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Roleplay - Falling for a Neko.... by Catrissa / Hikoru

Catrissa, known as cat is a geeky girl that works at a picece of Sh** Resterant. Soon to find out she is a Cat Demon!

Roleplay Details



Hikoru / Catrissa: Cat walked into her work, after clocking in she says hi to her fellow employes. She goes to the back and gets changed into a stupid uniform that is manditory.
Hikoru / Catrissa: Cat walks out with her notepad in had and pen in other. Walking over to his table she sighed, Gabe was one of the most popular guys in her school. Cat fixed her glasses. "What can I get you?"
Hikoru / Catrissa: "Ok..." Cat wrote it down and walked behind the counter to get it. One of the waitresses that was her best frined but 20 years older then her walked to her. 'Whos your cute friend?' She asked. "No, he is a customer...." Cat sighed. She poured the coffee and walked back over. "Not the best in the land but it will give you a kick..." She laughed setting it down.
Hikoru / Catrissa: Cat smiled. "Yeah, but you wouldnt care." She put her tray under her arm. Her waitress friend, holly, gave her a 'What the hell' look. "What? What was I supposed to say, yeah I watch you play football everyday at practice." Karisa said to her after she got back behind the counter.
Hikoru / Catrissa: Cat sat on a bench staring at Gabe but everytime he looked up she spun around so she was facing the clock. Holly, laughed at her everytime to.
PrincessOfDark: ((sorry my comp wont let me into my porfiles)) Catalina walked into the cafe. she saw GAbe and waved to him. walking over to his table she asked, "Can i sit here?"
Hikoru / Sanga: Cat walked over grabbed the money and a note fell onto the floor. She read it and ran over to Holly really fast. She read it as well, in secounds they were both jumpping up and down. <<Tommorrow after school>> Cat sat on the basketball court bleachers. People were playing but ignored her. She had no glasses on, Cat put her contacts on. Her hair was up in a messy bun with two strains of hair in the front. "Hes not coming... " She said fiddinling with her fingers.
Hikoru / Sanga: Cat saw Kasa. She walked over to her. "Yes?" She knew her but really didnt hang out with her.
PrincessOfDark: ((x my post)) she walked pver to cat. she knew her from school. catalina was a smoart person but not really geeky. "Hey. sup?"
Hikoru / Catrissa: Cat looked over to Gabe. "Got to go Kasa!" She ran back over to Gabe. "Sorry...I just thought."
Hikoru / Catrissa: "Uh..." Cat took it. "Thanks?" She stuck it in her purse and returned her attention to Gabe,
Hikoru / Catrissa: Cat nodded. "You just semmed like one of them..." She said putting her legs to the bleachers.
Hikoru / Catrissa: "Shes kinnda werid...She just gave me this." She pulled out a gold chain with a cat on it. "Its really preaty though."
Hikoru / Catrissa: "Sure..." Cat smiled and then looked around. "So, what do you wanna do?"
Hikoru / Catrissa: "Oh ok..." Cat stood up and pushed her skirt down. "Well..See yeah."
shilala / delila: Delila walked up from behind Cat. "Hey, what was that all about?" she asked eyeing Gabe. "What did he want?" She sat on the bleachers, crossing her legs.
Hikoru / Catrissa: "Nothing..." Cat said in a gazee whatching him walk off. "We were just talking." She heard Kasa make that horible noise. "OW! KASA!" She looked at her.
shilala / delila: Delila heard the screeching noise and covered her ears, "Hey! What the heck was that?" she asked twitching one eye.
Hikoru / Catrissa: "Why dont you trust Gabe?" Car asked in surpries. "He is a BOY for your information!"
shilala / delila: Delila's eyes widened, "Holy crap." She took a step back from her.
Hikoru / Catrissa: "Allright then..." Cat looked at her like she was insane. She walked away. On the way home she thought about everything that has happend.
Hikoru / Catrissa: <Next day at school> Cat saw Gabe walking onto the field for practice. "Hey Gabe. I just came by to wish you good luck at the game tonight..."
Hikoru / Catrissa: <bumb>
Hikoru / Catrissa: <bumb>

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