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Roleplay - -Awkward Silence- by Will / DustedRelection

For those who are somewhat bored, of waiting for that next post, and refuse to get off the computer, this is for you!

Roleplay Details



DustedRelection / Will: She sat in the chair as she waited, watching the screen as if it would fly away. "Come on! Post!"
DustedRelection / Will: Whoo!!!!! Extra Cheese!
DustedRelection / Will: NO! Icky pepperoni!!! STUFFED CRUST!
Doom_Hammer / Demen: haha hi eveyone
DustedRelection / Will: No My Licna! -glomps harder-
My band geek!
Sarah Black / Amelia Becker: hey hey everyone what is up!
DustedRelection / Will: Mine! -grabs Licna's leg- Grr!
Doom_Hammer / Demen: HAHAHA hay hay hay *hugs them*
Doom_Hammer / Demen: i feel loved ^_^
DustedRelection / Will: ^_^ .....He hugged me tighter!!!
Doom_Hammer / Demen: hehehe now now no need to fight your going to make me blush
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: Don't we kind of already have one of these?
Sarah Black / Amelia Becker: wow your loved?!
Sarah Black / Amelia Becker: i think we have a couple of them but who really cares if were intertaned
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: Hey Beth. I'm just saying, it seems pointless to make another when one is just fine. I don't want another chat craze.
DustedRelection / Will: Oooh! Make him blush! Make him blush! I think your eyes are beautiful Licna!
Doom_Hammer / Demen: oh well the other one was for getting people to post with so this one is different :P
Doom_Hammer / Demen: ok im blushing now thanks allot hehe
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: I hardly understood any of that, Licna.
DustedRelection / Will: I don't want one either but I got really bored, I mean REALLY bored, and decided to make one, and besides, the others are getting rather secluded.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: How are they getting secluded?
DustedRelection / Will: Yay! He blush! Eiee! ^_^ -glomp-
DustedRelection / Will: Someone who enters who is not really "welcome" will be outcast and ignored now matter how many they post.
DustedRelection / Will: -glomps Licna until eyes bulge-
Doom_Hammer / Demen: *sits down with them and kisses them on there cheeks* "gee you 2 are cute"
Doom_Hammer / Demen: oh oh...... *starts to tickle them*
DustedRelection / Will: Ahh! Were Killing him! -GASP- ...But he thinks Im cuter!
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: I have never found that to be true.
DustedRelection / Will: Really? Oh well, I guess, I don't want another chat room craze either, I just made it from boredom.
DustedRelection / Will: -giggle- Ask him! I'm adorkable!
Doom_Hammer / Demen: *wraps arms around them* you two are going to be the end of me at this rate hehe
Doom_Hammer / Demen: now what are you two going to do when i leave in about 5 minutes to go to bed?
DustedRelection / Will: Well, I'm so cute, I put the AW in AWesome!
DustedRelection / Will: I have an idea! -gives Licna coin- Flip it, Heads ME! -sparkle- tails...well, she doesn't matter. Flip!
Doom_Hammer / Demen: its not like i can pull you from the net and bring you with me i have to go to bed now *kisses them* good night ill be on tomorrow to see if i can survive another day with you 2 hehe evening m'ladys .
DustedRelection / Will: Ha! Thats why Im the awesomest! -awkward silence-
And that's Exacly why I named it that.
DustedRelection / Will: -glomps Licna- Bye! -tear- Don't forget us! Well, feel free to forget her, but Don't forget me!
DustedRelection / Will: -sticks out tounge at Alex- Ow...I bit it...
DustedRelection / Will: Ifths aught thunny! -squints eyes at Alex-
DustedRelection / Will: Nuh-uh! That sounds like a challenge!
DustedRelection / Will: Which language?
DustedRelection / Will: O______________O The best of them all... -in awe- Well, I draw anime!
DustedRelection / Will: O~O Yo-you're IN Japan?!?! That is SOOO unfair! You just took my dream! Why must I be in America?!
DustedRelection / Will: O-O -worship- Jealous! Well, I guess I'll go too, seeing as I would be talking to my self...yeah its 2:30 am here...but anyway, bye!
-cough- My Licna -cough-
Lord Bane: anyone on?
Doom_Hammer / Licna: boo
Lord Bane: hmm, dont seem to be anyone on :(
Doom_Hammer / Licna: i am
Doom_Hammer / Demen: HEHEHE hello
Doom_Hammer / Licna: hehehe *kisses*
Lord Bane: Licna :)
Doom_Hammer / Licna: Hellos
Lord Bane: how r u?
Doom_Hammer / Demen: im ok just about to go to the mall. how are you?
Lord Bane: im gd, spent weekend watching muse. Coolest. Live. Show. Ever
Doom_Hammer / Demen: i have never herd of that whats it like?
Lord Bane: Fantastic british rock band. They are amazing live
Doom_Hammer / Licna: that sounds really cool wish i could have seen that ^_^
DustedRelection / Will: Guess Who's Back! The greatest person ever! Any guesses? Anyone?
Doom_Hammer / Demen: hehehe
Doom_Hammer / Demen: hehehe i wonder if you all even know what this goth boy looks like lol
DustedRelection / Will: LICNA!!! -GGLLOOMMPP- You never told us who was cuter -puppy face-
Doom_Hammer / Demen: ill get a pick of me hold on lol *hugs back* i cant really see you to know i see your characters.
Doom_Hammer / Demen: hehehe *hugs them* you two are adoribul
DustedRelection / Will: No! I am! My real eyes change color! (They really do with my mood, which is pretty awesome)
Doom_Hammer / Demen: http://vampirefreaks.com/profile.php?user=doomhammer
that will work thats me :P
Doom_Hammer / Demen: hehe well tell me latter if you still want to fight over me lol
DustedRelection / Will: Grr! The page won't load! -click click click- I have had some viruses on the computer, and they are quite frustrating... ><
Doom_Hammer / Demen: that no good.. well maybe it is.. but i dont think so.. you already know what im like i dont really acct less i use girl characters of my dark knight guy licna and this guy are easy because i just do what i would do.. but i dont think i look as good lol
DustedRelection / Will: It does not matter, I don't mind a fight. -unsheathes sword- Ooh, it is so shiny...O.O Sorry, I was having a slight moment... ^_^;
Doom_Hammer / Demen: what is??
DustedRelection / Will: Yes, my computer is very annoying...and looks don't even matter to me. Im sure every girl in the world says that, but I am that one in a million that actually MEANS it.
DustedRelection / Will: The sword...Ironically, I had a sword by the computer, so I unsheathed it, It was really shiny...^_^;
Doom_Hammer / Demen: i have allot of those
DustedRelection / Will: How many? I have only a few, considering I have siblings with the same interest.
Doom_Hammer / Demen: about 21
DustedRelection / Will: Wow...what kind of variety do you have?
Doom_Hammer / Demen: umm a katana, kisserblades, a knight sword, and executioner, hand scythe, helburg, plunge dagger, knuckle blades, 2 barbarian swords, 2 ninga swords, throwing daggers, throwing cross, cane swords.
DustedRelection / Will: Awesomness... I am growing jealous...but nevermind that! At least my eyes don't go green from jealousy. My chameleon eyes! ^_^
DustedRelection / Will: Grr, no one is, and I am growing bored...I made this so people could talk because they dont want to get off the computer, but no one is on here either! -tear- Where is everyone?
DustedRelection / Will: O_____O Good luck! I would never sing in front of crowds! Nervousness! But I know you will be amazing!!!!! Tell me how it goes!
Doom_Hammer / Demen: me here lol
DustedRelection / Will: -tear- someone talk to Will!
SlanderousLust / Tokyo Belling: I'm talking......alot.....
...ok not really, what's up?
Ariella / BellaM├źna Sasari: hi will lol i'm totally bored too and i feel ignored in that "is n e one on" thing
SlanderousLust / Tokyo Belling: lol I agree, with the 20 posts at once it's easy to get lost.....we should make some kind of rp or something :)
SlanderousLust / Tokyo Belling: duche it, I'm gonna make something random, hopefully the 4 or 5 people who are wandering around here'll join
Ariella / BellaM├źna Sasari: lol i'll join y not i've nothing better to do but i might have to go soon tho.
DustedRelection / Will: Yay people talking to Will! ^_^ Yeah, I made this one because I felt ignored in the other, "Is n e 1 on?" Well, yes I was on, but you just didn't notice.....but anyway, I will join, I guess.
SlanderousLust / Tokyo Belling: yay!
Ariella / Raika Sonisho: lol haha so wassup with u guys?
DustedRelection / Will: Me? Well, slowly dying of boredom...wait, I died of boredom yesterday...Well, I came back to life, and now I am dying again...
Slow dial-up computer, and a small attention span, how exciting...
SlanderousLust / Tokyo Belling: I'm not dying of boredom, I'm consumed by it....I'm too bored to die lol
Ariella / Raika Sonisho: lol nice my comp is pretty slow too and i do get distracted pretty easily...well more just space out actually lol
DustedRelection / Will: I know what you mean...my comp is really slow, by the time I post, 4 of the others have already continued without me, and "Is anyone even on?" has already gone through about 30 posts...Grr...
DustedRelection / Will: Is anyone here? Because I just had ice cream with sugar and coffee sprinkled on it, so I am going to be here awhile and no one is here! T__T Will sad!
SlanderousLust / Tokyo Belling (Lich Form): I am here !
crimson_panda: I'm here!!! ^-^
DustedRelection / Will: Yay peoples! ^__^
SlanderousLust / Tokyo Belling (Lich Form): Huzzah.....
DustedRelection / Will: So........-awkward Slience- ...Well, I guess that's why it has that name...
You know what? In an effort to get more people to talk here, I will promote a cent-post prize. For every 100 posts, there shall be a winner. Well, lets see...-scroll- The 100 post on this rp is.....DEMEN!!! Whoo! .....
DustedRelection / Will: Yeah...Well that was awkward...but as soon a he reads that post, he can claim his prize! In the mean time, I need people to start posting in any rp Im in, or this one...Boredom!
SlanderousLust / Tokyo Belling (Lich Form): I'd like to join an rp, if there are any dark ones around :)
crimson_panda: Ooh! I wonder what the prize is...IS IT CHOCOLATE?!?!?!?!
DustedRelection / Will: If it was chocolate, it would probably be half eaten...-munch-
Well, in the ones I'm in, there's a band, another band, a school, guardian angels, or a tavern. If you don't like them, I only made one of them. Any sound interesting?
DustedRelection / Will: So.....since no one is saying anything, I will talk to myself I guess...
Hello, self.
DustedRelection / Will: How am I today?
I'm okay...
Wow...I must be REALLY determined to stay on the computer...
Lord Bane: I'm back
DustedRelection / Will: Yay ^___^ No nore talking to HER anymore...I'm adorkable, you will get used to it...
Lord Bane: hehe :)
DustedRelection / Will: But that's Will for you. Well, actually, not Will, but me, the creator of Will...
Lord Bane: hehe, don't worry I'm a bit crazy too
DustedRelection / Will: Yay, Craziness! Though I am rather random. I am not sure you could keep upi with it.
Lord Bane: lol, I love star trek and listen to mcfly, I'm quite random too hehe
DustedRelection / Will: That's sounds like a challenge. Well, have ever just yelled HONK! during a test, then pretend nothing happened, then when look at you, you smile and say, "Did you know mushrooms make great pets?" Then complain about how people are looking at you?
That was fun... beat that?
Lord Bane: Erm, I've seen mcfly live for my birthday and loved it...and I have a star trek encyclopedia :P
DustedRelection / Will: I have never even seen star trek...but I have asked a stranger in a resteraunt if I could try on his shoes...he was SO close to letting me...
DustedRelection / Will: Hmm...it seems again, I am alone...
DustedRelection / Will: Lalalalala.....hmm...no one is on at all...Is anyone even on? hasn't even moved for hours...Scary...
Lord Bane: no you're not, I'm back again
DustedRelection / Will: Yay! Stop doing that -pout- I was about to log off... though it is 6:30 here...haven't gone to bed yet...
Lord Bane: hehe, soz about that. I promise I'll warn you next time :)
DustedRelection / Will: Yay! Thankles! Oh, and did you notice that we are in almost all the same rps?
Lord Bane: yeah lol, before you ask I'm not stalking you hehe
DustedRelection / Will: I WAS actually going to ask that... but you were REALLY quick to deny it -squints eyes-
Lord Bane: I'm far too nice to stalk anyone lol. I didnt intentionally end up in lots of RPs with you lol
DustedRelection / Will: So you are saying you DON'T want to rp with me? Kidding, but how many are we in together?
Lord Bane: well....only two (not counting this one) that I know of
DustedRelection / Will: Um...
-Awkward Silence-
Winter Begins (The ski Lodge)
An echo of Screams
Battle of Music
The Faded Aura
I think that is all of them...so about 5?
Lord Bane: erm...four cos I'm not in the battle of music lol
DustedRelection / Will: Oh, really? I though it very Bane worthy...you are still qualified as a Stalker though
Lord Bane: I'm not doing it intenionally lol. Besides, at least people talk to me on here....no-one wants to comment on anything I post on ES :(
DustedRelection / Will: Aw, I think you are a very good rper. If only you would type more. I can not STAND one-liners!
Lord Bane: I'm terrible at writing long posts. Unless its my character revealing a dark secret/plot twist I'm never sure what to type lol
DustedRelection / Will: Yeah, it can be hard. If you look at other things I do, such as Battle of Music, and School of Division, I do write decently long posts.
Lord Bane: lol, not sure that would help. I'm just rather terrible at it hehe
DustedRelection / Will: Well, that is okay. I just love to write. Writing, music, and drawing are my passion.
Lord Bane: lol, I love listening to music....plus I think I'm a fan of a VERY underrated songwriter
DustedRelection / Will: Which is?
Lord Bane: Tom Fletcher....the writer for a band I like. He doesn't get any credit for his writing, largely cos of who his band is it seems.
DustedRelection / Will: Tom...the name is VERY familiar...what is the band?
Lord Bane: *coughmcflycough*
DustedRelection / Will: Oh...I actually knew that...
Wow, it is getting light outside now...what time is it where you are?
Lord Bane: just after twenty past 12 in the afternoon
DustedRelection / Will: O_O Where are you at?!
Lord Bane: The U.K., a cool place called the Isle of Wight
DustedRelection / Will: Oh...Well then that makes sense. See, I am an uneducated American. It is 7:30 here. Haven't gone to bed yet, either.
DustedRelection / Will: Well, nothing has been said, and have rather a short attention span, so.....Pumpernickle banana nut muffin! That should break the silence.
Lord Bane: lol, here's an even more random thing:
"Everything was going just the way I planned the Broccoli was done"
DustedRelection / Will: okay...
Oh, I have a good one, kind of mean though. "Slinkies and just like people: completely useless
...and yet it is so amusing to watch them fall down the stairs"
DustedRelection / Will: ! I'm sorry, but I had to say it...
DustedRelection / Will: Alert to any that care:
I have grown weary and bored, and shall now retire to my chambers...actually first, I was supposed to clean it...oh well. I have not gone to sleep yet, and I have been on for what I believe to be eight hours. It is 7:30 in my current time zone. Feel free to continue without me, as I will return when I have had my beauty sleep. Well, that might take awhile...I will have normal sleep instead.
And that was to all that cared...and if no one did...don't let me know that I typed that for nothing.
Leave me something to come back to!
-bows head- Nightx2 People!
DustedRelection / Will: Acually, it was 8:05...
Doom_Hammer / Licna: hello
DustedRelection / Will: Yay! I am no longer alone! Licna! -glomp-
Doom_Hammer / Licna: hahaha *hugs*
DustedRelection / Will: ^_^ I feel loved. Did you read what I wrote on here? Very random things, but somewhere in there it says Demen won the prize.
Doom_Hammer / Licna: hahaha ya i have no life lol 100 post on an almost new profile
Doom_Hammer / Licna: hehe sher ya are *tickles* but i have to go -_- school and all
DustedRelection / Will: You still have school?! What about summer?
DustedRelection / Will: alone again -tear-
Lord Bane: I'm back
DustedRelection / Will: Bane! -glomp-
Woot! 200th post!
Lord Bane: how r you?
DustedRelection / Will: I'm okay, very bored though. I was so bored, I started tying knots in cherry stems with my tounge...and I don't even eat cherries...O.o How are you?
Lord Bane: im good, someone loved the song She Falls Asleep i submitted....pity I didn't write it lol
DustedRelection / Will: Well, congrats anyway! I would never submit anything I wrote...I LOVE to draw and write, but I am very self-concious about things such as that...I would go outside with the worst clothes in the world, that I do not care about, but my writing and art, those are seen by NO ONE.
Lord Bane: Its funny, its the most depressing thing Ive submitted but it seems to be the most popular
DustedRelection / Will: Who is it by, it sounds familiar. I would look at it myself, but my computer has problems, and it was physically impossible that it has made it this far.
Lord Bane: It's by that Tom Fletcher lad was telling you about. Written by him, sung by him....he's even the only band member who actually plays on the track lol
DustedRelection / Will: You seem to think very highly of him...Wow...it is 10:30 where I live...I have been on for 11 hours O.o
DustedRelection / Will: Hello Anyone and everyone. Bored, so I posted here...anyone thee, feel free to say something. (Besides the word something)
Lord Bane: yeah, Tom Fletcher is an amazing writer...pity he writes for a pop band not some amazing rock band like green day lol.
DustedRelection / Will: Greenday! Yay!
Wow...I feel funny. I'm really dizzy, and off balance. I can't really focus, I'm thinking of each letter as I touch the button...
Lord Bane: He writes hilarious songs....everything from the "I really like this girl but I can't have her" to "girl committing suicide" kind of song.
DustedRelection / Will: sounds good.
Ow...my arm hurts...this is scaring me now...
Lord Bane: are you ok?
DustedRelection / Will: Yeah...I think so...I just started feeling dizzy all of a sudden. I thought I was hungry so I ate, but it didn't go away. My arm hurts now...
Lord Bane: Hmm, doesnt sound good :(
DustedRelection / Will: Yeah...everyone is sleeping here. Which is slightly irritating considering it 1:00...I will be okay I think...just have my appologies if anything lookes weird, my focus and reflexes are beiong weird...
Lord Bane: that's ok lol
DustedRelection / Will: Okay gooood
DustedRelection / Will: good*
DustedRelection / Will: Im not sure how much longer I will be on. I don't awnt my typing to become ununderstandible.
Lord Bane: oh, pity :(
DustedRelection / Will: Yes, truely. It seems no one is ever one at the asme time as me anymore... When is the next time you willbe on?
Lord Bane: this evening....after that....maybe tomorrow morning.
DustedRelection / Will: Ok, I can be on tomorrow I think...I think our time zones are different though, my time now is quarter past 1. I can't Saturday as I know of, but I will try.
Lord Bane: I'm 20 past 6 atm.
DustedRelection / Will: Yes, very different...Well, I will go for now, my hands are quite shaky and uncoordinatedc. But When I have recovered, from whatever it is I amre covering from, I will return.
Lord Bane: ok, cya soon x
DustedRelection / Will: I hope so... Cya. x
Rowan Dumont: hello
DustedRelection / Will: Hello, I have returned.
Doom_Hammer / Demen: hello
DustedRelection / Will: Licna! -glomp- Don't you just love me? How every thime you come, it is like you have been gone for years? I'm just adorkable like that.
Doom_Hammer / Demen: hahaha *hugs* yes its cute
DustedRelection / Will: ^___^ I feel loved! So how is Licna today?
Doom_Hammer / Demen: you can be hehe. been better been worse. you?
DustedRelection / Will: Same I guess, if you read the past posts on this, I was feeling rather strange earlier. Dizzy, and what not. But I'm okay now.
Doom_Hammer / Demen: awww poor thing *hugs*
DustedRelection / Will: Aww, thanks -returns hug- I just remembered that you didn't get a prize for 100th post...I don't have a prize...What would you want? hehehe
Doom_Hammer / Demen: lol dont worry about it
DustedRelection / Will: Still...fine, you win one free Will Favor! A cherished item never given away in history! Redeem before 1/18/14.
Doom_Hammer / Demen: lol oks
DustedRelection / Will: Sorry, ^_^; I guess this is what you get when a sweet's addict has insomnia...O.o
Doom_Hammer / Demen: hhehe thats oks
DustedRelection / Will: ^_^ Thanks... But we should say something other than thaanks all the time...because sadly, this is my most active rp at the moment...O.o
Doom_Hammer / Demen: apparently mine to lol
DustedRelection / Will: -smile- so.....what could we say?
DustedRelection / Will: Hmmm...bored. Maybe I will make another rp. Any suggestions?
Doom_Hammer / Demen: anything really what stuff you like to do when your not on here?
DustedRelection / Will: Draw, write. Creative things like drawing anume, writing poems or songs...and I'm in cross-country.
Doom_Hammer / Demen: ^_^ cool
but i have to go im sorry *hugs*
DustedRelection / Will: -tear- Okay...-hugs-
DustedRelection / Will: Silence.....Well, this is more of a random boredom post, so.....yeah.
Lord Bane / Edmund: hey, look its a scary guy who looks exactly like me lol
DustedRelection / Will: Yay people! Alo people!
Lord Bane / Edmund: beth *hugs her*
Lord Bane / Edmund: your what????
Lord Bane / Edmund: oh, sorry hehe. I should have guessed what you meant :)
Lord Bane / Edmund: I'm not actually naturally blonde. My original hair colour is prob closer to yours
DustedRelection / Will: I am a natural blonde...
Lord Bane / Edmund: Will, I wasn't kidding, the guy in that photo looks VERY like me (scarier cos it actually isn't lol)
DustedRelection / Will: I recongnize him from somewhere...or maybe I just recognize you from somewhere...I don't think we have met though...I have never been to the UK...
And I may be a blonde, but I can still be smartical... Don't ask...
Lord Bane / Edmund: contrary to popular opinion he is NOT in mcfly. He's james bourne (used to be in a band called busted...now works as a lookalike of me )
DustedRelection / Will: I knew that.....
Lord Bane / Edmund: or am I a lookalike of him....hehe
DustedRelection / Will: -gasp- poser... I'm weird like that... Is there Anything different about the two of you?
Lord Bane / Edmund: wrong eye colour, never worn those clothes and my hair is slightly longer....plus you'd never see me drinking lol
DustedRelection / Will: Well that's good. "Sober is Safe." I don't know what that was, but I think I heard it somewhere.
Lord Bane / Edmund: good advice :)
DustedRelection / Will: -nods- yep. I've been around too much of that already to go down that road...
Lord Bane / Edmund: this'll prob make you laugh....I'm 21, I'm still a virgin, never had a drink, never smoked a cigarette and never taken drugs
DustedRelection / Will: You are 21? -blink- No, I actually find it rather noble.
Lord Bane / Edmund: yeah, I'm 21....though the number of people who ID me you'd think I didn't look 18 lol
DustedRelection / Will: -laugh- I was unsure of what age you are. I'm not good at things like that. Usually by how they type I can have a moderate guess.
Lord Bane / Edmund: surely the fact I go round snogging half the female chars should have been a clue....no, wait you'd have thought I was a teenager based on that
DustedRelection / Will: Well, you do tend to do that a lot... Why, how old do I appear to you?
Lord Bane / Edmund: I'm not even gonna guess. I knew someone once who looked like they were 17...turned out they were 29!!!!
DustedRelection / Will: I've done that...but I thought they were 16 and they were 30...O.O
Lord Bane / Edmund: how old r u....if thats not way too personal hehe
DustedRelection / Will: Actually........I am only 14...-blush- you probably didn't want to hear that...
<<I will be back temporarily, I need to restart my computer.>>
Lord Bane / Edmund: oh....well it doesnt matter unless it makes you awkward lol
DustedRelection / Will: No, I am fine, but I'm sure you would feel awkward talking to one with a 7 year age difference.
Lord Bane / Edmund: nah, I'm okay with it :)
DustedRelection / Will: Yay, that's good. I didn't even know anyone older than 18 would be on ES. Actually, I don't know anyone over 15...
Lord Bane / Edmund: I'm sure there are some....Laz for example
DustedRelection / Will: Oh...yes, Laz acts about that age...I do not tend to ask people much though, they may find it too personal. If I were to make a guess though, the most likely people would be...Licna, I would guess.
Lord Bane / Edmund: dunno bout Licna....I get the feeling I'm one of the oldest RPers here lol
DustedRelection / Will: I would assume so...I would probably be the youngest...-grimace-
Lord Bane / Edmund: dunno, beth is 14 too
DustedRelection / Will: Really? Well, that makes me feel better. If people know your age, they treat you differently. People ignored me for my age. The only reason that is no longer true, is because I proved that I know people.....I knew Onitaro, who everyone knows.
Lord Bane / Edmund: It shouldn't matter what your age is....I went to a school where I knew kids who weren't far off half my age lol
DustedRelection / Will: Yes, I do not think age should matter either. It depends on the posts, not who posts them. And personally, I do not even like Onitaro. Rather anto-social and rude, that one is.
Lord Bane / Edmund: hehe
DustedRelection / Will: Do you know him?
300 post!
Lord Bane / Edmund: dont think so
DustedRelection / Will: Oh, well he does not come on much anymore. I took his spot. That's what sister's do. If you haven't caught on yet, Oni is my brother.
Lord Bane / Edmund: think I read you saying that somewhere
DustedRelection / Will: I was reminding Mage in "Is anybody even on?" Because she did not remember me. -tear-
Lord Bane / Edmund: aww *gives her a hug* my name actually really is edmund, but you can call me ed
DustedRelection / Will: Your real name is Edmund? I just thought up Will. Although, I know a girl who wants to name her son Will. But I did not think it too bad for a girl. You caould just call me Will, it is better anyway.
Lord Bane / Edmund: lol ok :)
DustedRelection / Will: Or any other name you can think of. I have many ^_^
Lord Bane / Edmund: hehe, so do I :)
DustedRelection / Will: Nicknames can be so strange sometimes ^_^ But I think I will stick to Ed. Or Bane.
Lord Bane / Edmund: stick to ed lol, bane is a villain in this book I'm gonna write
Lord Bane / Edmund: u still there?
Lord Bane / Edmund: are you gonna reply in ski thing?
Lord Bane / Edmund: cya later
Onitaro: *comes in with his arms crossed* Will, huh? You have become quite the chatter box. Convenient how I can get the computer working well enough to let me on while you are sleeping.
DustedRelection / Will: Oni! You aren't supposed to get on while I am sleeping! Conveniently enough, I am on while YOU are sleeping. And you made a sandbox too, so you can't say anything! -turns back on Oni-
Anyway, has anyone seen Hikoru or Demen or anybody? You are the only one I see Ed, not that it is a problem.
Lord Bane: hey will, you seen my new char?
DustedRelection / Will: Which one?
DustedRelection / Will: I like the picture. I have been thinking of making a new character for a while, but I am on so many active roleplays all the time, I am not sure I would be able to keep up with it. Oh, and sorry about Oni, ignore him. I told him he couldn't come into this one. He's the only person not allowed, but that is a good thing.
Lord Bane / Jennifer: lol, just remembered I actually have four chars you wouldn't have seen. This is my lone female char :)
DustedRelection / Will: You have a female character now? Oh, and is that picture on Ed the dobbleganger Edmund?
Lord Bane / Nick: yeah it is, yes I have a female char now. This is my "nice guy, but with a dark secret" bloke
DustedRelection / Will: -laugh- Okay, then. What is his secret? What exactly could you describe Will as?
Lord Bane / Corey: depends on the RP, dunno bout will though. this is my random American gambler char
DustedRelection / Will: That is especially funny because I happen to know someone who is very random, American, and likes to gamble. His name is Corey.
Lord Bane / Bane: Saved my dark side till last: this is my villain for hire, betrays EVERYONE, is also the inspiration for my profile name
DustedRelection / Will: I like them all, maybe Nick the best, but not sure. You know, I was suprised you were on, you are usually only on at night. Well, night time here. It isn't even noon yet where I am across the lake that is the Atlantic.
Lord Bane / Bane: lol, its about quarter to 5 in the evening here
DustedRelection / Will: You are 5 hours ahead of me. I don't like being up at this time though. I don't like getting up at 6. -sticks out tounge-
Lord Bane / Bane: you got to see me though hehe
DustedRelection / Will: I suppose that is a plus, but I am still tired. I have to get up in the mornings to run. -grimace-
Lord Bane / Bane: did you know I had an RP wedding not so long ago?
DustedRelection / Will: Yeah, I saw that. I didn't know you got married? Who was it?
Lord Bane / Bane: mage (or arielle as she's otherwise known in RL)
DustedRelection / Will: Oh, YOU were the one that was marrying Mage. I just thought there was two weddings going on. So are you two still married?
Lord Bane / Bane: yep, we're annoying people cos we're very smoochy hehe
DustedRelection / Will: Well, I would say "Best Wishes" and all that, but I kinda missed the wedding. Did you save me any cake? -fingers crossed-
Lord Bane / Bane: yeah *hands her a big chunk of the cake*
DustedRelection / Will: ^_______^ Yay! -takes cake- Sorry, I have a weak spot for sweets. -devours-
Lord Bane / Bane: dont worry, so do I
DustedRelection / Will: I always have. In fact, I wonder what there is to eat around...-searches- Grr, nothing.
Lord Bane / Bane: you prob spotted I'm a Star Wars geek hehe
DustedRelection / Will: You have mentioned it before, but I didn't notice. I have never seen it, and don't know the first thing about it. ...Except that it takes place in space.
Lord Bane / Bane: prob a good thing lol, cos that's where the guy in this pic is from
DustedRelection / Will: That was my guess. I watch more things that a lot of others do not like. Some American, some Japanese.
Lord Bane / Bane: hey, its cool to be different
DustedRelection / Will: "Never be Normal" - Quote of Will
Star Wars is American though. What other American things are you interested in?
Lord Bane / Bane: I like Green Day and Star Trek and.....Smallville....
DustedRelection / Will: Everyone likes Greenday. I never got into Smallville much, because I came in too late, but I do like Kyle XY, if you know of it?
Lord Bane / Bane: doesn't ring a bell. You ever heard of a band called McFly?
DustedRelection / Will: Yes, which you have mentioned more than I can count (I found something sweet! Yogurt-covered raisins! ...Don't ask...)
Lord Bane / Bane: hehe soz :) bad memory
DustedRelection / Will: It's alright. What other bands do you like?
Lord Bane / Bane: Muse (who ROCK live), the feeling, Queen, Dire Straits, REM (to name a few)
DustedRelection / Will: Sorry to say it, but the only one I have heard of out of those was Queen, though Muse sounds familiar. I just listen to everything really...EXCEPT country. I am sorry, but I absolutely despise it.
Lord Bane / Bane: don't worry, none of em are country. Muse are an AMAZING rock band
DustedRelection / Will: Oh, okay, good. I am a northerer who lives in the south, so everywhere I turn there is country. Not a rock band in sight! -gasp-
Lord Bane / Bane: Muse have a cool lead singer: he plays guitar amazingly, sings amazingly, plays the piano amazingly....the list goes on bad luck bout the country music hehe
DustedRelection / Will: -sigh- Yes, it is not the best place to reside. But no matter, I will move eventually.
Lord Bane / Bane: watch this vid of muse if you want. I saw this performance live:
DustedRelection / Will: I would, but remember, my computer is still "sick", and by the time it would be done loading, you and Mage would probably be married for real
Lord Bane / Bane: hehe, I'm logging for half an hour. cya later
DustedRelection / Will: Okay -wave- Cya.
Lord Bane: I'm back
DustedRelection / Will: Yay, people! Alo Ed
Lord Bane: *hugs her* did you miss me?
DustedRelection / Will: -glomp- Maybe. You?
Lord Bane: kinda. was having supper lol
DustedRelection / Will: Ah. Now I'm hungry...My grapes are gone -tear- In case you haven't noticed, I tend to eat a lot. I am not fat, but I should probably stop eating like a wild boar .....
Lord Bane: awww *hugs her*
DustedRelection / Will: -smile- Thanks. No more eating for right now. Even though I really want that ice cream in the refridgerator...-looks behind her towards kitchen-
Lord Bane: leave the ice cream alone Will
DustedRelection / Will: -tear- B-b-but it's so lonely over there! All alone in the cold, dark freezer. And it's coffee flavor!
Lord Bane: NO! stay where you or....I dunno what'll happen hehe
DustedRelection / Will: Bu- Fine! -pout- Your making the ice cream unhappy though.
Lord Bane: *hugs her* fine, I'll just make you happy instead :)
DustedRelection / Will: Yay! I didn't need the ice cream anyway. But just to let Mike know, I'm not big boned. -sticks out tounge-
Lord Bane: hehe, you wanna hear some very weird quotes?
DustedRelection / Will: I love quotes! Sure let me here them.
Lord Bane: "How can you see without eyes?"
"How can you walk around without a brain? Some things we may never answer."
Ceasing End / Malathar: I hope you don't mind and that I'm not interrupting anything... But I am sort of bored and would like to chat... If you don't mind, of course...
Ceasing End / Malathar: *Hmrmph...* Sorry have to go now...
Lord Bane: course not mate
Peace_Maker / Kael: What is with all these chat RPs lately?
I'm not out to kill those who makes extra RPs, but seriously. One is enough. Soon, an entire page will be full of them.
DustedRelection / Will: I know what you mean, but if you read what I wrote earlier, I made this one for those you are left out of the others. Some are just too excluded, though they say they are open to all. But I don't want a ton of chats either. But there are too many highschool rps, now that we are on the topic.
DustedRelection / Will: Hey, if anyone is here, I need someone to play my guardian angel in an rp!!! Anyone?
Lord Bane: I could bring naaru in. why you need him?
DustedRelection / Will: I need someone to be my guardian angel in the zodiac roleplay. It is based on the chinese Zodiac.
Lord Bane: I'll take a look at some point
DustedRelection / Will: Kk, thank you! ^-^
DustedRelection / Will: Kk, thank you! ^-^
DustedRelection / Will: -sigh- Sorries again. My computer needs a checkup. I would just throw it out were I not using it as a foot stool at the moment. Anyway, anyone here?
DustedRelection / Will: Wow...completely empty... Well, if no one comes in soon, I suppose I will just have to talk to myself again...
Hello self, how are we?
O.O See logged off on me!
Lord Bane: anyone here?
DustedRelection / Will: Just me...
Lord Bane: lol, hey will
DustedRelection / Will: Alo Ed. Did you see my conversation to myself?
Lord Bane: yeah, I do that now and again hehe
DustedRelection / Will: I can't believe I logged off on myself!
So, how is Ed today?
Lord Bane: I'm good, you?
DustedRelection / Will: Hungry. ! I have a sleeping kitten on my lap...
Lord Bane: awww, thats cute :)
DustedRelection / Will: It's my favorite. My cat just had three kittens, even though I wasn't supposed to have a cat in the first place. One is absolutely evil, but this one has gigantic eyes, and loves watching television and listening to the rain. It is just like me!
Lord Bane: awww....you both sound sweet
DustedRelection / Will: Aww, thanks. But all I said was that I like watching television, and listening to the rain. ...Oh, and big eyes. That are........blue at the moment.
Lord Bane: still sounds cute hehe
DustedRelection / Will: -blush-
Lord Bane: should prob check lol, how old are you?
DustedRelection / Will: You have asked that already, but I am a lot younger than you.
Lord Bane: just wanted to be sure.....didn't want to start a dodgy conv lol
DustedRelection / Will: lol it's okay. But remember, you're married. We wouldn't want Mage to be upset, now would we?
Lord Bane: course not hehe
DustedRelection / Will: Besides, I'm even younger than her, If you know Her age?
Lord Bane: 16, and don't worry I wasn't trying anything lol
DustedRelection / Will: Don't worry, hadn't crossed my mind, lol. I hate being one of the youngest people...
Lord Bane: I guarantee I work with people younger than you lol (at an after-school club I mean)
DustedRelection / Will: Well, you don't know that, but thanks. What do you do at the after-school club?
Lord Bane: I shall tell you later, gotta log for 30 mins for supper. you gonna be on then?
DustedRelection / Will: No, actually. Oni, (If you didn't know, he is my brother. ) needs me off, and with the computer how it is, I am not sure if I will be back today.
DustedRelection / Will: Well, the clock is ticking! Bye everyone! Well, actually, at the moment it is just Ed...Well, bye Ed! -gone-
DustedRelection / Will: -back- Here I am! Anyone around?
Lord Bane: I'm here *hugs her*
DustedRelection / Will: -squeal- Ed! -glomp-
Lord Bane: how are you today?
DustedRelection / Will: Same as yesterday, and the day before, and so on. You?
Lord Bane: hehe, bit fed up cos it would have been me and my ex's first anniversary today
DustedRelection / Will: Aww, I sorry. How long ago did you split up?
Lord Bane: a while ago, but I was mad about her
DustedRelection / Will: Why? Did she do something?
Lord Bane: no, I said mad ABOUT her, not mad AT her. I meant I was in love with her
DustedRelection / Will: Aww, what happened?
Lord Bane: I screwed it up big time, and now she never wants to see me again
DustedRelection / Will: Aww -hug- It couldn't have been that bad...
Lord Bane: yes it was....I dumped her stupidly and she never forgave me
DustedRelection / Will: Why did you dump her if you were mad about her?
Lord Bane: to put it simply, I thought she was gonna dump me (but she wasn't cos she felt exactly the same)
DustedRelection / Will: Oh, I'm sorry...Do you still feel that way about her? Oh, am I becoming too personal?
Lord Bane: no I dont mind. and yeah, I do still feel that way about her....but she doesn't feel that way any more
DustedRelection / Will: -hug- She will come around. Don't worry. And if not, there will be others. Possibly someone who you may find you like even more.
Lord Bane: *hugs her back* I know, but she was my first gf/kiss/love
DustedRelection / Will: Aww, now you are making me sad for you. What was her name?
Lord Bane: didn't mean to make you sad. she was called alex
DustedRelection / Will: It's okay. I know many Alexs' Do you see her often now?
Lord Bane: don't see her at all anymore :( gotta go eat supper, back in 30 mins
DustedRelection / Will: Sorry about that... Okay, I think I will still be here.
Lord Bane: I'm back
kairi bloom / Chloe Light: im online and im bored
Lord Bane: hey chloe
DustedRelection / Will: Alo Ed. Alo Chloe.
Lord Bane: hey again will *hugs her*
DustedRelection / Will: Hello.
Lord Bane: watching a VERY funny toon on youtube
DustedRelection / Will: Really? What is it about?
Lord Bane: Its called god, the devil and bob. guy trying to prove humanity is worth saving
DustedRelection / Will: sounds good. Have you ever seen Foamy?
(Hey, I may log off for a little bit. Other people need to use the computer. I will be back soon.)
Lord Bane: nah, not even heard of it before
DustedRelection / Will: Really? I like it a lot, though it does have some crude humor in it. It is a series of cartoons about a really angry squirrel. He has a horrible temper and drinks too much coffee. It sounds strange, but it is worth the watch.
Lord Bane: well, if you're christian you prob might not like god, the devil and bob hehe
DustedRelection / Will: You wouldn't think so. I'm sure I would find it very funny.
NO! I must go for the moment. I will be back soon. Don't forget me! -gone-
DustedRelection / Will: Back! Anyone?
Lord Bane: I'm still here *hugs her*
DustedRelection / Will: -hug- You are always here.
Lord Bane: not always lol
DustedRelection / Will: Well, most of the time.
Lord Bane: ok....good point lol
DustedRelection / Will: Hey, sorry about running off again...it seems I do that a lot. It's just that it was storming here, and last time this computer was on in a storm, our last monitor and our last phone blew. So I had to go. Forgive me? -puppy face-
DustedRelection / Will: Ahh! Nobody here to forgive Will! -tear-
Peace_Maker / Kael: I guess I'll forgive you.
Don't know ya either way.
DustedRelection / Will: Yay! Well, I'm Will. I suppose if you know Onitaro, you know me.
Kiddo: Kiddo starts stripper dancing. "Hi, everyone."
kairi bloom / Chloe Light: "intresting"
DustedRelection / Will: Ahh! Nooo! -takes Kiddo off pole- This is a sanctuary!
Kiddo: Kiddo shoots him with his gunleg, and then starts Go-Go dancing. "Don't stop me. I'm in the zone."
DustedRelection / Will: HIM?!?!?!
Kiddo: Yes, me!
DustedRelection / Will: No, I meant you said "shoot him" Notice, not him.
Kiddo: Oh, yeah, I meant her. Your name confuses me.
DustedRelection / Will: Well, then you can just call me Doe.
DustedRelection / Will: Jane. I told you that part already I think...
DustedRelection / Will: -blink- .....Doesn't anyone say bye anymore?
DustedRelection / Will: .....Hoping someone is around...
Lord Bane: me *hugs her*
DustedRelection / Will: Yay, I feel loved. -dances- (Actually, for some reason I began dancing in my chair...but then I fell )
Lord Bane: oops, that bad thing
DustedRelection / Will: I'm fine though No harm done. Probably shouldn't do that again just in case.
Lord Bane: erm....no, prob a bad thing to repeat
DustedRelection / Will: Sorry about that...wow, I feel mental now...I looked at an ad, saying that a new law would be passed in 26 states, and I started thinking, "How can there be a law in 26? We only have 25."
I'm feeling off today...
Lord Bane: lol, I have days like that all the time
DustedRelection / Will: Yeah...My life is one giant blonde moment...
Lord Bane: hey my hair's blonde (not naturally admittedly)
DustedRelection / Will: I have naturally blonde hair...
Lord Bane: at least you don't have to sit for two hours every two months or so getting it redone lol
DustedRelection / Will: lol really? That long? What was your natural color, brown?
Lord Bane: light brown
DustedRelection / Will: A good color. (be back in 5)
DustedRelection / Will: Sorry, my computer had a pop-up that said "System Shutdown" and had a countdown of 60 seconds, then it shut down...
Lord Bane: ah, ok. welcome back *hugs her*
DustedRelection / Will: -hug- Apologies anyway. So where is everyone?
Lord Bane: dunno, there are some peeps on though
DustedRelection / Will: It doesn't seem as if the people I need to be are on though -sad- I'm stuck in about 12 different roleplays because the people aren't on...
Lord Bane: hmmm, I've got the same prob
DustedRelection / Will: Hmmm.....There isn't much to do right now. All I'm doing is answering e-mails, and I am on my Myspace...and talking to you of course.
Lord Bane: lol, sounds....exciting....
DustedRelection / Will: It is very exciting...And I'm all by myself... Everyone is in the house. It is hard to explain, but it is sort of a house and an apartment together. I live in the apartment by myself.
Lord Bane: sounds cool lol
DustedRelection / Will: It's okay, but it is too hot lol. After living in snow, it is hard t get used to 90 degree weather.
Lord Bane: lol, would be preferable to a summer which is trying its best not to act like summer
DustedRelection / Will: It only snows in winter, obviously. Is it very hot near you?
Lord Bane: well, its MEANT to be the sunniest place in the UK....dont seem like it recently though hehe
DustedRelection / Will: lol. I live in Southern U.S. Though I am originally rfom the north. I don't like the south very much though.
Grr! I need to restart again! Apologies!
DustedRelection / Will: Back!
Lord Bane: welcome back
DustedRelection / Will: Thanks ^-^
Lord Bane: Its after 11.15 pm here lol
DustedRelection / Will: Really? Here it's...hold on...my computer clock froze! It says 5:21, but it's.....6:26?
Lord Bane: lol, wish was that early here
Lord Bane: logging for the night, cya tomoz
DustedRelection / Will: Kk, night night.
DustedRelection / Will: Anyone alive out there?
DustedRelection / Will: Boo? Well, then goodbye invisible deaf people!
DustedRelection / Will: Any invisible deaf people here today?
Lord Bane: hey
DustedRelection / Will: Eeeiiieee!!! -squeal- Alo Ed!
Lord Bane: How are you?
DustedRelection / Will: In a very bad mood and a very good one at the same time..... How about you?
Lord Bane: I'm alright, not been back from work long lol *hugs her*
DustedRelection / Will: -hug- You might not want to hug me, I had to run today
Lord Bane: I don't mind lol
DustedRelection / Will: ^-^ Still...ick. It is so hard to run 5K without stopping. @_@
Lord Bane: lol, rather you than me
DustedRelection / Will: -sticks out tounge- Thanks. But at least I'm getting in better shape. Now I can have more ice cream!
Lord Bane: that sounds like the perfect excuse lol
DustedRelection / Will: Isn't it? Ahh! It's gone?! Where did it g- Oh, wait...I ate it...I'm getting myself a strawberry bar then!
Lord Bane: you sound like you're having fun
DustedRelection / Will: A blast... We only get healthy fruit bars and ice cream... Grr...not even sugary cereal. I miss that toucan. !!
Lord Bane: o...k....
DustedRelection / Will: Sorry, as I said, I'm in a very good and very bad mood today.....
Lord Bane: lol, did i see you RPing with chloe light (or whatever she's called)?
DustedRelection / Will: -nods- Yep. Why?
Lord Bane: just curious lol, I am too :)
DustedRelection / Will: Really? I always knew you followed me :) Which one are you in?
Lord Bane: Dating RP
DustedRelection / Will: I was going to be in that one, but changed my mind. Oh, I remember seeing you in there now. I joined ONE.
Lord Bane: any good?
DustedRelection / Will: I've only made one post so far. You should read them, they're really long though.
Lord Bane: hmm....not good at long posts
DustedRelection / Will: I used to write really long ones. Then I joined all of these where everyone SP (Single-posts). I don't think mine is too bad.
Lord Bane: lol, I'm just terrible at long posts
Zanziber: Karlee this is to you. I think that your idea of Will being a girl was one of your dumbest ideas ever. I can't think of too many, but that is definently one of them.-Matt
DustedRelection / Will: Matt, this is to YOU. I knew that was you by the way. Will is not a dumb name for a girl, I like it. But that isn't her real name anyway, everyone just calls her that. It can be a girl's name if it is short for Wilma. It's not, but just as an example. And if you knew me well enough, you would know I have done MANY dumb things. -Me.
Zanziber: What were you thinking?
DustedRelection / Will: I was thinking that I liked the name and that it was better than writing Dorinda.
Zanziber: Your oppinion of a lot and my oppinion of a lot are quite different. Compared to other people you haven't done that many dumb things. But short for Wilma? Come on... either way we can't debate this all day, I have half an hour for lunch break. I don't see anyone named Wilma except that person off the Flintstones, and old ladies. It's pretty much a dead name.
DustedRelection / Will: I said it DOESN'T stand for Wilma, I was using it as an example. Will doesn't stand for anything, it's just...Will. No last name either. I liked it better than Dorinda anyway. A LOT better. But just out of couriosity, how did you know it was me?
DustedRelection / Will: I suppose he left. Ed, you still there?
Zanziber: Zack he was talking about how dumb it was... I agreed. I still think it's a dumb idea.
Lord Bane: yeah, I'm still here
DustedRelection / Will: Well, I think Zanziber was a dumb name, so we are even. And he will get pissed if you say his name. Here, he is Oni.
Alo Ed.
Lord Bane: I'm staying out of this conv lol
Zanziber: He wouldn't get pissed because people don't know the connection between the names, now they do, if anything he'll get pissed at you for saying that.
Lord Bane: I'm logging for half an hour, cya later
Zanziber: I gotta go back to work.
DustedRelection / Will: Well, I didn't exactly know that, but know people know mine and yours, because you said them both.
Kk, Ed.
DustedRelection / Will: Ok, Well bye then, Zanziber.
DustedRelection / Will: -hums- LanananabumbumbumbadumbaDananananananana!!! -Awkward Silence- ...What? I love that song!
Lord Bane: hey again mate
DustedRelection / Will: Hello again. Sorry about that back there.
Lord Bane: dont worry bout it hehe
DustedRelection / Will: K. Yeah, I've known him (In real life) for about 5 years. He is somewhat of a brother to me. I'm kinda mad he said my real name though. ><
Lord Bane: I cant actually remember what he said
DustedRelection / Will: Well, if you want to know it, I can tell you, It was just the principle that he said it.
He seemed angry today, he's never yelled at me before...
Lord Bane: you don't have to if you don't want to. seems a bit unfair on you though
DustedRelection / Will: How so?
Lord Bane: having a go at you I mean
DustedRelection / Will: Oh, well, Maybe he was just having a bad day at work... I have a brother already, so I always tell him he's like the brother I might've wanted.
Lord Bane:
DustedRelection / Will: Do you have brothers/sisters?
Lord Bane: two brothers, one sister
DustedRelection / Will: Well, that isn't so bad. I have too real brothers, but I have some half-relatives too.
Lord Bane: I'm the youngest lol
DustedRelection / Will: Me too, lol
Lord Bane: 22, 26 and 27 are my siblings ages
Lord Bane: oops, 23 not 22
DustedRelection / Will: Um...15 and 19 (Half: 23, 27, and 30, I think)
DustedRelection / Will: Oops, 16, not 15
Lord Bane: hehe, nice age range there
DustedRelection / Will: Yes, quite a strange bunch. ^_^ Wouldn't you hate to be the youngest of that?
Lord Bane: yeah, probably lol
DustedRelection / Will: I'll survive So other than talking to me, what you beern up to?
Lord Bane: work....posting in the few RPs of mine that are active, not a lot else
DustedRelection / Will: Yes, I suppose summer is always rather dull. What do you do? Work at the after-school program?
Lord Bane: no, at the local library HQ
DustedRelection / Will: Ah. That seems interesting.
Lord Bane: not as interesting as you might think lol
DustedRelection / Will: Well, I love to write, so it would probably entertain me, lol.
Lord Bane: just posted a new thing on ES if you're interested.
DustedRelection / Will: Really? What about?
<< You just made the 600th post! I used to have a prize for every hundred...wonder what happened to that...>>
Lord Bane: Its the start to a bit of a dark thriller. it looks like its a detective story, but its not that simple
DustedRelection / Will: Do you mean in 667 Dark Avenue?
Lord Bane: no, on my ES profile. Its called "A normal day at the office....or is it?"
DustedRelection / Will: Oh, alright. I will have to look at it a little later, though. Atm, my computer isn't allowing me to do much. I can't really leave ny designated areas...
Lord Bane: that sucks
DustedRelection / Will: Yeah, I know. And meanwhile, 11 different conversations are going on. @_@
Lord Bane: hehe, bad timing then
DustedRelection / Will: Not the best, but I will read it
<< Hilarious Quote: "People are like Slinkies: completely useless, and yet it is so amusing to watch them fall down the stairs." >>
Lord Bane: here's a better one (from god, the devil and bob): devil reads his credit card statement.
"We didn't pay for the black death? No wonder I couldn't get my Enterprise card."
DustedRelection / Will: ! What about...Oh!
"If cats always land on their feet, and bread always lands butter-side down, what would happen if you strap a piece of bread to the back of a cat?"
Lord Bane: ok (same source as my last one): God decides to destroy the world, but bets with the devil that he can't find one guy who will convince him to save it (who the devil chooses).
God: So people, meet your last hope.
Bob: (lifted into air by strange light) Wow, this is some beer.
God: Oh brother. I wouldn't make any long term plans if I was you.
DustedRelection / Will: ! I NEED to watch that...
Lord Bane: It is hilarious
DustedRelection / Will: It sounds like it. Youtube, right?
Lord Bane: yeah, just put "God, the Devil and Bob" into the search box. best watch it from episode one lol. here's another good quote:
Man in crowd: Have you got any beer?
Bob: No, but I can offer you salvation.
Crowd: (pauses) Is that a kind of beer?
DustedRelection / Will:
Lord Bane: like I said, hilarious
DustedRelection / Will: I like Charlie the Unicorn, have you seen it?
Lord Bane: no, I've seen some very weird cartoons though....like Spongebob
DustedRelection / Will: I've see every single episode of Spongebob.
Lord Bane: worryingly, that's the kinda thing future world leaders are watching lol
DustedRelection / Will: ! Yes, but then again, look at the American President, lol.
Lord Bane: true.....
DustedRelection / Will: I know it doesn't exactly apply to you, but who would you vote for this coming up election?
Lord Bane: I dunno....having not seen the republican candidates properly I cant comment, but I think either democrat would be good :)
iownsora / Eleahea: this is a weird post..... oh well.. lol
DustedRelection / Will: I'm a treehugger, . I would vote for Brarak Obama, just in my opinion. He's from my state. ^-^
DustedRelection / Will: I suppose. Hilary would be okay I guess, I would just rather he win. I mean, why can't we have a black president?
Lord Bane: I'd vote for Obama, Gore or Clinton lol (if I was American )
DustedRelection / Will: Maybe, I actually don't know that much about him, lol. But you're right, it isn't about race.
Lord Bane: If it was based on reputation, then clearly Gore or Clinton would be the front-runners. I wouldn't rule Obama out to pull off a shock though. happens in British politics a lot.
Lord Bane: gotta go guys, cya tomoz
DustedRelection / Will: Kk, bye!
Peace_Maker / Kael: Excuse my interruption, but please check out my poll RP, Role Play Topics.
Read it and post.
DustedRelection / Will: Wren't interrupting, but sure.
Finnigan / Buster Dunlap: Will, check your PM.
DustedRelection / Will: Uh...How do you do that? ^_^''
Finnigan / Buster Dunlap: Well, there's many ways. Go to eliteskills.com and click on "Your page" or you can click on your alias, "Will", then click on your screenname. They both lead you to the same place. Next you scroll down till you see Private Messages and viola.
DustedRelection / Will: Kk, thanks. Hey, your name is familiar...you didn't happen to be on the old TS were you?
Finnigan / Buster Dunlap: TS? I'm not familar.
DustedRelection / Will: Really? Another Buster Perhaps.
I read that in the poll, Kiddo, and I thought it a good Idea. It is just somewhat confusing, so you may want to touch it up a bit. There is definately potential though
Finnigan / Buster Dunlap: Do you know who I am?
DustedRelection / Will: By the way, what are shiny objects on ES mean?
DustedRelection / Will: Finnagan of course. I din't think you knew who I was though.
Peace_Maker / Kael: Kiddo, I agree. There is potential in your idea, you just need to create mroe of a background. You need to describe more about it.
DustedRelection / Will: I think I may have just sent "Moo," to myself.....O.o
Finnigan / Buster Dunlap: Ha. That's funny.
Finnigan / Buster Dunlap: Will, do you recall the time before ES?
DustedRelection / Will: That's great Kiddo! I would join.
Yes, Fin, why?
Finnigan / Buster Dunlap: Ah nothing, I was just seeing if you knew me.
Kat Tudor / Kat Price: Hello!! :)
DustedRelection / Will: Hey Kat
Fin, I was SO sure you were on TS...True swordsman...you sure?
Finnigan / Buster Dunlap: Nope, I don't recall being on any TS or else I would of remembered it.
DustedRelection / Will: << Bye, Kiddo. >>
DustedRelection / Will: Hmm...Well, I know you from some other place, that is for sure.....
DustedRelection / Will: Hmm...Well, I know you from some other place, that is for sure.....I sent you a PM back, by the way, you spelt my name wrong...
Finnigan / Buster Dunlap: The only place I recall talking to you before Elite Skills is on AIM.
DustedRelection / Will: Maybe it is just that Oni has mentioned you...I have a good memory for names, but nothing to attach them to, I'm afraid. But for the moment, Alo Fin!
Finnigan / Buster Dunlap: Ha, funny. Well it seems that I have PMed you back. I think it sums up that time. Ha, Onitaco, I haven't chatted with him in a long time. I think you should read my PM so things will be more clear.
DustedRelection / Will: You didn't spell my name right last time, either. Yes, dI r4emember him getting very annoyed about Onitaco.
DustedRelection / Will: I sent you a PM
DustedRelection / Will: << -bump- >> Anyone?
d1gn17y / Sachiko: hey
Lord Bane: hey
d1gn17y / Sachiko: hi ed
Lord Bane: cant believe I missed arielle :(
DustedRelection / Will: Alo Ed -glomp- Alo Sachiko
Lord Bane: hey *hugs will* how are you?
DustedRelection / Will: Same. You?
Lord Bane: I'm ok lol. annoyed all my RPs have gone silent
DustedRelection / Will: Mine too...but you are in the Langoliers (Spelling?) And I was the last to post in that.
Lord Bane: yeah, but I need Kiddo to post cos I was talking to his char lol
DustedRelection / Will: I ran in and now I have the controls and I'm trying to pull it back, but I can't, so I looked at you for support, lol
Lord Bane / Edmund: lol, will go and post then
DustedRelection / Will: Kk. Hold on...why does my computer have to be so slow??? !
Lord Bane / Edmund: lol, my work comp is almost certainly slower
DustedRelection / Will: I have dial-up and viruses, not very fast
Lord Bane / Edmund: I have everyone working for the local government online at lunch AT THE SAME TIME
DustedRelection / Will: You aren't making some conspiracy with the government, are you? <.<
Lord Bane / Edmund: no, I woke at the library HQ lol
Lord Bane / Edmund: logging for half an hour, cya later
DustedRelection / Will: Just making sure..... <.< (That's the perfect cover-up.)
DustedRelection / Will: Kk, see you when you are back...Wow, I got this message a little late...
Lord Bane: I'm back
DustedRelection / Will: -glomp- How was your spy meeting?
Lord Bane: *hugs her* very funny, I was having supper lol
DustedRelection / Will: -hug- Sure...-squints eyes- lol
Lord Bane: been up to anything fun while I was gone?
DustedRelection / Will: Not really, computer being bad again. I'm looking for a one-act play for Drama. I found one that seems okay. It takes place in a museum.
Lord Bane: sounds fun lol
DustedRelection / Will: Yep, very, lol. The play doesn't sound too bad though. It's a comedy. Apparently, a janitor leaves an apple on the podium, so it is mistaken as art. So then everyone starts agueing over the "art," and begin protesting against it.
Lord Bane: great
DustedRelection / Will: Lol, yeah, I think I'm going to send that one to the Drama instructor for my assignment. Trust me, there are a LOT of ways to misunderstand an apple, lol
Lord Bane: I'll take your word for it
DustedRelection / Will: So What are you doing now, Dr. Spy?
Lord Bane: watching a load of very geeky video game trailers lol
DustedRelection / Will: Lol, ok...what video games?
Lord Bane: oh, just a load from this big get-together they hold every year lol
DustedRelection / Will: Oh. My aunt makes video games. I just play them, lol
Lord Bane: who does she work for?
DustedRelection / Will: .....I don't remember too well, but the website for their newest game is thecamelothrald.com I think. The new game is the Dark Age of Camelot.
Lord Bane: lol, I've heard of that :)
DustedRelection / Will: Really? She creates the characters :)
Lord Bane: cool :)
Lord Bane: cool :)
DustedRelection / Will: Yeah, she's my favorite aunt. I only have two, but she knows Karate. :D
Lord Bane: hehe
DustedRelection / Will: So How many roleplays are you in now that The Langoliers is on hold?
Lord Bane: erm....none really, need a new one
DustedRelection / Will: Yeah, all of mine that I HAD have now died...
Lord Bane: would do one based on my stories, but the one I tried failed.
DustedRelection / Will: Oh yeah, you never got around to telling me what it was about...
Lord Bane: well (not based on the thing I wrote recently), its good v evil, ancient prophecy, fight within hell itself....
DustedRelection / Will: Sounds good, if it was a detailed rp, I would most likely join. Though you may be tired of me, lol.
Lord Bane: The one I tried to do was a desperate last stand: humans v demons, with the fate of the whole universe hanging on it
DustedRelection / Will: I think I remeber that...maybe. What about one that is about espionage? Or takes place at a theater? Those are original. Not saying yours isn't, of course not, I liked it. Just that Kael is closing any Rps created that she finds aren't original, and I want yours to be a success.....
Lord Bane: Well, I'd do one based on the finale of my books, but I don't wanna spoil the ending
DustedRelection / Will: So what now?
Lord Bane: hmm....dunno
DustedRelection / Will: So........-Awkward Silence- ...How is Ed today?
Kiddo: I'm baaack, for the moment...
DustedRelection / Will: Kiddo! Post in The Langos. or else!
DustedRelection / Will: -blibk- I think people left...
DustedRelection / Will: -blink-**
DustedRelection / Will: Anyone? Speak now or forever hold your cheese.....I was sure that would get someone's attention...
Lord Bane: me
DustedRelection / Will: Yay! -glomp- I thought you left...
Lord Bane: no, just a bit stuck without kiddo here lol
DustedRelection / Will: Yeah...At the moment, I am trying to get in "The Horror," but apparently it's exclusive. I have to pass the Rp Test to get in.
Lord Bane: hehe
DustedRelection / Will: I don't thinkhe's going to let me in...I have to know a lot about guns, and I don't...Oh well, I suppose. What are you up to?
Lord Bane: well, actually in two RPs right now lol
DustedRelection / Will: Oh, lol. I'm not in any at the moment.
Lord Bane: bad luck :(
DustedRelection / Will: Yeah...But I just posted as an "audition" for "The Horror," and now I'm just waiting to be judged! :)
Lord Bane: kiddos on, dunno whether he'll post though
DustedRelection / Will: He's doing something on "The Horror," They let him in without a comment, but I have to helped if I willing to be dedicated? Grr...Oh, well, I'm in, I suppose.....
Lord Bane: hehe, nothings ever easy
Lord Bane: im logging, cya laters
DustedRelection / Will: Kk, byes.
DustedRelection / Will: -sticks out tounge- Mmmhmmm.....good like...Bribery?!?!
DustedRelection / Will: Me.
Ebony Yue: hello?
DustedRelection / Will: Alo, Ebony.
DustedRelection / Will: Mornin'.....Well, afternoon for me.
Lord Bane / Edmund: hey will *hugs her*
DustedRelection / Will: -hug- Well, hello my spy. I would have NEVER thought to see you here :) How are you?
Lord Bane / Edmund: I'm ok, was watching a very silly show earlier :)
DustedRelection / Will: What was it?
Lord Bane / Edmund: its called mock the week, a very weird quiz show lol
DustedRelection / Will: I used to have a strange addiction towards gameshows, lol. What was so weird about it?
Lord Bane / Edmund: basically its a political quiz crossed with stand-up comedy lol
DustedRelection / Will: It sounds good, lol. Wish I could get it.
Lord Bane / Edmund: Its VERY politically incorrect. example:
Scientists can't be sure how much the sea levels will rise, but they do know one thing: Holland's (censored version) screwed.
DustedRelection / Will: VERY politically incorrect, lol. I have the "Politically Incorrect Guide to American History," book. It sounds very similar, lol.
Lord Bane / Edmund: gotta go, soz. cya tomorrow
DustedRelection / Will: Kk, Cya then.
DustedRelection / Will: .....Searching for intelligent forms of life...
DustedRelection / Will: .........Still searching...
girly101 / crimson lie: hey.
DustedRelection / Will: Hey.
girly101 / crimson lie: am I considered an intelligent life form?lol
poppi / Calypso: boo, i'm a ghost
DustedRelection / Will: I don't know yet...But I suppose if you have to ask, then no, lol.
girly101 / crimson lie: *snifle*
but im not a life form!im a death form.so im an intelligent death form..and poppi isnt even a form so...I have no idea for her lol
DustedRelection / Will: Oh, I didn't realize you were Poppi! I hadn't seen you as crimson lie in a while. Alo Poppi!
girly101 / crimson lie: lol im not poppi,calypso is!
DustedRelection / Will: Oh.....Well, hello Poppi!!!
So, who would you be then?
girly101 / crimson lie: lol,im Safire.Or silver..thats the char I use the most.
DustedRelection / Will: Kk, then. No need to really explain who I am. I'm just...Will.
girly101 / crimson lie: the mysterious?lol
DustedRelection / Will: I suppose so, lol. I just don't say everything.
girly101 / crimson lie: neither do I.I didnt say my age,phone number,adress,and email.lol
DustedRelection / Will: I've only said my age once, but it was so long ago, they can't remember. I was mad when someone on here said my name, though. Everyone here just calls me Will. But I knew them in real life, so they knew it.
girly101 / crimson lie: ah im not way causious.lol.peeple no my age and stuff.I dont care.
DustedRelection / Will: It's not that I'm cautious, I just don't want them knowing it, not sure why.
DustedRelection / Will: -Awkward silence-
girly101 / crimson lie: lol.im kinda depressed..im not fun to talk to when im depressed.sorry.
DustedRelection / Will: I'm depressed too, so it's okay.
girly101 / crimson lie: oh.depression party then.I wish I was pi polar..then I could have meds for it..I think I am bi polar but my mom wont belive it....she kept fighting the docs saying my lil sis wasent ADD till the facts were undeniable...
DustedRelection / Will: Alo all! I is back! ...again. Grr computer! Anyone present?
DustedRelection / Will: Requesting communative people in area.....
DustedRelection / Will: Grr.....Searching for any intelligent life forms... <.<
DustedRelection / Will: Tired...Bed. It's your fault you never showed up! I don't know who, but no one did, so I guess I'm talking to..... no one...-yawn- Well, yeah, if anyone's here, say something.
Lord Bane: sorry, away for the weekend
DustedRelection / Will: Hey Ed. It's okay. Where did you go?
DustedRelection / Will: I know. Hi Dakota!
DustedRelection / Will: Oh, wow... Wait I knew that... Sorry, delayed reaction
DustedRelection / Will: It's late at night here too. But I'm usually only on late at night because that's when most people are on.
DustedRelection / Will: -hums- I can't think of a good song for this moment in time...Anyone?
Lord Bane: lol, Will I'm not on during the evening, that's why we keep missing each other hehe
DustedRelection / Will: Grr...Every time I post in this, my computer shuts down. I've answered about twelve times already @_@.
DustedRelection / Will: So.....anyone around?
DustedRelection / Will: Well, I realize no one is really here, but hopefully someone will come if I put this back on page one. Otherwise, I will be in IAEO (Is Anyone Even On?) with a ton of people. So...yeah.
DustedRelection / Will: Anyone here?
DustedRelection / Will: Lol, hey.
DustedRelection / Will: Yeah, I know. I was wondering why you didn't just make an rp for it? I mean, this IS ES roleplay ya know.
Lord Bane: hey will
DustedRelection / Will: Alo Ed. ^-^
Lord Bane: hows you?
DustedRelection / Will: Me is fine... How is Ed?
Lord Bane: aside from the foot, quite good
DustedRelection / Will: That's good. Did you have fun with your mom?
Lord Bane: yeah, watched two v funny tv programmes.
DustedRelection / Will: What were they?
Lord Bane: the x factor (kind of a UK version of American Idol) and mock the week
DustedRelection / Will: Sounds pretty good. I'm not very close to my mom.
Lord Bane: aww, sorry to hear that
DustedRelection / Will: It's okay. I'm pretty close to my dad, but he lives 800 miles away.
Lord Bane: hmm, my dad lives....well, not quite that far away
DustedRelection / Will: Yeah, so I'm not really close to any of my family.
Lord Bane: that's a pity :(
DustedRelection / Will: Yes. But I don't want to bring you down. :(
Lord Bane: dont worry bout it, I was on a course with a load of peeps who've had quite hard lives
DustedRelection / Will: Mine hasn't been the easiest. But that isn't the most comfortable thing to discuss, considering the fact that this is an open place.
Lord Bane: sorry, change of subject then
DustedRelection / Will: It's okay. It's just that I know people on this site that I know in real life. If I said something in here, they would know exactly who I'm talking about. And my brother is on this site...
I can tell you when I know he won't hear it. He has a bit of a..........temper.
Lord Bane: ok, that's fine. I won't make you tell me. Its STILL raining where I am lol
DustedRelection / Will: Lol, It rained here yesterday. Otherwise, just 100 degree weather.
Lord Bane: well the British summer is....well, being the British summer lol. (as in: it can't make its mind up)
DustedRelection / Will: Lol, The American summer is..... Hot. Just very hot. And I have to do sports outside everyday. ><
Lord Bane: ouch, there is one advantage to lots of rain in the UK: we get to do our two favourite things
DustedRelection / Will: ?
Lord Bane: queueing and complaining (often at the same time)
DustedRelection / Will: Fun, lol.
Lord Bane: random fact for you: what do you think British people brought ten times as much of when there was flooding?
DustedRelection / Will: Hmmm.......Bounty paper towels?
Lord Bane: no, you'll never believe this....TUMBLE DRYERS
DustedRelection / Will: T-Tumble dryers?! How random is THAT!
Lord Bane: I know people who don't have ONE tumble-dryer, never mind ten hehe
DustedRelection / Will: But why a tumble dryer?
Lord Bane: *shrugs* don't ask me, I'm not the one buying them
DustedRelection / Will: Lol.
Lord Bane: I got that fact from mock the week lol
DustedRelection / Will: Lol, it sounds good. What other facts were there?
Lord Bane: erm.....did you know there were 12 reported sightings of UFOs in Britain last year?
DustedRelection / Will: Really? No, I didn't.
Lord Bane: apparentely they were seen (see if you can spot a trend): after dark, when the pubs closed, above airports
DustedRelection / Will: Well, the on above the airport was probably a plane... (Who would have thought of that? )
Lord Bane: there was the joke about "Yeah, the UFO landing and the UFO taking off" or how about the couple who saw an alien who changed from red to yellow to green (nothing to do with the nearby traffic light obviously )
DustedRelection / Will: I'm going to have to watch that.
Lord Bane: lol, careful, the humour can be a bit....adult at times
DustedRelection / Will: Hm...I haven't even looked at this one in a while. Seems somewhat pointless now.

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