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Roleplay - The Darkest Day by Lynette / NotionallyYours

People come and people go. When will it ever end?
The world had shut its doors to any outsiders and as it is, vampires had already taken their chance before the doors were locked. Inner-Galactic Vampires took foot in the castle of light and turned it into a dark lair, along with it the queen and princess. The king was not spared and a new king arose, upon marrying the princess. If the princess did become the queen then all would be lost as she would become darkness itself as light cannot go together with darkness. The world would never be the same if such things would occur.

Roleplay Details

No godmodding
Any Race
Medieval Times
Anyone can Join
Need Vampire King
And Everyone else can make up their own thing


NotionallyYours / Lynette: Lynette walked quietly and swiftly through the halls of the palace, away from the throne room. She didn't want to see such an evil beast again, but of course that couldn't be avoided. Every corner she passed there was a vampire, each one appearing to have a thirst for blood, where were the guards? She felt alone, mostly alone, and most of the times she was treated like a slave, especially by the 'husband to be.' She continued walking until she got to the southern part of the castle and walked outside. Only she knew of a secret passage around the southern part, but she was being watched. She sat quietly in the garden as the sunlight brightened her skin. It was dark in the castle, and she could not see a thing when she's in her room. She never expected such a thing to happen. Sitting down in the blooming garden, she could see the many colors and such.
Ariella / Raika Sonisho: Raika stood in the shadow of the garden walls and watched her ward, the princess Lynette. Although her face showed no emotion, inside she grieved silently for the young girl, who seemed so lost and confused. Life had been jading her so far and soon it would be worst. Lynette was a vampire also...well in her own right and yet so far, according to Raika's insightful observations; she seemed in constant fear of her own kind. How would she survive once the queen wed her away to the "vampire", full blooded and all, king? Raika let out a soft sigh that was barely audible and subtly nodded her head in sympathy. The queen was looking for Princess Lynette, but for now Raika did not wish to deprive the girl of her much needed alone time.
NotionallyYours / Lynette: Lynette sighed quietly, almost multiple times as she sat quietly, peering eyes from many vampires. She was not allowed to be touched by such low vampires, but the So-to-be-King always bit into her, leaving her much for nothing to be able to live. She let out a quiet sigh, less then a few weeks prior to the engagement of the marriage,"I don't want the day to come.." She said in a shivering voice as she stood up, staring up at the sky, she walked very slowly back into the halls of the castle, the people that once prived the land of its resources, now diminished, very few lived and they were mainly female toys of the vampires to keep them from rioting.
Kyrie_Rose / Tyran: ((Do you need someone to Rp the King... I can if you so wish... though I would like to also play as my Vampiress Svenka, if I were to join....))
NotionallyYours / Lynette: <You're welcome to play the king, but there's only the vampire king.. The human king died from the vampire king.>
Kyrie_Rose / Tyran: ((By the way, I'm a girl...))
Kyrie_Rose / Tyran: ((I know. I read your setting.))
Zara / Sylan: The future king was now arriving from whatever business he had had earlier. He walked the halls as a silent shadow, his red tinted eyes on all of those around. He looked down upon the lesser vampires. He was a prideful one, that was certain.
Sylan looked about him again, knowing he would eventually run into Lynette.
Kyrie_Rose / Tyran: Svenka was a full blooded vampire who hated her own kind. She was of royal blood, however, so she was here, at the palace. One place she would rather not be at all. She resented the presence of all other vampires here. It would be a miracle if she ever met one like herself, she would be very surprised. Svenka spent most of her time locked within her own quarders or contemplating killing her own kind. She wasn't one to mess with.
Svenka sighed as she looked around her again. She was, for once, roaming the halls. Her eyes held an unyielding hardness, however, and it made most give her an odd look. It wasn't the blood thirsty one that most others had.
Zara / Svenka Song Yvette: ((This is Svenka, really sorry, everyone... *looks dissapointed in self*))
NotionallyYours / Lynette: <Hope Raika posts again.>
Lynette let out a quiet, almost silent breathe, her body shivered as she was afraid to walk any further in the chasm of vampires. She continued walking though, her arms around herself. She started up the stairs to the second level of the castle, and continued another flight to the third level. There was atleast 6 floors to the castle, the 7th was the king and queen's room in a dome-shaped room on the roof of the castle. Lynette hoped she wouldn't come across the king again, and shivered at the thought. She continued to her private quarters, but it wasn't so very private ever since the king found where she spends most of her time. She walked inside and closed the doors silently as she sat down in a chair by the window, curtains drawn, it was dark and totally dark velvet red, as every redesign made by the king.
Zara / Sylan: The vampire king was in search of Lynette and because he knew where to find her most often, he headed right there.
It took some time to walk up all of the stairs and to the room that was the princess' private quarters, but the soon to be vampire king didn't mind the long walk at all.
Soon, Sylan was opening the door quietly and looking in to see Lynette. "Aww... What a beautfiul sigh..." he said to himself as he walked over to where Lynette sat, one hand reaching out to stroke her cheek.
NotionallyYours / Lynette: Lynette looked up at him and continued to stare through the shades of the window,"Why are you here?" She asked quietly clasping her hands together in a nervous tension. She sat quietly, the day growing old already and evening was coming. She felt pale, though, it was natural to a half blooded vampire.
Zara / Sylan: Sylan's lips quirked at her question. "I am here because I wish to see you, is that so horrible?" he asks, though that could never be his full reason. He merely wanted to see how much she really hated him, or, even, how much she feared him. He was to be married to her shortly, as well, so it was necessary to be around her, or at least he felt that way. "I would say that you don't want anything to do with me," he said, lips quirking into a smile as he gently ran one hand down her hair and then removed it slowly, looking regretful, but since when had he regretted anything?
NotionallyYours / Lynette: Lynette continued to stare at the still curtains, her eyes shaken,"Yes, it is horrible.." She said quietly after becoming a vampire of her own made her change the way she viewed life and she let out a quiet sigh,"If I didn't want anything to do with you.. what is it that I would have to do to keep you away? You're strong, and as are the other vampires.. I wouldn't be able to protect myself." She said as she looked back out the window, feeling the darkness becoming wider, yet, not closing in on her when she was like a child, fearful of the darkness, she felt, welcomed.
Zara / Sylan: "Sadly, you can't keep me or the others away," he said, his voice holding no edge, but something that sounded like sympathy that would leave any who heard it to wonder if he meant it. "You are stuck with what you have in life, princess. You'll have to learn to except it," he said softly, still standing, watching her. He wondered what would come of all this. It could be bad to have his queen hate him... Sylan dismissed the thought for the time being and focused again on Lynnette.
NotionallyYours / Lynette: Lynette sighed, accepting the facts was hard for her, she was stubborn as her father was, though, she was obedient like her mother. She felt a small breeze come around within the room, not from outside the window. Lynette shivered, the new gloom in the castle made it worse then it seemed, as light would show a way from which it came, but this darkness, she couldn't bare it quite well. She shivered in fear, afraid something would attack her,"Only a few weeks." She whispered to herself over and over as she lifted her knees onto the edge of the chair and sat quietly with her arms around her legs, the skirt of her dress long around half way down to her ankles.
Zara / Sylan: Sylan watched her, feeling her fear and enjoying it, but something in him, his humanity perhaps? That thing that he thought he had killed, told him to be sympathetic. "Yes, only a while longer," he said, hisred eyes looking over her face. She looked pale for even a hald blooded vampire. He didn't feel the chill, for why should he? "Is there a chill?" he said his voice calmly cold, his eyes searching her expression.
NotionallyYours / Lynette: Lynette just sat quietly with her arms around her legs, and not afraid to admit it,"Just scared.." She said quietly as she looked back up at Sylan,"Tell me, why did your kind come to our world?" She asked quietly as she turned her eyes back to the window and laid her chin on her knees.
Zara / Sylan: Sylan's mouth quirked to one side again. "Well... my kind came to your world for many reasons. One of which is that we have to have blood, and because we had grown in number, many of us had to leave our world to come to yours. Another reason is that many of the vampires who came are power hungry and knew your people were not as strong as they themselves were. There were different reasons for individuals, but as for myself, I came to get away from certain others," he said, his voice dry on the last part. His past was his past, and he hated to think of it.
NotionallyYours / Lynette: Lynette sighed quietly,"We're frail and weak people, that is true... But now there is barely anyone.. Anyone at all who is human.. Except those women whom are now whores." She said quietly as she slipped her legs off of the chair and stood up,"Let's have dinner then.." She said quite distastefully as she left the room and went down the stairs to the 2nd floor and to the dining table. She sat on the end to the side as a vampiress delivered her a plate of a simple salad with dressing, and a cup of flavored water. She sat quietly though, staring at her plate, she was waiting or Sylan, for some reason.
Zara / Sylan: Sylan came more slowly, but soon appeared beside her and pulled out his own chair, sitting down. He was shocked she had waited for him, but he masked it well. "Alright, time for dinner then," he said softly instead of the question that came rushing to his lips. What in the world was she doing and why? Didn't she hate him? Was it only polite policy that made her wait for him? He tried to keep the question out of his eyes as he looked at her, but he couldn't not this time. There were just to many...
NotionallyYours / Lynette: Lynette sat quietly as she slipped the shoulder sleeve of her dress down and sighed,"Go on.." She said quietly as she waited for him, it was like an addiction to her, when one bite goes through, it feels exhilarating, though, it was harmful in the future, but she knew he needed his food to stay alive, which she thought she wanted him to die, but she valued life more then anyone else. She waited as she bent her head to the right, waiting for him to sink his teeth in.
Zara / Sylan: Sylan hesitated for a moment, and then carefully leaned over and slowly, carefully, sank his fangs into her flesh. He was so confused by her actions. Why would she offer to feed him? He thought she wanted him to die.... He tried to make this pleasant for her and as far from painful as possible. He forced himself to stop once he had gotten enough to keep him alive for awhile longer, until next he needed to feed.
NotionallyYours / Lynette: Lynette felt him remove his fangs and sighed, it felt like she gained energy everytime he bit into her skin and laid back in her seat. She didn't want to admit it, but she did hate him more then she liked him, but in truth, even if she liked him just a bit, she cared. She leaned forward as she picked up a salad fork and began eating the salad, slowly, along with the cup of water. When she finished she sat straight and looked toward Sylan,"I have a question.. What do you want to do?" She asked quietly, hoping that by the end of the night she could visit her mother.
Zara / Sylan: Sylan blinked. He had no idea what he wanted to do. He was doing what was expected of him, nothing more. "I..." he started only to stop and look away. How could he answer her? He hadn't expected any of this to happen, but he knew that he wanted to be great king, what else was there? He remembered long ago where he was an author and poet, but that was so long ago...
NotionallyYours / Lynette: Lynette stood up from her seat,"I'm going to see my mother." She said and hastily left the dining room. She wanted to see her mother, and quickly, hopefully she was doing fine. She walked up to the seventh floor in about twenty minutes or so, which tired her a lot, but it was gonna have to become a round trip to her. She walked into the dome room to see her mother in bed. Lynette smiled as she locked the door behind her and crawled inside the bed beside her mother. Her mother was not weak or old appearing, she looked like she was only in her fourties, but she was a sixty year old woman, and that was old in their time,"Mother.. I don't know how to do this anymore.. What should I do?" She asked as her mother laid her hand on Lynette's forehead,"Just go on with it, and face the challenges.. Find a way to love your new prince.. I'm sorry I couldn't give you a better life." She said quietly as she pulled her hand back and closed her eyes. Lynette smiled, laying on the bed beside her mother, comfort, but she felt scared, even her mother said to marry a full blooded vampire. She felt as more disaster struck, but only shrugged it off as she sat up on the edge of her mother's bed, she was asleep. Lynette examined the room for some time and sat silently, motionless.
Zara / Sylan: Sylan still sat at the dinner table his eyes fixated on nothing as he tried to sort out all that had happened to him and what he wanted. What did he want? He barely felt anything anymore and that only made his life harder. Where was his life going? When would it reach its end? Did he have enough in him to love or even care for Lynette? These were questions he asked himself all the time, but the one he asked most was, "What do I want... What do I want to do..."
NotionallyYours / Lynette: Lynette stood up from her mother's bed and walked out, closing the door and as she walked back down she headed to her private quarters. She sat in the same seat by the window, silently, almost lifeless. She felt she wanted something, a horrible thing any lady would want to do, but it was lusting to be released. She sat quietly, both hands upon her thighs as she gripped on the skirt of her dress.
Zara / Sylan: Sylan finally stood, his eyes still looking very empty as he walked up the stairs to his own private rooms which were located onthe same level as Lynette's. He wondered how she was and what she was thinking of and wah... she wanted. He really and truly wished to know. It was true he couldn't grant her everything, but at that moment, he desired to grant her one of her greatest wishes.... He sighed. He didn't need sleep, nor would he have it, but he sat where he was on his bed, his eyes on the ceiling yet again...
NotionallyYours / Lynette: Lynette sat in her chair, her hands loose upon her lap, she fell asleep in her chair. She no longer had a private servant, but neither would she want one. She stood up and dragged herself to the bed that sat across the room from the window. She slipped her blue dress off and had nothing else to wear as she didn't visit her actual chambers. She laid under the sheets, her eyes calm and her hands barely sticking out from under the sheets.
Zara / Sylan: Sylan wished he could sleep so that he could get rid of all these disturbing thoughts.These thngs that kept him from at least sitting restfully. Sylan looked about him now. He had chosen the crimson colored velvet, but for the moment wished he hadn't. It made it hard to forget one particulare moment in his past....
NotionallyYours / Lynette: Lynette continued to sleep peacefully, though, even in her sleep, her body felt warm, strong. She opened her eyes slowly, she didn't know why she wanted to awake after such a peaceful and short nap. She sat up, the lacing of her bra slipped down her shoulder and she sighed as she pulled it back up,"I wonder.. What would those other women be doing right now.." She muttered to herself, knowing enough they were being abused by the vampires. She did have standards, but she wasn't sure about the slaves, not many human men were left alive, barely even five. She stood up and walked to the window, opening the curtain. She stared out to the moon, she felt scared again for some reason, touching the red curtain made her feel even more scared. She felt much more warm below her stomach as it wasn't much of anything as fear rose to her heart also. She didn't bother to put on her dress first as she only wore her undergarments and hose. She continued to stare out the window, she was looking for something, but what. She felt something hit her in the face and fell onto her side. She could feel something riding on the side of her thigh and looked to see a frightful ghost. That was the reason why she didn't feel safe by the red designs. She screamed as the ghost took form of a flesh human and took her up. It began to choke her as it penetrated her, it wasn't a ghost any longer, but a vampire of higher status then Sylan himself. She couldn't scream anymore as the vampire held his hand over her throat and then over her mouth. He shoved her onto the bed and snapped his fingers as the shadows braced her down and he continued to penetrate her. She cried as she was a virgin, it was painful. She cried, hoping someone could hear what was going on, but Sylan was several rooms away, but did he hear her shriek before he had covered her mouth? She continued to sob as the vampire continued his rampage on her and as a precaution, he sealed all available access points with the shadows, bracing the doors and windows with a hard magical barrier to silently work his way on the princess.
Zara / Sylan: Sylan heard Lynette screamed and ran to her room, scarlet eyes snapping at the thought of anyone harming her. He reached her rooms and found powerful magic about the entrances. "LYNETTE!!!" he yelled as he began to work upon a counter spell, feeling the strength of the shadows and being much determined, but he was determined. He would never ALLOW ANYONE to hurt Lynette, no matter what she thought of him. He pressed harder and harder on the barrier feeling a hole form in it. He would have to act quickly. He threw himself through. When he first saw the oter vampire he stopped for a moment. He seemed familiar from someone in his past, long ago.... who was this? He couldn't remember. But he was from a higher order.... It would be hard to fight him, but Sylan wouldn't stop fighting no matter what. He wouldn't let this other vampire have Lynette nor would he let him harm her!
NotionallyYours / Lynette: Lynette laid on the bed sobbing with the shadows all over her mouth and arms and legs. She didn't know whether to feel relieved her to feel scared when Sylan appeared, but she felt that it was best she kept quiet, but the vampire continued to thrust inside her. She squealed through the shadow as she felt him filling her up and he pulled out, pullng his cloak around himself as he summoned more shadows, shaped like men and hand them charge at Sylan,"Once you're detained or killed, she will be my slave to do with fool.." The anonymous vampire said in a crewling voice as he summoned numbers of shadows in the shape of men, covering Sylan in blackness. Lynette was scared, she was afraid of being pregnant, she was afraid of bearing children, but perhaps this was the way she was meant to be. She couldn't accept the facts yet, but this time she did, she was going to accept the fact.. that she was just a toy for any man that came running after her. She continued to sob at the ideas that came rushing into her head as she closed her thighs closer together to hide the sperm.
Zara / Sylan: Sylan yelled loudly and something that was neither darkness nor light, but energy errupted around him, throwing most of the shadows of him, and those that weren't thrown were soon abliterated. This was Sylan's other self, the one who had hated himself beyond all that he was or had. This was the part where power lay, but it came with a price: Pain. He had this power, but for every time he used it, he would suffer and ve unable to eat for some time. He would have to limit how much he moved, how much energy he used. But he didn't know about the power, for part of its curse was that he would never remember it, not ever. This didn't garanty that he would win, but it gave him a chance at least... Sylan yelled again, the energy looking like crimson fire around him. "LEAVE HER BE!!!!" he cried, his voice commanding and loud, full of power, but not this strange power. ((I hope that's not to much...))
NotionallyYours / Lynette: <I suppose it's fine, as it's seen in alot of type of hidden powers..>
The vampire smirked,"A prize like this? Not on my life." He said as he raised his hand and as he did, Lynette was raised from the bed with the shadows, the vampire revealed it,"She is going to bare my child, which you failed to do.. The princess of light, if it is finally done.. the prophecy." He said in a much homeful voice of power abusing fools. Lynette closed her eyes, she fell unconscious, and the vampire summoned shadowed arms from the ground to hold Sylan in place as he dug his hand inside of her from between the legs. Lynette's expression was scared, frightened, her eyes shut, though she had no idea what was going on as she was still unconscious. The vampire smirked as he pulled his arm out,"The light and darkness, something no other vampire can have but me.." He said in a monotone voice as he cleaned the tiny orb with his sleeve and swallowed the orb, becoming slightly more powerful, but the orb didn't get much power from when it was inside of Lynette, it would've taken more time. The vampire smirked, only little power was given to him but he did have enough to make sure Sylan became unconsious. Lynette still hung with the shadows on her wrists and ankles, holding her up like a doll,"If you can kill me, then she is yours and she will not bare a child, but if you lost in any manner then she is mine." He said in a very confident voice as he stood, his arm slimy from touching inside of her,"Then let's begin." He said sinisterly as he slammed Lynette against the wall embracing her tight with the shadows, her waist, ankles and thighs, wrist and biceps. He had her locked down tight, and he didn't forget about bracing her neck and mouth. She sat against the wall, asleep.
Zara / Sylan: Sylan felt it, the energy breaking free, taking over. It was nearly at its peak. He knew now he would die for Lynette, but he didn't know if he could win... Sylan didn't wait, he would play dirty if he had too. The energy again through of the shadows, obliterating most of them and then snaking over to the vampire himself, the color of the energy was growing bighter and more visable. He wasn't thinking clearly, all he was thinking of was saving Lynette, but at the same time his focus was on beating this vampire, killing him if he could, but at least making sure that Lynette was safe. If he were to die, so be it, as long as she was safe, but at this level, it was possible he would die, even if he won....
((Thanks, sorry about kinda just, ya know, springing it and stuff....))
NotionallyYours / Lynette: <It's no problem, play to what you think is right, but destroying a castle level, like the whole entire 3rd floor would seem quite unnatural, but that's vampires..>
The vampire grinned slightly, he wasn't sure if he had the power, but he had the bait. He walked over to Lynette, still facing Sylan. Hopefully the clue got over to Sylan. The Vampire smirked as he used the shadows on himself to grow two times bigger with an over imaginable protective barrier. Lynette woke up slowly her eyes widened quickly as she realized where she was. All she had on was her hose and bra, the vampire in front of her,"He did this.." She muttered, though, still aware that she might become pregnant by his baby, and not the one she was meant to marry, she was afraid as she didn't know this vampire a single bit. She broke the shadows, the light strong in power. She tossed her arms around the vampire and held him down,"Kill him!" She shouted,as she held tight onto him, but she wasn't standing, only hugging, her legs had become very weak and lifeless after he had raped her. The vampire grew weak by the light that was strong inside of her. The grasp she had tossed him down to a smaller size and soon enough he was back to normal, and alot weaker then before. She kept holding him, for Sylan.
Zara / Sylan: Sylan was stunned, he wouldn't risk harming her, so he came up to the vampire, easily penetrating what was left of his shield. The red energy thenrshed around Lynettes body and formed a steak that only harmed the vampire. It was only from Sylan's fear for Lynette that she was unharmed, that they energy had changed it's farm, becoming blunt as it would touch her skin.
"Lynette," he said softly, sitting on his knees beside her. He wasn't about to release the power yet, just in case....
((Sure, I won't let it go that far... I'm kinda used to Rping REALLY powerful characters without going over on power playing or god moding, but I always like to be certain....))
NotionallyYours / Lynette: Lynette hadn't a thought of what she was doing and crawled away from the down dying vampire, falling onto her side as he legs had become numb from the penetration. She examined Sylan for a moment and a smile,"I like you.. but half of me hates you for being a vampire." She said quietly, the vampire very well in anger but it could not move because it had been hit through the heart. Lynette laid on her side, staring at Sylan then to the frozen vampire,"Now that wasn't hard was it? All you had to do was stab it in the heart to stop it from moving.." She said quietly, her heart becoming half filled with light again and half darkness. She could feel it, her hands stopped glowing the bright light sometime after the vampire had died down.
Zara / Sylan: "He's dead," Sylan said tiredly as the energy began to fade and he slumped, his crimson eyes barely open at all. He was barely alive and this was bad. It had been worse this time.... "I'm glad you're alive, Lynette, but I wish I could have stopped him before this happened to you..." he gritted his teeth as pain shot through him and pulled himself towards the nearest wall before slumping against it. "I'm glad only part of you hate me because I really do love you, Lynette, not matter what you think...." he said, his voice week.
NotionallyYours / Lynette: Lynette smiled, she had no fear to like him, but feared to hate him now. She quickly crawled forward and managed to bring life back to her legs but not much to stand herself. She held Sylan and dragged him back onto her bed, laying him flat,"Is there anything I can do?" She asked sitting with her legs bent to the side as she stared down at Sylan, seeing the pain he was in, but Lynette, she needed to clean herself. She looked down at herself between the legs, she felt scared as she grabbed a small handkerchief and wiped herself, she was still dripping from the vampire, but thankfully when he put his fist in, he mainly made her job easier. She looked back at Sylan and looked around as she found her panty. She slipped it on and stuck the hoses strap to her panty as she slipped her dress on. She didn't care if it looked alright, she wanted to help Sylan and quickly before he would die. She kissed him on the lips, gently and quickly,"I'll get help." She said standing up straight, but her legs still barely had strength.
Zara / Sylan: Sylan was surprised, but didn't say anything. Despite how tired and week he was his eyes shone. At least she didn't hate him anymore. "Be careful, Lynette," he said, love, care, and fear for her safety all coming through his voice. He closed his eyes for a moment and just lay there, wishing to send his spirit with her as she traveled the halls. If any vampire were to touch her or harm her, he couldn't do anything, but he would most likely try and end up dead... Sylan let out the breath he didn't truly need in a sigh and then took a deep breath as even a sigh hurt him. He hoped that she would be alright and wouldn't have to bare a child and he also wished to live through this.
NotionallyYours / Lynette: Lynette was hopeful as she found the same vampiress that served her dinner cleaning the hall at an odd hour,"Maid, come with me." She said without explanation and she took the Maid back to the private quarters without much thought,"Do you think.. you can help him?" She asked the maid as the maid walked over to Sylan,"It's easy, the gems that are created inside you.." She said and left the room. Lynette didn't know what she meant and sighed quietly,"What did she mean?" She asked herself as she looked down at Sylan,"Was that the reason why the vampire.." She thought for a moment and turned around, her knees on the edge of the bed as she leaned close to examine his face, laying her hand on his cheek,"Do you know what the maid meant?" She asked quietly as she brushed his hair with her hand.
Zara / Sylan: Sylan opened his eyes, the pain in them plain as he looked up at her. "Yes..." he said, his voice so soft she would have to lean closer to hear him. "When he reached inside you that was what he took. He swallowed it to gain power, to become immune to light and fulfill a prophecy." He took a pained breath. "Even if that works that way, I couldn't do the s...s...sa-me." Sylan gritted his teeth as another wave of pain ripped through him mercilously, his back arching as it traveled his spine. "I - I th-th-ink that the crystal could help, but only if you...." He couldn't finish as more pain swept through him.
NotionallyYours / Lynette: Lynette figured it was after the vampire had filled her up full of his cum that which made the crystal,"Then.. does this mean.. that I have to do it with you?" She asked quietly, quite unsure if she had to or she didn't have to, cause there might've been one still inside of her,"I- I think it'd be best if you... looked inside me to see if there is one already." She said quietly as she decided to pull her dress off again and panty, laying them down quickly upon a chair, it was obvious she had to do this, and stood beside the bed, her hands clasped together between her thighs,"Sh- D- Do this quickly, or else I'll.. get on top of you." She said quietly, embarrassed that she had to strip in front of him but they were still gonna have to do it anyway once they got married. She didn't favor marriage, but if it was the only way to save her people, then it had to be done. She stood, only with a bra and her hose still on.
<I have to sleep or the night, good night.>
Kyrie_Rose / Tyran: ((Night))
Sylan used what was left of his strength and reached inside her, his eyes appoligetic, despite it all. There just happened to be a crystal there and he pulled it out. It shimmered as he held it, but then pain raked through him again and her dropped it, his body convulsing. "P-P-P-lease... h-h-old the c-c-crystal a-a-gainst my ch-ch-est," he said, again rolling over onto his back. "I-I-it can't... h-help un-un-un-unless y-y-you h-h-old it..." he said his voice a bit louder, but strained with pain. He looked at her, his eyes full of love for her, but they were clouded by pain. He had found himself again, at least for the most part.
Zara / Sylan: ((Ended up getting logged in as the wrong charrie...))
NotionallyYours / Lynette: Lynette stood over him, naked, for the most part, and took the gem from his hand and held it gently against his chest,"Will it work?" She asked herself, she felt that there were eyes peering but she smiled as she stared at Sylan. She was embarrassed, but she didn't have tim to think about it. She felt the light emanating from the gem and it sunk into his chest, becoming a part of his body. She smiled gently,"You now have light.." She said gently as she patted his chest and stood up to pull her dress on, forgetting about her panty. She sat down on the bed beside him and sat there staring at the window. She hoped she could consult with him about the decorations of the castle.
Ariella / Raika Sonisho: <<sorry if umm i jump in at such an awkward part, but i couldn't get on the last few days ^_^;;>> Raika had been on the ramparts, looking for any signs of an oncoming attack, when a guard came up to her to report a commotion in Princess Lynette's quarters. Immediately Raika jump off of the battlements not bothering to use the stairs, it wasn't like she would die or hurt herself in any physical way, after all only a stronger vampire could kill her. She rushed through the corridors in a fury, incensed that anything like this could've happened and especially right under her nose, she was Lynette's guardian, she swore an oath to the queen that Lynette would never come to any harm and yet this had occurred. When she reached the door to Lynette's room, she did not bother to knock or even open the door, but only faded through it like a silent ghost. "Milady are you okay..." She called out, her voice laced with her emotion of anger.
NotionallyYours / Lynette: Lynette looked up to the door and ran up holding her arms around Raika,"Thank you, that you've come.. but we already took care of it.." She said almost breathlessly as she walked back to the bed, past the still body that was on its knees and sat down on the edge of the bed as she stared at Sylan,"The pain should at most be gone by now.." She whispered to herself quietly.
Ariella / Raika Sonisho: "Milady I will get rid of the body..." Raika said cautiously eying the vampire king. What was he doing in Lynette's bedroom and what had happened in here? "I will also send for some tea while I am at it." Raika went over to the door and opened it to see that some of the queen's, actually more Raika's than the queen's, loyal and trusted servants had gathered outside awaiting orders. Raika instructed the menservants to go and take the vampire's body away and dispose of it discreetly, to the maids she ordered some refreshments and dinner brought up, although vampires like herself really didn't need food, only blood, to sustain them, she enjoyed eating for fun and she doubt that Lynette was not hungry. She then went back in and seated herself comfortably in an armchair by the fire place to await Lynette's explanation. She didn't need to ask, Lynette would tell her in her own time.
Zara / Sylan: Sylan's eyes were closed tightly and he was completely still. He didn't seem to breathe, but then a vampire didn't need to. His eyes finally blinked open slowly, the red in them looking around him. Most of the pain was gone now. "Lynette?" he called worriedly, his voice soft and tired sounding. "Lynette?" again, a bit louder. He didn't see her at first and that worried him, but he had a feeling she was safe. He lay still upon his back, one hand still on his chest.
Zara / Svenka Song Yvette: ((*bumps*))
NotionallyYours / Lynette: Lynette looked back to his voice, her worry slightly gone. She knelt down beside the bed as she laid a hand on his forehead,"I'm here.. Are you doing any better?" She asked quietly and looked back to see a maid,"You asked for some refreshments Miss Raika?" Lynette turned back to Sylan, she still felt strangely over-worried for Sylan, it felt like her hateful side had disappeared, at most she wished atleast a part of it remained. She sat there, hunched close to the bed as she kept her hand on his forehead.
Zara / Sylan: "Much," he said softly, on hand going up to gently push her hair back from her face. "Still a bit of pain..." he said. He was tired and it showed. He looked at her wondering if she still hated him at all... He really wondered. He had never expected her to actually do something like that for him, not in all of his years, past, present, and future, would he ever thought she would do that for him, even if she liked him...
NotionallyYours / Lynette: Lynette smiled, all in one night, everything disappeared, her heart filled with love instead of just light and darkness. She sat quietly,"Would you.. like to feed right now?" She asked quietly showing her bare neck where he bit her from dinner time,"I'm sure it'll make you feel more than you already feel." She said quietly as she slipped the shoulder strap of her dress down to keep her dress clean.
Zara / Sylan: Sylan smiled at her softly. "I don't think I can eat for awhile yet... You see, part of the power's curse is that I can't eat for several days... but I don't know what affect the crystal has," his voice was soft and his eyes never left her face as he contemplated what might come if he did try to feed. He looked at her, his eyes still having a bit of pain within them, but still they shone more and the love her felt for her came trhough.
NotionallyYours / Lynette: Lynette pulled her sleeve back up and sighed,"Then I'll give you what you need in those few days.." She said quietly,"Do you want anything right now?" She asked quietly laying her head beside him and smiled.
<Let's wait for Raika for now.>
Zara / Sylan: ((Alright))
Ariella: Raika took the refreshments, along with Lynette's dinner and set the tray down on the coffee table. "Milady I suggest you eat something." Raika said looking at the couple. Although she was happy to see that her Princess had finally found love, she was still weary of where that love was coming from. "Majesty...a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I am Princess Lynette's guardian and I swear to keep her safe with my life, my loyalty is to her and her only although my allegiance belong to you...I shall in no way harm or let her be harmed..." Raika's voice was soft, but there was a threat hidden behind it and she knew the king would sense it. "I am Raika Sonisho after all..." She had quietly drifted over to where Princess Lynette was and gently put a reassuring hand on her shoulder to guide her over to her food. "Eat..." she said and with that she headed for the door, when she reached it she turned around one last time and added, "I expect every morsel to be gone when I come back for the tray..." then she was gone, passing through the door instead of opening it.
Zara / Sylan: Sylan sighed, not liking the threat in Raika's vice, but happy that Lynette had such a great guard. Sylan's eyes closed and he rested, but even as he did the words that said escaped his lips as he lay there were, "There is nothing I need right now... Raika seems to be a great person, and she really cares for you..." Sylan said softly, a gentle smile lighting his features, despite the fact that his blood red eyes were closed so that he could rest.
NotionallyYours / Lynette: Lynette giggled,"You're acting like my mother." She said in a sarcastic town as she stood up,"She's.. a sister to me.. the way she treats me.. I am younger then her after all." Lynette said as she began eating, the lettuce appealing to her favorite, fresh. Smiling to herself,"Are you sure you don't want anything?" She asked looking over at Sylan and swallowed a big amount of the salad. She looked toward the meatloaf and decided it couldn't be that bad, but it'd harm her diet in some way. She divided the meatloaf and ate it down.
Zara / Sylan: Sylan cracked one eye open and forced himself up on one elbow. "I'm certain," he said, looking pale even for a full blooded vampire. "I just want you to be safe...." he said very softly. He layed down slowly, his body aching, but not outrageously, as he lay back down flat. "You really should finish all of that," he said, his eyes still open as he watched her and smiled. He was very happy that she was alright. But.... he did wish that he could have spared her the pain and fear that the other vampire had caused.
NotionallyYours / Lynette: Lynette giggled as she finished both plates and slowly drank a cup of milk. She set it down and sat down beside Sylan,"I don't know what to do anymore.. Should I listen to what I was told.. and Marry you, for the sake of my people?" She asked quietly as she laid down beside him, face to face,"I just can't decide.. but vampires are just another... form of humans I guess." She said quietly, as she laid her arm around his chest and closed her eyes, she felt warmth again.
Zara / Sylan: Sylan stroked your hair. "You have choices and the free will to make them. I won't make you, not any longer," he said, opening his red eyes to look at her. "What you value most will most likely influence your choice, but first, you need to decide what that is and think about it differently for each situation," he said, voice soft. "I do love you, Lynette, and I want you to know that." Sylan closed his eyes, but still stroked her hair. "When you feel like you can, you can redesing the castled decorations and such, but you need to make sure that they are darker colors.... we don't want those in the palace to get upset," he said, chuckling slightly, though far from loudly.
NotionallyYours / Lynette: Lynette smiled,"Do I really get to?!" She squealed with delight and giggled as she held both her hands close to her lips,"Then we'll get married on the scheduled date three weeks from now." She said happily as she leaned her head closer to his. She so wanted to change the castle's interior design as it seemed to gloomy to the ones with past endeavors,"Would a dark blue like the night be good?" She asked as she took her left arm and snuck it under his neck and lifted her right arm across his chest, locking both hands together, holding him around the neck. She smiled, and decided to kiss him again, and so she did, kissing him a lot longer before she gave him power with the gem.
Zara / Sylan: Sylan smiled into the kiss. He didn't know how to tell her so long as they kissed, but he wouldn't break it apart. He would wait until a breath was needed. At that point he smiled, even he, who did not need breath, was breathing raggedly. "I am so very happy you have chosen to marry me," he said, kissing her again, but not as hard, he wanted to answer her questiong first. "Yes, a dark blue like the night would be perfect," he said with a smile, wrapping one arm around her while the other hand tipped her chin up to him so that he could kiss her again.
NotionallyYours / Lynette: Lynette giggled as she kissed him, their lips adjoining into one. It was absolutely her first kisses in her life. She couldn't tell how to describe it,"Then when the sun is at its peak, we'll change the whole castle around." She said softly as she moved her entire body closer to him, and smiled as she kept her arms around his neck, kissing him, tongue rolling around his tongue.
Zara / Sylan: Sylan enjoyed this kiss more than anything else had ever felt enjoyment for. These kisses... he couldn't describe them. The arm that was wrapped around her remained as such, but the other gently cradled her cheek as they kissed. Sylan was amazed by all that had happened and how much he had changed in teh course of one day.
NotionallyYours / Lynette: Lynette giggled as she lifted her lips from his. She blushed as she opened her mouth slightly and let out a nervous chuckle as she began to speak,"D- Do you want t- to do it?" She asked quietly, her face becoming cherry red. She was embarrassed that she was asking it instead of being forced to. It was almost like a dream come true, but the vampire had taken away her virginity all in the few remembering hours.
Zara / Sylan: "Only if you want to," he said looking at her. She had a choice now, and he wanted her to know that. He would never force her into anything, not ever. He couldn't quite believe she was asking, especially all that had happened with the other vampire... He blinked in wonder. This was so different. She seemed to have lost all of her hate for him...
NotionallyYours / Lynette: Lynette laughed nervously to herself,"I shouldn't have asked.. Let's.. do it after we get married." She said as she sat up on the edge of the bed, quite uncomfortable now and smirked as she laid back fairly gently, her head upon his stomach,"Your flat.." She said quietly and giggled quietly as she lifted her legs up and bent her legs in, her knees next to his head. She giggled quietly, the position slightly strange, yet enjoyable in a way. She closed her eyes as she laid her hand on his chest,"Let's go to sleep." She said quietly as she let out a quiet yawn and sat up on her knees and laid herself down facing him, she smiled and kissed him again. She closed her eyes and she was fast asleep, the empty plates sitting silently on the coffee table, the open window blowing a gently breeze in. There was nothing to hide anymore, the curtains were gone and the evil that tainted the room disappeared,'Raika, thank you for taking that thing away.' She thought to herself before she had fallen fully into dreams.
<I have to go to sleep, so nighty night!.>
Zara / Sylan: Sylan smiled. "I think that's a wise plan," he said to her, even as she began to dream. He lay awake for a bit longer and hummed a lullaby to Lynette, gently stroking her hair until he started to drift into a trance like state since he couldn't sleep. He was still humming softly though, just barely keeping it up.
NotionallyYours / Lynette: Lynette woke up some moments later, her leg caught over his right. She smiled though and stood up from the bed. The sun was just rising and she had gotten right on time to see it bloom in the distance. She stared at the edge of the land, the orange-yellow twilight that brightened anyone's day, except the vampires. She looked back to Sylan, wondering if he was able to stand against the light, but surely he couldn't, especially in his condition. She grabbed a chair and pulled the torn curtains back up in its place and sat back down on the edge of the bed, her smile gentle.
Ariella / Raika Sonisho: Raika appeared quietly at Lynette's side, she'd come back for the tray last night and to her approval Lynette had obeyed, but still Raika had not gotten her explanation or at least the full story, because Lynette was lost in he peaceful realm of sleep. "Milady your breakfast awaits..." She said softly as she nudged the still slightly groggy Lynette towards the coffee table. "Do you have any request for me today?" Raika asked as she eyed the state of Lynette's quarters. "Anything at all...just asks." She added with a wry smile of amusement. Lynette had never been one to remember details, or at least if she had, she never remembered to voice them.
NotionallyYours / Lynette: Lynette smiled as she stood up,"Thank you, this is all I'll need.. for now." She said as she sat down by the coffee table and began eating. She made a lot of appealing noises as she ate, she loved the food as usual, but before she didn't like to express as often. She finished eating and stood up from the table,"I'm going to take a bath." She said as she walked out of her private quarters into her real bedroom that was on the next floor. It was a lonely hall, barely any rooms then hers. Once one person steps up there was actually only one door half way between the end of the hall and a door on the otherside. Lynette's was on the left hand side. She walked inside and looked inside her wardrobe for a dress she could possibly wear, then the knee high dress she was currently wearing. Picking up a blue dress(that looks the same as the picture) and a four cross-strapped top and underwear, along with hoses, she went straight to the pool area that was at the end of the hall across from the stairs. She locked the door behind her, the pool was warm as usual, woodstocks below against the marble rock was a perfect way to keep the pools warm, as she hoped the people were still heating it. She laid her clothes down on a sidebench by the pool and slowly crept herself into it. The pool was slightly small, as big as a master bed, but smaller then a master's bedroom. it was still to large, to much space and little people. She sank below her shoulders as she relaxed in the pool, she felt weird about something in between her legs.
Zara / Sylan: Sylan awoke to find that Lynette was gone. This realization made him sit up quickly and suddenly, the breath catching in his throat. She had to be safe, but he had to know for sure. Though sitting up had pained him enough, the vampire king forced himself to stand. "Lynette?" he said, his voice very soft as he leaned against the bed and forced himself to stand up straighter and walk towards the stairs, his every foot fall heavy, sending shooting pain through his body. Sylan gritted his teeth and continued. ~Lynnette?~ he thought, casting his mind out to try to find her, hoping that he could sense her somewhere.
NotionallyYours / Lynette: Lynette continued to bathe herself in the pool, her body so relaxed in the warm waters. She didn't know when she wanted to get out, and it'd be slightly to cold for her to stand up anyway. She slapped some water into her face and began to wash away any impurities or sweat, tear, or any other marks. She smiled gently to herself, though, she pained to have something happen again. She stood up fighting the cold and quickly went to the bench, dried herself off, and slipped her clothes on. She sat down on the bench, and slipped her mid-heels on and walked out into the hall of the royal's. She continued to walk and reentered her own room, searching for something so that she may have something to do later. Her room had not been changed, especially when the vampires came. She had golden curtains hanging on two wide-high windows, and a master bed with blue sheets. The marble floor was covered with a light-purplish-blue rug and the walls were absolutely sky-blue. She felt at ease when she sat down on her bed staring at the golden curtains,"Maybe we should have that on all the windows.." She said smiling daintily to herself.
Zara / Sylan: Sylan walked towards the stairs, his steps becoming heavier as he moved. He kept on going, though. He had to be certain Lynette was alright. He had to lean against the wall to rest now, else he may collapse. He also had to be careful, though, that no other vampire saw him, though it was unlikely at this hour.
NotionallyYours / Lynette: Lynette stood up, and opened the shades to look outside, the sun was beautiful and the city bright, though, it wasn't loud anymore. She sighed but her smile masked it all as she walked outside of her room looking both ways, and then towards Sylan,"Are you okay?" She asked quietly as she took her hands and gently grabbed his biceps,"Do you want to lay down?" She asked quietly examining his face.
Zara / Sylan: Sylan smiled softly at her. "I'm alright," he said, voice sounding strained. "I was just a worried..." he said, examining her face. He was still not relaxed after last nights.... drama. Relief showed in his face as he looked at her. He still had a hand on the wall. He desperately needed to get out of the halls before any others caught sight of him, for with those who were power hungry, it was dangerous to let them catch sight of weakness. He didn't want to intrude upon her day though, and he didn't want to come into her room and keep her from the solitude she may want. He didn't know how she felt about sharing days with him either. Sylan smiled softly at her, his red eyes shimmering.
NotionallyYours / Lynette: <Argh >.<.>
Zara / Sylan: "Thank you, Lynette," he said smiling at her. "If your thirsty..." he said to her, not wanting her to be sacrificying her own needs for him. He was grateful for her help, but more than anything, he needed her. He admitted that to himself now. For a very long time he had tried to deny that he needed someone else, but he knew the truth as the truth now... He didn't know how to tell her that, but he hoped she knew that he loved her and that he needed her...
NotionallyYours / Lynette: Lynette smiled as she laid her head on his shoulder,"Just tell me if you need anything.. Love.." She said quietly smiling as she just moved her eyes to look at him, knowing he'd be looking down at her. She closed her eyes as she sat quietly, still smiling and slowly she gently laid her hand over his, holding his hand.
Zara / Sylan: Sylan was greatly surprised, but he gently wrapped one arm around her and kissed the top of her head tenderly. He was smiling softly as he thought about how happy he was in this moment. He wondered what she was thinking of as he gently squeezed her hand lovingly. He hummed softly, thinking deeply as he did so. He hoped that he would be better soon, for he could not afford to bring attention to himself and the vampires who may wish to take his place...
NotionallyYours / Lynette: Lynette felt comfortable in his presence, his humming was enchanting, though, she was not truly in a trance by his handsomeness, she loved his touch. She continued to grasp his hand, gently as she looked up into his face, forcing their lips to be together again. She held it for what seemed several minutes but just a few seconds. She smiled wider,'I feel so warm..' She thought quietly as she laid her head back down on his shoulder and closed her eyes.
Zara / Sylan: Sylan felt like he was glowing. He smiled. He loved her touch and loved the feel of her hand in his. He smiled and kissed the top of her head again. Even in his weakness with all these new problems, he was happier and less troubled than he had ever been. "Lynette, sweet," he said softly, "Have you chosen what you wish to do?" he asked her, kissing the top of her head yet again. He began to hum again. He wished he could sing for her now, but it had been so long since he had sang last... he didn't know what to say...
NotionallyYours / Lynette: Lynette smiled,"We'll get married and then we'll be the happiest husband and wife in the world.." She whispered gently and smiled up at him, giggling quietly. She lifted her right hand and held her hand on his cheek and kept hold of his hand. She kissed him again,"I... feel warm.. My heart is warm.." She said while keeping her hand on his cheek, she blushed as she laid her forehead on his and smiled,"I'm truly embarrassed, but I love you so much.." She said quietly,"You protected me.. And I want to thank you so much.." She said quietly as she dropped her right hand and laid it on his thigh, She laid her head on his shoulder again.
Zara / Sylan: Sylan blinked, greatly surprised. "I love you very much, Lynette, and you saved me as well," he said softly, picking up her hand again and holding it in his own. "I also feel... so warm... so alive... I feel... like I haven't in... years..." he said softly, breathily, but from happiness not fatigue. His eyes were shining and there was wetness there as he kissed her head again, one arm wrapped arond her, the other holding her hand to his lips so he could kiss it. After he had kissed her hand, he twined his fingers with hers and held her hand in his.
NotionallyYours / Lynette: Lynette felt so comfortable as she moved in closer beside him as she smiled up at him,"Do you think we'll be okay in the future?" She asked quietly grasping his hand as she began to wonder,'What will happen to us?' She smiled, obviously they'd be happy.
Zara: "We'll be happy together, safe and happy so long as we are close," he said softly, stroking her hair. He moved that hand into the pocket of his cape and pulled out a ring box. "Lynette," he said softly, still holding her hand. "I want you to have this," he said as he opened the box to reveal a band made of white gold that had a gem the color of dawn in it. "I want you to have this as a token of my love, as a promise," he said softly, his eyes searching hers.
Zara / Sylan: ((Oops.. I got logged out as Sylan...))
NotionallyYours / Lynette: Lynette giggled as she stared at the box and awed at the sight of the band. She laid her free hand against her chest as she stared at it,"And I promise to never stop loving you." She said gently trying to hide her happiness and kissed him long and as she lifted her lips from his, she picked up the bracelet and let go of his hand to put the bracelet around her left wrist,"It's the cutest thing I ever had." She said softly as she stared at the dawn-like gem and giggled as she threw her arms around him,"Thank you.. My love." She whispered as she sighed in happiness as she held him gently.
Zara / Sylan: Sylan wrapped his arms around her. "You're welcome, my darling," he said softly, smiling as in happiness as his left hand stroked her hair and his right held her close to him. "I promise that I will never stop loving you, that my heart will belong to you," he said to her. He began to sing a song of love and happiness, one he did not know he knew nor did he remember, but it was coming back, one word, one note, after the other. It was a song of good wishes...
NotionallyYours / Lynette: Lynette continued to hold her arms around him, her happiness was great and her love was never ending. She sat there, moving her arms under his arms as she laid her head to the side, her face to his neck,"Beautiful." She said softly as her eyes closed by themselves. She hummed quietly along with him as she began to feel hot.
Zara / Sylan: Sylan still stroked her hair and sang. His voice was a beautiful Baritone, filling the room with a deep resounding sound. It was also soft, though, and gentle, like fine silk. He kept singing until he reached the end of the song, and then he merely sat there, holding her. He still hummed though, for notes still came to his mind, notes that would be played on an instrument following that song and during it. He didn't know where this had come from suddenly, but it was there and he was still humming softly.
((I might dissapear... My mom wants me off and my comp. is being evil...))
NotionallyYours / Lynette: <Hah okay, I have to sleep anyway.>
Lynette held him close, his voice comforted her, the way he was comforted her. She soon dozed off, but hadn't fallen fully asleep. She blinked several times to keep herself awake, but it was futile, she fell asleep in his arms. Her own arms dropped like noodles as she laid silently in his arms.
Zara / Sylan: Sylan smiled as he felt her go limp in sleep. "Rest Lynette," he said softly. He gently laid her on the bed, her head on the pillow. He made certain she was in a comfortable position and then gently covered her with a blanket he found nearby. He then sat on the edge of her bed and watched over her. He wouldn't move until she woke.
(('night then...))
Zara / Sylan: <<Bump..>>
NotionallyYours / Lynette: Lynette moved onto her side sleeping quietly and even in such a bright afternoon. She didn't have a smile but her face glowed with all the happiness anyone could ever have. Instictively she laid a hand on Sylan's a smile spread across her face when she continued to sleep.
Zara / Sylan: Sylan smiled at her affectionately. He was happier now than he had ever been before. He hoped that she was just as happy.... Sylan felt even happier knowing that Lynette was happy. He hummed softly, his other hand moving over the top of hers and enclosing it gently.
Zara: <<BUMP>>

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