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Roleplay - Collage Romances (Fun or None) by Rauel / Elfie

Modern day.
A large Campus, Dorms seperate the collage from the town which is lively at night calm during the day.

Roleplay Details

No Goddmodding,
Have fun, please be mature people.


Elfie / Rauel: Rauel, slepping, woke up to his cell blaring punk music into his ear. Groggily reaching over he flipped it open. "'Ello?" You could say he was pretty damn tired. "DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT TIME IT IS??!!" A shrill voice shreiked into his ear causeing his hangover to go into over drive.
"To damn early Ma." He grubled into the phone and flung the blankets off his body. By the light coming in through his window it was most likely after noon, way after noon. "Too early???"
His mom hissed. He nodded and stubled towards the bathroom. "Bye Ma." He mumbled and shut the phone. Turning on the cold water he smiled to himself. Last night kicked ass and him and his buddys got wasted. Shrugging off what little clothing he had on, Rauel climbed into the freezing cold water.
Yukiko: Yuki yawned as she got up from bed. She stretched and looked at her alarm clock. She sighed as she saw the time. "Did I really stay up that late last night?" Yuki said scratching her head. "Oh well..." She shrugged it off and went into the bathroom, going to get ready for the day.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: Yuki has already gotten on of bed like an hour ago and is trying to figure what is she supposed to do. She goes downstairs looking for her 'brother', she really hated calling him that since their not related, to see if he had her stuff. After finding it she leave hitting her brother on the way out.
Yukiko: ((Woah... two Yukis... this will be interesting :P))
Elfie / Rauel: Stepping out of the shower, Rauel wrapped a fluffy white towel around his waist and headed into his kitchen. Getting out some bread, cheese, butter and a pan He proceded to make Grilled Chees sandwitches.
Yukiko: After finishing her morning routine she got dressed and put on a jacket, wanting to go outside. ((Ugh, Writers Block. T.T))
d1gn17y / Sachiko: Sachiko walked up to Rauel's door and waited for him to answer. She had no idea who lived here all she knows is that her mum did at one point however, she beleived that she may have moved on but it was worth a try.
<<Long time no see Rauel>>
Yukiko: Going outside and seeing the sun, she covered her eyes. "Why does it always have to be bright?" Yuki sighed as she ran to a nearby tree and sat under it.
Elfie / Rauel: ((No of course not, It's for older more mature ppl))
Rauel ate his sandwhiches, still in his towel and washed the plate and pan. Walking into his room he pulled on some jeans and a t-shirt. Tieing his shoes he walked outside and to the schools Cafe`
d1gn17y / Sachiko: When no-one answered she thought that no-one was in so she headed to the local cafe to get a coffee before she went to college.
<<Hello Rauel...i haven't spoke to you in a while>>
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: ((Beth, back out. This isn't the sequel to anything. He may have liked your idea and ran with it, but that doesn't make it a sequel. There is no point in cluttering up this potentially good rp with OOC posts and I apologize in advance for this post.))
Elfie / Rauel: ((No it isn't. That's not what I made it for))
((Hello It has been a while So dreadfully sorry been on Vacation))
Rauel slipped into the Cafe
Elfie / Rauel: ((OOPS))
Rauel slipped into the Cafe` and sat doen at a table. He pulled out his laptop and opened it up.
Yukiko: There was no point in waiting around for something to happen. God, this school was dull. Yuki sighed and got up, wanting something to wake her up she walked towards the cafe. Hoping to find something interesting to see.
Sarah Black / sarah black: I look around the campus grounds, marvling at the beuty. I decide to go drop all my stuff of in my dorm and then go walk around.
Yukiko: Yuki sighed as she entered the cafe. Looking around and seeing some people there. She found a table in the back where no one could really notice her and sat down. Taking a laptop out and started reading files on the teachers she had managed to hack.
Yukiko: Yuki kept typing, paying no mind to the person in front of her. It was quite.... interesting though. She clicked a few names here and there, finishing the teachers and going on to the students.
Sarah Black / sarah black: sarah went and dropped the stuff off at her dorm and got settled in. she began walking around the campus and noticed this lovley little cafe.she walked in the door brushing her hair out of her face revealing her stunning silver eyes she walked over and sat at a table near the window. she takes out a text book and begins reading one of the few chapters she was suppose to have already read
d1gn17y / Sachiko: She walked up to Rauel.
"Hi...erm...do you happen to know who lives in that rather large house down the road." She asked referring to his house.
Yukiko: ((sighs, where did everyone go?))
Sarah Black / sarah black: <<I'm here I don't know where everyone else went>> sarah glances up and around seeing if she knows anyone she felt a bit out of place in a new college with no one she knew she was hoping to make some friends here.
Yukiko: She came across and intriguing file indeed. Jet Highwind. Age 17. A seventeen year old huh? Very intriguing....
Yukiko: "Mr. Highwind. Please stop shouting. Everyone's staring." She said and sighed. Yuki was finished with most of the files anyhow. She turned off the laptop and said, "If you wish for some peace and quiet, I suggest the library." She said coldly.
Sarah Black / sarah black: sarah jumps when she hears this yelling and looks up caught by the yelling she looks around and sees who it was. noticing it wasn't anything big she goes back to reading
Yukiko: "I see... A first year. Interesting. Your files haven't been updated yet. The teachers here are so.... uninteresting." Yuki sighed and looked at Jet.
Yukiko: She sighed and said, "18 years old."
Yukiko: Yuki blinked at Jet and said cautiously, "No. I'm single."
Yukiko: "Yukiko. Just call me Yuki." Yuki saw the blush on his face and smirked. Just her luck. She wanted to find something that was interesting and now she's found someone interesting.
Yukiko: "Thanks. Hm... I don't think I have anything else to do. Alright, I'll go." Yuki said and got up, walking towards the door.
Yukiko: "No... I'm going to hang around the yard. If you need me, I'll be outside." Yuki said and walked out.
Yukiko: Yuki sighed as she resumed her profile hacking. She had gone through most of the students except for two unknown students. Hm... How strange. She would think about it later. For now, something else was on her mind. That boy, Jet. Why would he ask her to go with him when he clearly didn't know her that well. He must've had an objective. Well, no point in worrying about it.
Yukiko: Jet... Clearly that boy sparked an interest in her. "Jet huh?" Yuki smiled and said, "Tonight's going to be interesting."
Yukiko: ((i think this rp has temporarily died >.>))
Elfie / Rauel: <<Sorry for leaving!>> "Yes, I think..." He said glancing up at the pretty blonde.
<<His dorm? Oh man fill me in>>
Yukiko: ((okay, yeah it died....))
Yukiko: ((woah.... when'd you get back? xD atleast someone came back :P everyone else is gone...))
Elfie / Rauel: <<I bet. lol ok so you are? Yuki right?>>
Yukiko: ((Yeah... Lol, and you are Rauel.....))
Elfie / Rauel: <<Very much>>
Yukiko: ((Both of our rping partners are gone. What are we to do. :P))
Yukiko: ((oh okay. LOL brb, getting some food))
Yukiko: ((back))
Elfie / Rauel: <<Sorry dinner and I have no idea what are we gonna do? >>
Yukiko: ((okay))
Yukiko: "It's fine." Yuki said. Then she suddenly asked him, "Why did you ask me to go with you?"
Yukiko: ((O.O lol)) Yuki said nothing in particular and went into one of the school buildings. "I see. Have you met any of the professors yet?"
Yukiko: She smirked as she heard the first part. "Nice cover up." ((gah, i have writers block :P))
Yukiko: ((....))
Yukiko: ((Is anyone even on? Does anyone have AIM so I can one on one or create an rping chat room or soemthing?))
Elfie / Rauel: <<Hey is anyone on here? Today is gonna be my last day for a while. We're moving and won't be getting internet any time soon, wanted to make the most out of today>>
Elfie / Rauel: < hey! Where is everyone, do you know?>
Elfie / Rauel: <No only yahoo,sorry.>
Elfie / Rauel: << Fowl_Revenge >>
Elfie / Rauel: Rauel stood up from his table and tucked his laptop into the bag that hung from his shoulder.
He grinned to himself and walked slwoly up to the counter and ordered a sandwhich. He took it and paid, flashing a dazzling smile at the freshman girl that was working the cash register.
He walked away listening to her giggle.
Yukiko: ((hello?))
Elfie / Rauel: ((HEY IT'S BEEN FOREVER!!))
Elfie / Rauel: ((-jumps- Hello?))
Criket2 / Shelly: {{can i join}}
SoFly / Yairez: <join?>
lanihead7 / Kira Utasama: I doubt they won't say no?
SoFly / Yairez: <Lanihead you should join Black Crown Werewolf pack...btw ur pic is cool
lanihead7 / Kira Utasama: ((Lol alright. Can you join my roleplay Pluie en Argent? If youw want to.))
SoFly / Yairez: [alright ^^ im gonna change make a new pro thoe so brb
lanihead7 / Destin Miapello: OK.

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