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Roleplay - High school.... by Catrissa / Hikoru

Your homeroom has a week to make the school dance the best dance ever but you have mid-terms coming up and you have to do both at the same time.

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Hikoru / Catrissa: Cat walked into homeroom. "Hey everyone..." everyone was just standing around talking. She sighed. "This is gonna be a intresting dance if were the ones to do it."
Squall Leon Hea / Daisuke Niwa: Daisuke walked up to her " hi Cat , pretty cool , huh? , we are going to make the dance , it's awesome " he said with a big smile on his face
Hikoru / Catrissa: Cat laughed. "Yeah, but why was it placed on the same week as my mid-term?" She said down in a huff. "This sucks....but we do get to use as much money as we need for the dance."
Squall Leon Hea / Daisuke Niwa: he smiled " well , no worries , Jack said he's gunna get the money , all we have to do is plan for it " < jack is his brother > and held her hand " let's go and check out some of the stuff that he brought , it's gunna be great "
Hikoru / Catrissa: Cat looked up in shook when he gabed her hand. "Ok." They walked over to the people with the plans. "What about a hawiani them? Then we all get to wear swimsuits. What do you think Daisuke?" She asked him.
Squall Leon Hea / Daisuke Niwa: he smiled " cool , it's gunna be awesome and cool , specially with some COOL surprises up my sleeves " and gave her a drink < juice > and drank his " this party is gunna be a blast "
Hikoru / Catrissa: Cat sipped on her drink and walked over to the window. She took out a scetch book and started drawing the gym. There was a pool, a band, lounge chairs, and fire dancers. "This is gonna be awsome!"
Squall Leon Hea / Daisuke Niwa: he stood by her side looking out and drinking from his drink , he looked at her sketch book and smiled " nice drawing , you're talented " and then turned around and leaned back on the wall and sighed " this is going to be pretty cool "
Hikoru / Catrissa: "Yeah, if only we had....i cant put my finger on it. Theres just something missing." Cat bute her pen in deep thought. "Hmmmm..." She couldnt think of it but she knew there was something missing.
Squall Leon Hea / Daisuke Niwa: he smiled " a date? " , and sipped on his drink and then threw it into the trash bin
Hikoru / Catrissa: "That, and something about the DANCE. not about me." Cat thought and thought. "Oh yeah. She put volleyball & net on her list of needed idems. "Cool, so were all set." She smiled at him.
Squall Leon Hea: he smiled " and what about a DJ? , you know for the music " he said looking at her list
Hikoru / Catrissa: "I already have a couple of bands lined out." Cat set her scetchbook down and leaned back on the desk. "Urg, im so tired."
Squall Leon Hea / Daisuke Niwa: he smiled " well , you better rest and get someone else to organise for now " , then he walked up to her and handed her a key " it's for the room there , go and rest for now , am going to supervice , okay? "
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