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Roleplay - talk by trigger / net

here if you wanna talk to some one do it here lets stop messing up rps

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net / trigger: ok ws lets continue here
whiteshadows / Avorus: ok, that's better
whiteshadows / Avorus: I think that some punctuation would really help the ease in reading what you write
net / trigger: "yea alot of people say that so wanna help me write the next part lets jot down some ideas here
whiteshadows / Avorus: ok, well, it's 3 in the morning here and i'm dead tired, so, I'll be back some time later this morning, unless I sleep in a long time :P
net / trigger: really its 5:16 in the morning here
whiteshadows / Avorus: where are you? i'm in california
net / trigger: Texas
whiteshadows / Avorus: ah, that explains a lot, well, i'm going to bed, so i'll probably be on around 2 in the afternoon your time
net / trigger: k ill think of some ideas how bout you
whiteshadows: i'm back, I can't really think of anything, i'm not much of a storyteller
net / trigger: ya me neither you can tell from my sucky stories huh ya i suck.
whiteshadows: lol
net / trigger: my character is just based off inuyasha but hes mainly totally different
whiteshadows: yeah, it still seems a little unoriginal with the appearance and the whole half-demon thing, y'know?
net / trigger: um dont post in it sorry but read wolven coven you know the rp you will get where im going with the stories but dont post in it ok please
whiteshadows: I don't think I want to read 1314 posts just to get the idea of your story
net / trigger: oh yea well just read a few of the newer ones ok
net / trigger: whats up
whiteshadows / Cyrus: not much
net / trigger: Yah i hear that.
net / trigger: What i need help on is part 3 of my story read my stories when you get a chance
net: Please dont talk bad of my character I like him so please dont talk bad of trigger ok it dosent matter who he resembles he isnt you
net: Hahaha sorry bought that bad day.
net: I know im really sorry
net: I do play other characters like sonis and a robot or more like reploid
net: Hahaha yah most my characters act the same yet different it sounds strange I know but my wolf-demon is my favorite
net / trigger: "Hey I dont plan alot of stuff it just comes to me and i dont know why"
ShadowFang: Sorry wrong Profile.
ShadowFang: I remember your name. Apprantly a while ago when Mage and those people used to RP i was a bit of a 'legacy'.
ShadowFang: Only if there was some really mega RPers or the gothic type of RPers which used to RP here. Then i'd be reckonised better.
Well i used to RP with Tensu i think his name was, i just came to see how the site was going with progression.
ShadowFang: Erm.. hmm lets see about 5 mins i reckon. Ha.
I was just seeing if mage and all the rest still RPed it seems you still do, which is good i guess.
ShadowFang: Dying breed, it seems not!. I'd like to get back into RP but i prefer not to refresh a site like 6 hours a day. If ya get what i mean but i might introduce myself into some new RP's after my new sexy avatar
_forgotten_ / kay.: I'm not talking about what you guys are but since ive been on here it's been getting worse. It's pretty sad and I'm always bored on here now. Does anybody know any good active RPs or RPers
ShadowFang: Tensu's an active RPer try worming into one of his, im sure he'll make an exception if i asked.
ShadowFang: Im not into MECHA!? since when.. well maybe back in the day but now days Tensu im quite into a bit of mecha anime but i cant find good enough Avatars, thats what i used to always get stressed about in those animes but now im just like ill use this one because i wish to.
_forgotten_ / kay.: It really sucks. I used to have allot of fun on this site, It is sad!
ShadowFang: Hybrid gundam 'ey?. Give me an example of what i must do to be a 'hybrid' mecha
ShadowFang: Seems like alot of anime watching, more than a description my friend. Ill give it ago, basically im a mecha pilot(of my own choice?) and im part of an army or 'outlaws' or lone wolf i guess?
ShadowFang: Ok. Can someone explain to me why there is a lesbian RP and a Gay RP like a few pages back as i was looking for a 'talk' RP.
ShadowFang: Sadly im not a pedophile if that is the sort of explanation you could give it. Tensu it seems your rules are unknown to me and it is possible for a mecha to go out from its colonie of space by itself. You've seen Gundam! they always go by themselves into space.
ShadowFang: Whats with everyone having an emo pic as their avatar? i remember when everyone had an anime one. Instead of some drugged up emo
London Bridge / MarLey: I'm bored..
ShadowFang: Tensu your standard rules would be nice. thank you.
ShadowFang / Zenn: I'd agree tensu, if people could really upstain a posting spree without having like a 2 lined explanation but then again those days have gone and now everyone has 'real life' pictures on their avatar. Which i think is what possess people can days, that they're characters have to look good.
animechic02: Oro?

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