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Roleplay - The Rose, The Thorn & The Stem by Demmai / Danae

Three princesses are to be married off at tonight's ball.
One of them are gourgeous and polite, the perfect princess. However on the inside, she is extremely unstable due to her powerful uncle's habit of molesting her. She is the eldest, and many call her "The Rose" of the royal family. Can anyone make her trust again?
The middle princess is pretty, shy and unsure of herself. She is often forgotten, and is called "The Stem". Can anyone bring her out of her shell?
And of course there is young Aurora. She is stunningly beautiful, but she's cold and argumentative. Can anyone break through the guard she's put over her heart and make her fall in love?

Roleplay Details

**WE NEED:**
•"The Stem"
•"The Rose"
•Princes/Suitors-(who aren't princes)
•Guests-(both male and female)
•Correct grammar, spelling and punctuation is a must.
•At least two-liners.
•Keep the magic to a minimum.
•All races.
•Be nice!
•Keep the OOC chat to a minimum.
•This is a romance RP, so let's make it romantic, alright?


Lord Bane / Edmund: As Edmund entered the ball, he gazed in wonder. This was bigger than any house he had visited before. He wondered if there were any nice girls around.
Danae / Aurora: Aurora was not at all pleased with her father's newest attempt to get her married off. In two hours she would be going to a ball that she didn't want to go to, in a dress she didn't want to wear, to meet people she didn't want to meet. Worst of all, if she didn't marry tonight, her father had promised an arranged marriage. She wondered how her sisters felt about this whole buisness? She picked up a gold plated brush and pulled it through her hair again and again as she thought.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Lunetta: [Ill be the Stem]
Danae / Aurora: ((Alright. ^__^ Everybody, please be sure to read the rules and follow them. There aren't many, so please take two minutes and get them down.))
Lord Bane / Edmund: He sat down, and waited for the other guests to arrive.
Lord Bane / Edmund: <oops, forgot to add more to that>
Mena_Broken_Ang / Lunetta: Lunetta goes to Aurora's room to see how she is doing with whole idea of being married off. While walking to her sisters room she begins to think about the ball wondering why would her father do this and not have their agreement to it. Entering into Aurora room, she goes behind Aurora putting her hands on her shoulders and askes "How do you feel about this ball?"
.Faded. / Akura: <<Hmm.. I guess I'll be the Rose then.>> Akura peeked out of her door to find that the ballroom below was quickly filling up. She was still angry at the fact that father had planned this all without consulting any one of the princesses. There was no way she was about to marry. Seeing that men in her life were just a pile of rubbish, she didn't beleive that there were actually any men out there that would gain her trust. She finished putting on the last of her make up and walked out to find her two younger sisters.
Danae / Aurora: "How do you THINK I feel?" She sighed. "The LAST thing I want to do is go to this stupid ball." She looked at the clock on her wall and her eyes went wide. "Oh my gosh! We have 45 minutes! I read the clock wrong, I thought we had two hours! We have to get ready! If I don't go to this ball, father will promise me to some prince I don't even know!" She ran to her closet and pulled out the dress she was supposed to wear.
Lord Bane / Edmund: He had caught a glimpse of the girl for a moment. Maybe this ball was worth the long trek after all.
Danae / Aurora: ((By the way, Aurora will be wearing the dress in her pic.))
Mena_Broken_Ang / Lunetta: "I really dont think Im good enough for any person who would want to marry me..." She sighs sitting on Auroras' bed. Lunetta never was the one to think she was perfect or better than a person, she was one who always thought very low of herself. "Do you need help with anything sister?"
.Faded. / Akura: After knocking on Lunetta's door and there was no answer, she turned and headed towards Aurora's room. Knocking before she came in, she sat on Aurora's bed and watched her get ready. "What are you worring about, sister? You look beautiful," she smiled slightly. She looked up at Lunetta and asked," Do you actually think that all three of us would get married after tonight?"
Danae / Aurora: "Thank you, but I think I can do this myself. Are you ready yet?" She quickly got herself into the dress and continued on to do her makeup.
Lord Bane / Edmund: He sat waiting. His parents had made him come here....but that girl was so pretty he wasn't complaining quite as much now.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Lunetta: "I know I wont..." She looked down at the floor getting up from the bed she walks out of the room and towards hers to fix her hair.
Danae / Aurora: "I'll marry any man who I don't feel like strangling. But only because I'd rather be married to someone I at least get along with than to a perfect stranger." She sighed and hurried to do her hair, the last thing she had to do. "I can't believe father would do this to us!"
((Oh, didn't see Akura's reply. I'll respond to that now.))
SincerWritinAsh / Shay: Shay entered the ballroom, a soft smile gracing her full lips. She was dressed in a simple yet delicate crimson gown that complemented her golden skin. Her long dark hair draped over one shoulder and a beautiful rose pinned behind one ear. Shay came from a politically important family that had no bloodties to the monarchy. When she entered though, he had a calm confidence and attractive quality that beckoned companionship at once. She noticed Edmund, recognizing him. From across the room she gave a slight nod of her head before focusing on the other guests.
Lord Bane / Edmund: Edmund nodded back. He was glad there was at least one familiar face here. His parents seemed obsessed with marrying him off.
Danae / Aurora: ((Akura? Lunetta?))
SincerWritinAsh / Riso: Riso was a valient knight of the royal guard.A most distinguished guest and a most respectable suitor for any of the king's daughters. He glanced abot the room, his eyes finding Shay. A friendly smile warmed over his hansom features. Approaching her with a sparkle in his eye, he stopped before her and offered her a deep bow. She returned it with an elegant curtsy and satirical twist to her lip.In a smooth voice he questioned," Why Lady Shay, your as stunning as ever,yet at last your beauty is not for me...Madam, be kind and tell me all about the royal ladies I may meet tonight?" His slight cockiness barely covered the hint of insecurity in hi eyes.
Lord Bane / Edmund: He looked at the knight. He got the feeling he wasn't going to be very lucky tonight, he never was.
.Faded. / Akura: <oh sorry, a bit sidetracked at the moment.>> She stood up and headed towards the mirror in Aurora's room. Akura straightened out her long, slender dress that went well with her figure. The dress she was wearing was simple but yet beautiful. She turned to Aurora and said," Well, let's get this over with."
Danae / Aurora: She nodded. After a deep breath, she suddenly looked and sounded like a princess should. She stepped daintily, holding her head high. She walked into the ballroom, the first to emerge as she was the youngest princess.
SincerWritinAsh / Shay: Shay smiled up at her olf friend,"You see there are three lovely girls.I do not know them overly well but I have been in their company often enough." Her eyes left Riso face to notice the still hiding Edmund. She shook her had sadly to herself before continueong on. "There the oldest who is very sultured yet has very distrusting eyes.The second daughter is very lovely yet insecure.And the last is a very fierce entity indeed." She had spoke as she watched the the orchestra conductor glance over his agenda for tonight.
Lord Bane / Edmund: Edmund stared in amazement. They were more beautiful than he had anticipated. However, every man in the room rushed towards them, so he sat down again.
Danae / Aurora: ((g2g, try to be back in an hour or so, don't go ahead without me!!!))
.Faded. / Akura: Akura let out a deep sigh as she stepped out of the room and closed it quietly behind her. Following Aurora's lead, she walked steadily down the stairs and onto the ballroom floor. She noticed a couple of men already rushed over to Aurora and walked off to the side, looking for something to drink.
SincerWritinAsh / Riso: Riso's eyes where watching the jst arriving princesses. Shay notice and gave a slight push at his arm to go. He shook his head, befre wining at her and leaving. He saw Akura make a b line towards the refreshments, he approached sedately, a polite smile on his face and gentleness in his eyes. He was unsure which daughter this was but he was already taken my her both her beauty and her craft at just missing the crowd. When he reached her side, he spoke kindly with reverence, "Lady, May I make your aquaintnance? I am Sir Riso HavenGuard."
Lord Bane / Edmund: Edmund's face fell. He couldn't offer anything special to them. What were his parents thinking sending him here....they clearly just didn't want him around the house any longer.
SincerWritinAsh / Shay: Shay smiled as her charming friend left her side. She herself began crossing the room to Edmund.She stopped at his side, "Sir, why dont you go mingle with future bride?"
Danae / Aurora: Aurora stepped away from the crowd of men, clearing a path for herself with a perfect and well practiced icy stare. One of the men somehow managed to accidentally trip her, and she fell back onto Edmund with a cry of surprise.
Lord Bane / Edmund: "Erm....hello," he said. "Here, let you help me up." He offered her his hand.
.Faded. / Akura: Akura, slightly shocked that somebody had approached her, turned around to face a handsome young man. She curtsied and looked back up at him. "Good evening Sir HavenGaurd, nice to make your aquaintence. I'm known as Princess Akura, but I'd prefer it if you just called me Akura."
Danae / Aurora: She shook her head politely and got up by herself. She hated accepting help. She curtsied to him, her cheeks glowing pink as she blushed. "I apologize, sir."
Lord Bane: "Can I have this dance?" He bowed to her.
SincerWritinAsh / Shay: Shay smiled as Edmund had found is way towards the princess. Quietly she moved out of the crowd towards the throne where the king surveyed his daughters. She curtsied to king and looked up at him familiarly, "Your majesty it is nice to speak with you again."
SincerWritinAsh / Riso: Riso smiled down at the beautiful princess,"I am not sure if that would be appropriate,"he smiled widened,"Akura." He glanced over the busy dance floor."If you would call me Riso, I would be inclined to ask for the priveledge of a dance?"
Danae / Aurora: She nodded and curtsied elegantly. "Certainly." Something about him made her feel at ease.
Lord Bane: He started to dance with her. "My name is Edmund, my parents sent me here in the hope i would find a girl I could marry, apparentely I don't have a say in the matter. What about you?"
.Faded. / Akura: Akura hesitated a bit before she replied," I would love to, Riso." Before they headed out to the dance floor, she caught a glimpse of Aurora and saw that she was very close to Edmund. She broke into a smile a turned back to Riso and waited for his lead.
Lord Bane: <g2g, ttyl>
SincerWritinAsh / Riso: He led her onto the floor. His smile full of humour. Once they had reached the center of floor he stopped and turn into her. Placing a light hand at her waist and taker her other hand in his gently. Then the waltz began , "forguve me ma'am but my duties never required me to dance so im not very graceful." he counted te steps metally in his head.
Danae / Aurora: The way he treated her not like a princess but almost as an equal caused her to feel even more comfortable around him. She actually smiled one of her extremely rare smiles, and it transformed her entire face, making it even more radiant. "My father is getting tired of me scaring off ever suitor that comes to me, so he has taken it upon himself to set up this ridiculous ball for my sisters and I."
.Faded. / Akura: She also took his hand and started waltzing. "Maybe dancing with a princess might make you a bit better," she smirked. Akura looked for Lunetta, wondering where she could be. Facing Riso again, she asked," And what would your duties be?"
SincerWritinAsh / Riso: Riso raised an eyebrow and smiled down athe girl's question."Miss I am an knight of the elite guard. I protect the city walls and you."
.Faded. / Akura: "Hmm. My hero," she blushed. "You must be very brave to do that. They should start having dance lessons in case another knight has an opportunity like this."
SincerWritinAsh / Riso: He couldnt help but laugh aloud, the gravely noise pleasant. He smiled down at the innocent girl, "I can see the dance class, knights dancing with other knights in full armor."
Mena_Broken_Ang: Lunetta watches as her sisters have fun with suitors and princes as she places herself away from the men in the room still worried not to be married but is grateful if not.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Lunetta: Lunetta watches as her father talks to a woman but ignores it. She walks over to a table picking up a drink.
SincerWritinAsh / Shay: Shay smiled up to the king, "Well sir, I hope that such festivities as you are hosting would only inspire the let's say, livelier side of entertainment?"an arched ayebrow and a suggestib twist to her lips appeared over her fine features.
SincerWritinAsh / Shay: "Well, your highness, I suppose you keep busy with more mature past times, that some one as young as I am would have no interest in..."she replied tilting her head slightly to the side a warm smile gracing her lips, "such infantile activities as dancing would not appel to you I suppoe."
Mena_Broken_Ang / Lunetta: [gotta go bye]
.Faded. / Akura: She giggled and replied," That would be quite a site to see. But, to tell you the truth, I would pay to see that." Behind Riso, Akura could see the throne and also her father offering a hand towards Shay. She smiled radiantly and said aloud, "Oh father.."
Lord Bane: Edmund smiled at her. "I was worried only my parents did this kind of thing. They've married off all my other siblings, but they all have some amazing life story to tell potential suitors. I haven't got any exciting tales I could tell you." He looked a bit down.
Danae / Aurora: Aurora found his lack of confidence somehow attractive. She noticed this and quickly put her guard back up. 'You had better watch yourself. At this rate you're going to find yourself with a broken heart.' She smiled politely. "That's not so bad. Many of the tales my past suitors have shared with me nearly bored me to tears."
Lord Bane: He smiled at her. "Yeah, but my life has been looking after my siblings. It's not been running off on adventures, or saving damsels in distress. The funny thing is, my parents seem to think its my fault I've never found a girl before."
Danae / Aurora: To any other man, she would have replied with a cold smile and said, 'Perhaps it IS your fault.' Then the man would leave her alone.
But for some reason, she could not bring herself to say this to him. She opened her mouth and heard herself ask, "Why do they say that?"
Lord Bane: "Cos my sister is stunningly beautiful, so got a man quickly, and my brother is a knight, so most girls swoon when they see him. Because I'm neither, and don't chase girls all the time, they blame me." A tear appeared in his eye.
Danae / Aurora: "That is not fair at all." She thought he was actually quite handsome, but she wasn't about to admit that to him. And ESPECIALLY not herself. She continued to dance, seeing the shocked expression on her sisters faces and blushing. They all knew that by this time, the man she was dancing with would storm off mumbling about how difficult she was.
Lord Bane: "Then again, the sheer fact I've got a girl as beautiful as you dancing with me would stun them. My brother would probably start asking me how much I was paying you to dance." He smiled.
Danae / Aurora: "Why thank you." She was used to such compliments, but didn't really believe that she was pretty.
Danae / Aurora: ((Sorry I've been gone so long! I totally forgot about this rp! PP I hope at least some of you wish to continue it. *puppy dog eyes* PLEEEEEASE?????...))
Lord Bane: <I'm still here, I wouldn't mind continuing>
Mena_Broken_Ang / Lunetta: [Im here]
Lord Bane: <I'd almost forgotten this RP>
Mena_Broken_Ang / Lunetta: [same here]
Lord Bane: <will have to wait for aurora to reappear>
Mena_Broken_Ang / Lunetta: [Ok Ill be back later gotta go do some stuff see ya]
Lord Bane: <kk, see you later>
Danae / Aurora: ((Thanks guys! ^__^ I responded to you beneath my last response, Lord Bane.))
Lord Bane: Edmund smiled at her. "I spose you have far more handsome men tell you that all the time."
NoraNay / Kaname: <<Hey chloe!!!!....haven't seen you on this for a while.>>
Danae / Aurora: "Well, many men have told me. Not that I believe a word of it." She tried to produce her icy stare, but it melted into an indifferent look. 'Well, I'll have to take what I can get, I suppose...' she thought.
((Yeah, I dug it up and thought, "Hey, it was a
good RP, and it's not QUITE dead." So I resurrected it! Meet me in "is Anyone even on," please?))
Lord Bane: "Well....I should probably leave you to dance with someone else...." He felt like he was the runners-up prize.
NoraNay / Kaname: <<Ok.>>
Danae / Aurora: She would have said 'That would be FANTASTIC.' to any other man.
But she couldn't.
This boy seemed to be melting her cold core somehow, thawing out her heart. She opened her mouth, and said, "You don't have to." She then blushed as her own words echoed in her head. Her mind was in a frenzy. What was happening to her?
Mena_Broken_Ang / Lunetta: Lunetta came back out to the party with a book in her hand and reading as she walked down the stairs but still paying attention to what she was doing. Before she continued reading she noticed her sister, Aurora, dancing with a man, who seemed to be making Aurora happy. Once at the bottom of the stairs, she went to a chair and sat there reading while watching everyone have a good time.
Lord Bane: He wanted to kiss her but thought better of it. "Ok, if you want me to stay I will."
Danae / Aurora: Suddenly, she pulled him aside to a fairly empty corner of the room. "I DO want you to stay, and that's why I'm not sure if I should let you. Are you a mage of some kind? What are you doing to me?" Seeing the puzzled look on his face, she elaborated. "I can't be cold to you, I can't be cruel to you....this has never happened to me before!"
Lord Bane: "I'm not anything special.....I'm just a boring kid with an exciting family."
Danae / Aurora: "That's the thing! I don't know what to do with you! All of my past suitors have been men who think they are better than or an equal to me. They've been knights, princes, dukes...nobody who was humble. Nobody who was....well, real."
Lord Bane: "So what's gonna happen then?" he asked. He was confused.
Danae / Aurora: "I let my gaurd down around you! I....I might fall in love with you!" She looked into his eyes.
Lord Bane: He blushed. "That's not likely....no-one ever falls for me."
Mena_Broken_Ang / Lunetta: Lunetta was getting tired of this place, so she got up and went to look for Aurora. After finding her, she tapped her shoulder. "Aurora?"
Danae / Aurora: She was also blushing. "I..think it might be too late..." She had a sudden urge to kiss him, but wasn't sure how to go about it. She had never kissed a boy before.
Lord Bane: He was about to kiss her when Lunetta interrupted. "I'll just get a drink," he said walking away.
Danae / Aurora: ((Oh, lemme respond there, didn't see you, Lunetta.))
Danae / Aurora: She turned around abruptly, her cheeks afire. "L-Lunetta! Hi!" Her voice was unusually high and nervous.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Lunetta: Lunetta yawned for a second while covering her mouth. "Im going to rest for the night and I hope you two finally kiss is very annoying seeing you avoid kissing each other." She said smiling at her
Danae / Aurora: Aurora turned an even deeper scarlet. "I...I haven't a clue WHAT you are talking about. But good night."
Lord Bane: He was sat in the corner, hoping no-one saw him. He felt embarrased.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Lunetta: Laughing, Lunetta waved goodbye to Aurora but before she left, she went up to the man and said "I want you to take care of her." After that she left up the stairs and to her room.
Danae / Aurora: Aurora looked about, trying to find him. When she did, she sat beside him. "I...apologize for my sister."
Lord Bane: "That's ok," he said, holding her hand. "I'm used to that kinda thing."
Danae / Aurora: "Alright." She looked at him, still blushing.
Lord Bane: He finally kissed her, wrapping an arm round her. He didn't want to let go.
Danae / Aurora: She leaned into the kiss, closing her eyes.
Lord Bane: He pulled away, blushing. "I'm sorry....I should've asked first."
Danae / Aurora: She was also blushing. "No...it's okay."
Lord Bane: He kissed her again, this time more deeply. <logging for 30 mins or so>
Danae / Aurora: Many people saw them kissing, and began to whisper behind their hands. Who was this boy, and why was "the Thorn" KISSING him?
Lord Bane: He pulled back again. "Are you sure you don't mind?"
Danae / Aurora: She saw the people looking at them and shrugged indifferently, although her blush revealed that she wasn't exactly as indifferent as she was trying to appear. "Let them think what they want."
Lord Bane: "Shall we go outside?" he asked. "I need a bit of fresh air."
Danae / Aurora: "So do I. Let's go." They walked out of the ballroom and into the royal gardens. Aurora sat on a stone bench that stood beneath a gorgeous tree with pink blossoms. The moon blanketed her in a pool of celestial light, making everything about her glow.
Lord Bane: He smiled. "You're even more beautiful out here." He blushed.
Danae / Aurora: She smiled modestly. "...Do you really think me beautiful?"
Lord Bane: He nodded. "I do, as beautiful as the stars themselves."
Danae / Aurora: She smiled and kissed him again, unable to resist.
Lord Bane: He kissed her back, putting his arms round her. "Having fun?" he asked.
Danae / Aurora: She smiled. "I never thought I would say this, but...yes. Now I am." She brushed a stray lock of hair behind her ear. "I've fallen for you...tell me honestly, do you feel the same way about me?" She searched his eyes with her own.
Lord Bane: He nodded. "Yes I am." He went bright red.
Danae / Aurora: She beamed. "Then...will you...marry me?" She was nervous, and she was bright red.
Lord Bane: "Erm....yes I will...." He looked stunned by the question.
Danae / Aurora: "I..know it's sudden. But my father says that if I don't choose my husband tonight, then I must have an arranged marriage." She played with her hands in her lap.
Lord Bane: "Then I'd love to marry you," he said, looking into her eyes.
Danae / Aurora: She kissed him passionately, her heart soaring.She couldn't believe that this was happening.
Lord Bane: "Shouldn't we tell your dad?" he said between kisses.
Danae / Aurora: She broke the kiss and nodded. "But...not now. He's entertaining. We shall tell him at midnight, when the ball has ended." The clock above the garden read 11:45.
Lord Bane: He sighed, then nodded. "Okay, more time for us two to spend alone."
Danae / Aurora: "What will your family think of this?" She asked.
Lord Bane: "They'll be jumping for joy I expect. Well, that and trying to figure out how I bribed you into marrying me."
Danae / Aurora: She laughed half heartedly. "The entire kingdom may be asking the same thing, since you are not a nobleman, or royalty."
Lord Bane: "Well, they can think what they like. I don't care."
Danae / Aurora: "I would not care either, if it were not for my father. He may care...he is a kind man, but he gets a bit overprotective when it comes to my sisters and I." She looked worried.
Lord Bane: "Well, he doesn't need to worry about me," he smiled.
Danae / Aurora: She smiled. "I know." The clock struck twelve, and the guests took leave. As soon as the last guest left, she took Edmund inside to meet her father, the king. ((Since apparently the person playing King Sam left, I'll be playing him.))
"Father, I've found my husband." She smiled.
"Is that so?" He then turned to the boy and studied him. "And who would you be?"
Lord Bane: "Erm....Edmund Colrim, son of Duke Colrim," he answered.
Danae / Aurora: "I see." He continued to study him as Aurora stood beside him, nervous. "And you wish to marry my daughter. Is it because of her beauty? Her wealth? Her royal blood, perhaps?"
Lord Bane: "Her royal blood doesn't bother me, and my father is rich enough already....her beauty is one of the things which made me want to marry her."
Danae / Aurora: "One of the things? What else influenced this decision?" He asked skeptically.
Lord Bane: "The fact I love her."
Danae / Lorelei: "You love her?" He looked even more skeptical. "Has she not treated you coldly? Besides, you have known her for but a few hours. Somehow I doubt that you truly love her."
Lord Bane: "I've never been as sure of anything in my life," he said.
Danae / Aurora: The king was impressed by his honest response. "But are you sure that you can take care of a woman as feisty as Aurora?"
Lord Bane: He nodded. "I'm certain I can."
Danae / Aurora: He searched his eyes, making sure that he truly believed this. He than gave a small nod of approval and turned to his daughter. "And you, Aurora? You love this man?"
She nodded, blushing.
"Because if you don't, I have a handsome young prince who would love to be your husband..."
She shook her head. "I don't care. I love Edmund, father."
He shook his head in disbelief, but he was smiling. "Well then...you have my blessing." He turned to Edmund and added. "And if you do not take care good of her, you will wish you had never been born. That is a promise."
Lord Bane: "I understand," he said, blushing slightly.
Danae / Aurora: "Good. Now, for tonight you may sleep in either the guest bedroom or in Aurora's chambers. You two may decide amongst yourselves. I will be retiring for the night." He dismounted his throne and went up the stairs, dissapearing into his chambers.
Lord Bane: "Erm....its up to you," he said to Aurora.
Danae / Aurora: "Umm, perhaps you should sleep in the guest chambers tonight. I do not want my sisters to think anything of us...if you get my meaning." She blushed.
Lord Bane: He nodded. "I understand, I shall see you in the morning." <gotta go, soz. cya tomorrow?>
Danae / Aurora: "Alright. Good night." She kissed him.
((Perhaps. It's my birthday, so I might not be on much, if at all.))
Lord Bane: He kissed her back deeply, feeling disappointed when he had to let go of her. <well, happy birthday for today then and this is for you >
Danae / Aurora: She reluctantly entered her bedroom and got into her nightgown.
What a night. She couldn't understand how it just happened all of a sudden. It was like a dream.
She got into bed, suddenly exhausted. She fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.
((Aww, thanks! ))
((I'm only on for a teeny bit.))
Lord Bane: He fell asleep eventually, but he had a bad night's sleep.
Danae / Aurora: She awoke the next morning thinking last night was but an amazing dream. She got herself dressed and ready for the day, plating her hair and wearing a long, gourgeous crimson gown. She stepped out of her bedroom in good spirits.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Lunetta: Lunetta passed by Aurora's room with her head stuck in a book again. Stopping infront of the door, she turned her head towards her and said "Good morning to you sister." Smiling at her noticing her happiness this morning.
Danae / Aurora: Aurora smiled back. "Good morning. What are you reading today?" she asked. Usually she would make some snide remark about her sister's obsession with books, but not today.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Lunetta: "Its a mystery novel, I started reading last night during the party. How are you and your to-be-husband going along?" Asking as she was surprised not hearing a snide remark from her that morning but it was quite pleasant. The reason why she always read books was because it gave her comfort and she was too quiet to actually speak to men.
Danae / Aurora: "That...really happened?" She looked surprised, and slightly disbelieving.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Lunetta: "I talked it over with father last night while you two were asleep." Smiling one last time at Aurora, she walked down the stairs towards the diningroom to have breakfast.
Danae / Aurora: Aurora was shocked. She had really fallen in love last night? She leaned her back on the wall to support herself and looked at the door of the room that Edmund had gone into in her "dream."
Lord Bane: Edmund was sat in the garden, he had barely slept that night.
Danae / Aurora: Once Aurora recovered from her initial shock at discovering her dream was not a dream at all, she followed her sister to the dining room, hoping to see Edmund there. However, when she noticed his absence from the room, she asked the servants if they could please direct her to him. She walked out into the garden, following the servants' directions and finding him where they had said he would be. She sat beside and kissed him lightly. "Good morning. How did you sleep?"
Lord Bane: "Not very well," he said, kissing her back. He looked like he had barely slept at all.
Danae / Aurora: "Why? Did you find the bed uncomfortable?" She asked. She placed her elegant hand lightly on his.
Danae / Aurora: ((Allo?...))
Lord Bane: "I dunno....I think I slept about an hour," he said. He looked like he had slept less.
Danae / Aurora: "But why?" She looked concerned.
Lord Bane: "I don't know, I just couldn't get to sleep....I've been sat out here for about two hours."
Danae / Aurora: "You look exhausted...would you like some breakfast?" She asked.
Lord Bane: He nodded. "That might give me a bit of energy. How are you?"

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