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Roleplay - Killing Time by Lord Bane / Lord Bane

This is an RP for anyone who's sat waiting for their mates to come on....erm dunno what the plot is lol

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Lord Bane: He was sat waiting....it was deathly silent in the house....a little too quiet.
Imaginth / Mage: Her footsteps echoed in the hallway as she munched on a candy bar. The amount of calories and carbs she ate was insane. Yet, she was still teeny for her height. She looked like a kid but in reality she was sixteen and a pilot.
Mage peered into the rooms to see if anyone was here. Someone told her that this place was good if she ever wanted a break. It was supposidly deserted and where some other pilots came when they wanted somewhere safe to rest.
Lord Bane: He jumped at the sight of the girl. This house was meant to be empty....He walked towards her.
Imaginth / Mage: She stopped eating.
"Uhm, and you are?" Mage backed a step for everyone he took. This was supposed to be safe, not dangerous.
Lord Bane: "I'd be the caretaker of this place....I should be asking you the questions....like how the heck you got in here."
Imaginth / Mage: She rolled her eyes, taking a bite from her candy bar.
"Flew of course." She was young and a pilot, not a good mix. Only because she was smart when it came to flying but not when it came to talking.
Lord Bane: He looked at her with a puzzled look across his face. "That's not possible. There's no airfield for miles...and never mind that I locked the door behind me...." He didn't like the sound of this.
Imaginth / Mage: She laughed softly. "Like I even need an airfield or terminal to fly and land. I'm a pilot, genuis, you know like the military ones? And before you even ask, no I'm not here to kill you, just rest up a bit before I get back to work. A friend told me it was okay to stay here."
Lord Bane: "Erm....that's not right....this hasn't been lived in for....a long time....You surprised me cos we don't get visitors here."
Imaginth / Mage: "Oh." She said putting her hands in her pockets and taking a deep breath. "The old man told me it was just between him and me. General Scott seem familiar to you? He sent me." She said.
Lord Bane: "General Scott..." he trailed off. If this was a joke it wasn't very funny. "That's not possible."
Imaginth / Mage: "What's the problem?" She said looking at him. "Did something happen?"
Lord Bane: "General Scott died ten years ago....I should know, I went to his funeral. If this is a joke, it's not very funny" <logging for 30 mins, cya later>
Imaginth / Mage: She raised an eyebrow. "Yeah, I know, I'm his niece. He's the one who taught me how to pilot and the reason I'm a pilot." (Mmk, I'm leavin too, bbl.)
Lord Bane: "What did he tell you about this place?"
Imaginth / Mage: She shrugged slightly. "Just that it was a safe haven if I ever needed it. And I sorta need it after the jam I got in."
Lord Bane: "What happened?" He was still suspicious of the girl, something didn't add up.
Imaginth / Mage: "Oh...well..." She sorta got quiet. "I may have accidentally started something between the milpilots and the gang pilots. I might of just blew up have the gang pilot's base..."
Lord Bane: "You have to be kidding me," he rolled his eyes. "Thanks a lot, this is meant to be a SECRET base, they've probably followed you here."
Imaginth / Mage: Mage looked annoyed. "Look, I know I already did something really stupid, but I'm not a complete clutz. This place will still be a secret, I'd never break that promise to him."
Lord Bane: "You don't get it, there are...." he stopped. "I can't tell you that. Scott wanted this kept secret for reasons I was never to tell anyone. Strictly speaking I should have thrown you out of here the minute you appeared."
Imaginth / Mage: "Well, why didn't you throw me out then?" She questioned, making herself a mental note to find out what he wasn't telling her.
Lord Bane: He paused. "I can't tell you. Look in the kitchen, there's some food in there if you're going to stay. I have work to do." She saw him head towards one of the doorways marked "Private."
Imaginth / Mage: "You're no fun." She whined, the 'Private' sign catching her eye. "Let me guess, you won't tell me what you're going to do in that room either? And after you disappear to that room I'll have the freedom to wander about as I please."
Lord Bane: She could just hear what was said on the other side. "I'm sorry sir, I tried to make her go," he said. "Tom, my old friend, you should know her better. She has her mother's sense of curiosity and my sheer stubborness. Nothing you could say would make her go."
Imaginth / Mage: She was already eavesdropping on them with curious eyes. There were so many new questions going through her mind now. Of course, she knew that she'd probably get in trouble for this, but she didn't care.
Lord Bane: "But what do I do? This base was closed off for a reason General...." "Don't call me that," the second voice said. "I haven't been that for a long time, not since....She cannot know what is happening here Tom. Do whatever you need to, but do not let her discover the truth." "I'll do my best," said Tom.
Imaginth / Mage: That was Mage's cue to get out of there. And so she quietly ran, something she had picked up when being chased by angry milpilots. She had a tendency to crash when she was younger. So, she came across a bunch of odd rooms. One room looked like a young girl's room. It was like in one of those old movies, filled with things that Mage had never seen.
Lord Bane: Tom appeared behind her. "Careful, you could get lost in here." He jumped at a strange sound emanating from elsewhere in the base...he should be used to it by now.
Imaginth / Mage: She jumped and turned around immediately.
"I'm not lost..." She said calming down a bit when she saw who it was. "I thought you were gone anyhow."
Lord Bane: "Yeah...turns out I'm not as busy as I thought..." There was a weird rumbling noise. Though Tom was used to them by now, he couldn't help being slightly unnerved.
Imaginth / Mage: "What's that noise?" She asked having heard both of the weird things now. Her curiousity was way out of her control.
Lord Bane: "Nothing....just the old machinery in here." The computer blinked into life. "Project Genesis test fire in five minutes." "Oh crap," Tom said. "You're not safe in here, follow me." He ducked through a side door.
Imaginth / Mage: She wanted to know what was happening. She let out an annoyed sigh as she followed him through the side door and where he led her.
"Tell me what's going on!" She yelled forward to him.
Lord Bane: He hadn't heard her. "Computer, who activated Project Genesis?" "General Scott," the computer responded. "Damn you John, give me some warning before you decide to test it again. Computer, prepare the bunker."
Imaginth / Mage: She was really agitated now and was catching up to him with little problems. Mage grabbed his arm and stopped dead.
"Tell me! Or I swear I'll keep both of us here." She was serious about it too.
Lord Bane: "If you want either of us to live long enough to explain it, I advise you let him go." A tall man had appeared, a gun in one hand. "Mal, its Scott's daughter for crying out loud. Look, I'll explain it but he's right, this isn't safe."
Imaginth / Mage: She thought about it for a few moments and let him go. Her thoughts had at first went to just taking the guy's gun, but after some thinking she knew it would be more trouble than it's worth.
"If you don't hold to your word, I'll personally make you." She warned in her hot headed voice.
Lord Bane: "Mal," Tom said as he saw him reach for his gun. "Leave it, she has a right to know." They continued towards the bunker. "Scott said this place was secret, how did she find it?" Mal asked. "I don't think he expected her to actually look for this place Mal. No-one does, its not on any maps." They reached a door, but it was locked. "Oh, dont do this now," Tom groaned.
Imaginth / Mage: She rolled her eyes and moved Tom aside.
"Let me handle this." She kicked both of the hinges with the hardest kick she could. They cracked and the door fell forward on Mage. She grabbed it and hauled it aside.
She was small, but pretty strong. She had to be if she wanted to pilot. Plus she wanted her answers.
Lord Bane: "That's not good," Mal said. "I'm sorry Mage, I had to do this." Tom injected a sedative which knocked her out. The last thing she heard was: "Computer, secure the bunker. Damn, we need a new security door now."
Imaginth / Mage: The last thing she remembered was everything fading to black so quickly. There was a blur of things happening and Mage just felt like she was being put to sleep.
Lord Bane: As she slowly woke up, she saw a female doctor sat on her bed. "Did you have to do that?" she asked. "That bloody door was the only thing stopping us getting killed, we're lucky there was a back-up one." That was the Mal bloke Tom had been talking to before.
Imaginth / Mage: Mage turned in the bed, ignoring her. She didn't even want to hear it, all she wanted to do now was just go flying. It was the only thing that she ever had to calm her.
"Shut up." She said forcefully.
Lord Bane: "You're lucky General Scott doesn't kill you for that Tom, she's the only family he has left," the woman said. "You think I don't know that?" Tom said. "She was my sister, I've had to live with that every day since."
Imaginth / Mage: Her curiousity always got the better of her.
"You owe me an explanation. Now spill." She was sitting up, not too fond of how she still felt dizzy as she moved.
Lord Bane: "Tell her Tom," the woman said. "You and her father have kept this hidden from her long enough." "I can't," Tom said. "You don't know what that was like....I have that burned on my memory for life now...." He ran back up the passage in tears. "I'm sorry Tom, I didn't mean that," the woman called after him. "Damn, that was a stupid thing to say."
Imaginth / Mage: It took Mage about a minute to regain her balance as she stood off the bed. Then she darted right after Tom, full speed. There was no way she was letting him just break the bond on his word. She was fast and agile, so it didn't take her long to catch up, just more work.
"YOU LIAR! GET BACK HERE AND TELL ME THE TRUTH!" She yelled, clearly loud enough for him to hear.
Lord Bane: "You don't understand," he called after her. "She was my sister....I couldn't save her.....bloody Scott wants to try and bring her back again...."
Imaginth / Mage: This was getting her no where. So, she slowed to a halt and turned back the other direction. She needed to leave, with or without her answers. It wasn't worth it to stay, the didn't want her here.
"How do I get out of here?" She asked the female doctor.
Lord Bane: She stared at her. Mal answered "We can't let her go, this base isn't meant to be known by anyone." The doctor glared at him. "You think her father or Tom would want to lie to her. The only reason Tom won't tell her is because....." Mal looked at the doctor. "He barely knows her though, just cos her mum is his sister...." He stopped at the icy cold glare she gave him.
Imaginth / Mage: She gritted her teeth at Mal.
"What is your problem?! First you want me to get the hell outta here and now you won't let me! You have some nerve!" She yelled at him, shoving by him and planning on finding her own exit or making her own.
Lord Bane: "Your father didn't die," the woman said. "Your mother....Tom's only sibling....died. Project Genesis is your father's attempt to get her back from.....from where she vanished to."
Imaginth / Mage: She glared at her. "You don't know my mother! You don't know anythng about her! Or my dad! Just shut up!" Mage yelled, not liking any of this.
Lord Bane: "The accident your father "died" in....it was an attack. Your mother was....taken by something. Your father was in such a state afterwards that he slipped off the radar, effectively dying in most people's eyes. Tom has never forgiven himself, that's why he is helping him. They think they've found a way to bring her back....Project Genesis...."
Imaginth / Mage: She covered her ears, trying to block this out. Her father and mother were dead. That's all she knew, and had ever known. That's what made her strong, knowing that she could try and be the best for them. It was impossible that either of them were alive, it had to be.
"NO!" She said, wiping away her tears. "You're lying!"
Lord Bane: "Ask yourself this," Tom said, standing in front of her, tears in his eyes. "If it was an accident, why would I have survived it? An accident like that would have killed everyone. I've had to live with the fact I couldn't save her for ten years....she vanished right in front of me...."
Imaginth / Mage: She avoided his gaze, still trying to act tough and not cry.
"I don't know, nothing makes sense anymore. Why would they be alive and not tell me?" It was just something she found unbelieveable. She had just been by herself for so long that it wasn't in her mind that they might be okay.
Lord Bane: "That day....your father was a mess, his wife had vanished in front of his eyes....he left me and Mal to keep an eye on you, then when you were old enough to look after yourself asked us to help him with this."
Imaginth / Mage: She was becoming more calm now.
"Great, he was so busy trying to bring her back he forgot me. Well, screw him. Hope he gets what he wants trying to bring her back. I'm out of here." She moved to the only door she could find, once again it was locked.
"If you don't let me out, I'll break the door down myself." She warned.
Lord Bane: "You don't get it, do you?" Tom said. The woman tried to stop him, but he shrugged her off. "Your mother....MY SISTER, vanished in front of both of us. You think your father was too busy to see you? He feared you would hate him more if you knew the truth. Let her go Mal, her father was right. She would never understand what happened." Mal stood aside as the door opened. "Go, if that's what you really want."
Imaginth / Mage: "You don't think I get it? She was my mother! My father nd mother both left and never came back. They didn't say goodbye and they didn't even come back to take care of me. And now, my ow father is alive and doesn't even have to guts to tell me!" She was frustrated. "You keep telling me to stay and leave, stay and leave, well which is it?"
Lord Bane: "Your father had to live with the fact he took your mother on a trip when she was ill. If he hadn't she'd still be here today. As for you, do what you want, you've clearly given up on your father." <gotta go, back on later though>
Imaginth / Mage: She had had enough now.
"Stop judging me. I haven't given up on him. I just don't know what to believe because he doesn't even want to come see me."
Lord Bane: "He felt like a failure, he told me that day that if he couldn't come back with your mother....he would rather you thought he was dead. That's why you were never meant to be here, but it's a bit late for that. Mal, talk to him, see if he'll come and talk to his daughter. I've just met the niece I didn't even know I had, I think I have a bit of catching up to do." Mal nodded and vanished up the corridor. "I'm sorry Mage, you and your mother are more alike than you could imagine."
Imaginth / Mage: She took a deep breath and tried to calm down.
"Look, I'm sorry I blew up on you guys, it's just this is just hard. I still don't know if I can believe all of this. It's just so-" She paused thinking of the word. "-weird."
Lord Bane: "I should probably introduce myself properly," Tom said. "The name's Tom Reinhardt. Your mother was my older sister....or to put it another way, I'm your uncle."
Imaginth / Mage: She nodded. "So, you're my uncle huh? That's cool, but please don't knock me out like that again. That hurt." She said trying to cheer up the mood.
Lord Bane: "Sorry, I think Mal would have killed you if I hadn't. If we hadn't had a door in the way, a whole load of radiation would have flooded in and killed us. Actually, speaking of Mal, where the hell has he got to?"
Imaginth / Mage: She shrugged, "I don't know where he is, but I coulda taken him." She said stubbornly. "Just because he was bigger doesn't mean he's better."
Lord Bane: "Oh yes it does. Your dad picked Mal to look after you cos he's the best sharpshooter he's ever known. He could kill you before you even thought to reach for your gun. Not the bloke you want to make an enemy of."
Imaginth / Mage: "Who said I even had a gun to shoot? And if you two were watching me, why didn't you ever help me out in pilot school? Especially when those guys beat the crap outta me. You never showed up, I didn't even know you existed." She said remembering back to that.
Lord Bane: "I made many enemies, darling." Her father appeared, followed by Mal. "If they realised that I had told these two to protect you, they would have killed you."
Imaginth / Mage: She didn't exactly give him a warm welcome, in fact she didn't look at him. "Don't call me 'darling'." She was crude, but there had been a lot of anger building up in her ever since she received the news he was alive.
Lord Bane: "How did the test go?" he asked the female doctor. "It failed. Whatever power source they used, we have yet to find it. I will keep trying," she said, seeing the look on Scott's face. "Can you give us some space," he said. "I think me and Mage need to talk." They all nodded and left the room.
Imaginth / Mage: She crossed her arms and completely turned around. She didn't even look at him, no matter how much she wanted to see what he looked like.
"We don't need to do anything." She highlighted the word 'We'.
Lord Bane: He stared. "I understand. That's why I wanted Tom to send you away. I didn't believe you would ever accept me again."
Imaginth / Mage: "I would have accepted you if you didn't hide from me. It wasn't fair, you both left me. Mom and you, but you were okay. And now you are here, alive, and you wouldn't of ever seen me again if I hadn't come here." She tried not to yell at him, but it was getting hard.
Lord Bane: "You want to know what happened that day? What really happened, rather than the story you were told at the time?"
Imaginth / Mage: She slightly looked over her shoulder. Just enough to get a glimpse at him.
"Yeah, I want to know." She said with some interest.
Lord Bane: "You're mother was ill, so were you. I wanted to take her on holiday though, so I left Mal to look after you. Tom was our pilot, it was all going fine until...." He paused to wipe a tear away. "...they attacked."
Imaginth / Mage: She looked back at him, with sympathy.
"Who attacked and what ailed her?" She had questions, but these two were more important than the others.
Lord Bane: "I don't know who they were. They attacked quicker than anything I have ever seen. One appeared in the plane, grabbed your mother from right in front of us and vanished again. By the time we could react, their planes had gone, with only a weird energy trace as any clue to their identity. I think she may have been pregnant again, it would explain her symptoms."
Imaginth / Mage: Mage had to sit down to think this over. Not only had she no clue who took her mother, she had no one to take the anger of that out on. Plus, she could have had a sibling and if it wasn't for them, she could be happy with her mom and dad. But no. Here she was, learning years later what had really happened.
Mage stood up off the bed she had sat down on. She went straight to the door, furious. She was such a hot head.
"I'll kill 'em." She said angered. "I'll find 'em and kill 'em."
Lord Bane: "That's what Project Genesis was designed for. Those planes didnt come from our universe, the energy we had picked up was the power they used to cross from one parralel universe to another. We have spent eight years trying to copy it, but to no avail."
Imaginth / Mage: She stopped for a minute.
"Maybe instead of trying to copy it, you just use it. It sounds like your trying to copy like the very life that keeps humans alive. It can't be done, so why don't you just use the energy? I mean the laws of physics are clear. Energy cannot be created or destroyed. But it can be used."
Lord Bane: "You think I haven't tried that?" He snapped. He stopped when he saw the look on her face. "I'm sorry Mage, I didn't mean to be angry with you. I've tried everything, whatever technology they used to exploit this power source either doesnt exist in our universe or we haven't found it yet. Tom told me to stop, he said that I was risking losing you forever when there was no guarantee this project would succeed....I'm afraid he may be right..." A tear fell from his eye.
Imaginth / Mage: She was a little hurt by his aggression. But, it wasn't something she could hold against him. Afterall, her mother was very important to both of them.
"I miss her too, even if I can't really remember her much. But, before I knew you were alive, I missed you just as much. After I got word you were okay, I was mad and happy. Mad because you didn't tell me and happy because you were okay. But, mom's not here like you are. Maybe we can both figure this out, you know, take it a little slower?" She tried this solution, trying not to cry herself. If she cried, she'd be breaking all the tough girl rules.
Lord Bane: He brushed the tear from his face. "You're very like your mother, she was always far tougher than I was. I spose we have nothing to lose by trying to find some way....your probably safer with me than you are out there." He smiled at her. "I wouldn't blame you for hating me, I've hated myself every day since then."
Imaginth / Mage: "It might not be safe out there for me, but I still am going to go sometimes. And by all means, I will come back, but I won't tell anyone about you or this place." She took a deep breath. "If I hated you, I would have told you." Mage smiled a little, happier at this point.
Lord Bane: "Sir," one of the assistants who had been in the room earlier ran back in waving a piece of paper. "Sorry to disturb you sir, but Dr Leiner thinks she's found something in the results from the last test....something new."
Imaginth / Mage: Mage looked from the piece of paper to Scott and back. She told herself not to get her hopes up, afterall it might not be good news. But she sure hoped it was good news.
"Well, what are you waiting for?" She tugged on his sleeve. "Let's go."
Lord Bane: They found Dr Leiner in the control room. "Kate, what is it?" She looked up at him. "I don't want you to get your hopes up, this maybe nothing." He nodded. "The radiation produced when we test the weapon, which we assume is all natural? It isn't!By chance I checked it against the readings you took that day....the radiation and the energy signals those planes gave off match perfectly. The only problem is, if my theory is right, we aren't producing enough of the radiation to open a portal. We need a bigger power source."
Imaginth / Mage: Mage had a puzzled look on her face. She knew about mechanics, pilots, and that's really all she cared to know. She didn't get the whole radiation part.
"Excuse me, can someone please explain this to me?" She asked trying not to be rude.
Lord Bane: "The bunker Tom took you to when we tested the weapon?" Dr Leiner asked. "We need that because the firing of the weapon releases a potentially fatal dose of radiation into the base. We don't leave the bunker until the base's emergency systems have cleared it. We assumed this was a natural by-product of the weapon, however readings now seem to imply that what we see as radiation, are in fact small portals being opened. They simply don't last long enough for anyone to cross through them."
Imaginth / Mage: "So, basically, these are small portals made by the radiation huh? Well, if you could concentrate the small portals into one big one, could someone cross through it without being killed?" She hoped she was getting it.
Lord Bane: "The portals ARE the radiation, its just they're forming from a kind of energy we've never seen before," Dr Leiner said. "In theory if we could make a portal big enough, then yes someone could cross safely. But it would require a power source far bigger than anything on this base."
Imaginth / Mage: She thought for a few moments. "Well, where is there a power source big enough? You tell me where it is and I'll bring it here safely. I'm the best pilot out there, and I want to do whatever I can to help." She said seriously.
Lord Bane: "If we could tap power from the local power supply with no-one noticing," Scott said. "We could drain enough power to give it one shot." Leiner glared at him. "Two problems: One, that much power being drained would be bloody difficult to hide, and two we'd get one shot at it, if something went wrong we wouldn't get to try it again."
Imaginth / Mage: She smiled brightly. "You know...I have an idea." She looked at her watch, just enough time to catch them. "Let me take care of the power problem. I will get it for you, but right now I have to call in a favor to get it. If we only get one shot I won't screw it up, promise."
Lord Bane: "Are you sure this'll work Kate?" Leiner looked at them both. "I have no idea, potentially if we screw this up we don't get another try ever. But I get the feeling from the looks on your faces you'd rather I tried anyway. I'll do my best." Scott hugged Dr Leiner. "Thanks Kate, I don't know why you put up with me." Mage noticed they seemed very affectionate.
Imaginth / Mage: She kept her mouth shut right there. She told herself it wasn't worth it to say what she was going to. It was on the tip of her tongue, but she just turned with a smile.
"You'll have your power in exactly one hour. Even if I'm not here, go ahead with it. If you don't see me in one hour I won't be comin' back. So, take care, and see ya soon." She said waving a hand as she found the exit to this place.
She sprinted right to her plane, where she hid it in the only open area she could land. Her computer hooked her up and she put on her goggles and helmet, closing the craft. It was small and agile, perfect for Mage. She felt bad for leaving without another word, but it was for the best.
Lord Bane: "Sir," Mal said alarmed. "I think you need to see this." Scott looked at the screen. As Mages craft took off, a second, unidentified craft followed it. "Oh no, put out an alert, dont let it get anywhere near her."
Imaginth / Mage: She could feel the freedom of flying run through her veins and she loved it. But, that was quickly interrupted by her computer letting off a warning. She swore under her breath.
Mage, turned on her music and started a 180 degree turn, right in front of the plane. It was on a collsion course. But Mage wasn't flinching. Then again, she had an ace up her sleeve.
Lord Bane: Before she could do anything, the plane moved at an unbelievable speed. It suddenly dawned on her it must be whoever attacked that day....and it had a missile lock on her! But before the missile could hit, it was blown out of the sky. "Oi, leave her alone you flyboy. Fight me instead." This wasn't a voice she recognized.
Imaginth / Mage: She gritted her teeth, if this was some kind of protection from them she was going to blow up on them over her transmission.
"I don't need your help, thanks though." And then she picked up her transmission numbers. And she found it.
"Alpha to Omega. Over." She said.
"Omega here, over."
"I need a favor from you Omega. Over."
"You better be able to pay the price. Over." The voice told her.
"Trust me I can. Over." She said, kicking in her drives to speed off to the gang pilot's base.
Lord Bane: "What do I do mum, it's tailing her." Mage froze, it was Leiner's son? "Sam, if you have to fight that thing, do it, but get back to the base asap. Don't think Mage will appreciate you're "help."
Imaginth / Mage: She paused, trying not to freak out. Impossible.
"Who's your father Sam?" That's the only question she asked and if the answer was what she was expecting, she wasn't coming back.
Lord Bane: "My father was a mate of your dad's....he died when I was only a kid, some attack on his base....oh, crap. These things hit hard." She suddenly heard Scott's voice on the other end. "Get out of there Sam, your plane's a prototype, its not designed to fight." The other end had gone dead. "Mage, get the power then find Sam," Leiner said. "Please..."
Imaginth / Mage: She engaged her radars and heat detectors. Every piece of equipment was looking for Sam and his plane. That's when she found him, but this wasn't somethng she could do with her plane. She had to be airborne.
She unbuckled, leaving her transmission on and put it on autopilot. Then the windshield opened and Mage strapped on her board and slipped her goggles on, not her flying ones.
"I'll find him." And she jumped, riding the skies as if they were nothing.
Lord Bane: She saw it, a plane clearly on autopilot and displaying her father's squadron sign. She tried hailing the pilot but there was no answer. "Oh, no." Dr Leiner was crying.
Imaginth / Mage: She put herself to a good speed to stop. The landing was ideal and she unhooked her board. Mage fell at least fifty feet before roughly grabbing onto the tree branches below. She could feel her skin tear as she just barely caught the branch. Her hands were sore, but she dropped to the ground safely.
"SAM!" She yelled seeing how close she actually landed to his plane. "SAM! Where are you?!"
Lord Bane: She could just see him through the cockpit. He was unconscious and badly hurt. "Mage, what's happened?" her father asked.
Imaginth / Mage: She sprinted over to Sam, carefully taking him out of the cockpit. It wasn't safe for him to stay here, she'd have to take him back to the base.
"Sam's hurt, I'll drop him off outside the base. Then I have to go." She said having already but the tracer on her plane in gear.
Her plane broke down trees to get to her and she carefully put Sam in, followed by herself jetting off the the main base.
"Keep everyone inside or else this will get ugly." She warned.
Lord Bane: "We'll do what we can. Looks like Sam dealt with what was tailing you at least," said her father. "I'll get Kate to meet you at the landing pad."
Imaginth / Mage: She kept checking back at Sam, making sure he was alright. He still hadn't come to yet, which worried her. But eventually she landed and brought Sam out for them to take. Mage couldn't help but feel responsible for him getting injured.
Lord Bane: Kate took him from her. "Thank you Mage, you didn't have to do that." The plane landed, somehow relatively undamaged. "Run tests on that plane," she said. "It's the first thing they haven't destroyed easily. There must be something we built into it which protected Sam."
Imaginth / Mage: She immediately got in her plane and took off. There was nothing left for her to do, except give them the power they needed. And Mage was long gone in no time flat. She had eventually reached the main base of the Omega guy she talked to earlier.
She got out, her goggles off and her board in hand.
"So, you came." The voice came from a very large guy who was walking with a large group of people.
"Who do you think is standing in front of you Ogre?" She said with a smirk.
"Shut it girl!" And he hit her across the face. She winced, but took it. "Good girl, now, we get that precious power for you and what do we get?"
"You get me." She said lowly.
"Correct. Boys, go give the lass her first lesson. And I'll go get that power supply." They departed.
Mage knew he was a creep, but he'd keep to his word. She got her first lesson, it only took her ten minutes to eventually be overridden by four men. They beat her up and she couldn't defend herself, that was the lesson. But about halfway through that, Omega came back handing her a piece of paper.
"This will get you that power supply you wanted. Now, you have twenty minutes to do whatever it is you wanted to do with it. If you're not back by then, you're dead, got it?" She nodded, taking herself back to the plane. And she left for the main base.
Lord Bane: Scott came over the intercom. "Did you have to go there? Clearly Mal and Tom didn't do as good a job as I thought." "Don't blame her General, I get the distinct feeling they knew I was there...at least one of them looked straight at me," the voice was coming from someone at the base she had just left.
Imaginth / Mage: She sighed, she should of known they wouldn't let her handle this.
"I'll do what I want. You have no right to even be upset at me for it." She said landing easily as she wiped her cheek, which wasn't looking so great. But she had known all along that it wouldn't turn out good.
Lord Bane: Mal was waiting for her. "Your dad's waiting to fire it, you'd best follow me. You can see Sam if you want, Kate put him somewhere safe."
Imaginth / Mage: She rolled her eyes, handing him the paper when she got out.
"I have somewhere to be." She said. "I hope Sam will be alright though."
Lord Bane: "Sam's asking for you, Mage," Mal said. "But if you have to be somewhere fine." The computer alarm went off. "10 minutes till test." "Well at least we get more warning this time. Might see you around....." Mal vanished back into the base. Mage couldn't shake the feeling Mal was angry with her about something.
Imaginth / Mage: "Ughhhh." She felt bad now, and turned around from the plane. This was going to get her killed, she just knew it. Mage ran back to where she had woken up, after some searching she found Sam, and peered in the room.
"Sam?" She asked, quietly.
Lord Bane: "Hey," he said. "I hear I owe you one....well you and that bloody plane I was flying in. Those things take one hell of a beating to bring down." He looked even worse now she could see him properly.
Imaginth / Mage: She managed to smile and walk by where he was lying.
"Nah, we're even. You saved me from that tailer." She hoped that he was going to get better because from what she saw it wasn't very hopeful just on looks alone. "You know something, you're pretty stupid." She paused to see his reaction. "But, you're also really brave. Next time you decide to fly out, take a real fighter plane, one you can shoot with." She was glad she came back to see him.
Lord Bane: "It can shoot....I discovered a few systems in it you're dad didn't know existed. In fact it shoots better than that tailer thing....I think my mum wants to kill him for suggesting I fly it though, think she wanted Tom to make sure it worked first." He smiled at her.
Imaginth / Mage: "You're a good flyer, I give you that. But," She smiled and it started to fade as she gave the news. "I have to head out soon, some business to take care of. So, this time, don't come after me okay?" She joked.
Lord Bane: "Mal gave you one of his looks didn't he?" He looked at her. "I didn't think you'd want to come and see me, but I got the impression Mal might shoot your plane down if you said no." He laughed.
Imaginth / Mage: "That's not why I came." She started. "I wanted to come in the first place, before Mal even glared, but I was afraid that if I showed up I might end up saying something stupid or mean. But, Mal gave me that look and I couldn't resist coming. You're really nice Sam, I'm glad it was you that saved me." She said with a smile, standing in the doorway.
Lord Bane: "They haven't told you have they?" he asked, it suddenly dawning on him. "I told your dad he should tell you the truth about him and Kate but he didn't listen clearly....oh, and unless you want to die, I seriously advise against stepping outside that door, the weapon's about to fire."
Imaginth / Mage: She stepped back in, just for a moment.
"Look, at this point my dad and I have no relationship at all. He doesn't tell me things and I don't tell him things. That's just how we are going to be. If he doesn't want to tell me he is with Kate, then he won't. And if you're his son, biologically or by marriage or by relationship, then by all means I'm okay with it." She said, looking at her watch. She had 12 minutes left.
Lord Bane: Sam snapped at her: "You wanna know something about your dad? My mum has been in love with him for ages, the only reason they're NOT married is because he loves your mother more," he burst out crying. "Your father never gave up on her, not once. He's with my mum cos she cares about him and she was there when he needed someone, nothing else."
Imaginth / Mage: She remained quiet for some time. And then she walked over and gave Sam a kiss on the forehead. It was a sisterly act more than anything.
"Look, Sam, I'm sorry but there is nothing I can do. Just let him figure things out." She said as she left. "I'll see you later." And that was the last thing Mage said to him before leaving. She wanted to find Kate and Scott, she needed to tell them something. So, she went searching around for them.
Lord Bane: They were in the control room. "It's working, we need to hold the portal open as long as possible," Kate said. "We don't have long," it was the guy who had followed her. "Mage's deal runs out in five minutes. If you're gonna go through it needs to be NOW."
Imaginth / Mage: "Hey, I said I wanted to go through. Now, tell me what I need to do." She said standing in the control room's doorway with a smirk. "Did you think I'd forgotten?"
Lord Bane: Mal looked at Scott. "It's too risky, we don't know what's on the other side." Scott looked at Mage, then at Kate. "Tom, she's your niece. You and Mal take her through. DO NOT let her out of your sight...You'll have to find the way back yourself." Tom nodded.
Imaginth / Mage: She looked angry as she walked up to Scott and glared at him.
"No." She said firmly. "You come with me or I go alone. There are no other options." Mage was stubborn and her options were nonnegotiable. "If you are really that concerned about me, you'll come yourself. If you don't care, you let me go alone."
Lord Bane: "I'll go with her," said Sam. Kate looked at him. "No, you're in no state to help her. Scott...." Scott looked at the look in Sam's eyes. "Can you keep her safe?" Sam nodded. "Then take her....I'm sorry Mage and Kate, but this is the best way." Sam looked at them. "I know that side better than anyone. We'll get back here somehow, I swear."
Imaginth / Mage: She looked back from Sam to Scott, fully angry and tempermental. So, she turned her back on him and started walking, but stopped before leaving with Sam and just looked at him. She turned forward again, unable to say anything to Scott. Mage had been let down, but then again, she had been most of her life. So, as she walked through the doors, she vowed to never come back. This was not her safe haven, it was their's.
"Let's go Sam."
Lord Bane: "Don't hate him, Mage." Sam winced. "If he thought for a second I would be no help to you over there he would have stopped me....I've been there before. I know it better than your father does."
Imaginth / Mage: "You may know this place better than he does, but if he really cared about me, he would have come himself." She said bitterly, but changed that quickly. "I'm glad you came though, I trust you know what you're doing."
Lord Bane: "If your father had his way, I would have gone alone. I think he knows we can look after each other better than either of us would alone." They reached the room where the portal was.
Imaginth / Mage: "Some guy he is..." She muttered to herself. "I suppose this is it then?" She saw some pretty odd looking doors that gave the hint this was where they had made the portal.
Lord Bane: "Yeah, looks like it." They stepped through. As hey reached the other side, she just heard him mutter "At least you have a father."
Imaginth / Mage: She followed him, once again feeling guilty. At this point, she figured she should just shut up for good. Everytime she opened her mouth something stupid or bad came out of it. And she was sick of making people angry with her.
Lord Bane: Sam looked around. "That town there. If anyone will know where those planes come from its there." He was avoiding looking at her.
Imaginth / Mage: She nodded, "Yeah. Alright." Mage hadn't a clue where they were going, and her watched started beeping. Her time had run out. Immediately, she covered her watch, trying to shut off the alarm. This meant that if Mage went back, she was as good as dead. But, the alarm meant nothing to Sam.
Lord Bane: As they walked towards the town, he suddenly collapsed, clearly in a lot of pain. "I'll be fine in a second," he said, not even looking at her.
Imaginth / Mage: She bent over, putting a hand on his shoulder in comfort.
"Do you need any help?" She asked him, trying not to sound worried, but indeed she was.
Lord Bane: "My mum doesn't realise how badly hurt I was," he said. "Your dad did, but he knew I would go with you anyway....I'll be fine, it's your mum we should be worrying about."
Imaginth / Mage: She put his arm over her shoulder and lifted him up carefully. "Look, I'm worried about both of you, but right now, we have to take this slowly so you don't get worse."
Lord Bane: "Your dad was right: we're both as stubborn as each other." As they walked towards the town he decided he should tell her something. "You want to know how I know this place so well?"
Imaginth / Mage: She shrugged with a smile about the stubborn comment, then took a wild guess. "Uhm did you grow up here?" It was the first thing she thought of. Basically, she wanted to know, but felt like guessing some.
Lord Bane: "No, my father vanished following those craft into here. I tried following him once...I was lucky to come back alive. I did learn a lot about this place though."
Lord Bane: <logging, cya later>
Imaginth / Mage: "Oh, Would it be too cheesy for me to say I'm sorry for what happened?" She said, really being sorry for him losing his dad. "Hey, do we have a time limit on how long we can be in here?"
Lord Bane: He shook his head. "The minute the power's gone from the weapon the portal closes. That means we have to find our own way back. And don't worry about my dad, I found his grave here. Turns out he became something of a hero.....unfortunately his heroics cost him his life ultimately..." He tried to hide the tears forming in his eyes.
Imaginth / Mage: She didn't know how he could just say that without actually crying. So, she put her arm around him and patted his shoulder.
"I'm sure he was a great hero, better than any of the ones in legends and myths." She said with a smile, trying to keep his spirits up. "So, you know this place best, where should we start?"
Lord Bane: "There was someone I met here before. He said the people who my father had chased here were unpopular in this universe too. Unfortunately, they're so powerful no-one dares to oppose them. He may be able to help us."
Imaginth / Mage: "Then, let's go see this guy, hopefully he can help us. I hope he's willing to help out." She said not really wanting to have some grumpy old guy denying to help them. If he didn't willingly help, she'd change his mind.
Lord Bane: They found the shop, which clearly doubled as a house. "Jack, its Sam. We need your help with something." A gruff voice called down the stairs. "Why should I help? The last time I helped you, THEY got their revenge on me."
Lord Bane: "Jack, this girl's looking for Skyler....I know you know what happened to her....considering what happened between you can't you help her daughter?" Jack appeared, and looked Mage straight in the face. "It....can't be....she told me she had a daughter, but I thought...."
Imaginth / Mage: She looked at him funny. "Uhm, well, accept it. I'm her daughter, now please tell me where she is. I'd like to bring her home." She said not sure why Jack was suprised to see it was true.
Lord Bane: Jack looked at her, then at Sam. "Jack, please. If she's dead, just tell us. Don't do nothing." Jack sighed. "She's not dead, Sam. She's gone....went looking for a way to return to her universe. She said she loved me....but for her daughter's sake she had to try. I can show you where she went, but its no guarantee you'll find her there."
Imaginth / Mage: She felt a little hurt. Both her parents had fallen for others, but they couldn't be together. And now here she was trying to bring them back together, but now it was seeming like a lost cause.
"Show us please." She wanted to search for her anyhow, whether or not she was alive or dead.
Lord Bane: "The Corporation, that lot who kidnapped her? They have an old base up in the Arctic circle. It's meant to be empty, but there's some kind of power generator up there. She seemed convinced that she could create a portal using that and some technology she stole off them. You'll need to talk to Leizer, he'll have transport you can borrow."
Imaginth: She grabbed Sam's arm and practically pulled him out of there.
"Thanks! Let's go!" She said a bit eager to hear the news. She was forceful when she wanted something done. "Are transports the same in both uhm...worlds?" She chose the best word to describe these places.
Lord Bane: "Mostly, they're a bit more hi-tech in this world though....I'm sorry, I forgot that Jack and your mum had been an item....I should probably have warned you about that."
Imaginth / Mage: She shrugged lightly. "Doesn't matter, it was her choice just like it was my dad's choice to like you mom." She put her hands loosely in her pockets. "They can get with other people, but I just want them around, together or not."
Lord Bane: "From what my mom and Jack both told me, they've spent the entire time trying to find ways to get back together....its just my mum and Jack were there to keep them company..." They found Leizer's transport pad. "What do you want?" asked a voice from under one of the bigger transports.
Imaginth / Mage: She rolled her eyes and crossed her arms.
"We need a favor. Please." She said trying not to be rude since the guy came off to her as rude. "We need transport."
Lord Bane: The cart positioned under the transport rolled out to reveal a girl about Mage's age. "Well of course you want a transport, that's the only..." she stopped at the site of Sam. She ran up and hugged him and gave him a kiss. "Sam, why didn't you say it was you, I'd have given you one straight away. What do you want it for?"
Imaginth / Mage: She felt kind of dumb for a short while, but was glad it was someone Sam knew. From what it looked like, Sam had himself a girl and that made Mage smile. She thought it was cute.
"We need one to find my mom." She said a bit happier.
Lord Bane: "You want an Arctic Skimmer then. You're lucky, I've got one left." She pointed to a small transport off to one side. "How's Jake?" Sam asked. "Oh, he's fine. Don't get to see as much of each other as we'd like, but its better than nothing. Good luck." Sam smiled at her.
Imaginth / Mage: Mage should have figured she wouldn't be able to drive. It was probably better he did anyhow, she was a speed demon.
"You're driving and hold on a second." She was about to go with Sam but she turned around and thanked the girl one more time. "There, now we can go."
Lord Bane: They climbed on board. "You'd best strap yourself in," Sam said. "If this is anything like they were the last time I was here, they go VERY fast."
Imaginth / Mage: She took his word for it and after fumbling around she got herself strapped in.
"Ready!" She said bracing herself for something fast, which she loved.
Lord Bane: "Ok, here goes nothing." They took off, and were instantly heading at an incredible speed. "We should be there in no time at all."
Imaginth / Mage: She got a real kick out of that, and after a while she got used to it. "I hope so." She said, "Is this place far off?"
Lord Bane: "I don't know, not too far away hopefully....oh by the way, there's nothing going on between me and Leizer," he said. "That Jake guy? It's her boyfriend, he's some kind of frieghter captain. Never understood why she kisses me every time though." He laughed.
Imaginth / Mage: She laughed as well, starting to confuse names but just went along with it anyhow. "I bet she just is affectionate. Girls are like that you know, well, maybe not me. I'm just an exception to that, I'm more of a tomboy anyhow. You know with the whole planes and piloting thing."
Lord Bane: "I quite like that side of you though..." he suddenly stopped. His face had gone bright red all of a sudden.
Imaginth / Mage: She paused for a second, not really sure what to say to that. "Thanks..." She hoped that wasn't stupid or anything. "Well, maybe I'll be more affectionate, but not all the time." She managed to turn it around some, so she didn't sound embarrassed.
Lord Bane: He looked at her. "I'm probably going to end up regretting this, but what the hell." He kissed her, and then instantly went back to flying the ship. He had gone bright red.
Imaginth / Mage: She was speechless, mostly because she had kissed him back. Her cheeks were cherry red and she couldn't help but avoid eye contact with him. It was way out of her realm of knowledge to know if she was supposed to say anything to him.
"Do you regret it?" She asked solemnly.
Lord Bane: "Not for one second," he said. "I'm thinking I could have picked a better moment though. Nearly knocked us off course...Are you?"
Imaginth / Mage: "I don't regret it," Mage smiled, "and I'd like to try it again sometime. Well, if it doesn't bother you." She had leaned forward, putting her arms around him, why she did that was beyond her. But at the moment, it felt like the right thing to do.
Lord Bane: "To be honest, I've been plucking up the courage to do that since you came and visited me after the rescue, so no, I wouldn't mind at all." The computer beeped, and suddenly the smile vanished from his face. "That's weird...."
Imaginth / Mage: She wasn't good at reading their charts compared to the ones she was used to. So, it was useless for her to even try at the moment.
"What's going on? Something wrong?" She said getting off subject.
Lord Bane: "We've got company....and unless I'm mistaken its Corporation planes! Damn, this better have weapons." A shot rocked the ship. "Ok, apparentely it doesn't."
Imaginth / Mage: She let go of him and unbuckled herself.
"Yes it does, look." She pointed to one of the few charts she did know. "It looks like something's wrong with them. Let me go check it out." And with that she went back, and found herself tweaking with some old fashioned missile launchers. They must have been forgotten when this was last updated. So, Mage started fixing them in no time flat.
"Give them a try!" She yelled over to him.
Lord Bane: The computer bleeped. "That's not the missiles which are causing the problem. That shot we took did for the firing mechanism. I couldn't shoot anything at them....Oh great, what now...more planes heading straight for us...."
Imaginth / Mage: She peered out, some oil on her face. "I know what the problem is, that's what I'm trying to fix!" She went back to it, managing around certain parts she didn't have.
Lord Bane: "What the hell....they're firing AT the Corporation planes....where did they just came from?" A voice crackled over the radio. "Skimmer 47, continue to Arctic Base 12, leave the planes to us." Sam looked stunned, and turned to Mage. "Mage, that's where your Mum went..."
Imaginth / Mage: She mumbled something under her breath as she went back over to Sam.
"And just when I got it working again!" She said hearing the rest of it. "You don't think...?" She let him figure the rest out.
Lord Bane: "We'll have to risk it, I think we're liable to be shot out of the sky if we stay here." They headed to Arctic Base 12. Just as Sam left the plane he felt a dull thud on the back of his head....Mage saw her mum standing over his motionless body.
Imaginth / Mage: She shoved her mom aside and made sure he was alright.
"What was that for?! He didn't do anything to you!" She said angry, but then realizing who it was. "M-Mom?" She asked.
Lord Bane: Her mum realised who it was. "Mage? I'm so sorry, the last ship which landed here was a Corporation one...I assumed....help me get him to the Infirmary, quickly." <gotta log for an hour, cya later>
Imaginth / Mage: They got him to the infirmary, that would be twice already. "Just try not to hurt him anymore." She said as she sat down next to Sam, waiting for him to wake up.
"So...I've heard a lot about you and dad." She started.
Lord Bane: "What did he say? And where did you find this lovely young man? I'm so sorry, you learn quickly here that you be careful who you trust....if I'd known it was you I would have given you a welcoming commitee."
Imaginth / Mage: "He's still looking for you. I don't know much about him though, but this is Sam. He's really nice and we really don't have plans for staying long. He helped me come to find you." She said, then pausing before continuing. "I was wondering somethings...do you like it here?"
Lord Bane / Edmund: She shook her head. "I would go at the drop of a hat but....people like Jack want the Corporation dealt with, and I'd like to stop them before I leave if I can..." she looked slightly distant at this point. "Anyway, are you and Sam....? I'm sorry, its probably none of my business."
Imaginth / Mage: "Right now, I'm not sure, but I'd like to be." Her eyes fell gently on him and then looked back to her mother. "If you would go so quickly then why do you keep making excuses? From what I heard it took you some time to even come up here. And now, you want to take care of this Corporation before you leave. If you want to stay, go ahead." Mage said it without bitterness or anger. She was calm about it.
Lord Bane: "I owe Jack my life. If he hadn't rescued me from the Corporation all that time ago....I don't know what would have happened....I honestly don't know what to do, part of me wants to go back with you, the other part feels a duty to helping these guys gain freedom before I go....You wouldn't understand.....Anyway, I bet you anything Sam has a soft spot for you. If you want something to happen, then go for it."
Imaginth: She perked up now, this was getting to be interesting.
"You keep mentioning him, why are you so interested in Sam? And I'll admit, I do like him more than I probably should. But, why do you keep on this subject?" She asked curious to hear the answer.
Lord Bane: "Sam didn't tell you, did he?" She looked at him. "When he came looking for his father, he found Jack and Jack presumed I'd know where he was....I did, he had died in my arms. Killed by a Corporation soldier. When he told me who he was, I realised I knew his mother...Kate Leiner, an old friend of mine....he told me he'd be back one day to take revenge on them...." Sam stirred.
Imaginth / Mage: She turned her gaze back to him, wondering if his stirring meant he would wake soon. Mage hoped he would, she wanted to know if he was alright.
"Well, we really haven't had much time to talk. I think I'll wait to hear what he has to say when he feels is best. When he wants to tell me something he can, and so, I have something to tell you now." She took a deep breath. "I want to help you. It's just, you're my mom, and plus it would be fun." Mage smiled.
Lord Bane / Edmund: She smiled. "Skyler, next time I come to say hello can you please not hit me round the back of the head. That's the second time you've done that." They both spotted that Sam had woken up. "I'm sorry Sam," she said. "I'll be more careful next time."
Imaginth / Vesa: "How was your nap?" She joked. "Maybe you should just start wearing a helmet when you come to see her. Then she could hit you on the head all she wanted."
Lord Bane / Edmund: "Oh, very funny Mage." He laughed. "I get the feeling I should go and make some coffee for us," Skyler said. "Or more specifically you need some time alone," she whispered to Mage.
Imaginth / Vesa: She shrugged. "Yeah, whatever you say." Her tone was a bit suspicious, like she knew something that he didn't. In the mean time, she looked at Sam, just plain stared at him, blinking occasionally though. After a very short, but awkward time, she spoke.
"Do you like me?" She just bluntly asked. She had already told him, now she wanted to know.
Lord Bane / Edmund: He kissed her on the lips. "Is that enough of an answer for you." He smiled. "I've wanted to do that since you said hi in the infirmary."
Imaginth / Vesa: Even though she kissed him just as well, she couldn't help but smile and scoot herself right next to him. "I'm horrible at knowing how people feel about me, so I wasn't sure what you'd do if I told you I liked you." She said.
Lord Bane / Edmund: "I was worrying you wouldn't like me," he laughed. "I'm a bit of a handful, probably why I've never had a girlfriend before. In fact that kiss in the skimmer was the first time I'd kissed a girl." He blushed.
Imaginth / Vesa: She smiled, giving him a little kiss on the cheek.
"You weren't the only one. That was my first kiss too, and I never had a boyfriend. I was always just so caught up in being a pilot the only guys I ever hung around with were at least twenty years older. But, right now, I hope there can be an 'us'." She said it without thinking, which worried her a little.
Lord Bane / Edmund: "Well I'd be rather upset if there wasn't an 'us', to be honest." He kissed her again, hugging her at the same time. "Ahem, it appears you two have a visitor," Skyler said from the doorway. It was Tom!
Imaginth / Vesa: She abruptly stopped kissing him, but still kept her arms around him. Mage blushed, not really expecting anyone to interrupt them.
"Uhm, hi." She said with rosy pink cheeks.
Lord Bane / Edmund: Tom smiled at the scene. "Sorry, your dad sent me to make sure you two were ok....guess he didn't need to worry." He turned to Skyler. "What's the plan then." She looked at Mage. "Take them back, I'll help kill the Corporation, then I'll follow you."
Imaginth / Vesa: "No!" She protested. "I said I wanted to help you get rid of them and I meant it." Mage was quite stubborn. "Please let me help, or else I'll just come by myself."
(I'll be on later. Bye byes.)
Lord Bane / Edmund: "Sis, something tells me Mage and Sam will help you whether you like it or not. Besides I've brought Sam's own plane, it seems very effective against their craft." She smiled. "Well, if your sure about this, Mage."
Imaginth: She smiled. "Of course I'm sure! First things first, what exactly are we up against? I know you keep saying Corporation this and Corporation that, so maybe you can draw me a better picture." She didn't mean it literally either.
Lord Bane: She nodded. "I'll tell you what I know. The Corporation are this planet Earth's equivalent of a global government....except they aren't democratic, they rule by force. Those planes are their main weapons, using their portal technology to dodge past most defences. They have one weakness though....they're flown by computer, take out the computer controlling them you get rid of the planes."
Imaginth / Vesa: "Seems easy enough, but I take it, this is going to be a lot harder than I think. I doubt it's a clear shot to the computer, probably protected. So, what's the easiest way to take them out?" She was taking the information in as fast and as best she could.
Lord Bane: "The computer is in their HQ....which just happens to be protected by half their air force and a fair chunk of their army too. We take out the computer, then the army will give up. It's the only thing giving them their power....and if I can convince Jack to help, we've got enough airpower to give it a proper go."
Imaginth / Vesa: She nodded. "Well, if their computer is in serious jeoporady, then they will use all forces to protect it. What if we tricked them into thinking there was more of us than there really are? I mean, if they saw that we outnumbered them, then they would send everything in. Leaving them vulnerable in other spots for an attack."
Lord Bane / Edmund: "The resistance has too few ships. Even WITH Jack's allies we'd never pull of a stunt like that. It's either a direct attack or nothing...unless you know some way of it working."
Imaginth / Vesa: "Watch this." She smiled, getting off the bed and standing in front of them. She took off her watch and pressed a few buttons.
"The military has some new equipment, and I may have borrowed it." She took a pencil and a light scanned it. The information was processed and Mage was now holding two pencils.
"So, which is the real one?" It was impossible to tell. But, one would truly write on paper and the other wouldn't.
Lord Bane: Skyler smiled. "It may work...its a big risk though." Sam looked at Mage and then her mum. "Skyler, you and me know it can be taken out by a ground force using detonators. Give me a chance to do that." Skyler laughed. "But Sam, that would be..." she froze. "A suicide mission..."
Imaginth / Vesa: When she heard those last three words, she didn't move. Well, until she was able to catch herself from freaking out on him for even suggesting that. But, no matter how much she would protest that, she knew it wouldn't turn out good.
"No suicide mission, not for anyone." She said. "We can't just throw anyone away, everyone's too important."
Lord Bane: "You're mum was gonna do it the last time I was here...." Skyler stopped him. "Things have changed since then Sam. Even if you weren't my daughter's boyfriend I still wouldn't let you do it....that's an absolute last resort. Mage, are you sure your technology will work?"
Imaginth / Vesa: She looked suspiciously at her mom. She'd address that later, but for now she would move on.
"It'll work but I'm going to need more than these batteries to power it. This scanner will only be able to hold information on maybe six of your planes and about a few hundred footmen. But, if I get enough power I can duplicate those planes and footmen a hundred fold."
Lord Bane / Edmund: "That won't be enough, will it Skyler?" asked Sam. She shook her head. "The Corporation forces are immense, we draw one force away from the HQ they'll just put others in there. We would need enough planes and men to take half their fleet and army away AT LEAST." Tom looked at her. "There has to be another way sis." She thought for a moment. "There is one we could use with Mage's tech, but there's no guarantee it'll work."
Imaginth / Vesa: "Does it look like we have a another choice?" She questioned. "You know, someone has to stay back and command anything we duplicate. Otherwise these things we copy will go off on their own."
Lord Bane: "I will," said Tom. "I've had enough fights to last me a lifetime." Skyler nodded. "There's a rogue officer in the Corporation, the only reason he's not made a move before is he hasn't had any reason to. If we could convince him to try and attack, then he would draw some of the fleet away himself....plus he won't risk attacking the computer cos it runs his planes as well. Do you think that would work Mage?"
Imaginth / Vesa: She thought about this for a while. There were so many angles to look from, that it was hard to make an accurate decision.
"We can't rely on him fully. We need to trick them with more people than we have. That much we are certain with. We could take those copies and hit them from two sides. North and South would be attacked, and if we could get the rogue to divert some on the West, that leaves the East open. They'll expect an attack from there and send forces there immediately. When they do that, we get in from where ever the troops are getting out." That was a mouthful, so she took it slow. "How's that for stratedgy?"
Lord Bane / Edmund: "Sounds like the best plan. Tom, go and make the preparations." He nodded, and headed out of the room, leaving Skyler, Sam and Mage alone. "Do I get the feeling you're angry with me Mage?"
Imaginth / Vesa: "Of course I'm angry, I'm also upset, sad, confused. But right now isn't the time to talk about it. I think I'm going to go for walk, did you guys want anything while I'm gone?" She asked a bit calmly.
Lord Bane / Edmund: "No, I'll be fine," Skyler said. She walked out again. "Can I come with you?" Sam asked.
Imaginth / Vesa: She nodded, waiting for him. "Yeah, you can come." Her mind was elsewhere at the moment, she was barely paying attention.
Lord Bane / Edmund: He got up, and nearly fell over. He was clearly still in a bad way. "I'll be with you in a second."
Imaginth / Vesa: She snapped out of it and gave him some support.
"Maybe you should lie back down." Mage suggested. "It's probably not a good idea for you to be up and about yet."
Lord Bane / Edmund: "Yeah, but I want to be with you," he said, kissing her deeply.
Imaginth / Vesa: She lightly placed her arms around his neck as she kissed him. "I'll stay here with you."
Lord Bane / Edmund: He sat back down on the bed with her, wrapping his arms around her as he kissed her.
Imaginth / Vesa: She kissed him, all the while moving closer to him. She felt safe around him and didn't want to lose that feeling.
Lord Bane / Edmund: He hugged her as close to him as she could be. He was kissing her more and more deeply.
Imaginth: She got lost in the moment. Her eyes were closed gently as she lightly ran her fingers through his hair, while still kissing him.
Lord Bane: He kept kissing her, moving his own hands into her hair. He was enjoying this.
Lord Bane / Edmund: <Mage, if you post and I don't respond, will be on soon. Just be patient lol>
Imaginth: (Lol, I changed shifts, so I can be on later today. Which really only gives me about 2 more hrs.)
She couldn't help but smile. Mage had gently broken from the kiss and looked sweetly at him. "Were we supposed to be doing something?"
Lord Bane: "Yeah, but I'm sure they'll call us when they need us." He kissed her again.
Imaginth: She didn't bother with it anymore and started to kiss him deeply again.
Lord Bane / Edmund: He kissed her back deeply. He didn't want to let her go.
Imaginth: Mage held onto him, still kissing him.
Lord Bane / Jennifer: His hands moved down her body. <gotta go have supper anyway. will be as quick as I can>
Lord Bane / Jennifer: <u still there mage?>
Imaginth: (Someone called off and I had to go in early. But, right after my shift I have a play-off game for softball. Don't know if I'll be on. Sorry.)
Mage didn't mind his hands, but she figured she better speak up. "Sam, wait." She hesistated. "I don't want to take it too far just yet. I hope you're okay with that."
Lord Bane / Jennifer: "Of course I am, I'll wait till you're ready." He kissed her again.
Imaginth: She smiled and kissed him again happily. "Thanks."
(I will hardly be on tomorrow, sorry, work.)
Lord Bane: <don't worry bout it> He hugged her close to him again. "I don't want this to end," he said.
Imaginth: She snuggled herself right up against him. "I know, I don't want it to either." She smiled. "I like it too much."
Lord Bane: Tom interrupted them. "Sorry guys, we need to roll NOW! We need your technology ready now Mage."
Imaginth: She nodded, and got to her feet. While she waited for Sam she proceeded to take off her watch and fidget with it a little.
Lord Bane / Edmund: "Sam," Tom said. "Your plane's fixed, if you want to fly it its ready to go." Sam nodded. "I'll meet you down where the planes are," he said, kissing Mage.
Imaginth: "See you soon." She returned the kiss, but not for too long, they had to go. "Where do you want this?" She asked.
Lord Bane / Edmund: "The control room," he said. <Why don't we skip to them taking off, more action that way lol>
Imaginth: (Sure, right now that sounds like a good idea and I'm not just saying that because I'm tired and dillusional.) (and can't spell)
They got everything going and hooked up with the military technology. Once that was done and the duplicates were made, she headed down to the planes, looking for Sam.
Lord Bane / Edmund: Skyler had just finished briefing the pilots, and she and Sam were stood admiring his plane. "Do you mind if Mage comes with me?" Skyler asked. "Of course not," he said. "This plane is only designed for one person anyway." He smiled as he saw Mage. "Hey darling." He kissed her.
Imaginth: She smiled, slipping her hand into his when they kissed. "Hi to both of you." Mage looked over at Skyler. "Where in the line-up are you going to be?" She was referring to when they depart.
Lord Bane / Edmund: "I'm leading the group attacking the HQ. Jack's taking one decoy group, Tim," she pointed to a tall dark-haired guy not much older than Mage, "is leading the other."
Imaginth: "Be safe." She said it and meant it. "Where might we be? And when do we depart?" Mage wanted to get everything straight so she had less of a chance to screw up.
Lord Bane / Edmund: "You and Sam are gonna be leading the group with me," Skyler said. "Except, unlike Sam you have to fly in my craft." She pointed to the massive ship sat behind Sam's plane. They saw Jack and Tim's groups take off. "As soon as the Corporation take the bait," she said.
Imaginth: "I can't fly with him...why?" She said wondering if this was payback for being mad at her earlier. "It isn't like we will get distracted from the mission."
Lord Bane / Edmund: Sam smiled at her. "My plane was designed to only have one person in it....believe me I'd let you fly with me if I could." He kissed her. "This is Tom, Skyler if we're gonna attack their HQ we need to go NOW." Skyler smiled. "I think that's our cue to take off," she called to the remaining pilots. They raced to their planes.
Imaginth: She didn't have time to argue, but she snuck in one more kiss before racing off with Skyler. "Just tell me what to do and I'll do it, ok?" She called over to her.
Lord Bane / Edmund: "You can man the weapons. Believe me, the Pheonix <the craft Mage is gonna be in> has LOTS of weapons on board," she laughed. As they took off, Tom called in again. "Good luck guys, Jack and Tim have said they'll hold the Corporation back as long as they can."
Imaginth: Mage's smile widened, but she'd still rather be with Sam, even if it was only meant for one person. "Yeah, sounds good." She waved goodbye to Tom, doubting he would even hear her if she said something.
Lord Bane / Edmund: They approached the ominous black shape of the HQ, when an alarm buzzed into life. "We've got incoming hostiles," Sam yelled from his craft. "Crap, there's lots of them." Skyler nodded to Mage to get the weapons ready. "This is Skyler to all planes. We have to get to the HQ, do not worry about shooting down all those craft."
Imaginth: She started targeting every single plane with a different weapon per plane. One by one, she set off the targetting screens and fired at the planes. She caught the ones that were tailing other familiar planes. It took a lot more effort than she thought.
Lord Bane / Edmund: "Sam, careful. You're getting close to their air defences," Skyler said to him. "Its fine, I've dealt with these planes before." Skyler's smile vanished when she and her co-pilot spotted the craft that had appeared behind Sam's plane. "Oh god, tell me that's not what I think it is....Sam, get out of there NOW! Return to the Phoenix." His line had gone dead. "Tom, can you see Sam's craft anywhere." She could hear Tom's reaction before he said anything. "He's gone Skyler....we can't see his craft anywhere on the radar...."
Imaginth: She dropped what she was doing and just froze in place. Her mind was just racing and she didn't even want to hear of a possibility of losing Sam. So got right in Skyler's path and blocked her.
"You get me in a plane right now or so help me God, I will sky board my way down there." She was kidding either. She jumped from her plane all the time to sky board, that's how she saved Sam in the first place. But the only reason she didn't just use her plane was because her call system was hooked to her watch, which was back at base.
Lord Bane / Edmund: "Skyler, you have to take out that computer. If you don't, Sam won't be the only casualty we lose. I'm sorry, but you know it as well as I do." She looked at Mage, she hated herself for what she was about to do. She went back to the intercom. "Skyler to all planes, go for their HQ. We have to knock that computer out NOW! Leave the Basilisk <the big craft that attacked Sam> to me." The intercom dropped from her hand. "I'm sorry Mage," she started crying.
Imaginth: She didn't say a word and started strapping on her things. She grabbed her board and put on her goggles.
"You did what was best for everyone, I'm not mad." She smiled sincerely. "Wish me luck." And then she hit the Open button and started sky boarding before anyone could stop her.
As mage descended, she would purposely land atop of the enemy crafts and skid down them, confusing them and enabling someone else to kill the craft.
And Mage just kept going down.
Lord Bane / Edmund: "Mage," Skyler tried callig after her. She turned to the weapons guy. "Do one thing for me Harry. Blast that thing out of the sky....do it for Sam." Harry nodded, and fired everything the Phoenix had at the massive craft. It blew up, but Skyler didn't feel like celebrating. "This is Tom to all planes, the HQ's about to blow, everyone get the hell out of there." Skyler called Mage. "Did you hear that? Its gonna blow any second.
Imaginth: "Don't care, I'm still going to find Sam!" She clicked Skyler off. And with that, Mage soon hit ground level, literally. She didn't have time to get in a good landing and so she tumbled right on the hard concrete. She only stayed put long enough to realize she was still on the ground.
Lord Bane / Edmund: She stared at the technician. "You know what to do." In an instant she'd been transported back to the Phoenix. "Get us out of here Harry....get us back to Arctic Base 12 as quick as you can." She hugged Mage to her. "I'm sorry," was all she could say to her. In the background the HQ exploded, lighting the sky behind them.
Imaginth: She shoved Skyler off. "What's wrong with you? Why did you do that?" She glared at her, holding back her tears as best she could when she heard the explosion.
Lord Bane / Edmund: "Sam won't have survived Mage....that ship was more powerful than anything you've ever seen." They landed back at the base, where the other two groups had just landed. Skyler found Jack, but could tell someone was missing. "Tim?" Jack shook his head. "Bought you lot time by ramming some massive craft they tried to break through his lines with..."
Imaginth: Mage grabbed her things and ignored anyone that spoke to her. She cut off al lines of communication, transimissions, radios, everything. Then she went off, on what some might call a long walk. The only thing she brought with her was her caller for her plane and the clothes on her back. At the moment, Mage was having some serious emotional trouble. She needed to fix it no matter how long it took.
Lord Bane: Suddenly Sam was brought in, alive but barely. He was rushed to the operating theatre.
Imaginth: It took Mage a total of five minutes to realize she left something. So, she went back for it. And that's when she saw a group rushing past her, rudely. But when she went to say something, she saw Sam and just about fainted. She followed them, praying to God she hadn't mistaken him for someone else.
Lord Bane: Skyler stopped her. "Mage, let them do their job. He's in a very bad way."
Imaginth: "You know something Skyler, everytime you tell me not to do something, it makes things worse." She knew perfectly well that she was being mean.
Lord Bane: Skyler gave up, and went to look for Jack to check if he was ok.
Imaginth: And so, Mage waited, impatiently. She kept out of their way, except for the occasional peeking at him and asking if he was getting any better.
Lord Bane: He was brought out of theatre, still pale and clearly not well. The doctor told her he wasn't out of the woods yet, but he was improving. <g2g, cya later>
Imaginth: (Bye Ed, I won't be on tomorrow. Mon. off tho)
She nodded, going to give him time to rest, he needed it. She would go see him later, when the doctor recommended it.
Lord Bane: Skyler was sat outside, watching the survivors rather muted celebrations. The loss of Tim had hit the pilots hard, she could see that.
Imaginth: Mage had a tough time staying awake and she had eventually curled up in a chair asleep. Yet, her dreams were no escape for her.
Lord Bane: A strange girl poked her head round Mage's door. "Mage, are you awake?"
Imaginth: She opened her eyes sleepily. "I am now, do you need something?"
Lord Bane: "Is Sam ok? Its just I heard what happened and I...." she suddenly burst into tears.
Imaginth: She got up, and went over to her giving her a hug. "They said it isn't for sure, but I'm sure he'll make it. He's too stubborn not too." Mage was trying to get her to smile a little.
Lord Bane: "My brother Tim....he died out there....Sam was the next closest thing I had to a brother..." she buried her head in Mage's shoulder.
Imaginth: She tried her best to comfort her. "I know it's hard, but it's the hard things in life that will make you strong. And if you are trying your best I'm sure Tim and Sam will be happy."
Lord Bane: "He was the only family I had left," she said, looking at Mage again. "I'm sorry, this is the last thing you need....you're probably worrying about Sam and...."
Imaginth: She shook her head. "Hey, don't worry about it. I know how you feel and talking to you beats trying to sleep which I wasn't doing anyhow."
Lord Bane: "There is one thing which made me smile about it....I was talking to one of the guys he was flying with, it sounds like he died being a her...and bought everyone else enough time to nuke the HQ." She smiled.
Lord Bane: <oops, being a hero even lol
Imaginth: That got her teary-eyed. "He risked everything and I couldn't be prouder of him. Would you like to see him when he wakes up? I can see him when you're done." She figured more than one visitor would be hard for him.
Lord Bane: "Well....I mean, only if you think its a good idea. I don't want to crowd him if he's still unwell."
Imaginth: "I can wait to see him. So, you have first dibs, ok?" She smiled reassuringly.
Lord Bane / Edmund: "Ok." They headed upstairs. When they got there, they found Skyler sat with a fully awake Sam, handing over a small box she had hid in her tunic.
Imaginth: Mage raised an eyebrow. "And no one wanted to tell us you were awake?"
Lord Bane / Edmund: Skyler turned round, blushing. "I'm sorry, I needed a word with Sam by himself first. There was something I needed to return to him. I shall leave you three to it." She ducked out of the room. Sam smiled at them. "Mage, Sally, my two favourite girls. I thought I'd never see you again. Where's Tim...." He looked at them.
Imaginth / Tika: Mage almost didn't have the heart to tell him, the look on her face was hinting enough. "He didn't make it. I'm sorry..." Her voice trailed off.
Lord Bane / Edmund: Sam's face fell. "I had the feeling he hadn't....I knew Skyler wasn't telling me something." His smile reappeared. "Come on, Tim wouldn't want us being unhappy. Come here you two." Sally ran up to him and hugged him.
Imaginth / Tika: She smiled and moved to the side of Sally. She gave him a kiss. "She got first dibs on you." Mage smiled, going to the other side of his bed and sitting next to him. "I'll wait until she's done."
Lord Bane / Edmund: "Sally, can me and Mage have a moment alone," he said, showing her a glimpse of what was in the box Skyler had given to him. She smiled. "I need to get a drink anyway, I'll be back in a minute. You want anything Mage?"
Imaginth / Tika: "No thanks." She waited until she was gone to talk to Sam. "Is something wrong, because I could have waited you know."
Lord Bane / Edmund: "No, everything's fine," he said as Sally left the room. "Look, this is gonna seem very sudden I know....and say no if you don't want to, I'll happily wait..." He couldn't think what to say next, so just opened the box, revealing an amazing ring.
Imaginth / Tika: To her, time froze right there and she thought she was being tricked. But when she came to know it was real, she started crying. Mage hugged him tight saying, "Yes, I will...I will."
Lord Bane / Edmund: He hugged her tight and kissed her. "That's what your mum was returning to me, they had taken it out of my jacket when they brought me in here...plus she was telling me to ask you, cos she thought it was a great idea." Sally appeared with her drink. "I take it she said yes then?"
Imaginth / Tika: Mage couldn't stop smiling and laughed a little at Sally. "Was everyone in on this but me?" She joked. "You know, there's something I never said to you, Sam. When I thought I lost you, I realized just how much you meant to me." She smiled. "I love you."
Lord Bane / Edmund: "Well I love you too," he kissed her deeply. "I thought I'd never see you again, and I didn't want to lose you." Skyler appeared. "Well, one thing I can't accuse my daughter of is having bad taste. I think you'll need to look after him though, he's not as strong as he thinks he is."
Imaginth / Tika: "We didn't lose one another. But, next time, I'm flying with you whether or not you want me too." She smiled and rolled her eyes at Skyler. "Oh, and is there something you did want to accuse me of?"
Lord Bane / Edmund: "No," she laughed. "Its time we went home, I think I should give your father another chance. Plus I think Jack and Kate would make a cute couple....plus, I was gonna bring Sally back with us too if you don't mind?"
Imaginth / Tika: "That sounds really good." She meant it. "But, Sam, don't you think you should rest more before we leave? I mean, I don't want you pushing yourself too hard seeing as Skyler thinks you aren't that strong." That last bit was said with a slightly suspicious smile.
Lord Bane / Edmund: Sam smiled. "I'll be fine. You haven't told Jack what you're planning yet have you? That's why you want us to go now, before someone gives your plan away." He laughed, and kissed Mage again. "Its up to you."
Imaginth / Tika: Mage was tempted to kiss him longer, but Sally and Skyler were there. So, she acted like she was mad at Skyler, but it was really a joke, completely obvious too. She took one of the pillows that Sam wasn't using and threw it right at her face. "You sneaky little devil. You just didn't want to get caught. Well, in that case, let's stay until you're completely well."
Lord Bane: Skyler smiled. "You're right. Besides, there's a memorial for Tim in a bit, and the other dead pilots. We'd best leave Sam and Mage alone for now," she said to Sally. They left the room.
Imaginth / Tika: When they left, Mage was silent. She didn't really know what to say. So she said the only think she could think of. "Wow."
Lord Bane: "You're not regretting saying yes are you?" Sam asked. He kissed her deeply.
Imaginth / Tika: "No, absolutely not. I just realized that so much has happened to me. I went from on my own to being with you." She kissed him again, making this kiss last. "And I couldn't be happier."
Lord Bane: "I didn't expect to be planning to marry anyone myself, but I'm glad I risked it." He put his arms round her, and kissed her deeper.
Imaginth / Tika: Mage couldn't help smiling as she kissed him deeper. Her hands found their own way around him, and she didn't need to say anymore.
Lord Bane: He smiled as he kissed her, he didn't want to let her go.
Imaginth / Tika: Mage kept kissing him, her eyes gently closing as she did.
Lord Bane: His hands moved down her, but he was careful where they went.
Imaginth / Tika: This time, Mage didn't say anything. She was alright with it, that's what she was saying without words.
Lord Bane / Edmund: His hands moved down to her bum and rested there. He was still kissing her.
Imaginth / Tika: She moved very close to him, still kissing him.
Lord Bane / Edmund: "What shall we do while we're waiting?" he asked.
Imaginth / Tika: "I don't know, you're supposed to be resting." She smiled.
Lord Bane / Edmund: He laughed, and cheekily pinched her bum. He then kissed her again.
Imaginth / Tika: "Hey!" She pushed him back. "You're supposed to be nice."
Lord Bane / Edmund: "Oh, I am nice. I just have a naughty side too. Shouldn't I have done that?" He looked down.
Imaginth / Tika: She lifted his chin up a little. "It's okay, I was just messing around."
Lord Bane / Edmund: "I could do far naughtier things than that," he said. He kissed her, slipping his tongue into her mouth.
Imaginth / Tika: "Oh really?" She followed his lead, kissing him using her tongue as well.
Lord Bane / Edmund: He gave her bum a gentle slap. "See, I told you I could be naughtier." He kissed her deeper, still using his tongue.
Imaginth / Tika: She pulled both of them back, so they were laying down. "Bad, bad boy." Mage said still kissing him, with more passion now.
Lord Bane / Edmund: "If I'm bad, then return the favour." He kissed her equally passionately.
Imaginth / Tika: "Are you sure you want me to return the favor?" Mage had a devilish smile.
Lord Bane / Edmund: "Oh yeah, it would make me smile even more," he laughed.
Imaginth / Tika: "Well, if you're sure." And with that and a smile, she pushed him right off the bed. Mage looked over to him on the floor. "Maybe you should be nicer to my butt."
Lord Bane / Edmund: "That wasn't what I meant," he laughed. "Besides, I was trying to show you how nice your bum is."
Imaginth / Tika: "Oh, I know perfectly well what you wanted me to do, I just couldn't resist doing that." She blushed a little.
Lord Bane / Edmund: He climbed back onto the bed and kissed her, pushing her gently down onto the bed.
Imaginth / Tika: She lightly wrapped her arms around his waist, starting to kiss him again.
Lord Bane / Edmund: He put his arms round her body, kissing her deeply.
Imaginth / Tika: She pulled up his shirt a little, not sure how he'd react.
(If we uhm let our characters have their "moment" then I can't play it out on ES. At least not in plain sight for everyone.)
Lord Bane / Edmund: <yeah, but how far can we take it before we need to skip lol?> He smiled, allowing her hands to move his shirt.
Imaginth / Tika: (Check your PMs, I'll tell you from there.)
Imaginth / Vesa: She smiled, getting up and putting on her underwear and pants. "You find everything of yours?"
Lord Bane / Edmund: He sat there fully dressed. "Sure." He smiled.
Imaginth / Vesa: She rolled her eyes and finished getting dressed. Mage sat down on his lap. "I take it you're fully rested?"
Lord Bane / Edmund: "I'd say so," he laughed. He kissed her.
Lord Bane / Edmund: <night darling *kisses her on the lips*>
Imaginth / Vesa: (Night *kisses* Sleep well)
Mage smiled, kissing him back. "Good to hear."
Lord Bane: "Looks like we're going home soon then," he said, smiling. <wont be on till later hun, sorry. *gives her a kiss*>
Imaginth: (No worries, but I most likely won't be here. So, I'll talk to you Thursday probably. *kisses*)
"Yeah...home." She let the words pass through her lips like she almost didn't want to say them.
Lord Bane: "What's wrong? You've got your mum back, she and your dad might get together again...what's up?" <awww, I'm gonna be miserable till then :(>
Imaginth: (I woke up real early, hope you get on soon. :) )
"Don't get me wrong, I'm happy about all of that. It's just the only thing I have close to a home was at the military base." Mage said.
Lord Bane: He smiled. "Well, I'm sure your parents will have somewhere for you to stay....or you could stay with me."
Imaginth: "It doesn't matter, we'll figure it out later." She smiled. "I suppose we better go?"
Lord Bane: "I'd like to see Tim's memorial first....its for the other pilots too."
Imaginth: "Of course, do you want me to come with you?" She asked remembering what she was told earlier about those two.
Lord Bane: He nodded. "I think Sally would be happy to see you too."
Imaginth: "Okay, I'll come too." She said with a smile trying to cheer him up.
Lord Bane: They headed towards the memorial, where Sally was sat looking at the photos of the pilots they had lost. She turned round. "I'm glad you two came to have a look."
Imaginth: She smiled, well at least tried with the circumstances. "I know how much he meant to both of you, I'm sorry I didn't get to know him well."
Lord Bane: "Tim was like an older version of me," Sam laughed. "Super-protective of the one's he loved, very stubborn and one heck of a fighter pilot."
Imaginth: "I think you still need some more piloting skills." She smiled, teasing him. "But you have stubborn and protective down flat."
Lord Bane: He laughed. "It'll be a while before I'm as good as he was....he wasn't as good looking as me though." Sam smiled at her. Sally laughed. "That's true."
Imaginth: She rolled her eyes as a joke. "I have good taste don't I? Really cute, stubborn, protective, and a great pilot."
Lord Bane: "Sounds perfect," Sam said, giggling. Sally smiled. "This is how he'd have preferred us to be, smiling and laughing. Not sad."
Imaginth: She laughed. "If he wanted it, he most definitely got it." She nudged Sam. "Oh let Sally and me be the judge of that."
Lord Bane: He smiled. "Am I the only one thinking we ought to go now? They're probably waiting for us." He laughed.
Imaginth: "5 more minutes won't hurt them." She smiled, going to follow him. "Sally, are you coming with us?"
Lord Bane: "Of course, your mum invited me." Sally smiled. She followed them to the hangar, where everyone was ready to go.
Imaginth: She had slipped her hand into Sam's sometime along the way. "Well, I think Scott's in for a surprise." She smiled.
Lord Bane: Skyler smiled, and turned to Harry. "Remember, you have to destroy the portal once we've gone through." He nodded, and she hugged him. "Thanks for everything."
Imaginth: "Wait, so no one can ever come back? Why not?" She was just curious, afterall one of them might end up wanting to visit.
Lord Bane: "It has to be done," Skyler said. "The technology this universe possesses could be put to use by villains in ours....we could get another Corporation."
Imaginth: "Yeah, alright." She couldn't argue with that. It made perfect sense. "Well, let's go." She said with a smile.
Lord Bane: The portal opened. "Through we go," Skyler said. They arrived in the hangar in Scott's base.
Imaginth: Mage looked curiously. She had forgotten what it looked like. "Scott?" She called.
Lord Bane: Scott appeared. "Who's disturbing me...Mage, Tom, Sam..." he stopped as he saw the woman with them. "Skyler, its you!" He ran up and hugged her.
Imaginth: She couldn't help but smile, but this was much softer. Mage had always thought of her parents getting back together, but now it seemed unreal. "Ahem...just give me the head's up when you start making out. Thank you."
Lord Bane: "Kate, someone wants to meet you." She was too late, Kate and Jack were talking already. "Erm, Mage I think you better show you're dad the other good news," Skyler laughed.
Imaginth: She looked over to Sam with a smile. "Sam asked me to marry him and I said yes." Her smile got bigger as she said that.
Lord Bane: Scott smiled. "Good to hear. I wondered when you two would get on with it, you clearly liked each other," he laughed.
Imaginth: "Let me guess, that was just another benefit of having him go?" She asked with a raised brow.
Lord Bane: "No, but it was the only reason me and kate let him go...we thought you two should have a bit of happiness
Imaginth: "In any case, I vote that we all take a vacation. Everyone together, no one left behind. I think we could all use one." She said.
Lord Bane: Skyler nodded. "Sally especially....her older brother died in a battle. Where shall we go?"
Imaginth: "Somewhere with great food and a beach. I always wanted to see what it was like to swim. Anyone else want to add to the list of things?"
Lord Bane: "Oh, I think I know where we can go. You'd best start packing for your holiday."
Imaginth: "When do we leave?" She asked wanting it to be a surprise where they were going.
Lord Bane: "Give us a couple of hours to get used to being together again."
Imaginth: "Okay, well have fun, but not too much fun. Sam, I need to fix up my skyboard. I'll be outside." She said as she went on her way, looking back at her parents with a smile.
Lord Bane: Sam smiled. "See you in a bit."
Imaginth: Mage eventually found her piece of junk that was once her skyboard. Scraping on those planes did it no good. Eventually she put it down and watched as the clouds gently passed her by. That's when she started feeling just how tired she was, and so there she curled up, asleep.
Lord Bane: Sam found her, and sat watching him for a while.
Lord Bane: *watching her even
Imaginth: She occasionally moved from side to side. When she couldn't get comfortable, she sat up, still asleep, looking for something soft. That's when she saw Sam and smiled. "Hi."
Lord Bane: "Hey, nice sleep?"
Imaginth: "Not really." She said yawning.
Lord Bane: "Think we're ready to roll by the sounds of it. You coming?"
Imaginth: She got herself to her feet. "Yeah I'm right here." Mage followed Sam, not very awake.
Lord Bane: "You can sleep on the flight," Sam said. They climbed aboard the jet. "Here we go guys," said Scott.
Imaginth: She got buckled in and didn't sleep. Something didn't feel right, she thought that it was just a cold or something. Of course she ignored it.
Lord Bane: Sam fell asleep as they took off.
Imaginth: Mage scooted over to him and kissed him on the forehead. She didn't mind if he used her as a pillow, it'd probably be more comfortable anyhow.
Lord Bane: He smiled in his sleep, he felt happy.
Imaginth: Mage eventually fell asleep right with Sam.
Lord Bane: The flight continued with them fast asleep.
Imaginth: (Uhm...nothing to post sorry)
Lord Bane: They landed and exited the plane, leaving the two sleeping because they looked so peaceful.
Imaginth: When Mage awoke it was because of the sun shining brightly on her. She looked over to see him still sleeping and she just quietly rested waiting for him to wake.
Lord Bane: He woke up and kissed her. "I knew this would happen," he laughed. <cya tomorrow, *kisses and hugs*
Imaginth: She smiled, kissing him back. "It's not so bad. We both fell asleep."
Imaginth: (Oops forgot this lol *hugs and kisses back, I'll miss you and I have a feeling I'll be up early tomorrow.)
Lord Bane: He looked out the window. "Well, its very sunny wherever they've brought us."
Lord Bane: <if I dont immeadiately respond, I'm prob still out. back bout 8.30am ES time>
Imaginth: "Always good to know. Maybe there is a beach under that sun." She smiled.
Lord Bane: Sally appeared. "There's a PRIVATE beach under the sun," she laughed. "Apparentely you're dad inherited off some relative of his....wait till you see where we're staying."
Imaginth: She smiled. "And what else does this place have?"
Lord Bane: "Oh, a mansion which we've got to ourselves...lots of countryside....and the nearest town still isn't too far away."
Imaginth: "Awesome, what do you want to do first?" She asked both of them.
Lord Bane: Sally laughed. "I think I know what Sam would like to do....go for a swim with you." She just ducked out of the plane in time to avoid the towel Sam jokingly threw at her.
Imaginth: She laughed, taking him with her out of the plane. "If it's a swim he wants, a swim he gets. You coming too?"
Lord Bane: Sally had run off. "Probably gone off to pester your parents," Sam laughed. "You bought a swimming costume I presume?"
Imaginth: "Of course, somewhere in this mess." She found it, a bikini nonetheless.
Lord Bane: He smiled. "Shall we get changed and go for a swim then?"
Imaginth: "Of course, let's go." She said taking a quick look and finding one of those changing room places. When she was through, she had her hair up and a black bikini on, her towel in her arms as she waited for him.
Lord Bane: He got changed into a pair of black trunks. When he came out again, he smiled when he saw her. "Wow, you look incredible in that."
Imaginth: She blushed. "Thanks." She kissed him. "I can't swim very well though."
Lord Bane: "Oh well, I can always show you," he said, kissing her.
Imaginth: She smiled, taking both of his hands and bringing him with her. She bent down and felt the water with her hands. "It's cold. See." She splashed him.
Lord Bane: He splashed her back. "Oh, really." He giggled.
Imaginth: "Hey!" She said making a bigger splash. "Neh neh!" She stuck her tongue out at him.
Lord Bane: He leant across and gave her a long, lingering kiss, closing his eyes at the same time.
Imaginth: Her eyes gently closer as she put her arms around his neck, gently using her tongue.
Lord Bane: He used his tongue too, as he wrapped his arms around her.
Imaginth: She took a short break to catch her breath. "Weren't we going to swim?" She laughed a little, kissing him again.
Lord Bane: "Ah, well we could," he smiled. "Or we could just keep doing this for a while." He kissed her deeply.
Imaginth: "This is just fine." She went back to kissing him, liking it better anyhow.
Lord Bane: "We have to be careful though, not much privacy here." He kept kissing her.
Imaginth: "Privacy for kissing or for something else?" She said still kissing him, speaking in between.
Lord Bane: "Depends, we don't have much privacy for anything out here." He pointed to where her parents seemed to be trying to pretend they hadn't spotted them.
Imaginth: She shook her head at them and waved. "You think they were spying?" She whispered, smiling over to them.
Lord Bane: "No, but if we want to keep kissing, I think we ought to find somewhere they can't see us," he laughed.
Imaginth: She shrugged. "Alright, so where could we get a little privacy? Hmmm." She wondered. "Sally said there was country side and a mansion."
Lord Bane: "Well, I bet you our mansion has more rooms to it then anyone will ever look in."
Imaginth: "I like how you think." She smiled, heading off with him.
Lord Bane: They smiled as they went past Scott and Skyler, who were busy playing a board game with Sally. They reached the massive house they were staying in, and eventually found their way to a large bedroom, with a large bed.
Imaginth: She made sure the door was locked, just in case someone came looking for them. Then she went right back to kissing him.
Lord Bane: He kissed her back. "What shall we do now?"
Imaginth: She gave him a look that said, 'like you don't know' or something close to that. "Oh, how about just sit down a play patty cake?"
Lord Bane: "Oh, I was gonna spank you, but if you want to play pat-a-cake..." He laughed.
Imaginth: She sat on the bed facing him. "What did I do to deserve a spanking?"
Lord Bane: "Splashing water in my face for one thing," he said giggling.
Imaginth: "Aww, poor widdle Sammy." She teased.
Lord Bane: "Oh, you're gonna get a good spanking for that, believe me," he laughed.
Imaginth: "Why don't you just try and do it." She laughed.
Lord Bane: He kisses her, then when she least expects it he puts her across his lap and starts spanking her.
Imaginth: She pulled away from him and landed on the floor. She had fallen on her back, with a surprised little yell. "Ouchie." She said with a laugh.
Lord Bane: "Oh, didnt think you'd run away that quickly," he laughed.
Imaginth: She rolled her eyes and laid there for a minute. "Well, I did." She smiled.
Lord Bane: "Why? Weren't you enjoying it?" he laughed.
Imaginth: "Yes, that's why I rolled onto the floor." She said sarcastically.
Lord Bane: "Wha....I'm confused."
Imaginth: "It was a joke. You know like where I say I like something but in a way that you know I don't like it. Make sense?" She said.
Lord Bane: "Oh...it was meant to be a bit of fun...."
Imaginth: "You know what else is fun?" She got to her feet and sat on his lap, giving him a kiss.
Lord Bane: "What?" He looked a bit down.
Imaginth: "Just being with you." She looked at him. "What's wrong?"
Lord Bane: "Well, I thought that'd be something fun...didn't think you'd hate it."
Lord Bane: "Well, I thought that'd be something fun...didn't think you'd hate it."
Imaginth: "I didn't hate it. Spanking just caught me by surprise. I'm sorry." She said sincerely.
Lord Bane: "Would you try it again if I warned you next time?" He laughed.
Imaginth: She thought about it real quick. "Sure, I'd give it another shot."
Lord Bane: "Well, I'll keep that in mind." He kissed her deeply again.
Imaginth: "Alright." She returned his kiss.
Lord Bane: He kept kissing her, carefully moving his tongue into her mouth.
Imaginth: She willingly let his tongue in, using hers a little as well, her eyes gently closing as the kiss deepened.
Lord Bane: He hugged her closer to him, the kiss getting deeper and deeper.
Imaginth: She moved her arms around him, holding tight, getting happily lost in the kissing.
Lord Bane: "What shall we do then?" he asked in between kisses.
Imaginth: She smiled, kissing him when they weren't speaking. "Something you had in mind?"
Lord Bane: "One or two things," he said. She could tell what they were from his face and where his hands were.
Imaginth: "I'm okay with it, if you are." She said with a smile. (Lol, you know the deal by now.)
Lord Bane: <did I say that's what he meant, maybe he was thinking of something to do first>
Imaginth: (Not what I meant.)
Lord Bane: <lol, shall I just switch to PMs, even if he does want to spank her first hehe?>
Imaginth: (Go ahead, might be slow to respond. I'm going to put some more aloe on.)
Imaginth: She kissed him, really quite happy. "I love you too, Sam." Her voice was sincere and sweet.
Lord Bane: He smiled. There was a knock at the door, and Skyler poked her head round. "Well, I don't need to ask what you two have been up to," she laughed. <note, I'm assuming they're UNDER the covers lol> "Just wanted to say, supper will be ready in about an hour and a half." She left the room again.
Imaginth: She pulled the covers up to her face, which was bright red now. She wasn't actually expecting her mum to take it that way. Mainly the reason why she was embarrassed. "Maybe I'll just stay here until my face stops being red."
Lord Bane: He kissed her. "It could be worse, she could have got angry with us."
Imaginth: She smiled, kissing him. "I suppose, but really it isn't like she could stop us. Actually, I'm not even going to go there. Too creepy." She laughed.
Lord Bane: "Oh, I think I know why she didn't....cos I think her and your dad probably aren't setting the best example." He laughed.
Imaginth: She turned on her stomach and buried her head into a pillow. In a muffled voice, "I don't want to know that!"
Lord Bane: He giggled, and kissed her back. "At least they're...getting on well."
Imaginth: She smiled and hit him in the face with the pillow. "That's so gross! That is my parents you're talking about!" She laughed.
Lord Bane: "Oh, grow up. Did you think that wouldn't happen?" He kissed her deeply.
Imaginth: She broke from the kiss abruptly. "Look, it's not like I want to hear my parents are that intimate. I know they are, but don't act like I'm a child."
Lord Bane: "Oh...sorry...."
Imaginth: She felt bad immediately. "I'm sorry, I just don't like it when people say that kind of stuff to me. It's makes me feel insuperior." (is that even a word? lol)
Lord Bane: <no, but I'll let it pass lol> "Sorry, and don't worry, I'll be fine. Just be glad they're not asking you about our love life," he laughed and kissed her again.
Imaginth: (oh will you?) "I bet they are going to ask, just because you said that." She smiled, kissing him again.
Lord Bane / Bane: <yeah, cos your my darling wife, so making up words is allowed lol> "Yeah, well....I dunno what we'd say if they did," he said laughing.
Imaginth: (lol, how about great googilymoogily?) She smiled brightly. "I think we'd be at a loss for words. Do you think dinner is ready? I kinda want to eat." She laughed at how dumb that sounded.
Lord Bane / Bane: "I think," he looked at his watch, "we have another ten minutes."
Imaginth: She stole the covers from him and as she got up, she wrapped them around herself. "We'd better clean up, or at least get dressed." She smiled.
Lord Bane / Bane: He lay there naked for a second. "I'm so glad your parents or Sally didn't walk in," he laughed. He got up and started putting his clothes back on.
Imaginth: She took her clothes and disappeared into the bathroom. When she came out her hair was fixed and she was fully dressed.
Lord Bane / Edmund: Having dressed fully too, he kissed her again. "Beautiful as ever."
Imaginth: "Thank you." She kissed him. "Let's go down now."
Lord Bane / Edmund: They went downstairs, and found Sally already sat at the table. They could hear laughing from the kitchen. "Don't think we need to ask where your parents are," Sam said.
Imaginth: She knocked on the kitchen door loudly. "We can hear you loverbirds." She joked saying hi to Sally.
Lord Bane / Edmund: "Oh," said Skyler. "Erm..supper will be there in a minute." Sam and Sally barely stifled giggles.
Imaginth: Mage just rolled her eyes playfully and sat next to Sam. "Sally, how about after dinner, we give the lovebirds the night to themselves and you come with me and Sam?"
Lord Bane / Edmund: Sally smiled. "Sure, I'd love that. You know they were only playing games with me earlier so you wouldn't get suspicious."
Imaginth: "I thought so, so besides board games, what do you want to do tonight?" She asked having already dragged Sam in for whatever Sally wanted, whether or not he wanted too.
Lord Bane / Edmund: "Don't mind. There's a cinema near by apparentely, we could go there."
Imaginth: "Sounds good, anyone disagree for going there?" She said.
Lord Bane / Edmund: "Nope, sounds good." Her parents came into the room, clearly pretending they had only been cooking and failing.
Imaginth: "Hey you two, if you don't mind we are going to go see a movie tonight and Sally is coming." She was hinting really clearly at the fact they'd get alone time.
Lord Bane / Edmund: "Oh...ok...that's fine with me." They handed the food out. "What are you gonna see?"
Imaginth: She shrugged. "It's up to Sally, whatever she wants to see is good with me."
Lord Bane / Edmund: "Oh, there's a romantic comedy....I mean, if you want to see one."
Imaginth / Vesa: "Sure, sounds like fun." After a while of more talking and eating, she finished up. Mage took her plate and drink into the kitchen and put them away.
Lord Bane: Sam sat finishing his meal, watching Mage's parents act as though no-one else was in the room.
Imaginth: She came back, with a glass of water and sat back down. She didn't say anything to her parents. Just ignored them.
Lord Bane: Sam looked at Mage and Sally. "I think its time we went to the cinema, don't you?"
Imaginth: She nodded, going out with both of them.
Lord Bane: They found a bus into town, and found their way to the cinema. "Mage, I'll get the tickets, you sort out the food."
Imaginth: She went and got Sally some of her candy and just winged it on what Sam would want. She got drinks and some popcorn for them all to have.
Lord Bane: He reappeared with the tickets. "Wow, you must have read my mind." He laughed.
Imaginth: "Nope, just lucky I guess." She smiled, giving him his things.
Lord Bane: Sally laughed at them. "I'm gonna go and sit as far away from you two as I can....give you some time to yourselves."
Imaginth: "Oh, thanks Sally, just for that, I'll try harder to gross you out." She joked, giving her some money incase she wanted more food or candy or something.
Lord Bane: As she wandered off, Sam kissed Mage. "I don't want to know what you're planning, do I?"
Imaginth: "I don't have anything planned." She smiled, kissing him back.
Lord Bane: "Get a room you two," Sally said when she returned. Sam managed to stop himself from saying what was about to emerge from his mouth. "Shall we go in then?"
Imaginth: She rolled her eyes, heading into the cinema with the two of them. She sat away from Sally and next to Sam. Just like was said earlier.
Lord Bane: As the film started, Sam put his arm around Mage and kissed her. "Hope you enjoy the film."
Imaginth: She rested her head gently on him after giving him a kiss. "Thanks, you too."
Lord Bane: <lol, think we should skip through the film> He rested his head on hers as the film started.
Imaginth: (Sure thing) After the film she stretched her arms and looked over to Sam. "I liked that, did you?"
Lord Bane: "Yeah, best get out of here before Sally gets funny ideas about what we're up to."
Imaginth: She stood up, waiting for him to leave. On the way, she trashed whatever she had left and looked aorund for Sally. "Good idea."
Lord Bane: Sally appeared. "Did you enjoy yourselves....I mean the film?" Sam laughed.
Imaginth: "Actually, we did enjoy the movie, squirt." She said.
Lord Bane: Sally smiled. "Shall we head back?" Sam asked.
Imaginth: "Yeah, it's getting late." And with that, they left.
Lord Bane: They found the bus again, and Sam and Mage cuddled up on the way home. "Poor old Sally," he said. "No boy to have any fun with." He laughed.
Imaginth: She laughed. "She'll find someone, even if it is by force." Mage joked. "Everyone finds someone, eventually. Just like us."
Lord Bane: "Yeah. Instead we just get her making fun of us and your parents." He laughed.
Imaginth: "She can make fun of us all she wants, doesn't bother me. Does she bug you?" Mage asked curiously.
Lord Bane: "No, she's a lovely girl. I feel like the other brother she never had."
Imaginth: "You're worried about her, I can tell. So, spill. What's wrong?"
Lord Bane: "I think Tim's death hit her harder than she let on. He was the only family she had left, I think that's why you're mum wanted to bring her with us."
Imaginth: She nodded slightly. "It's easy to tell. I did that when I first thought I lost my parents. But, she's not ready to talk about it, so you have to let her go. She'll talk when she feels is best."
Lord Bane: He smiled and kissed her. "You're a great girl. I love you."
Imaginth: She smiled brightly and kissed him. "Thanks, I love you too."
Lord Bane: The bus reached their stop and they got off. They walked towards the house. "I get the feeling we don't want to know what they're up to."
Imaginth: "Honestly, I'm not looking to find out." She said.
Lord Bane: They went inside and Sally headed to bed. Sam and Mage sat on the sofa for a bit.
Imaginth: Mage cuddled up close to him, her arms around him.
Lord Bane: Sam had his arms round her. "When are we gonna get married then?"
Imaginth: She thought about it for a while before answering. "I haven't a clue, but it's probably a good idea to look at a calendar and pick a date."
Lord Bane: "Well...your mum is gonna kill me for telling you this, but....she's planning to ask your dad if they can renew their vows, we could do it around that time."
Imaginth: "Sort of like a double wedding?" She asked liking the idea.
Lord Bane: "Yeah, kinda. I'd like that too." He kissed her again.
Imaginth: She kissed him. "Would be interesting, but why would she kill you for telling me?"
Lord Bane: "I think she wanted it to be a surprise, dunno...." A smile crossed his face. "I was trying to work out why they'd picked here, and I just realised. There's a church literally five minutes drive from here....I think she wanted it to be a surprise cos she wanted to do it on this holiday."
Imaginth: "You are not a good secret keeper." She smiled. "Can't even keep that kind of surprise from me." She joked.
Lord Bane: "Well, she gave me the distinct feeling, now I think about it, that she wanted us to marry here too."
Imaginth: "We don't have anything planned yet. I don't even have a dress or even told my friends back at the military base that I'm getting married. I haven't seen them." She said not avoiding the wedding, she was just nervous.
Lord Bane: "I think your mum wanted something private, that's why she tried to hide it from you." He laughed.
Imaginth: "Private huh? Well, I'll see what she wants to do about her vows. If they want to renew their vows I'd rather have a seperate date for our wedding. You know? So it doesn't take the spotlight away from anyone." She said.
Lord Bane: He kissed her. "You're so considerate. Maybe we should retire to our bedroom."
Imaginth: She kissed him. "Yeah, I don't know about you, but I'm tired."
Lord Bane: "Yeah," they headed towards their room as they avoided listening to the sounds they could hear.
Imaginth: She almost said something, but then closed her mouth. It wasn't even worth it. Mage opened the door to the room and fell backwards onto the bed, purposely.
Lord Bane: He lay next to her on the bed. "Shall we get into bed?"
Imaginth: She grabbed the blankets and wrapped them around the two of them. "There, now we are in bed." She smiled.
Lord Bane: He kissed her deeply, his arms wrapped round her.
Imaginth: She kissed him back, moving closer to him.
Lord Bane: "Are we gonna go to sleep," he said laughing. He kept kissing her.
Imaginth: "Mhm." She gave him one more long kiss before putting her arms around him and starting to cuddle up to him.
Lord Bane: They cuddled up and he closed his eyes.
Imaginth: She soon fell asleep, the day had been more exhausting than she took it for. (skip to morn?)
Lord Bane: <sure> He woke up and lay there watching her, while cuddling her.
Imaginth: She stirred from time to time, until she woke up. She smiled sleepily and gave him a kiss. "Morning."
Lord Bane: "Morning, how are you darling?" He kissed her deeply, moving his tongue into her mouth.
Imaginth: "Good, how'd you sleep?" She openly kissed him like that for a while, quite enjoying it.
Lord Bane: "Oh, great. Lots of dreams about what we got up to yesterday."
Imaginth: "Dreams about what?" She was confused by what he said.
Lord Bane: "Nevermind," he laughed. "Shall we get some breakfast?"
Imaginth: She nodded, "Mhmm." But at the time, her eyes were closed and she was still half asleep.
Lord Bane: "Well, I shall see you down there once you've woken up a bit." He kissed her forehead. He then got up and went to get breakfast.
Imaginth: She fell asleep for the longest time, right through breakfast and lunch. She had curled up in the bed with the blankets, eventually waking up because the sun was too bright. She showered and dressed before she came downstairs.
Lord Bane: Skyler was sat on the sofa. "Nice to see you sleepy head. Your dad and Sam are....sorting a few things out. I thought we could go on a shopping trip into town."
Imaginth: She looked at her like she was crazy. "Me? Shopping. Oh this will be fun." She said with a smile as she grabbed herself some orange juice. "I'd be happy to go, so long as there is no pink involved."
Lord Bane: "No, I was thinking more white than pink." She grinned. "Oh, and there's someone here to see you." She spotted the guy stood nearby, dressed in the uniform of her military base. "Says he's a mate of yours."
Imaginth: She was more interested in the guy rather than trying to figure out what Skyler meant by white. She had an idea what she might be talking about, but when she saw who it was she ran right up to him.
"When did you get here?" She asked happy to see someone she recognized.
(you control him or me?)
Lord Bane: <might as well be me, cos I know why he's there lol> "About 40 minutes ago. You're mum put in a call to base cos...." He looked to Skyler to see if it was ok to tell her. She nodded. "Your mum wanted you and Sam to get married while you were here, and Sam said you wanted your mates to be here. The rest are on their way." Skyler stood up. "We're looking for white cos we're looking for your wedding dress, there happens to be a bridal shop in town."
Imaginth: She smiled, now incredibly happy. She practically tackled Skyler with a hug and kept saying thank you really fast, over and over again.
Lord Bane: "Shall we go and look for a dress then?" Skyler asked.
Imaginth: "Yes." She said saying goodbye to her friend anddragging Skyler out the door.
Lord Bane: "I'm going to let you in on a secret, so please don't get mad about this," Skyler said. "We may have planned your wedding for....well, tonight...hence calling your mates so quickly."
Imaginth: "You did all of this without even telling me? Why?" She asked a little agitated to hear that, but still happy.
Lord Bane: "We wanted it to be a surprise. When I saw how you reacted when you thought Sam was dead I realised that you were both mad about each other. Sam didn't know how soon we had planned it though, he only found out this morning."
Imaginth: She sighed. "Yeah, it's a surprise. I just don't know the first thing about weddings or gettimg married. The only thing I was expecting was being with Sam, now I'm dead nervous I'll screw up."
Lord Bane: "No you won't," Skyler said as they got on the bus. "You love him, he loves you, you'll be fine."
Imaginth: She followed suit. "That much I'm sure of, but is there anything I need to know or do?"
Lord Bane: "Help me find you a beautiful wedding dress, relax, think up your vows....otherwise everythings ready. Oh, and make sure you turn up."
Imaginth: "Dress, vows, show up. Got it, can do. Relaxing might be hard though." She said.
Lord Bane: Skyler laughed. "Do you think I was relaxed the day I married your dad? I was a bag of nerves, but I got through it by just thinking about him the entire time."
Imaginth: She sunk in her seat. "Great, now I feel even better and like I'm having my stomach tied in knots."
Lord Bane: Skyler smiled. "It'll be fine. Sam nearly fainted when we told him what we had planned, so its not just you. Just enjoy yourself."
Imaginth: "Oh, I'm sure my mood will change like the wind. I'm excited, I want to try on a wedding dress, but please no puffy or really sparkly ones."
Lord Bane: They got off the bus and walked to the shop. "Its up to you what it looks like. I know Sam will fancy you whatever you're wearing." She smiled.
Imaginth: She was pretty amazed at the selection and couldn't help but stare at them with a smile. "Which one first?"
Lord Bane: "Well, very clich├ęd I know, but you could find a nice white one."
Imaginth: "White's fine with me. I just don't know where to start looking. I don't even know what size I am, I've never had to wear a dress.
Lord Bane: "Well, ask the assistant to measure you. Then we can choose." <will leave you to decide what size lol>
Imaginth: (haha ok, ill just use my size)
She asked the assistant who said she was a size 5, which was perfect. Every dress came in that size, as did most other articles of clothing. Mage picked a few elegant dresses to try on. She came out in the first one, but it was about six inches too long. So she tried on another one for Skyler to see. This was perfect length, but strapless she she asked what Skyler thought.
Lord Bane: "Its up to you, he'll love you whatever you wear," she said laughing happily.
Imaginth: Eventually she found one, elegant, long and white. She really liked it and from the expression Skyler gave her, so did she. It was bought soon after. "Can I see the church?"
Lord Bane: "Sure. Sam won't be there yet, so it won't be bad luck." She laughed.
Imaginth: "I thought it was bad luck to see the bride in her wedding dress not in her daytime clothes." She smiled.
Lord Bane: "One of those. Hold on, just need to sort something." She phoned a number. "Chris, tell me you and Scott are keeping Sam away from the church....and the rings and suits are sorted....good, I'll see you later."
Imaginth: She waited until she was done. "Everything's going well then?"
Lord Bane: "Yeah, looks like a combo off your dad and Sam's brother are keeping your fiance busy for now." She laughed
Imaginth: "Sam's brother?" She didn't recall him ever mentioning anyone family or alike besides his mother, Tim, and Sally.
Lord Bane: "Oh, Chris is a half-brother. He's a bit of a black sheep of the family, but Sam is fond of him. You're in luck, since you're marrying Sam he won't flirt with you." She laughed. "Well, that and he's the best man."
Imaginth: "I'm sure he can't be that bad. Black sheep or not." She said following her to the church. "THis is beautiful."
Lord Bane: Skyler showed her inside, where Jack and Kate were making sure everything was ok. It was clear the plan to get them together had worked.
Imaginth: She had her fun looking around and decided to not interrupt those two, they looked quite happy enough. "I don't know what's more exciting, getting married to Sam or knowing I'm going to be with him." She said to Skyler.
Lord Bane: "Oh, I'm sure you'll have fun. Oh, and by the way," Skyler checked no-one was in earshot. "We even have a potential love interest for Sally. One of me and Tom's cousins has a lad her age....who we might have invited as well."
Imaginth: "Are you sure your name is Skyler and not Cupid?" She joked, thinking of how cute Sally would look dragging a boy around.
Lord Bane: She laughed. "I don't know about that. Tom's bringing him once he's sorted a few things out back at base. You look beautiful darling."
Imaginth: "Thanks." She smiled. "How long do I have until the wedding actually takes place?"
Lord Bane: "Oh, only an hour or so." <shall we skip to them about to go down the aisle?>
Imaginth: (I do believe we've done all this before, so sure lol) She almost fainted she was so nervous. But, she took one last look at herself, still not so sure hoe Sally and Skyler had convinced her to wear a little makeup and started down the aisle with her dad, Scott, holding her arm like a gentleman.
Lord Bane: Sam looked round, and smiled when he saw her. Chris, who was stood next to him, grinned. "You've got great taste bro. She looks amazing."
Imaginth: She picked out who she thought was Chris, the one talking to Sam. She smiled at both of them, more towards Sam though as she reached the altar.
Lord Bane: Sam smiled. "You look amazing." The priest waited for them all to sit down and then began. <skip through the main bit lol> "I know pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride." Sam kissed her, putting his arms around her.
Imaginth: She let her veil drop as she kissed him. After the kiss she took his hand and started down the aisle with him. She owed a lot to everyone and despite what she was supposed to do, she was going to say thanks to everyone right there if she wanted.
(666 my lucky number lol)
Lord Bane: "The reception is back at our mansion," Skyler called after them. "There's a surprise waiting for you outside." They found a horse and carriage waiting for them to take them to the house.
Imaginth: "How old school." She said with a smile saying thanks to her as she looked back to Sam.
Lord Bane: "At least we arrive in style." He kissed her deeply when they had got in the carriage.
Imaginth: She put her arms around him, kissing him. "I've never ridden in one of these."
Lord Bane: "Well, now you've tried almost everything on this trip." He laughed, kissing her again.
Imaginth: She smiled kissing him again, and they hit a bump in the road. "What haven't I tried?"
Lord Bane: "I meant, all the other things you'd tried already." He kissed her again.
Imaginth: She still didn't get it, but didn't really care, she just liked kissing him more than to ask. "You think they'll notice if we come in late because I'm really loving this whole kissing thing."
Lord Bane: "Its our wedding, we're allowed to be late." He kissed her again. "We could continue this later though," he said.
Imaginth: She kissed him one more time before the carriage had stopped. "I don't think we really have a choice, so for later it is." She kissed him.
Lord Bane: They walked in, to find all their friends and family there. Kate and Chris were the first two to find them. "Congratulations," they said, hugging them both.
Imaginth: She hugged them both. "Thanks for coming, I know you already Kate, you're Chris right?"
Lord Bane: "Yeah," he said. "Kate and Sam's best kept secret. I've been getting to know your mates Mage, they seem quite cool. Oh, and Sally and that lad seem to have taken a shine to each other."
Imaginth: "Secret?" She looked to Sam curiously. "Why's that? And yeah, they are cool, but don't get on their bad side, I did that once and they threw me right off the base, which was airborne at the time." She smiled, being serious though too.
Lord Bane: Sam lead her away from Chris and Kate. "Chris was adopted before I was born, that's why he was a secret. His dad did a runner from Kate and she couldn't look after him. He only found her again about a year ago."
Imaginth: "I'm sorry, I-" She turned her attention to the doors. She could hear a faint rumbling, something that she was trained to hear. She pushed Sam away. "You need to get everyone out of here, just trust me, go!" And that's when the doors were shot at with Mage just inches away, waiting for them to come in.
Lord Bane: Sam nodded. "Skyler, Tom, get everyone out of here. I'll look after Mage." They nodded and rushed out. "I'm not leaving you," he said to Mage.
Imaginth: A rouge looking bunch of guy walked in after the door fell. Mage wasn't going to argue with Sam, at least not now.
"You can't even let me have my wedding day?" She said angry.
"Now, what kind of bandits would we be if we did?" A skinnier man named Ralph said.
"Why don't you just start running now?" Mage smirked.
"Shut up, that didn't count last time! You cheated!" She almost laughed.
"I see you're down to just three men. How insulting to me." But, this time, he brought out his gun and aimed it at her. She remained quiet.
"Good, now, I think some revenge is in order for destroying my base." Ralph snarled.
Lord Bane: "Mage, what the hell's going on?" Sam moved his hand to the gun stowed under his suit. Suddenly he knew why he had brought it with him.
Imaginth: Ralph looked over to Sam. "You mean you haven't told him? What a bride you are Falcon. You're even going by your given name. Do I have to call you Mrs. Mage Falcon now?"
Her fists grew tighter and tighter. "I told you to go Sam. This wasn't safe for you."
"Aw, she's trying to protect him." Some of the other men laughed. Too bad Mage had already grabbed her two guns that she had under her dress. She had them aimed at Ralph.
"You can just call me Mage." She smiled, her trigger finger getting eager for their showdown, just like old times.
Lord Bane: He looked between the Mage and the men. "I'm going nowhere. No-one threatens my wife and gets away with it." He pulled the gun from his suit and pointed it at Ralph.
Imaginth: When she saw Sam had a gun, she just focused on getting him out of the way. Ralph had spotted it and started firing just as the two were moved out of the way.
"You're going to get yourself killed!" She yelled at him, getting to her feet and firing right back at Ralph. He dodged them as he sprinted to the side, fumbling with his own gun. "Sam you need to go!"
Lord Bane: "I'm not leaving you with this lot," he winced, a stray bullet had caught him in the shoulder. "If this guy's trying to shoot you its a problem for both of us.
Imaginth: "Fine," she put a hand down to help him up, her other one still firing, "two rules, stay alive and never leave them alive."
The other men had started firing, one nicked her dress and another got her right in the thigh. She stayed right up on her feet, shooting down everyone but Ralph. Now both were out of bullets, this was suddenly at a stand still for who could load their guns the fastest.
Lord Bane: Sam still had his gun pointed at Ralph. "What the hell do you want with her?" He could barely keep his arm up, he could feel blood coming from the wound.
Imaginth: "He needs to know sometime." Mage kept a keen eye on Ralph.
"Sam, I should of told you this when I met you." She started off. "That military base had me on a cover up mission as one of these bandits. But, the cover was blown and even though it was, I still stuck with these guys. I thought I was accepted there, unlike the MB I was working for. I soon found out, they were going to kill me. So I beat them to the punch. Ever since it's been all out war between us." She said.
Ralph chimed in. "You make it sound like you were innocent! HA! You know it's in your blood to kill and steal, you still have that plane and those boards you stole from us. Don't act like you never killed anyone and we did."
"Shut up alright! I know what I did! That's why I left!" She yelled, reloading her gun and firing at him, hitting both his arms. He couldn't fire anymore.
"Still got those eyes Falcon." He smirked, leaning against the wall awaiting for her final blow.
Lord Bane: Sam's gun dropped from his hand. Not from the shock, but because he was losing blood fast. "Finish him," he said.
Imaginth: Two shots were fired and they weren't her's. Ralph had one last bit in him and Mage just shot her gun as the shock fell in. She looked to Sam and gently put her hand on her stomach, fresh blood. But for some reason she couldn't figure out it was from her. And finally things started to give out, she fell and felt very, very sleepy.
Lord Bane: Sam collapsed as well, his body finally losing the fight to remain conscious.
Imaginth: (Time skip lol) It was about two weeks after the incident when Mage awoke. She found herself in a hospital bed. Her head ached so badly and she had forgotten why. The first thing on her mind was Sam and where he was.
Lord Bane: Sally was sat in the room. Mage could see she had been crying, and suddenly feared the worst.
Imaginth: She tried to force herself to sit up, but her stomach hurt way too much.
"Sally?" She asked weakly.
Lord Bane: Sally turned round. "Oh...hi Mage, how are you?"
Imaginth: "Horrible thanks. Where's Sam?" She said closing her eyes because the lights were too bright, but still awake.
Lord Bane: "Erm....." Sally looked at Mage. "He's...he's fine, he's just...resting at the moment."
Imaginth: She didn't even have to look at her to know something was up. "If someone doesn't tell me, I'll go find out for myself."
Lord Bane: "He was badly hurt in the gunfight....He's been in a coma ever since. He's not dying, but he won't regain consciousness either...."
Imaginth: She remained quiet, but then she forced herself to sit up. Mage started unhooking the devices they had on her. She even too out the one that was helping her breath because her lung got nicked from one of the bullets.
Lord Bane: "Your mum thought maybe if he heard your voice he might wake up....but they don't know if it'll work....."
Imaginth: She finished getting everything off. "Even if he doesn't wake up, I'm still going to be by his side." Mage grabbed herself on the bedside because she was having trouble walking correctly. "Would you show me to his room?"
Lord Bane / Edmund: "Sure," Sally said. "Come with me." She lead Mage to Sam's room, where he was wired up to everything. He looked very still and silent.
Imaginth: "Thanks." Mage quietly sat down next to him on his bed. "I missed you Sam. I kept dreaming about you and how great the wedding was. I don't know if you can hear me, but I'm sorry. I'm sorry you got hurt." She spoke just to him, softly.
Lord Bane / Edmund: Sally left the room, leaving Mage by herself. "That's ok...." Sam said weakly. "I shouldn't have risked my life to protect you...."
Imaginth: She smiled. "Shhh. You just rest for now. Everyone's going to be very happy you're awake."
Lord Bane / Edmund: "I thought you were dead....the last thing I saw was you blacking out, and I could hear your mum and Mal running into the room...."
Imaginth: "I'm too stubborn to die." She said, her bandages seeping through her shirt just a little.
Lord Bane: He laughed. "I was so looking forward to the wedding night too," he said, smiling.
Imaginth: She laughed a little, but not much because it kind of hurt. "We'll have another wedding night, promise."
Lord Bane: He stroked her hair. "Now we're married, we can have all the wedding nights we want," he said laughing. He kissed her.
Imaginth: She kissed him. "I think we've had a couple pre-wedding nights."
Lord Bane: He laughed. "Yeah, I spose your right. I'd just rather be in bed with you than in hospital."
Imaginth: "The faster you get better, the sooner you will be." She said with a smile.
Lord Bane: "Oh, I'm taking you to our room the minute I'm out of here," he said laughing. He kissed her deeply.
Imaginth: "Well then I'm expecting a quick recovery from you because I'm already walking." She kissed him deeply for a while before speaking again.
Lord Bane: "I'll let you in on a secret," he said. "I'm not that ill, I just didn't want to go out of here without you."
Imaginth: "You're going to be let out before me. We both know that. I took a lot and this time it was almost too much for me." She was excellent at hiding when she was in pain.
Lord Bane: "Hey, it'll be okay. I promise." He kissed her again. <time skip to them being out? cos this could take a while hehe>
Imaginth: (Sure sounds good lol) She was so excited that she was finally going to get checked out of this hospital. Mage had went to the main desk, where she was to meet up with Sam because she had forgotten something in her room.
Lord Bane: Sam was there, with Mal. Sally was also there, holding hands with the boy from the wedding. "You ready to go darling?" Sam asked.
Imaginth: "I've been ready." She said happily. Although she did have bandages on her stomach still, they said it was okay for her to go. That was after she had threatened to leave on her own when they wanted her to stay another two weeks.
Lord Bane: "Mal, you'd best take us to our transport then." They walked outside, where a private jet was waiting. "Guess what," Mal said. "You and Sam have been given the mansion. Your parents decided they were happier with something a bit...smaller." He laughed.
Imaginth: "Are you serious? That place is huge. I still think I'll get lost in there one day." She said happily with a smile. "I'll get lost and Sam won't be able to find me." She joked.
Lord Bane: "Oh, I'll keep track of you," Sam laughed. "Plus, looking at Mal I don't think this is a joke."
Imaginth: "I didn't think it was." She got on board, of course, sitting next to Sam on the flight.
Lord Bane: He snuggled up to her. "What do you think of their surprise?"
Imaginth: She smiled. "It's amazing, and I like it, a lot."
Lord Bane: He kissed her deeply. "Well, at least we've got a room....the whole house in fact, to ourselves."
Imaginth: She smiled. "We have a lot of rooms."
Imaginth: She laughed some. "Adventurous huh? We'll see what happens." If Mal wasn't here, she'd have been more...provacative in a sense.
Imaginth: She just smiled, knowing who that was. "I love you too, anything you want to say Sally?"
Imaginth: She smiled, snuggling as close as she could to Sam. "Thought so..." She was very tempted to tease her, but left it for later.
Imaginth: She hadn't forgotten. "I know exactly what you mean." She said, kissing him before getting off the plane together.
Lord Bane: Mal smiled at them. "Here's the keys. Your parents promised they'd come and see you in a couple of days, they thought you should have some time to...adjust," he said laughing. "I've gotta take these two home to." Sam waved at them as the plane took off, then turned round and kissed Mage.
Imaginth: She had said goodbye and waved to them. She he kissed her, she slipped the keys right out from under him. "Oh, would you look at this? I have the keys to all thos bedrooms." She taunted him.
Imaginth: She pretended like she didn't know. Then stuck her tongue out at him. "You know, this time, I don't think a good spanking will cure me. Maybe you have something else in mind."
Imaginth: She kissed him. "We'll see how things progress."
(feel like doing this? or not?)
Imaginth / Mage: (yep, but im pretty sure by now you get the picture of what happens.)
Imaginth: (and here we are...)
She closed her eyes gently as she rested her head on his chest. After all of that she was quite tired, guessing he was as well. "Sam?" She asked lightly.
Lord Bane: "Yeah," he asked. His eyes were half-closed.
iownsora / Eleahea: *Eleahea walked down the hallway her arm bleeding. Feeling the blood slowly seep down her arm, she raised it ever so slowly, and put the tips of her bloody fingers on the wall. She dragged her fingers against the wall creating streaks of blood behind her. Her redish hair fell in front of her black foggy eyes. She stared forwared with no emotion within her face.*
Imaginth: (Eleahea -- no need to put asteriks if you are joining.)
Before she was going to ask him something she could hear footsteps from the hallway. It was incredible, she didn't think anyone was around and at the moment her first guess was her mum playing a trick on her.
"Be right back.." She said throwing on nothing more than a t-shirt, which happened to be Sam's, it was too big for her petite size, plus some underwear and walked into the hall.
"Haha, very funny, come on out n-" She held her breath. "SAM!"
Lord Bane: He appeared behind her, his gun drawn. "What's going on here."
Imaginth: She pointed to the girl, the wall streaked with blood. She didn't speak, only because she was unsure what to say.
Lord Bane: He looked puzzled. "Who are you?" He kept his gun pointing at her.
Imaginth: (Uhm well, I'll pick up from where she was going to ask a question.)
"I forgot what I was going to ask..." She said with a little laugh.
Lord Bane: He kissed her. "Sure?"
Imaginth: "Mhm." She said a bit sleepy after she kissed him.
Lord Bane: "Did I wear you out?" he smiled. He was sleepy too.
Imaginth: "Just a little." She said, her eyes closed with a smile.
Lord Bane: He smiled, sighing happily. "Well I'm exhausted too you know."
Imaginth: "If you're so tired, why aren't you sleeping?" She wasn't very fast to answer when she was half asleep.
Lord Bane: He laughed. "Ok, ok, I'll go to sleep if you want." <might need to skip to morning lol>
Imaginth: "Sleep well." She leaned up and kisses him one last time before going to sleep as well. (looks like it lol.)
Lord Bane: <skip> He woke up the next morning, and smiled at her as she was still sleeping.
Imaginth: She had scooted to the other side of the bed during the night. Barely covered by the blankets she stirred and as she did that, she had fallen right off and onto the floor. "Ooowwwwiiiieeee."
Lord Bane: He crawled over and looked down at her. "Oh dear, do you need a hand?"
Imaginth: She lied there looking up at him. "Oh no, I'm just going to stay down here until my back stops hurting."
Lord Bane: He laughed, joining her on the floor. "Looks like fun."
Imaginth: She laughed shaking her head at him. "Falling is fun until you hit something."
Lord Bane: He laughed. "Yeah, of course it is."
Imaginth: She looked over at him. "Maybe we should get up."
Lord Bane: He nodded. "Might be an idea."
Imaginth: "Was there something you wanted to do on the floor?" She joked.
Lord Bane: "No, it can wait," he laughed.
Imaginth: She raised her eyebrow. "What can wait?"
Lord Bane: "I'm not saying. Come on, we need to get up," he laughed.
Imaginth: As she stood up she whined like a kid. "Aww, I wanna know."
Lord Bane: "You'll find out later, we need some breakfast now." He kissed her.
Imaginth: She pouted, the smiled, joking around. "Fine, what do you want to eat?" She asked after kissing him.
Lord Bane: "Anyhting, I'm not bothered at all," he laughed.
Imaginth: She tested this. "What if I made liver and onions?"
Lord Bane: "Ok....maybe not that," he laughed.
Imaginth: She smiled. "How do pancakes sound?"
Lord Bane: He smiled. "Sure thing, sounds great."
Imaginth: She kissed him on the cheek before going off any doing her own thing while she cooked.
Lord Bane: He finally dressed and came downstairs. "What are we gonna do today?"
Imaginth: She jumped a bit, having not heard him come downstairs. "No idea, you pick something."
Lord Bane: "Hmm, there's a big beach which we have to ourselves, or we could fly around a bit."
Imaginth: "The choice is yours." She said with a smile to him.
Lord Bane: "How about both? We could always make a picnic to take with us."
Imaginth: "Sounds good to me." (you know, unless you have something planned im pretty sure the rpg is complete)
Lord Bane: <hmm, that's a pity :( I dunno what else to do though>
Imaginth: (well...you can say you completed this rpg.)
Lord Bane: <yeah, I spose....guess that's it then :(>
Imaginth: (aw, dont take it that way.)
Lord Bane: <sorry, its just this is the last RP from my very early days on here that was still going, so its a bit sad to see it go>
Imaginth: (i know what it means. but the best part is. you can come back and look at it, leave a message and think of how much fun we had with it.)
Lord Bane: <I spose *sighs* its also got more posts then most of the other ones I created put together>

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