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Roleplay - Witches and Sorceres! by Catrissa / Hikoru

A small village full of magicical people. it is in 400 A.D.

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Doom_Hammer / Demen: ((^_^ you start ill join))
Doom_Hammer / Lacree: ((ops i mean this character ^_^))
Hikoru / Promise: Promise walked threw the field. It was slitly breazy. She just got back from one of her magic lessons. Promise was half cat half witch. She wanted to rise her witch abilitys so she could streagthen her Neko ones.
Doom_Hammer / Lacree: She smiled seeing Promise from where she sat in the grass. Lacree was a water sprite not quite a witch but she already had magic powers so she was very quick to learn others.
Hikoru / Promise: Promise layed back felling the breazze go over her. The long un-cut grass touches her legs tickling her all over. She wished her fmaily were still alive to enjoy this heven with her.
Doom_Hammer / Lacree: She got up and walked over to leaning over her to surprise her "HI!"
Hikoru / Promise: "AH!" Promise sprang to her feet and was in fighting stance. She was gaspping for air. "Dont scare me like that! I could seriously hurt you!"
Doom_Hammer / Lacree: She smiled at her "but its funny seeing you jump like that" She gave an innocent smile "did you hear about what the teachers are doing in the back forest?"
Hikoru / Promise: Promise shok her head. "Nothing yet."
Doom_Hammer / Lacree: "i herd there going after dragons" She whispered.
Hikoru / Promise: "Sweet! I love dragons!" Promise sat on the ground thinking of the time she rode on.
Doom_Hammer / Lacree: "but there only for the senior students" She hung her head. then a look came over her face "we should go help"
Venth Valentine: so Promise want to learn new powers which will make her a better witch..she asked her boy friend to teach her new spells. His name is Venth Valentine who is the best soceress in town.
Druecilla / Shayla: Shayla walked silently by the pond it seemed as if her whole life was passing her by without even the simplest care for her or her own problems. Shayla had been orphaned long past her 4th birthday. Now all she longed for was a companion someone who felt just like her or atleast similar.
Hikoru / Promise: "So, you got any Venth?" Promise asked sitting down in a chair in her home.
Hikoru / Promise: <bump>

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