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Roleplay - What now? by Elfie / Elfie

Modern day, A large castle. A group of people were on a road trip when their car broke down.
They walked until they came upon the castle. It's huge, so many rooms, so many noises, so many dark rooms. They search for people and in finding none they set up a small camp in the living room, for it has started to pour. Thunder shakes the house as they wonder what now?

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Anyone can join.
No Goddmoding.
(Serouisly people please)


Elfie / Kaitlyn : Fishing a flashlight out of her bag, Kaitlyn stood up. "I'll be back." She was tired of sitting around. Walking slowly out of the fire-lit room thanks to a couple of the guys, She turned into the hallway, amazed at the pure size.
The hallway was wide enough to have 4 people side by side fit comfortably. It was long, maybe a couple of hundred feet. There were paintings and suits of armour all the lenghth. "Wow." She had always loved history and she was in sheer awe.
Lt.Mayfield / Irish: <can i join>
Mena_Broken_Ang / Lunetta: [Ill join]
Elfie / Kaitlyn : <Sure why not?>
Lt.Mayfield / Irish: He opened a door and peered down "ill check the basement" he shouted and headed down the stairs looking for his lighter. When he got to the bottom he realised he was in a wine cellar "i dont know who owns this but these people must have been some high class sons of bitches to have all this down here....well i dont think they'll care if i barrow a bottle"he said turning around looking for the stairs in the dim light.
.Faded. / Akura: Akura stumbled onto the floor as her foot caught her bag. "Ugh.." she groaned as she picked herself up. She looked around at everybody and said quietly," I have a bad feeling about this." Although she was a bit scared, she was also curious of what was in the castle so she followed closely behind Kaitlyn. "How long do you think we'll be staying?"
Mena_Broken_Ang / Lunetta: Lunetta watches as Irish looks in the basement. "Irish I dont think this a good idea." She says as she walks around the wine cellar along with him.
Elfie / Kaitlyn : Feeling somethings eyes on her Kaitlyn trembled breifly,Then assumed her exploration. Everything in the house must have a history. She shrugged, still uneasy. Later she'd take someone else with her. Turning back around she swiftly ran back to the living room, thankful for the warmth.
Lt.Mayfield / Irish: "dont worry besides if anything comes down it will get its head smashed besides (he opens a bottle and takes a drink)whats there to be afraid of cockroachs and dust arnet scary my dad and his girlfriend at the beach now thats scary he said walking towards he"
Mena_Broken_Ang / Lunetta: "Ewwww..why did you have to meant your dad and his girlfriend now Im gonna be blind for weeks." She takes the bottle of wine from him and takes a drink. "Not bad it needs acouple more years."
Lt.Mayfield / Irish: "a couple of years this thing was probably made when Herbie hand cock wrote the decluration of independence so its right on time but anyways this place is cool i bet they got alot of awsome stuff in other rooms i wanna see the kitchen"
Mena_Broken_Ang / Lunetta: She laughs at him and nods about the kitchen comment beginning to walk back up to the livingroom.
.Faded. / Akura: Akura layed a pillow on the cold floor and sat on it, looking through her bag for something to pass the time. Having no luck at all, she zipped her bag back up and leaned against it, letting out a heavy sigh. She was tired, but didn't want to fall asleep; she had a strange feeling in her stomach, and started fidgeting with her fingers. "What is there to do in here anyways?" she asked.
Lt.Mayfield / Irish: <sorry had to do some stuff around the house> When he got into the kitchen all he found were some spices and bags of old flour "well some of theses spices look valuable and some look prety damn rare if you ask me" he kept searching until he found some wine glasses "now everyone can have some....well damn ill go look at the car as soon as this storm clears up a bit"
.Faded. / Akura: "Did you hear that?" Akura asked, getting a bit more nervous. Turning to the source of the voice, she could see a girl somewhat close to her own age. Freaked out by her icy stare, Akura scooted herself back a bit, trying to get as far away from her as possible. "W-what do you want?"
Elfie: Kaitlyn Looked in shock at the Vampire and shrieked when she charged Akura. "No!" She shoved the vampire backwards away from them and growled. "No No No No." She shook her head. "We just needed to stay." She glared at the Vampire backing towards her backpack to grab the knife that was in there.
Elfie / Kaitlyn : <<Sorry!!!>>
Lt.Mayfield / Irish: ,srry wron profile>"well go to the living room iam gonna go look for some food and as soon as its done raining ill look at that car"he said going through more cabinants and one thing he remembered was that flour and yeast never go bad "who wants bread" he shouted from the kitchen. "it beats starvin and im not gonna eat all my damn candy"

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