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Roleplay - dreaming by amanda99737 / amanda99737

at her school

Roleplay Details

Annie, a disturbed teen having trouble at school and at home. no gods, faeries, angels capes, swords ect.


amanda99737 / Annie: she sat at the table looking down at her dinner her dad wasn't home yet her mother drunk and passed out on the couch she left quietly, once out of the house, hey eyes brightened and she walked taller a smile on her face "im free" she said
amanda99737 / Annie: she giggled and sped up....
amanda99737 / Annie: she turned her ipod on to 3 days grace and upped the volume, walking along the dirt road she picked a wild rose, smelled it and put it behind her ear and smiled 'pretty' she thought 'very pretty'
Lord Bane: Edmund sat reading his book, his ipod playing just loud enough that he was oblivious to the outside world
amanda99737 / Annie: she searched for "let you down" by three days grace and started running 'i hate this' she thought she got to the highway at the end of the dirt road. the mountains were beautiful and the sunset was breathtaking. this was Alaska and she hated her life there. she stayed for some time waiting to go home right after her mother went to bed. she turned to go home. when she got back she started up the computer and cyber-slacked and chatted for an hour or so procrastinating about going to bed. "the last thing i want to do is sleep" she said. she thought to herself i have to get to bed sometime she walked up to her room and laid down on her bed. 'no more nightmares, think of somthing happy', 'happy, happy happy' she thought. her eyes closed and the same dream repeated like every other night...
Narcissa: (I guess she's not a witch in this lol)
Narcissa hopped from lily pad to lily pad, the water beneath her lay motionless as if she were made of air. Then, wobbling and losing her balance, she fell into the pond. "ACK!!" She yelped, disappearing with a loud splash. She then re-broke the surface and turned at the sight of a reflection in the water. She looked up and blinked before smiling. "Oh. Hi, Annie! Back so soon?" She asked, beginning to float on her back, paddling around in a clockwise circle. The unusual girl didn't seem to care that she was swimming fully clothed.
amanda99737 / Annie: "hey narcissa, hows the water?" she asked
Lord Bane: Edmund looked up, a smile crossing his face at Narcissa falling over. He quickly went back to his book, trying to avoid them spotting him.

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