wolf by the snout. "Be thankful that I'm a kind person who doesn't like to see people suffer."
The wolf snarled weakly, still making an attempt to scare Soph away from him. But instead, Soph circled the creature so she would be facing his back. She removed her sword from its casing, and dangled it over the wolf's neck. The wolf's eyes widened one last time before falling into darkness.
<Minutes Later...>
Soph sat near the river bed. She had buried the wolf's body underneath a tree about 10 feet from where she sat. She dipped her blades into the water, cleansing it from the wolf's dark blood.
ZaiakuSin / Dragon: ((Er massive WTF Mate...don't it say no insta hits....That includes creatures.....And Trust me...their wouldn't me any moments later...No wolf hunts alone...))
((Creature mod))
More howls sounded from every direction around Soph, very very pissed at her having witnessed her kill one of their pack. the large pack of wolves appeared at the edges of the treeline on all sides, closing in with more behind them. What was a small hunting party of wolves now turned into a entire pack all of them snarling angerly, however no pups or young females were present. The older females lead the pack and they looked much bigger then the rest.
One wasp shot towards Zaiaku, its stinger pointed out towards him. The stingers about the size of a baseball bat and could easily kill someone if stung in the right place. The rest of the wasps watched as the first soared closer.
ZaiakuSin / Zaiaku: Zaiaku drew his blade and readied himself on the roof, watching the wasp as it grew closer. When it was just within range he swung his blade horosnatily at the wasp in hopes of cutting off its wings.
RevolutionAngel / Sophia Bannon: ((For the record, that wasn't an instant hit... she stabbed it, then killed it... there's a difference. Besides, you did an instant kill yourself on a spider.))
Soph looked around and saw the wolves surrounding her. She smirked. "Mad at me?" she taunted as the wolves made themselves more visible to her. She did a head count... ten, at least. "This is a decent size hunting pack." she muttered. She swung her sword back and fore. "Sorry, wolfies. Sophie's not in the mood to become lunch today."
She stood waiting for the wolves to strike at her.
RevolutionAngel / Sophia Bannon: The wolves surrounded Soph, preparing for their attack. Suddenly, Soph heard something that caused her to look up into the sky. 'Somebody at home needs me...' She returned her gaze to the wolves. "Sorry, wolvies. I can't play with you right now. But, someone else will be here shortly."
Soph reached into her pouch and pulled out a small, black ball. She flung the ball down at her feet, causing smoke and dust to form around her. When the dust settled and the smoke lifted, Soph no longer stood there. Instead, a younger girl wih navy stood in her place, looking highly confused.
RevolutionAngel / Ogokasi Liyenn: The girl looked around, trying to figure out where she was. "Oh hell no! Tsunade-sama?"
Just a minute ago, Liyenn stood in front of her hokage, waiting to recent her ext mission. 'This cannot be happening!!!'
'Apparently, it is, Liyenn-chan.' said another voice inside her head.
Liyenn looked around again, and then saw the approaching danger. She was surrounded by wolves, all of them were looking at her like they found a nice meal.
RevolutionAngel / Ogokasi Liyenn: Sweat formed on Liyenn's face as she looked around the field. "You cannot be serious?!" Liyenn freaked.
The wolves began baring their teeth at her, a few of then starting to lunge. Liyenn quickly moved, jumping onto the water, out of reach of the wolves. "Take that." she said. She started to sweat again when some of the wolves started to swim out towards her. "Dammit!" Liyenn placed her two hands together, gathering chakra at the bottom of her feet. She then began to run up stream, towards a waterfall.
Kreach: "Tsk tsk tsk Zaiaku, shooting at something thats not actually attacking you" A bored voice coming form the direction of Zaiaku's target. "Threatening you maybe, but I don't think i've seen any of them openly assault you, but nooo had to get all fired up and well...how do we say kill things before you understand their reasons." Stepping out of the shadows to catch Zaiaku's arrow, Kreach, the wolf-demon, sighs, "Predictable as always"

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