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Roleplay - Along the muddy road by EclipseIV / EclipseIV

The emporer of the Eclipse walks along a muddy road in the rain, his aim and objective unclear.
near future setting, add your own twist to it, wrether it be acient or modern times or even future times.

Roleplay Details


EclipseIV: a tall, bulky, metal covered figure walked along a muddy road in the rain, his armored boots leaving deep prints in the mud. the rain made loud tattering noises upon his armore, he moved with a slow pace, singing under his breath. one hand remained on the pomel of his sword, Galandrir, while the other hung idle. the sky was grey and a moderate fog settled over the land, even Eclipse had no clue to where he was, all he was doing was following a distan beacon of light, which he seemed to show strong intent to reach it.
Xion: The Signalbearer stood atop the Highest Tower of Rohan, flashing the beacon into the distance. He knew that he would summon help, but he didnt know what kind of help it would be. These were the early days of Rohan, when there was no lore or history. A battle had just raged through the citadel, and the Signalbearer hoped against hope that someone of strength was coming.
whiteshadows / Rowan Evershade: A man, or seemingly a man, clad in armour rides past Eclipse on a clockwerk horse towards the signal tower, vanishing into the fog.
net: A young man around the ages of 17-19 walked in from the shadows he was wearing pants and a shirt that seemed to be from the feudel age in Japan under what seemed to be the same clothes as sesshomaru's he had turqoise eyes long silver hair that went down to the backs of his knees wolf ears sticking out of his hair on the top of his head and a wolf tail the same color as his hair the rest of him looked human except for his teeth that looked like a wolf's as in their sharpness and length and the reddish-purple marks on his face he also had claws but he had a wolf's senses and incresed strength he carried two swords at his side he always seemed extremely calm)
net: (Thats my character please do not talk bad about him I like my character)
net: (I know but please im not you ok.)
EclipseIV: Eclipse continued his move towards the beacon, drawn to it like a moth to moonlight, he payed no attention to the rider that past him. even with his helmet on, his heavy breaths could be heard. he began to repeat an odd prayer under his breath. "Galandrir, i pray to the, guide my eyes and feet to the beacon of light that stands far from me, guide me through the fog that blinds me so, and give me the strength to fight those who may hinder my journey"
akaietowa-ru_18: Green eyes were watching the man that was walking idoly without a purpose. "Going to the beacon Eclipse?" Her green eyes shining with excitment.
whiteshadows / Rowan Evershade: As the man on the clockwerk horse rides on, he turns his head, thinking of the large man, clad in armour, lumbering along the road, 'he must be heading for the beacon too' he thought as he turned his head back to the front of him.
net / trigger: looks at them
akaietowa-ru_18: She noticed the man on the horse and a small smile played on her pale face. "Well well new pray." She whispered. Taking off into the trees she stalked the man within the safety of the greenery.
whiteshadows / Rowan Evershade: (which man, which horse? There's the mechanical horse and the plow horse, "Don Juan" over here is quite entertaining, but it just seems odd to me to have a comic relief, may be fun, I don't know)
akaietowa-ru_18: She giggled at the old man's antics and kept following the man on the horse.
akaietowa-ru_18: (talking about you. I think I got confused.)
akaietowa-ru_18: She blinked and shook her head a little. "Senile fool."
whiteshadows / Rowan Evershade: (lol, I know what you mean, I don't know just how serious this one will come to be yet, we'll see. ok, I assume you are following me)
Rowan looks at the woman following him, nothing but darkess showing out from beneath his helmet, then turns back to the road, still riding on.
akaietowa-ru_18: (Bingo!)
She giggled and looked at the man in intrest. Rolling her eyes she jumped from her perch on the branch and right infront of his path.
whiteshadows / Rowan Evershade: Coming to a stop, before trampling the lady, he looks down on her coldly, saying nothing.
He is from Mechana, a land known for the obvious, mechanical creatures, he is mechanical.
akaietowa-ru_18: She smiled her green eyes turning blue for a second then back to emerald. "Whats your problem? Cat got your tounge?"
whiteshadows / Rowan Evershade: The man rides around her and continues on his journey.
(darnit, I have school tomorrow, i'll have to go soon, don't be too surprised when I stop posting in both this rp and cyrus stops posting in "the quiet cemetary" theyre both me)
akaietowa-ru_18: She pouted a little then giggled, and ran towards him with surprising speed. "Wait up!"
whiteshadows / Rowan Evershade: He looks down at her and continue riding.
akaietowa-ru_18: She pouted and cocked her head to the side. Then smiled again as she jumped right behind the man on the mechanical horse.
EclipseIV: he turned quickly to see where the voice had come from, when he saw a man and the one who had spoken to him, his belated response was "should the beacon turn out to be a town, i shall seek refuge in it, should it be a hostile camp's watch tower, i shall avoid it, what be you and that mans journey? the single mechanicle eye focused on her with a disturbing look.
whiteshadows / Rowan Evershade: The mechanical man on the clockwerk horse looks down at the huge, armoured man from his horse. Reaching into one of his saddle bags, he hands Eclipse a sheet of paper reading 'Rowan of Mechana, issued to the signal fire of Rohan, departure time: IMMEDIATELY'
after handing eclpise the paper, he looks back to the road, not saying a word.
akaietowa-ru_18: She tapped him on the shoulder. "How come you ignore me so much?"
EclipseIV: Eclipse studied the peice of paper for a moment, and at first was confused, but once he knew what it meant, he only said one word: "understood." he he walked for about an hour more when he finnaly reahced the gates of the town, the beacon shining from the center of the town. he walked through the larg oak and iron doors that lay open. the town was simple, several small homes, a church at its center and a great hall where the head of the town made his home. a heavier fog than had come over the town, and a foul stench lingered on the fringes of the town, a smell Eclipse had smelt countless times before, the stnch of his empire's enimies....
EclipseIV: ((excuse the recent errors, ive been typing fast lately))
akaietowa-ru_18: She blinked her green eyes glowing softly. "Whats up with all of this. Why won't anyone talk to me?!"
EclipseIV: a quick movement past a couple of wind chimes on the balcony of a house alerts Eclipse that he is not alone, and most certainly the others.
"ithilians? out this far?" he thought. he hears the close movements of feet, and a light growl noise. "growls, heavy feet stamping, fast movement....either assasins, or Ithilian elites, if im inf for Elites, im going to need more than myself to take just one down. -meanwhile, where akaietowa-ru and rowan were taveling, the same heavy footsteps, light growls and swift movements could be detected-
akaietowa-ru_18: Her green eyes flashed brown for a moment then she turned around and the beasts head was sliced clean off. There was a small dagger in her hand. Her normal cheerful self turned into one of coldness.
EclipseIV: ((i should have put this in details but didnt think a bit of it, please refrain from powergaming and uber attacks I.E. one hit kills etc. and your attack was perfectly fine akai)) -the attack fell from where he was, fallen by a flawless hit, the attackers clothing was a one peice black cloth, similar to a burka, which covered his entire body, this signified he was an assasin, the elites had more important targets to hit: the Emporer himself-
akaietowa-ru_18: She looked at Eclipse the brown seeping in and swirling with the green. "What in the hell was that?"
EclipseIV: "an ithilian, an Ithilian assasin... not particularly deadly, but let them behind or above you and they can be a pest, but they are the least of both our worries... Its the Elites we must fear..." for a split second a flash of pearlecent gold armor shimmered in the fog, the Elites were starting to circle in on them. Eclipse slowly unseathed Galandrir, as the brilliant soft blue hue of the acient text across its surface was revealed, the fog invoulentarily began to retract from him and the girl... "dont not leav yourself open on the right, and keep an eye out for your lower body, Ithilians are famous for doing kick tackles.... keep yours sword ready and make swift slashes and stabs" Eclipse said with alarm. The grunts of the Elites became even more loud and ominous.
akaietowa-ru_18: She blinked her eyes returning to green and she giggled and smiled. "No problem!" She reached within her clothes and took out a couple of ninja stares that dripped green.
EclipseIV: "thirsty for death of the bad guys are we?" he said with a lough. dont think so lightly of these Elites, ives seen them do some pretty disturbing things, and ive also seen them leave battles laden with wounds and live to fight another day..."
EclipseIV: ((god forsaken typos))
akaietowa-ru_18: She blinked then stuck out her tounge at him her playfulness returning. "Uptight are we now. I am a ninja or at least something close to it." She blinked cluellesly at the sky.
EclipseIV: one struck out at Eclipse, but his blow was parried, the two quickly got into a sword fight, while one advanced on akai, it seemed that the others had lef tby some command "thats...rugH! strange, the others left! well at least its hugh! easier now!" Eclipse said whil struggling with the Elite that was attacking him "or perhaps there were three all along... a leader and two of his best ngh!"
akaietowa-ru_18: She smiled and giggled as two of her stars where embedded into the enemys back. "Three, two, one." The poison seeped in. "Now it will make it easier to kill him." She giggled again when she heard the cry of pain come from him.
EclipseIV: -The Elite falls over, but within moments, he is back up, and in a show of fearlesness, he pulls the stars from his back and licks his own blood and the poison off them- "well at least hes got poison in him, now you'll have to stave him off for about 3 hours..." he said while returning strike after strike delt by the Elite
whiteshadows / Rowan Evershade: Two elites come from weemingly nowhere and crush the clockwerk horse, throwing Rowan from it. Landing with a splorsh in the mud of the road, Rowan rises and draws a sword that was strapped on his back. Stepping steadily towards them, he slashes with the sword and throws punches with his free hand, slowly pushing them back. Suddenly, one of them swings at Rowan with a large rock that was sitting on the side of the road, striking him in the side. As he was struck, he flew a few feet and landed in the mud, sliding momentarily. Observing the rather large dent in his side, Rowan stands and throws his sword, sticking it in one of the beasts' heart, killing it, but now he had to face the other one with no sword at all.
whiteshadows / Rowan Evershade: (uh, oops, sorry about that one hit kill there, it did put him at quite the disadvantage though, so I don't know how you would want to rule that)
akaietowa-ru_18: She pouted. "Three hours now that is just plain mean."
EclipseIV: ((tis alright since you allowed an attack to happen to you first, but youll have to deal with the other without doing a one hit kill, which means youll have to take some signifigant damage yoruself))
EclipseIV: -The Elite slowly advanced on Akai, drawing from his right hand a long wristblade. it would take several swipes at her- ((Ithilians just for referance are sort of like reptiles, most commonly related to monitor lizards, only they stand on two feet and stand almost taller than me. elites are a little more monsterous looking, and have a pearlecen gold armor, similar to the elite's armor in Halo2, they carry wristblades, Grand Elites (or Elite troop leaers) carry Halberds))
whiteshadows / Rowan Evershade: The elite swings at Rowan and slices straight down through his armor, leaving a gaping hole. Inside the hole there is nothing, Rowan was JUST a suit of armour. Rowan grabs the creature's arm and slams one of his iron fists into the creature's chest, knocking it back a few feet. Lunging forward Rowan, about to slam his fists into the creature's head, is tripped by the elite and stumbles foreard, only to be struck to the mud. Rowan reaches out his arm and pulls the elite's legs out from under it. Moving forward like a skinny metal gorrilla, Rowan sits himself on the creatures chest, pinning its arms, he begins to relentlessly beat the creature's head.
EclipseIV: -the creature cried out with anger as his head took the beatin, he grabed a fist full of mud, jamed it in rowans face, and attempted to kick him off, the Elites armor was Tarnished by the rain and mud-
whiteshadows / Rowan Evershade: The mud is squeezed into the eyeholes of rowan's helmet and spills out the gash in his side. Temporarily blinded, the elite gained the advantage and tossed Rowan to the side. Rowan, gettiing up, though standing very hunched and looking like a skinny metal gorrilla, begins to run on all four limbs towards his now standing opponent. The elite, seeing Rowan running towards him in such an odd fasion is fazed just long enough for Rowan to grab hold of its waist and rams it into a nearby tree. while pinned against the tree, the elite tries to beat its assailant into submission by beating and stabbing his back, but to no avail. Rowan grabbed at the seems of the elite's armor and began to peel it off, still pushing his opponent into the tree.
EclipseIV: -The elite flew several feet, falling face first, there was silence for a moment, then the Elite stood up, he turned around slowly, his grunts and growls sounding more feirice and angered than ever before, he breifly kicked him in the stomach and then did a sweep kick to knock Juan off his feet, but the Elite himself suffered an injury, he had broken his wrist upon slipping in the mud after completing the attack, but quickly readjusted it-
akaietowa-ru_18: She just blinked and cocked her head to the side and smiled. "This is really going to be fun!" She jumped out of the way when something came flying at her.
EclipseIV: "fun indeed, but the real bounty will be claiming a Grand Elite's pendant, these normal elites are like childern compared to him" Eclipse stated in a shakey voice as he forced Galandrir down upon his enemies heart, and giving it a final gruesome spiral. "i give you a tip, their blind spot is underneath the jaw and behind the neck, these almost certain;y gaurentee an nice clean kill"
EclipseIV: -the attack hit to great effect, removing the elites foot and about an eigth of his leg, The elite landed with a rather loud spat on the mud, but with unbridaled endurance, got back up and fired what appeared to be a superheated bolt of light at juan, but he missed several times, only landing a hit on juans armor rather than any soft spots. "uaaaahh! jaugen neisto! taremente!" screamed the elite in pure frustration as he got up, holding himself on one foot, as it came to juans notice, that Elite seem to have a near unbreakable spirit in battle and the endurance of a one-hundred ton tank.- "a mighty hit juan! but an elite is not so easily defeated, they may have a high level of endurance and disturbingly high battle spirit, but theyre not invincible!" Eclipse shouted, crediting a good hit to juan. -in that moment, a loud shreik came upon the fog laden town, and immidiately, the elite still standing, stopped his attack. thumping could be heard drawing closer to the trio. The Gran Elite advanced from behind the injured underling, picking his fallen but alive commrade, and with one swift motion, he cracked his kneck. "uslaness" ("useless") said the Grand Elite as he continued past juan towards Eclipse.
akaietowa-ru_18: She nearly gagged. "Gross that thing looks like somethng my cat would cough up!" She hid behind Eclipse and peaked over his shoulder. "And he smells bad!" She said with a giggle.
EclipseIV: (please halt posting untill 8:45 tomarrow, i have a big post that was ruined by not logging in :s, sorry for the difficulty)
EclipseIV: -the elite got right up in Eclipse's face, a low growl could be heard, "you will die...Eclipsian..." said the Grand Elite with glee- (grand elites stand to the same height as me, but are much stronger than normal elite and also have a greater capacity for damage, but are less armored, an eyeless visor covers their entire face, the mark of an elite is his pendant and a long scar across his right cheek.)
"what are the rules? elite?"
"shed your armor...we'll do this using master arts"
"do you agree? Eclipse?"
"so be it, so begins the twentieth war of the Ithilans and Eclipse"
-within miments, Eclipse armor split and folded back into a metal backpack which fell onto the ground, the Elite removed his face visor and his shoulder pauldrons. Eclipse took a stanc wher his right leg stretched out in front, his left in a crouched form, he put his right arm straight foreward, palm facing down, his left straight out to his side, palm also down. The elite took a sstance where his left leg was arched foreward and his right was also crouched in the same fasion as Eclipse, his right arm straight out, palm up like he was holding a wine glass, his left arm crossed under his right, palm aligned with his right palm in the same exact way.- (Eclipsian master art: Johanu|Ithilian master art: Kathorum) -with a moment pause, the broke int fight, eclipse starting with a 180 axe kick, the ithilian doing and a diagonal roundhouse kick, soon, both were off in their own fight.-
Shiori_demon / Shiori: (Its me Akai ok.)
Her green eyes lit up with amusment. "This should be entertaining."
EclipseIV: -Eclipse and the Grand elite trade hit after hit, blocking, dodging one anothers moves, sometimes grabing a limb and attempting to break it only to have the attack reveresed, one kick sent Eclipse flying into a lamp post , but despite the hard hit, he got back to his feet and continued to fight, the grand elite got his face axe kicked into the mud, but he just stood back up like nothing happned and threw Eclipse over him only to have the attack reveresed, the fighting continued for several minutes, mean while, four elites emerged from the fog behinf Akai and Juan- (those four will be relatively easy, but you must alllow some of their attacks and responses to hit you)
Shiori_demon / Shiori: She sensed something behind her and ducked as something was swung at her. "Kuso!" She cursed and took out a small dagger and smiled. "Time to dance my own dance." She went towards it slashing at it.
EclipseIV: -The elite took several long abdominal cuts befor seizing the girls arm, attempting to throw her over his shoulder and into the mud, but a wrong leg movement caused him to slip and unintentionaly kick tackle her, the other elite waited to in silence to attack, whilst the other two elites circled Juan slowly.-
Shiori_demon / Shiori: She grunted in pain but hid it and smiled sweetly again. "Now now boys is that any way to treat a lady?!" She went and slashed out again at the beast.
EclipseIV: -The elite put his own smile on, pushing her several feet away, this one extended two larg wristblades, and came down on Akai with the power of one-thousand pounds, hoping this time to land a hit on the smaller, much mor nimble being, meanwhil Eclipse and the Grand ELite both were growing tired in their intense fighting, Eclipse landed in a stone wall, making a large cracked dent in the sid eof the building-"give up?" said the Grand Elite in a feindish voice "not yet" eclipse responded as he kneed the Grand Elite in the stomach and pried himself free from the wall. "its not over untill your dead and i have your pendant"
Shiori_demon / Shiori: She dodged most of the attack but it still grazed her arm. She winced but kept on fighting her green eyes going brown. Her split personality just kicked in. "You ugly son of a bitch!" She got out a her halbred and started to try and slice the elite up.
EclipseIV: -by a grand stroke of luck, she managed to hit a soft spot, her halberd sank into the Elites chest, but ina horrific showing, the Elite slid down the halberd a quarter of the way, he jerked to the right, throwing Akai off and into the side of the house with great force, only in the end, to die, the Elites blood soaked the blae and shaft of the halberd-
EclipseIV: -Eclipse faught with the Grand Elite endlessly, untill finally both paused- "you know, young emporer, your brother screamed before he died, screamed like a girl!" yelled the elite with glee, Eclipse responded "and i shall make you scream like a baby, you waste of ithilian flesh!" with a single knee to the chest, an elboe to the collar bone, and another elboe to the back of the neck, the Grand Elite fell to the ground, struggled to get air for several minutes, then, died. upon seeing this, the remaining elites ran. Eclipse turned the dead leader over, and removed the sign of a slayer of Grand Elites, the Grand Elite pendant. upon taking it, he picked up his metal pack, reactivated his armor, and ran to check on Akai and Juan. "are you both alright?" but he could see that Akai had her own difficulties, having been slamed into a wall-
whiteshadows / Rowan Evershade: Rowan begins walking towards the three, battered and dented, with many gashes. Holding a large chunk of the elite's armour, he bolts it over the gash, a temporary fix.
akaietowa-ru_18: She got up on grogy feet holding her head with a soft smile her green eyes back in place. "Well that went well didn't it?"
EclipseIV: "yes it did, but that doesnt solve the mystery as to why my peoples sworn enemies are out this far... this isnt their usual patrol area or territory, i must make my way to the temporary city my people have set up on this planet, you may all join me if you wish...." -Eclipse said this with the sound of urgency in his voice-
akaietowa-ru_18: She smiled. "Well I got nothing else to do. So why the hell not?"
EclipseIV: "its not far, its just at the foot of those mountains" Eclipse pointed towards a tall mountain range, the mountains were laden with lush green trees and had a natural port not far off from it-
akaietowa-ru_18: The playful gleam in her green eyes appeared again. "Well then I guess that ain't too far!" She started to turn around and winked at him. "You coming or what slowpoke?!"
EclipseIV: "i get the feeling your not only going to move farther ahead than me, but your also still energetic and happy even after being slammed into a stone wall.... o well, lets get going" Eclipse started to walk towards the entrance, as soon as he was outside the town he turned right towards the mountans, all that stood between them was quiet, large, desolate and rocky steppes.
akaietowa-ru_18: She shrugged and looked away from him some of the brown returning. "Well you could say I got the power of two very powerful woman in me." Her green eyes returned to normal and she smiled at him. "So whats your life story?"
EclipseIV: "i am the fourth in a line of rulers of my homeworld, i am the Eclipsian Imperial Leader, my mother's name was Alia, who is long deceased, and my fathers name is EclipseIII, who is violently ill. those "Aliens" you fought back there are known as Ithilians, they are the eternal enemies of the Eclipse, we have been fighting them ever since the murder of our forefather and so far, were up to war ninenteen, but that Grand Elite probably sent the message to declare the twentieth war..... kind of sucks when you start a war with your neighbor..."
akaietowa-ru_18: She blinked then smiled at him. "Well that sure is way more intresting than my life." She giggled at him.
EclipseIV: "its not interesting when youve watched your sister being kidnapped and your brother slain right before your eyes, as a child...." -despite saying this he wanted not to speak any longer about it-
akaietowa-ru_18: She didn't say anything as brown started to take over and her smile faded. "Right well I am guessing no more talk then. It's only fair I give you my life story then." Sighing her brown eyes locked with his. "I saw my entire clan die in a fire cause of the person I used to love. Had to be beaten by my father cause he always said it was my fault everything bad happened in his life. My two brothers are dying. And well I am a ninja with a friggin split personality. We are different no yet we both have had losses. We have both gained stuff. We are the same and yet different." She frowned as she was caught up in her memorys.
EclipseIV: "this is true.... we both carry the memories of loved ones lost and terrible times of the past, i chose to forget, to move on and continue rule, if i let the death of my brother and the kidnapping of my sister get to me, i would be a weak ruler and would want not to govern my empire.... this is the cross i bear, and when the time comes, my memories, my duties, and my ashes will fade into dust and spread across the Eclipsian deserts, and my bones evenly distrubuted among my homeworlds five moons, and i shall die only knowing my empire will fall with me...."
akaietowa-ru_18: She had her back to him, her green eyes returning back in place as well as her smile. Then she disappeared and came up behind him and tackled him to thte floor. "Well then why not worry about that when it comes. Just have some fun right now huh?" Smiling brightly down at him.
EclipseIV: "oof! hey! whats the deal? what do you... never mind" a slight smile came to his face "what kind of fun?"
akaietowa-ru_18: She blinked then looked down at him. "You better not have perverted thoughts or I will give you hell?" She got off of him and sat next to him with a smirk. "I was maybe saying some hide and seek of something. I havn't played that game since I started my training." Looking up at the sky she sighed.
EclipseIV: "im not allowed to think perverted thoughts.... nor am i allowed to engage in sexual conduct without doublechecked consent or request, for that is a violation of my religeon's laws, secondly, id be glad to play hide and seek, if thats what you wish, i guess we do have some time for fun before we continue our journey..."
akaietowa-ru_18: Covering her mouth to try and stifle her giggles she grinned at him. "Well then I think I owe you one for at least letting me." She got up and stretched her hand down towards him. "You just gonna lay there all day or are we gonna play?" Her green eyes shone more brightly.
EclipseIV: -he took her hand and pulled himself up, and dusted himself off- "ready when you are"
akaietowa-ru_18: She didn't say anything as she stared at him. Then she started to giggle, and she smacked his arm. "Your it!" She ran into the forest.
EclipseIV: _he followed quickly after her- "this could actually be fun!"
akaietowa-ru_18: She took for the tree and tried to stay quiet by using the stealth she learned from her training. A voice kept raging at her to stop all this nonsense. She shook her head at the voice and sighed.
whiteshadows: (hey guys, I haven't been on the net lately because my dad thinks i'm insane and needm to go to the looney bin, ok, well, I won't be on much, cya.)
EclipseIV: -as soon as shed isapeared from sight, he stopped, and began to look around for her, instead of leaping up into trees, he climbed up them, and as soon he was atop the tree, he would look about the area for her, and if he could not find her, hed climb down and head for the next tree- "i forgot how difficult hide and seek was, well, in my home system's asteroid feilds..."
akaietowa-ru_18: She looked at the poor man with pity and decided to have mercy on him. She made a loud rustle a in her tree and smirked.
EclipseIV: "aww come now Akai, you just gave away the fun of it, ill ignore that one, since i now knw where your going to move next"
akaietowa-ru_18: She snorted hottly. "So much for pity." She mummbled as she moved from her spot to the one behind her.
EclipseIV: -thought- "there she is..."-thought- -as if unaware, he climbed down the tree and moved to a different one, but then dissapeared from site-
akaietowa-ru_18: She blinked her green eyes lighting up as she heard movement. Grinning she lept on higher.
EclipseIV: -she would feel somthing touch her ankle, it was Eclipse- "now, your it!"
whiteshadows / Rowan Evershade: Rowan, after repairing himself when in town followed the two. He stared coldly out of his empty helmet as the two ran off into the woods to play hide and seek.
akaietowa-ru_18: She grinned brightly and started to look around from high ontop of the tree tops. "Where are you Eclipse?"
EclipseIV: ((sorry i havent been on in a while)) a voice spoke out to akai, seeming to coemf rom everywhere "you'll have to find me if you want to win this game" but the truth was, eclipse was very close by, she'd just have to rely on her senses to find him.
whiteshadows / Rowan Evershade: The armoured figure points his hand in the direction of the town, still shaking his head at the fact that they were acteally playing hide and seek.
akaietowa-ru_18: She pouted. "Tricky bastard." She mumbled under her breath. Getting down from the tree she looked up from spot on the grassy ground and sighed.
EclipseIV: ((For those who see this, I introduce you, to the very first role play I have ever, ever made, note the contrast in my writings from this to the ones I have made now, silly, ain't it?))
Kiddo: Wow.... eclipse... wow...

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