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Roleplay - Neko World by PrincessOfDark / PrincessOfDark

In a differnt world will there are only nekos and humans. The town where they are is called "Palpatine Neko". it means meko and humans. The nekos and humans get along. some even form couples.

Roleplay Details

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-Have Fun!


PrincessOfDark: KAgome sat on the ledge of a wall that over looked the sea. sighing she looked out into the beautiful never ending water. 'so pretty.' she thought smileing to herself.
Hikoru / Naie (Na-E): Naie walked along the trail in her full cat form, which was a black and brown cat. She looked around. She wanted a human to love her, not just as a pet like right now, but true passionate love.
rikuprincess / Kaya: Kaya pounced on the brown and black cat that was walking along below her,she was in her cat form a sand colored cat with black tipped tail,ears and paws...
rikuprincess / Kaya: Kaya watched Migumi for a bit then pounced on her with a playful mew...
Kyrie_Rose / Tyran: Tyran moved along silently, his human legs carrying him swiftly beneath the shade of trees. He wondered for a moment what it would be like to return to the outside world, but soon shoved it aside as crazy. He was hppy here. Why should he leave? Answer: There was no reason to leave. This city was the greatest. He was excepted here and that was something worth all the money, all the treasure, in teh world to him.
Hikoru / Naie (Na-E): "Meow!!!" Naie meowed playfully. She pounced on Kaya too. Naie turned back into her cat human form. "Hey Kaya, whats up?"
rikuprincess / Kaya: Returning to her cat human form Kaya smiled "Nothin really, how bout you Naie?" As Kaya spoke to Naie she silently watched a male neko walk beneth the trees...
Kyrie_Rose / Tyran: Tyran didn't take notice of anyone as he continued to walk, his brown hair flopping into his eyes.
rikuprincess / Kaya: Kaya turned to her cat form, trotted over to the male neko and gave him a good bite on the leg, then trotted back to Migumi and Naie returning to her Neko form...
Kyrie_Rose / Tyran: When the female Neko bit him, Tyran clenched his teeth and swore before walking over to the three and saying in a tense voice, "Can I help you?"
rikuprincess / Kaya: Kaya looked at him" Yup, we just wanted you to be sociable and talk with us!"
Kyrie_Rose / Tyran: Tyran sighed, but sat down along side them, his brown eyes studdying them all.
Migumi looked at Tyran with interest and then at Kaya. She wondered what was going through everyone's head....
rikuprincess / Kaya: Kaya grined "There thats not so bad huh?" Kaya thought the male neko was cute, but she wasn't sure what he thought of her...or what him and Migumi had going on between them...
rikuprincess / Kaya: Kaya decided to leave Migumi and the male neko to themselves they would make a cute couple and he wasn't her type..Kaya walked away and jumped on to the wall sitting down close to a human male and began watching the water...
Kyrie_Rose / Tyran: Tyran looked at Migumi. Kaya had been wrong to assume that they would be a couple. They were brother and sister. Sure, borther and sister who hadn't seen each other since they were 3, but still...
Migumi looked away from Tyran, she still didn't get along with him and still didn't want to. She stood up and walked away in her human - cat form, leaving him to watch her go.
rikuprincess / Kaya: Kaya silently watched the water thinking now that Migumi and the male neko looked alike in some way, but didn't know exactly how, then she looked at the human he was cute, but he dosn't look like a cat person...
rikuprincess / Kaya: Kaya silently went back to watching the water thinking about many things mainly the male neko and the male human...
Zara / Sylan: ((Sorry, I didn't log out of my Vampire King character Sylan...))
Tyran watched as Migumi walked away from him and sat with her feet in the water. His brown eyes looked out over it, full of sadness.
Migumi looked angry as she walked away towards the opposite end of the beach, her ears twitching.
rikuprincess / Kaya: Kaya looked at the male neko, he looked sad, so she walked over to him and sat down "Whats wrong?" she asked with concern...
Zara / Sylan: Tyran looked at her for a moment, thinking, but decided her might as well tell her. "Migumi is my sister, but we're not on good terms, not since our parents split up and took one of us each. She was a year old and I was four years... But to put it simply, she doesn't like me one bit because when our parents were back together, she didn't like the fact that mom and I spent time together, catching up and the like..." He sighed and shook his head. "Dad never wanted anything to do with her. She scared him. She has always had eyes that don't reflect the emotions she seemed to feel, and it scared him...."
rikuprincess / Kaya: Kaya smiled a grim smile "Oh i see, im sorry i asumed you two had somthing together just the way you acted..."
Kyrie_Rose / Tyran: Tyran returned her sad smile. "We should have grown up to be close, but it didn't work that way..." he said, his voice full of the sadness her felt. He wondered at what Kaya had really thought of the two of them...
Hikoru / Naie (Na-E): Naie walked along the waters edge in her human neko form. She paused seeing the reflection and thinking of her dead love, rodger, a human.
rikuprincess / Kaya: Kaya leaned over and gave Tyran a hug,she silently wondered what he thought of her but dared not to ask for fear of being rejected...
Zara / Sylan: Tyran was very happy to be around Kaya. He suddenly wanted to ask her what she thought of him, but dared not. He gently slipped an arm around her and hugged her in return. He wasn't sure what he was doing, but she hoped she would think it was a thank you, as it was, in part...
Migumi looked back from where she was to give Tyran and Kaya a hard look. She aimed another at Tyran that meant, "Stay away from me!"
Hikoru / Naie (Na-E): Naie saw Kaya and Tyran. She turned into her cat form. Naie snuck up on them, jumpping in Tyran's lap she put her to front paws on his chest. Turning back she was sitting in his lap, hands pushing him onto the ground. Naie was a sluty Neko ever scence her lover died. She planted a kiss right on his lips then got off of him. "That was fun.
Zara / Sylan: Tyran was shocked and sat up blinking. He looked back at Kaya and wondered what she thought now, his eyes searching hers. He then turned back to the other Neko, Naie. Wow, this was the most attention he had ever gotten. He blinked in surprise and looked at both...
Hikoru / Naie (Na-E): "Tyran...Your cute. I like you!" Naie said sexy. She was never able not to get a guy. She like Tyran though. He was smart, thouf(sp?), and cute.
Kyrie_Rose / Tyran: "Thank you..." he said a caught a little off balance. He was still not quite sure about all this....
Hikoru / Naie (Na-E): "Hey Kaya...Whats up?" Naie asked with her leg balancing on the other. She looked at Tyran, Her hair was sparkiling in the moon light. She hopped he liked it becuase she looked beautiful tonight.
rikuprincess / Kaya: Kaya was infuriated she grabbed Naie by the hair and poceeded to beat the living crap out of her till she couldn't hardly move, then in a harsh voice she wispered in her ear " Stay away or next time it'll be worse, go find your own boy toy, this ones mine! go try the human he looks ready to go!"
Hikoru / Naie (Na-E): "BITCH!" Naie kicked her in the stomache making her fly into the water. "FOR YOUR INFORMATION HE IS DEAD AND ALWAYS WILL BE SO FUCKING LEAVE HIM OUT OF OUR FIGHT YOU BITCHY PUSSY!" Naie bent down to Tyran. "Im not just flirting with you becuase
Hikoru / Naie (Na-E): I do that its becuase I really like you." And she walked off. <<add>>
Kyrie_Rose / Tyran: Tyran stared in surprise at the two. This was unexpected... Wow, Kaya must really like him if she was beating up another girl over him.... Tyran was still rather lost, but he found this flattering. He liked Kaya. A lot. He had to admit it. He didn't know how to say that though, so he was quiet, watching the two with curiousity, but reservation as well.
Migumi looked back over her shoulder and sighed. Wow, another fight...
rikuprincess / Kaya: Kaya sat on the wall and watched Naie storm off, little did she know beatings like that had little effect since she got them from her father her whole life...Kaya walked over to Tyran "Sorry bout that, exactly why i dont make friend with or hang around female nekos or female anythings!" kaya said with an annoyed air...
Kyrie_Rose / Tyran: Tyran smiled and relaxed a bit, leaning back on his hands. "She seemed... fiery..." he said. "I.." he started, looking at her, but the sentence fell apart before it left his lips and he started to blush slightly, so he turned away. How could he ever let her know how he felt if he couldn't even get the sentence out?
Hikoru / Naie (Na-E): Naie went up into a tree that was 10 feet away. She had a little blood on her but she didnt mind. She knew gregrey would be happy that she fought for more love. She turned into cat form and sat in the tree. Cats cant cry that was why she was in that form.
Hikoru / Naie (Na-E): Naie had to make it up to Tyran. She didnt care about Kaya becuase it was her fault they got in a fight, for jumppign on her like that. She had to show him her not sluty side. Naie couldnt help it though, she had to stop trying to get guys attention becuase hers was dead.
Kyrie_Rose / Tyran: Tyran felt bad for Naie and hoped she would be alright, but right now he had a hard time focusing on that train of thought....
rikuprincess / Kaya: Kaya kissed Tyran "You what? what were you going to say?" she asked in a soft voice as she ran her hand softly through his hair...
Kyrie_Rose / Tyran: Tyran smiled. "I was saying that I really like you, a lot, Kaya," he said softly leaning forward to kiss her. He slowly began to pull her into an embrace, but made sure that she knew he wasn't going to force hre to do anything. He just hoped she felt the same. But if that first kiss were anything to judge by, than she did.
rikuprincess / Kaya: Kaya kisses Tyran back deeply"Im glad you feel the same way about me as i do about you Tyran."
Hikoru / Naie (Na-E): Naie looked over at them threw the night sky. She turned back into a cat. A little cat head shaped notebook popped into her hand with Neko magic. She wrote her feelings and thoughts of Tyran down for him and he would give it to him tommorrow after he left Kaya. 'Tyran I like you...A LOT! I'm sorry I act so sluty. I am just craving for a persons love. Someone to wake up with me every morning and kiss me on the check and tell me he loves me. Someone to tell me he would fall off the edge of the earth if it was to save me. Well, I fell offthe edge of the earth and my true love died on the way to save me. I am still broken hearted and need love to glue it back together. I love you Tyran and just know that.' She wrote and put in a envolope.
Hikoru / Naie (Na-E): Naie got down from the tree and walked over to where the two where kissing. She didnt care. "Here Tyran, open it when you give a damn." She put the envolope in his lap.
Kyrie_Rose / Tyran: Tyran looked at her and then at the note for a moment and gave her a rather confused look. As Raie walked away though, he kissed Kaya again deeply, his arms coming around her, his toungue exploring her mouth.
Hikoru / Naie (Na-E): "Asswhole." She said as she was 1 mile away.
Hikoru / Naie (Na-E): <<Im TRYING to get back into the story and hock myself to it but you guys keep ignoring me>>
Kyrie_Rose / Tyran: ((Sorry... You could have her come across Migumi... She's sitting on her own being mad...))
Zara / Sebbella: ((*sighs* I need to start shutting down... I think I have about 5 mins left though...)
rikuprincess / Kaya: Kaya kissed him back just as deeply,enjoying the way his tongue explored her mouth and they way he caressed her...
Hikoru / Naie (Na-E): <<I know but I like causeing drama! So work a little with me here! PLEASE! I beg you! *turns into kitten* Meow!>>
Zara / Sebbella: Tyran wondered what Raie would try first, but he wasn't going to let his thoughts spoil this moment. He kept kissing Kaya deeply until he had to take a breath, then he pulled back for only a moment, then fassened his lips to hers yet again.
Zara / Sebbella: ((Oops... logged in as Sebbella...))
rikuprincess / Kaya: Kaya kept kissing him, she had never been kissed this much in her life!, she loved it, she loved the warmth of his body and the feel of his tongue....
rikuprincess / Kaya: Kaya continued to kiss him passionatly, she really really liked him,and at the same time she wanted to be friends with his sister, but now she knew Migumi would hate her because of this but that did not stop her from loving Tyran...
Kyrie_Rose / Tyran: Tyran felt kind of bad about making any friendship Kaya wanted to have with Migumi that much harder, but he loved her and he really didn't have a clue how to make that stop. Nor did he want a clue. ~Back off all fairies with ideas,~ he thought.
rikuprincess / Kaya: Kaya pushed her body into Tyrans until he fell back,then she sat on him and continued kissing him....
Kyrie_Rose / Tyran: Tyran's eyes were closed even as he fell back on the beach, one of his hands on the back of Kaya's neck, gently masaging.
((Night... Must go...))
rikuprincess / Kaya: Kaya layed her head on Tyrans chest, silently listening to his heart beat and enjoying the closeness and his warmth
Kyrie_Rose / Tyran: Tyran stoked Kaya's hair gently and kissed the top of her head. He loved the feeling of her being close to him.
PrincessOfDark: ((what had heppened. you allleft me behind in my own rp))
rikuprincess / Kaya: Kaya smiles, sits up and looks at Tyran "so what do you think of all this?" she asked in a soft gentle voice...
Zara / Svenka Song Yvette: Tyran thought for a moment. "Well, I think that meeting you was the greatest thing ever. That Raie is rather jealous at the moment and that I hate to make any friendship with my sister harder..." he said, voice equally as soft as he sat up slowly.
PrincessOfDark: ((thank you and iwont be able to use a pro. comp wont let me)) she pretended like she didnt hear what he said.
PrincessOfDark: ((i didnt mean to do taht but add this)) she looked over at him and smiled. "Hi. my name is kagome. whats yours?" she said ofering her hand.
PrincessOfDark: she noticed he didnt take you hand. kagome shrugged and scooted closer to him. "You a human. i can smell it. and your very shy. obviously." she smiled and looked back out into the sea.
rikuprincess / Kaya: Kaya smiled "I feel the same meeting you was the best thing that could of happend,im sorry too about your sister, but its ok..." Kaya looked up at the wall seeing Yoshi and kagome talking, kaya began to giggle seeing how red yoshi's face was...
PrincessOfDark: she was taken aback but still smiled. "Thank you. this is the first time i have carried a conversation with...well anyone. i am not exactly a neko of choice around here." her eyes got sad for a moment. kagome shock her head as if to clear thoughts and stared bakc out to the ocean.
PrincessOfDark: she moved her head back and forth makeing him rub her head more. purrign kagome said, "Me either. i guess they dont like my personality."
Zara / Svenka Song Yvette: Tyran looked up at the wall in the same directiont Kaya was and smiled when he saw the two up there. He scooted closer to Kaya and put an arm around her, giving her a little squeeze. He didn't say anything, but his eyes were shining with happy laughter.
PrincessOfDark: Kagome shiverd and jumped slightly. if she was smart she would knoe that this huamn liked her. but she was a bit on the slow side. she smiled and rubbed into his shoulder purring louder.
rikuprincess / Kaya: Kaya wrapped her arms around his waist and smiled up at him, she loved him, he may not know she did, but none the less she loved him...
Zara / Svenka Song Yvette: Tyran smiled at her. His other hand gently brushed some of the hair away from her face. He loved her, she wondered if she could tell that he did... He hoped she good. Tyran had never been good at taling about his feelings...
PrincessOfDark: ((yeah she can join))
she looked up at him. "You nice. and your kawii too! " she liked the way this human treated her. all the other looked at her as a freak who was way tooo happy. But he was different.
rikuprincess / Kaya: Kaya could tell by his gentleness and his actions that he loved her, she hoped he knew she loved him right back...
PrincessOfDark: Kagome rubbed into his shoulder and purred. "No i like here by the sea. But i would love to live with you. if you would take me."
Zara / Sylan: Tyran gently kissed her cheek. "Are you staying anywhere Kaya?" he asked. He himself wasn't and really wanted to be sure she had somewhere to stay and that he could find her.
PrincessOfDark: kagome hugged him back wraping her arms around his neck. she pulled back and licked his check. "Thats what we neko do." she said smileing.
rikuprincess / Kaya: Kaya shook her head no "im not staying anywhere at the moment...why?"
Zara / Sylan: "I want to be able to find you again, Kaya," he said, slightly blushing. "I'm not really staying anywhere either, but I'm looking into renting a home, and I was wondering if you would be interested in staying with me if I do...." he said softly.
PrincessOfDark: She began to purr even louder. 'This human is definatly differnt from the last one.' she thought. kagomes ears twitched and she thought she could smeel her firend alex.
rikuprincess / Kaya: Kaya hugged Tyran and kisses "Ofcourse i would!"she said excitedly. Kaya silently thought about her last home it sent shivers through her just thinking about it...
Zara / Sylan: Tyran smiled and kissed her again, his arms wrapping about her again. When he pulled back, breathing hard, he said, "Alright, then tommorrow we can start looking together!" Tyran kissed her again and then gently stroked her hair.
PrincessOfDark: kagome scrunched her nose. Alex was ruining another moment. without moveing from her position with koreyoshi sge talked to alex. "Hey al."
rikuprincess / Kaya: Kaya hugged him back "Yea, we'll start looking tomarrow, it'll be fun!"she said in a bubbley voice...
Zara / Sylan: Tyran smiled. "It will! But what neiborhood to you like?" he asked her, kissing her cheek.
rikuprincess / Kaya: Kaya thought for a moment "Im thinking a nice friendly one, but where there no nosey persons of any sort...What do you think?"
Zara / Sylan: "That sounds great. It also sounds very ideal," he said smiling as he looked at her. "We'll go look at neiborhoods that are as close to that as possible and the ones that are exact first," he said, trying to make a plan.
rikuprincess / Kaya: Kaya smiled"ok thats sounds great!" Kaya was happy that he had asked her to move in with him.She knew now this confirmed what he thought about her and she was very happy about this...
Zara / Sylan: Tyran smiled and kissed her again. "Alright then, we'll plan on it then," his voice was soft and so was his hand as he gently stroked her hair around her ears.
PrincessOfDark: ((i eill be back in about 10 mins))
She took yoshis hand when he offerd. "Hey al. No you wernt interupting anything."Kagome smiled at her friend. "Um...have you seen you-know-who? i want to...well yell at him and stuff."
PrincessOfDark: http://s103.photobucket.com/albums/m124/Gothicqueen666/?action=view&current=BeautifulNekoPicture.png
that is what kagome looks like.
rikuprincess / Kaya: Kaya kisses Tyran back " Right o, jolly good chap!"kaya smiled at Tyran with a mischivious smile...
PrincessOfDark: she sighed and whisperd in alow voice. that only a neko could hear. "My ex." she looked to oshi and smiled. kagome didnt want anyone to know what she went through with him.
Kyrie_Rose / Tyran: Tyran smiled at Kaya, laughing slightly. He wasn't used to being called a "jolly old chap" and said so. He wondered what she was thinking of, noting her smile...
PrincessOfDark: Kagome whisperd back. "Yeah. to think iliked him. even aftre what he did to me." she shudderd and held her shoulders.
rikuprincess / Kaya: Kaya stuck out her tongue at him "Sorry, Tyran,hehe i was just talking british!" Kaya wasn't about to tell him what she was thinking it would stay right in her perverted mind where it belonged...
Zara / Sylan: Tyran smiled at her warmly and kissed her lightly. "Well, that's fine, but it's still the first time anyone has called me that," he was still grinning.
rikuprincess / Kaya: Kaya smiled"Well theres a first time for everything isn't there Sweety?"She said in a sweet loving voice...
Kyrie_Rose / Tyran: "Indeed there is," he said his voice gentle and velvety with love. He leaned forward and kissed her forhead. After pulling back he looked into her eyes.
rikuprincess / Kaya: Kaya looked up at him, and smiled "I love your eyes their beautiful!" she said in a low soft voice...
Kyrie_Rose / Tyran: Tyran smiled. "Thanks," he said softly to her. "And you are beautiful from head to toe, my lovely Kaya," his voice was soft as he spoke these words.
Venth Valentine: (how do I join in?)
rikuprincess / Kaya: Kaya blushed"thank you sweety." Kaya had never been told that in her life, only that she was ugly and stupid, she loved him telling her that....
Kyrie_Rose / Tyran: Tyran smiled and kissed her again. "You deserve to know that you are beautiful, and intelligent, Kaya, no matter what other people say or think," Tyran said.
rikuprincess / Kaya: Kaya smiled and kissed him deeply " thank you sweety, i love you" she said in an innocent almost child like voice
Doom_Hammer / Salim: ((can i join?))
Doom_Hammer / Salim: ((damn thats allot to read cant you just tell me a lil))
Doom_Hammer / Salim: She seen the 2 of them arguing "maybe its not a good time" She looked about.
Doom_Hammer / Salim: She covered her eyes "yup bad timing" She terned and began to look for something to eat.
Doom_Hammer / Salim: ((i guess i read all your posts lol))
Doom_Hammer / Salim: ((that was before you asked lol))
She herd the commotion and turned back around she walked into distance "Alex Hey!!"
Doom_Hammer / Salim: She ran up her blades on her sides like always. "hehe hay how ya doing?" She looked at Venth "still playing with human toys? come on theres something really cool going on in main square"
Doom_Hammer / Salim: She bounced on her toes impatiently "ok make it fast" She looked at them as they walked to the side 'human toys how unsanitary'
Doom_Hammer / Salim: "eww" She turned and started to walk "i'll just see you around then" She began to walk.
Doom_Hammer / Salim: She was one of the Neko's that still didn't like humans that much she thought they were dirty and rood. She looked over her shoulder "just call me when your human toy gos home"
Doom_Hammer / Salim: ((oks i dont know if ill be on latter but im on a lil longer now))
Doom_Hammer / Salim: "by human toy" She waved at him with one hand with her tongue out. "come on Alex lets go"
Doom_Hammer / Salim: "well for a moment i thought you liked the human toy" It tool a little extra to say but it was what she called them. She looked about as she walked.
Doom_Hammer / Salim: "funs the name.. well its not but its what im good at" She started to run "come on theres a carnival"
Doom_Hammer / Salim: They ran together "ya i was already there and thought you would love it so i came looking for you" They could see it now "see there it is"
Doom_Hammer / Salim: She smiled "i know i love when they come to town" She had a stuffed cat under her arm and a snow-cone in the other. "hehe so what shall we do now?"
Doom_Hammer / Salim: She hugged her back and waved "oks see ya tomorra" She smiled then looked around "i guess i better head home to then" She started to prance towards her house not caring if anyone was watching.
Doom_Hammer / Salim: She got home "mom im back. I'm jest going to have a bath then go to bed though so night night" She went and put the stuffed cat on her bed with the others then ran to the bathroom and stripped down as the water was running. She stepped in and laid down in the water. She relaxed for a little bit before cleaning up and getting into her panamas putting her blades on a hook and crawling into bed amongst all of her stuffed toys.
PrincessOfDark: Kagomoe saw alex and him talking. since it was the nest day she was kinda sad. She rememerb that she was in yoshi house. she was sleeping in the room across from him. yoshi was really nice to her last night. kagome got up in her pj's and went into his room. without waring she jumped on his chest. (( sorry tensu but i couldnt resist))
Doom_Hammer / Salim: She woke up really late and looked about as the light came in from the window She stretched and grabbed the clock . "what time is.. OH NO I REALLY OVER SLEPPED" She got up and got changed as fast as she could and grabbed her blade belt and strapped it on as she ran for the Kitchen.
Doom_Hammer / Salim: She grabbed something to eat and ate it as she headed out the door grabbing her cell off the desk as she put her boots on. "oh im really late" She locked the door and ran down the street.
Jacoby / Iacomus: You know, i really don't give a crap what's going on in here because i know Tensu can handle it. But when you call a good friend of mine and a girl no less such nasty things, i get angry. Now, i suggest you apologise to her for saying those things and get the hell out of here. Man, i've never known someone get so low down as to stoop to verbally abusing a gal *shakes head in disgust* I'm done. Peace people.
PrincessOfDark: (okay one this is my rp and you changed the whole flipen plot and disoebyed the rules. and i seriously doubt you could hurt tensu in real life or here. hey you have on one day and you have already made a really bad enemy. me. i am not the bitch to be toyed aroud with. ask half the people on this site. they hate me cuz i am a bitch. i was like you once. i sucked at rping and didnt know any of the rules. i got better. i have been on more than a year. listen to the people who are better and more experienced. oh and by the ass whole cussing is fine. and godmodding is never dying! dumbass.))
PrincessOfDark: *giggles* okay.
PrincessOfDark: you know i hate it when you do that right?
PrincessOfDark: it does work thats why i hate it when you do it. grrr.... and i already amde the first post.
PrincessOfDark: i dunmo *bang bang* this rop is officaly dead.
KotaroIzawa / Akira homonichi: (we can't let this place die!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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