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Roleplay - Blood Eyes by Rukoshi / Black Angel

Every five thousand years there are six people whom are born with what is known as the Takuwa, or Blood Eyes. They are not...normal for they have the powers of seven gods. Loki and Yamane, the god and goddess of of darkness, Kiko and Gilderoy, the goddess and god of the forest, Takun and Shea, the god and goddess of the ocean, and lastly Ujiro, the god of the creatures. The children born with the powers of these gods and goddess were sent away to be killed, for everyone feared that they would try to ever through the Empire. Well in the fudel era the six whom were born as the Blood Eyes escaped into the world they knew nothing of. Everyone is out to kill them, and they must find a place where no one can kill them with out being punished by the gods them selves. People have heard of this place, but it was only a myth, but it is this groups only hope.

Roleplay Details

-No god-modding
-No single sentencing
-the powers of each character is as fallowed
*the one with Loki's power is to summon any form of darkness and use it in any way shape of form.
*yamane is to summon a staff in which can entrap any with any spell.
*Kiko is able to grow any plant any where.
*Gilderoy is able to control all aspects of plant and forest life
*Takun can summon water anywhere at anytime
*Shea can control water in anyway she likes
*Ujiro can control or summon and creature including bugs, ocean dwellers, land animals, and even humans.
-You can only be one.
-Gods=guys goddess=girls
-I kinda want this to be like a rognarok rp, though I know I dind't use much things about Norse mythology heh, but who cares it my rp SO MAKE THIS LIKE RAGNOROK! :D


Black Angel / Rukoshi : <<I have the power of Yamane>>
Ruko hide in the shadows awaiting everyone else to catch up with her. She said that she would go a head of them just to make sure that there was no traps and that all was clear. Not only that, but she also coldn't stand the fighting going on between the group. Everyone was mad because they had to move during the day, because people were looking for them more in the night, because that's when most move so the won't be seen. BUt these seven are stuck hidng in shadows of random things, hoping no one realized who they were. So Ruko jsut sat in the shadowa of a tree waiting for everyone else to show up, for night was coming.
Jacoby / Jaco: <<i'll be Gilderoy>> Jaco walked slowly, following the others at his own pace. He gently ran his fingers over tree-trunks, plants, grass he was strode along, enjoying the feeling of life under his hands. As he passed, flowers turned their heads toward him, branches bowed out of his way, and grasses parted to leave him a clear path.
Arriving at Ruko's tree, he stopped beside her and briefly smiled down at her. "Who are we waiting on now, Ruko?" He stretched and sighed. "It has been a long day and i would like to rest at some point."
Black Angel / Rukoshi : "We are waiting for basically everyone else. Once everyone gets caught up, we can rest here for now. So who is going to take over watch. I've done it for the past three days, I'm I half feel asleep day walking. i can't do it for another night." Ruko stared right infront of her. her eyes didn't flicker over to anything and she didn't jump at every noise. She sat there staring off into some unknown world, thinking about random things, not paying any attention to anyone or anything around her.
Jacoby / Jaco: "Then you rest, and i will keep watch. You can't look out for us all the time Ruko. You take on too much. You can trust me." He frowned slightly, thinking of how distant Ruko could be sometimes. He knew it wasn't her fault but it saddened him all the same. He felt that if it wasn't for his brothers and sisters, he wouldn't want to be in this world anymore. He blessed their presence in is life.
He glanced around into the growing darkness, searching for signs of the others.
Black Angel / Rukoshi : "I know. It's just." Ruko puased and glared into the distance. Her eyes began slits as she remembered something from long ago. Slowly her vacant expression came back to her and she shook her head slightly.
"Never mind. Just keep a good eye out. We don't want to get caught once we came this far." Despite her expression, her voice was hard and cold.
Black Angel: <<Ello <.< >.>???>>
Black Angel: <<Jaco!!! Post>>
Jacoby / Jaco: <<*rolls eyes* your wish is my command>>
Jaco nodded and settled down to keep watch. The night was upon them but he had always had excellent vision in the dark. The moon's soft luminescence filtered across the forest and Jaco smiled faintly. This had always been his favourite time - when the animals settled down for sleep and the world slowed down. It was very peaceful...even in their current circumstances. Being hunted was a new and disturbing experience for him. He would never willingly harm another living creature but he feared that in protecting his brothers and sisters he would be forced to do just that.
He glanced over at Ruko, his smile fading. Yes, he thought, he would kill to save those he cared for.
"How long do you think we have until the humans catch up to us, Ruko?" he asked her.
Black Angel / Rukoshi : "Maybe a day or two. We fooled them pretty good in Fugu, but that was only a few of them. A huge group is still looking for us, and they are hot on our trail. But we can travel faster then them. I'm sure we will get to this paradice before the human get to us." Ruko leaned back against the tree and closed her eyes, crearing her mind.
PrincessOfDark / Keona Namiko: ((i wil get shea)) She was walkign a ways back. when she finally caught up with them she sighed and sat down by jaco. keona was glad of two things. she was with her friends and this land had scatterd lakes everywhere.

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