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Roleplay - The School of Division by Rin/Haku / Anime_Elfling

Centuries ago, the world was pulled into the deep rages of war. Warlocks/witches disagreed with werewolves, werewolves with Elvin beings, Elvin being with elemental manipulators, and so on and so forth. The world was segregated into several parts to avoid the death, hatred and perfidy that the races gave to one another. Centuries later, in the time that is now, many things have changed and the least changed may be the racism each race feels towards the other. A school called Moon Haven plans to be the first school to include all students of every race who must learn to get along with one another and plan a better future for the world and future generations. The school is large and ready for the task ahead. The first floor of the main building (much like an old medieval castle) holds the cafeteria, principal’s office, library, a gym, and the main hall (where students could linger and roam and chat). If one starts up the grand marble staircase, they would first come to the second floor which was the boys’ dorms. If the stairs are traveled upon to the third floor, the girls’ dorms would reveal themselves. Next, on the fourth floor, one would find the teachers’ rooms and the last floor is the secondary room of the werewolves. It is where they go to stay before, the night of, and the day after, the full moon. Outside the main building lay smaller ones (the classrooms) and the rest of the school grounds, which happened to be green grass and, further on, small woodland. This school would attempt something no one has dared tried for a long time: get the races to avoid looking at mainly themselves as the whole picture and allow others into their own worlds. In the simplest terms this school wanted friendship.

Roleplay Details

O.k. *rubs hand together* rules… rules… First things first, you can be any of the following named above in the description and any others you can think of. Unfortunately, creatures that dwell in the night won’t be in this rp. (The rp would be split into two completely different rps almost. Ex: the night can’t talk with day, no day with night, destroying the whole purpose of them getting to know each other better.) You can not be roomed with a person of the same race and you must be roomed with someone. 2to 3 people to a room. Right. Simple rules. Punctuations please. You do not have to be super literacy person. I know how it is like to come across a writer’s block and it is hard to write down a full 15 sentence paragraph when you are at a loss for words. Please follow the basic rules the best you can, let people be their people (you didn’t create them so you shouldn’t control them), no killing (or maybe just no instant killing… hmmm…),a little fighting and romance (keep in clean) o.k., yadda yadda… cool! Do we have an understanding? Good. Let’s Roleplay!


Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: Rin stood outside of Moon Haven on its stone steps. The castle looked so old. It was much older than the classroom buildings surrounding it. It wasn't hard to figure out. She wasn't sure what the principal was thinking. For so many generations, her ancestors were less than willing to give other people the same space as themselves. She couldn't deny that she had the same feelings herself as she stood, staring at the school. She was a rich witchling and wasn't completely proud of the way her family had come across the money. Yes, it had to do with werewolves and other creatures in a not-so-good way. She looked down at her guardian. Her parents had sent him along with her to keep watch on her. They only sent her to prove that the school was wrong and they weren't ready to trust the others. Haku looked up at her. He was in the form he usually ran around in with Rin. His black feline tail moved back and forth slowly and his whiskers gave a nervous twitch. He wasn't sure if this was a good idea but some good had to come from it. He hoped something good would. Rin took in a deep breath before entering the school, followed closely by Haku.
Roseyness / Atryak: <<could I join this one? Lol. My character is a day and night character, she's just a mixed-race creature-litteraly. Please?>>
DustedRelection / Will: Will had just entered her dorm with a nervous but excited tension within her. Seeing that no one was in the room yet, she set down her belongings, little as she had, and sat casually on the floor, close to the farest corner from which she had entered. She noticed the sitting arrangements of which she could have chosen, but being more comfortable where she was, she ignored the seating and focased on the door. She was wondering who she rooming with, or rather what, if it be the case. She herself was here for one reason really. To find herself. Who or what was she? She was unsure. She had come here of her own free will, hoping for answers. Leaning her head against the wall, she kept her eyes locked on the door, mind lost in thought.
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: (yes.)
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: Rin walked up the grand staircase, counting the steps as she went. "One...Two...Three..." She stopped once she reached the third floor and glanced down at a piece of paper in her hand. She read the room number aloud several times before searching for it. Haku shook his head at her. She was thirteen but acting as if she was six sometimes. She started to whistle a little until she reached her room. "Here it is, Haku!" she said happily before opening the door and peeking inside. A girl sat on the floor, staring at her. Rin stared back and Haku leapt upon Rin's suitcase with an amused smile on his cat lips. "Uh..." said Rin not knowing what to say.
DustedRelection / Will: Will feel out of her daze as a newcomer had just entered the room. What was she to say? "Hello, person! That it, if you are a person. If you are not, that would suit me fine, but I do ask that you do not eat me, I am very high in cholesteral!" She waved frantically at the stranger and stood up to greet her properly. In her mind, she couldn't believe how idiotic she had sounded. She was always a rather bubbily person, but in her secret mind her thoughts always curse her for being unable to hold her tounge. Will gave a sudden squel of delight as she spotted the furry creature. "Aw! Adorable! May I pet it?" She inquired to who she assumed to be her new roomate.
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: Rin raised an eyebrow as the girl chattered away. This girl was probably her roommate. She only half listened to most of what the girl said until she asked about Haku. Rin gave the girl a smirk. "I don't know." she said rather snobbishly. "Why don't you just ask him." Haku was at a loss for words when the girl asked Rin if she could pet him. He spoke up after Rin answered in a rude manner. "You can if you'd like." he said jumping down from the suitcase and trotting over to the girl. Rin walked over to one of the beds. "I like this one by the window." she said. "You don't mind do you?" Even if the girl wanted this one, rin wouldn't give it up. Haku could tell she was just being a brat.
DustedRelection / Will: Will looked at the girl as she replied in a matter of which she had not apprecited. She knew about talking cats, of course, and as for the bed? Well, she personally did not like them near windows, but she did not say this aloud. She decided then, to focus morely on the cat, wondering wether or not this girl could possibly be dealt with. Will supposed she had thought her to come on too strong. She would have thought so. She only said such things so the world would not see the lone girl inside, but of course the girl had no idea of this. She continued to think of such things quietly to herself, as she gently stroked the verbal feline's coat.
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: Haku watched the girl with shining orbs. He wondered if Rin's bratty actions were irritating her or not. He would have loved to tell Rin to knock it off but, as usual, she wouldn't listen. Rin sat on the bed and bounced on it a little; testing it out. "What's your name?" asked Rin curiously ceasing to bounce. Haku couldn't help but start purring the more the girl stroked him. Being in a cat form for a long time really messes with your head.
DustedRelection / Will: Will couldn't help but smile as she heard the animal purring softly under the stroke of her fingertips. She looked up at the girl who was bouncing casually upon the matress. "Will," was all she replied as she gestured to pick up the little creature, though still giving it a chance to run if it disagreed. "But you may call me anything really, I have many names," she added, and looked back at her questioningly, asking her the same question.
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: "Well, that's funny!" said Rin as the girl said she had many names. "Can I call you Willie then?" Haku hissed at Rin and allowed Will to pick him up. "She's not being serious." said Haku giving Rin a glare. "What do you mean, Haku?" whined Rin. whining was something she did best. "I mean it! I'll add to her list of names and call her Willie!" Haku rolled his eyes at Rin. She was being a childish brat today. Rin must be up to something then.
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: (add) "i'm Rin!" said Rin pointing to herself. "Just Rin." She then pointed to Haku. "That's Haku." she said. "Don't let the fur fool you. He's a no-fun guardian!" "Rin!"snapped Haku.
DustedRelection / Will: Will was contently caressing the feline and looked back at Rin. "A guardian, huh? That would great, to have someone there to always protect you." She pet the head of the cat/guardian, as if congradulating it for it's service. "And as for the 'Willie' remark," she added "I have been called that a few times. My...my father called me that." Will turned away as she said this, avoiding any looks she may have been given. She closed her eyes, and a flash of the real her shone through them. She began scratching absent-mindedly behind the guardian's furry ears.
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: Haku shot another glare at Rin and she made the "what?" gesture with her arms. She sighed and looked up at the cieling. "If so..." she said keeping her gaze up. "I won't call you Willie. It seems that name brings memories. Ones I probably should not and maybe never will know." Haku purred contently as Rin spoke. He closed his eyes and was pleased. Rin shook her head at him.
DustedRelection / Will: Will noticed the way she said this, as opened her eyes once more. "No...no it's fine. If we are going to be roomates, we should be able to communicate and relax. You can call me it if you would like, it is not as if he is dead." She did not continue on, but sat down, still holding Haku. Communication was one of her weaker points, as she had many dark points, of which she would never speak of. Attempting to start a new conversation, she was in vain, and instead occupied herself with the cat once more.
Roseyness / Atryak: Artyak entered the huge SChool. She'd heard of this place, adn came here seeking help.
She wished that went she'd older she'd too help to put peace into the world. She hated the destruction adn hated what it had done to her family, of which she never knew now because of it.
"Hello?" She called up the hall way.
.Faded. / Emma.: Emma walked through the hallways wondering why her human parents had sent her here. "Someday there will be peace, and soon that day will come if everybody works together," they would always advise her. 'Yea, just wait until you meet real demons, mom, just wait,' she thought every time they would tell her. She carried her bags but stopped as she heard a voice. Walking towards it, she found a girl, looking as confused as she was. "Hello," she said.
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: Rin shifted moods again in a flash. "o.k then!" she yelled out happily. "Willie it is!" Haku let a sigh escape his lips. He wondered how he could stand this girl for as long as he did. Would Will be able to stand her? Rin ran over to Will and sat on her knees by her. "First things first!" she squealed. "What exactly are you? I'm guessing you are no witch like me! So... what is it?" Haku stretched out on Will's lap. He really didn't know what Will thought of Rin at this moment. She was acting positively... insane to him.
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: Haku perked up his ears when he heard someone call "hello?" from somewhere down the hall. He stood and jumped off of Will's lap and peeked his head through the door that Rin left open after her rather rude entrance. His catlike orbs stared at two other students down the hall. His tail swished back and forth, slowly, and sat down in the doorway. His back may have been to Rin but he had not completely left her so the code of the guardian was still being kept.
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: (and *he sat down)
Roseyness / Atryak: "Hello," She said smiling warmly at the fact some one had just greeted her.
"Do you have any idea where we're supposed to go? I heard it has dorms in the same builing, do you know where they are?" She asked.
"And oh, I'm Atryak!" She introduced extending her hand in a manner of greeting.
DustedRelection / Will: Will looked at Rin in an interested manner. A witch? That must be fasinating. She thought of how she was to reply as she watched Haku in the doorway. What was she? A very good question. She surely did not want her to know that she had no idea herself, for Rin would surely laugh. Until she had come up with a response of which would be suitable, she instead turned unto another topic. "A witch? How exciting! You must no a great many things!" She stood and walked over to where Haku sat, and stroked his fur once more. "Do know any other people or life forms atrtending this school?" Will inquired, the walked over to the bed unclaimed, which by default would be hers.
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: Rin forgot all about finding out what Will was. "I do know many, many things!" she said with a burst of joy. "I was one of the top casters in my class at my old school!" Rin thought that everyone had to appreciate the work of a good witch. She favored herself as one of the superior races. "I know so much, Willie!" she squealed. Haku turned his head to look at Rin for only a second before staring back at the students. He didn't flinch when Will started petting him again. He had heard her coming and he was growing to like this girl. No one ever scratched his head for this long. He started to purr loudly at this thought.
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: (almost forgot.) Rin was so distracted bragging that she forgot to answer Will's other question. She really was being childish today. But, of course, this was only day one.
DustedRelection / Will: Will raised an eyebrow at the thought of such a boastful girl, but said nothing, as it did seem that she had much to boast about. She liked the thought of being a witch, even if it meant being the least bit conceited, if she were to find out her species. She was growing to find Rin, no longer a stranger, was rather not as bad as she had first anticipated. And she was rather fond of her guardian, who seemed much appreciated as she scratched behind his ears. She supposed no one had in quite a long while. The thought of it not actually being a cute furry creature as it had taken shape of had no effect on Will. Eager to continue on a light conversation, Will turned to Rin once again. "Can you show me anything?" she asked, wanting to learn as much as possible about her new acquaintance.
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: Rin was filled even more with delight at Will's question. "I'd be happy to,Willie!" she said in a sing-song voice. She stood up straight and closed her eyes. She took in a couple of deep breaths and waved her arms around a little bit. She didn't have to do that at all and Haku knew it. She was doing it for the fun of it all. She started to chant something and a faint blue light started to wiggle its way from her fingertips and towards Haku. He knew that spell too well. "That's only for emergencies, Rin!" he hissed and his fur on his back stuck straight up. He was enjoying his cat form at the moment and didn't want to change back.
He could, of course, change at will but in the event of a rare occasion when that was impossible, this spell could be put into effect. Being forced to change, however, was very, very uncomfortable.
The light circled the hissing gaurdian then... Where there once was a small, black feline, there now was a tall man clad in armor.His head was resting in Will's lap and he quickly got up. He looked young but he was older than anyone could imagine. "That was foul, Rin." said an upset gaurdian as Rin finished with a "Tada!" It would be a while before he could change back now.
DustedRelection / Will: Will was aback a little as she looked at the guardian, no longer in animal form, who was in her lap. She turned to Rin, who was obviously quite pleased with herself. She gave a small cheer, followed by a whistle. "Encore!" she cheered, and looked back at Haku. She couldn't help but notice that was quite unhappy with what she had done. She personally thought he would have rather been in human form, but she said nothing. Will did blush however, when she came to realize that she was still stroking him, and scratching behind his ears.
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: Haku's wings unfolded then refolded in irritation. He suddenly noticed something was touching him. Will still was scratching behind his ear and he still remained still, not minding. "Oh, come on!" whined Rin. "You can't hide that pretty face of yours forever!" Haku shot her a look. It was true. He was quite handsome but he had grown so used to his cat form that he really only switched to his natural one when he needed to. Also, the attention he got as a cat was different, and more pleasing, than the attention he recieved as a gaurdian. Rin was still whining something but Haku wasn't listening. "I'm sooooowwyyy!" said Rin in a babyish way as she leaped upon Haku and hugged him. He turned his catlike orbs to Will. "which form to you favor?" he asked curiously.
DustedRelection / Will: <<I can't help but ask, how old does the guardian form of Haku look?>>
Will looked at the new form of Haku in suprise. She could never get used to the event of being asked for opinions. She had them, of course, but never said them aloud. "Uh...well, I like them both." she said, but ceased scratcing him behind the ears. "But I am sure you would prefer me to stop petting you as you are in in human form," she added, the color of her cheeks returning to normal.
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: (he looks as if he is in his early 20's) Haku let out a sigh as she answered. He stood up to his full height and stretched a bit. "I really don't mind If you continue or not." said Haku as Rin, still clinging to him, finally let him go.
Rin smiled at her gaurdian. There were still things about him that Rin didn't even know yet. He never said much about himself. He liked to keep some facts hidden away. That would be fine for any other person but not Rin. She'd find out soon... or at least she planned too.
DustedRelection / Will: Will continued to look at Haku. There was certainly something mysterious about him. She was always quite that way herself, of course, not many knew that because they never really bothered to get to know her like that. Still, she decided to herself to make it a mission to find out more about this guardian, for she had a strange feeling about him. Good, the feeling was, but she was still determined to discover what lay hidden beneath him, whether Rin had already tried or not. Oddly comforting as it was, Will gave a shrug, and stroked the hair on Haku's head, then stopped and shrugged once again.
Roseyness: Kiriana looked around, feeling the girl had ignored her.
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: Rin suddenly started to panick. "Oh my gosh!" she squealed and Haku stood alert. "What is it, Rin!?" he asked looking around. He didn't see or sense danger. "We are going to miss dinner!" said Rin and Haku could feel a temple pulsing. Did she have to make a big deal out of that? "Do I have to go like this?" he asked. All Rin had to do was say the word and he could safely stay behind. Of course, he would have to stay in this room like a prison until she returned. "You must stay here, Haku, and wait for my return."said Rin before turning to Will. "Let's go, Willie!" she squealed. "I can't wait to see the other students here!"
DustedRelection / Will: Will was a little startled at the fact that one could make such a fuss over dinner. She personally would have enjoyed the company of Haku, but once again she was silent. She was not sure how she felt about meeting the other students. She was sure that there would be seperation: Witches together, nekos, fairies, and any other creature that may attend. If this were to happen, she would surely become a loner, as she would be confused of where to fit in. But then again, there was always a slight chance of finding someone with the same situation. Will doubted it, and smiled at Rin's squeal, unattentive though she was.
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: Rin grabbed Will's arm and pulled her out of the room and down the hall. She ran quickly past Kiriana and accidently bumped into her. She yelled a quick "Sorry!" behind her back and just kept running. She wondered if she should have stayed to help her up but she did say sorry. Rin didn't stop until she reached the cafeteria.
Haku stared at the door after the girls' departure. All remained silent until... a low growling rose from his stomach. Hopefully Rin would remember to bring him back something. He threw himself down on the bed. He really doubted it.
DustedRelection / Will: Will couldn't help but give a startled cry as Rin grabbed her arm and dashed down towards the cafeteria. She felt sorry for Haku, as she was sure he would have liked to come. She was thinking of protesting, until they had collided with a girl and she had lost her balance. She yelled a quick apology, and they had reached the cafeteria.
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: Rin waved to a small group of witches and warlocks she knew and glared at some werewolves in the back. She pulled Will over to a table where the ones she knew sat. 'They wouldn't mind if Will sat here' she thought as she sat down at the long table and pulled will down to sit next to her. "Guys!" she said in her usual squealing manner. "This is Willie!" A muttering of hellos came from the group but no more. A witch next to Will examined her closely. "What is she?" she asked cooly. Rin opened mouth but closed it again. She didn't know what Will was. Willie had never told her that. "What are you, Willie?" asked Rin, curious to know the answer as well.
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: (add) Rin's ears caught the sound of whistling from somewhere in the room. She looked behind her at Meg. Now that she knew who the whistler was, she turned curiously back to Will for her answer.
DustedRelection / Will: Will stuttered as a reply. "Uh...we-uh..." Great, she thought. Well, she knew this would happen sooner or later. She closed her eyes. Maybe if she just remained silent they would not question her. Of course, she could always leave. She could say she was bringing food to Haku. Yeah, that would work. She said nothing, and opened her eyes to face them.
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: Rin stared at Will for a long time. Why wasn't she answering? The suspense was making Rin impatient. "Did she even understand your question?" asked a warlock at Rin's side. The witch who had asked started to laugh. "Isn't it obvious?" she said and Rin caught on quicker than she usually would. "You don't mean she doesn't know, do you?" said a shocked Rin. "Is it true, Willie? Are you an unknown!? Are you!?" There went Rin again making a big deal out of things.
Meanwhile, up in the room, Haku felt the transformation charm lifting and returned to his cat form. He curled up on the bed, trying to ignore his stomach's fussing.
DustedRelection / Will: <<Sorry, my computer completely crashed!>>
Will once again avoided the question, and quickly stood up. "I-I'm going to go give Haku something to eat." She had grabbed many random food objects from the table and left without delay. She ran back to the room, to find Haku on the bed, and came up behind him.
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: "Wait!" called Rin but Will had already rushed from the cafeteria. She was becoming even more intrigued by Willie and she wondered how anyone can not know what they were. It was you, after all. Rin thought of following but kept her seat and started to chat with her friends. It wasn't a surprise to Rin that they wanted to talk about Will.
Haku's ears shot straight up when he heard the door open. He remained still for a while, listening to the foot steps move closer. He sensed a gentle aire about the person. Will. He uncurled from his earlier position and stretched out like any normal cat would. He looked at Will and an ejoyable scent filled his nostrils. She was thoughtful enough to bring him back something. "Back so soon?" he asked as his whiskers twitched slightly. He looked about. "Where's Rin?"
DustedRelection / Will: <<Sorry, some viruses are messing up my computer.>>
Will tried to look as if it were an unimportant question. "Oh, she just met some of her other witch friends and she is talking to them." She sat on the bed beside him. "Here, I brought you some things to eat." she took one of the papers, seeings as she didn't bring a plate, and placed the food on it. Unconcerned about it at all, she paid no attention to the food, though she herself had not eaten, and stroked the feline's fur as before, and stared into the distance.
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: "Thank you." said the grateful gaurdian. He began to eat the food contently while Will stroked his fur. Her touch was soft and gentle. He stopped eating for a moment to look up at Will. She looked lost in thought. "So..." he said looking back at the food. "Did they discover you were an unknown?" He had remembered when Rin asked her and how silent Will grew. She was eager to change the subject and Haku started to fit together the pieces before Rin. He could be wrong and he could have misenterpreted the signs but there was no harm in taking an educated guess. He ate a little more, waiting for Will to answer.
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: (That's alright. It happens to all computers.)
DustedRelection / Will: Will stopped stroking him. "Yes, but ho-" Of course. Guardians were usually more intellegent then the average being. She sighed, and began to pet Haku again. She wasn't sure what exactly she was to do, she was sure Rin would ask her again. She couldn't keep avoiding the matter forever. She looked over at the cat, and gently kissed his head. He seemed to calm her somehow. She gave him a small smile, then continued to scratch behind his ears.
DustedRelection / Will: <<yeah, I know. Mine has just been really weird lately. By the way, I really like your picture, and am planning to steal it from you ^_^>>
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: Haku lowered his head a little when Will leaned over and kissed his head. His ears were sticking up now, wondering why she had done that. She showed more compassion to him than anyone ever did. He sat still, staring down at the food Will so kindly brought to him. He wasn't used to such kindness. He turned his shining orbs towards her and opened his mouth as if to say something. He made up his mind quickly and decided to remain silent.
Rin finished eating and chatting with her friends. She had noticed Will ate nothing while she was there so Will decided to bring her something up. She said goodbye to her friends but before she left, the witch who had asked Will what she was, Dawn, stopped her. "Are you sure you'll be able to stand her?" "I'll manage." answered Rin with a smile. She left the cafeteria after that.
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: (Really? Thank you and go ahead. I found it on glitter graphics.com. I was having trouble looking for a girl with a young man with wings and I came across this and decided that Haku should have two forms.)
DustedRelection / Will: <<Good idea, and thanks, I like it a lot.>>
DustedRelection / Will: Will was still scratching his ears when she had thought she heard footsteps. A little panick-stricken, she was quite unsure what to do if it was Rin. She thought about it, and decided on making her bed. It was already made however, so she quickly tore off the covers, and tossed them onto the floor. She knew this may be odd, seeing as Rin knew the beds were made, and if questioned, she was unsure what she would do. The covers now messily laying on the floor, she sat upon the now naked matress. Feeling better about having something to do, Will relaxed a bit and sat on her bed, looking down at the now wrinkled covers.
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: Haku was thrown from the bed as Will panicked. He landed on his feet but his heart was in a frenzy. His ear perked up and he heard footsteps. So that was why. He listened as the footsteps got closer than he sat by the door, awaiting Rin's arrival.
Rin opened the door and smiled down at Haku since she knew he would sit near the door when he became aware of her entrance. "Willie! I brought you some..." Rin stopped what she was saying when she noticed her bed was a mess. "What happened?" asked Rin looking at her bed confused. Wasn't it made when she left?
DustedRelection / Will: Will was startled as she turned around to find a confused Rin. "Oh, uh..." she looked quickly back and forth from the sheets to the bed. "Oh, someone had come by to bring us clean sheets, so I just thought I would make it for you." she picked up the first sheet, and as it covered her face gave a sigh of relief. At least she had thought of something. Nervously, Will began to remake the bed she had so recklessly destroyed, and smoothed down the blankets as she went. As she finished, she gave a rather sheepish smile and sat on the bed once again, her face slightly pink.
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: Rin believed her. "Oh! Thank you!" she said and Haku couldn't help but snicker a bit. Rin shot him an angered look and lifted her hand a bit as if making to strike him but she just flicked her finger and a small bolt of energy nipped at his paw. He jumped a little before bolting by Will's side. "why are you snickering at me, Haku?" she asked as she crossed her arms. "No reason." said Haku examining his paw. Rin raised an eyebrow and Haku sighed. "I guess I was being stupid again." Rin nodded, satisfied with that answer.
DustedRelection / Will: Will jumped as a bolt shot from Rin's fingertip. As it hit Haku, she couldn't resist looking down to check if he was hurt. She was always soft for the furry creatures, whether or not they could talk. Seeing that he was not damaged, Will quickly stroked his back, then straightened, and turned around. She believed it! But that was still too close. Having the feeling she would ask again, she played out the scene in her mind. After playing out so many different scenarios, she focused once again, and walked over to the wall to look out the window.
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: Haku felt comfortable by Will's side and Rin noticed that. Rin set the food she had brought on Will's bed before sitting on her own. "You know..." said Rin looking over at Will. "You shouldn't show too much kindness to a gaurdian." Haku's ears flattened when Rin said this. He wasn't sure exactly what she was up to but he didn't like it. He buried his way under Will's cover to avoid hearing anything bad Rin might say about him. "They aren't exactly "pets'." she continued. "They've lived lives full of discipline and they were taught not to rely on others. You don't want to make him soft, do you?" All this information she said she had found it books. They were in general and she didn't know exactly how they were trained. Only Haku held that knowledge.
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: (*covers)
DustedRelection / Will: Will raised an eyebrow. "Oh, well, I am not trying to make him soft, I only brought him food so that he would not go mal-nurished." she said and turned back around to face her. "I wouldn't want to harm him any more than you do," at this, she looked at the lump on her bed, which would be Haku. "Afterall, I know nothing about guardians, and what you are saying seems to make complete sense," she finished, a little more hotly than intended. She noticed the food on the bed for the first time. "Why did you bring this?" She asked, in a little brighter of a voice.
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: "oh." said Rin when Will changed the subject yet again. "I noticed that you didn't eat a thing downstairs so I brought it up." She put a finger to her chin, now thinking. "I wonder how Haku grew up?" she said. She was thinking out loud. The little rise in the covers gave a little shiver. Why did Rin what to know that of all things!?
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: (*want to know. My spelling is bad today.)
DustedRelection / Will: Will looked at Rin. She had actually tried to be considerate. Ignoring the food, she walked over to the shivering mound of fur coated in cloth that would be Haku. "Hey. So? How did you grow up?" Not minding the strangeness of the question, she gave a comrforting touch to where she assumed was his head. Anything to get off the topic of her. She pulled away the covers, and placed the cat on her lap, waiting for it to reply. As long as is wasn't about me, Will thought, and stroked his fur again.
DustedRelection / Will: <<My spelling is bad everyday. ^_^;;>>
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: Haku dug his claws in the sheets a little as Will lifted him. This was his first act of resistance since meeting Will. He was comfortable around her as she stroked him but being asked such a question made him feel hesitant and uneasy. rin leaned closer, waiting to hear an answer. Haku retracted his claws as Will sat him in her lap. He finally decided to open his mouth. "It's long and depressing." he purred. "I wouldn't want to bore you with the details." Rin had had enough of this. "Do I have to command you then?" she asked with a bit of anger in her voice. "You can command me to do many things." said Haku trying to refrain from getting angry as well. "But my past does not concern you so you cannot command me to say a word." Rin stood up and Haku's spine stiffened.
DustedRelection / Will: Will knew exactly what is was like to be tormented to reveal your past. "It's okay Haku, you can tell us at a different time," she cooed sofly, as to try and satisfy both cases. She did not want to cause a disput, especially among the guardian and guarded. She secretly wondered what could make his past secretive, but asked nothing. Instead, she altered the topic, which was begining to become somewhat of a specialty. "So, do you know anyone else out of your species?" She looked at Rin, Maybe she could find someone like her somewhere...
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: Rin sat back down slowly and looked at Will. "Not really." answered Rin. "Besides Haku, I only know warlocks and witches." Without warning, she squealed "Oh!" and slammed her fist on her hand. "There's was this one guy who wasn't a warlock but I can't remember what he was. I didn't exactly know him quite that well and..." Haku would have snickered again but didn't feel like getting another zap to the paw.
DustedRelection / Will: Willl looked at her questioningly. "What was his name? Did he go here?" She hadn't the slightest idea who anyone one here was, and was happy to meet as many as possible. Seeing the look Haku gave his protected, Will raised eyebrow at him. He obviously knew more than he let show. "Do you know what room he is staying in?" she inquired, and looked at Rin.
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: "Well..." said Rin not sure what to say after being asked so many questions. "This was a while ago and he was hired as our gardener. wait! I remember! He was an elemental manipulator! He would talk with me when I sat under a tree to read spell books. I never talked back to him so i'm not sure if he comes here or not." "In other words, she clueless." said Haku under his breath. (O.k. I'm going to go now. I'll be back tomorrow though! Bye!)
DustedRelection / Will: <<yeah, me too. Nightx2! (night night)>>
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: Haku's ears were standing straight up now and his eyes were staring at the door. There was someone there. Suddenly, there came a knock at the door. Rin stood and opened it. "Yes?" she asked then squealed "Oh!" without warning. "You're from earlier! You're the whistler!" Haku kept his gaze glued on the girl as Will pet him.
Megsrus aka Meg: That explains why she was looking at me Meg thought. "Yeah I was wondering why you were looking at me. Anyway I was wondering if you two got your schedules yet. Mrs. Henerson told me to hand them out," Meg said while brushing a lock of snow-white hair out of her face.
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: "Ooh!" squealed Rin. "I don't think either of us have!" Her smile faded as she took a step back and examined Meg. "You don't look witch..." she muttered.
Haku shook his head at Rin. Did she have to figure out what race everyone belonged to before she can be completely friendly? 'I knew this was a bad idea.' thought Haku laying his chin on his front paws. (I just noticed, Meg. You've been in almost all the roleplays I have been in! Yay!)
Megsrus aka Meg: (what can I say great minds think alike)
"That's because I'm not a witch. I'm an elemental manipulator. Snow and ice to be exact," Meg said glancing around the room with her light blue eyes. "You can always tell us apart by how we look. Really pale skin, light blue eyes, white hair, and most of us like wearing like colors. A lot different then other's looks even in our own kind."
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: "That's what I thought..." said Rin and Haku let out a low sigh. Rin stepped back to where she had been before. "Can we have our schedules then?" asked Rin, the former excitement in her voice had died down. "Rin Silverstein and Willie..." She looked over at Will. "What is your last name, Willie?"
Megsrus aka Meg: "Don't worry you don't need last names unless you have the same first name as someone else which she doesn't. But I do have to know what you are. You, Rin, are obviously a witch and you'll need to notify the teachers about your guardian. However I need to know what you are Will," Meg said casually glancing at her.
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: That was right. She had brought Haku without letting any of the teachers know. They shouldn't mind of course. Haku had to stick close to the youngest member of the family and he was around in case anything happened. Haku looked up at Will, wondering what she would say to Meg. She couldn't keep hidden away for ever. Also, Haku was beginning to grow even more curious himself. He was usually good at figuring out what someone was but the energy around Will was confusing to him. He had no clue.
Megsrus aka Meg: The sound of a bell ringing reached Meg's ears. "Sounds like classes are starting. We all have Mr. Kisern so you can just come with me. But word of warning don't stare at him too long."
DustedRelection / Will: Will let out a deep sigh. She was much entitled to the bell. She had a question that she was somewhat afraid to ask, however. "Um...exactlyWHY can't we look at him?" She asked, and looked over at Meg. You couldn't miss her snow-white hair. She really would not mind being an elemental manipulater. Will then looked disapointingly down at her own features. She really had no obvious quality that said what she was, and let out a sad sigh, and continued to follow them to class.
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: "We could find out easily!" said Rin as Haku leapt upon her shoulders as they walked to class. "Haku can look into his eyes and..." "What!?" asked Haku and the hair on his back stood on end. "I was kidding!" said Rin with a giggle. "I knew that would scare you!" She laughed at her little joke but Haku thought it was the least funniest thing he had ever heard. He hopped from Rin's shoulders and landed smoothly on Will's. "I was only joking, Haku!" whined Rin. Haku closed his eyes. "It wasn't funny." Rin shook her head. "You can't take a joke at all." she whined some more.
DustedRelection / Will: Will laughed at the squabble and began to smooth down his fur. She was very fond of him by now, but she couldn't help but think this bothered Rin. She had never had a pet of her own, and loved the idea of owing a cat, and a verbal one would just be a bonus. She would rather enjoy Haku as a guardian, but did not say this, as it might offend Rin. She felt that he could feel it in her touch anyway, and was silent as she caressed the friendly creature. Will was quite nervous of her first class, and as Haku was comforting to her, she was calm as she continued to stroke him.
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: "I wonder what would happen if you stare at him?" wondered Rin as they got closer to the class. Her imagination started to run wild. "What if his eyes cause you to be locked into an eternal slumber or he turned you into a mindless zombie or you turn into some animal... like a cat or..." Haku's ears flattened against his head. The last thing Rin said annoyed him but he avoid letting her see his annoyance. "It probably isn't like that at all." purred Haku nudging Will's ear with his nose. "I can't imagine anything like that happening by just staring at someone, can you?"
DustedRelection / Will: Will looked at Rin. "Well, I supposed if he were a type of basilisk," she said, and began to wonder herself. "Though it is probably just that he gets really annoyed, and yells or spits at you." She laughed at the last part. She really did not think that a teacher would spit on a student. Though of course, she could be wrong. This was not an ordinary school, and for all they knew, it very well COULD be a basilisk that would be teaching them. Will was slightly frightened at this, and continued to think about this as she listened to the purring that came from Haku at her side.
Megsrus aka Meg: "Come on we don't want to be late. Yesterday a kid got the ultimate punishment for being two minutes late," Meg said while walking out the door. Meg suddenly stopped and said mischeviously, "Hey want to take the fast way?"
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: Rin looked at her. "The fast way?" she asked. A little devilish smile appeared on her. That sounded absolutely fun. Haku looked at Meg suspiciously. "I don't like the idea of this "fast way" that you speak of." he said knitting his claws in Will's sleeve, being careful not to dig them into her skin. "Don't be like that, Haku!" whined Rin before turning back to Meg. "Yes! The fast way! The fast way!"
Megsrus aka Meg: "Great hold on to me," Meg says while holding out her hand. "This is going to be fun."
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: Rin squealed in delight as she took hold of Meg's hand. Haku leapt off Will's shoulder and sunk his teeth into Meg's hand. "Haku!" exclaimed Rin. "Anything that could cause trouble for Rin is not going to happen." he said. He was only doing his job but Rin was getting angry. "No, Haku!" she yelled. "Nothing is going to happen! You will let us go!" Haku looked up at her. "As your gaurdian..." He couldn't say anymore. Rin's foot had connected with his side hard. Haku staggered a little.
Megsrus aka Meg: "Don't worry Haku nothing is going to happen to Rin. Catch ya later Will," Meg said and suddenly a path of ice formed starting at Meg and Rin's feet all the way to their classrooom."Hope you know how to skate," Meg yelled as she pushed off sending the two flying down the path.
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: Before Rin was out of sight, she held out "temporary gaurdianship!" and waved her hand. A charm attached to a chain appeared around Will's neck and Haku sat at her side. "I hate when she does that." he said, his side aching. "I suppose I will accompany you to class until I meet up with Rin again." He looked at his paw for a moment then up at Will. "Until that time, I will be acting as if I was your gaurdian." Haku actually liked the idea of being Will's gaurdian but it still didn't stop him from worrying about Rin.
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: (*yelled out)
Megsrus aka Meg: "This is the best way to travel in my opinion," Meg said as the pair continued sliding through the school. "No offense but your hand is kind of digging into my skin," Meg said looking pointedly at her hand.
DustedRelection / Will: Will just stood there and blinked as she tried to think about what had just happened. She picked up Haku and gently rubbed where Rin had kicked him. She personally thought it a wretched thing to do, as she dispised the harm of any animal. She would actually have liked to go with them, but she was alright being alone with Haku, though she did hate the fact of having a chain around her neck. She pulled at it absentmindedly, as she attempted to follow the path they had taken, as she had absolutely no idea of where she was headed.
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: "Please don't tug on it." purred Haku as he watched Will pull at the chain. "I know it's a annoying spell but if that comes off your neck while I'm away from Rin..." Haku shivered at the thought. He had already been kicked today and that was enough pain for him at the moment. He began to lick at his paw without thinking until he realized what he was doing and stopped. He wasn't really a cat so he shouldn't act too much like one.
"Sorry." said Rin loosening her grip on Meg's hand. The ice was really hard to keep one's balance on. She was just a little shaky.
DustedRelection / Will: Will ceased pulling and smiled as she noticed him licking his paw. She really did wonder why he hadn't just been in his normal form, for she would think it more comfortable. She indded asked him this, and continued to walk along the same corridor, becoming slightly nervous as she thought herself lost. She kept a level head however, for she was still sure she was heading in the right direction. She had never been to a school this size, or any building rather, and hoped her teachers would not scold her if she was tardy. Still afraid of being secluded by others as different, Will turned to the right as the paths split in two directions, believing it right, and continued to walk as she stroked gently at the area of harm on Haku.
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: Haku's side started to feel better because of Will's gentle touch. His small, feline nose wiggled. "Rin's that way." he said pointing to the left with his paw. He wondered how long it would be until they reached the class. The class buildings were outside so once they reached open sky... "When we exit the main building, we can take a "fast way" ourselves the rest of the way to class." He should at least exercise moving into and out of his cat form so he wouldn't start acting like a common feline.
DustedRelection / Will: Will looked at him. "A faster way?" asked her eyes, as she turned around and went where he had directed. It was not quite like Haku to take the fast way, but she trust him, and continued walking the same way. "Why do you prefer your cat form?" she asked, and went through a door, leading to another hall.
Megsrus aka Meg: "No problem, normal reaction," Meg said as they slid in front of an old oak door. "Here we are and thank you for traveling ice elemental," Meg said with a mocking bow before opening the door and walking in. She immediately went to the back of the class where the rest of the elementals were.
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: (oh no! Rin's going to be a brat!)Rin laughed a little before entering the class. She waved to her witch friends then walked over to them. "Were you just with an elemental?" asked the witch from before, Dawn. "It was a quick way to class." said Rin pointing in Meg's direction. "Acting like a friend can get you anything you want." They laughed.
Haku looked up at Will. "Why?" he asked before pondering this thought himself. "I guess it's because I feel more comfortable like this... no..." He looked away. "As a gaurdian, you get treated... well... I'd hate to say really. You aren't treated much like a protector or anything like that. As a cat, I find whatever attention I attract is different from when I take gaurdian form. Gaurdians are just treated like servants or bodygaurds that don't matter at all. They are just there to protect you... and... Rin likes this form alot better too..." He smiled a little after that. He never talked to anyone like this before. Letting it all out like this helped.
Megsrus aka Meg: (payback time lol)
Meg leaned in closer, "She really is an unknown. Can you believe it?" A fire elemental shook his head," I don't know why she is even here." "Agreed," Meg replied, "And guess what the witch she actually has a guardian. I mean can't she protect herself?" The others laughed and Meg joined in
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: (Ooh! Burn!) "How pathetic can these other races get?" said a handsome warlock. Rin laughed before glancing over at the elemental group. "I know!" said Dawn. "They are all limited but we are definitely the superiors." (These people are conceited...)
Megsrus aka Meg: Meg's friend named Jenera turned to her and asked," So are you on for tonight?" "Of course this will be the biggest prank of the year. Why would I want to miss it?" Jenera and Meg high-fived and started whispering to three other elementals. (oooooohh suspense)
DustedRelection / Will: <<By the way, Will is going to get her revenge on the 'Unknown' comment. -wink->>
Will smiled, as she knew Haku had probably not mentioned this to Rin. "Well, if you prefer it that way. But I would personally be honored to have you as my guardian. In any form," she said, and stroked his soft fur. She entered a set of double doors, to find herself in the open sky. She breathed in the fresh air, then turned to him, and waited anxiously to discover what Haku was about to do.
Megsrus aka Meg: (anytime, anyplace)
Meg turned forward as the teacher came into the room. He was as dwarf as you could get in all aspects. It as quite astonishing he had chose to be a teacher instead of the traditional miner role. Meg quickly wrote a note and passed it to Jenera who snickered when she read it.
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: Haku leapt off of Will's shoulders. The sun felt good shining down upon his fur. With a final stretch in his cat form, he took on the appearance of a gaurdian and held out his hand to Will. "Shall we go?" he asked with a sweet smile, his wings spreading to their fullest.
Rin whispered something in Dawn's ear and they giggled. The handsome warlock waved his hand a little and a piece of chalk started to write on the board on its own. "Go back to the underground" was clearly spelled out on the board. The group of spellcasters giggled uncontrollably.
DustedRelection / Will: Will took his hand without hesitation. She was suprised at herself for not being the least bit nervous. She feel the firm grip Haku had on her, and she felt secure. His hand was warm, greeting. She looked up at him and smiled. She was unsure of what was about to happen, but she was quite sure it would not involve the ground. Taking a deep breath, she left herself at his will, which she had never done with anyone before. Will closed her eyes, as she could feel his heartbeat through the palm of his hand.
Megsrus aka Meg: Meg watched mini miner erase the message off the board. Meg turned to the other elementals and slowly nodded. Suddenly all of the beakers in the room started to bubble and fizz over. Several shelves of unstable liquids erupted right over the witch/warlock group causing all of them to be drenched. A siren started to sound as the teacher ordered everyone out of the classroom. Meg walked out stifling a yawn, smirking when she glanced the soaked as they called themselves "superiors".
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: Haku pulled her close and flapped his wings, lifting them off the ground. They glided gracefully above the smaller buildings until Haku felt Rin's presence in one of the farther back buildings. When he neared his destination, he slowly descended to the ground. Upon landing, he released Will. "I hope that didn't frighten you at all." he said as he folded his wings. "I didn't even bother to ask if you liked flying or not." He turned back into the little black cat.
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: Rin glared at the elemental group. Dawn was crying because her new pink top under her uniform was ruined. Rin stopped over to Meg and the others. "You're really funny!" she snapped. "You're lucky Haku wasn't here! I'd order him to show you who you were dealing with!" another, quieter warlock that was always to the back of the group waved his hand and they were all dry. "We pulled a prank first." he said but Dawn snapped at him. Rin was shaking furiously. She'd show them!
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: (Rin *stomped)
DustedRelection / Will: The feeling Will had experience while flying was unimaginable. They landed softly, and she laughed as he released her. "That was incredible! I loved it! Did Rin get this excited the first time?" she couldn't help but talk, as the feeling was indescribable to her. She watched as he returned to four legs, and looked around. She was sure they were late, as there were no other students around. At the moment, however, Will was quite beside herself, and she picked up the now small Haku, and wrapped herself around him in a warm embrace.
Megsrus aka Meg: Meg rolled her eyes at Rin," You seriously need to chill." Meg put a hand over her mouth stifling a laugh," And you should be very proud of the chemical reaction that is now your hair." The others elementals as well as Meg laughed heartily at Rin's new hairdo.
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: Dawn had pulled out a mirror and all the spellcasters gasped at their new appearance. Rin stomped her foot angrily. The quiet warlock waved his hand and made their hair... almost back to normal. Rin's hair had the temporary color of green. "Idiot!" snapped Rin.
Haku felt comfortable in Will's arms. "Rin enjoyed flying alot." he answered happily. "In fact, wherever she wanted to go, we had to fly there. Now..." His voice lost its note of happiness. "Now that she isn't little anymore, her parents taught her the "right way" to handle a gaurdian."
Megsrus aka Meg: "Actually I get straight As but you wouldn't know that," Meg said nonchalantly. "And I must say that is a lovely shade of green. It looks like the color of Dawn's face when she smelled one of the nastier eruptions." Meg listened as the intercom came on," Attention students do to an unexpected accident in the science rooom all classes are canceled for today. Thank you." Meg smiled and high-fived her friends. "Smell ya later," Meg said pinching the bridge of her nose.
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: Rin started having a fit and Haku felt it best to avoid it. Too late. Rin had spotted him. She stormed over to Will and the gaurdian and removed the chain. "I unbind you, thank you, now Haku!" she yelled shaking in fury. "Yes?" asked Haku feeling that only something bad could come from this. "Do you see my hair!?" cried Rin. Haku climbed up on Will's shoulder. "Kind of hard not to," he whispered before answering, "Yes." "I was in danger from dangerous liquids and it is all her fault!" she pointed to Meg. "You're being over-dramatic." said Haku. "A teacher wouldn't have anything dangerous just sitting out." Rin sighed before gesturing to Haku to jump on her shoulder. He obeyed. "I'll show her." said Rin before turning to Will. "No more classes today. What do you want to do?"
Megsrus aka Meg: Meg glanced from around the corner. Perfect she had taken the bait. Meg smiled, she knew Rin would retaliate to this morning. Meg walked toward her room. Tonight would be the best prank ever.
DustedRelection / Will: <<Super super apologies for not being here. My computer went into a sort of coma. But it SHOULD be better. This was on page 34, is anyone still posting here?>>
Anime_Elfling / Rin/Haku: (Well...not really. I think it might die since It is hard for me to get on alot at the moment. Sorry. I was really hoping this one would be good. Maybe a remake is in order. Oh well. It was a pleasure roleplaying with you, Will, and with Meg too.)
DustedRelection / Will: << As with you Rin. And of course Haku -scratches behind ears- >>
Megsrus aka Meg: (likewise)

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