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Roleplay - Guardian Angel by Kasimi Zenon / PrincessShaman

It's the present time, but something is different about. Special humans are being blessed by their own guardian angel. The biggest rule they must follow is not to fall in love with each other.

Roleplay Details

Characters: Humans (or any species that live on Earth) and Guardian Angels
No godmodding, semi-literate at least, and third-person please!


PrincessShaman / Kasimi Zenon: ((I shall be a guardian angel for this))
DustedRelection / Will: <<Can I join? I could be either human or angel...>>
PrincessShaman / Kasimi Zenon: ((ok, cool)) Kasimi walks through the streets of the city searching for the one he was sent down to protect not sure who she really was or why he was sent down now. He wore a big heavy coat to hide his wings as he continued. "Where is she...?"
PrincessShaman / Kasimi Zenon: ((sure you can join))
DustedRelection / Will: Will stopped walking in the quiet street. She felt something. It was slightly strange, as if someone was watching her, though she saw no one. Shrugging it off, she continued on her way, deep in thought. She had so much on her mind today...
PrincessShaman / Kasimi Zenon: Kasimi stopped for a moment's rest knowing very well that all he had done all day was walk the streets. If he was allowed to, he would throw away the heavy coat and just fly, but he couldn't. He glanced around his surrounding. "Let's see. I'm suppose to instantly know when I found her," he said to himself.
PrincessShaman / Xavier Triton: ((Playing as an angel))
Xavier sat quietly on the roof time of an old abandoned building staring down at the people below searching for the one he was sent to protect. "I don't feel anything from these humans," he said lightly. "Are they even here?"
DustedRelection / Will: Will shivered. It was quite warm today, but she had felt it again. She halted again and searched around her, looking for something that could give off such a chill. To her dismay, all that she had seen on the lifeless street were a group of elderly, and a group of girls her age, who she did not care to associate with. Or rather, they did not with her. Will sighed, and rubbed her shoulders for warmth, and lost herself again as she continued walking.
PrincessShaman / Kasimi Zenon: Kasismi was stopped by the sound of a car horn going off and quickly turned towards that direction. He wasn't sure what it was, but without even thinking about it, he ran up to the parked car in the middle of the street. "W-what the?" His gaze turned to the side where he could see a girl running off.
PrincessShaman / Xavier Triton: He closed his eyes not sure what to do next. "Maybe if my chosen one was near, I will be able to sense them." He concentrated hard.
PrincessShaman / Kasimi Zenon: Kasimi ran into the park trying to find out where this girl was. He tried to pick up his pace realizing now that he had lost sight of her, but could somehow still tell where she went. He stopped at a near by tree and looked over its branches seeing the girl once again.
DustedRelection / Will: Will was begining to feel worried. The feelind was getting stronger, and she didnt even know where she was going. She wasn't exactly sure where she wanted to go, but anything was better than where she was at, that was all she knew. Her mind not able to concentrate on her location, she paused and sat down where she was, which was quite inconvienent, being that it was on the side of a rather twisted road. Will paid no attention, as she closed her eyes and put her head in her hands.
PrincessShaman / Xavier Triton: Xavier's eyes suddenly shot open wide as he had just realized something. He stood tall on the roof and looked down closly. "They're near by. I-I can feel it." He jumped down into the alley and walked out looking down the sidewalks.
PrincessShaman / Kasimi Zenon: Kasimi slowly made his way closer to her not wanting to startle her. She looked so scared to him. As he continued forward, he felt a small branch crack beneath one of his foot and quickly stop in place.
PrincessShaman / Kasimi Zenon: "I-It's okay," Kasimi said softly to Iennett to try and calm her down. "I don't want to hurt you. I just wanted to check up on you after that near car crash. Isn't that what happened?" As he spoke, he took a couple more slow steps forward holding his own hands up a little.
DustedRelection / Will: Will looked up. She was not crying, but her eyes were slightly bloodshot. She continued to feel the strangness, and wrapped her arms around her legs. They were not cold, but it was out of comfort she did this, and fearfully looked around once more, trying to detect the feeling.
PrincessShaman / Kasimi Zenon: Kasimi saw that she was still moving away from him and stopped himself from moving any closer. "I can see that you're still scared of me, so I won't come any closer. Just tell me. Is your name... Iennett by any chance?"
PrincessShaman / Xavier Triton: Looking left and right picking out with road to take, Xavier decided to go in one directly, but quite slowly. He had hopped that the feeling he was getting would get stronger. "They're around here somewhere. I can feel it."
DustedRelection / Will: Will shivered even greater, and got up. She felt that it may have been the area, and began walking again, hoping maybe it would ease her mind.
PrincessShaman / Kasimi Zenon: Kasimi stared silently for a moment looking her over. She was clearly shaking from head to toe because he was here. But he had finally found her. "Iennett? I really won't hurt you, honestly. I'm hear to help you. Please believe me." He didn't move closer to her, and only dropped his arms down a little waiting for her reply.
PrincessShaman / Xavier Triton: Xavier suddenly came to a stop and looked over his surrounding. He wasn't sure why, but this energy he was feeling had suddenly changed. "No, they're coming closer." He turned around looking down the road he was sure would be where "they" could come from.
PrincessShaman / Kasimi Zenon: Kasimi nodded lightly feeling a little relaxed himself. "I didn't think any of this would make sense to you right now, but I have been looking for you all day. I'm here to protect you." He started to pull off his coat getting ready to show her his only proof on his back. His wings.
Kimishi: <can i join?>
PrincessShaman / Kasimi Zenon: ((sure))
Kimishi / Souel: <um...uh...cant choose what to be!...ub T_T can i be an angel that doesnt know hes an angel yet! like...he was left on earth or something and doesnt have memorys...i can clear it up later?>
PrincessShaman / Kasimi Zenon: He opened up the last button and pulled off his coat spreading out his tense white feathered wings. He then partically rapped them around him and looked back at Iennett. "I'm an angel. These are my feather wings," was all he said not sure how he would explain without scaring her once again.
PrincessShaman / Kasimi Zenon: ((sure, no problem with that))
Kimishi / Souel: <nice...thanks!!!>
Souel walked down the dark streets, his hands on his pockets glancing down at the ground in front of him. His back hurt again, like it usualy did every now and then. He let a small sigh out, was it because he was homeless, could he be sleeping weird, he questions a bit but shrugged it off, he slept fine. His eyes were only half open, holding a cold like stare which wasn't too unusual for Souel. He turned the corner of a building still looking at the ground, not really aware of his surrounding.
PrincessShaman / Kasimi Zenon: "I had a feeling you I wouldn't hurt you," he said as he watched her move closer. It was going better than he would have ever expected. Not know who this girl really was, he was unsure if she would even accept him right away. Maybe she still didn't.
PrincessShaman / Kasimi Zenon: Kasimi stared at her surprised at how sudden she was able to talk to him so freely, then smiled with a nod. "Sure. Well there are other angels like me around here. Sent from above with a mission to protect someone here on Earth, for example, you. Without much of a reason, we're sent down at a certain part of someone life, possibly the most dangerous. You may be in danger."
DustedRelection / Will: <<Sorry, temporary computer crash>>
Will was begining to shake so badly, she thought she felt a bead of sweat come down her face. She began to run, afriad as she was, and fled down the narrow street.
PrincessShaman: ((that's okay))
Xavier narrowed his eyes trying to look down the road as far as possibly not sure who would come down it. Suddenly he saw a young girl running his way. "Did... did I find her...?" he asked himself quietly.
PrincessShaman / Xavier Triton: ((sorry. accidently logged out as Xavier))
PrincessShaman / Kasimi Zenon: "Y-you are...?" Kasimi said quietly, but still in shock. He was definietly not expecting to find out that the one he was sent down to protect was actually a vampire. Or at least a half vampire. No one up in heaven told him who she was. Did they not tell him because they thought he would back out. He shook his head from the thought and looked back at her. "I still have to protect you no matter what."
DustedRelection / Will: Will was running so quickly that she had run past the stranger that was in front of her. She continued to run, but then as she reached the point where she was just beside him, she stopped. Shaking uncontrollably, she feel to the pavement, almost as if she was vibrating. Everything around her swam, and Will became so irritably dizzy, she shut her eyes, and became unconcious.
PrincessShaman / Xavier Triton: Xavier stood in complete shock as he watched this girl fall to the ground right beside. He ran to the girls aid seeing that she was now unconscious. He lifted her head up and stared down at her. "She feels so... warm... and cold at the same time."
DustedRelection / Will: After a few moments, Will was coming back to the world. She did not open her eyes, as she felt someone holding her. Fearfully thinking of what to do, she was still shivering quite badly. She was so afraid that she die of the warm, yet cool chill that ran through her, she could scarcely breathe. She silently gasped for air, but still did not open her eyes.
PrincessShaman / Xavier Triton: Will shivering went through Xavier's body and he could clearly feel how much she was shaking. He quickly looked around his surrounding seeing no one in sight, then held her close as white wings pulled out of his back wrapping around the both of them. "She is definietly the one..."
DustedRelection / Will: Will, hearing a voice from behind the safety of her eyelids, quickly opened them to see the speaker. Frightened though she was, she did nothing as she just stared at him. The one? One what, she thought as she continued to shake. She felt strangely calm with this stranger. She paused in midthought. There were wings on this being. What was going on? In an attempt to escape, Will jumped to her feet, and as she tried to run, collapsed once again on the warm asphalt.
PrincessShaman / Xavier Triton: "I see... that's why you're so alone." Kasimi's eyes trailed across the floor as he was in thought. Then his eyes came back to her. "Maybe that's the danger I was sent to protect you from. I can't be too careful."
((gotta go. I'll be back tomorrow))
PrincessShaman / Kasimi Zenon: ((damn. what happened. I posted in my other characters some how... sorry about that))
DustedRelection / Will: <<I didnt even know that you were both...I should have probably check your profile>>
PrincessShaman / Xavier Triton: "Whoa!" Xavier quickly caught her before she had a chance to hit the pavement once again. "It's okay. I was just trying to help such a dizzy girl."
PrincessShaman / Kasimi Zenon: ((lol. Sorry about that. You needed an angel and I had an extra male character. Well I have to go now. I'll be back on tomorrow. Bye))
DustedRelection / Will: Will marveled at the reflexes that he had to catch her. Startled she was as he held her, she could not help but stare. "I-I..." But what could she say? That she had felt a chill and began to run? No, she couldn't say anything. Instead, she just closed her eyes, and waited for her vision to return to normal.
Kimishi: Soul looked down a small narrow path as he passed it, hearing some voices. He halted to a stop seeing a collapsed girl and someone holding her.
He stared, what happened, was it some mugging from that guy? he walked into the path his hands still in his pockets and cautiously looked there way.
"...is she ok?" His back started to pound, he ignored the pain.
DustedRelection / Will: Will heard another voice. She feared opening her eyes, this time from dizziness then from what lay there in front of her. The voices seemed to swim, and she could barey uderstand them. Still in a daze, she again gasped for air.
PrincessShaman / Xavier Triton: Xavier looked up as he heard the voice of the stranger. "I don't know, I'm afraid. She just collapsed, but I have no idea why." He glanced back down at Will as if waiting for any sign of what had really happened to her.
PrincessShaman / Kasimi Zenon: He started to hesistate with his first words a little. "Um, has... has anything dangerous happened to you lately?... Like an attack of some sort?" Kasimi wanted to know everything he needed to before he could really understand why or even how he was going to protect her.
PrincessShaman: It's when you suddenly have unbelievable powers and you control everything that happens like every one of your attack kills everyone or everyone of your opponent's attack misses you every single time (unless there's a good reason for it.)
DustedRelection / Will: Will opened her eyes, staring somewhat hazily at the one who had tried to help her. She didn't know what to say, or even if she could, her voice felt so weak. She had no idea what happened, though she supposed it was due to the strange feeling she had felt earlier. It was still with her, but it was more of a pulsing at this point. She attempted to rise to her feet, but it was in vain, and she awkwardly fell back into his arms, observing him in confusion.
PrincessShaman / Xavier Triton: Xavier tilted his head as he stared back at Will. "Are you okay, Miss?" he asked softly making sure not to make and sudden moves.
PrincessShaman / Kasimi Zenon: Kasimi could suddenly hear the fear in her voice as she spoke. It was more than just fear, he could tell that much, but he had to admit that he was never expecting to hear of a family member. He took a step closer to her. "Then that is who I shall protect you from, if you will accept me as your guardian angel."
Sarah Black / vivian lockheart: <<can i join?>>
DustedRelection / Will: Will could her own voice shake as she replied. "Y-yes...I believe so..." she felt strangely calm. She was unsure if it was the guy, or something else, but something told her to trust him. She gave a soft smile. "Thank you....uh...?" she did not what exactly to call him. He looked strangely unreal, like no other being from this earth. However, he was of comfort to her, and she had felt safe, as she hadn't felt in such a long time.
PrincessShaman / Kasimi Zenon: "Then I must now make it offical." Kasimi took a hold of her hand and kissed the top, the pulled back a little. A small black winged marking appeared on her hand before it flashed lightly slowly disappearing. "I am now yours."
PrincessShaman / Xavier Triton: Xavier smiled lightly back at her seeing that she appeared to be feeling better. "The name is Xavier. And yours?" He couldn't explain it. Or maybe he could. There was a strong feeling inside him as he continued to hold this girl. He was sure of what it ment.
PrincessShaman / Kasimi Zenon: Kasimi smiled at her the moment he looked back up at her. "Now let's get you out of this place. Do you not have anywhere to stay?"
DustedRelection / Will: "X-Xavier..." Will repeated the name. It rang back in her mind. Still slightly shaky, she replied, "Will," and went slightly pink at the name. It was not truely hers, but a name she had given herself. No one truely knew her real name, for she had adopted the name so long ago, she claimed it as her own. She turned away from him, unsure of what to say. Her she was, in the arms of Xavier, one who had technically saved her, and she was speachless. She only wondered what he had thought of her, as Will looked back at him once more.
PrincessShaman / Kasimi Zenon: Kasimi quickly noticed that she was looking down. Tilting his head, he began to speak. "Uh, is something wrong?" He started to think that she was feeling unconfortable with him or something and he didn't want that at all.
PrincessShaman / Xavier Triton: "Can you stand?" Xavier questioned. He glanced around the street they were on before turning back to her. "If not, I don't mind carrying you, but I think we should get off this street now."
DustedRelection / Will: Will shook her head. She would have no one carry her. She attempted to stand, and with a pain-staking effort, rose to her feet. She was unsure if she should rely on this stranger. Will thanked him, and began to head down the street due west, though unsure why. She wasn't sure where she was, but was quite certain that her destination was in a different direction.
PrincessShaman / Xavier Triton: Xavier stood up and watched her start to walk in one direction, but the truth was he didn't want her to go just yet. "Uh, are you sure you'll be alright?" he said aloud.
PrincessShaman / Kasimi Zenon: Kasimi nodded lightly understanding what she meant. "You've been alone for quite a while now, haven't you?" he asked almost quietly. "I can tell just by looking in your eyes. Well, you won't be alone anymore." He smiled softly at her.
PrincessShaman / Kasimi Zenon: Kasimi nodded lightly at her. "Now we just need to find a place for the both of us to stay." Without thinking about it, he grabbed her hand and began walking through the park. "I'm sure we'll find a place in no time."
Zara: Iennett kept close to him, looking over her shoulder constantly. She blushed deeply every time she saw his hand holding hers and looked away or looked down so that he would not see her blush.
Zara / Usaqi Nariko: ((Umm.... hello?))
Zara / Sylan: (('ello?))
kairi bloom / Kairi Bloom: ((Can i join???))
DustedRelection / Will: <<Hey guts, sorry no one has posted. My computer died...-tear- but it is doing slightly better now. It isn't really my call if you join, but I am okay with it.>>
DustedRelection / Will: Will looked back towards Xavier. Why did he care? "I-I will be fine. Don't worry about me." She turned around and continued to walk down the deserted street.
DustedRelection / Will: << Sorry, guys not guts...>>
Zara / Nyrrina: <<Quiet.... Too Quiet...>>
DustedRelection / Will: << Has this rp died?! It can't! Anyone here? >>
DustedRelection / Will: << Yeah, stupid thing. -kick- We should try and bring it back. Maybe we could PM him? >>
DustedRelection / Will: << I don't know if I would be able to, my computer is going in and out a lot. I hate to say it, but I wouldn't be able to for sure... >>
Zara / Sebbella: <<I suppose I could try.... though, this isn' the kind of thing I like to do... I'll do it though...>>
Zara / Sebbella: <<Kasimi has been gone for 26 days....>>
Zara / Nyrrina: <<Correction. Hasn't been on for 26 days...>>
DustedRelection / Will: << I wonder where he went... Vaca maybe? >>
PrincessShaman / Kasimi Zenon: OMG! I finally found the link to this! I am sooooo sorry!!! First my interenet was down, then I lost the link....
Misuzu / Chihi: may i joon this rp

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