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Roleplay - Killing My Lover by Kalis / Kalis

Young love dies hard fast. Yet there are always the waiting periods of getting over someone who has meant somthing for so long. There is emptyness that lingers and a desperate soul mourning that person's loss. It is getting over that hurts the worst.
One woman well known in a town has been a hearthrob for sometime now. She plays and has fun. But one day she met her matched and now she wanders if she has the strength to walk away or to kill him and end her pain.

Roleplay Details

I want to take my fustrations out. No rules, if you've been there than you'll know.


Kalis / Moreta: The bartender glanced about the room at varius people he noticed a young man sitting with the bar maids having a great time and several usuals distastefully watching him. There was a small crowd tonight. Out of the corner of his eye he could see a blue fox sitting in the dark all alone.
Kalis / Moreta: Her finger laced the rim of the mug several times. It would be easy to kill him. She was a paid blade and had no prolem hidding her feelings. This one was different. The way he held her and bantered in return she had found it hard to even try to think of resisting. She played alot after all and always ended up leaving him thirsty. But somthing happened and it all changed. Suddenly it was not a game anymore, and it was gone.
partvampire / kojo mato: (whats this) (can i join if there is a spot)

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