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Roleplay - Requesting Characters for an RP! by Will / DustedRelection

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Hikoru / Catrissa: for what rp?
DustedRelection / Will: Ok, I created an Rp a while ago, and so far I have no characters. Adnmittedly, I did create it at the wrong time, because there was no one on elite. But if you look up The Faded Aura It would be much appreciated. (No it has nothing to do with auras sorry) Any questions, post here. Thanks!
DustedRelection / Will: Im pretty lientient on things, but I just didnt want to have another vampire or high-school story, because there are so many. But if want to be one, go ahead! I just need people!
Kyrie_Rose / Tyran: I brought in my Neko charrie, Tyran... I could bring in a whole bunch of my charries, but I don't know if you want me too.... I have mainly vampires, nekos, humans, and dragonriders...
DustedRelection / Will: Thanks! I replied, though it was quite short...But I am not sure if you could handle so many charries. I mean, if you can, go ahead, please, but I don't want you to become too overwhelmed, doing an rp with just one other person...
We need more people!
Kyrie_Rose / Tyran: Agreed. I normally can handle up to five characters at the same time, but I prefer to Rp with two max...
Kyrie_Rose / Tyran: I have to go for awhile... I might be back later...
DustedRelection / Will: Ok, Ill see you there later.
Zara / Sylan: Well... I'm back now..
DustedRelection / Will: Yeah, I replied to your post, I never knew how dangerous a tavern was

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