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Roleplay - An Oath to Remembrance by Darren Glandri / Khargath

It has been long since the final battles of the Araenugeth, a war between the four realms that lasted nearly three centuries. Though the great war ended in what the ruling forces considered a 'peaceful agreement', there has still been high tension between the realms. It has come to the attention of the Khargath, the commanding ruler of Khargathalaun, that the eastern realm is preparing yet another invasion on the other realms. If this be true, the tensions will soon break and yet another war will arise...

Roleplay Details

Medieval Fantasy Role Play::
-Please No God-Moding
-It is appreciated if your character is not of so much power that he/she is 'invulnerable'. This is a form of God-Moding
-Try not to be an attention hog and ruin the Rp with indulging concedence
-There are many roles to be filled within this setting, use your imagination and be creative


Khargath / Darren Glandri: Tracing his fingers about the surface of an old, leather-bound novel, Darren ponders the thought of another war. It was a while before that the last war had been in effect, and he had served his purpose in the final stages and rose from the ashes a legend. This heroism would not serve him much help for this next war though. He was older now and his skills were not up to date. Glancing across the room he glares at his bedroom door and decides that maybe he should tend back to his guests in the living quarters of his mid-sized wooden cabin. Stepping unlively across the room he exits through the door and down a small, narrow corridor into the room in which his old war friends dwelled...
Khargath / Darren Glandri: Glancing over to Venth he gives an effortless wave and slight grunt, as one would do if that had just waken with little sleep before them. Stepping to an oaken chair he places himself upon its crest and begins rocking back and forth.
Khargath / Darren Glandri: He made a short sigh and then glanced out the window over his right shoulder. "I suppose I shall be fine, young nephew. I just worry about the tensions that may cause yet another war."

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