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Roleplay - Red Rose High by Jack Rowan / Bleeding_AngelX

A large Victorian building surrounded by a vast grounds. In the center of a circular path lies a large fountain depicting a man with angel wings holding up a sword. The building that lies not far from the fountain is the luxurious Red Rose High. The school openly accepts all of those who have felt left out in the world of normal people. Those who were born with powers beyond that of the normal society. They are all welcomed with open arms into the school.

Roleplay Details

This is a glorified school for the gifted. Those who have been a part of the previous ones, this rp takes place roughly 10-15 years after the others. All races and classes welcomed, since the school is open to anyone. No godmoding, power playing, speed posting, cybering, or speed posting. I decide where the cut off is with each. If I say you're doing something wrong, please stop. With all of that being said, I'd like to give this the proper send off that I gave it in the past. You'd better hurry, the bell is about to ring.


Doom_Hammer / Demen: ((gona start us off??))
Doom_Hammer / Demen: ((gona start us off??))
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: Yuki walks up to the fountain and admires it. She was the one in her school and family that everyone considered her a blacksheep because of her likings of different hobbies and interests. Now she going to a school she is hoping to fit in with. She goes into the school looking at the features.
Bleeding_AngelX / Jack Rowan: Jack stood in his office, his button down dress shirt opened to reveal his white undershirt. It was a new school year, his thirteenth since becoming head master. His eyes of deep hazel scanned the surrounding area. Nothing had changed since he had been in the office last. There was still the strange window that seemed to overlook the entire school from an impossible angle. It was magiked, of course, but it came in handy while trying to monitor all of the strange happenings that took place within the school. The doors had opened to the public a few days back to let students who were ready get settled in. Today, however, would be the first official day of school, even if there were no classes. It was when he gave his big speech, though he preferred to keep it short. Unlike Issac, the man who had come before him, he wasn't flashy. He also didn't care for the uniforms. Several years back he had stopped that tradition. The school was far more open and he felt a lot happier. On the inside though, he wished for a quiet year, even though he knew that would never come.
Doom_Hammer / Demen: Demen walked threw the grounds he looked about thinking of how much like home it was. He was kicked out of every school for causing ... electrical malfunctions. He hopped he could stay in this school without problems.
Sarah Black / vivian lockheart: I walk onto the school grounds watching everyone hoping I don't get vision it's the last thing I need on the first day at a new school, I transfered last time becuase of this, im not transfering again! I make my way up the steps and look around
Mena_Broken_Ang / Yuki Cross: She looks for the office as she was becoming very weak at the time thanks to her family not giving her the right type of blood needed for her to drink. After finding the office, she looks around for someone to help.
Black Angel / Kayame Noir Akira: Kayame leaned against the walls staring up into nothingness around her. It was her second year and all she could say was that last year was very interesting. Interesting enough for needing to be removed from the school. It made her wonder what would happen this year. She couldn't wait. Her eyes slowly opened, getting used to the sudden light before she headed to the auditorium ((Sp?)) awaiting the speach she knew was coming like every year. Her pure white robe dragged slightly on the ground, her hood up coverin gher face. Over the break, she had changed, like her eyes. They were no longer their deep blue, but now completely silver, as was her hair. In her efforts to over come her angel blood, more of her wind demon apperance came out.
Sarah Black / Amelia Becker: I take my scedual out of my bag and head for the auditorium for the yearly speech. I sigh there was no one here so far I knew. I walk up the steps and into the aruditorium.
Doom_Hammer / Demen: He smiled as he walked in and the lights began to flicker "oh no i thought this wouldn't happen here"
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: ((Alright guys, listen up, and listen good. Sorn/Jack Rowan is going to be away for a few hours, we are only going to do a few posts, not a bunch. Got it?))
Tetsu looked around as he entered the front of the school. From outside the building looked antique, but inside, it looked so lively. Students walked past him as he tried to find his way. He was new here, an orphan who was sent to live at this school, more than just learn.
He had no where else to go, and someone told him that an old relative had gone through here many years ago. His name, they couldn't give.
Sarah Black / vivian lockheart: <<sorry wrong character!!>> I walk into the auditorium and see the lights flicker and hear a voice behind me I pause as I see lights flickering and hear people screaming. I open my eyes and shake my head trying to get rid of the vision I tun and look around
Doom_Hammer / Demen: He walked down the hall way and the lights still don't work properly. "they said this was a school for the gifted cant even handle a lightning Cree
Sarah Black / vivian lockheart: I grab a seat at the front of the auditorium, sighing trying to get the visoin out of my head "why won't they just go away" I put my head on my hands the lights flickering aboce me
Black Angel / Kayame Noir Akira: Kayame looked up as the lights flickered and a smile touched her lips.
"Yes ths is going to be very interesting. New students, new powers...new secrets." Her laughed softly as she closed her eyes and leaned her head back down, her arms crossed, making it look as though she was asleep, she didn't feel like being bothered by new and old students.
PrincessOfDark / Scarlet-Rose: ((i remember this rp))Scarlet cam walking up the front pathway. one of her older friends wne to this school when it iopened a while back. her parents had sent her here despite her protets. she hated going somewhere where she was going to be ingored like everyone else.
Bleeding_AngelX / Jack Rowan: Jack walked out onto the stage. Raising a hand to the air, he snapped his fingers. The lights immediately began to even out and dim. Once the room was dark, a spot light found it's mark on him. There was a podium before him with the dragon entwined around a rose that was their school symbol, though it looked like it didn't get much use. There was also a microphone there, but Jack walked away from the podium even as he began his speech. "I welcome you all to another great year at the prestigious Red Rose Academy. For those of you returning, I welcome you back, to those of you who are new, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jack Rowan, please, just call me Jack. I am the schools headmaster. If you have any concerns regarding matters both academic and not, feel free to contact me in my office on the first floor. I doubt you'll have any problems finding me there. Today, there are no classes, so as to allow new students to settle in and meet new people and the old students to just have a little bit of time to relax. And that, concludes my speech." The spot light immediately cut out once he was finished speaking. When the room lights came back on, he was already gone. Jack was never one for people, preferring to simply do things his own way without the influences of others. While that was impossible in his job, there were still little things he could do.
Kael Fenshir: Tetsu looked around as the students began to walk away from the announcement. He was a bit confused and lost. How Jack disappeared bugged him, but it didn't matter.
He was a now a new student at Red Rose.
Kael Fenshir: Tetsu looked around as the students began to walk away from the announcement. He was a bit confused and lost. How Jack disappeared bugged him, but it didn't matter.
He was a now a new student at Red Rose.
Doom_Hammer / Demen: He smiled as the lights evened out "oh wow now thats better hehe" He walked into where the the head master was making his speech.
Laz / Neo Carin: Neo made his way through the crowd toward the training room, he thought a little warm up was good before he decided what to do next. His hair was a violent red and it was inclosed in a ponytail, his bangs reached far down infront of his eyes. He wore a amulet that sat on his chest it was rimmed in blue, the folds of his white shirt covered it mostly up but it was still hard to miss. On his left hand was a ring the same color blue as the rim of the amulet. He wore black pair of breaches that were rather big, but were held up by the belt. ((Belt looks like a old western gunbelt))
Doom_Hammer / Demen: "oh no where is my class" He taps the wall and a streak runs across the wall in the direction of my class as he runs after it.
Laz / Neo Carin: Neo decided to look for his scedual on the way and cursed as he ran toward his class. The class was mostly filled but he found a seat and waited for the teacher to come in.
Doom_Hammer / Demen: He got to his class and took a seat. "good im not late" He looked about the room it was not like any other classroom he had been in. "this looks neat."
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: ((You guys, there's no class on the first day. It was in Jack's speech.))
Doom_Hammer / Demen: (forget my last posts then X_X)
He got up and walked out into the main yard and sat under a tree with his sketch book in hand.
Laz / Boss: ((ROFL I thought so, thats why i was gunna go training then one person said they were goin to class...lol Ignor mine too)) NEo walked to the training area and sat on a rather large rock, he pulled off the blue ring. Lifting his hand neo watched as the fire lit and flowed up his arm forming the fire sword.
Black Angel: Kayame floated along in her halls, her head still down, her arms still crossed, and her eyes still closed. A few new comers turned to look at her, wondering just what she was. A ghost with black wings? Thos who knew her from the year before just laughed slightly at the ones who stared at her in awe, completely confused.
Black Angel / Kayame Noir Akira: Kayame kept walking until she found her room and opened the door. She pulled down her hood, her long silver hair tumbling down her back. She slipped into her room and turned on the light. Her bed faced a window and a desk in the far corner. This was the same room she had last year, just as clean as before. Her swords leaned against the wall and she swayed over to them, tying them to her waste, then headed back out of her room. She had no place she really wanted to go so she walked outside and sat in a tree.
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Tetsu gave up on finding his way and grabbed for the sheet of paper he was given before he came here.
On it said:
Find the one named Jack Rowan. He may know a bit of your past.
Tetsu read it in his mind and then folded up the paper, putting it back in his pocket. The people at the orphanage gave this to him, and only said that it was a letter from his relative that came here long ago. For some strange reason, Tetsu felt that the one he was related to was of something dark here...
Bleeding_AngelX / Jack Rowan: Jack stifled a yawn with one hand while he walked through the crowded halls. No one really stopped to talk to him, since he wasn't the most liked headmaster the school had seen. Most people didn't even have an opinion on him. He didn't talk to students much unless they had a problem. When they did come to him, he had a tendancy to be rather short with them and come off as rude. Playing around with the cross necklace he always wore, he looked over some of the new kids that passed by. They seemed like an energetic bunch, which could only mean trouble. The school had a nasty little habbit of spiraling out of control. Hopefully, the year would be different. Silently, Jack knew it wouldn't.
Laz / Neo Carin: Neo made his way to the training area, hoping he wouldn't have as much trouble this year as the last two. His emerald green eyes always seemed to flash when he looked at people and a random group of students, judging from the fact they freaked out,...they were freshman. He watched as the giant boar headed toward him his hand held out, Suddenly six feet of flame shot from his hand. The boar running at full speed slammed into the end of the sword, imediate contact with the firey blade made the rough hide burn.
Black Angel / Kayame Noir Akira: Kayame had fell alseep in the tree she was sitting in. She was having quite a pleasent dream, but was awoken when some freshmen found it funny and pour water on her from the fountain. Now usually she would stay calm and let things like this go. But she was having a really good sleep and they screwed it up. She jumped the from the tree as the wind started and swirl around the four freshmen who woke her so rudely. Kayame grinned as a look of horror spreaed across the four's face. After a few seconds, they were sent flying in the air. Kayame simply walked off as nothing happened despite the stares she was receving. The mini tornato dissapeared once she was back inside, dripping wet.
Black Angel: <<*cough* soooooo, we letting this one die....>>
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Tetsu looked around, almost amazed by the things others were doing. Earlier he had seen a girl...floating, and next, a man who somehow summoned a sword made of fire. Confusion and fear hit his mind, and soon he found himself backing up away from the other students. The ownrs at the orphanage told him this was a school, but for what he knew, this wasn't a regular school...
"What is this place..." He said looking at the door. His chance to leave was now, without anyone knowing.
Bleeding_AngelX / Jack Rowan: Jack looked at his window to the school. From what he could see, there was something going on where Kayame was. Sighing, Jack left his office and began to go outside. The moment he did, he saw four boys come careening towards him. Holding out his hand, they all seemed to freeze it mid air. After a few moments, Jack let his hand fall away and the boys dropped to the ground. "The four of you will have detention today at your leisure. Come to my office at any time, that is when your detention will begin. I don't suggest skipping out." Jack normaly seemed very laid back, but when he was dealing out punishments, he never seemed more serious, or evil. The four scrambeled to get away.
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Tetsu looked back as he headed for the door, but stopped short when he bumbped into another student. The kid wore worn out rags for clothes, and his hair seemed dirty. Tetsu assumed he was escaping from something, or someone.
"Hey, get out of my way kid..." He said in a harsh tone before he ran off. Tetsu stared at him for a moment and then contiuned on. There was no possible way he was planning on staying, this place was like...another world to him.
Laz / Neo Carin: ((sry been busy)) Neo Sighed as he let the fire die and he lft the training area, he headed for the front doors to see what trouble he could watch. He let his hands slid into his pockets as he walked outside, he waved to jack and then sat on a step leading into the school, he saw the kid heading away from him and grinned thinking of his first year, and thinking of how much trouble he had caused due to failing to control his power.
Black Angel / Kayame Noir Akira: Kayame grinned as Tetsun (I'm not spelling your whole name, I'm lazy) headed out of the door, knowing just what he was thinking. She walked over to Neo.
"It seems we already have someone running out, and it's barely the first day." She was already dried mostly by using the air around her and moving it like with angainst herself.
"So, it's been awhile. I haven't seen you since I left last year. How have you been?"
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: ((Tetsu is fine, no need for the entire name. Now Sorn, do you think you could post?))
d1gn17y / Morgan Rowlands: Morgan sat by the fountain as she studied her bag to make sure she has packed everything for her stay at the school. She hoped that this would be her place where she was accepted. As a witch she was branded a freak. She sighed deeply and took a deep breath and headed over to Red Rose High.
As she approached the victorian building she smiled at the welcoming of birds that flew past her singing lightly. She sighed and walked up to the huge doors and opened them with a creek and she headed over to a set of stairs and saw a lot of people wondering around. Every species was there and a smiled grew wide on her face as she fastened her bag on her shoulder tighter.
Bleeding_AngelX / Jack Rowan: Jack put a hand on Testunoske's shoulder, giving his usual blank expression. Not even looking at Tetsu, he began to speak. "Well then, Tetsunoske. Planning on running away before your first day even begins? Every year we get a batch of cowards in the new crops. Luckily, they wither and fall away before they can cause any harm to those who will blossom." Jack was making his position clear. He was an educator. His job was to make sure that the children who went to his school came out smarter and more skilled than they went in. Those who couldn't cut it needed to be weeded out.
d1gn17y / Morgan Rowlands: Morgan heard Jack and looked at him with admiration. He seemed to her to have a lot of knowledge and a lot of wisdom and his aura gave off a very good vibe and she smiled widely. She then looked upon who he seemed to be lecturing and smiled again warmly.
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Scared by the hand that touched him, Tetsu jumped a little. He looked back at the man who had scared him and repeated his statement in his head.
"I don't understand this place at all, the adults at the orphanage told me this place was going to be a normal home for me, but it is only a place of madness!" He shouted taking a step back. Everything around him was different. At the orphanage, the kids were just like him, normal and average. Here, kids were floating, and summoning...things.
"I'm not sure if I'm dreaming, but this would only make more sense if I found Rowern, or Rowan. What ever his name was..." Tetsu said dropping the note on the ground. This place was too confusing, and he wanted out. He was only connected to this place through his relative. He came here around the same time Rowan did.
d1gn17y / Morgan Rowlands: Morgan moved towards Jack and smiled. "Excuse me...I am wondering if you can help me?" She asked him as she watched to see what he would say.
Bleeding_AngelX / Jack Rowan: Jack turned away from Tetsu for a moment. "You'll find nothing but madness here." Now aware of the other girl, he gave her a slightly exhausted look. "Yeah. I'll give you some help. What do you need?" Before he gave her his full attention, he turned back to Tetsu. "By the way, name's Jack. You decide to man up and stay here, then I'm sure we'll meet again. Now then," He turned back away from Tetsu and began to walk away. His hopes was to try and anger the boy into staying. People with something to prove generally saw things out to the end that they normally wouldn't.
d1gn17y / Morgan Rowlands: "So the name is Jack?" Morgan said with a smile. "I am new here, well...I persume a lot of people are but I have no idea what I need to do first. If that made any sense."
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Tetsu stood there staring at the exit. The way out was right there, no more than a few feet away. The orphanage told him this place would be his new home. It was for his relative, till he disappeared. He then bent down and picked up the note again, reading the name.
"Jack Rowan..." He said looking back at the man as he helped the young girl. That moment his mind was entangled in confusion, on whether to go, or to stay. It didn't matter, deep down he chose an answer.
"Mr. Rowan, I would like to stay. Someone that knew me stayed here, and I want to know what he felt like here. I don't have any...strange powers, or cultures, but I won't fail you sir." He said as he appeared behind him.
Bleeding_AngelX / Jack Rowan: Jack shrugged slgithly, giving her an almost bored expression. "I'm not a care taker. Just get all of your things organized. That's why you don't have classes today. Other than that, it really doesn't matter what you do. Perhaps you should meet some of the other first years. I'm sure they're all anxious to meet people so they don't feel alone at this big place." For someone who was a head master, Jack never seemed to have time for others. Questioned seemed only to bore him and he rarely gave what would be considered a straight answer. And yet, he seemed to always know what was going on and play some part in it.
d1gn17y / Morgan Rowlands: <<I have to go, if you go far enough without me, just tell me what to do and say I was on my way.>>
d1gn17y / Morgan Rowlands: Morgan nodded. "Thanks." She was off...<<Sorry bout the short post but I am wrting myself out while i am asleep.>>
Laz / Neo Carin: "Not to bad, and why is your hair damp" he asked with a grin. He watched jack and the new kid and listened in on their conversation without meaning to.
Black Angel: "First years found it funny to pour water on me to wake me up." Kayame glowled slightly, but turned as she heard that the kid, Tetsu, was going to stay.
"Wonder how long her can hold on. I mean he left before the classes even started jsut by looking at what we could do. Wait until he sees the classes." She smirked as she watched Jack walk by with his bored look.
"Jack is still the same as last year. As long as he's not being sued for someone dying, he doesn't really care does he?"
d1gn17y / Morgan Rowlands: Morgan entered the area in which most of the people had seemed to had gathered. She had got the basics of her class sorted, now all she needed to find friends. The main reason she was here was to fit in. She smiled at the crowd and said hello.
d1gn17y / Morgan Rowlands: Morgan smiled and Tensu. "I guess not." She said as she walked up behind him and held out a hand. "My name is Morgan."
d1gn17y / Morgan Rowlands: She smiled. "It's great to meet you." She said and then looked around at Rook. "And you too." Morgan smiled sweetly and her electric blue eyes flashed as she say something in the corner of her eye. Her attention quickly swapped to the glimpse of what she saw and then she suddenly decided it wasn't important. It couldn't be him.
Morgan then looked back at Tensu, "First year right? Erm...no clear powers..." She stated.
d1gn17y / Morgan Rowlands: "Do you mind if I come with you, I have my timetable but I have no idea where the classrooms are in which the lessons take place." She smiled and her face dropped as she noticed that the man who shae thought had been following her was in fact there. His distinctive black hair was the first thing she noticed and then his shocking facial features.
d1gn17y / Morgan Rowlands: Morgan shook her head and decided to pretend she had never seen him and she walked after Tensu and Rook. "Are you family or partners?" She asked as she saw the possessive attitude of Rook.
d1gn17y / Morgan Rowlands: "Awww, but you love each other right?" She asked as she looked around for Hunter but couldn't see him. She sighed and she was relieved. Morgan walked to their sides and walking to be at the same pace at Tensu.
Peace_Maker / Zanu: ((Erm...what happened? I'll try reading up.))
d1gn17y / Morgan Rowlands: Morgan gasped and went to help him up. She held out her hand. "Are you ok?" She asked with a smile, trying her hardest to be friendly and forget about Hunter but she knew if was only a matter of time until she saw him again.
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Tetsu looked to his right as he heard the name.
Gail Arashi.
Tetsu widened his eyes as he repeated the name in is head. For some reason he remembered the name, though he couldn't figure out why. This started to bug him. He felt like saying something, but decided not to. He didn't want to start off on the wrong foot.
"I still don't understand this school...these powers that everyone have..."
d1gn17y / Morgan Rowlands: She laughed nervously. "No I was just...I guess I was just walking faster than I realised," She said standing back up. "I am sorry." She said. She could tell that he didn't like her in the way she seemed to like him.
d1gn17y / Morgan Rowlands: She seemed to be on the same wave length and laughed. "Don't worry, it hasn't offended me." She said with a laugh. She waved back to him. "I hope to seem you around."
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Tetsu looked at the others as they conversed. He felt like he was an outsider, or someone who didn't belong.
He didn't have any powers like they did, he was pretty much normal. But his relative must of been different. That is the reason why he came here.
Tetsu sighed as he sat down. Everything in his life right now was confusing him, and feeling left out only made it worse.
d1gn17y / Morgan Rowlands: Morgan began to walk away and she walked over to Tetsu, seeing he was on his own. She knew that it felt awful to be lonely from the outsider life she had. Morgan smiled at him, "Hi there. I would just like to ask whether you are ok?" She said as she sat besides him. <<gotta go>>
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Tetsu looked at the girl as she spoke to him.
For a moment he forgot her name, then nodded his head.
"I'm fine Morgan, I'm just a bit confused..." He said quietly. He then reached inside his pocket and felt around for the only thing that mattered to him in this world.
Laz / Neo Carin: Neo Stared at tetsu his words meant nothing to him, untill he heard the name gail, he froze at that and stared openly at the boy. If he knew gail, but na gail wouldn't hang around with a prig like this kid, Unless they were family. NEo Realized he was staring and started to flip a coin of solid flame across the back of his hand.
d1gn17y / Morgan Rowlands: She smiled at Tetsu. "Anything that you are confused about, that I can help you with?" She asked placing a hand on his shoulder. "What are you looking for?"
Black Angel: "The great Gail eh? This is going to be a very interesting year." Kayame floated towards Kaze, a smile playing at her lips all the time.
"So you son of the Great Gail. Kind of lanky arn't you? Well even so, I wouldn't go around saying you can beat anyone, because that will surely get you jumped. It's not a threat, just a warning."
Laz / Laz The Forsaken: "A good one at that" neo muttered as he walked by "Just like I told him then, always full of hot air" Neo made his way into the school intent on finding something to do.

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