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Roleplay - Samurai Deeper Kyo by Rowan Dumont / Rowan Dumont

Anything that has to do with the deeper kyo story

Roleplay Details

have none, i need them all. Actually the roll of Yuya is taken by me.


Rowan Dumont: In the year 1600, during the battle of Sekigahara, warriors Kyoshiro Mibu and "Demon Eyes" Kyo - the legendary slayer of a thousand men - engaged in fierce combat. Both men disappeared when a meteor crashed in the battlegrounds. Four years later, Kyoshiro is spotted on a rural highway, acting as a traveling medicine salesman. He is captured by the female bounty hunter Yuya Shiina when she discovers that deep inside him is the dormant personality of "Demon Eyes" Kyo himself.
Rowan Dumont: Kyoushirou Mibu / Onime no Kyo (Demon Eyes Kyo)
Yuya Shiina
Sasuke Sarutobi
Yukimura Sanada
Saizou Kiragakure
Akio Suyama as Jimon

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