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Roleplay - wiccan life by kinny / letmein

-i saw this yesturday on tv <tlc> about a wiccan family and they had kids who where being raise to be wiccans and i though how would people react to the kids in school,so i wanted to make an rp of a siblengs that go to a normal school-

Roleplay Details

the wiccan family were hated by most of the town people,not all of them but most.you could be the kids if you want to be a main character ,the parentsif you want to be a side characters or the antagonist (they could be humans or wiccans as well) pleaso join.


letmein / kinny: it was the morning and kinny was slleping ,she woked up yawning and streched ,she got up of the bed and tried not making any noise .she headed to the bathroom and washed her face .with her sleeping eyes.
d1gn17y / Sachiko: Sachiko came out of the house and collected the milk bottle. She smiled over at Roy then her smile dropped as she saw the sword. Lots of people tended to be against their Wiccan ways but she just thought that it was because they didn't really understand what it was about. She put the milk inside and then came back out to Roy. "Can I help you?"
letmein / kinny: kinny looked at her sister from the window of the second floor she was getting ready to go as she grabbed her pendulum.
d1gn17y / Sachiko: Sachiko blushed. "You have your eyes shut and this house is not evil."
d1gn17y / Sachiko: She inclined her head. "Sachiko and you are?" She asked holding out her hand for a greeting.
d1gn17y / Sachiko: Sachiko blushed greatly. She smiled as she pulled her hand away. "So you won't be killing this 'evil' spirit then?" She asked posing to show she was referring to herself.
d1gn17y / Sachiko: "My sister Kinny. There is no way she is evil." <<is she still here.>>
d1gn17y / Sachiko: <<oh cool>>
d1gn17y / Sachiko: "I don't know...I don't really know you," She smiled. "Looks can be decieving..." She repeated.
d1gn17y / Sachiko: "Now, I am stating a fact," She said with a pretty smile on his face.
d1gn17y / Sachiko: She smiled. "No I find you highly refreshing."
d1gn17y / Sachiko: "I apologise."
d1gn17y / Sachiko: "I don't know." She said..."I have only just met you and if my brother is in I don't know what he'll think of me letting a man in the house.
d1gn17y / Sachiko: "Roy..." She looked at who he was looking at. "That's just my brother."
d1gn17y / Sachiko: She smiled and she took his hand in hers. "I think I trust you. but I don't know if I should."
d1gn17y / Sachiko: She looked around and jumped as the door slammed shut. Sachiko saw her brother. "Hey bro."
d1gn17y / Sachiko: Sachiko tutted. "He's downing my vibe."
d1gn17y / Sachiko: "What the hell did you just do?" She asked rushing up the stairs.
d1gn17y / Sachiko: "I can't believe I trusted you." She ran up to her sister. "Kinny...come on Kinny wake up."
d1gn17y / Sachiko: <<glad i am doing things as u had hoped>>
d1gn17y / Sachiko: <<Awww thanks...*smiles*>>
Sachiko started to shake as the sword went through her body. "I am not as weak as you think." She said standing back up. The tattoo of the pentacle on her shoulder offered her protection from the goddess. She sent a telepathic message to her brother. *We're in trouble...I think Kinny is dead.*
d1gn17y / Sachiko: <<this isn't really proper wicca...it's gone all weird. do any of yu read the Wicca series the books obv.>>

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