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Roleplay - Sorrowfull Whispers by ellesmera / ellesmera

The trees howled with the mourns of the dieng boy, blood trailed through the undergrowth, splashed hap-hazardly on the trees and the crisp fallen snow, the forest was a winter wonderland, stained with the death of the purest of the pure. Years passed, and the Sorrowfull Whispers ingered in the leaves, passed on through generations of oaks as the forest rose and fell, and rose again, alwways the same, the snow never fell on a certain spot, or where the blood had landed, a trail had been worn through it, but, where the blood trail started, it seemed the trees and plantlife were forced to not grow naturally, they curved away, to reveal a perfectly straight, unaturally so, and perfectly frozen path, about as wide as a car, that stretched for miles, it came out at a clearing, and in that clearing, the patch of land the snow wouldnt touch. Deep underneath the ground, there was a glass coffin, just under the bones of the fallen virgin boy, a glass coffin, with something so pure, even snow from the heavens, and rain from the skies couldnt touch it, a group of explorers went to theis place, they had named it 'Standby mound' as it was a mound of earth, that looked like diamond, but cut like soil. Their mission, to take the thing under the mound back to the 1st world, the 1st dimension, and use its pure power, for the greater good.

Roleplay Details

It will start where the coffin has just been dug up, ill do the first post to describe, like i said, it has a plot, so if i take control of your char, or ask you to change slightly, please do, i dont meen to be rude, but its a good plot. and a good ending will come from it.
I am the creature in the coffin, I need a female character, 2 males, a child.. and ask to join please. ALSO make your posts descriptive. At least 20 words, or 3 sentances. Thank you.
Romance is allowed, minor intercourse is alowed, as long as you dont take up 5 pages with it at a time, and arent at it constantly, NO CYBER there is a differance, All sexual ppreferances allowed and any species, there are 4 dimensions, our dimension is the first, but set after the 3rd apocolypse, everything is eco friendly, and there is a war brewing. The 2nd dimension is the realm of evil, the pure form is buried there, and the dimension is only accessible by the straight path, the 3rd dimension is the realm of angels, accessible only by flying over the green sea. And the last dimension, the 4th is the dimension of parrallel worlds, all four dimensions put in to one, the dimension of chaos, portals can be opened to get ther, the1st dimension is split in to two, the technolagy side, and the magic side, the two cannot cooperate well together, but there have been cases.
Please have fun, nd like I said, I get the first post.


ellesmera / Wynn Santino: Wynn had been bound in chains for what seemed an eternity, his sorrowful screams haunted the forest and the surrounding villages, the only place his voice didnt taint in the forest was the straight path, the path he must be carried down to wake up. He was comatosed by enchanted magyk, that would only be broken, by opening the coffin, in the 1st dimension
Megsrus aka Meg: Meg looked at the path through the forest. She had heard the legends but could they be true? She took a deep breath and started down the path, her fingers crossed, not knowing her whole world was about to change.
ellesmera / Wynn Santino: Wynn could feel a change coming. Snow ceased to fall and the winds stopped, an earie calm took up the forest in a silence more desolate and barron than any wailing, he had stopped screamng, the time was soon. It was almost over
Megsrus aka Meg: Meg realized the snow had stopped falling and the forest seemed more peaceful somehow. She continued walking and over the horizon she could just make out a cave that seemed to lead underground. She continued walking.
Megsrus aka Meg: (add)
She approached the mouth of the cave a breeze coming from within. The light was dim and the darkness was chilling. The walls seemed to forever echo the faint sound of screaming and wailing. Meg's hands started to tremble. "I must be crazy," she muttered under her breath. She might have been for she took a deep breath and went into the cave.
ellesmera / Wynn Santino: He waited, the presence drawing closer.
'Come for me' The silence was broken by those uttered words.
Megsrus aka Meg: Suddenly Meg heard words come out of the darkness. She looked up a glint in her eye and determination in her voice. "I am coming," she said walking down the path glancing a glimmer of light in the distance. The voice had reminded her of things she had tried to forget and she was sure now that the legends were truelly real.
ellesmera / Wynn Santino: He smiled in is coma like state, he couldnt stir, not yet, not until he was out of this decrepit, destroyed dimension.
Megsrus aka Meg: Meg gasped at what she saw when she reached the chamber. A single shaft of light fell upon a glass coffin making it shine like a diamond. Meg found herself walking faster and faster until she reached it. And as she looked inside she saw a boy laying as if he was asleep and would awake at any moment from his deep slumber.
ellesmera / Wynn Santino: "Take me away" A voice echoed round the room.
"Take me away" It repeated. Rapid Eye Movements showed he was almost awake, though he couldnt awaken, till he was in the first dimension. Carried back through the straight path.
Megsrus aka Meg: A voice came from the coffin the same as before. "Don't worry, we will," Meg said daring to believe it was the boy talking to her. She turned back toward the tunnel where the others were waiting for her all clear. "He is here."
ellesmera / Wynn Santino: He couldnt wait much longer, it fealt like he was going to explode, he was so close to getting out of this prison, this cursed realm.
Megsrus aka Meg: As the sound of a vehicle reached her ears she knew they had heard her. As the truck came into the chamber Mr. Lamger came to inspect the coffin. After five minutes he gave the signal to load it up. Meg went to the front with the others taking other various positions. "On my count," she said, "One, two, three lift!" And the coffin slowly came off the ground and the team slowly put it on the truck bed. Meg secured the ropes over the top and under the bottom and climbed onto the side of the truck. "I won't let you out of my sight," she whispered as the truck began to move.
ellesmera / Wynn Santino: It seemed like he was breathing now, but he wanst, not yet. His eyes were moving like lightening, the voice entered her mind. "I will be awakened soon.. yes? Do you know how"
Megsrus aka Meg: Meg couldn't believe this was actually happening. Voices when no one was there? She shook her head but decided to answer. "No, not really. It has been a long time since you were last awake. The legend and knowledge has started to fade."
ellesmera: ""i must be taken to the first realm, and must hav life transferred to me" his voic spoke in her head. (a kiss like sleeping beauty)
Megsrus aka Meg: Meg nodded and slowly put her hand on the coffin. A tingling sensation went through her body making her eyes widen. Yet she kept her hand still and watched as they progressed toward the cave mouth.
kairne / xyphers (demon realeased): (may i join if so can someone fill me in?)
Megsrus aka Meg: (sure well haven't gone real far. I have discovered the pure being and we are on the way out of the cave where his coffin was. Oh and we meaning me and a group of other people from the first dimension one of which you might be able to be if you want)
ellesmera: (sure you can join) Even though the hand was on the coffin, he could feel it as if it was his body. Her memories and feelings slammed in to him, reawakening his own.. the memories of his existance, which, even though it started at the begining of time, was very short, as he had spent only 6 weeks of hias life actually awake, during which, he brought war, famine and destruction to his realm, when he was but a baby.
Megsrus aka Meg: Meg shielded her eyes in the bright light as they progressed out of the cave. The forest seemed to be holding its breath, waiting for something. As they reached the end of the path Meg couldn't help but wonder what the reprocussions would be.
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: As wynns patience grew thin, he felt like he was going to scream, going to explode. He had absorbd the knowlege of every book in the angels library.. after deciding hey would be a good snack, but he needed to warn her, about synn, upon his 'destruction' they had split him in two, his good soul, wyn, was dominant, and his bad soul, synn was lways alseep, unless awakened. He found he couldnt speak any more though.
(I won b on for a while im araid, gah.. pissed my head teacher off real bad and im banned from the computer)
Megsrus aka Meg: Meg sighed with relief as they got back to the camp. She made sure she was at the coffin's head when they put it into the tent. When the others left to tell of their find Meg slowing took the glass top off of the coffin.

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